This story is a mixture of real life events, things I see myself going through in the future, things I will like and not like to go through and some fictional events. A lot of the events in this and the previous chapter are based on real life events, my personal life events. Very little fiction is added to the stories at this point, so for those who ask me if it's real or fiction, is BOTH, but leads more towards real.

I want to start by saying I'm really sorry that I took so long for this instalment! I've been going through HELL in this last 2 - 3 weeks and it was 95% due to relationships problems. I was with someone that was extremely emotionally unstable and this person was starting to take me down his road so I had to cut everything with him. Now I'm done with that negative bump in my life and I will have more time for you guys. Well also I'm moving so, when I am not dealing with painting and rearranging stuffs in my apartment I will be all for the stories 

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Kevin and Brian continued their ride to school holding each other's hand, they weren't a couple or even dating but for the moment it just felt right. When they arrived to school Kevin had to ask Brian something before they entered.

"What are we?"

"What do you mean?"

"Relationship wise"

"Well let me leave this clear. This is not one of those cheesy movies or stories where the guys see each other for the first time or kiss the first day they meet or have sex the first night they go out and then the next day call themselves boyfriends and each other's love of their life. I'm not about that, I find that pathetic and desperate, and I believe in taking time to know each other before putting labels. So for me we are friends who are getting to know each other. Now are you okay with that?"

"Yeah I'm perfect babe, I got no problem...... even though....... I really like you"

"I like you too but I don't really know you yet"

"Yeah I get it, I believe in taking time too"

"Ok then, perfect, let's get our things and head to class"

They got their schoolbag, kissed and got out of the vehicle.

"By the way, aren't your parents freaking out that you didn't arrive home and slept out?"

"Nah, they knew I was going to sleep out"

"When did you tell them?"

"When we arrived at the restaurant, when I told you I had to send a text saying I wasn't going to eat at home, I also told them I was going to sleep out"

"Wait what??!! You sneaky little devil, this whole time you were planning on something to happen!"

Kevin smirks at Brian and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

"Come on babe, let's get a move on."

Brian's first two classes went by flying, none of the two were with Kevin but he did have classes with Ryan and Brandon and they invited him to sit with them. He was surprised by how cool and nice these guys were with him. It was time for lunch and as Brian was heading to the cafeteria with Ryan and Brandon, Kevin appeared.

"Wasup guys, Brian can I talk to you real quick"

"Yeah ok"

They move to the side, Ryan and Brandon continue to walk towards the cafeteria.

"What happened is something wrong?"

"No but I just wanted to give you the heads up, the girls are going to ask about yesterday and they'll probably ask about sex and status so just be prepared"

"You told them?"

"No, well, I told them I spend the night at your house but nothing further"

"Ok then, I'll see what I say"

They both headed back to the cafeteria, Brian thinking what his response was going to be when the girls ask about him and Kevin. When they sat at the table everyone was there. Brian saw Chris; he didn't see him since the maths class the day before.

"Hey Chris wasup, where were you yesterday?"

"Wasup man, yeah had to talk to the coach about my maths classes. My grades are fucked and if I don't improve they are threatening me with getting me out of the team"

"What the fuck!" Kevin let go of his sandwich and just stared at Chris as did the others.

"Yeah, Mr. James and Coach told me that if I don't improve I won't play, that simple"

"I'll help you if you want, I mean I'm really good at maths and Kevin can help you too, right Kevin?"

Brian kicks Kevin.

"Yeah, sure man, we NEED you in the team!"

"Thanks guys, all of you know that I'm not good with this shit so I really appreciate the help"

"No problem man"

Chris turns to Kevin.

"Hey Kev where were you yesterday after school? You stood me up for gym, I tried to call you and you didn't answer."

"Yeah Kevin, where were you yesterday? We all want to know!"

Jessica says with a smirk on her face. Kevin looks at Brian but Brian immediately responds.

"He was at my house"

Everyone stares at Brian.

"Damn you guys are quick!" Ryan says.

Brian feels embarrassed and Ashley seems to catch this.

"What Ryan means is that we could see how Kevin liked you and it seems like his charms caught you!"

"But what are you guys talking about? I mean we just went for food, ate at my house, had some drinks, he couldn't drive so he stayed at my house and that's it."

"Wait he slept at your house?!" Jessica was shocked as so everyone else.

"Oh my god you guys are very quick!"

Brian and Kevin just look at each other completely embarrassed.

"Nothing happened and that's it, I'm not that type of guy so just drop it"

Everyone stops talking about the topic and Kevin looks at Brian and smiles as a sign of relief. Ashley turns to Brian and asks him about his past.

"Brian you told us you used to live in NYC and Beverly Hills, how was it? Did you get to party at the hot spots with the big celebrities?"

"Well when I was in NYC I didn't really go out that much cause I was not only very young, even though that doesn't really matters but I was having problems with my weight and I had a very low self-esteem so I didn't like to go out that much. When I moved to Beverly Hills I meet this guy, Pete, and we became best friends. He helped me with my weight problems and as I was losing weight, I was gaining confidence so we started to go to the clubs. Now regarding the hot spots and celebrities, let's just say I had easy access to all those places thanks to the fact that I'm Harry Warrington's step-son"

"Hold up!! You just said you are Harry Warrington's step-son, Harry Warrington the movie legend?!" Brandon couldn't believe what he said and based on their facial expression so did the others.

