I woke up the next morning and smiled as I felt his arm on my waist. I lay there for a while listening to his light snoring. I rolled, turning in to place my cheek against his chest and listened to the beating of his heart. Unfortunately, yes I am one of those people whose body clock wakes them just before the sun rises and annoying so, no matter how late I go to sleep. However that morning, I was just in bliss, no matter how sweaty my waist was getting from his arm, or my cheek from his chest. His heart beat was slow, steady and strong, his scent was a mixture of a sweet aftershave, sweat and something I couldn't quite put my finger on but I loved. He mumbled for a minute, then his whole body tensed and his arms tightened around me. I smiled, feeling absolute bliss for a moment, until the dogs started barking. Growling I yanked on my clothes and Jakes jacket, zipped it up so i wouldn't look naked and padded out over the deck turned into the entrance hallway and shushed the dogs.

"Steve", I growled, "What are you doing here, what is it?" He barrelled past me and into the main house.

"What?" I said following him. He grabbed the home phone, pressed the talk button, listened and then slammed it on the hook, took my phone up off the counter and checked it.

"Well both your phones work", he growled, "What...the...fuck...did I tell you?"

"About what?" I snapped. He chucked the phone to me. I looked down at the screen. Fourteen unanswered calls all from him. And the answering machine was full with his voice. Each recording getting more agitated than the last.

"You answer your phone when I call", he snarled that was the deal, "I was freaking out you idiot, you told me last time I was here someone tried breaking in and then you go and do this? What were you thinking?"

"Whoa ease up mate", came a sleepy voice from behind me. Jake was standing in the dinning room. Clothes rumpled, but still perfect.

"What are you still doing here?" he said doing a double take.

"Jake is going to stay while Mum and Dad are gone", I said, "It makes sense to have a roommate while the house is empty."

"Right, well back to you" he glared at me. I cut him off and put my hands on his shoulders. His muscular, thick hard shoulders.

"Steve, look, Jake and I were hanging out in the poolhouse with the projector and we just fell asleep, I left the phone in the main house. Im sorry, no listen-look, I understand why youre angry and it means the world to me that you came here to check on me and it says allot that you were worried, but I'm here, Im fine and nothing is going to happen to me, ok?" He was silent for a moment, as if he was processing what had been said. Then he leapt forwards and threw his arms around me.

"You scared the fuckin shit outta me kid", he muttered. I looked over his shoulder at Jake, his brow had climbed up his head. I hugged him back, letting him squeeze me for as long as he can before he let go.

"Answer your phone" he said before saying goodbye and leaving. Jake walked up kissing me on the lips.

"What was that about?" he said standing behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Dunno", I said turning, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him, "But I'm sorry it woke you, whatever it was." He laughed, growling, lifted me under my thighs and sat me on the counter top. I quickly yanked his singlet off his head as he broke the zipper, ripping it open and running his left hand up and down my abs.

"I woke up, the moment you left my arms", he said, nipping my ear. As he crawled up on top of me and yanked my pants off, I lay back on the counter, my back, almost sticking against the cool surface of the wooden counter top. I pressed my fingers into his shoulder blades, pulling him in hungrily. Now that I knew what it felt, like, I wanted it more, always and forever. He crushed his lips against mine, opening his mouth and pushing his tongue to meet mine. As we explored each other's mouths, felt the firm softness of our tongues, the light scent of unwashed skin as it once again heated up and finally, I felt his hands push my underwear down as the familiar slap of cock on stomach action flashed around the kitchen for an instant. I was kind of glad we hadn't showered, I was still kinda slippery and a little loose for the night before. He smiled at me leaning over me and grabbing it with his other hand.

"Ready?" he said.

"I was born ready" I purred. He aimed it and gently but faster than last night, slid it in all at once. My head tipped back as I felt the pain a little less and tried not to clench myself tight. It was a different sensation than last night. Still good, but magical and faster. He leaned over as I started to moan and once again crushing his lips to mine as he attacked my chute. As if some unseen force was trying to mess with me, the home phone at the other end of the bench we were fucking on, rang. Growling and not stopping, Jake reached over me, the hair of his musky armpit brushing against my face. I gave a quick sniff and began slobbering all over it as he answered.

"Yello, Newby residence", he said trying not to laugh as he thrust into me , "Yeah G'day, yeah I think he's still here, hold on I'll look for him." He held the phone away from his mouth, covered the mouth peice and lowered his torso back onto me, kissing my neck bone and jaw line he said, "Its the bloke...from...the farm. He...said there's some...sort of problem...something about sheep...want me to...tell him you aren't...here?" I shook my head and held the phone up to my ear as my body bounced back and forth on the wooden bench top with each thrust.

"Bob?" I said, a little too breathlessly, "What's wrong?"

"You right BJ?" he said, "You sound puffed."

"Had to run back inside to come to the phone", I lied glaring at Jake as he smirked even more and increased the intensity of his ploughing, "What's wrong with the sheep?"

"The mob we had brought in yesterday morning, the ones I told you about?" he said. I nodded, knowing he had five hundred and fifty head of sheep waiting to be exported to Japan, waiting in holding yards for a delivery today.

"Yeah", I said realising he couldn't see me nodding.

"We fucked up, they were meant to be shawn, but they aren't, and the truck driver just left, any way, the wife's on the phone she talked them down to pushing back the order for a bit, we just have to shear em."

"You want some help?" I said, "I can be there in three hours." There was silence on the phone.

"Bob?" Jake shook his head, and doubled his efforts, I swear he was trying to get me busted.

"There's a catch with the delivery extension", his voice was sheepish, "They gave us till midday tomorrow." I could hold it in no longer.

"BWWWWAAAAOOOOOR", Jake threw his head back and roared, his warmth was entering me, and he was still pounding, I came as well, the gates open and ropes of cum came shooting out, onto my abs, his chest, dripping onto the bench.

(Love to hear your questions and comments guys, any suggestions you would like to make, but remember this is an actual account with names changed for privacy so am trying to keep it as true as I can.)

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled, drowning his voice out. I collapsed back, my convulsions easing.

"I know it's allot to ask but please mate, I'm desperate, can you help me out?" came the sound of Bobs voice through our post-coital fog. I picked the disguarded phone.

"Can you say that again sorry?" I asked.

"We need to shear them all by midday tomorrow", he replied. I sat up, knocking Jake off me. He crashed, in all his naked glory, onto the tiled floor.

"Five hundred and fifty sheep in less than forty eight hours?" I yelped, then I smirked, glancing at the Adonis picking himself up, "Need a free rousty?"

"I'd love one" he said, "It's you, me, and Rory shearing, and just Matt on the wool, so if you could find two, that'd be great."

"Yeah I'll call in a favour, see you soon", I said and hung up. Jake frowned at me as I dialled a number and waited.

"Hello?" came the voice of Bradley, another good highschool friend.

"Hey remember how I help you build that deck of yours?" I asked him quickly.

"Hey Brendan yeeeaaaaah" he said slowly, "Oh...wait."

"Yep, meet me at the Fernvale turn off in thirty minutes", I said grinning and hung up, then I pointed at Jake, "This is for trying to get me busted screwing on the phone, you, singlet, jeans, boots after we have a shower." I fluttered my eyes at the last part. We kissed our way to the bath room to get ready for the task ahead.




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