This story is a mixture of real life events, things I see myself going through in the future, things I will like and not like to go through and some fictional events. Yes there is sex but further in the story, I know it's long but I wanted to fully develop it so you guys connected with the characters and story! Yes there is sex so keep reading till the end! Thank You, BJ.

"How about a cheer? Cheers to a new beginning yet the same old bullshit, cheers to a new body, cheers to this new and last year and last but not least cheers to me, cause I'm the only one that matters!"

He was standing there, all by himself, in front of this mirror which covered the entire wall space, in his right hand he had a filled champagne glass and with his left hand he was traveling his flat, toned stomach, touching every single one of his abs and just looking to his entire body with admiration. He was about 5'10" and 170lbs, his body was toned and he had muscles on himself. His arms where 14 inches big, he had a toned, flat, six pack stomach and his legs where toned and strong but his main pride was his ass. He had a big, apple shaped, bubble butt which always stood out in all of his clothes, especially right now that he is only wearing his black short boxers. His skin had a glow that only radiates from people that live in tropical places, his skin tone was brownish but between light skinned and dark skinned, he wasn't completely light skin to the point that he could get a tan but either was he completely dark skinned that if he stood under the sun he will turn out blue, he was just in between.

"Oh god I don't want to let myself slip again, this is the best I've ever looked and I need to keep it this way, if I ever want to find myself a stud well this is the time and for me to keep him I have to stay like this. Now what am I going to wear today?"

He drank his entire glass of champagne and pour it full again. Now he was directing himself to the "pants area". He seemed to be inside a walking closet but based on the size it actually looked like a master bedroom. The room was divided into areas, every area had its own glass door with the name of the area, you could read from, "pants area", "shirts areas", "shoes area", "fancy area", "beach area", "gym area", "glasses and jewelry area" up to the "master's area", which was the area where he just came out from. He loved his "master's area", in here he had the big mirror, two antique black, red and gold thrones, a champagne mini bar with all types of champagne from Dom Perignon to Moet and Chandon to Perrier Jouet and he had a little stage with lights all around it. The area seemed more like a small nightclub for one.

The intercom sounds.

"Mr. Torres, I'm reminding you that is 7:15a.m, you are going to be late for school"

"Thank you Rosia, I'll be down soon"

Brian took a pair of blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt and changed in less than 30 seconds; he went for his shoes, slipped them on and finally took his red and gold aviators, his watch and directed himself down to the kitchen.

"Good morning Mr. Torres, would you like the usual for breakfast?"

"Rosia we've talked about this before, stop calling me Mr. Torres, if anyone should be calling Mr. or Mrs. Is me to you, so just call me Brian. Ok?"

Rosia smiled and nodded.

"Now regarding breakfast, yes serve me my everyday "green" and today I'll just have water, I'm not feeling like having orange juice."

Brian sat down on one of the stools that were located in the middle of the kitchen where the center counter was; the roof of the kitchen was all in glass letting the shine of the sun illuminate the entire kitchen. The kitchen itself had a Mediterranean style just like the rest of the house. Brian really like this style and that's what attracted him the most to the house.

"Here you have Brian, kiwi, green grapes, slices of green apple and I added two strawberries, I bought them this morning and they are very fresh and sweet."

"Thank you Rosia, I love strawberries!!"

"So are you ready for your last first day of school, in a new school?"

"To be honest, nope! I just want this day to go by and the same goes with the year. I'm really just ready to go to college and start a new life in New York."

"Aren't you scared to be on your own?"

"Ha, I don't know if you've realized but I'm on my own right now"

"Yes, but your mother and step-father are coming soon"

"Yeah, that's right"

Brian just looked at Rosia with a weak smile. The truth is Brian has lived his whole life without the constant presence of his parents. When he was born his mother and father divorced and at the age of five he was sent to the Dominican Republic to live with his grandmother. Most of his life he's been travelling and moving from places to places and most of the time he is alone. At the age of fourteen his grandmother got extremely ill and they decided to move him to New York. There he spent one year until he then moved to Beverly Hills with his mother and step-father. Now it's his final year and he's almost eighteen and they've moved again, but this time something wasn't matching up with Brian and he had a bad feeling about this sudden move.

"Let me go get my camera and my cellphone, its picture time"

Brian went upstairs for his camera and his cellphone. He then went back to the kitchen and gave Rosia the camera and cellphone so she could take the pictures.

"You always seem to amaze me when it comes to pictures, you take thousands of them and they all turn out so different and unique."

"Well you know me and my favorite saying; life is made up of moments and I love to capture every single one of those moments"

"Hahaha yes, well Brian hurry up now or you'll be late. Don't forget your lunch, I made you a turkey sandwich and I added a yogurt and don't forget to take your water"

"Oh Rosia what would I do without you! You always take great care of me!"

Brian took his camera, cellphone, lunch and water and placed them inside his schoolbag.

"Bye Rosia, and don't worry about lunch, I'll buy something outside"

"Ok Brian, have a good day and best of lucks!"

With all the traffic and lights, it took 15 minutes to get to the school.

"Well thank you James"

"You welcome Mr. Torres; pick you up at 2:00p.m.?"

"Yes, I think classes will be done at 2:00p.m, if something changes then I'll call you and let you know"

"Ok sir, bye have a nice day"

"You too James, bye"

Brian quickly took his camera out and took several pictures of the entrance of what was about to be his new high school. Photography and videos were a part of his passion; he loved to record and capture every moment and every minute of life, especially when something new and exciting was happening. He looked at his watch and saw that it was 7:40a.m he quickly returned his camera to his backpack and headed himself to the school's office to get his schedule and see if any changes were done.

"Good morning"

"Good morning, how can I help you?"