"You heard it loud and clear, my step-father is Harry Warrington"

Kimberly jumps in.

"Oh my god like you've been surrounded by fame, money and glamour your whole life!!"

Brian didn't feel like sharing with the others about his relationship with his step-father and mother so he just decided to just nod.

"I could say that living in Beverly Hills was good, even though you have the snobby, spoil, holier than thou kind of kids, I can say that I meet a bunch of awesome people and specially my best friend Pete!"

"Is Pete going to visit?"

"Of course! We spent our summer together in Brazil and it was crazy!! So I hope that he will be able to come soon!"

Brian continued to talk to them about his past life in Beverly Hills but he noticed that his phone was ringing. It was a text message and it said "Today. Video chat right after school. No excuses. Bye Bitch" Brian already knew from who it was and just started laughing. Kevin saw him laughing by himself.

"Why are you laughing babe?"

"Nothing, just received a text from Pete"

"Ok. So I'm taking you home right?"

"If you want to"

"I will love to! Matter fact I want to pick you up every day and take you back every day!"

"Even the days that we are mad at each other?"

"Even the days that we are mad at each other! It's a commitment baby!"

Brian moves closer to Kevin and whispers to his ear.

"I want to kiss you on the lips right now"

"What's stopping you?"


"Fuck time"

"Naha big boy, time is precious"

With that Brian kisses Kevin on the cheek and Kevin grabs Brian's hand. Everyone at the table just looks at them with a smile. Time went by and soon Brian was heading to the parking lot waiting for Kevin to arrive and take him home. As he waits near Kevin's vehicle he sees Kevin coming out, talking to this guy that Brian has never seen before. He was probably 5'10", black hair, slim and white pale; the guy seemed like French or from another country but certainly didn't look American. Brian keeps staring at them and something within him is not feeling the situation, he just didn't seemed okay. He later started to think if jealousy is starting to evolve within him, is he starting to get jealous seeing Kevin talk to other guys? But yet he didn't know if the guy was straight or gay, even though his gaydar was point more to the gay side, but regardless he thought he needed to stop feeling that way since he and Kevin just meet the day before. Kevin and the boy said goodbye to each other and finally Kevin arrives to his vehicle; they both get in and start heading to Brian's house.

"Who was that one?"

"Who?... Oh you mean Hugo? He's the new exchange student; he's from France and is new, just like you"

"Didn't notice him"

"Yeah, he's my partner for Biology, we were talking about our assignment, we need to get together and work on it, it's due for next week but we want to get a move on"

Brian wasn't liking the idea that this guy was going to spend alone time with Kevin, he didn't understand why he was feeling that way but he certainly knew that he wasn't about to share it with Kevin, he didn't want Kevin to think that he was getting jealous or worst, territorial.

"That's cool"

"Yeah; changing topic, was up with you and Pete, tell me more about you guys"

"Well as you know Pete and I meet when I moved to Bev Hills, we meet at our high school, we basically shared all the classes and we clicked from the first time we talked to each other. Our relationship is so hilarious and goofy; we just goof around and have so much fun. We sometimes like to act very "gayish" calling each other bitch and honey and darling and all those kind of things, but that's just our sense of humour. We also share a deep connection and we've always been there for each other, when I meet him he was going through a very dark phase of his life and I was there for him the same way he's been there for me when I needed someone."

"What happened to him?"

"I don't want to talk about it, I mean is not my place to tell you, even though I trust you that's his story and I'm no one to be telling his story, he is the one that chooses if he wants to share it and with who"

"I get it. Well I hope I meet him soon"

"Yeah hope so too! I love me some Pete! I miss him so much!"

Kevin saw the glow in Brian's face as he spoke about Pete; he wanted to meet this guy that made Brian, the guy he really liked, so happy.

"Well we are here babe, time to say goodbye"

Brian and Kevin kiss for about a minute.

"I wanted that since the cafeteria!"

"I know you did big boy, now time to leave. Tomorrow at 7:15a.m?"


"Ok, bye hunk"

"Bye babe"

Brian walks in, takes his cell phone, his laptop and the food that Rosia made for him and headed out to the patio. He sat down and text to Pete, "Get your ass online, I'm waiting on you bitch!" As soon as Brian sent the text, Pete got online.



"OMG I've missed you sooooooo much!!"

"I know!!! It's been so hard without you!! Pack your shit and come live with me here!!" Brian says whilst laughing.

"I wish!!.... So come on tell me everything!"

There he was, the famous Pete that Brian always talked about. Pete was the image of a typical Beverly Hills type of guy. Tan skinned, blond, light brown eyes, tattoo on his upper arm, had a nice body and was very fit. Actually he had the same body as Brian, same height, same bubble butt, and same body, from the abs to the legs, they basically looked like body twins.

Brian goes on and tells Pete about his new home, his new life in Massachusetts, his new school and how excited he was about Mr Stewart. He takes the laptop and gives Pete a virtual tour of the house. Pete is impressed by how beautiful the house is, he knows that Brian was the one who chose it, yes because Brian told him, but also because he knew Brian's taste and he knew that Brian was all about Mediterranean style. But something was wrong in his eyes.

"Brian, you know I believe the house is gorgeous but...... small probably? This compared to the house here, HUGE difference, I mean......."

"I know Pete, I know. Something is fishy about this"

"Ummm.... You think it's going to happen? What we talked about during our conversation in Brazil"

"I think so; I really think it will happen." Brian's eyes start to get a bit teary.

