Let's Play a Game. (Chapter Two)

*RRIIINNNGGG!!!* My alarm clock blared, waking me up.

I open my eyes groggily.

As I stretched my bones, I remembered what happened yesterday and my dick started to grow in my boxers. (Yes, I sleep with just my boxers on.) Anyways, my dick is average in size, about six inches long.

Since I wake up early every school day, I decided to rub one out.

I got my towel and went to my bathroom. As I started to undress, I turned on the shower. When the water was hot enough for me, I went in. With the warm water showering me it got me in the mood. I started rubbing my dick. I started imagining what it would feel like if I was making out with Alec while he was playing with my nipples under the shower and Gio was at my back and nibbling at my neck with his monster dick poking me at the back. While I was stroking my dick I was playing with my balls, that did the trick. After about 5 minutes I was close to shooting and with a few strokes more I came all over the floor, and I mean all over the floor. I think that I cum more than the average guy.

After I showered I went to the front of the sink then dried myself off. I got outside of the bathroom and went straight in front of my closet and picked out my clothes for school. Usually, I wear shirts with cartoon characters in them(or superheroes), pants that are not too tight (Like the ball choking skinny jeans the other boys wear) yet not too loose where I look like a gangster, and slip on Vans. I think a have at least twelve pairs of Vans. If the weather is cold, I wear hoodies.

After putting on clothes, I went downstairs to find my mother cooking breakfast. She usually wakes up about half an hour earlier than me because she has to cook breakfast for the both of us, prepare for her job and do a little bit of cleaning. She's an executive assistant for a big company and her boss is about her age about 40. She had me when she was about 21. Anyhow, I think her boss has a son that goes to our school, though I never met him or he's very good at hiding his identity haha.

For breakfast she prepared pancakes, my favorite. Especially when it's soaked in maple syrup. It becomes sticky and really sweet, I love it. While I was eating she joined me in the table holding a huge cup of coffee. She said to me, "Look's like someone had a very good shower."

I think my face became a little bit red when I heard her.

I just managed to say "Yeah."

She replied "You know, I don't mind you doing it, but at least do it a little less "moanie". Okay?" She made air quotes in the word moanie, then she smiled.

"I didn't realize I was that loud. Sorry." I answered with a nervous chuckle.

Anyways, I wolfed down more than half of the pancakes when we finished talking.

After eating I placed my plate in the sink and went back to my room to brush my teeth. While I was staring at the mirror, I started to study my face. "I think it's time to lose a little weight," I thought. But then I thought again, "Nah, I'm not fat." Then finished brushing my teeth.

While gathering my things for school my phone beeped. I went over to the computer table and picked it up. It was a text from my friend Pam. (You remember her. I went to her small party. Haha.) She was just asking if we should do something for the weekend. I texted her back saying that I don't have plans but I'm not sure if we can do anything. With that I went downstairs, walked to the front door and shouted to my mom who was at the sink, "Mom I'm going to school!"

She replied "Okay sweetie, take care, I love you!"

"Thanks mom, I love you too!" I shouted back to her loud enough for her to hear.

Since I was early, I decided to take a detour from my usual route to school.

As I was walking, I noticed someone walking in front of me that looks familiar. I decided that I will try to look at who the person is, so I walked at a faster pace. When I was a few feet in front of the man I acted like I read a text so that I could turn back. When I turned around I saw who the guy was. It was Alec. When I saw his face I smiled widely, wide enough for him to notice that I was very very happy to see him. He asked me "Where are you going?"

I replied "uhmm, I was walking to school."

"I know you're going to school, but why were you turning around?" he asked back.

"I thought I forgot something." I lamely replied.

"So you going to get it?" Alec asked again.

"Hmm. I don't think so." I replied.

"So you want to walk with me to school?" he offered.

"Of course!" I replied a little too eager.

So we walked to school together. While walking we talked about many things. I learned that he has a younger brother. "I wonder if his brother is as perfect as he is," I thought. He told me he likes to dance, which I already know. He even showed some of the moves that he likes so much. When we were near the school we saw Gio. Alec raised a hand and gestured to come with us. Gio walked towards us and then I feel my face blush again. (I don't know why even the sight of them causes me to blush.) When the three of us were together we started walking to our first class. Sadly, my next class was not taken by either Gio or Alec. But before we parted ways they told me that they'll see me in our next class together. With that, they went to their class and I went to mine. The rest of the day was really uneventful, except for the classes that Gio, Alec and I take together. Most of the time during those classes I spent daydreaming.


For those who are expecting sex, sorry disappoint you but there will be none for the next chapters.

Sorry if the stories are short. I'm just starting but I'm trying to make them a little bit longer.

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