I hadn't seen William in weeks. This was something I was used to in this place. The city Ipswich wasn't exactly a thriving town of excitement and when I was involved in the whole hanging out process it wasn't really Disneyland. I still hadn't received the mini bar refrigerator that I had bought and it was stuck somewhere between Ipswich and Canberra. I had just finished work and gotten home and was starting to vacuum when my phone vibrated in my pocket. I grumbled, thinking it was my boss calling to tell me I was needed tomorrow or my wallet had been left at the restaurant or something. None of my friends ever called me. Which is why I was so surprised when I saw the caller ID was "Mad Guy- Will." I frowned and answered.

"Brendan Wilson" I said.

"Hey man its Will" came his throaty voice using the nickname he had given me, "I haven't got a mask for Bec's party I was wondering if you had a spare?" I slapped my forehead with the palm of my hand.

"FUCK NO!" I yelled out, "I forgot it was on next Saturday." Our friend Bec was hosting her 18th birthday party at her house and it was formal masquerade. And the masks were mandatory.

"Well hold up didn't she post up the name of some store we can get them from?" said Will. I heard clacking and clicking and knew he was on her face book page checking the name.

"Well how's-about I meet you there tomorrow at fifteen hundred hours?" I asked. He agreed, laughing at my use of military time and hung up. But not before telling me he was really looking forward to hanging out.

"Really?" I said, "Have you been drinking?"

"No you big dip shit", he said, "I like hangin out with ya, it's fun, it's different from when I hang out with the others." The way he said that sent weird shivers dripping down my spine. Now I'm not gay but I have to admit, William's a really, really, really good looking guy. Actually, I got a massive man crush on him. If I was given a chance with him I'd take it, that's how good he looks. He has this great red hair that naturally sweeps to the side like that surfer/skater boy look and the tip of his fringe stops just above his brilliant blue eyes, it's like they have little flecks of gold in them. These eyes are outlined by big thick eyelashes. He has high cheek bones and a firm set jaw with a great set of lips. He has this slim built big built torso with huge biceps and unbelievably defined abdominal muscles. He had his extremely light snail trail leading down to his treasure troves of a crotch. You can see the V shape and when he's in a pair of jocks you can see so much more. You can see the outline of his thick Greek manhood and I've actually seen it on occasion. He has massive thighs and such defined calves. And cute freckles all over his body.

I'm not too bad looking myself. I don't have flab but I don't have a heap of muscle definition either. I have short blonde/ brown hair that I either give a messed spiked up look or it's put into like a jock sort of Mo. I have blue eyes and an average shaped mouth. Let's face it. As I said, if I was offered I'd jump Will.

I turned up to the store with my best black tight t-shirt and my nicest pair of jeans with my black Nike shoes. I waited out front for about half an hour before getting bored with being stood up and just decided to drive home. As I was stepping of the sidewalk to cross the street he showed up.

"Oi Brendan hold up I'm here", he yelled, getting off a bus and jogging up to me. I rolled my eyes.

"William its three thirty", I said sternly.

"I know I'm sorry", he said, "Work ran really late, I didn't even have time to shower after the gym."

It was then that I noticed he was slightly damp all over. He must have run to catch the bus. When I saw the exasperated look on his face coupled with the wet strands of his fringe sticking to his sweaty forehead I gave in to him. I smiled and went back and opened the door.

"Come on", I sighed, "Let's get this over with." He walked past me giving me a playful nudge. I nudged him back and we ended up having a slight wrestling match in the middle of the store.

"He-he-he-hem", came the voice of the young attendant. She folded her arms and smirked at us.

"I understand a need to show off bodies as good as yours but could you take outside or wait?" she said. We blushed and headed for the mask section of the costume store.

"What about this one?" I said almost forty five minutes later, holding up a red mask with splotches on it and blue stripes. William pulled a sour face and held up a white mask edge with gold sequins and two silver feathers. I scoffed.

"That's an ancient style Greek mask of the gods", I said, "It comes with a toga." William held up the outfit.

"Try it on", he said. I frowned, he laughed, "Oh come ooon Wilton give it a go." I sighed and stepped into the change room. Taking off my pants and shirt I pulled up the knee length lower part of the outfit and put the fake golden chest plate over my head. It wasn't until I looked in the mirror that I saw how so fucking good I'd turned out since I started at the gym.

"So how does it look?" said Will from behind the curtain?

"Um, its fine", I said tugging the skirt down to try and keep it at my knees.

"Well show me c'mon." I grumbled to myself as he pushed the curtain back and stepped in closing it behind him. He did a double take as he looked at me.

"Wow Brendan", he said stepping closer and crouching down, "Those real?" he poked my abs. I grabbed his hand laughing.

"Knock it off asshole", I laughed. He looked up at my face and I looked down at his. For just a few seconds it seemed as though a charge went from my gaze and into his. I felt his hand go around to the small of my back and his other hand brush the lower part of my abs as he pressed his lips to them. Involuntarily my head tipped back and a small," Aaaahhh" escaped my lips. Slowly he rose to his feet, kissing his way out my body until his lips found mine. I felt his hands grip the back of my head and the other slide down my backside. After realising what had happened I pulled away. He smiled slightly and stepped towards me. Involuntarily I stepped back. Pushing him out of the change room I yanked on my jeans, pulled down the toga skirt thing and replaced the shoulder pads with my t shirt.

Leaving everything from the store on the ground I ran barefoot out the door, started up the car and took off. I looked back and saw him standing on the side walk looking at my retreating rear. I don't know what made me run but for some reason it just felt like the right thing to do. As I walked through the front door of the house I heard the answering machine beeping. Walking through and pressing the play button, Williams's voice came into the room.

"Hello, its Will."

"Really I had no idea."

"Look about today I-I really think we need to talk mate."

"Or not..."

"You probably think that we should drop it and not worry about it."

"You know me so well."

"But we do need to talk you know that I'm right."

"I hate it when you're right."

"Look I'll come round sometime next week, but we do need to talk. BEEEEP!"

"Bum!" was all I said.

About three days later, mum and dad had left for two weeks on a biking trip. They felt guilty leaving me there at the house alone, but they deserved the trip and had been so excited about taking it, that I couldn't even be bothered guilting them about it. So anyways it was storming something fierce, the second night they were gone, or perhaps it was afternoon, I dunno it was so dark the street lights had all turned on at two in the afternoon. I was curled up on the couch under my snuggie dozing when the door bell rang repeatedly. I jumped and fell off the couch. The doorbell kept ringing.

"Yeah yeah I'm coming", I bellowed. Standing at my front gate, was my other best mate Jake. Tall, tan, short buzz hair, more muscular than will, he was standing there, in the rain, white hoody shirt soaked, jeans clinging to his thighs, his head drooped a little. I opened up the gate and let him in.

"Jake what the hell?"

"Becky and I broke up", he said.

"Come in", I said putting my arm around him and pushing him inside the house. He sat slumped on the couch as I went and grabbed a towel from the linen closet and handed it to him. When he didn't take it I started rubbing him down, vigorously towelling his hair.

"I don't get why you didn't just let yourself in", I muttered as I peeled his wet shirt off him and gave him a sweat shirt.

"I didn't want to seem rude", he murmured as I took off his shoes and socks.

"Right well I wouldn't have given you the key then wouldn't I", I asked, "But I did, here change into these." I gave him some track pants and put his clothes in the dryer. When I came back he was sitting on the floor. I started a fire in the fireplace and sat with him. He started crying and leaned into me. I put my arm around him and leaned his head on my shoulder.

