Let's Play a Game (Chapter Fourteen)

"Where the hell is he? I haven't seen or heard from him all day." I muttered to myself. I have tried all morning to contact him. He doesn't respond to my text and doesn't answer my calls.

His first class is about to start and I still haven't seen him anywhere. I'm so worried I barely understood anything from my first class or anything from my other classes. During lunch break I was so nervous. I haven't gotten a single text from him.

I decided to go to their house after school and check in on him.

Half an hour later I arrived at their house, I knocked but nobody answered. It was already dim outside.

"Is anybody home?" I shouted, nobody answered.

"Guess not." I said to myself.

If he's not in here, there might be someone who knows where he is. I decided to go there immediately.

I went there as fast as my car would let me.

Once I was there I immediately went to their front door.

"ALEC! OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!"I said banging on their door.

As soon as Alec open the door I grabbed the collar of his shirt and pushed him to the wall.

"What did you to him!? Where is he?!" I asked, my anger rising.

"What are you talking about?" Alec asked startled.

"You know what I'm talking about. Now tell me what happened last night. What did you do to Jake?" I asked again pushing him away from the door.

"Nothing happened, I swear. We just talked and I brought him home after that. I even made sure he went inside before I left." Alec calmly explained.

"If nothing happened then where the hell is he? He isn't answering my calls and he's not responding to any of my messages." I told him pushing him even harder.

Alec looked a little scared.

"You are not going to do this to me again! You're going to hurt me again" I shouted.

"What? I haven't done anything to you." Alec said.

"I think you know what the hell I am talking about. I told you I had feelings for you and you just ignored what I said." I replied.

"I'm sorry, I told you that before, a million times. You kept on telling me that its fine, and I thought that it was. Why are you bringing this up now?" Alec said.

"Because Alec, I'm still not over you!" I said, tightening my grip on his collar.

"I'm not over you." I repeated.

I can't take it anymore. Alec hurt me again by doing something bad to Jake, I don't know what it is but I know it's not good. I can't control my emotions when my fist came flying towards Alec's face, then suddenly out of nowhere Jake appeared and blocked Alec's face. They both fall down, Jake on top of Alec.

"Ouch, that hurt." Jake said with a weird smile on his face.

I helped him up and I noticed his breath reeked of alcohol. I don't bother to help Alec up because I was worried for Jake.

"Have you been drinking?" I asked.

"Nope." Jake said sarcastically.

I let go of his arm and he struggles to stand upright. I help him steady himself when suddenly he kisses me.

"Jake, stop. You're drunk." I said. Alec now standing up and helping me steady him.

"Let's get him to my room." Alec said.

We both held Jake and guided him towards Alec's room. When we were about to lay him down he wrapped his arms on our necks pulling us down with him on the bed.

"I love you both so much." Jake slurred.

"So much that it hurts me inside." Jake added.

"I mean is that even possible? To love two people strongly...equally." he We struggled to get up on our feet but Jake's arms were very strong.

He started kissing my lips and I tried to resist but something about his kiss was familiar, like the one we shared in the jacuzzi or in our house after that. Full of heat and lust. I'm starting to get aroused. When he parted his lips he kissed Alec squarely on the mouth. Alec resisted but it did him no good, Jake just kissed him harder I even thought there was tongue involved. Alec stopped resisting and kissed him back. A minute later Jake let's go of Alec and grabs my face and kissed me again, immediately battling his tongue with mine. When Alec was about to stand, Jake grabbed his shorts and pulled them down in a quick motion, showing Alec's hard dick. Jake pulled Alec's shorts towards his face and let go of me and immediately sucked Alec's dick. I realized that it was no use fighting and that I needed the release. Out of instinct I kissed Alec while Jake was busy with his dick. Alec was shocked with my action, but he was lost with what Jake was doing he did not fight it. I stuck my tongue down Alec's throat and he accepted and answered with his own tongue fighting with mine. It was so hot. I never imagined it would be feel this good kissing Alec. I could spend hours like this. He stopped sucking Alec's dick and started removing his shorts.

"Fuck me." He said to no one in particular.


