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Let's Play a Game (Chapter Ten)

Even without an alarm, my body seems to wake up on its own. It's still dark and cold outside. As I clear my head I remember my date with Alec and Gio last week. I remember Alec's gorgeously beautiful eyes when he was staring at the equally beautiful sunrise and how I would like to spend the eternity staring at them, or staying in Gio's warm and soft embrace forever like when the Ferris wheel got stuck or when we were watching the very scary movie. How I wish they can be merged into one very sweet and perfect boyfriend.

Well, it's the second week that Alec and Gio are taking me on two separate dates. Since Alec and I went out last Saturday it's now Gio's turn.

It's a little bit early and I'm not expecting Gio to text me or call me about the date today since he's not much of a morning person. I'm still lying in my bed when my phone rang and to my surprise, it's Gio!

I answered a little too excitedly, "Hi Gio!"

"Good morning cutie!" he answered.

"How fast can you prepare?" he asked.

"Prepare for what?" I answered.

"It's a secret. But it will be a lot of fun, I promise." Gio replied.

"What time do you need me to finish?" I asked.

"I'll be there after thirty minutes, ok with you?" he said.

"That's okay." I replied.

"Oh yeah, wear something loose and comfy." He said.

"Oooohkay." I replied wondering why I would need to wear something loose. Then he hung up.

I took a quick shower and wore my usual pants and hoodie. After exactly thirty minutes Gio's waiting at the front of our house. He's wearing something similar to mine. Oh god, he looks so hot I could just stare at him all day. I think I may have actually stared a little too long because my mother was snapping her fingers in front of my face to put me out of my daze.

"Have fun honey!" my mom said as I waved goodbye.

"You take care of him okay?" my mom said waving goodbye to Gio.

"Don't worry Ms. Johnson I'll take care of him for you!" Gio said.

He's so sweet he gets a point.

"Come on!" Gio said motioning me to go inside his car.

I noticed he has a big bag at the back of his car.

"What's that for?" I asked pointing to the bag.

"You'll see pretty soon." He said with a huge smile.

"Better not be a dead body inside that bag." I joked.

"Oh now you've ruined the surprise" he said with a sad face.

I think I looked so shocked because he started to laugh hysterically.

"Jerk!!" I said as I fake punched his arm.

You know I couldn't hurt such an exquisite creature.

A few minutes later we were parking somewhere near what looks like a forest.

I thought, what is it with these guys and forests? Well, Alec brought me to a very spectacular place so this couldn't be bad.

After looking around Gio finally came out of his car and I see he's carrying the black bag earlier. I realize that it looks heavier now.

"Let's go." He said as he put his arms around me.

I take a big whiff of his manliness and soak it in. He smells so fresh and so clean.

We walk upwards towards the forest. It's not that steep that I became so tired but it's long enough that I had a bit of sweat in my forehead.

"We're almost there." He said.

"What's there?" I asked emphasis on the word "there".

He just smiled and flashed his dazzling teeth.

When we were at the "top" I see very colorful trees, nets and what looks like a training course for military people.

Being the stay at home person that I am I asked, "What is this?"

"It's paintball!" Gio said in excitement.

I think my eyes lit up. I have never actually played paintball in my entire life. Although it sounds nice to shoot people, paintball was not an option because I think it's dangerous. But now that I have a chance to try it, what the heck, if I get shot then I get shot. It's just paint right?!

"I'm so excited, you know it's my first time?" I said with a giddy voice.

He pulled me towards a small cabin thing and there he spoke with a guy at the counter. He gave us the appropriate clothing with knee guards, shin guards and other guards for other special places that needs guarding.

Once we were suited up the guy at the counter which was apparently named Guy, handed us two guns. The guns were big and long. I wish they weren't the only ones big and long (haha).

"So what are we supposed to be shooting?" I asked with a big ass smile on my face.

"Since it's your first time, mind if I teach you first?" Gio asked.

"That sounds perfect" I said.

We went outside and walked towards a place with targets. The ones with red and white stripe circle thingies.