"I don't know what happened Josh", I whispered, "And I know it's not my business so I won't ask, but if you want to talk about it, you know I'll listen."

"Just sitting here's good enough", he said shakily. I nodded and we sat there for a bit longer until I got an idea.

"You need a stiff drink", I said getting up, going to the pantry and pulling out dads bottle of gin and grabbing two shot glasses.

"Let's go out to the gazebo", I said. We darted out underneath the rain to the outdoor setting and sat there doing shots until the bottle ran out. Then we broke out the Kailua. Then the rum, then the cowboy shot bucket I had in the bar fridge. We sat there laughing about nothing as the rain went on. Then we were slouched against one another, and suddenly, he turned and pressed his lips to mine. I pulled away.

"Jake I don't-"

"Please?" he said, pleading, "Just for tonight?" whether or not it was the lowered inhibitions or the fact that it was Jake asking but I lowered the hand that was pushing his shoulder back and he leaned over me until I was laying back on the two seater and he had straddled me. As our lips pushed and pulsed as one, our tongues roamed each others mouths as I placed my hands on his neck and cheek, he placed his arm around my neck and another on my ass. We rolled off the chair and somehow we ended up out on the pavers under the rain making out next to the pool. I pulled his shirt off him and placed my hand on his right pecs as he rolled me on top of him. He pulled me closer to him as we kissed and only when he undid his belt buckle did we break apart.

"Should we go inside?" he said. I nodded getting up. He took my hand and led me inside my room in the main house as I closed the door behind us and locked it. We then made our way to my bed and lay down upon it. As we got beneath the covers and stripped I stopped him.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked.

"You have no fuckin idea how badly I fuckin need this", he said taking off his jocks. I saw him for the first time in the dim lamp light. He was beautiful. Seven inches when soft and not cut. I took off my clothes and revealed my six inch cut cock. He gasped at it and kissed his way down my body, stopping at my nipples and teasing them with his tongue for a few seconds. I felt him bury his nose in my groin and sniff, breathing in my scent. Then finally he did it. I felt his hand go around my hardening shaft, then his lips wrapped themselves around the head of my cock. It was unbelievable. I threw my head back.

"Holy shit." Without even waiting for it, he went straight down. He took my dick all the way. I could feel my head brushing against the back of his throat. I jumped a little when I felt his teeth brush against it.

"Sorry", he slurped. I shook my head.

"Keep going mate", I gasped. He went back to it and brought me to shooting within minutes.

"Ima cum Jake", I warned him. He nodded and kept going, his eyes pointed up at my face. And then it happened. My toes curled under, my body tensed and relaxed at the same time, my eyes closed, my mouth let out a faint "fuuuuuuck", and my dick ballooned to its full size. I could feel the thick rivers of my juice flowing from my body to his mouth. Over and over, eight nine almost eleven times, until finally I relaxed. I felt him move up and lay beside me. I lifted my head and he put his arm under my neck and pulled me in closer. I noticed he had some cum running from the corner of his mouth and moved it and scooped it off with my tongue before it could drip onto the pillow.

"That was..."

"Shut up!" he growled and yanked my head closer to his so he could kiss me once more. I tasted his saliva mixed with my sperm and almost fainted. It was strange though. Josh was the one pushing on. He was holding me the tightest out of the both of us. Pushing his lips harder against mine, flicking his tongue firmer in my mouth, grinding up against me harder. I smiled and pushed away, a thin trail of sperm running between our lips.

"My turn", I said, going down to his groin, kissing my way there. I pumped his meat a few times with my fist. I brushed my lips against the head a little, blowing on it. He pushed his head back and shut his eyes tight. Nibbling lightly on the head I then ran my tongue spiralling down and around the shaft licking around the base as I felt his pubic hairs running against my nose. Letting my primal sense take over, I buried my nose in it, taking in the scent of sweat, cum and piss. Finally I pulled back and buried him all the way to my throat. And finally, to bring him over the edge, I started to hum, allowing the vibrations of my throat to course around his shaft and into his body. I did this for a good fifteen minutes, every time he came close to a climax I would back off before he could shoot. After him literally begging me to let him shoot, I did. His dick swelled in my mouth and thick ropes of cum shot down my throat. On instinct, I just started swallowing. He yelled and growled and snarled until finally his spasming body stopped. I rolled up next to him. He kissed my lips once more.

"Thank you", he whispered, he pull my back against his chest, wrapped an arm around me and we both, dozed off.

... ... ... ... ... ...

When I woke up the next morning, he was still asleep. Panicking, I didn't think he would remember last night so I quickly and quietly slid out of bed and put on some track pants and jogged out to the kitchen. He came out a short time later in a pair of blue alpha jocks.

"Hey why'd you leave?" he asked coming up to me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"I wasn't sure that-"

"That I'd remember the most incredible time of my life", he said. I shrugged.

"We were drunk I didn't know what it meant to you", I said quietly.

"It means this", he said pushing me up against the fridge and kissing me as passionately if not more than he had last night.

"Oh, that's what it means", I gasped. He chuckled kissing my neck, my collar bone, my chest, my stomach my navel was where I stopped him.

"If we keep going we won't get any breakfast", I said firmly.

"I'm fine with raw meat", he said gripping my crotch. I laughed and slapped him away.

"Come on", I said, "We should talk."

"Nothing to say", he said, "I had an itch, you scratched it." I pushed him away.


"I'm kidding", he said softly, "Come on, we did something pretty incredible, last night was amazing and I never want to forget it. Hopefully we can do it again."

"What did you just say?" I asked. He pulled me to him and pressed his forehead to mine.

"I said, I want to keep seeing you", he replied, "I never want to stop."

"This is because I give good head isn't it?" I said shrewdly. He pulled a fake 'thinking hard' face.

"Weeeeell...." he said. I thumped him and pushed down the bread in the toaster. We sat down and had some breakfast and I stepped into the shower to clean up after last night. When I got out, the door bell rang. Jake poked his head out of the guest room door.

"Who could that be?" he whispered. I groaned.

"Just put on some clothes", I said and answered the door. Another mate, Steve, from the SES was at my front gate. He was in his late 20's early 30's I'd never really asked his age. He also co-ran a security company. Which is why he was here. He dropped by every now and then to check up and make sure I was ok while mum and dad were away.

"How's things?" he asked as I let him into the house.

"All good."

"Whose car is that out front?"

"Mate of mine."

"He awake?"

"Yeah he is", said Jake coming into the room in shorts and a t shirt from my wardrobe. I snorted, he glared.

"G'day" said Steve, extending a muscled arm, which was met but another muscled arm, "I'm sure Brendan will introduce us in a second." I snapped out of my fantasy that the handshake would go further than that and woke up.

"Right, uh Jake this is Steve Eden, Steve, this is Jake Brodie, he graduated the class of 2011 with me."

"Ah I see."

"I gotta say you're not the usual age base this guy hangs out with mate" said Jake.

"Yes, sorry, um Jake, Steve teaches at the State Emergency Services cadet unit with me", I explained.


"Well I taught."

"I'm trying to convince him to come back."

"How's that working out for you?"

"Well you'll tell me when you come back."



"Tracy doesn't want me there."

"Tracy can go jump."

"That's not really nice."

"Oh please, that woman has never seen the sun shine, her heads that far up her own-"

"Hem hem." Jake coughed signifying that he still was in the room.

"Yes sorry mate, uh Steve coffee?"

"No just checking up."

"Well someone cut the power two nights ago."


"Yeah I called my sister, waited two hours then went outside with a baseball bat and turned it back on. Someone really wanted me to fall for it all the switches were turned loose."

