Let's Play a Game (Chapter Eleven)

It's the start of the week. The day everybody hates, Monday. School was nothing spectacular, same old same old.

*after our last class*

"Jake, Trig's killing' me!" Gio said.

"Still not getting it?" I asked back.

"Not a thing. I have complete notes and everything!" He replied.

"Well, I'm free this afternoon. You want me to help?" I asked.

"That would be super!" Gio replied.

"What time do you want me to be there?" I asked.

"Why don't we go there now?" Gio suggested.

"Ok, I'll just call my mom then." I said as I stepped aside.

"How about you Alec?" Gio asked.

"I'm fine." Alec answered.

"I've got somewhere to go actually. Could you just tell Jake I went ahead already?" Alec said.

"Sure. You look like you are in a hurry." Gio said.

"Great, Thanks!" Alec said as he walked away.

As I walked toward Gio, I saw Alec walking away.

"Where's he going?" I asked.

"He didn't tell, though he looks like he's rushing somewhere. Anyway, what did your mom say?" Gio replied.

"She's ok with it." I answered back.

"Ok, so let's go?" Gio said.

"Let's to the burger place near school first, I'm hungry." I said.

"Ok, sure." He said.

So we walked out of the school together talking about anything we could think of. When we were nearing the burger place, Barney's Burgers, I realized that Gio's arm was draped over me. It's warm and it smells so good. I looked at him without thinking and I got lost in my thoughts.

He snapped me out of my daze and I realized we stopped walking because I was staring at his face.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm fine, sorry." I said as my face blushed.

"I was asking you if you're alright with putting my arm over your shoulder." He asked again.

"Its fine, I... Uhh... I... I like it when you do that." I answered.

"Oh, ok. Let's go, we're almost there." Gio said pointing to the burger place.

Once we were inside there, we ordered then Gio surprised me by paying for everything.

While we were waiting for our order I asked Gio "What part exactly are you having trouble in?"

"Well that last topic we had was the most difficult." Gio replied.

"Ok, it's good that you have all the notes." I replied.

Then the waiter comes to our table and hands us our order. We walked out of the burger place and continued our walk towards Gio's house.

Not even a second out of the burger place, Gio's arms were again draped over my shoulder.

Within a few minutes of walking we were in front of Gio's big house. As usual the maid was there to open the door for us. We went inside, straight to his room.

Once we were in his room he immediately removed of his shoes, followed by his shirt then his pants.

It's like the whole world slowed down while we was removing his shirt. I just stared at him while he was undressing in front of me. It's a good thing he was wearing a slightly tight tank top or else I would be drooling even more. Though his tank top leaves nothing to the imagination. I can clearly see muscles in his flat stomach and his arms, oh my god, his arms. He then removed his pants he was wearing boxer shorts underneath. Which I say again, leaves nothing to the imagination. Even though I don't see something hard in there, I can see its filled put really well. I have no words for his body. When my eyes met his, he was looking at me seductively.

"Why don't you get comfortable as well?" he asked.

"Oh, uhh, I think I'm fine." I replied.

"Well, suit yourself." Gio said as he plopped down in his bed.

He patted to the other side of his bed and asked me to join him.

I walked towards his bed and removed my shoes and climbed in his bed.

"So, where do you want to start?" I asked.

"Well, we can eat first. 'Cause you know, told me you were starving." He said.

"Oh yeah. Sounds good." I replied.

Did I mention that his room has a small balcony? That's where we ate the food. The fresh air and the good food was very relaxing. I almost forgot that I have to tutor Gio.

After an hour and a half or so of eating, resting and talking, we went back inside to Gio's bed.

"So, where do you want to start? For real this time." I asked.

"Well, I think we won't finish anything unless you spend the night here." Gio said.

It is getting kind of late, if I were to go home, it should be now.

"I wish I could, but I don't have clothes. Plus, I haven't asked my mom yet." I said.

"You could call her now." Gio suggested.

So I called my mom, told her that I was spending the night at Gio's house so that she would not wait up for me.

"That's one." I said as I hung up the phone.

"How about the clothes? I'm sure we don't wear the same size." I said.

"Let's see." Gio said as he stood up from his bed.

He came in front of me and started removing my shirt.

"What the?!!" I asked as I stopped his hand.

"I wanted to see what size you're wearing." He said.

"You could've just asked." I said.

"It would be better to see for myself." He said.

With that, I raised both my arms as Gio removed my shirt. I noticed he took his time removing my shirt. His hand stayed a little bit longer than it should over my stomach and back. Good thing I'm wearing a tank top too.

"Let's see." Gio said as he looked at the tag.

"Well we are both wearing the same size. Believe it or not." Gio said.

"Want to pick out what you're going to wear tomorrow?" Gio asked as he walked towards his big closet.

"I think we should get started with your Trig. You know, it's getting kind of late." I replied.

"Come here." Gio said as he motioned me towards him.

"What size are your pants?" Gio continued ignoring my statement earlier.

"Were you not listening? We should get started." I repeated.

"I know, I know. But I can't work unless I solve your second problem." He said as he tried unbuckle my belt.

"Stop! I'm only wearing boxers." I manage to say.

"What am I wearing?" he gestured to his boxers.

"Well, it's different. You look good in them." I said.

"Bull crap." He said as he tugged my pants down.

"I can remove them myself you know." I said trying to help him.

He flicked my hand away and continued to remove my pants. When he was almost done removing my pants, his face was inches from my dick. Which took all of my willpower not to get hard. Imagine how embarrassing that would be.

"Ok, I'm going to check if I have something of the same size." Gio said as he checked his closet.

After a few minutes he is holding like three pairs of jeans.

"Try one of these." He said handing me all three.

"Can't we just do this tomorrow?" I asked him.