I was so excited I placed myself in a front of a target and tried to position the gun in front of me. Gio suddenly appears behind me and puts his arms under my own and helped me fix the positioning.

He smells so good. *blush*


"Try to keep your arms and hands firm when you fire the gun" he instructed as he stepped back.

"There's no actual recoil when using paintball guns but you never know, you might have weak hands." He teased.

My first shot was more or less successful. It didn't hit the center of the target but it did not miss the entire target completely.

Because of the adrenaline rush, I started shooting continuously.

"Whoa, slow down there." He said while he was returning to his position. His position when he was fixing my stance or something, directly behind my back.

"Why don't you try focusing on the center of the target?" Gio said.

"Why?" I asked in between breaths.

"Well, if you hit the bull's-eye then you have a prize from me!" he said as he again positioned my arms.

"How many tries do I have?" I asked.

"Three sounds about right." He said.

"You're on mister!" I said confidently.

I didn't care what the prize was, I just started focusing on the target and started shoot.

First try: Missed! Completely!

Determined to get the prize from Gio, I tried to focus harder.

Second try: Bull's-eye!

"Haha, beginner's luck!" Gio said.

"Nuh-uh!" I said.

"Well let's see if you're that good. I'll give you your last try and if you still hit the bull's-eye then I'm doubling your prize." He suggested.

"Sure!" I said.

"But," he added.

"If you miss, you'll get nothing." He said as he smiled cockily.

"That's unfair! You said that if I hit it once I'll have my prize!" I contested.

"Well, I have the prize, I make the rules." He smiled.

"Fine, but if I hit it then you have to do something for me." I said.

"Oh yeah, like what?" he said.

"It's a secret." I said.

"Well then Mr. Confident, you have a deal." He said.

It's all or nothing I said in my mind.

Time slowed down during that moment. You know like the one in the movies.

I breathed heavily, like Katniss when she was focused on hitting the target during her meeting with the Game Makers.

I focused with all of my mind. I will hit the bull's-eye I repeated in my mind.

I took one last breath and fired the gun.

To Gio's and my shock, I hit the bull's eye for the second time!

"YESSS!!!!!" is shouted.

I jumped so high when I landed back Gio caught me and then because I was too heavy for him, we fell down.

I was on top of him, but he immediately rolled and now he was on top of me.

"So what's my prize?" I asked out of breath.

"You'll know later." He said as he stood up.

He offered me his hand and I took it and stood up.

"So now that you know the basics it's time for the real thing." He said.

"There's a group of people signing up at the counter." He continued.

"Let's join them!" I said.

"You read my mind." He said.

He draped his arms over me then we walked towards the cabin again. Once we were inside he removed his arms over me (which made me sad) and went to talk to the group. The group were composed of six people, two girls and four guys. It turns out they were playing in two teams of three. Gio asked the group if we could join. Fortunately they said yes. Unfortunately none of them would like to switch teams, so I will not be in a team with Gio. The team distribution goes like this, the two girls were in one team, the team that I'm in, plus another guy (Ugh, great. I got teamed up with girls). Gio's team was all boys (There goes the advantage). I think one of them was almost as hot as Gio. The rule was a person can be shot three times at any body part, a hit more than that then the person's out. Apparently, they just made up that rule. I'm sorry, I don't play paintball. After the rules were established we headed out to our own places.

Introductions were made immediately once they agreed to play with us.

In my team, there's me, Tris, Christina and Will. Tris is as tall as me but leaner and she has long blond hair and blue eyes, Christina is taller than me by half a foot which made me sorry for my height and long brown wavy hair with brown eyes. Last is Will, he's as tall as Christina but he's as chubby as me. Yay! He has a wavy short hair and deep blue eyes.

In the other team, Zach is Tris's boyfriend, he is taller than her and he has blue eyes as well. Chuck is Christina's boyfriend they're the same height and he has short hair, very short, which matches perfectly with his brown eyes. Last, Nate, the hottie I was almost drooling over earlier, is Will's boyfriend. He's like Gio in many ways, same height, same beautiful gray eyes and same messy wavy hair but have different facial features.