"I'm here to look for my schedule, I'm a new student and I wanted to see if any changes were made"

"Ok sweetheart, can you give me your name"

"Brian Torres"

"Your full name please"

"Brian Jose Torres Lopez"

"Ok. Well it seems like your Spanish class was removed and you were advanced Art class instead"

"Well thank god, I mean why would I need Spanish classes if I'm Latin and was raised in a Latin country"

Brian was excited about the fact that he didn't have to take Spanish classes. He found them useless since he already knew how to speak and write fluently in Spanish. He was definitely excited about his advanced Art classes since he was very interested into the artistic world.

"Well I guess you are ok with the changes"

They both laughed.

"Ok, you are going to need help with adjustment and knowing where everything is. We have a boy in the Principal's office, when he comes out I'll tell him to help you guide yourself during the week."

"Umm, no, there's no need for that, I'll do it by myself"

"Of course not, are you kidding me. Do you know how big this school is? You'll be getting yourself in trouble for lateness. Now just stand there and accept the help"

"Umm..... Ok"

Brian was terrified about the fact that someone had to be force to help him guide himself during an entire week. What if the guy wasn't into that? What if the guy is a bad ass or a bully, damn, there's got to be a reason why he is in the Principal's office the first day! What if he is a homophobic jock that found out about his sexuality! Brian always tried to hide his sexuality, especially to other guys, since he was scared of men. He always blamed his lack of male figure in his life to the fact that now he is scared of having any type of connection with straight, intimidating men.

"Hi again Kevin, I hope your meeting went ok"

"Yeah, the usual."

"I have something for you. I need you to help Brian locate himself around school for the next week or so, he is new and he needs help with the place, will you do that?"

"Yeah, no prob "

Kevin now faces Brian.

"Was up newbie? My name is Kevin Giancconi, what's your name?"

"Hi, I'm Brian Torres, nice to meet you"

"Nice to meet you too man. Ok, let me have a little chat with Kathy over here and I'll locate you for to your first class, matter fact what is your first class?"

"Ehm, maths with Mr. James"

"Cool man, we got the same class, so we are going to be headed to the same direction. Well let me finish this and I'll be right at you soon, ok?"

"Yeah cool"

Kevin was tall, about 6'0", all muscled up, at least 21 inches arms, tan skin, brown eyes, black hair, he rocked a Mohawk which made him look sexier, perfect white teeth and a nice bulge, yeah Brian always makes a full checkup when he sees a hot guy. Brian just stood there thinking that this had to be his lucky day. This Italian god, Italian Adonis seemed very nice and willing to help him, he only hoped that this wasn't an act. For the first time in his life his heart was rushing really first when it came to seeing a guy for the first time.

"Oh my God Brian control yourself! You do not want to fuck this up, remember new beginning, new life, I'm in control this time, and no funny business is going to interrupt or change the outcome!"

Kevin comes out.

"Hey, to whom are you talking to? Imaginary friend?"

They both laughed.

"No, I was just reading my schedule out loud"

"Relax man, I sometimes talk to myself too, everybody does it but only the braves admit it"

They both laughed again.

"Ok man let's get a move on or we'll be late for class and you don't want that since the good seats will be taken"

They both arrived to their maths classroom. Kevin took Brian and told him to come with him.

"Come on let's go seat at the back, there my bud Chris saved us some seats, I mean you don't mind seating at the back, right?"

"No, not at all"

"You don't mind seating with me right? I mean that's a huge commitment, an entire year's commitment to be exact"

Brian got a bit scared when Kevin first asked the question but as he continued he realized Kevin was just goofing around.

"Yeah, I'm always ready for a challenging commitment, I mean if it can be named challenging"

"Hahahah, ok, ok, cool"

Kevin sat next to his buddy Chris and Brian sat next to Kevin.

"Brian, this is Chris, my best buddy in here"

"Chris, this is Brian, my recently new friend. He is a virgin to school"

Brian felt a heat of excitement going through his head and his whole body when he first heard Kevin say "my recently new friend", he was excited that Kevin already considered him a friend and embarrass due to the "virgin" comment. Kevin was still a virgin and he has tried in many different occasions to lose it but his nerves and his body seemed to always betray him and prevent him from losing it.

"Damn man relax on the comments, new guy is going to think you some type of freak"

The three of them laugh. Chris extends his hand.

"Wasup man, my name is Christopher Knight, but everyone calls me Chris, nice to meet you"

"Pleasure, my name is Brian Torres"

They both hand shook hands. Chris was the same height as Kevin, all muscled up with big thighs and big arms, probably being each others gym buddy, but he was a blue eyes, blond Mohawk, white pale, American boy. But Brian understood why both Kevin and Chris would be friend; they seemed alike and seemed to like doing the same things.

Kevin turns to Brian.

"Hey what's your nationality because your last name seems Latin?"

"Well I was born in NYC, my mother is American Dominican, my father is Puerto Rican, I lived in the Dominican Republic since I was three years old up until I was fourteen and then I moved here to the USA, so that makes me Dominican/Puerto Rican/American."

"A Latin New Yorker, well man it seems like we got a big attitude type of guy here"

"Ha ha, yeah right let's go with the stereotypes. How about you Mr. Juicehead cause that last name and your appearance is giving me Italian and even Jersey"

Chris started to laugh, he knew that it bothered Kevin that people will think that he is from Jersey.

"Do I look like a Jersey type of guy to you?"

"I don't think you want to answer that newbie"

"Ehm why?"

"Because I'm not like one of those fucking air headed from garbage New Jersey"

"That's why; he kind of gets offended when he is compared to Jersey"

Chris whispers.

"Even though he uses some of their words, for example garbage"

Brian and Chris laugh.

"It's not funny Chris"

Brian speaks.

"Come on man; don't get your panties twisted cause of this"

"Hahaha oh panties, ok soo........."