"I told you to call ME if that happened."

"I handled it", I said getting milk out of the fridge and putting it in my coffee.

"Next time ask me to, god Brendan you're not invincible", he said palming the counter top.

"No but I know how to handle myself Steve, I'm not stupid."

"Look I agree with Steve mate", said Jake, I rounded on him glaring up at his amazingly beautiful brown eyes.

"Whose side are you on?" I said smiling.

"The side that keeps you safe", he said looking straight back at mine. I melted right away.

"Ok Steve I'll call you next time I promise." I said goodbye and he left. Jake came and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You shouldn't do that" I said.


"Dazzle me, it's not fair."

"I didn't realise I was doing it but ok" he spun me around, "Look I know that this only just happened with us, but I screwed up with Becky and I don't want to do that again, now that I've got you, I don't want anything to take you from me. But we should still take this one step at a time." I pressed my lips against his. When we broke off I smiled.

"I like step one", I whispered. He smiled and put his hands on my ass cheeks.

"Would you like to see step two?" he said. I traced little circles on his chest.

"Maybe later", I said, "I have to get out to Bobs today, they need a hand bringing in the cattle for drenching."

"Oh come on call him", he begged, "tell him you're sick."

"You know how much I love this work", I said, "I'll be home this arvo." I made to walk to the front door, but he yanked me back kissed me, this time, sticking his tongue in. When we finished he said, "Now you can go."

I arrived back at the house later that afternoon and found my new bedfellow doing laps in our pool. I snuck his towel off the fence and went and sat by the water's edge dangling my ankles in the water. His body rippled like the water, as his long arms sliced cleanly through the cool refreshing drink. As the sun went behind the massive brick wall that gave the upper part of the yard privacy from the neighbours, Jake slowed, dove under water, then resurfaced. With his back to me, he brought up his now removed swimming clothes up out the water and lobbed them into a wet soggy pile right next to me. Then he returned to his laps. By the time he finished, the sky had just started to present its stars to the world. He slowed and finally stopped, out of breath. Still not spotting me at all, he got out of the water and went to get his towel, when he saw it was not hanging on the fence as he had left it, he paused, looked around, and smiled, blushing.

"How long have you been there?" he said walking over to me.

"Long enough" I said. He held out his hand for the towel, but I darted up and bolted around the other side of the pool. He folded his arms, his upper arms bulging under his fingers, his glory flopping around proudly. Was he pushing his hips out so I'd see it?

"You know that when I catch you, you're going back in the pool? He said. I laughed, held out his clothing and towel, with one hand, and (with difficulty) stripped naked with the other. He frowned. I then dumped his clothing, in the spa. And for good measure, mine. Playfully putting my fingers to my lips, I said "Oopsie." He smiled a crooked smile, then faster then I realised, he bolted and was next me in a flash. He spun me and for the umpteenth time in 24 hours, ground my lips to his, as he pressed himself to me. Later, the outdoor lights had been turned on and we were drinking coke, still sitting in the spa, with me, straddling him, feeding him pizza slices one by one. Between each bite, he would pull me in, and push some of the pizza into my mouth. As disgusting as the two of us, chewing pizza up and sharing it back and forth before swallowing is, it's not as disgusting as someone rubbing shit in their mouths, or forcing their partner to let them shit into your mouth, so don't judge us, we're clean and happy. On our fourth or fifth slice, Jake pulled away, a piece of bacon fell onto his collar bone as he did.

"Can I ask you something?" he said.

"Course you can bro" I said, slurping hungrily as I licked it back of his warm wet skin. He chuckled at the fact I was still using, friend slang, not lovers slang. I just didn't want to sound girly.

"What happens when your folks get back?" he said. I pushed myself back.

"I'm feeding you pizza, in a hot tub, licking the crumbs of you", I said dangerously, "And you choose now to bring up my parents?" he shrugged. I sighed.

"We just have to be careful", I said, nipping his ear.

"Yeah, go with the flow", he gripped my thighs.

"Exactly", I said kissing his jawline, "Ride the wave." He jerked my thighs and I slipped, my ass crack landing on his hardened member.

"Speaking of riding", he growled. I laughed, rubbing my ass back and forth on it, teasing him and we kissed, it wasn't the same drunken passion as last night, it was, soft, but firm, gentle, warm. Almost loving. I moaned as I felt his hand guide his cock to my puckering hole. And as he pushed the head into me, for some reason, William, beautiful, incredible William, standing on the sidewalk of the costume shop, flashed into my mind. It was like a bucket of cold water had been dumped on me. This was sex. This was guy on guy sex. Ah fuck it, it was gay sex. And I had run away from William day ago for just guy on guy kissing. Was this cheating? But nothing really happened. But I called it off with Will and let Jake take me. That was like, choosing. Almost the same as cheating. My eyes snapped open and I pulled my lips off. He frowned straight away and stopped pushing into me, pulling away. I was glad he hadn't entered me yet.

"What's wrong?" he said looking scared, "Did I hurt you? Am I to big? Do you want to stop?" I sat next to him looking him straight in the eyes that had seduced me just moments before. What was I to say? Should I tell him that William kissed me? That I had returned it a little? That I had run away and still not spoken to him? Or was I to lie? I flicked off the spa.

"Jake I really like you", I said, "I mean I really really like you. It's just...I don't..." His face began to fall.

"Oh no, no, no, no", I said pulling his face to look at me, "I want you, I do, you have that right. It's just, remember how, I skipped the party a few days back, and how I didn't go the movies with you guys?"


"Did Will say anything to you about that?"


"But he acted weird when I was brought into the conversation didn't he?"

"Yeah a little."

"Well, see, here's the thing. We were costumed shopping and, we...I...well I mean he..."


"Alright, look we kissed, but it was only for a second and I broke it off, because it freaked me out and I left, he called and left a message and he wants to talk but I haven't."

"Is this why you've been acting so weird?" he said, "With the sneaking out of bed this morning and asking me if I was sure last night?"

"Yeah sort of.

"Well what about now", he said, "We were about to-" I put my hand on his chest and cut him off.

"No no", I said, "I know, and I want you to as well, I do, trust me. But I just...I don't think it's really fair on Will if don't wait.'


"I think he and I should clear the air first, before we...you know"


"Well ok, I don't thinks it ethical", I said.

"I don't believe this", he said.

"Jake please don't be mad", I begged, "please."

"Brendan, I'm...frustrated."

"Because of me?"



"And what?"

"Because of William?"


"You forgot one thing bro."

"What's that?"

"He's your best friend too." That got him. He closed his mouth, his look softened and he pulled me into him.

"I'm getting a little tired of the spa", I yawned, "Shower, TV, bed?" he nodded. That night, we did blow each other, we did make out, but nothing more. I called William and we organised for him to come over the following day to talk.

A little while before he arrived, Jake went to his house, to get clothes, that was his excuse. I knew he just wanted to give me some space though. I was starting to like him more and more. I started tidying the place up and was just putting a load on in the washing machine when the doorbell rang twice. I knew who that was. No one else ever rang it like that. Taking a deep breath, I braced myself and let William in, trying to remember what I was going to say to him. We sat in the living room, he on the couch and I on one of the recliners. Silence rang around the room for what seemed like an eternity.

"One of us needs to speak", he said nervously.

"One of us just did", I said smiling lightly. He smiled back at me.

I'm sorry", he said.

"What?" I said shocked.

"I shouldn't have hit on you like that", he said, "I never meant for you to run out."

"I shouldn't have run out on you", I said looking at the ground.