To cut the story short, our team won, I can't believe that the people in my team were so competitive. Before we joined them, they had a deal that the losing team get to do whatever the winning team wants them to. That's why the girls were so intense when we were playing.

"Well, mister, you get to do anything I want for the day." I said pointing to Gio's chest.

"It would be my pleasure." Gio said teasingly.

"Well, guys, it's great to meet all of you!" Gio said.

"But I have to take Mr. Winner here on a date." He added.

"We had so much fun, we should do this again!" Nate said.

"Totally, you can just call us." Gio said.

With that, we're off to someplace.

"I hope you're hungry!" Gio said while walking towards another part of the forest.

"I'm starving!" I replied.

After a few minutes of walking and talking about the game he led me to a secluded place, where a picnic was set up under a tree with two big baskets. I was so happy I hugged Gio so hard he couldn't breathe.

Point again.

"Let's eat!" Gio said, then led me to the mat.

After a long time and a lot of eaten food, we were lying on the mat staring at clouds.

We were having so much fun, I didn't realize we were holding hands. When I did, I realized that his hand was soft and gentle yet firm. I don't want to let go. At one point we were just silent, we were just enjoying the wind and the shade. After a few minutes, I realized that I fell asleep. My head was resting on Gio's chest and my arm was wrapped around him. Luckily I didn't drool all over his chest.

"Oh my god, I'm sorry!" I said as I tried to stand up.

"No, no, no! Don't move, I like to stay like this for a little more." he said.

Point again.

Who would say no to that proposition? So I stayed in that same position for as long as he wanted me to.

It was already late afternoon when we decided to pack up and leave.

While we were arranging our things I asked "Oh yeah, so what's my prize for hitting the target earlier?"

"Do you want it now or later?" he asked.

"Now?" I answered hesitantly.

"Well," he said standing in front of me. He held my face with both his hands and then it happened. He kissed me straight on the lips, not just one quick kiss also, it was a long sensual kiss.

One big point for Gio.

When he broke the kiss I was breathless and my knees were shaking so hard. All we were able to say was "Wow." I love my prize, I then remembered, "You said I have to prizes."

"Do you want the second now?" he asked with his face just an inch away from my face. Our body was so close together that a needle wouldn't be able to pass between us. And I'm feeling something down my thigh. I like.

"Uuhhhhhmmmm, uuuuhhhhhh." I was at a loss for words.

"Can I save it for later?" I asked.

"Whatever you want." He smiled then gave a quick kiss.

We left the place after that, then he drove me home.

"I had so much fun today." I said as I stare into his eyes.

"Me too." He replied then he hugged me tightly.

"So I guess I'll see you at school then." He said as he walked back to his car.

"I guess so." I replied.

He drove away and I walked back inside my house.

It's almost dark and my mom is at home just relaxing since it's her day off. I told her all about my date with Gio, but left out some parts. Then we had my favorite dinner cooked by my mom and then I slept. It was a nice ending to a very beautiful day.

In my Gio filled dreams, I heard a car honk repeatedly outside our house. It's loud and really alarming. I'm surprised my mom wasn't awoken by the loud noise. I scrambled to my feet and wrapped myself with my blanket since I'm only wearing my boxer shorts. Who could be honking at 3 AM in the morning? I peeked behind my curtain and saw Alec's car lighted up. They must really hate sleep. I walked down towards the door and went outside.

"What are you wearing?" Alec asked.

I looked at myself and realize I'm still covered in my blanket.

"Turn off your lights and come on in." I replied as he went towards me.

We went inside and sat down on the sofa. I went to my room and changed to normal clothes and went back down. I was wearing shorts, a loose shirt and slippers.

"Come on, let's go!" he said.

"What? I'm wearing house clothes." I said.

"Yes, so am I, so let's go." He repeated.

"How about my mother? She doesn't know about this." I hesitated.

"That's the thrill! It's what makes it so exciting." He chided.

"Fine, I'll just grab a few things." I said.

I went to the kitchen and left a note and put it in the fridge. We went outside towards the car. I made sure to lock all the doors and then were on our way.