"Baby don't cry! You don't know, maybe the complete different might happen and if what we think is going to happen, happens, then I'll pack my Louis bags and be there in a hot second! Know that for sure!"

Brian laughs. "You sounded like a label queen with the Louis bag comment!!"

Pete joins the laugh. "You should know about queens. Let's change the topic..." Pete takes a glass of champagne which seems full. "You already know what this means...."

"GAY TALK" They both say at the same time.

"Oh my god!!! I have soooo much to tell you but let me get my glass first." Brian went back to the kitchen and took a glass of champagne and the bottle of left over champagne from the day before and poured the glass full. He goes back to the patio and sits in front of the laptop.

"Ok let me know the real dirt, give me some goods! What's his name?"

"Kevin, Kevin Giancconi"

"Hmmm Italian!! Is he a juice head?"

"All muscled up baby!! About 6'0", all muscled up, at least 21 inches arms, tan skin, brown eyes, black hair, rocks a Mohawk, SUPER HOT! And gorgeous!"

"Damnnn!! You just described a God; where did you meet him?"

"Yesterday at school"

"Fuck B, you just entered a new school and you already getting it in with a teacher!"

"First of all who the fuck said it was a teacher! It's a student, the Captain of the football team aka Mr Popular and second of all who said anything about getting it in?!"

"Ha honey A, congratulation on scoring with the captain of the football team, you did well, makes me feel good cause it shows that I trained you well..."

Brian rolls his eyes.

"And B, honey you got two holes, I know one is the home of a secret society where no one is allowed in and the other is the pure imitation of a vacuum cleaner which is always willing to suck any pipe clean, so just lay it correctly"

"Ughh you just know me too well!!" Pete smiles. "Yes I brought him back here and we had a fantastic session of oral sex!! I truly mean a fantastic and mutual session of good, wet oral sex"

"REALLY!!! How big is he?"

"Nine inches of Italian sausage!"

"But is he pure Italian?


"Damn just arrived and already got some action."

"I know right! He's really cool and sweet, amazing guy! And it will definitely happen again"

"But I though you said you didn't want to be anyone else's secret. I mean Brian think about it, it can be really risky. The captain of the football team, if it comes out it could REALLY hurt you!!

"I know, but it's not a secret, he's out and proud to everyone"

"He's openly gay??!!"

"Bisexual to be exact but he doesn't like the label cause then people might think that he uses it as an escape to not be called gay"

"I don't know about that shit Brian. You already have to worry about a gay man because WE are all guilty of sluttiness, so having someone who is interested into both is double the trust issue!!"

"I know, I'm not very excited about that B word but what can I do. I mean we just met, I met his friends and we are going out this Friday so I don't know, time will tell"

"Where are you guys going?"

"I think we are going downtown to a nightclub"

"That's cool just don't drink too much and go crazy ok! You ain't got me there so be good!" Pete and Brian laugh.

"Moving on, I got this art assignment for Mr Stewart, aka Mr Hottie Teacher and I don't know which picture to choose. It's supposed to be a picture that represents my emotional status right now."

"How about the one you have with Dede the dog at the charity event? I mean you were in your zone and you were extremely happy that day!"

"Yes that picture is amazing but I was thinking about a recent one, Brazil, you and me and our Brazilian friends Fernando and Diego" Brian smirks at Pete when he mentions Fernando and Diego.

"YES!!! I love that picture!!! The scenery, the colour and the feeling that the picture brings out is amazing!"

"I wish we could repeat that trip! Have you talked to any of the guys?"

"Yeah we talked last week; they are planning to come to NYC but they still don't know so"

"That's so cool!! We have to get together with them"

"TRIP TO NYC" they both scream.

Sounds of thunder start to appear.

"I think it's going to rain, I gotta go inside boo"

"Yeah, I'm heading to the gym so I gotta go too. Are you settled in a gym?"

"No, but I'm going to talk to Kevin and tell him to take me to his gym"

"Well bitch I gotta go and get my shit running. Bye baby. Love you and please do me a favour and jump on that hunk, Italian, God!"

"Count on it bitch! Love you too boo boo. I'll text you tomorrow to tell you about Mr Hottie"

"Ok, good luck!"

Pete logs off and Brian decides to go to his room. In his room he puts on the music and lays down on his bed with his laptop in hands, going through his album from his trip to Brazil. After a while of searching he finds the picture that he and Pete where talking about, he goes for his memory stick and copies the picture in the memory stick.

Morning has arrived and Kevin is already waiting for Brian outside. Brian takes all his belongings plus his laptop and camera for his meeting with Mr Stewart. As they head to school Brian tells Kevin how excited he is about his art assignment. He takes out his camera and shows Kevin the picture that he chose, he then goes on and explains the meaning of the picture to Kevin, Kevin only smiles but inside he questions whether Brian had anything with one of these guys but he decides to not ask Brian about it. They finally arrive to school; they give each other a soft kiss on the lips and with that they part their separate ways to their classes. Mr Stewart hasn't arrived yet but as Brian is talking with some of his classmates he recognizes a male figure entering the classroom. It was the exchange student, the French guy that was talking to Kevin the day before. Brian didn't notice that this guy was part of his art class. It seems like he will be able to see what this guy is about. Mr Stewart finally arrives and tells everybody to sit down. After he passes the list he tells Brian to stand up and bring his picture. Brian is caught off guard and is starting to get nervous but he steps to the front and hands his memory stick to

"Ok the following will not be graded; this is just an assignment to get to know each other. Brian as soon as the picture shows up I want you to explain to us why you choose that picture." Mr Stewart tells Brian as the picture starts to appear through the projector.

