Let's Play a Game. (Chapter Three)

I think a lot of people hate going to school. Not me! Of course I don't like the classes but I like the people I see, especially Gio and Alec.

As I wake up for school the next day, I made my morning routine of taking a bath, eating breakfast with my mom, brushing my teeth and walking to school.

During my walk I decided again to take a detour in hopes of seeing the very gorgeous Alec. But unfortunately, even with my very, very slow walk I haven't seen him. Oh well, at least I'll get to see him at school.

While I was walking inside the school halls Gio suddenly appeared beside me.

"Hey Jake!" he said cheerfully.

I was a little surprised but managed to say "Hey Gio!"

"Wow, you're early today." I commented.

"Yeah, I'm trying not to be late anymore. It's gotten me to detention a lot you know." He replied.

"Good for you!" I said.

"Plus I get to talk to you before class." He said.

I don't know what he meant by that, but I think I blushed a little and suddenly I can't think of anything else to say.

To break the silence he finally said "So how's school?"

"It's fine." I managed to reply.

"Good. So you can tutor me!" He said.

"I'm not that good you know. My grades are just above average." I replied.

"Oh don't be so modest. I know you're always at the top ten of the class." He said.

Well, that's true, I thought.

"I'll think about it." I replied as we walked inside the classroom.

"Great! Thanks a lot Jake!" he replied as we went to our seats.

During the first half of the day was fine. For the classes I take with both of them, my concentration was actually split into two, as for my classes without them I'm completely focused, I even join in the discussions and recitations. After my classes for the morning it's time for lunch.

During lunch I usually go with my friend Pam. But this time both Gio and Alec caught up with me on my way out of the class. They asked if they I want to join them for lunch. I told them a little nervously "I don't know. Uhhmm..I don't know your friends and I'll feel uncomfortable."

"It's fine, it's just the two of us you know." Alec said gesturing to both of them.

"You won't eat with your friends?", I asked.

"No, we said we'll be eating with someone today." Gio said.

I thought very quickly while walking to the cafeteria.

"Fine." I said a little unsure.

"I'll just call my friend then." I said.

"Sure." Gio and Alec said.

Before we entered the cafeteria I managed to speak with Pam and tell her that I will be eating with someone today. She sounded okay, but before she hung up the phone saying something about me being a bitch. Yes we are that close. We call each other many things.

On our way to the line for food, Gio and Alec were talking about basketball, I think, because I don't know anything about it. In the line I let them go in front of me. I noticed that the food they get were in small portions unlike mine. I thought maybe that's why they are so slim.

After getting food we went to an empty table that I think is good for four people. We put out trays down and we put our bags on the extra chair.

Before anyone could start eating Gio said "Man, the topics we are getting harder and harder."

"I don't know if it's just me but I can't understand a thing that Mr. Higgins talks about." Alec said.

Mr. Higgins is our Biology class professor. He is, I think, in his late thirties. For a teacher, he looks great. In fact he's one of the most good looking guy teachers in the school.

"Tell me about it!" Gio agreed.

"It's like he speaks Spanish!" Alec replied.

"Speaking of Spanish, "I said "we have an assignment right?"

"Oh yeah." They both replied.

"Man, I thought we don't have any homework for the weekend." Gio said, sounding a little bummed.

"That's school for ya." Alec said.

"Oh well." Gio said.

We continued chatting about school and other things during our lunch break. After eating and resting we went to our separate classes. The last class for the day is Trigonometry with Mr. Fisher. He is known as a terror teacher because he is very strict. Some people who had him as a teacher told me stories about him. They told me that when he sees a student that looks sleepy he throws the white board marker or the eraser at the student or sometimes he makes the student leave the classroom and not come back. That's why before I enter his class I make sure that I have candy in my bag to keep me awake. Sometimes I drink energy drinks too.

Trigo is a class the three of us take together. While making my way to class I met both Alec and Gio at the door. We greeted each other and I went to my preferred seat. Surprisingly, Gio sat on my left and Alec sat on my right. (This class doesn't have assigned seats to students.) "Hey Jake!" the both said to me.

"Hi!" I said. Then the teacher told us to settle down and be quiet.

During the period, I was very attentive but I notice Alec, who's on my right, is looking very sleepy.

I decided to pinch his arm a little hard to wake him up. He seemed to be awakened by my pinching. Then I gave him a very strong mint candy, the ones where when you eat one you'll feel your nose become runny even when you don't have colds. After giving him candy I noticed Gio on my other side scratching his head. I whispered to him "What's wrong?"

"I can't understand anything he says." Gio whispered back.

"Just try to take down notes, okay?" I whispered to him.

During the rest of the period, Gio was taking a lot of notes while I kept on pinching Alec from time to time, a little harder each time.

After classes Gio asked me "So Jake, what do you say about tutoring me?"

"Sure. I'd be happy to." I said.

"Yes!" Gio said happily.

"How about you Alec?" Gio asked. "You want Jake to tutor you too?"

"Nah, I have a Math tutor already." Alec replied.

"Alright then. I have all of Jake for myself." Gio said smiling.

We were walking out the school when I asked Gio "So when will I tutor you?"

He replied, "How about this weekend? You can also help me with my Spanish assignment."

"That's unfair! If you're asking for Jake's help on the assignment then I'll do too!" Alec said.

"I'll just give you both the answers if I finished mine early okay? Besides I'll be helping Gio in his Trigo." I said to Alec.

"Thanks a lot Jake!" Alec said happily.

"No prob." I replied.

"So, Gio" I said looking at him "where will I tutor you? The library?"

"No, I don't want to do it at school, is my house okay?" he said.

"Sure, but I don't know your house" I said.

"How about I text and where we'll meet and we'll go to my house together." He suggested.

"Fine with me." I said.

Then we parted ways. After ten seconds of walking I heard someone shout my name. When I looked back I saw Gio. He was running towards me.

"What?" I asked.

"I forgot to get your number" he said.

"Oh duh! It's a good thing you remembered." I said.

So I gave him my number and we parted ways again. The walk home from school was the same as usual, uneventful. When I got home my mom and I had dinner, I did my Spanish assignment after and checked my facebook account. I have two new friend requests, it's Alec and Gio! I decided to stalk them a little.

I looked at Gio's profile first. He doesn't like to post pictures although the ones he posts he looks heavenly. After Gio I looked at Alec's profile. I saw a lot of selfies. I thought wow he likes taking pictures of himself. There were some pictures with girls, which made me a little depressed. After an hour of stalking I went to sleep.


As I keep on saying, there won't be any sex for a while.

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