"Ok class enough chatting is time to start class"

Kevin and Brian looked at each other and just smirked and let out a little laugh.

"Class attention all, we have a new student here coming from Beverly Hills, Brian Torres. Mr. Torres will you be willing to stand up and reach out to the class"

Brian doesn't want to stand up and tries to hide his face down but Kevin patches him on the back and encourages him to stand up.

"Hello class, my name is Brian Torres, I'm seventeen and I just moved here from Beverly Hills so wasup?"

"Ok, thank you Mr. Torres I hope you are willing to give your best in my class"

"Yes Mr. James, don't worry"

Brian wasn't worried about the class, he was very good at maths, he had a 3.70 GPA and all of the subjects were easy for him to comprehend and to work on them so he had no fear in regards to class material and information.

"Well class let's beginning"

Brian sits back down.

"Ha, I saw the New York side come out at the end of your little speech"

"How do you know it was the New York side?"

"Cause the Dominican or Puerto Rican would have been, "Ya tu sabe" or "Que lo que""

Brian starts laughing.

"Oh so you know Spanish"

"Yeah a little bit, I actually went for vacations to the Domini......"


"I think we should have this convo at lunch time or else I'll be kicked out in my first day"

"Hahaha, yeah cool"

Maths class went by flying, Brian was glad that he understood everything and it seemed like he was not going to have problems with the class. He was also impressed that Kevin was really good at maths too, somehow in his mind he thought Kevin felt under the muscle stereotypical dumb guys but it seemed that Kevin was very smart. Good looks and a smart brain, definitely a good catch. In the other hand Chris wasn't doing very well, he himself admitted that he wasn't good at maths, school wasn't his thing. The bell rang and they all got up ready to go to their next class.

"Mr. Knight can you stay back, I need to have a conversation with you"

Chris looks towards Kevin and Brian who are now at the door.

"You guys go ahead I'll reach when I'm finished"

"Ok. You got Spanish class too?"


"Ok, see you there"

"What class you got now Bry?"

Brian didn't react immediately due to the fact that it was the first time he was called Bry and Kevin seemed to catch this.

"I'm sorry man, sometimes I just get too comfortable very quick, I think is the Italian in me"

Brian laughs.

"No, don't worry is just that it's the first time I'm called Bry"

"People don't call by another name sometimes? Like some people call me Kev sometimes"

"Well back in Beverly Hills my best friend calls me BJ"

Kevin laughs.

"I don't know if I wanna know why"

Brian got a little embarrassed.

"Don't go that direction, it's because my middle name is Jose so sometimes when we went to the clubs we used our initials, me BJ and him PJ, from Pete James"

"Oh ok. So you like going to the clubs?"

"Yeah, I'll be honest to you, I'm calm and cool in my everyday life but I really like going to the club to drink, dance and just have a good time"

"Well it seems like you and I are going to really click this year!"

They both looked at each other and smiled. Brian was feeling that heat again, inside he was feeling like there was a connection between himself and Kevin but he didn't want to make any ideas and ruin the possibilities of having a good year.

"So what class do you have now?"

"Ehm, I have Advanced Art with Mr. Stewart"

"You are taking Advanced Art? I heard it's hard to get to that class, not everyone gets in"

"Really? Well it seems like they liked my work"

"You are interested into arts?"

"Yes, especially the visual arts like photography and cinematography, that's my real passion. I always carry around with my camera."

"You have it right now?"

"Yeah man, it's in my schoolbag"

"You already took some pictures?"

"Yeah to the entrance and myself"

"Well when are you going to take mine"

Kevin had a little smirk.

"When you least expect it so I can blackmail you then"

Kevin laughs.

"Oh that's wasup. Just make sure you take my good angle"

They both laughed.

"I think we should head up, I have Spanish now but our classrooms are on the same floor"

They both started to walk upstairs to the second floor. Kevin took Brian to his Art classroom and showed him where his Spanish classroom was.

"When you classes are over wait for me here and then we'll go to the cafeteria for lunch, ok?"

"Yeah cool"

"Ok then, good luck on your class"

"Thanks, lo mismo para ti"

"The same to you, you see I understood that"

Brian just smiled and entered the class. When he entered he felt that he was in his zone, the room was the biggest one in school and it was all white but with different types of arts all around the walls. As soon as he entered the room he wanted to direct himself to Mr. Stewart and introduce himself before the class started. He wanted start very friendly because he knew that for his college application and portfolio he was going to need of Mr. Stewart's help, this meaning they will have to spend more time together if Mr. Stewart was willing to help. As he approached the teacher's desk he could see this 6 feet tall, soccer player body, light tan skin, brownish blond hair figure, Brian immediately assumed that this was Mr. Stewart. The guy was wearing black and gold aviators with his feet on the desk reading what it seemed to be The Hollywood Reporter. Brian immediately felt in love with his art teacher. He seemed like he had the swag of an artistic bad ass and nothing attracted more Brian than a bad ass! Brian directed himself to the desk and stood in front of Mr. Stewart.

"What are the latest film reviews?"

Mr. Stewart lowers the magazine and looks at Brian. Brian extends his hand.

"Good morning, my name is Brian Torres, the new student; I guess you are Mr. Stewart"

Mr. Stewart took his aviators off, Brian could see those penetrating, gorgeous, turquoise eyes, he felt like he was going to melt right there. Mr. Stewart extended his hand towards Brian's and shook it.

"Very surprising, new ones normally just go directly to their seat and ignore the entire world's existence. Pleasure to meet you Mr. Torres; hope you are ready because this is no Child's play"

"Yes, but the one that should be ready is you Mr. Stewart cause when it comes to Art, especially visual arts, I'm the one"

They both laughed. Brian saw that beautiful smile of Mr. Stewart and there again came that heat that has been appearing throughout the entire day.

"So you are interested into the visual arts?"

