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Let's Play a Game. (Chapter Seven)

While I was walking alone towards my house, I can't help but smile from ear to ear. Although there are a lot of things on my mind. First of all I was so happy. They both like "like" me! I was so happy I thought that if I was going to die right now it was alright. At least I'll die happily.

Since it's a long walk home and I started walking home happy, I can't help but think of some negative thoughts. I wondered why would they pick me. I'm not a catch, I don't look cool, I'm not popular and most of all, my face or body is not as awesome as theirs. Then I started to feel insecure.

It's always like this. I feel so happy and then start to over think everything. Then I become sad or depressed and insecure.

As I was nearing my home I have a mixed feeling of happiness and insecurity. If that's even possible.

"Mom, I'm home!" I shouted as I went inside.

"Wow, someone had a good night." She said, sitting in the couch in the sofa.

"You could say that." I said.

"Ooh, spill." She said to me.

"Well." I said as I went to sit in the couch next to her.

I told her what happened from the start of the dinner to the walk to the ice cream shop to the part where Alec and Gio told me that they both like me and that they want to date me. I don't leave any detail out. She listens attentively and just nods when I say something.

After I finished telling her what happed she was all smiles.

She grabbed me and started to hug me tightly.

"Someone's finally noticing my boy!" she said while hugging me.

"Or should I say two someones!" she added.

"Mom!" I say.

She let go.

"So what's your plan?" she asked.

"Uhmm. I actually have no idea. It's the first time someone told me something this important." I said.

"TWO someones." She corrected.

"How about whenever you do something with each one of them you give them points based on whether you like what you're doing or not." She suggested while laying her head on my lap.

"What?" I asked.

"You know, like when Gio asks you out to watch a movie and you had fun, Gio gets a point. When you didn't like what you did, he gets zero." She explained.

"What? I would score them?" I asked.

"Well, basically, yeah. That way you know which one is in the lead and which one is you know 'losing' " she said with air quotes.

"You know what? That's actually a great idea!" I exclaimed.

"Of course! It came from me! What do you expect?" she joked.

"I know, I know." I said.

"Wait, how would I know when to stop keeping score?" I asked.

"You have to decide that for yourself. You know, like set a deadline or something." She replied.

"How long?" I asked again.

"When you feel like it. If you think that you've seen enough or felt something special about someone."

"Well, I kind of feel something special for both of them." I said.

"Sweetie, it's up to you. If you feel something more for that someone then you stop scoring." She said.

"Well, it's pretty late." She said with a yawn.

"I better get to sleep. I still have work tomorrow." She said.

"Good night mom. Thanks again." I said as she got up from my lap.

"Of course sweetie." She said and went up to her room.

Once again I was left alone with my thoughts.

I thought of what mom told me. It's actually a very good suggestion. But how do I tell them that I agree to them asking me out. I think I need to talk to them face to face. It's a good thing it's the weekend. We can talk tomorrow. I'll just invite them here, I thought.

After a few minutes of thinking, I went up to my room, washed my face and brushed my teeth and slept.

It's already 9 in the morning and I still haven't left my room. I'm still lying in my bed with just my boxers under the sheets when I hear a knock on the door.

"It's open!" I yell and covered myself again.

"Hey!" A familiar voice said but it's not my mom.

I suddenly lift my blanket and see Gio in my room only wearing a bathrobe.

Behind him suddenly appears Alec wearing the same bathrobe and nothing else.

"Good morning sleepy head!" Alec said.

"W-W-What?" I asked sounding confused.

"We came here to see you!" Gio said sitting in front of me.

Alec came to the other side and sat closer to me. He started feeling my legs. He was rubbing it up and down each time closer and closer to my crotch. By this time Gio was sitting beside me and starts lifting my blanket. Everything was happening so fast my heart is racing and I can't think clearly. I close my eyes shut and just take deep breaths. When I opened my eyes Alec's crotch is in front of my face only covered by the robe. (I am still lying down) He suddenly starts to remove his robe slowly revealing his nice body and his huge dick. Oh his dick! It must have been eight inches long and it's oh so thick. It's now hard and just inches away from my face.

"Go ahead. I know you want it." he said with a smile.

I was slightly hesitant at first but he grabbed my hand and put it around his dick and started jacking himself off with my hand. I wanted to lick it with my mouth, he responded by pushing his dick a little towards my tongue, which I took as a go signal. I started sucking the whole thing. From licking the length of it to taking the whole of it in my throat. I was surprised by the feeling of a hard dick in my mouth. It's amazing, I think I love sucking already.

Gio is now on face to face with my crotch, which is only covered by my boxers. He starts to pull them off of me. When he finally removes it my dick is now standing at full attention. He grabs it at the base and starts licking the tip. I moan loudly and he takes it as a sign and take the whole thing in his mouth. The feeling was heaven, his mouth was warm, soft and smooth. I was now moaning a lot louder while sucking Alec's dick. After a few minutes of Gio sucking me, my hips started to buck and Gio quickens his sucking and I feel myself getting closer and closer to my climax.

"I'm cumming!" I said to Gio.

Instead of removing his mouth he just continued sucking me with more suction and speed.

With one final pump I came inside of Gio's warm mouth. He swallowed every bit of cum I gave and started to clean my dick.

All the while I continue to suck on Alec's cock.

"Oh yes!" Alec said.

Gio now gets up from my dick and start to move to my right and remove his robe as well.

While he was removing his robe I saw that his dick is longer than Alec's. Maybe a whole inch longer, but Alec's is a lot thicker. Gio takes my hand and guide it to his dick. While I was sucking on Alec's dick my hand is now busy jacking off Gio.

