We sat in the living room, he on the couch and I on one of the recliners. Silence rang around the room for what seemed like an eternity.

"One of us needs to speak", he said nervously.

"One of us just did", I said smiling lightly. He smiled back at me.

I'm sorry", he said.

"What?" I said shocked.

"I shouldn't have hit on you like that", he said, "I never meant for you to run out."

"I shouldn't have run out on you", I said looking at the ground.

"I'm so sorry it happened", he said.

"I'm not", I whispered.

"Sorry?", he said.

"I'm not sorry", I said looking right at him.


"I kind of liked it", I said standing up and moving over to him.

"Really?" He said as I sat down beside him. I placed my hand on his thigh.

"Will, the thing is, this is really confusing", I said, "You have to see where I'm coming from. Three weeks ago I was a straight...ish regular bloke. Now I'm making out with guys and giving blow jobs and I'm—"

"woah!" he said holding up his hands, "You never gave me a blow job." I clamped my mouth shut. His face fell, then his brows shot up.

"Who?" he said. I removed my hand from his thigh.


"Who was it?!" he demanded.

"Me", came a voice rose my pulse and soothed my tense body all at the same time.

"What?" said William as Jake pulled me up and stood in front of me.

"Don't be mad Will please", I said, "You were supposed to go home" I hissed at Jake.

"Mum brought my clothes over I met her a few blocks away" he said.

"You two?" said William, "You and him? Him and you?"

"Us" I said. For a moment I thought he was going to punch us. But then...

"Jake I'm not going to hit anyone", he said, "Please, step aside." For a moment he didn't move. I put my hand on his upper arm and pushed on it lightly.

"It's ok", I said. He moved from between us slowly. William cautiously stepped towards me, until he and I were only inches apart. I looked sideways at Jake. He rolled his eyes and gave a small sharp nod. I ran my fingers lightly along the bottom of his jaw line. Then ever so slowly, I leaned in and pressed my lips against his. His eyes closed and his whole body sort of melted against me and his tongue pushed against my lips. My hands went up around his neck, his hands went up grabbing my hair. When we broke apart his eyes were still closed. I backed away until I felt myself run into Jake. I felt a pinch on my left ass cheek and elbowed him.

"How long?" asked Will.

"Just a few days", I said. He smiled.

"I wish I had known" , he said, "I wouldn't have."

"We didn't know until Jake and his girl broke up", I said, "We were drunk and then one thing lead to another and boom bam we made out."

"I'm speechless" , he said, "And no, Im not angry at all, I'm just a little shocked, we can still be friends though right?"

"Course we can bro" , said Jake yanking him into a loving embrace, "You're family to us, just please don't tell anyone."

"I would never..."

"Thank you."

"Maybe I should go?" he said. We protested but he insisted he go because he had work later that evening. When he walked out the door Jake threw me on the couch.

"Now can we...you know" he said. Catching on I smacked his shoulder.

"Oh my god, get off me", I laughed, "That is the first thing on your mind good lord." He laughed, his abs shaking up against mine and he gently lowered his head and kissed my neck. My eyes closed and my left leg went up around his waist. He bunched my shirt up at my chest as he traced his lips up, over my jaw line and found my mouth, settling there. His tongue entered my mouth as my hand went up under his arm and my fingers dug into his back pulling him closer. We made out for what felt like hours, turned out it was only a few minutes. Truth be told looking back on those moments I think that was when I realised I never really saw Jake as a friend, but I had seen him as something more, and now, I was getting more than I had ever wanted. I remember when he pulled away, he was gasping for air and lightly kissing and nipping my face. I was so turned on I would have let him chew on my neck and give me a giant hickie if he wanted. Instead, he suggested we go catch a movie and then drive up to the cafe at Mt Coottha for milkshakes and fries.

"Are you, trying to ask, me out on a date", I smirked. He shrugged and pulled me to himself again. I took that as a roaring yes. So a few hours later, it was like an hour after the day had gone dark, we were sitting at a table up at the look out restaurant of Mt Cootha, sipping milkshakes and sharing a bowl of fries.

"This place is so amazing", I sighed, "The lights of a night time, kinda looks like Stars Hollow."