"Yes indeed. Cinematography and photography are my passions"

"That's interesting; I've done some cinematographic works, some short films here and there"

Brian got excited about the fact that his new art teacher has done short films, now he was more convinced that Mr. Stewart will definitely help him with his application and his portfolio.

"Really! Give me names, who knows, maybe I've watched them"

"A Place Where The Forgotten Go, Hardcore, Mystic, Tres and Ga..."

"Gamer. Oh my god, yes, you are Andrew Stewart"

"Yes, so it seems like you have watched some of my work"

"Are you kidding me, I love your work! I was so obsessed with Mystic and A Place Where the Forgotten Go, those two are my favorites, the realism and the hardcore feeling and emotions that come from those two short films are surreal! Wow I can't believe that you are going to be my teacher!"

"Got my own little fan as a student, I like it"

They both laugh again. The bell rings.

"Ok it's time to start the class, go take a seat and let me do my thing"

Brian felt like he was in dream land, he didn't want the class to end but the ring was soon announcing the time for lunch. Mr. Stewart set homework for the next class, they were to bring a picture that represented them and spoke about them without them having to explain it to anyone else; Brian felt that the homework was something very simple but knew that there was something attached to this. On his way out Mr. Stewart asked him to stay behind.

"I can see the passion in your work, your portfolio and the way you speak, I hope you keep it up the entire year because I'm willing to work with you with you want"

Brian couldn't believe this, he was extremely excited.

"Oh god, of course! I will definitely love to work with you especially since applications and portfolios are due soon"

"Do you know where you want to go?"

"Definitely New York City, NYU is my top choice and I have others in the list but I'm also looking into Boston, LA and Miami"

"Big cities; NYU is definitely a good choice, I'll be glad to help you with the process, how about next class you stay over at lunch time and we speak in more details about your ideas and options?"

"Yeah of course"

"Then go have lunch now, you got to be starving"


Brian exits the room and there he saw Kevin waiting for him. They started to walk towards the cafeteria.

"You in problems already?" Kevin said laughing.

"No we were talking about my applications and portfolio. Mr. Stewart is really cool! He's done some of the best short films I've ever watched! Like I'm really excited about the fact that he is going to be my art teacher for this year!"

"That's cool; I never knew that Mr. Stewart was a filmmaker. So I guess you enjoyed his class"

"Best class, I can already feel it that this is going to be my favorite class!"

They finally arrived to the cafeteria. Kevin showed Brian where all the food was and they started to walk towards it. As they walked Brian felt like everyone was staring at him, he was starting to feel a bit nervous he knew that people where already judging him and that got him nervous, he's always been the type of guy that is scared of judgment.

"Aren't you going to pick anything?"

"No, I actually brought my own lunch, you now the healthy shit"

"Ok cool, you on the healthy shit that's cool, and I on the other hand, a few fries won't hurt"

They both laughed. Kevin goes to his table and sits down, Brian does the same. Brian sees that there are other people in the table and they are all staring at him.

"Everyone this is Brian, new student"

Everyone said hi. Brian replied with the same.

"These are some of the people that are lucky enough that I let them sit with me and have conversations with me during lunch" Kevin laughs.

"As if honey, you are lucky that this hottie is delighting you with her presence."

The girl then looks at Brian.

"Hi honey, my name is Jessica"

Here was this 5´9 girl, tan skin, emerald eyes, 24 inches long, blonde hair, smoky eyes, hot body with nice curves and c cup boobs, she looked like a foxy music video vixen. Then two other girls stood up, Ashley and Kimberly. They were both the same height as Jessica, Ashley was Caucasian whilst Kimberly was African American. Ashley had shorter, brown hair whilst Kimberly had gorgeous, 22 inches long, black hair.

"Hi my name is Ashley"

"Hi baby my name is Kimberly"

"Wow all of you girls are gorgeous"

"Thank you" the three of them said.

"Now I think we're gonna kick it off just fine" Kimberly said jokingly.

Now the three other guys that where sitting at the table started to introduce them: Ryan and Brandon. The three of them were well built, they seemed like they played football, Brian was starting to think that Kevin was part of the football team due to his look and his entourage, the football buddies and the cheer leading girls. Ryan was the shortest; he was the same height as the girls 5´9, whilst Brandon was 5´11. Brandon was African American, whilst Ryan was Caucasian. Ryan seemed to have a big, dragon design tattoo on the upper part of his right arm whilst Brandon had no visible tattoo.

"Wasup man my name is Brandon"

"Yeah man my name is Ryan welcome"

Brian replies the introduction with a hello and a hand shake, he then turns to Kevin.

"Where's Chris?"

"His probably with the coach, I think the coach wanted to see him"

"Football team?"

"Yes, we are all part of the football team and I'm the captain"

Brian confirmed what he was suspecting for a while now. Now he was a bit nervous thinking about the fact that how awkward will be to hang around with the football team, the popular kids and him not being part of that football team, plus he was scared that this tough guys would have a problem with him being gay. They all started to eat their lunch and ask Brian questions about his life and where is he from. Brian started to tell them about his love for photography and cinematography and he took his camera out and showed them some of his recent pictures from his trip to Brazil. They were all impressed but the girls wanted a photo-shoot with Brian and he accepted for the near future. After minutes of talking Kevin turned to Brian.

"What are you doing after school?"

"Well I'm gonna go and be fat ass for the day"

Everyone cracked laughing.

"What do you mean by that?"

"Well you guys see my body, how fit and toned I am, this body took me a year for it to be like this. I'm seventeen almost eighteen and when I was fifteen I was overweight with 265lbs, a full blown face, monstrous thighs and a belly that didn't let me see my own dick!"

They were all shocked and then started to laugh with his last sentence.

"Damn, are you serious?!" said Kimberly.