"Well let me start by introducing the people in this picture. This is me, my best friend Pete, and these are Fernando and Diego. Uhmm... as you can see based on the background this picture was taken in Brazil, me and my best friend went there for summer vacation this year. There we met Fernando and Diego who are two locals, they showed us around and we learned a lot about the place and their life. I chose this picture because, as you can see, this picture represents happiness, clarity, freshness, friendship and harmony and at that time that's what I was looking for."

"So you look for happiness in your friends?" Mr Stewart starts to ask Brian.

"Uhmmm.... Yes, I guess so"

"You guess so? Ok." There's a pause. "What about your family? Mom and dad? Do you seek happiness with them?"

Brian knew where Mr Stewart was heading to, so he decided to answer in a way that he could avoid that route.

"Yes, I seek happiness with my family, I appreciate my family.... A lot, but at that specific time my friends basically meant the world to me."

There's a pause. Mr Stewart stares directly towards Brian, Brian inside is getting a little nervous.

"Now you said you met Diego and Fernando in Brazil right?"


"Then how come you guys made such a strong connection in so little time, to the point that you say that one of your happiest moment was with these guys?"

"The thing is that we have a bond that connected us from the beginning"

"Continue please"

"We've all been through tough times in our life; we've been in really dark places, some had addiction problems, some family problems, some acceptance problems but at the end of the day we had our best friend, helping each other and having each other side. The way I had Pete and Pete had me, Diego had Fernando and Fernando had Diego; we were very alike, we had different situations and different consequences but the pain we all went through was similar. I guess pain and having our best friend to our side was our common factor and actually what connected us together."

"Can you talk about those dark places?"

"I can't talk about Pete, Diego or Fernando cause those are their stories and they are the ones who decide where if they want to share their story and with who. Now, regarding my story; I went through depression and pain."

Everyone just stared at Brian. They found it hard to believe that this guy who always had a smile on his face went through pain and depression.

"For how long?"

"All my life to be honest. Recently, this year, I've started to work on that and now I'm in a good place"

"What had you in pain and took you to depression?"

"My weight. I've been through ups and down with my weight, last year I was 260 and you guys can't even imagine how hard it was for me! Going through low self-esteem and depression, not wanting to go out, putting on clothes and ripping them apart because they wouldn't fit, all of those took me to such a dark place and great pain!"

Brian decided not to open about his situation with his family; he felt it was too deep to share it with the class. Mr Stewart knew that there was something missing but he decided to not continue pushing.

"So behind this picture, the true emotions are sadness, depression and pain, all the contrary to the things you mention at the beginning"

"Well.... We could say so...."

"And that boys and girls, that's what art is about. Is not about what the picture exposes, it's about what it represents. Brian's picture exposes fun and happiness but the reality is that sadness and pain is the true representation of the picture. I felt it from the minute the picture was shown. That's the difference between us artists and others, whilst someone at a gallery sees a painting and thinks that just because it has bright colours it's a "happy" piece of art, on the other hand, us, the artists, we feel the piece of art and by feeling the piece we deduce the real emotions coming out of it. That's going to be the goal of this year, let your true and deep emotions reflect on your work, open yourself, know yourself, lose the shyness and express your real emotions through the work!"

Brian stood there feeling like Mr Stewart knew exactly how he felt, it scared him that there was a possibility that he had to bring out his family issues to Mr Stewart.

"Thank you Brian, you can have a sit now."

Brian sat down. The hour went by and everyone had a chance to stand up and go through the same interrogation and interpretation process by Mr Stewart as so did Brian. Brian learned that he wasn't the only one with issues in the class but still he didn't feel comfortable talking about his family issues. The bell rings and everyone heads out except for Brian. He stays back and Mr Stewart tells him to take a chair and sit next to him in his desk.

"How you felt about the class?"

"Hahah well basically you read us COMPLETELY!!"

They both laugh.

"Yeah you could say so, it's a good exercise, and it loosens people up. Gets them more comfortable with each other and definitely helps them with their work."

"I guess so, I mean you made us go deep!!"

"Yeah but I still feel you were hiding a few things, especially regarding your family"

Brian just stared at Mr Stewart, he was surprised and nervous, and he knew Mr Stewart knew. Mr Stewart saw Brian's reaction.

"But don't worry, I understand why. I mean it's only Wednesday, your third day, I wasn't expecting for you or anyone to open completely. Maybe in the future"

Mr Stewart keeps staring at Brian with a smile, Brian does the same. Both of them stayed looking at each other smiling until there was a knock on the door. They both look back. They saw this tall, built, perfect tan, masculine figure standing there. It was Kevin.

"Sorry to interrupt Mr Stewart I just came to see if Brian was going to the cafeteria"

"I'm sorry Kevin, I forgot to tell you, I'm going to stay with Mr Stewart, we want to talk about my applications and portfolio"

"Oh cool no problem. See you at the end of the day then?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Bye and sorry for interrupting Mr Stewart"

"No problem Kevin, have a nice day"

"You too"

Kevin left. Both Brian and Mr Stewart get their lunches out, bring also takes out his camera and his writing book.

