I hadn't seen Will in weeks. This was something i was used to in this place. The city Ipswich wasn't exactly a thriving town of excitement and when I was involved in the whole hanging out process it wasn't really Disneyland. I had just finished work and gotten home and was starting to vacuum when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I grumbled, thinking it was my boss calling to tell me i was needed tomorrow or my wallet had been left at the restaurant or something. None of my friends ever called me. Which is why I was so surprised when I saw the caller ID was "Mad Guy- Will." I frowned and answered.

"Brendon Wilton" i said.

"Hey it's Will" came his throaty voice , "I haven't got a mask for Rachel's party I was wondering if you had a spare?" I slapped my forehead with the palm of my hand.

"FUCK NO!" I yelled out, "I forgot it was on next Saturday." Our friend Rachel was hosting her 18th birthday party at her house and it was formal masquerade. And the masks were mandatory.

"Well hold up didn't she post up the name of some store we can get them from?" said Will. I heard clacking and clicking and knew he was on her face book page checking the name.

"Well how's-about I meet you there tomorrow at fifteen hundred hours?" I asked. He agreed, laughing at my use of military time and hung up. But not before telling me he was really looking forward to hanging out.

"Really?" I said, "Have you been drinking?"

"No you big dip shit", he said, "I like hangin out with ya, it's fun, it's different from when I hang out with the others." The way he said that sent weird shivers dripping down my spine. Now I'm not gay but i have to admit, William's a really, really, really good lookin guy. Actually, i got a massive man crush on him. If i was given a chance with him I'd take it, that's how good he looks. He has this great red hair that naturally sweeps to the side like that surfer/skater boy look and the tip of his fringe stops just above his brilliant blue eyes, its like they have little flecks of gold in them. These eyes are outlined by big thick eyelashes. He has high cheek bones and a firm set jaw with a great set of lips. He has this slim built big built torso with huge biceps and unbelievably defined abdominal muscles. He had his extremely light snail trail leading down to his treasure troves of a crotch. You can see the V shape and when he's in a pair of jocks you can see so much more. You can see the outline of his thick Greek manhood and I've actually seen it on occasion. He has massive thighs and such defined calves. And cute freckles all over his body.

I'm not too bad lookin myself. I don't have flab but i don't have a heap of muscle definition either. I have short blonde/ brown hair that i either give a messed spiked up look or its put into like a jock sort of Mo. I have blue eyes and an average shaped mouth. Let's face it. As i said, if i was offered I'd jump Will.

I turned up to the store with my best black tight t-shirt and my nicest pair of jeans with my black Nike shoes. I waited out front for about half an hour before getting bored with being stood up and just decided to drive home. As I was stepping of the sidewalk to cross the street he showed up.

"B hold up I'm here", he yelled, getting off a bus and jogging up to me. I rolled my eyes.

"William its three thirty", i said sternly.

"I know I'm sorry", he said, "Work ran really late, I didn't even have time to shower after the gym."

It was then that I noticed he was slightly damp all over. He must have run to catch the bus. When I saw the exasperated look on his face coupled with the wet strands of his fringe sticking to his sweaty forehead I gave in to him. I smiled and went back and opened the door.

"Come on", I sighed, "Lets get this over with." He walked past me giving me a playful nudge. I nudged him back and we ended up having a slight wrestling match in the middle of the store.

"He-he-he-hem", came the voice of the young attendant. She folded her arms and smirked at us.

"I understand a need to show off bodies as good as yours but could you take outside or wait?" she said. We blushed and headed for the mask section of the costume store.

"What about this one?" I said almost forty five minutes later, holding up a red mask with splotches on it and blue stripes. William pulled a sour face and held up a white mask edge with gold sequins and two silver feathers. I scoffed.

"That's an ancient style Greek mask of the gods", i said, "It comes with a toga." William held up the outfit.

"Try it on", he said. I frowned, he laughed, "Oh come ooon Brendan give it a go." I sighed and stepped into the change room. Taking off my pants and shirt I pulled up the knee length lower part of the outfit and put the fake golden chest plate over my head. It wasn't until i looked in the mirror that i saw how so fucking good I'd turned out since I started at the gym.