Gio taps Alec's shoulder and Alec moves to my left and Gio gets on top of me. He holds his dick and direct it towards my mouth. I open my mouth and suck on it as best as I could. Now my left hand is jacking Alec off.

After a few minutes of sucking Gio's dick, I feel that he is close to cumming. So I also quicken my sucking and add pressure as well.

"I'm cumming!" Gio screamed.

I followed Gio and took his whole dick in my mouth. I feel his dick shoot out warm ropes of cum inside my mouth and I savor my first taste of cum. With a few final licks he pulled his dick out of my mouth and lay down to my right.

Alec is now lying on my left. He asked me to switch places with him so that I can suck his dick while he is lying down.

He was now on the center of the bed and I was lying face down with his dick in my face. I start to suck on Alec's dick and to my surprise Gio lays down beside me and plays with Alec's balls.

Once Gio and I got to a good rhythm Alec managed to say "I-I-I'm cumming!" and with that I sucked on his dick harder and faster. He also came in my mouth and I feel his cum hit the back of my throat like jets and I manage to get all of it without spilling a drop.

After Alec's climax I sat upright and saw Alec out of breath but happy.

"That was awesome!" Gio said.

All Alec could do was take deep breaths.

"Wow." Was all I could manage.

"Come here." Alec said motioning between them while he was scooting to the left side.

I went in between them and we lay there tired and spent. Gio grabbed the blanket and draped it over the three of us enveloping us with its warmth.

After a few minutes I wake up and look for Gio and Alec beside me. It took me a minute to realize that it was a dream, and that my boxer shorts was wet and sticky with cum. I lied down for a few minutes then went to the bathroom the take a shower and change my clothes.

After I finished changing clothes I went down stairs and see that no one is there. But I do smell coffee. I pour myself a cup and prepare breakfast. I ate cereals since mom didn't cook for breakfast.

While eating I decided that I would call Gio and Alec now to invite them here.

I first called Alec.

His phone rang once and he answered immediately.

"Good morning Jake! You sleep well?" he greeted.

"Like a baby." I replied.

"Anyway could you come over to my house later. I want to talk to you?" I asked.

"Of course. What about?" he said.

"I think you know what it's about." I said.

"Oh, okay. What time do you want me to be there?" he asked.

"How about 11?" I asked.

"Sounds good. See you then." He said.

"Okay see you. Bye." I said then hung up.

Next, I called Gio.

After the first ring he also answered his phone.

"Hey Jake!" he said happily.

"Hey." I said.

"Could you come over to my house at 11 today?" I asked.

"Sure. You want me to bring lunch?" he asked.

"Nope. I just want to talk to you." I said.

"Well then, I'll see you later handsome." He said.

I blushed, it's a good thing he can't see me.

"Okay. Bye." I said then I hung up.

They'll have to be here by eleven which give me approximately an hour and a half to prepare.

The first thing I did after eating and cleaning up was to change into something nicer than what I was wearing. Then I started thinking what I would say to them when they arrive.

At about 10:50 I still don't have anything to say to them. I decided to just wing it.

It's now eleven and Gio was the first to arrive. Even though I told him not to bring food, he still brought something and I smells good. I took the food he brought put it in the kitchen and offered him a drink. Just as Gio was settled inside Alec arrives and I let him enter and sit in the couch.

Now, they are both seated in the couch and I'm standing in front of them.

"So...uhh.."I started.

At this point I was sweating bullets.

"Well I think we know what you want to say, so let's just make it easier." Alec said.

"Yes or no?" Alec asked me.

"Well..uhh..I..Yes." I managed to say.

"Yes!" Gio said standing up.

They both came beside me and hugged me tight.

After a few seconds they let go of me.

"That's great! You won't regret it!" Alec said.

"So what now?" I asked.

"Now we eat then we go home and plan for your date." Gio said.

"Right. The food he brought looks good." Alec said gesturing to the food in the table.

We went to the dining table and ate the food Gio brought. When we were done eating Gio and Alec offered to help me clean the dishes but I told them that it is not the guests job to do that. I told them that they can watch TV while I finish cleaning.

When I came back to the living room I noticed that Gio was watching a movie while Alec is on the verge of falling asleep on the couch.

I sat beside Gio and waking Alec in the process.

"What're we watching?" Alec said.

"I think it's Avengers" I said.

"That movie's so old you know?" Alec said.

"Yeah but nothing's good on TV." Gio said.

"Which means it's time for us to go home." Alec said.

"Well, it's just 4 in the afternoon." I said.

"But we'll need to plan for your date." Gio said.

"How long does it take to plan that?" I ask.

"Well I'll need all the time I can get if I'm going to beat that guy right there." Gio said pointing at Alec.

"Yeah. You can try." Alec said. "But you'll never win"

"Yeah, whatever." I said.

"I'll just see you in school then?" I asked.

"Of course. " they both said.

I walked with them until the front of the house and saw Gio's car. He went in the driver's seat and Alec went to the passenger seat in front. They waved goodbye and drove off.

As they were driving away it got me thinking what kind of date Gio would bring me to or Alec. Would they bring me t a nice dinner, or watch a movie, or ice skating, or you know other sweet stuff. Let's just see when one of them asks me out on a date. For now all I have are guesses.

For the remainder of the day I spent it with my Gio and Alec texting me about random stuff. Asking me questions on what I like and what I don't like which gave me a few hints on what kind of date I would be having with either of them.

At about 7 in the afternoon my mom arrived and I told him what happened today and she screamed like a school girl. I think she's even more excited than me.


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