"I'm so sorry it happened", he said.

"I'm not", I whispered.

"Sorry?", he said.

"I'm not sorry", I said looking right at him.


"I kind of liked it", I said standing up and moving over to him.

"Really?" He said as I sat down beside him. I placed my hand on his thigh.

"Will, the thing is, this is really confusing", I said, "You have to see where I'm coming from. Three weeks ago I was a straight...ish regular bloke. Now I'm making out with guys and giving blow jobs and I'm-"

"Brendan woah!" he said holding up his hands, "You never gave me a blow job." I clamped my mouth shut. His face fell, then his brows shot up.

"Who?" he said. I removed my hand from his thigh.


"Who was it?!" he demanded.

"Me", came a voice rose my pulse and soothed my tense body all at the same time.

"What?" said William as Jake pulled me up and stood in front of me.

"Don't be mad Will please", I said, "You were supposed to go home" I hissed at Jake.

"Mum brought my clothes over I met her a few blocks away" he said.

"You two?" said William, "You and him? Him and you?"

"Us" I said. For a moment I thought he was going to punch us. But then...

"Jake I'm not going to hit anyone", he said, "Please, step aside." For a moment he didn't move. I put my hand on his upper arm and pushed on it lightly.

"It's ok", I said. He moved from between us slowly. William cautiously stepped towards me, until he and I were only inches apart. I looked sideways at Jake. He rolled his eyes and gave a small sharp nod. I ran my fingers lightly along the bottom of his jaw line. Then ever so slowly, I leaned in and pressed my lips against his. His eyes closed and his whole body sort of melted against me and his tongue pushed against my lips. My hands went up around his neck, his hands went up grabbing my hair. When we broke apart his eyes were still closed. I backed away until I felt myself run into Jake. I felt a pinch on my left ass cheek and elbowed him.

"How long?" asked Will.

"Just a few days", I said. He smiled.

"I wish I had known", he said, "I wouldn't have."

"We didn't know until Jake and Becky broke up", I said, "We were drunk and then one thing lead to another and boom bam we made out."

"I'm speechless" , he said, "And no, I'm not angry at all, I'm just a little shocked, we can still be friends though right?"

"Course we can bro", said Jake yanking him into a loving embrace, "You're family to us, just please don't tell anyone."

"I would never..."

"Thank you."

"Maybe I should go?" he said. We protested but he insisted he go because he had work later that evening. When he walked out the door Jake threw me on the couch.

"Now can we...you know" he said. Catching on I smacked his shoulder.

"Oh my god, get off me", I laughed, "That is the first thing on your mind good lord." He laughed, his abs shaking up against mine and he gently lowered his head and kissed my neck. My eyes closed and my left leg went up around his waist. He bunched my shirt up at my chest as he traced his lips up, over my jaw line and found my mouth, settling there. His tongue entered my mouth as my hand went up under his arm and my fingers dug into his back pulling him closer. We made out for what felt like hours, turned out it was only a few minutes. Truth be told looking back on those moments I think that was when I realised I never really saw Jake as a friend, but I had seen him as something more, and now, I was getting more than I had ever wanted. I remember when he pulled away, he was gasping for air and lightly kissing and nipping my face. I was so turned on I would have let him chew on my neck and give me a giant hickie if he wanted. Instead, he suggested we go catch a movie and then drive up to the cafe at Mt Coo-tha for milkshakes and fries.

"Are you, trying to ask, me out on a date", I smirked. He shrugged and pulled me to himself again. I took that as a roaring yes. So a few hours later, it was like an hour after the day had gone dark, we were sitting at a table up at the lookout restaurant of MT Coo-tha, sipping milkshakes and sharing a bowl of fries.

"This place is so amazing", I sighed, "The lights of a night time, kind of looks like Stars Hollow."

"Looks like what?" he asked frowning.

"Stars Hollow", I said, "From the Gilmore Girls. The TV show."

"Never watched it", he said. But I sensed him rolling his eyes on the inside. We walked over to the lookout platform. It was oddly cold that night, we were the only ones standing on the lookout, so I pressed closer into him, as the only people around, were the one dinning inside the restaurant, but the windows were frosted overs from the cold on the outside and the heaters inside I don't think anyone saw us. He wrapped an arm around me and we quickly made our way back to my car. As we drove down the mountain Jake finally piped up.

"Hey, what do you do?" he said. I frowned keeping my eyes on the road.


"You know, for relax time, to chill, what do you do?" he said.

"Oh" I frowned, "Well, I go trail riding on horseback if I really want to cut myself off, but usually I go kickboxing, or I play the piano, before it got packed away, or I just fiddle around in dads work shed."

"Fiddle around?"

"With, um...chemicals."


"Well I can make smoke bomb candles, or flash bang powder. Homemade frag bombs." A silence followed and I turned to look at him for a quick second before taking my gaze back to the motorway. He was gaping at me open mouthed.

"You mess around with explosive stuff?" he said.

"It's honestly not that dangerous", I said, "You just need to know what you're doing."

"So then what do you do?" he asked.

"I could teach you" I say, "But you need to listen to what I say or you could take my whole street off the map."

"You know that homemade smoke bombs and flash bombs are illegal in Australia?"

"Yes Officer Brodie."

"Be careful I may turn up in a coppers outfit", he warned.

"I hope your penalties are harsh" I purred resting my hand on his. He gripped it tightly, pulled it up to his face and pressed his lips against it.

"What are you doing to me Brendan?" he said, "I aint this kind of bloke."

"I know", I say, "I like this guy a lot more though", I say cautiously.

"Me to", he smirks putting his hand on my thigh and creeping it up until he was rubbing me through my jeans. I scared him by jerking the wheel and swerving the car to the right lane and then back to the left.

"Easy Jake", I said, "Can't get me hot and heavy and have you make me go off the road can we?"

"With your driving technique", he muttered holding on, "More than likely."


"You always say honesty is the best policy", he said sweetly, "So you play the piano?"

"I used to", I admit, "But for while I just couldn't find time so now its packs into the wardrobe in the pool house."

We drove into the garage and as we got out he said,

"Go on inside and take a shower I left some crap in the pool house." I did so not thinking anything of it, but when I finished fifteen minutes later and came out in pyjamas, I couldn't find Jake at all. Until I saw this weirdly flickering glow coming from a window in the pool house. Walking out I opened the sliding door and was taken aback by what my new man had achieved in a span of fifteen minutes. While I was in the shower, he had darted around the house, locating tea-light candles, candles my mum had bought from Dusk, candles that you could flick on and the plastic flame glowed faintly. He had lined them up, along the window sills, on the shelf the projector for the movie screen sat on, around the walls of the room and he had then strung the fairy lights from the pool fence, in a five point star pattern centering from the ceiling fan and spanning out to the walls. I saw a small usb plugged into a media converter connected to the projector which was emitting a digital stone fire place with a nicely going fire, on some sort of loop. And there, on the far side of the room, my electric piano set up and turned on. The air conditioner was going, a mink rug was folded nicely at one end on the white leather lounge, and there, in the middle of the room, his shirt unbuttoned but still on his shoulders, his jeans hanging loosely from his waist, was Jake, smiling sheepishly. I closed the door and stepped in.

"Uh, what...?" was all I managed.

"I wanted it to be at sunset", he said, "But its dark, and the candles sort of give the room and orange glow. And you wanted it to be special, what's more special than under the 'stars'?" hence the fairy lights, "And everyone needs a fire place with a fur rug." I shook my head in disbelief and awe. He had made such an effort.