"So how does it look?" said Will from behind the curtain?

"Um, its fine", I said tugging the skirt down to try and keep it at my knees.

"Well show me c'mon." I grumbled to myself as he pushed the curtain back and stepped in closing it behind him. He did a double take as he looked at me.

"Wow B", he said stepping closer and crouching down, "Those real?" he poked my abs. I grabbed his hand laughing.

"Knock it off asshole", I laughed. He looked up at my face and I looked down at his. For just a few seconds it seemed as though a charge went from my gaze and into his. I felt his hand go around to the small of my back and his other hand brush the lower part of my abs as he pressed his lips to them. Involuntarily my head tipped back and a small," Aaaahhh" escaped my lips. Slowly he rose to his feet, kissing his way out my body until his lips found mine. I felt his hands grip the back of my head and the other slide down my backside. After realising what had happened I pulled away. He smiled slightly and stepped towards me. Involuntarily I stepped back. Pushing him out of the change room I yanked on my jeans, pulled down the toga skirt thing and replaced the shoulder pads with my t shirt.

Leaving everything from the store on the ground I ran barefoot out the door, started up the car and took off. I looked back and saw him standing on the side walk looking at my retreating rear. I don't know what made me run but for some reason it just felt like the right thing to do. As I walked through the front door of the house I heard the answering machine beeping. Walking through and pressing the play button, Williams voice came into the room.

"Brendan, it's Will."

"Really I had no idea."

"Look about today I-I really think we need to talk mate."

"Or not..."

"You probably think that we should drop it and not worry about it."

"You know me so well."

"But we do need to talk you know that I'm right."

"I hate it when you're right."

"Look I'll come round some time next week, but we do need to talk. BEEEEP!"

"Bum!" was all I said.

About three days later, mum and dad had left for two weeks on a biking trip. They felt guilty leaving me there at the house alone, but they deserved the trip and had been so excited about taking it, that I couldn't even be bothered guilting them about it. So anyways it was storming something fierce, the second night they were gone, or perhaps it was afternoon, i dunno it was so dark the street lights had all turned on at two in the afternoon. I was curled up on the couch under my snuggie dozing when the door bell rang repeatedly. I jumped and fell off the couch. The doorbell kept ringing.

"Yeah yeah I'm coming", I bellowed. Standing at my front gate, was my other best mate Jake. Tall, tan, short buzz hair, more muscular than Will, he was standing there, in the rain, white hoody shirt soaked, jeans clinging to his thighs, his head drooped a little. I opened up the gate and let him in.

"Jake what the hell?"

"Heather and I broke up", he said.

"Come in", I said putting my arm around him and pushing him inside the house. He sat slumped on the couch as I went and grabbed a towel from the linen closet and handed it to him. When he didn't take it I started rubbing him down, vigerously towelling his hair.

"I don't get why you didn't just let yourself in", I muttered as I peeled his wet shirt off him and gave him a sweat shirt.

"I didn't want to seem rude", he murmured as I took off his shoes and socks.

"Right well I wouldn't have given you the key then wouldn't I", I asked, "But I did, here change into these." I gave him some track pants and put his clothes in the dryer. When I came back he was sitting on the floor. I started a fire in the fireplace and sat with him. He started crying and leaned into me. I put my arm around him and leaned his head on my shoulder.

"I don't know what happened Jake", I whispered, "And I know it's not my business so I wont ask, but if you want to talk about it, you know I'll listen."

"Just sitting here's good enough", he said shakily. I nodded and we sat there for a bit longer until i got an idea.

"You need a stiff drink", I said getting up, going to the pantry and pulling out dads bottle of gin and grabbing two shot glasses.

"Lets go out to the gazebo", I said. We darted out underneath the rain to the outdoor setting and sat there doing shots until the bottle ran out. Then we broke out the Kalua. Then the rum, then the cowboy shot bucket i had in the bar fridge. We sat there laughing about nothing as the rain went on. Then we were slouched against one another, and suddenly, he turned and pressed his lips to mine. I pulled away.

