I arrived back at the house later that afternoon and found my new bedfellow doing laps in our pool. I snuck his towel off the fence and went and sat by the water's edge dangling my ankles in the water. His body rippled like the water, as his long arms sliced cleanly through the cool refreshing drink. As the sun went beind the massive brick wall that gave the upper part of the yard privacy from the neighbours, Jake slowed, dove under water, then resurfaced. With his back to me, he brought up his now removed swimming clothes up out the the water and lobbed them into a wet soggy pile right next to me. Then he returned to his laps. By the time he finished, the sky had just started to present its stars to the world. He slowed and finally stopped, out of breath. Still not spotting me at all, he got out of the water and went to get his towel, when he saw it was not hanging on the fence as he had left it, he paused, looked around, and smiled, blushing.

"How long have you been there?" he said walking over to me.

"Long enough" I said. He held out his hand for the towel, but i darted up and bolted around the other side of the pool. He folded his arms, his upper arms bulgind under his fingers, his glory flopping around proudly. Was he pushing his hips out so I'd see it?

"You know that when i catch you, youre going back in the pool? He said. I laughed, held out his clothing and towel, with one hand, and (with difficulty) stripped naked with the other. He frowned. I then dumped his clothing, in the spa. And for good measure, mine. Playfully putting my fingers to my lips, I said "Oopsie." He smiled a crooked smile, then faster then i realised, he bolted and was next me me in a flash. He spun me and for the umpteenth time in 24 hours, ground my lips to his, as he pressed himself to me. Later, the outdoor lights had been turned on and we were drinking coke, still sitting in the spa, with me, straddling him, feeding him pizza slices one by one. Between each bite, he would pull me in, and push some of the pizza into my mouth. As disgusting as the two of us, chewing pizza up and sharing it back and forth before swallowing is, its not as disgusting as someone rubbing shit in their mouths, or forcing their partner to let them shit into your mouth, so don't judge us, we're clean and happy. On our fourth or fifth slice, Josh pulled away, a piece of bacon fell onto his collar bone as he did.

"Can I ask you something?" he said.

"Course you can bro" I said, slurping hungrily as I licked it back of his warm wet skin. He chuckled at the fact I was still using, friend slang, not lovers slang. I just didn't want to sound girly.

"What happens when your folks get back?" he said. I pushed myself back.

"Im feeding you pizza, in a hot tub, licking the crumbs of you", I said dangerously, "And you choose now to bring up my parents?" he shrugged. I sighed.

"We just have to be careful", I said, nipping his ear.

"Yeah, go with the flow", he gripped my thighs.

"Exactly", I said kissing his jawline, "Ride the wave." He jerked my thighs and I slipped, my ass crack landing on his hardened member.

"Speaking of riding", he growled. I laughed, rubbing my ass back and forth on it, teasing him and we kissed, it wasn't the same drunken passion as last night, it was, soft, but firm, gentle, warm. Almost loving. I moaned as I felt his hand guide his cock to my puckering hole. And as he pushed the head into me, for some reason, William, beautiful, incredible William, standing on the sidewalk of the costume shop, flashed into my mind. It was like a bucket of cold water had been dumped on me. This was sex. This was guy on guy sex. Ah fuck it, it was gay sex. And I had run away from William day ago for just guy on guy kissing. Was this cheating? But nothing really happned. But I called it off with Will and let Josh take me. That was like, choosing. Almost the same as cheating. My eyes snapped open and I pulled my lips off. He frowned straight away and stopped pushing into me, pulling away. I was glad he hadn't entered me yet.

"Whats wrong?" he said looking scared, "Did I hurt you? Am I to big? Do you want to stop?" I sat next to him looking him straight in the eyes that had seduced me just moments before. What was I to say? Should I tell him that William kissed me? That I had returned it a little? That I had run away and still not spoken to him? Or was I to lie? I flicked off the spa.

"Jake I really like you", I said, "I mean I really really like you. Its just...I don't..." His face began to fall.

"Oh no, no, no, no", I said pulling his face to look at me, "I want you, I do, you have that right. Its just, remember how, I skipped the party a few days back, and how I didn't go the movies with you guys?"


"Did Will say anything to you about that?"


"But he acted weird when I was brought into the conversation didn't he?"

"Yeah a little."

"Well, see, here's the thing. We were costumed shopping and, we...I...well I mean he..."


"Alright, look we kissed, but it was only for a second and I broke it off, because it freaked me out and I left, he called and left a message and he wants to talk but I haven't."

"Is this why you've been acting so wierd?" he said, "With the sneaking out of bed this morning and asking me if I was sure last night?"

"Yeah sort of.

"Well what about now", he said, "We were about to—" I put my hand on his chest and cut him off.

"No no", I said, "I know, and I want you to as well, I do, trust me. But I just...I don't think it's really fair on Will if don't wait.'


"I think he and I should clear the air first, before we...you know"


"Well ok, I don't thinks it ethical", I said.

"I don't believe this", he said.

"Jake please don't be mad", I begged, "please."

"Brendan, I'm...frustrated."

"Because of me?"



"And what?"

"Because of William?"


"You forgot one thing bro."

"Whats that?"

"He's your best friend too." That got him. He closed his mouth, his look softened and he pulled me into him.

"Im getting a little tied of the spa", I yawned, "Shower, TV, bed?" he nodded. That night, we did blow each other, we did make out, but nothing more. I called William and we organised for him to come over the following day to talk.

An hour before he arrived, Jake went to his house, to get clothes, that was his excuse. I knew he just wanted to give me some space though. I was starting to like him more and more. I started tidying the place up and was just putting a load on in the washing machine when the doorbell rang twice. I knew who that was. No one else ever rang it like that. Taking a deep breath, I braced myself and let William in, trying to remember what I was going to say to him.




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