"Can you play for me?" he asked gesturing to the piano. I nodded, wanting to get it over with, for I knew what would happen when I finished.

I sat at the little stool, turned on the piano and flexed my fingers over the keys. At this point in my life, I only knew about three or four songs. River flows, by Yiruma, Make you feel my love, by Adele, Now sleeps the crimson petal (The Vanity Fair version) were the songs that I could play off by heart. I started playing River flows in you (as I knew one soon would be) and let my fingers flourish up and down the keys, the music flowed around the room, and Jake was sitting on the lounge watching me when I looked. For a couple of minutes nothing unusual happened, I played, and I sensed his eyes on me. I felt myself relaxing as I lulled myself into the song. But then, I felt him right behind me, I knew he was there before his hand even touched me. His left hand went to my neck, his right went to my chin, tilting my head around, until I was looking into his brown eyes. They reminded me of a horses eyes, gentle, soft, warm, big and brown eyes. Finally, our lips met, my eyes closed and, as the kiss grew more passionate, the music grew slurred until I took my hands off the keys to hold his face to mine. His hand gripped my waist as he pulled me up to him and with my lips still against his, lead me over to the couch. Softly in the background, I could hear Agnes Odell singing down by the Riverside. My hand bunching up the fabric of his shirt around the back he slipped his other hand underneath my underwear and began grinding his palm into my hardening member. His moaning was driving me insane and I'm pretty sure I wasn't being all too quiet either. Sweat was beginning to form in a thin film all over my body even though the air conditioner was blaring and to be honest I was beginning to forget where my limbs ended and where his began, we were writhing around so much. In seconds my chest was pressed against his, my dick was grinding up and down the shaft of his monster. He pulled off me for a second and whispered, "That enough foreplay?" I growled grabbing him by the back of the neck and yanking him down to my mouth again.

"Fuck foreplay", I growled, "Bring it on."

"Romantic", he said, rolling a rubber onto his cock and squeezing a packet of lube all over it. I rolled my eyes. My legs went up onto the tops of his shoulders while he positioned himself. It was almost as if that was where they were meant to be my whole life.

"Brace for impact" he said nervously. I smiled tightly, took a deep breath, gripped the side of the couch, and nodded.

"Just remember" I said, "It'll probably cane like hell at first, but don't stop." He planted a small kiss on my lips.

"I promise" he said. I could feel his cock head at the entrance of my hole, and did the best I could to relax it. Now we all know that when something tries to push its way out of the particular orifice, it's perfectly fine. However, when something tries to push its way in that's a different story. Try as I might to keep it relaxed, it tensed up like a tick's ass. He looked my right in the eye and pushed harder. When his head finally burst through to the other side of my...threshold, well let's just say, my eyes watered, they bulged out of their sockets, I lost my breath and apparently I went purple. We stayed that way for about five minutes and when my fingers stopped digging into his bicep, he moved in further. Each inch was painful, I won't deny that, but when he got to the shaft and pulled back until he was almost all the way out, he slowly pushed back in and my god, it was like fireworks in the back of my eyes lids.

"Did you feel that?" he said. All I could do was nod fiercely.

"Again?" he asked.

"Forever?" I breathed, pulling his lips towards me. As his shaft once again retreated and advanced, his lips moulded against mine causing an audible moan to escape from our mouths. Again and again, he thrust himself inside me, colours burst in my eyes, and when we weren't kissing, we were on each other's necks, earlobes and pecs. It felt like an eternity but a quick look at the bottom right of the screen on the projector and we'd been going for a mere two hours. Sweat was now pouring from his forehead, his chest, his arms and chin onto my body, running down my skin in droplets and was forming a cool moist film on the leather of the couch. Together our breathing was getting louder, the moaning, the groaning and grunting, more guttural, until we didn't recognise the noises, they were almost animal. Finally the pressure became too much.

"Oh fuck", yelled Jake, "Oh yeah, Oh I love you Brendan, fuck yeah." I could feel his whole body tensing, his abs contracted as his cock swelled inside me. And as I felt a warmth begin to fill me on the inside, I myself cried out and let loose.

"Oh Fuck yeah Jake, pound me, fuck me you fucking King," my head rolled back, my dick flared and finally my long awaited cum squirted between us, spraying it up over our stomachs, our chests, it even sprayed up onto the cushion of the couch as I shattered around his throbbing member.

Panting, not breaking eye contact with me and smiling like a cat that just swallowed the cream, Jake slowly pulled out, collapsed on the couch behind me, slid his arm beneath my head and wrapped his other around my waist. We lay on the couch panting as he pulled the throw rug from the back of the couch over us. Then chuckling he kissed me lightly on the neck.

"What are you laughing at?" I said, my eyes partially closed.

"I do believe you called me a king", he breathed in my ear.

"I do believe the king said he loves me", I retorted. His whole body stiffened.

"I'm sorry", he started stammering, "I shouldn't have..I didn't-"

"Oi no take backs", I cut him off and kissed the inside of the arm my head was resting on, "I love you to your majesty." He laughed.

"I like that name", he said, I could tell he was smirking, I lightly elbowed him.

"Don't get used to it Jake" I warned. We both chuckled and finally, the euphoria wore off, and fatigue set in. We fell asleep in each others arms, dreaming (together I'm sure) of what we had just done. And I was pretty pleased about it.

... ... ... ... ... ...

I woke up the next morning and smiled as I felt his arm on my waist. I lay there for a while listening to his light snoring. I rolled, turning in to place my cheek against his chest and listened to the beating of his heart. Unfortunately, yes I am one of those people whose body clock wakes them just before the sun rises and annoying so, no matter how late I go to sleep. However that morning, I was just in bliss, no matter how sweaty my waist was getting from his arm, or my cheek from his chest. His heart beat was slow, steady and strong, his scent was a mixture of a sweet aftershave, sweat and something I couldn't quite put my finger on but I loved. He mumbled for a minute, then his whole body tensed and his arms tightened around me. I smiled, feeling absolute bliss for a moment, until the dogs started barking. Growling I yanked on my clothes and Jakes jacket, zipped it up so I wouldn't look naked and padded out over the deck turned into the entrance hallway and shushed the dogs.

"Steve", I growled, "What are you doing here, what is it?" He barrelled past me and into the main house.

"What?" I said following him. He grabbed the home phone, pressed the talk button, listened and then slammed it on the hook, took my phone up off the counter and checked it.

"Well both your phones work", he growled, "What...the...fuck...did I tell you?"

"About what?" I snapped. He chucked the phone to me. I looked down at the screen. Fourteen unanswered calls all from him. And the answering machine was full with his voice. Each recording getting more agitated than the last.

"You answer your phone when I call", he snarled that was the deal, "I was freaking out you idiot, you told me last time I was here someone tried breaking in and then you go and do this? What were you thinking?"

"Whoa ease up mate", came a sleepy voice from behind me. Jake was standing in the dining room. Clothes rumpled, but still perfect.

"What are you still doing here?" he said doing a double take.

"Jake is going to stay while Mum and Dad are gone", I said, "It makes sense to have a roommate while the house is empty."

"Right, well back to you" he glared at me. I cut him off and put my hands on his shoulders. His muscular, thick hard shoulders.

"Stevee, look, Jake and I were hanging out in the pool house with the projector and we just fell asleep, I left the phone in the main house. I'm sorry, no listen-look, I understand why you're angry and it means the world to me that you came here to check on me and it says allot that you were worried, but I'm here, I'm fine and nothing is going to happen to me, ok?" He was silent for a moment, as if he was processing what had been said. Then he leapt forwards and threw his arms around me.