"Already best friend of the football captain?" Mr Stewart gives Brian a suspicious look and a smirk.

"Yeah, we got each other's back already" Brian responds with the same look and the same smirk. He knew what Mr Stewart tried to imply but he decided to not tell him that he was gay and that he was 'friendly' with Kevin.

"Ok let start this"

Brian and Mr Stewart stayed the entire hour talking about Brian's future aspirations and ideas for his portfolio. They agreed that Brian needed to come up with ideas and develop them into scripts for his portfolio and he needed to finish all of his essays and questions for his application. They agreed to meet again the next week and expecting a few things done.

The day went by and Brian went to the parking lot and found Kevin waiting for him; he got in the vehicle and they started to head towards Brian's house. During the ride Brian starts to explain to Kevin his art class and his meeting with Mr Stewart.

"I mean the way he just went through us and went so deep was amazing! It was like he knew what we were going through!"

"Oh that's cool" Kevin said with very little enthusiasm.

"And the application process and portfolio is going to be so easy for me since I have his help! I really appreciate his help!"

"Yeah I know, you guys look very intense when I walked in!"

"Yeah, I think he knows I'm gay and that you and I like each other"

"Oh so you like me?"

"Nooo....." Brian moves towards Kevin and out of the blue grabs Kevin's crotch. "I like this!!" Kevin lets out a gasp.

"Oh yeah baby? I can give it to you anytime you want!"

Kevin arrives at Brian's house and parks the car. He moves towards Brian and they both start kissing. The kissing turns into an intense, tongue wrestling match. Kevin grabs Brian by the ass and starts to squeeze them; Brian starts to rub against Kevin's jeans, feeling his hardness. The match continues as Kevin then starts to go down Brian's neck; this is Brian's sensitive place so it makes him moan hard and loud.

"Oh my god Brian, your moans are making me precum, my cock is hard as fuck and I can feel my balls are ready to explode! Let's go inside!"

But Brian ignores Kevin and continued to kiss him. Kevin continues to squeeze Brian's ass, this time entering his hands through his jeans and underwear in order to get a feel of Brian's naked ass. Brian then unzips Kevin's pants and pulls them down. He can see the wet mark on Kevin's briefs thanks to the precum. He continues and lets Kevin's cock come out and breathe. The smell of precum and masculinity has Brian going crazy.

"Brian are you sure we should do this? I mean someone might catch us!"

Brian responds by going down on Kevin and deep throating his nine inch cock. He goes up and down on Kevin's cock, without touching it, until it's all wet. He then goes up towards Kevin's face and starts kissing him whilst he jerks Kevin off.

"Fuck Brian I don't think I can hold on anymore, I'm gonna cum!!"

Brian starts to jerk Kevin faster, and then he moves down and starts licking Kevin's balls.

"FUCK I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm cumming, I'm cumming......"

Brian moves directly to Kevin's second head and covers it with his mouth. Soon threads of cum start to shoot one after the other, as they did Brian started to swallow thread by thread, leaving Kevin completely empty. Kevin just laid there with his eyes shot, his left hand grabbing the door of the car tightly and his right hand squeezing Brian's ass. Brian lets go of Kevin's cock and Kevin starts to put on his pants again. He then moves towards Brian and gives him a big passionate, lips only, kiss.

"Wow, that was out of the blue"

"I like to surprise people" Brian smirks.

"First time I do something in public"

"Public? Baby that was nothing!!" Brian leans over to Kevin and whispers to his ears.

"If you and I stay together I'll show you what 'do something in public' really is!"

Kevin laughs and then kisses Brian.

"Can't wait for Friday! I wanna go out and have fun with you babe!"

"Same here big boy, but now I have to leave. Pick me up at five for gym?"

"Yeah sure. Bye babe"

"Bye baby"

They both kiss goodbye. As Brian was walking to his house he was starting to think that he and Kevin are starting to get real affectionate towards each other, and at a quick pace, which is worrying. But he liked the attention and the affection he received so he just decided to brush it off his mind.

It's Friday night and Brian is excited about going out with his new friends. They all agreed to get together at the club since some of them had plans for dinner with family members. Kevin invited Brian to his house for dinner but Brian was too shiny and thought that it was too early for meeting the family. It was 10:30 p.m and pretty soon Kevin is going to come to get Brian. Brian was ready. He had white jeans and a green v neck tight shirt, the clothe he was wearing made his body stand out, his built chest, flat stomach and bubble butt where looking good on him. Puts on his black and white diamond watch and bracelet and heads to his room and takes his camera. His phone starts ringing; it was Kevin telling him that he was outside. Brian went down stair, closed everything and headed out. As he was heading towards Kevin's vehicle he could see that Kevin was already waiting for him outside of the vehicle. Kevin looked smoking hot. He had on some tight black jeans which made his bulge look very big and his ass looked perfectly, muscled shaped. He had a v neck, polo, collard, light blue and white stripes, shirt. He also had a black leather jacket which seemed appropriate since it was a chilly night.

"Damn babe!! You are looking HOT!!"

"No Kevin, WE are looking hot! I mean you looking like a fucking model!! I fucking sexy model to be exact!!"

Kevin grabs Brian by the hips.

"Your fucking sexy model"

They both start kissing. Kevin grabs Brian's ass and squeezes it.