"I might exaggerating with the not being able to see my dick but yeah I was 265lbs and huge!"

"How did you lose it all man?" Ryan asked.

"Exercising and dieting. I do 2 hours of exercise a day, one hour of cardio and then an hour of cross fit or kickboxing. My diet I had to change it completely cause my cholesterol was above 250 at heart attack risk so now I eat fish, chicken, turkey ham and mozzarella cheese, no red meats, maybe once a week or two weeks, lots of vegetables and lots of fruits. I also take vitamins every day , and do checkups every now and then because nowadays us men can suffer a heart attack at any given age and I don't gonna go through that!"

"Wow man that's a true commitment, good for you bro, you took the hard and longest way but yet you reached your goals man. Got mad respect for you!"

Brandon gave Brian a "bro knuckle". Kevin started to gain control of the conversation again.

"So today is the one day off then?"

"Yes it is and I'm feeling like devouring a hamburger and some fries with some banging ass brownies and ice cream for dessert!"

"Damn someone really is feeling like a fat ass today"

"Hey watch it I'm the only one allowed to say it, I'll be you or anyone up that calls me a fat ass or anything related"

They all laughed and started to say "ohhhh".

"Ok, I just got my first threat by Mr. Torres" Kevin laughs.

"But the thing is that I don't know where to go and buy the best burger and fries in town"

"I know a place, I could take you if you don't mind, and it wouldn't do me wrong having some for myself"

"No problem with me, I'll tell my driver to take us there"

"We don't need a driver I have my own vehicle, like I said I take you there and then to your house"

"Oh ok then let me tell my driver to not come and pick me up then."

Brian let James know that he wasn't going to need of him for the rest of the day. The hours went by flying and the last bell of the day rang. Kevin and Brian started to walk out to Kevin's vehicle.

"Damn man what the fuck! Is this seriously your ride?!"

"Yeah you know it gets me around"

Kevin had a red and black Range Rover Sport, it was shining and glowing with the sun; it definitely look like an expensive vehicle. Now Brian started to think that Kevin came from a family with money for him to be able to have this vehicle but since something's aren't to be ask he decided not to ask.

"Let me send this text home before we ride, I got to tell them that I will be eating out"


Kevin sent the text. They soon started they journey for their burgers and fries, throughout the way Kevin was giving Brian a little tour around and showing him where were the good places to go for different things. Fifteen minutes went by and they arrived to the location. As they both entered the place Brian gave a glance at the menu and knew that Kevin brought him to the perfect place. They both went and sat down at the long counter for take outs.

"Can I take your orders?"

"Yeah, I'm gonna want the Route 5 with Swiss cheese and mushroom sauce. Oh and the bread to be poppy bread. And I also want my fries to be with cheese and bacon if possible. Last for dessert I'm gonna want the brownie and French vanilla ice cream."

"Is that all?"

"From my part yes"

"And what do you want gentleman?"

"I want the same thing if possible"

"Ok, in fifteen minutes or less"

"Thank you" They both said.

Kevin and Brian sat there and chatted their way through the fifteen minutes. Like said the food was ready and they were ready to pay and go. When the check was brought Kevin took it and paid for everything.

"No Kevin what are you doing? You already brought me here, let me pay for this!"

"It's already done babe, can't do something about it"

Brian felt that heat coming all over again. The word babe caught him by surprise and it seemed like he wasn't the only one since Kevin was getting red and seemed a little unease. Brian the embarrassment in Kevin's faces and decided to change things up.

"Ok big boy where are we going to go? Want to go to my place? I mean there's no one there"

"Yeah it's ok with me"

"Ok let's get out of here or they'll confuse your face with a tomato and slice it up"

Brian laughed but Kevin seemed to still be embarrassed.

As they got on the vehicle Brian turned to Kevin.

"Thanks for lunch man and don't get all worked up cause of a word it comes out you now. I mean don't be surprised if you hear me say bitch this bitch that bitch, bitch, bitch"

They both laughed.

"Ok man. Now tell me where your house is"

As Brian told Kevin the direction he knew where he was headed. He knew this area because it was a bit close to his house. As they got closer they could see the big houses with gorgeous entrances and nice cars, it was clear that it was a wealthy neighborhood.

"There, that's my house"

Kevin pulled over and saw this gorgeous Mediterranean style house. The house with the big columns at the entrance, lots of big windows, the glass door, the balconies and the palm trees around. Kevin thought the house was fantastic and it gave a relaxing vibe. They both got out the car and started to walk towards the house.

"Damn what a house"

"Right! Isn't it gorgeous! I picked it!"

"You were the one who picked the house?"

"Yeah, my mother and stepfather have been busy the entire summer and my mother told me to pick the house, but can I be honest to you and please don't tell this to anyone"

"Yeah sure"

"I find it very strange that she told me to pick the house, I feel like there is something fishy about this but I just don't seem to put my hands around it"

Brian was almost certain what it was but he didn't want to go that deep with Kevin. They get in and Kevin can see that the house wasn't only gorgeous from the outside but inside as well. The designing was very fresh and relaxing with lots of soft, relaxing colors, it kind of had a Miami style.

"Maybe she trusts your taste"

"Yeahhhh no, because the thing is back in Beverly Hills my stepfather's house is hundred times bigger. Want to go outside to the gazebo or stay in here?"

"Where ever you want, I don't mind"

"Well let's go outside because I want some fresh air plus I got drinks over there"

They both head out to the gazebo. The Mediterranean style continued outside, it all looked nice and relaxing like a perfect place for relaxing vacations.

"Wow man this is like paradise over here"

"I know, this is actually the reason why I chose this house, well and my room, but I mean I love this patio! I spend most of my time in here! Now what do you want? I got every type of alcohol over here"

"Wow playing that early?!"

"Somewhere in the world it's 10:00p.m."