"You scared the fuckin shit outta me kid", he muttered. I looked over his shoulder at Jake, his brow had climbed up his head. I hugged him back, letting him squeeze me for as long as he can before he let go.

"Answer your phone" he said before saying goodbye and leaving. Jake walked up kissing me on the lips.

"What was that about?" he said standing behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Dunno", I said turning, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissing him, "But I'm sorry it woke you, whatever it was." He laughed, growling, lifted me under my thighs and sat me on the counter top. I quickly yanked his singlet off his head as he broke the zipper, ripping it open and running his left hand up and down my abs.

"I woke up, the moment you left my arms", he said, nipping my ear. As he crawled up on top of me and yanked my pants off, I lay back on the counter, my back, almost sticking against the cool surface of the wooden counter top. I pressed my fingers into his shoulder blades, pulling him in hungrily. Now that I knew what it felt, like, I wanted it more, always and forever. He crushed his lips against mine, opening his mouth and pushing his tongue to meet mine. As we explored each other's mouths, felt the firm softness of our tongues, the light scent of unwashed skin as it once again heated up and finally, I felt his hands push my underwear down as the familiar slap of cock on stomach action flashed around the kitchen for an instant. I was kind of glad we hadn't showered, I was still kind of slippery and a little loose for the night before. He smiled at me leaning over me and grabbing it with his other hand.

"Ready?" he said.

"I was born ready" I purred. He aimed it and gently but faster than last night, slid it in all at once. My head tipped back as I felt the pain a little less and tried not to clench myself tight. It was a different sensation than last night. Still good, but magical and faster. He leaned over as I started to moan and once again crushing his lips to mine as he attacked my chute. As if some unseen force was trying to mess with me, the home phone at the other end of the bench we were fucking on, rang. Growling and not stopping, Jake reached over me, the hair of his musky armpit brushing against my face. I gave a quick sniff and began slobbering all over it as he answered.

"Yello, Wilton residence", he said trying not to laugh as he thrust into me, "Yeah G'day, yeah I think he's still here, hold on I'll look for him." He held the phone away from his mouth, covered the mouth piece and lowered his torso back onto me, kissing my neck bone and jaw line he said, "It's the bloke...from...the farm. He...said there's some...sort of problem...something about sheep...want me to...tell him you aren't...here?" I shook my head and held the phone up to my ear as my body bounced back and forth on the wooden bench top with each thrust.

"Bob?" I said, a little too breathlessly, "What's wrong?"

"You right BJ?" he said, "You sound puffed."

"Had to run back inside to come to the phone", I lied glaring at Jake as he smirked even more and increased the intensity of his ploughing, "What's wrong with the sheep?"

"The mob we had brought in yesterday morning, the ones I told you about?" he said. I nodded, knowing he had five hundred and fifty head of sheep waiting to be exported to Japan, waiting in holding yards for a delivery today.

"Yeah", I said realising he couldn't see me nodding.

"We fucked up, they were meant to be shawn, but they aren't, and the truck driver just left, any way, the wife's on the phone she talked them down to pushing back the order for a bit, we just have to shear em."

"You want some help?" I said, "I can be there in three hours." There was silence on the phone.

"Bob?" Jake shook his head, and doubled his efforts, I swear he was trying to get me busted.

"There's a catch with the delivery extension", his voice was sheepish, "They gave us till midday tomorrow." I could hold it in no longer.

"BWWWWAAAAOOOOOR", Jake threw his head back and roared, his warmth was entering me, and he was still pounding, I came as well, the gates open and ropes of cum came shooting out, onto my abs, his chest, dripping onto the bench.

"HOLY SHIT!" I yelled, drowning his voice out. I collapsed back, my convulsions easing.

"I know it's allot to ask but please mate, I'm desperate, can you help me out?" came the sound of Bobs voice through our post-coital fog. I picked the disguarded phone.

"Can you say that again sorry?" I asked.

"We need to shear them all by midday tomorrow", he replied. I sat up, knocking him off me. He crashed, in all his naked glory, onto the tiled floor.

"Five hundred and fifty sheep in less than forty eight hours?" I yelped, then I smirked, glancing at the Adonis picking himself up, "Need a free rousty?"

"I'd love one" he said, "It's you, me, and Rory shearing, and just Matt on the wool, so if you could find two, that'd be great."

"Yeah I'll call in a favour, see you soon", I said and hung up. Jake frowned at me as I dialled a number and waited.

"Hello?" came the voice of Bradley, another good high school friend.

"Hey remember how I help you build that deck of yours?" I asked him quickly.

"Yeeeaaaaah" he said slowly, "Oh...wait."

"Yep, meet me at the Fernvale turn off in thirty minutes", I said grinning and hung up, then I pointed at Jake, "This is for trying to get me busted screwing on the phone, you, singlet, jeans, boots after we have a shower." I fluttered my eyes at the last part. We kissed our way to the bath room to get ready for the task ahead.

... ... ... ... ... ...

I let Diesel out of the back of Dad's Ute and walked up to the shearing sheds with Brad and Jake. I'd been helping out on this farm for almost four years now and had become so familiar with the family living there. It was sadly a tough time financially for them and the father had to let all of his employees go. I straight away had put my hand up as a volunteer to help him, once his son, Matthew who worked with me at McDonalds handed in his resignation because his father needed him to help run the property. Matty was a good looking kid, two years younger than me, he and his older brother Dillon were specimens of something else. A country breed of boy that came with, muscles moulded from farm work and tanned skin, courtesy of never ending work outside. And yet, while those boys were good friends, they were no Jake, they were no Brad and they were no Will. Introductions were made and the boys were given positions. Dillon and I were shearing, Matty was bringing up sheep, and Jake and Brad were assigned the task of sweeping the excess wool up and taking it to the sorting table for Bob. Unfortunately the poor bloke had a bad back and I forced him to take the job of wool classer so he wouldn't be hunched over for the entire day. About fifteen minutes in Jake pulled me aside and leaned in so I could hear his heavenly voice over the sound of the clippers.

"So how long are we here for again?" he asked, "I forgot right after I saw your ass while you were shearing." I laughed and smacked him on the shoulder while my insides churned hoping no one heard him.

"We stay till this is done" I said, "And keep it in your pants would you?" Nothing could be heard but the sound of the clippers for almost half an hour until Bob called for a stop.

"We got rain coming in" he said grimly. Dillon and Matty kicked the floor and I palmed the wall and swore. Brad frowned.

"Is that a problem?" he said. I nodded.

"We can't shear wet sheep" I said and turned to Bob, "How long?"

"The radio said about half an hour" he replied.

"Can't we just towel dry them?" asked Brad. I rolled my eyes.

"So what do we do?" said Jake.

"Lemme think for a minute", I said shutting my eyes. For a moment nothing but the sound of the sheep rang out around the shed.

"Ok" I said, "How many do we have left to do?"

"Four hundred and ninety five" said Dillon looking at the tally board, "You're dragging behind by the way." I scoffed.

"I could shear double the sheep you could in one hour" I said.

"Prove it" he said sticking out his hand, I shook it and then got back on topic.

"Here's what we do, we can pen about forty in here, the we can put some in the feed shed, the machinery shed, the stable breeze way, how many does that leave out?"

"Oh I dunno bout fifty head I reckon", said Bob wiping his brow. I turned to Dillon with a smirk, ignoring the tank of a body his head sat on.

"When I have thirty sheep done in forty five minutes", I said, "You'll buy me a slab of beer, whatever I want."

