Let's Play a Game. (Chapter One)


This is a purely fictional story. Just thought you should know :)

Also there is no sex in this chapter or the next few depending on the response.


"Truth or dare!", someone shouted holding up a bottle.

Everyone, including me, started to form a circle.

By the way, my name is Jake. I'm 18 years old. I'm about 5 foot 8 inches tall and just a teensy weensy bit chubby. I actually look very, very average. I am currently a senior in high school. Everyone knows I'm gay and no one cares. Here's a little back story of how I came out to my mother.

I actually came out to my mother when I was 16. My father, well I don't know anything about him. I actually like it that way. So we were eating dinner and I told her "Mom, I have something very important to tell you."

She said "what?"

I actually stuttered when I replied "I'm g-gay."

And what she said surprised me. She said "Yeah, ok."

And I said "You're not mad?"

"Of course not. Should I be? Did you have unprotected sex with a guy already?" she joked.

I replied back " Mom! No!" then I stood up and hugged her. After we finished hugging she joked again "Now go eat your vegetables, just because you're gay doesn't mean you won't have to eat your greens."

Anyways, I am currently at a very small party with my close friend Pam and her friends. We are playing the game when the bottle pointed at me. Of course I chose truth. The last person picked before me was given the chance to pick the question. She asked "Do you like someone from our school?" There were some "oohs" from the others but everyone in the circle became quiet and very attentive. I actually became quiet after hearing the question but then I said "I actually like two guys. The first one is Gio, and the second is Alec. We actually have a lot of classes together."

Let me describe them both for you guys.

Let me describe Gio.

He is actually about two inches taller than me. He has a slim body, not the nerdy type slim, he actually has a bit of muscles because he plays basketball. He wears braces but his teeth are actually perfect. He has very white and nice skin. His legs are long and slender, not like girl legs slender but manly slender (I don't know how to explain it. Haha!) I don't know why I like it, I just do! I can't describe his face but it's perfect.

Now Alec.

Alec is I think at least an inch shorter than me. He also plays basketball and he likes to dance. I think it's called pop or modern dance. He also has a slim body but he has a little more muscle because of his dancing especially in his legs. His skin is a little more tan than Gio. He wears retainers and of course his teeth are perfect as well. His face is a bit more angular than Gio. And an added bonus: he has dimples!

They are both gorgeous and they have smiles that are to die for. Haha. I think I started having a crush on both of them when I was a freshman. They have been my classmates in some subjects throughout the years. When I first saw them I just felt something I can't explain. Now every time I see them I always get this unexplainable feeling.

Back to the game. After I answered everyone started asking me questions about Gio and Alec. I just said "One question only, okay? So who's next?" and I spun the bottle. The rest of the night went actually fine because I wasn't chosen to play again.

After the small party I went home and slept like a baby. The next week was actually uneventful for me. It was actually the week after that that something particularly weird happened. As I was heading out of my Trigo class that Gio and Alec started walking with me out of the room. They were actually talking to me! A week ago they probably didn't know me and now they are actually talking to me and walking with me! As we were walking out the door, Gio said "What's up with that lesson? It 's more complicated than women."

"Tell me about it!" Alec replied.

"Did you get any of it?" Gio asked me.

"Some of it, yeah." I responded.

"Good! Now I have someone to tutor me! Haha." Alec joked.

Gio said "Now we both have someone to tutor us!"

Our classroom was on the 4th floor so we continued talking until we were in school grounds. We actually only separated ways when we were in front the road. They both went left and I went right.

As I was walking home alone, I thought of Gio and Alec. I remembered how perfect they were while they were joking with me. As I got home my mother was preparing dinner when she noticed my unusually big smile and she asked me what's up so I told her what happened and she said that that's good and that I should wash up before dinner.

After dinner I went to my room did my assignments and slept with a very happy mood.


English is not my first language so sorry if there are a lot of errors. Comments are highly appreciated. Let me know whether to continue the story or not. Thanks in advance!




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