I have watched this a few times now. Every time I get a hard on thinking about Jake, I watch gay porn. I watch how they prepare the ass of the guy that was going to be fucked. How they tongued and fingered the guy's hole to loosen him up. I tried to do the same with my finger. I squirted some of the lube into my fingertips and applied it to Jake's hole gently. He tensed a little bit and his hole tighten a little bit, but I continued applying lube to his hole and massaging it gently. He began to relax a little bit and I was able to insert a finger. I was so focused on what I was doing I don't know what's happening around me. Once Jake's hole was able to accommodate my finger I tried inserting two, without missing a beat Jake's hole relaxed at the intrusion. I gradually added a third finger to prepare Jake for my dick. I have lost all my inhibitions when Jake sucked my dick. I just lost it.

I smeared all my pre cum that was leaking into Jake's hole. I grabbed a few condoms, threw it on the bed and tore one open. After I rolled it onto my dick I applied generous amounts of lube. Jake already raised his legs up eager for my entrance. As I position myself, I see Jake sucking on Gio's dick hungrily. Gio seems to enjoy himself as well.

When I was in position I pushed a little bit into Jake, my dick was met with a little resistance but I pushed in a little more. When the head popped in, Jake let go of Gio's dick and cried out in pain. I steadied myself and let Jake get used to the girth of my dick. When Jake returned to sucking Gio I took that as a signal for me to continue. Not even half of my dick was inside Jake, when I felt the heat and the tightness of him, which made me think if this was his first time. But that thought quickly vanished when my entire dick was buried deep inside of Jake. His face looks distorted with pain but he kept on sucking on Gio's dick. Gio moaned uncontrollably from Jake's performance. When Jake started moaning and moving his hips I started pulling my dick halfway and rammed it back in only to be replied with a loud moan from Jake's occupied mouth. I fucked him with all I had and a few moments later I was nearing my inevitable orgasm. Jake started fucking me back with his hips which brought me closer and closer to my orgasm. A few thrusts more and I'm done for, Jake was milking my cock with his ass when I exploded inside of him. It felt like the condom was about to burst. I pulled out of Jake and removed the condom from my dick. Gio hasn't cum yet and Jake hasn't too.

"Fuck me Gio." Jake said after I pulled out.


I wondered how Jake got so good in sucking dick. He used his tongue in so many ways I haven't thought of and he can take all of me to the hilt without gagging.

When Alec was finished, I heard Jake plead for me to fuck him. Having lost my mind in lust, I grabbed a condom from the bed and rolled it onto myself. Entering Jake was easier having Alec fuck him before me. I easily penetrated him in one thrust. Jake immediately moaned in delight at what I did. I have never felt anything like this in my entire life, not even when Alec and I were playing with each other. I fucked him slowly and gently so that I could last longer. Alec went to my side and started playing with Jake's dick, like the way he did to me when we were younger. Jake's moans escape his mouth freely without restraints, loud and short. Alec grabbed some lube and applied some to his hands and Jake's dick. I was so lost in euphoria that I can't seem to focus in anything else. I was snapped out of my high when I heard Alec talk to me.

"Gio, fuck me. Gio, fuck me please." Alec said.

I noticed he was playing with his hole the entire time he was sucking Jake's dick. He was at the edge of the bed while Jake was lying on his back on the bed. I pulled out of Jake and discarded the used condom and rolled a new one. Entering Alec on this position was hard, but Alec forced my dick into him. When the head of my dick popped inside of him he winced out in pain. I was about to pull out when Alec grabbed my butt with one of his hands. I stood still and waited for Alec to get accustomed to my dick. When he let go of my ass I started to pull almost all the way out and quickly forced it back in Alec's hole. Alec arched his back in a feeling of mixed pain and pleasure. His moans were as loud as Jake's now. I constantly fucked him in the same manner until I can't hold it in any longer. My thrusts were shorter, my pace quickened signaling the inevitable and my breaths became shorter. With one final hard thrust, I came inside Alec with what seems like an earth shattering orgasm. I was in so much pleasure that my sight went black for a very short while. When I went back down from my high, I notice Jake came hard in Alec's face and some in his own stomach. He was now asleep with his hands at his sides. He was smiling in his sleep. I pulled out from Alec and went to his gbathroom and grabbed a towel. I cleaned his face from Jake's cum, and Jake's stomach as well. When they were both clean, Alec laid beside Jake and covered them both in his blanket.

I started to speak, "Alec..."

"Tomorrow." Alec answered interrupting me.

"For now, let's enjoy this moment." Alec said as he motioned for me to join them in bed.

I laid beside Jake and the three of us drifted off to sleep.


I wake up with a skull pounding headache, desert dry throat and a sore ass.

What the hell happened yesterday?


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