"You can sleep on the way there." He said. That's all I need to hear and I'm off to sleep. After an hour of driving I woke up and I already hear waves crashing in the shore.

"Oh my god! The beach!" I exclaimed.

Alec parked the car and got out stuff from the car. We went to a place not far from where the shore is and Alec set up a little beach mat large enough to fit the two of us. He also brought out a huge umbrella.

"I wanted to see the sun rise in the beach and I wanted to see it with you." Alec said. Well, I blanked out, I just smiled the biggest smile ever. A few minutes more and the sun started to surface.

"You must really like watching sunrises." I said.

"I don't know, it has this weird effect on me, it makes me feel all warm inside." He replied.

We were laying down on the beach when the sunrise started. He has an arm draped over me and my head was on top of his chest. We were just staring at the sun and I was just staring at Alec's pretty eyes.

We spent a few hours in that position just looking at the relaxing waves and basking in the warmth of the sun just talking about anything and everything, eating various breakfast foods Alec packed with him. When it was becoming too hot, Alec opened the big umbrella and placed it so that it covers our body. Alec removed his shirt afterwards since he's already sweating. He asked me to do the same because he feels silly that he's the only one half naked. At first I hesitated but then I thought that he always sees me almost naked during swimming practices, so what the heck. I removed my shirt, folded it neatly and put it away.

By this time, there were already a few people arriving in the beach. Most were families bringing their children, and a few teenagers.

"Wanna swim? The water looks nice." Alec said.

"Sure, but I didn't bring any clothes." I replied.

"Do you think I did not think of that? I got you covered. Come on!" Alec smirked.

We went to the shore a little bit slow since the water feels a little cold at first. When we were waist deep in the water Alec suddenly climbs my back and I stumble causing me to fall face first in the water.

"What the hell was that for?" I asked while clearing my eyes.

"Sorry, I thought you could carry me. I guess I was wrong." Alec replied.

"Let's see if you can carry me." I said as I jumped towards him.

As expected he fell on his back and I fell on top of him. We were both submerged in water but I think my face touch his abs at one point. When we resurfaced, we were both gasping for air and laughing.

"Let's swim." A said once we were finished laughing.

We swam alright. My whole body was aching from the teasing, the little races and everything else we did.

"I'll just go back under the umbrella to rest for a while." Alec said.

"Me too." I said while gasping for air.

He went first and I get to look at his back and his butt which is obviously gorgeous, even with his shorts on. When we were in our spot Alec pulled out two towels out of his bag and handed on to me. We dried ourselves off and sat on the mat again.

We sat down for a few minutes, just catching our breath when Alec said to me, "Let's grab something to eat. Goofing off is tiring."

We left our things to head to a small bar-ish type building where they serve burgers, fries, sandwiches and fruit smoothies among other things. We sat in the stools and he began ordering.

"I'll have one cheeseburger and a strawberry banana smoothie. How about you?" he asked me.

"I'll have a watermelon and mango smoothie and a grilled cheese sandwich." I said to the guy writing the orders.

"I'll have an extra grilled cheese sandwich too." Alec added as the guy finished writing.

"Wow, how come you're so not fat? It's so unfair." I asked.

"Well, as you may already know, I like to dance. Plus I pay sports and then we swim during Tuesdays and Fridays." He explained.

"How about me, I swim too, but this is still here!" I said pointing to my belly.

"Which is now flatter compared to before." He said rubbing my stomach with his soft, baby-like hands. And I swear to God, I popped an instant boner right there. Good thing the shorts were loose.

After a few minutes of chit-chat our food arrived and my boner started to vanish, we started wolfing on them like mad men. The smoothies were so refreshing, and it helped a lot in cooling down from the heat. As for my sandwich, it was heavenly. I'm not really a picky eater, and I love cheese so much. Just put meat, cheese and garlic together and I'll be set for a meal. Although the sandwich was lacking meat, the cheese more than made up for it.