Kevin laughs.

"Ok then, give me something simple, vodka with juice"

Brian serves Kevin his drink and he pours himself tequila and lemon juice. They start to eat, drink and talk about their lives and different random topics.

"I'm gonna leave this half for later, I'm kind of full"

"Yeah me too, this is a lot, plus the drinks got me feeling hot"

"Well give me the food and I'll take it to the kitchen and how about if we sit here put some music and keep vibing with our drinks?"

"That sounds more than perfect to me"

Brian took all of the food to the kitchen, when he came back outside he saw that the sky was starting to get cloudy and grey and the wind was starting to become cooler.

"It's starting to get cold, are you up to some Jacuzzi?"

"Yeah why not"

"Ok, let me turn it on so in a few minutes it will be hot"

"So you are staying all by yourself in here?"

"Yeah, mom and step dad are still on business trip"

"Who cleans and who cooks for you?"

"Before answering do you want another drink?"

"Hell yeah it's starting to get really cold"

"Then how about a shot of tequila and then I'll open a bottle of champagne?"

"Are you trying to get me drunk? I mean that early and drinking that much?"

"Damn what a pussy, I thought the muscles meant strength but it seems they are only a show"

"Pussy? No man, no pussy in here! I can go real hard on the A"

"Then stop complaining, one thing you need to know about me is that I love to drink and I drink a lot and there is ALWAYS alcohol in this house so when I feel like having a good time I just go straight for the A"

They took two shots each, the first one of pure tequila and the other one a mixture of tequila and champagne.

"Damn that shit went hard"

Brian coughing. "Yeah but it feel good"

Brian poured two glasses of champagne and they started talking again.

"So answering your previous question, I have a housekeeper; her name is Rosia, who I know since I was leaving in NYC. My mom decided that Rosia should've come with me and takes care of the house whilst I was all alone and thank good because I love and trust Rosia so much."

"So she lives here with you?"

"No, we rented her an apartment, she's only here during morning and sometime afternoons but I normally tell her to leave and have the day off cause really I don't need her here after she cleans and cook"

"But what about dinner?"

"I cook my own dinner; I like to cook so that's where I experiment a little bit"

"Rat's poison"

They both laugh.

"No, I actually cook really well"

"But where is your mom and step dad exactly?"

Brian stayed silent for a few seconds and then stared directly towards Kevin's eyes.

"Look I'm going to be honest to you and open up but I don't tend to do this but somehow I feel comfortable with you so don't go running your mouth then"

"Promise man"

"I really don't know. I don't have that much communication with them, I lived twelve years apart from them in the Dominican Republic, I used to live with my grandmother from my mother's behalf and rarely will I have visits from them. My grandma got extremely sick they decided for me to move with them, that's when I lived in NYC; my mom was always with my step dad or shopping or at fashion shows or doing something that didn't involve me. My step dad is Harry Warrington, the actor"

"Wait your step father is Harry Warrington!!"

"Yes but I don't have a connection with him cause he really doesn't care, mind you if my mother doesn't care why would her husband, who is not related to me. But as I was saying after those two years in NYC we then moved to Beverly Hills cause of the nature of his work he was between NYC and California. Every summer and every December I will never spend it at home, I will always be flying to another country because they didn't want me there, they will pay for me to go anywhere. I mean they wouldn't tell me leave but they gave me those cold shoulders and I heard conversations that made me stand clear."

"But what about your dad?"

"I don't have a relationship with my dad. He pays child support and he puts money on my card every month but I feel he does that cause since he knows he is not there for me physically, monetarily he is there and with that I can't complain. He is a huge business man so he doesn't want any scandal of child support or child problem that could affect his brand or image. But the problems between him and I are deeper but I don't want to talk about it right now"

They were already done with their second glass of champagne when it started raining.

"Oh no it's raining! No Jacuzzi!"

"I don't have a problem with the rain; I mean we were going to get wet anyways"

"So do you wanna go in now?"

"Yeah this shit got me good and a little swim won't do any bad"

"Ok then let's go and get some swim pants, I think I got one that might fit you"

"Man fuck that, let's go in our underwear, I mean it's only me and you and the bottle"

Kevin smirks at Brian, Brian replies with unbuttoning his pants and pulling them off. He then takes of his watch and his shirt and is all ready to get into the Jacuzzi. He could see how Kevin was staring at his butt as he was undressing himself. Once Kevin undressed he saw that huge bulge of Kevin's and his sexy body, all muscled up and with hair, not much but enough to make his abs and chest stand out, he was praying that he didn't get hard and embarrass himself.

"Ok man let's go in"

"Let me take the bottle and the glasses"

They both get in and start drinking their third glass.

"Damn this shit is hot"

"Yes it is but the rain will make it warm"

Kevin and Brian stare at each other as their drinking their drink. Kevin started to move closer towards Brian.

"Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No, it's been a while since I've been in a relationship. And you Mr. Captain of the football team, I bet girls wait in line for your dick"

Kevin gets closer.

"They do...."


"But I want someone else to have my dick right now"

He starts to kiss Brian. Brian is surprised by this but goes along with the kissing. The kissing starts to get more passionate and it moves to a tongue wrestling match. They were battling with each other's mouths and tongues. Kevin then grabs Brian by the ass and carries him up so that they are face to face. Brian surrounds Kevin's hips with his legs and they start to get more intense with the kissing. Brian then takes his hand and starts to rub Kevin's cock through his boxers, he could feel the girth of his cock and boy was it big. He was craving to suck that dick when Kevin stopped kissing him and then moved down to the side of his neck. There he started to kiss and blow his neck, this was a very sensitive place for Brian and he started moaning like crazy, from time to time the kisses will turn to light bites on the neck and this brought Brian to a crazy point. Kevin was massaging Brian's bubble ass whilst Brian was stroking Kevin's cock, Brian couldn't take it anymore he was really craving Kevin's cock.