"Damn Brian, you got ass for days!! Fucking hot ass!!"

"Hold your brakes big boy; it's not going down tonight"

Kevin looks like he just received the worst news in his life.

"Damn.... You are not going to give me some.... Not a little bit...."

"Not tonight, I already gave you some today hunk" Brian just smirks.

"Ok.... But I hope you know you are responsible for me being heartbroken"

Brian just laughs and kisses Kevin. Kevin opens the door for Brian and then goes the other way and gets into the car. They start going downtown to the club, Kevin takes Brian hand and grabs it during the entire ride, Brian liked the way it felt; the heat from the first day came back to him. As they got to the night club Brian saw the long line of people outside waiting to get in.

"Wow, it looks like it's a hot club"

"The best one here. It's open to everyone and I mean EVERYONE. You will see straight, gays, bi's, swingers, minglers, ect...."

They got off the vehicle; Kevin went for Brian and took him by the hand. They walked towards the bouncer, Kevin and the bouncer gave each other a bro hug, it seemed like they knew each other. Kevin presented Brian to the bouncer, Nick; Nick let them in without having to wait in line. As they walk in Brian can see why the club was so popular, it looked like a New York night club, all big in every single sense; lights, dancers, space, bar, music, everything! Kevin took Brian to the vip section where the others where. Jessica, Kimberly, Ashley, Chris, Ryan and Brandon were all there. They were all looking good, Brian knew he was hanging with a hot crowd; but there was someone else too. This boy seemed younger than the others, blond Mohawk, brown eyes, nicely built body, he looked like he played football but he still wasn't as big as the other guys but with a few more years he would be there.

"Wasup bro, I thought you were going to come later? You should've come with me then"

"Nah bro, I just wanted to give you some 'time'" The guy looks at Brian and smiles.

"I guess you are Brian, right?" He extends his hand, Brian does the same and they both shake.

"Yes, I'm Brian, and you are..?"

"He's Enzo, my younger brother"

"Of course, you guys look alike!"

"You are sixteen or seventeen?"


"How come you entered?"

"You know, we got our contacts and a little fake doesn't bother either!"

They both laugh.

The section was filled with lots of alcohol, from patron to champagne bottles. Everyone was having a good time, the music was varied from hip hop, to techno, to dubstep; the night seemed perfect for Brian. After a couple minutes of drinking Brian is feeling like dancing, so he takes Kevin and leads him to the dance floor. There they both start grinding on each other and dancing very tight and in a very provocative way. These two are dancing like they are the only two in the room, they are grabbing each other, pulling each other closer, feeling each other and from time to time start to kiss each other, they are both having a good time. After a good hour of grinding and dancing, Brian and Kevin decide to go back to their section. Brandon and Kimberly are the only ones there, the others are at the dance floor dancing and enjoying themselves. As time goes by, all of their friends get back to the section, everyone is drinking and dancing in their section and having fun. Brian seemed to notice that Kevin was starting to get a bit hyped up thanks to the alcohol; he was drinking more and faster than anyone else. At first this didn't bother him since him himself sometimes gets like that so he decides to go to the bathroom. As he is pissing he can see that the guy next to him is checking him out, so he decides to look up and see who this guy is. What he saw was a hot, tall, dark and handsome, Latin guy, which seemed to be around the age of thirty. Brian went back to minding his business but the guy was still checking him out. As he went to wash his hand same did the guy, this time, after washing their hands, the guy pulls out his long flaccid cock, takes some water from the sink and throws it over his penis's head.

"Gotta keep it clean, especially when you have an uncut big dick"

Brian looks at him and smiles. The guy puts his penis back to his pants and washes his hands, he then extends his hand.

"Lorenzo. Nice to meet you, and your name is?"

Brian shakes his hand.


"Having a good time?"

"Yeah, recently moved so first time here"

"Damn you are fine. That ass of yours has my eyes going crazy!"

Brian laughs, Lorenzo starts laughing too.

"So you are Dominican?"

"How did you know?"

"I'm Latin so I can tell"

"What's your nationality?"


"Of course you are; tall, dark and handsome and big, uncut dick, definitely a Colombian!"

They both laugh. Lorenzo moves closer to Brian.

"You came alone?"

"No actually came with some friends and I think they are waiting for me so I should go"

Brian starts to exit the bathroom.

"If you wanna chill I'll be around."

As Brian got to his section he can see that everyone was there except for Kevin. He wanted to tell Kevin what happened in the bathroom because he found it very funny but Kevin was nowhere to be seen.

"Where is Kevin?"

"Over there"

They point at the dancer. There he was, Kevin was dancing and grinding with another guy.

"With a fluffy bunny??!!"

Everyone laughs.

"What's a fluffy bunny?"

"Oh that how we call the white, blond, little bit of muscle twinkies who go after everyone and anyone"

"Ohhh, someone is getting jealous!"

"Who? I wanna meet that person"

Brian wasn't jealous but as thirty minutes went by and Kevin and still grinding and dancing with this guy Brian was starting to get angry. Jake, Kevin's brother seemed to catch this.

"Don't worry man, he is just faded, too much alcohol"

"Why is everybody thinking that I am worried? I mean, we are not married!"

"True. But you know you came with him and for him to be grinding with someone else is kind of disrespectful"

"I don't care so let's not talk about it. So tell me about yourself, I know you are a year younger than Kevin"

"Yeah, I just turned seventeen last month"

"That's cool. You got a girlfriend?"