"Jake I don't - "

"Please?" he said, pleading, "Just for tonight?" whether or not it was the lowered inhibitions or the fact that it was Jake asking but I lowered the hand that was pushing his shoulder back and he leaned over me until i was laying back on the two seater and he had straddled me. As our lips pushed and pulsed as one, our tongues roamed each others mouths as I placed my hands on his neck and cheek , he placed his arm around my neck and another on my ass. We rolled off the chair and somehow we ended up out on the pavers under the rain making out next to the pool. I pulled his shirt off him and placed my hand on his right pecs as he rolled me on top of him. He pulled me closer to him as we kissed and only when he undid his belt buckle did we break apart.

"Should we go inside?" he said. I nodded getting up. He took my hand and led me inside my room in the main house as I closed the door behind us and locked it. We then made our way to my bed and lay down upon it. As we got beneath the covers and stripped I stopped him.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked.

"You have no fuckin idea how badly I fuckin need this", he said takin off his jocks. I saw him for the first time in the dim lamp light. He was beautiful. Seven inches when soft and not cut. I took off my clothes and revealed my six inch cut cock. He gasped at it and kissed his way down my body, stopping at my nipples and teasing them with his tongue for a few seconds. I felt him bury his nose in my groin and sniff, breathing in my scent. Then finally he did it. I felt his hand go around my hardening shaft, then his lips wrapped themselves around the head of my cock. It was unbelievable. I threw my head back.

"Holy shit." With out even waiting for it, he went straight down. He took my dick all the way. I could feel my heaqd brushing against the back of his throat. I jumped a little when I felt his teeth brush against it.

"Sorry", he slurped. I shook my head.

"Keep going mate", I gasped. He went back to it and brought me to shooting with in minutes.

"Ima cum Josh", I warned him. He nodded and kept going, his eyes pointed up at my face. And then it happened. My toes curled under, my body tensed and relaxed at the same time, my eyes closed, my mouth let out a faint "fuuuuuuck", and my dick ballooned to its full size. I could feel the thick rivers of my juice flowing from my body to his mouth. Over and over, eight nine almost eleven times, until finally I relaxed. I felt him move up and lay beside me. I lifted my head and he put his arm under my neck and pulled me in closer. I noticed he had some cum running from the corner of his mouth and moved it and scooped it of with my tongue before it could drip onto the pillow.

"That was..."

"Shut up!" he growled and yanked my head closer to his so he could kiss me once more. I tasted his saliva mixed with my sperm and almost fainted. It was strange though. Jake was the one pushing on. He was holding me the tightest out of the both of us. Pushing his lips harder against mine, flicking his tongue firmer in my mouth, grinding up against me harder. I smiled and pushed away, a thin trail of sperm running between our lips.

"My turn", I said, going down to his groin, kissing my way there. I pumped his meat a few times with my fist. I brushed my lips against the head a little, blowing on it. He pushed his head back and shut his eyes tight. Nibbling lightly on the head I then ran my tongue spiralling down and around the shaft licking around the base as I felt his pubic hairs running against my nose. Letting my primal sense take over, I buried my nose in it, taking in the cent of sweat, cum and piss. Finally i pulled back and buried him all the way to my throat. And finally, to bring him over the edge, I started to hum, allowing the vibrations of my throat to course around his shaft and into his body. I did this for a good fifteen minutes, every time he came close to a climax I would back off before he could shoot. After him literally begging me to let him shoot, i did. His dick swelled in my mouth and thick ropes of cum shot down my throat. On instinct, i just started swallowing. He yelled and growled and snarled until finally his spasmming body stopped. I rolled up next to him. He kissed my lips once more.

"Thank you", he whispered, he pulled my back against his chest, wrapped an arm around me and we both, dozed off.

... ... ... ... ... ...

When I woke up the next morning, he was still asleep. Panicking, I didn't think he would remember last night so i quickly and quietly slid out of bed and put on some track pants and jogged out to the kitchen. He came out a short time later in a pair of blue alpha jocks.

"Hey why'd you leave?" he asked coming up to me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I wasn't sure that - "

"That I'd remember the most incredible time of my life", he said. I shrugged.

"We were drunk I didn't know what it meant to you", I said quietly.

"It means this", he said pushing me up against the fridge and kissing me as passionately if not more than he had last night.