"Let's go to my room"

Kevin stands up, still grabbing Brian's ass and Brian around his hip and let's Brian tell him where his bedroom is. They get to the big bedroom and Kevin throws Brian to the king size bed. They continue to make out but Brian stops.

"Wait let's take our underwear off, I don't want the bed wet."

Brian is the first to take is underwear off and throw it to the bathroom. Kevin was impacted by Brian's ass; he's never seen an ass so perfect and so delicious.

"Damn baby that ass is about to make me cum"

Brian goes towards Kevin and grabs his dick.

"Not yet papi, I still need to enjoy it"

He then kneels down and pulls down Kevin's boxer and there his dick hit him in the face. It was a cut nine inch dick, big and juicy with two tennis balls hanging below and his hair all around it. Brian couldn't hold it anymore and decided to go in. He started licking the dick from bottom to the head. Now in the head he started to lick the precum that was coming out, he slowly started to introduce the head into his mouth and started to tease sucking Kevin. This got Kevin really excited since he gave a little jump when Brian started to suck him. Brian knew he could take it all in but he wanted to tease Kevin for a little more. Kevin's legs were starting to get weak and as Brian saw this he decided to take more and more of his dick. Brian already had seven inches in his mouth when Kevin broke out.

"Damn baby boy let's go to the bed or I'll fall down, you got my knees weak and trembling"

Brian stands up and Kevin picks him by his ass again and walks towards the bed. There he puts Brian on his back and they start kissing again. He started to go down his neck again, this time causing Brian to precum from his dick. Kevin slowly starts to travel downwards and starts to suck and bite on Brian's nipple, Brian continues to moan uncontrollably and feels like his cock is about to explode. Slowly Kevin uses his tongue to play around his belly button. There Brian couldn't control it anymore.

"Fuck Kevin is your plans to give me a heart attack? You are torturing me so good!"

"You were teasing me before baby so now it's my turn so just stay back and enjoy!"

Kevin then goes directly to Brian's seven inch cock and engulfs it. At first he gagged and chocked but then he began to take a steady beat and was sucking the dick like a champion; this had Brian on the edge, he hold the sheets down and was pulling on them as he moan, he felt like Kevin was about to make him cum.

"Wait papi, now it's my turn to give you something and more."

Brian switched with Kevin, now Kevin was the one on his back and Brian was the one arched with his body standing out and his face into Kevin's crotch. He started to deep throat Kevin's dick; this had him on the edge and grabbing the mattress. Brian could taste all of the salty precum and he loved it, he continue to suck and deep throat Kevin's cock for a little more and then he decided to show some attention to the balls. They were hairy but not on excess, little hair, just like he liked it. He started to gently lick on Kevin's ball and shower them with saliva, he knew he liked when this was done to him so he decided to do it to Kevin too. He continued to do this until Kevin took him by the head and pushed him towards his balls, now Brian decided to suck on the balls and fit them in his mouths. He loved the salty taste of Kevin's balls in his mouths, it was making the both of them precum, but he wasn't done, he wanted to go deeper. Brian continue to suck Kevin's balls and took his legs and raised them, he then stopped licking his balls and started to lick down south.

"Wey man, I've never had my ass eaten before!"

"Then stay on your back, relax and enjoy because I'm going in"

Brian went towards Kevin's ass and started to gently lick around the hole. Kevin's ass also had little hair but it smelled good and was very clean.


Brian continued to circle around Kevin's hole for a while but then started to tongue fuck him and go faster. Soon Brian was eating Kevin's ass, licking, blowing, chewing and biting on his gorgeous and muscled ass.


Brian then stopped and licked his way back up to the balls and then to the cock. He started to deep throat Kevin's cock again but this time faster. Kevin took Brian and put him on a 69 position, there he started to eat Brian's ass as Brian did his. This seemed to really excite Kevin since more precum was coming out of his cock; as Kevin ate Brian's ass with his right hand he stroke Brian's cock.






Brian continued to suck on Kevin's cock and Kevin continues to eat Brian's ass. Soon after Kevin was feeling how his balls where stretching him and he could feel the load travelling through his balls, he pushed his cock hard on Brian and there he exploded. Threads and threads of cum where coming out from Kevin's cock and Brian was swallowing one after the other, making sure not one was landing on Kevin's crotch, but his own throat. Kevin was having a huge orgasm but still stroked on Brian's cock, eating Kevin's cum took Brian to the top and he started to shoot his entire load landing on Kevin's chest. He then turned to Kevin's chest and started to eat his own load, Kevin seemed to enjoy this as he watched.

"Come here and kiss me with your cum filled mouth baby"

They both started kissing each other Kevin taking some of the cum from Brian's mouth.

"Damn that was hot baby"

"Yes it was papi"

Brian rested his head on Kevin's chest and they both stayed there for a while. The room was getting colder thanks to the AC and the rainy weather outside. They took the sheets and covered themselves and there they felt asleep.

The next morning Brian woke up first and saw himself wrapped onto Kevin's chest he first when for his camera and located the tripod in front of Kevin, then he top the sheet that was covering Kevin's body, there he was this naked God. Brian started to position himself on top of Kevin, sitting on top of his crotch without hurting him, he made sure that both of the penises were covered and his ass was arched so that it stood out more. There he pressed the camera's control and it started to take pictures, after a few shoots he took the camera from the tripod and took pictures of Kevin's naked body and pictures of him and Kevin together. When he finished he covered Kevin again and went to the bathroom for a shower. There he only thought about what happened the night before.

"Jezzz Brian you had to blow the Football Captain the first day, you just had to get yourself with another closet man and probably become this guy's secret."

"Mr. Torres.... Brian are you going to want the typical for breakfast?"