"No, I don't do the girlfriend thing"

"Oh, so you are gay too?"

Jake lets out a little laugh. "No bro, what I mean is that I don't do the relationship thing, I don't do the love thing. I believe in fucking not loving"

Brian laughs.

"Gotcha! Is your brother the same?"

"No man. Kevin is more about letting things happen, he goes with the flow. But he will always be clear about the situation, if he likes you he will tell you he likes you, if you're just a fuck buddy or a friend with benefit he will let you know. He is always up front about situations and he doesn't believe on playing with people, Kevin is definitely not a player in that sense. He doesn't play with people's heart."

"Uhmm... I see"

"And Imma tell you this man, he really likes you. The way he talks about you, the way his demeanour changes and the way he lights up, trust me he really likes you!"

Brian felt that heat again.

"I like him too but..... Time will tell"

"So then why don't you go and take him and dance with him, that should be you down there with him."

Brian looks around and an idea came to his mind.

"I have a better plan"

Brian walks over to another vip section, there he sees Lorenzo and gives him a sign. Lorenzo walks up and follows Brian down to the dance floor. They start to dance and grind tightly, every time moving closer and closer to Kevin and the fluffy bunny. Soon they were dancing next to each other. Kevin saw Brian as he was dancing with another guy and saw the way the guy move his hands all over Brian's body. As the music continues Brian's and Lorenzo's grinding starts to get more and more intense, Kevin is starting to get infuriated by this. Brian then decides to get face to face with Lorenzo and this makes the grinding more intense. By now Lorenzo has started to grab and squeeze Brian's ass and started to breathe and blow over Brian's neck. That was it for Kevin; he stopped dancing with the fluffy bunny and went towards Brian and Lorenzo.

"Ok Brian, is time to go"

Kevin grabs Brian by the arm.

"Hey man what's your problem, we are just here dancing, just like you were doing"

"Brian is time to go!"

Kevin pulls Brian by the arm. Lorenzo grabs Kevin and pushes him off.

"Wait don't fight" Brian gets in the middle. "It's cool Lorenzo; this is Kevin, one of my friends."

"I'm sorry Lorenzo I got to go" Brian gives Lorenzo a kiss on the cheek, Lorenzo answers with the same. Then he gets his wallet out and takes out a card. He whispers to Brian.

"This is my contact card, call me anytime you want, I'll be staying for a month"

Lorenzo gives another kiss to Brian and leaves. Kevin infuriated leaves holding Brian by the arm. The fluffy bunny stops him.

"Ummm hellooo, dude what's up??!! What's going on here?!"

Brian jumps in.

"What's going on here is that he is ready to leave.... With me!"

"And who the fuck are you to be exact?"

"I'm the boss baby boy and please just move out of our way because we got no time for you"

Fluffy bunny looks at K evin.

"Did you seriously made me waste my time with you for you to go with this!?"

Brian gets mad by the comment.

"Watch it baby, don't try to come for me cause I'm not the one, ok"

Fluffy bunny stays looking at Kevin. Kevin is laughing at this point.

"You heard him, he's the boss and he ain't the one. I can't do something about it"

The boy gives both Brian and Kevin the middle finger and turns away but before he whispers something.


Brian tries to let go of Kevin but Kevin holds him tightly.

"Kevin let me go, let me show him what happens when you disrespect people you don't know"

Kevin starts laughing.

"Babe, leave that shit alone and let's just go. It's almost 3:30p.m so let's just go."

Brian listens to Kevin and they start heading towards the others. They all agree is time to leave and they all leave to their house. Kevin had too much to drink so Brian decided that he was going to be the one driving and Kevin was going to stay at his house.

"Hey Jake, Kevin had too much to drink, he can't drive so he will stay at my house tonight"

Jake laughs.

"Isn't that convenient!! Ok, do whatchu got to do..."

".... Oh and remember to use protection!"

Everyone starts laughing, except for Brian, he feels a little bit embarrassed. Once home Brian and Kevin go directly to Brian's bedroom. There Kevin takes off his shoes and his clothes and stays in his boxers. He lays down there watch Brian as he undresses.

"Hhahahaha, that's funny and hot at the same time"

"What are you talking about?"

"You butt cleavage!"

"Ohhh!! Yes!! I think they are really funny and cute! Women have breast cleavage and us gay men have butt cleavage!"

They both laugh.

"I'll buy you some"

"No, I'm good, jockstraps I take but I'll leave those for you, you can pull them off. Plus most of my underwear is Calvin Klein and I don't think they have those"

"Yeah I've noticed you are a ride or die of Calvin Klein's underwear. Me, I'm a trophy boy; I believe Andrew Christian is a gay boy's best friend!"

Kevin laughs.

"Yeah is like the saying, Calvin Klein is for the sexy boys and Andrew Christian is for the slutty boys!"

Brian finishes undressing and heads to the bed. He gets on top of Kevin and kisses him.

"So that means that I'm your slutty bitch and you are my hunky papi?

"Yes baby, now be good to your papi"

Kevin and Brian start kissing, tongues start to play with each other and hands are all over their bodies. The kissing get more and more intense as time goes by, Kevin is already hard and leaking precum from his cock. Brian is also hard and decides to sit on top of Kevin's crutch so that he could rub his ass against Kevin's dick. This was making Kevin even harder, his cock felt like a metal rod all heated up. Brian starts to suck on Kevin's neck and massages his ears with his tongue.