"Deal", he said, "And when you don't have thirty sheep done in forty five minutes, you finish the clip under my organisation."

"We'll never get it done then", laughed Bob.

"Alright then", I said as we shook, "Dillon, you , Matty and Bob go muster the sheep, Jake you sweep, Brad go count off thirty sheep and have Bob help you bring them up inside through the chute out back."

"Why those two?" asked Dillon as I pushed through the gate into the holding pen, grabbed a ewe, wrestled her onto her back, gripped her two front legs and dragged her backwards through the gate to my shearing plant.

"Because they know nothing about shearing, so you know they won't have helped me clip any extras", I said, "Go on, out you go."

... ... ... ... ... ...

"Loo break", called Dillon sometime around 12:45. He pushed his clipped sheep through the gate behind him and it trotted out down into the holding pen with all the other clipped sheep standing out in the storming night. I growled as I dragged another ewe through the gate.

"That's the fourth time in two hours", I said with irritation.

"Well what do you want from me?" he whined. I pushed the ewe up to him.

"Hold it!" I growled and went to grab one for myself. He grumbled and started up his hand piece again.

"How many more do we have to go?" yelled Bob from the sorting table.

"Two hundred and eighty eight", Jake replied as he added a stroke to the shearers tally board. Beneath mine, Dillon's and Matts names, tally strokes in groups of five were drawn in chalk.

"Who's winning", said Matt looking up from his ewes back leg.

"Not important Mathew" Bob called back sternly.

"I just want to know", he yawned.

"Yeah, and I just wanna go to the toilet but do you see that happening?" said Dillon.

"Brendan's ahead by ninety seven", called Jake.

"Far out!" he yelled. I kept my eyes on my work as Bob spoke.

"Don't be surprised, he's been working non-stop boys", their father admonished.

"I should be in bed", I don't know who muttered it, but it was one of his sons.

"Maybe if you didn't stop to take a drink a after every sheep, you wouldn't need to piss like a pregnant woman", I snapped, still not looking up, "And Matty, if you weren't stopping to keep score every five minutes, you'd probably be winning."

"Yeah yeah righto mum", said Dillon. Then I looked up.

"Well quit whinging and get on with- argh", I hissed as my break in focus caused the clippers to catch the top of my left wrist.

"Jake come hold the sheep" I yelled as I dropped them and walked over to pour some water on it. Brad followed. In a way that wasn't 'Brad' at all, he gently took my wrist in his and looked at it.

"Hold still" he murmured, "Sorry but this will hurt." he took the bandanna from around my neck, drenched it with water and wiped away the blood. I flinched, but only a little. His touch was so weird, soft and...Kind. Usually it's rough but with profound confidence. Or maybe it was just me.

"It's not bad at all", he said tying the bandanna around it like a bandage, "Just ease up on it a little." I nodded.

"Yeah cheers." I said getting up to go. He sat down next to me.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" he said. I nodded and sat back down.

"What's up man?"

"It's really hard to say", he said looking at the ground. It was so weird.

"Brad, come on, talk to me" I said prodding his arm.

"Well it's just, I dunno, for a long time I haven't really been attracted to...and I guess I have been trying to deny it for the last couple of months...but then I came here today, and I saw you, you're really at ease around here, it's like you open up and you're being your real self. And I guess that made me want to be my real self, in a way." I frowned.

"Brad you're not about to tell me you're a super hero or something are you?"

"No god", he said. I decided to play around a bit.

"You're God?" I said in fake shock.


"Wow, so I'm friends with God."

"Not funny."

"This is great I'm totally going to call in favours."

"I think I might be gay Brendan." That one hit me like a ton of bricks.


"I think I'm gay", he said not looking at me.

"We could use a hand here", called Dillon.

"Josh take a crack at shearing, Dillon give him some pointers", I said, "How long?"

"A few months before graduation", he said quietly.

"Why me, and...Now?" I said.

"You're my best friend Brendan", he said, "Please don't hate me." I put my arm around him.

"I couldn't ever hate you Brad", I said, "Never, don't ever think that."

"Brendan, Mattys gonna beat you", called Josh.

"Two minutes", I replied, "Have you told your family?"

"I can never tell them", he said, "They'd...they wouldn't-"

"It's ok" I said cutting him off, "It's cool get it believe me."

"What am I gonna do?" he said looking right at me.

"Brendan come on", called Bob. I lost it. I whipped my head around and let lose.

"I'M COMMING" I roared. That shut them up.

"If they find out, they'll kick me out", he said, "Our religion it...doesn't..."

"Listen to me very carefully", I said, "It doesn't matter if you like girls or boys or both or half and half, that doesn't change how I feel about you, and it shouldn't for anyone else. You're not a friend Brad you're a brother. And if god forbid, your family decides to shut you out. You have a home with me. You get that?" He hugged me tight and I felt his body silently shaking.

"Thank you", he said. I patted him on the back.

"Now let's get this shit done", I said, "And go home."

... ... ... ... ... ...

"What kind of a truck driver is an hour late", I asked as we all chilled out, in the sun on the ground by the yards with cool water.

"Dunno", said Bob, "I'd rather him late than early, even if we finished ahead of schedule."

"Which reminds me", said Jake, as the sheep truck drove away down the drive with the last thirty two hours of work we had done, safely loaded on it, "Guess who won the shear off."

"We don't need to do that do we?" I said.

"Don't worry mate", Dillon grinned at me, "A slab of long necks will do." I rolled my eyes.

"Actually it was Brendan", smirked Jake. Dillon's grin disappeared.

"Don't worry mate" I laughed at him, "A slab of long necks will do." He cracked up.

"Dillon, Mathew, you boys take Jake and Brad, do a water run on the western border, and find Brendans bloody dog", said Bob, referring to my bloodhound, "I got some business to discuss with this'un." I frowned at their smiles and followed Bob back to the main house. He closed the door to the study and sat behind his desk.

"This", he said pulling a small piece of paper out of a desk drawer, "has been owed to you the minute you set foot in this place." I frowned taking it from him and read it. My stomach dropped.

"What is this", I said, grabbing onto the side of a chair and sitting down.

"That", he said, "Is every single head of cattle you've mustered, yarded, drenched and loaded. Every sheep you've clipped. Every run of fence you've fixed, the dam pumps you've repaired, the fires you've helped us save this place from, EVERYTHING you've done, has been remember Brendan, and that's you're thank you."

"Robert this is six hundred and fifty thousand dollars", I said looking back down at the cheque.

"You deserve more", he said.

"What am I supposed to do, with six hundred and fifty thousand dollars?" I asked.

"Whatever you want son", he said, "It's yours to spend. Truth is we both know, I'm not cut out for this...farming life, and the boys, well they could benefit from living closer to the city, and their mother."

"What are you saying?" I frowned.

"I'm selling the farm Brendan", he said, "And it's not a good valued property to anyone but a developer so I don't have much of a choice." I shook my head.

"Give me a blank cheque, one without your name on it", I said. He frowned but indulged me. I scribble on it with a pen and handed it back.

"What are you giving me two hundred thousand for?" he sighed. I held up my hand.

"Just listen..." I admonished.

One and a half years later...

"So I looked at the pasture in the top paddocks just out past the wildlife corridor", said Will as we trotted back and forth pushing the cattle into the cattle yards, "It's really rich, like deep green rich."

"Well that settles it", I said leaning down from my saddle and closing the gate with the snap hook, "The mob got nitrate poisoning."

"Remind me what that is again", he said as we turned around and made our way to the stable pens.