It was the intercom; Rosia was asking what he wanted for breakfast.

"Yes Rosia please"

"And for your guest?"

Brian felt a heat of embarrassment go through his body, he forgot about Rosia and now he's going to have the walk of shame.

"Prepare some bacon and eggs if you don't mind and have some croissants or soft bread"

"Ok, no problem"

Brian went into the shower and had his morning shower. He then went to his closet and put on his clothes. As we went back to the room he saw Kevin as he was beginning to wake up and stretching. He was nervous for Kevin's reaction but what's done is done.

"Good morning there big boy"

Kevin opened his eyes and looked at Brian. He smiled at him.

"What time is it? Damn you already changed"

"It's 7:15a.m. so you better go and take a bath and then change your clothe, I picked you something so you can put it on, I found a shirt that will fit you and a some underwear but you are going to have to wear the same jeans cause that I don't have for you"

"Cool, thanks man"

Kevin stood up, he was completely naked and Brian just remembered how good last night was and how good Kevin looks naked.

"There is a new tooth brush on the left part so use that one, take a quick shower and change quick cause James is going to come and get me soon so"

"Who is James?"

"My driver"

"Why do you need the driver is I'm here, we'll go to school together"

"Oh I thought you might wanna go alone, but well ok I'll call him and tell him to not come, on the meantime go take the shower, I'll bring you your jeans and then we'll have breakfast."

Kevin walked towards Brian, gave him a big kiss on the lips and then padded him on the ass. Brian heart sank and he just felt good and happy. He went downstairs to look for Kevin's jeans, it seems like Rosia took them and washed them.

"Crazy night ha?"

"No Rosia, it didn't happen, just swimming in the pool"


Rosia knew Brian was gay she was one of the few that knew. Brian went upstairs and saw that Kevin was already changing.

"Here are your jeans, Rosia washed them and cleaned them for you"

"Great, is she here already then?"


"Oh god the walk of shame then?"

"Yes, pretty much"

Kevin finished changing; they both went downstairs for breakfast. Brian introduced Kevin to Rosia, they greeted each other and then Brian and Kevin sat down and ate breakfast.

"Thank you for the breakfast Rosia, the eggs and bacon were delicious and the croissant was extra soft"

"You welcome, it's my pleasure"

"I think we should be going or else we'll be late"

"Salmon and vegetables for lunch Brian?"

"Yes, thank you Rosia. Well bye have a nice day"

"Bye Rosia and thank you again for breakfast and my jeans"

"No problem boys. The two of you have a nice day"

The boys get in Kevin's vehicle. They put on their sunglasses and start heading to school. During the ride Brian kept thinking about what happened and how it could potentially hurt him, especially since he didn't want to be anyone else's secret again. He was planning to tell something to Kevin when all of a sudden Kevin put his hands on Brian's thigh. Brian knew exactly what this meant but when he was about to say something Kevin interrupted.

"You know from the moment I saw you I don't know something just hit me inside and I had this weird sensation and attraction towards you....."

"Look Kevin I....."

"And when we kissed I just felt like a heat trespassing from your body to my body and it just kept going and going and going, it was something that I've never experienced before....."

"Kevin I don't know...."

"I when I woke up this morning and saw you I just felt so happy like never before and during my shower I was thinking and I came to the conclusion that I want this to happen again, I want us to keep this connection going on"

"LOOK KEVIN, I felt the same way about you when I saw you I had this heat going through my body and it continuously happened through the day every time we were together. The connection and passion that I felt from those kisses were like electric shocks that gave energy to my heart and sleeping on your chest gave me dreams and sanity that I've never experienced before. But the truth is Kevin I can't do this with you.."

Kevin stops the vehicle and parks on the side.

"Why not if you felt the same way as I? Was there something wrong?"

"I can't be your secret Kevin. I've been through that since I'm fifteen and I don't want to go through that this year. It comes with a lot of risks and especially with you Mr. Popular and Mr. Captain of the Football team, what if anyone finds out? Do you think they are going to hate you, NO, it's me who is going to receive all the hate and all the trash and I'm not willing to go through that, not my senior year! You know, what about your friends, what if they find out, it's just too risky for me and I hope you get it"

Kevin penetrates his eyes into Brian's.

"I get it and I understand and I support you but there is just one little thing"


"They know I like guys, my friends know, people at school, family, it's not a secret."

Brian's eyes get lost into space just thinking that this had to be a dream.

"They know? What the hell?!"

"Yeah, since I'm sixteen I've known that I like both girls and boys. I've had girlfriends and boyfriends and I'm not just saying that I like girls so I don't come across as "gay", I genuinely like girls and guys."

"So you are bisexual?"

"I don't like using the term cause lots of people think that is an excuse for not to be called gay cause you are not secure with your sexuality and that's not me, I'm 100% secure with who I am and I know what I like, I like both genders. And about my friends, they knew I was interested into you, they know me, these are not just superficial friends these are my real friends who know me like the palm of their hands. I was even going to invite you to come out with us this Friday to a club, but since you don't want to do this anymore"

Brian stares at Kevin.

"Can I kiss you?"

"Uhmm wel......"

Brian interrupts Kevin with a big passionate kiss and Kevin decides to join in and go with the flow.

Brian takes out his camera and positions it towards his and Kevin's face.

"What are you doing?"

"Capturing the moment!"


"Cause life is made up of moments and this is definitely one"

To be continued........ I know it was long but I'm the kind of person who likes to develop the chemistry and connection between the characters, I believe that gives the readers better opportunity to understand the character and connect with it. Plus since some of these scenarios happened in real life it's kind of hard to let things out. I hope you guys liked it and message me your opinions and comments to [email protected] Hopefully the next chapter will be soon in 1 - 2 weeks but I will like to read the comments before I start. Once again thank you for reading it all!



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