While we were eating, Alec made me taste his burger. He put the burger in front of my face and when I tried to hold the burger in my hands he refused so I just bit from it while he was holding it. I took a big bite which of course smeared a mayonnaise, ketchup and mustard on both sides of my face. I didn't notice it because the burger was so good. All I can do was moan a little after tasting the burger.

As the gentleman that Alec is, he wiped my face clean of all the condiments on my face. I think he purposely left some so he can scoop it with his thumb and make a show of licking and sucking it in front of me.

There goes boner number two for the day.

It turns out, the extra sandwich he ordered is for the both of us. We finished eating the food and he ordered a big ass bowl of fresh fruits for us. He said that it would help clean our digestive system since we pigged out on such unhealthy foods. Which actually makes sense.

Point for Alec.

After eating all the food we went back to our spot, adjusted the umbrella then we sat down in the mat. We talked for a while and I did not realize that we were already laying down side by side.

We both dozed off a few minutes later. My arm was on top of Alec's chest and my leg was draped all over his legs. When we both came to our senses we, I mean I, separated myself from him and we stretched our limbs while yawning.

"Don't think I didn't see your little show when we were eating lunch by the bar earlier." Alec said while we were staring at the sun.

"What?" I asked, knowing fully well what he is talking about.

"Oh come on, don't be shy, it happens to all of us." Alec said.

"Well, it's just that I've never been touched in that place before. By anyone." I said meekly.

"And you have this.....effect on me." I added.

"Well, I didn't know that." Alec smiled.

"Was it really that obvious?" I asked.

"Yes, I think the girls beside you actually saw it too." Alec remarked.

I think I turned redder than before. We were not only talking about my boner, but the people who might have seen it as well.

"Well, it's gone now, so can we stop talking about it?" I asked, embarrassed.

Alec scooted a little closer to me and suddenly his hand is flat on my stomach.

Boner number three!

"Stop!" I said as pushed his hand away. But he was too fast, he got my other hand and rubbed it in his stomach. Oh god, I could've cum right there.

"Stop! Not in here!" I said as I giggled at what I was feeling.

"Just one last thing." Alec said as he slid my hand near the waist band of his shorts. I quickly removed my hand knowing where my hand will go next.

"Awww, why would you do that?" Alec asked.

"There are people here." I whispered, even though in my mind I wanted to play with his dick more than ever.

"So if we were in a private place, will you be willing to you know do it?" he asked with a wink.

I didn't answer, I just blushed.

"HA! I was just kidding! Come on let's swim some more." He said as he stood up.

I did not follow him because I still have a boner and people might see it. I tried thinking of naked girls and that did the trick, my boner was gone.

I followed him towards the beach and we started swimming towards the deep parts. Since I'm a little bit taller than Alec, I got farther than him. We swam a little more and played a little more with each other when I walked back towards the shore.

"Hey, where are you going?" Alec asked.

"I'm just going back and rest for a while. I'm so tired." I replied.

"Well wait for me." He said back.

He walked towards me and followed me. Once we were knee deep in the shore, he hugged me, from my back. I couldn't do anything, I just held his arms tightly. I'm feeling something down my butt area, wonder what it is? *wink*

"What was that for?" I asked when we separated.

"Uhh, thank you? You know for being an awesome date." He replied.


I hugged him back, this time we were face to face. And I felt the thing again, this time rubbing my thing.

"It's great that you think that. Thank you too, for making my day awesome." I said back.

With that, we were off to the showers. We showered in different stalls, I think that it is the right thing to do. He gave me his clean clothes to change after I was done showering. I think that underwear was new because it has the weird tight feeling. The clothes he gave me were a little snug but it's ok. I like it.

When we were finished, we gathered our things and headed back to the car.

As I was settling myself in the front seat I said "I wonder how my mother will react once I come back home."

"Will you relax, I went to your house yesterday and talked to your mom about today." Alec said.

"What? You told my mom? And to think I had dinner with her yesterday." I answered.

"Of course, do you think I'll just get you into trouble like that?" he said.

"That would give me a bad record in your mom's book." He added.

And then we were off to my house.


Alec: 9 Gio: 11


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