"When a big storm comes through, the lightening brings the nitrate in the ground to the surface", I explained, "It's what makes the grass real green, and you need to let it be for about four to five days, because if you let the stock onto it straight away, they're stomach isn't strong enough the handle it and it can kill them. Hence the two dead heifers we found yesterday." We dismounted and lead the horses over, tied them up, removed there saddles, brushed them and watered them.

"So you're sure it's not a notify able disease?"He said as we walked from the yards to the house.

"Well not a hundred percent, but the vet should confirm it when he comes out this afternoon", I said. We heard gravel crunching on the drive and both turned. As usual my stomach did a little back flip when I saw his car. Will pinched me and headed inside. I smiled and waved as the car stopped and he got out.

"Hey you", I smiled.

"Hey you back", said Brad as he came over and kissed me.

I'll explain it for those of you now confused. A lot can happen in eighteen months. I bought Bob's farm from him with the proviso that half the profits from the next two years of sales were to be sent to him. He moved with the boys into the city and after about a month or two, I moved onto Evergreen Range and took over. Everything was really good for a couple of months. Jake and I were blissfully happy. My parents had some difficulty accepting me moving out to become a farmer, but my mother's love of horses assisted in the transition. William left his home and moved into the overseer's cottage and we began working on the place together. Unfortunately Brad was asked to leave his home, and I forced him to live in the cottage with Will. It was supposed to be until he could get his head on straight but he started working here too. About six months after we moved, the farm was fully functioning and we were slowly paying off the small overdraft to the bank. When I was visited at 3AM one morning by mum in tears, telling me dad had passed away while he was in hospital after a motor bike accident. After the funeral, mum decided she would be moving to Sydney, so our happy family home, now lays dormant and quiet, also mine. Understandably, it wasn't an easy time for me, my father had died, my mother had decided I wasn't enough for her to stick around and took off. I wasn't in the mood to indulge Jake's sexual appetite every night. He however decided I was too depressing and sought comfort in the arms of another. I never did find out who she was, just that he decided she was more his style. Angry and hurt, I told him he wasn't welcome back on my property and I haven't seen him since. Slowly over time, Brad and I, we grew, not just as people but, as a team and eventually, he moved into the main house with me. We haven't ever been as happy as we are now. But thing always have a habit of turning one way, when you think they'll go the other. I had no idea, but someone, I never expected, was just around the corner.

... ... ... ... ... ...

"Did you talk to the new stock and station hand?" asked Alice as she brought in a bowl of steamy pumpkin soup to the study. Brendan looked up from the computer screen.

"No I haven't yet", he said, "Remind me to tomorrow?"

"Why don't you take a break?" she said, "I've made a sponge cake, we can all relax out on the veranda, the boys from next door are here, and--"

"Nah sorry I can't", he cut her off, "I want to get these ledgers backed up on here just in case something happens to the originals. Long work."

"Ah, you're always working come on, take a break" she said. He winced.

"Sorry." He shook his head and she took her leave. Walking out onto the veranda she sat down with Will and Brad. The brothers who owned the neighbouring farm, Rory, Daniel and Anthony all sat with them, each had a beer in one hand, a chuck of sponge cake in the other. Alice chucked them all coasters. Brendan had hired her the third month after he moved onto the farm as a house keeper. William had moved into the main house and she had taken up residence in the cottage. A nice lady of around her early to mid forties, Alice grew accustomed to the way things were on Evergreen and she found it refreshing the way the boys were so casually open with each other. She thought it a shame they weren't ready to be as open with the rest of the community.

"Where is he?" asked Brad.

"I couldn't tear him away from the study", she said grimly as she cracked a beer for herself. Will stood up.

"It's been good fellas", he said, "But I'm bushed so I might hit the sack." He shook hands and headed into the study. Brendan didn't even notice.

"Baby?" He looked up.

"I'm gunna go read in bed", he said slowly opening his shirt. Brendan smiled.

"Ok well goodnight you big strong man", he cooed and stood up to go give him a kiss.

"Like candy from a baby", Brad flashed a smiled, picked up Brendan and threw him over his shoulder. Ignoring the protests, he darted up the stairs and into their bedroom closing the door behind him.

... ... ... ... ... ...

"So Will you reckon your cattle will beat ours at the sales next week?" asked Rory as they walked to the car.

"I'd say", he laughed, "Usual stakes?"

"As always", said Luke, the oldest, "See you later mate."

"Bye." He waved them off and walked back into the house laughing as he heard familiar noises from the master room. Downstairs Alice finished the washing up and headed down to the cottage.

... ... ... ... ... ...

"Brad really I have to finish-" Brendan stopped short as Brad pushed himself on top of his body, his black tight tank top was thrown in the corner, his lips were crushed to Brendan's.

"For once let someone else take control", he breathed as he lay Brendan's head on the pillows and kissed his way up his body from the waist of his jeans, to his collarbone.

"I love you", he whispered as he interlaced his fingers to Brendan's.

"What a coincidence" said Brendan, "I love you too." He clawed at the mattress as Brad took his throbbing member into his mouth.

"Oh Brad, skip the foreplay", he murmured, "Pound me for the night."

"You and romance just go hand in hand don't you?" Brad slurped, leaning over Brendan's body.

"Hell yeah give me that ram rod" Brendan breathed into his lover's ear. He lay beneath Brad as he kissed and bit at Brendan's lips, his ears, his neck and collar bone, writhing in agonizingly pleasurable ecstasy. Brendan's legs wrapped around Brads waist as he clutched him to himself, moaning, calling his name, kneading Brads ass cheeks with his hands.

Brandon could feel Wills weight and sweat on him as his mouth sucked on Brendan's skin. All over his face, neck, and upper chest. He kept saying "Yeah babe get your legs round me and pull me in. Moan, call my name and mound my ass" as they rubbed cocks.

Then He slipped down some and aimed his wet cock for Brendan's hole. As He kissed Brendan's nipples and Brendan held Brads head he whispered

"You need my cum bro".

Brandon said "Yeah Brad give it to me hard, plunge that ram rod into my love Chanel." wrapping his arms around Brads neck.

"Make love to me, make my body your fuck toy."

He felt Brads hand slick with lube after lubing his cock, slide down from picking his nipple, lightly running his fingertips over Brendan's stomach, down his groin, over the space between his balls and asshole. Then he started flicking his fingers in and out of Brendan's boy pussy like it's a cunt.

"HOOOOAAAAH YAAAH BRAD LOOSEN MY PHAT BOY CUNT LIPS!" His exact words back to Brendan were

"Yeah babe I'll loosen them while you enjoy it and say all those fuck words then when the lips are open I will slam it in kiss you and starting fucking it in deep."

Well he didn't really need to say much else coz that's exactly what he did. He fucked Brendan hard while they kissed. Brendan's hard cock was rubbing Brads belly and Brads dick hitting his spot till He told Brendan it was breeding time.

They wound up fucking doggy, Brad behind Brendan, leaning over his back kissing him. Brendan moaned and panted as Brads right hand griped Brendan's neck pulled him back up against him and pushed Brendan's head turning it to the left so he could watch Brad fucking him in the mirror, his left reached around Brendan's waist and brought him to shoot with Brad as they bounced on the mattress. He roared and bellowed as he shot inside Brendan and he screamed with pleasure. Finally they collapsed, Brendan on his stomach, Bradley on his back beside him. Both of them sweating and panting.

"I love you man" Bradley said.

Brendan replied "brothers are meant to."

And then for the rest of the night we just lay there, Bradley on his side, him running his fingers lightly up and down Brendans back and kissing his shoulder and they talked about what that night was.




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