"Fuck Brian! Feeling your tongue all over my neck and ear is bringing me back to life!!"

Brian starts to move down to Kevin's peperoni nipples. He starts licking around them, getting them all wet. He then goes on to give them little bites, these sending electric shocks around Kevin's body. Then the bites turn into sucking and pretty soon he is going down around Kevin's belly button. As Brian started to lick around Kevin's belly button he saw that this was a very sensitive place for Kevin, so he decided to tease him by gently licking around it. This was driving Kevin crazy, he felt like he was going to cum in any minute. Kevin grabs Brian by the hips and turns him around, making Brian's ass be on top of his face. He we went on to remove Brian's underwear and without any notice he dived his face into Brian's gorgeous ass. This had Brian moaning hard, his precum was covering Kevin's chest. He went on and removed Kevin's underwear and started licking around his cock's head. He was urged to taste Kevin's precum so he started to lick the piss slit, it was salty the precum but Brian loved it. Brian continued teasing Kevin's cock as Kevin continued to suck and tongue fuck Brian's ass.

"Babe, you are going to make me cum if you continue with that teasing! I want more tonight so don't continue like that"

Kevin goes on and starts to finger Brian. This makes Brian jump.

"What happened babe? Did it hurt?"

"Yeah it did"

"Ok, don't worry I'll go slow"

"Kevin..... I'm a virgin"

Kevin sits up.

"Wait, what??!! With that ass??!!"

"Yeah papi, with this ass"

"Is it that you don't like anal sex?"

"No, I will love to get fucked BUT the thing is that I still haven't been with the right guy"

"So that means that I'm going to be that guy tonight baby?"

"Uhhmmm..... Nope!"

"NO??? I think that it was supposed to mean a yes!"

"Kevin I'm not a virgin because I haven't found a guy that wants to fuck me. I've been sucking dick since I'm fifteen and every guy that I've sucked has tried to fuck me but I always say no"

"Then what are you waiting for?"

"For a guys with whom I make a connection, trust and feel comfortable. You know that I go by the saying life is made up of moments, right?"


"Well this is one of the biggest moments there is in life, losing your virginity, I will always have this person on my mind and this person will always be a part of who I am and was. So with this said I don't want to lose my virginity to some random guy or a one night stand or be a wham bam thank ma'am, HELL NAH! I want it to be with a boyfriend, my first boyfriend, someone I love and trust and know will want more than just popping my cherry"

Kevin leans over to Brian and gives him a big kiss.

"I understand you babe and I will respect your wishes"

Brian then gives Kevin another kiss but then goes and grabs Kevin's cock.

"Now let's stop with the bullshit and get back to action, baby needs his milk"

They go back to their positions, this time Brian deep throating Kevin's nine inch cock and Kevin stroking Brian's dick as he eats his ass. After a couple of minutes of hot deep throating and delicious ass eating they are both on the verge of cumming.

"FUCK Kevin I'm going to cum!!!"

"Me too Brian, hold it until I tell you to cum, I want us to cum together"

"Fuck Kevin, I don't think I can hold that much"

"Wait, wait..... wait..... Ahhhh.... Ahhhhh. Fuckkk..... HER...EE....I...CU....MMMM!!"

Kevin bites the Brian's ass cheek and with this Brian receives the signal, they both start cumming, Brian on Kevin's chest and Kevin in Brian's mouth. Brian eats every thread of cum that Kevin releases from his cock.

"Come here Brian"

Kevin takes Brian by the cock and starts sucking his sensitive head, this makes Brian jump. Kevin is collecting and eating the resting pieces of cum from Brian's cock. Brian takes his two fingers and slides them up Kevin's chest, picking up some of his own cum. He then takes his fingers and gives them to Kevin. Kevin starts sucking on Brian's finger and eats his cum. Brian collapse onto Brian's chest and they both start kissing each other.

"Damn Brian that was good!! You really know how to suck dick!!"

"Thank you baby, I do my best for you! But I got to say that you are an expert eating ass. Fuck. That tongue does magic!"

"I've been told"

They both laugh and start kissing again. Brian cuddles himself around Kevin's chest and arms, Kevin hugs Brian tightly and they both fall to sleep together.

The annoying, loud sound of an alarm wakes Brian up. As he opens his eyes he can see that his cell phone was ringing. He stayed there thinking about the night before and how good his moments with Kevin are feeling. Looking back and seeing Kevin and feeling him holding him on his back made Brian feel so comfortable and so good that he felt like chances with this boy were really good. As he stands up, he stays staring at Kevin and see how he moves and exposes his naked body. Brian will never get tired of how good Kevin looked naked, it was starting to give him a hard on, but he changes his direction and goes to get his phone. As he starts searching his phone he sees that he received a message, the message said the following:

We are arriving tomorrow evening,

So no craziness when we arrive! Bye, see you tomorrow.

The contact name said Mom.

To be continued........ I know it was long but I'm the kind of person who likes to develop the chemistry and connection between the characters. I believe that gives the readers a better opportunity to understand the characters and connect with them. I hope you guys liked it and message me your opinions and comments to [email protected] I will really try to have the next instalment for at least Sunday or next week, I'm sorry I took so long but things have been stressful for me. Once again thank you for reading it all! Love and light everyone!!



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