"Oh, thats what it means", I gasped. He chuckled kissing my neck, my collar bone, my chest, my stomach my navel was where I stopped him.

"If we keep going we wont get any breakfast", I said firmly.

"I'm fine with raw meat", he said gripping my crotch. I laughed and slapped him away.

"Come on", I said, "We should talk."

"Nothin to say", he said, "I had an itch, you scratched it." I pushed him away.


"Im kidding", he said softly, "Come on, we did something pretty incredible, last night was amazing and i never want to forget it. Hopefully we can do it again."

"What did you just say?" I asked. He pulled me to him and pressed his forehead to mine.

"I said, I want to keep seeing you", he replied, "I never want to stop."

"This is because I give good head isn't it?" I said shrewdly. He pulled a fake 'thinking hard' face.

"Weeeeell...." he said. I thumped him and pushed down the bread in the toaster. We sat down and had some breakfast and I stepped into the shower to clean up after last night. When I got out, the door bell rang. Jake poked his head out of the guest room door.

"Who could that be?" he whispered. I groaned.

"Just put on some clothes", I said and answered the door. Another mate, Steve, from the SES was at my front gate. He was in his late 20's early 30's I'd never really asked his age. He also co-ran a security company. Which is why he was here. He dropped by everynow and then to check up and make sure I was ok while mum and dad were away.

"Hows things?" he asked as I let him into the house.

"All good."

"Whose car is that out front?"

"Mate of mine."

"He awake?"

"Yeah he is", said Jake coming into the room in shorts and a t shirt from my wardrobe. I snorted, he glared.

"Gday" said Steve, extending a muscled arm, which was met but another muscled arm, "I'm sure Brendon will introduce us in a second." I snapped out of my fantasy that the handshake would go further than that and woke up.

"Right, uh Jake this is Steve Eden, Steve, this is Jake Broden, he graduated the class of 2011 with me."

"Ah I see."

"I gotta say you're not the usual age base B hangs out with mate" said Jake.

"Yes, sorry, um Jake Steve teaches at the State Emergency Services cadet unit with me", I explained.


"Well I taught."

"I'm trying to convince him to come back."

"Hows that working out for you."

"Well you'll tell me when you come back."



"Tegan doesn't want me there."

"Tegan can go jump."

"Thats not really nice."

"Oh please, that woman has never seen the sun shine, her heads that far up her own - "

"Hem hem." Jake coughed signifying that he still was in the room.

"Yes sorry mate, uh Steve coffee?"

"No just checking up."

"Well someon cut the power two nights ago."


"Yeah I called my sister, waited two hours then went outside with a baseball bat and turned it back on. Someon really wanted me to fall for it all the switches were turned loose."

"I told you to call ME if that happened."

"I handled it", I said getting milk out of the fridge and putting it in my coffee.

"Next time ask me to, god Brendon you're not invincible", he said palming the counter top.

"No but I know how to handle myself Steve, Im not stupid."

"Look I agree with Steve mate", said Jake, I rounded on him glaring up at his amazingly beautiful brown eyes.

"Whose side are you on?" I said smiling.

"The side that keeps you safe", he said looking straight back at mine. I melted right away.

"Ok Steve I'll call you next time I promise." I said goodbye and he left. Jake came and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You shouldn't do that" I said.


"Dazzle me, Its not fair."

"I didn't realise I was doing it but ok" he spun me around, "Look I know that this only just happened with us, but I screwed up with Becky and I don't want to do that again, now that I've got you, I don't want anything to take you from me. But we should still take this one step at a time." I pressed my lips against his. When we broke off I smiled.

"I like step one", I whispered. He smiled and put his hands on my ass cheeks.

"Would you like to see step two?" he said. I traced litte circles on his chest.

"Maybe later", I said, "I have to get out to Bobs today, they need a hand bringin in the cattle for drenching."

"Oh come on call him", he begged, "tell him your sick."

"You know how much i love this work", I said, "I'll be home this arvo." I made to walk to the front door, but he yanked me back kissed me, this time, sticking his tongue in. When we finished he said,

"Now you can go."

Part 2 comming soon. Please let me know what you think.




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