"Looks like what?" he asked frowning.

"Stars Hollow", I said, "From the Gilmore Girls. The TV show."

"never watched it", he said. But I sensed him rolling his eyes on the inside. We walked over to the look out platform. It was oddly cold that night, we were the only ones standing on the lookout, so I pressed closer into him, as the only people around, were the ones dinning inside the restaurant, but the windows were frosted overs from the cold on the outside and the heaters inside I don't think anyone saw us. He wrapped an arm around me and we quickly made our way back to my car. As we drove down the mountain Jake finally piped up.

"Hey, what do you do?" he said. I frowned keeping my eyes on the road.


"You know, for relax time, to chill, what do you do?" he said.

"Oh" I frowned, "Well, I go trail riding on horse back if I really want to cut myself off, but usually I go kickboxing, or I play the paino, before it got packed away, or I justfiddle around in dads work shed."

"Fiddle around?"

"With, um...chemicals."


"Well I can make smoke bomb candles, or flash bang powder. Homemade frag bombs." A silence followed and I turned to look at him for a quick second before taking my gaze back to the motorway. He was gaping at me open mouthed.

"You mess around with explosive stuff?" he said.

"It's honestly not that dangerous", I said, "You just need to know what your doing."

"So then what do you do?" he asked.

"I could teach you" I say, "But you need to listen to what I say or you could take my whole street off the map."

"You know that home made smoke bombs and flash bombs are illegal in Australia?"

"Yes officer Doo-right."

"Be careful I may turn up in a coppers outfit", he warned.

"I hope your penalties are harsh" I purred resting my hand on his. He gripped it tightly, pulled it up to his face and pressed his lips against it.

"What are you doin to me Brendan?" he said, "I aint this kinda of bloke."

"I know", I said, "I like this guy a lot more though", I said caustiously.

"Me to", he smirked putting his hand on my thigh and creeping it up until he was rubbing me through my jeans. I scared him by jerking the wheel and swerving the car to the right lane and then back to the left.

"Easy Jake", I said, "Can't get me hot and heavy and have you make me go off the road can we?"

"With your driving technique", he muttered holding on, "More than likely."


"You always say honesty is the best policy", he said sweetly, "So you play the piano?"

"I used to", I admit, "But for while I just couldn't find time so now its packed into the wardrobe in the pool house."

We drove into the garage and as we got out he said,

"Go on inside and take a shower I left some crap in the pool house." I did, so not thinking anything of it, but when I finished fifteen minutes later and came out in pyjamas, I couldn't find Jake at all. Until I saw this weirdly flickering glow coming from a window in the pool house. Walking out I opened the sliding door and was taken aback by what my new man had achieved in a span of fifteen minutes. While I was in the shower, he had darted around the house, locating tea-light candles, candles my mum had bought from Dusk, candles that you could flick on and the plastic flame glowed faintly. He had lined them up, along the window sills, on the shelf the projector for the movie screen sat on, around the walls of the room and he had then strung the fairy lights from the pool fence, in a five point star pattern centering from the ceiling fan and spanning out to the walls. I saw a small usb plugged into a media converter connected to the projector which was emitting a digital stone fire place with a nicely going fire, on some sort of loop. And there, on the far side of the room, my electric piano set up and turned on. The air conditioner was going, a mink rug was folded nicely at one end on the white leather lounge, and there, in the middle of the room, his shirt unbuttoned but still on his shoulders, his jeans hanging loosely from his waist, was Jake, smiling sheepishly. I closed the door and stepped in.

"Uh, what...?" was all I managed.

"I wanted it to be at sunset", he said, "But its dark, and the candles sort of give the room and orange glow. And you wanted it to be special, whats more special than under the 'stars'?" hence the fairy lights, "And everyone needs a fire place with a fur rug." I shook my head in disbelief and awe. He had made such an effort.

"Can you play for me?" he asked gesturing to the piano. I nodded, wanting to get it over with, for I knew what would happen when I finished.

(Part 4 is comming really soon. I hope you guys like this, honestly you have no idea how great it feels to get it off my chest. Jake and Will are the only ones who know and so my chatting cirle is a little small.)




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