"I'm just worried for you, you know?" I added.

Gio walked towards me and stood directly in front of me.

"To tell you the truth, I don't need your help in Trig. I got a tutor for that." He said he was now holding both my hands.

"I just wanted to you to spend the night with me, because it gets lonely here sometimes. My mom's always busy with her business meetings and stuff. It's just the maids and me." He continued while looking into my eyes.

My heart was beating so hard and fast.

"Well, you could have just asked me directly you know." I choked out.

"I didn't know if you would like that." He said.

"Plus, it was a lot easier for me to get you out of your clothes." Gio added with a smile.

"You liar." I said pointing at his chest.

He grabbed my finger and kissed it then he held my hand as he led me to his bed.

"What about my clothes?" I asked.

"I like you better like this." He said.

"So what you want to do now?" I asked.

"Well, when I'm alone, I just do whatever I feel like doing. What do you want to do?" He said.

"Since I have extra clothes, I kind of want to go for a swim." I suggested.

"Let's go then." He said.

We got up, went down to where the door leading to the pool is when I realized that I don't have any extra underwear. It would be a shame to borrow from him.

"Oh, I don't have extra boxers." I said.

"You can borrow one of mine." He said as he did a cannonball.

"Wouldn't that be weird?" I asked.

"It's either that or you go swim in your birthday suit." He said already coming up for air.

"Borrow it is." I said as I jumped in the pool.

I forgot to tell you, we removed our tank tops, so we were only in our boxers.

"The waters great." I said.

"Later, if you want, we can go to the Jacuzzi." He said.

"You have a Jacuzzi?!" I asked in shock.

"Yeah, it's in the house at the back." He replied.

"Don't mind if I do." I said smiling.

We swam for a very long time. It was almost like training at school minus the pressure. Sure enough, Gio taught me a few basic strokes. Once we were tired from swimming we sat at the edge of the pool.

"Want to try out the Jacuzzi?" Gio asked.

"Sure." I said.

We went to the small house at the back. It's like a separate house from the main house and it has everything basic. A bathroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, it even has two bedrooms. It's like Gio can live here alone. Haha. The Jacuzzi was at the back of the small house, outside.

The Jacuzzi was very relaxing. The water's just the right temperature and Gio was sitting beside me our knees touching. The bright moon was out so we can see well.

"So, what exactly is your mom's work?" I asked.

"She's the vice president of a big company." Gio said with a lack of enthusiasm.

"You don't like talking about it that much huh?" I asked.

"I don't know. Maybe. It just reminds me of her absence a lot more." He replied.

"Well, if you need someone to talk to, I'm here" I said.

He raised his hand and put it on my shoulder and looked me in the eye.

"You're the only one that knows about this ok?" he said.

"Not even Alec?" I asked.

"No, not even Alec. So please, can we keep this a secret?" Gio said.

"Of course." I said reassuringly.

"You're the best." He said as he hugged me tightly.

As we parted, he was looking directly into my eyes again. His look was different this time, I couldn't put my finger on it but it was strange. I noticed that his eyes were a lot darker in the moonlight.

He suddenly kissed me. Hard. And his arms were wrapped around me immediately. I was shocked, but I accepted his kiss immediately. His tongue was trying to find its way inside my mouth so naturally, I let him in. I'm very new at kissing, in fact I don't know anything about kissing. But the feeling of his tongue dancing with mine was heaven.

As we parted we were both out of breath.

After a few seconds all we said was "Oh my god."

"That was amazing." He said.

"Oh god." I replied.

"I'd like to tell you something." I said as I faced Gio.

"Shoot." Gio said.

"I don't know how to kiss. I don't know anything about kissing. So I was so relieved that it was amazing for you, because it was beyond amazing for me." I said.

"Are you kidding me? It's like you were so good at what you were doing." Gio said.

Now I have a friggin' boner, I wonder how I'm going to hide this to him now.

"Want to do it again?" Gio asked with the biggest smile ever.

"Here?" I asked hesitantly.

"If you're okay with it. We're the only ones in here anyways." Gio said.

"I would love to." I said.

Gio, without missing a beat, wrapped his arms around me and our mouths met each other for the second time. These kisses were a lot more different than the ones from the paintball place, it has more lust than before. The kisses we shared in the paintball place were something else, I can't describe it.

Gio's hands were exploring my body, and my hands are doing the same to his.

After a few minutes we parted our lips and our breathing were very heavy. No one spoke for a minute and all we can hear are panting.

"So, you want to change into something dry?" Gio asked sheepishly.

"That would be nice." I said.

We went out of the Jacuzzi and Gio brought out two robes for each of us. Both our boners were clearly visible but we were both just ignoring it or in my case, looking at his boner.

"Let's go inside." Gio said once we were robed.

Once we were inside I noticed dry folded clothes were in each of the rooms.

"Were these here before?" I asked.

"Nope. Whenever I use Jacuzzi, the maids automatically bring me clothes here." Gio explained.

"Wow, I didn't notice them." I said.

Then I realized. "You think they saw us, you know, kissing?" I asked with a red face.

"Nah, after they are done putting clothes they leave." Gio said.

I breathed a sigh of relief. It's only the second time the maids see me and I'm already sucking face with Gio. That's not good.

"So, I'll see you in a few?" Gio said as we entered each of our respective rooms.

We change into what the maids brought us. Mine fit perfectly which is good. We were both given boxers and tank tops. Which at this point was nothing new for me since Gio already saw me wearing them.

When we were both done changing into our dry clothes we went to the living room and Gio went to the kitchen. After a few minutes Gio joins me in the living room carrying a box of pizza and two cokes.

"Dinner is served." Gio gestured while he was putting down the box of pizza in front of me.

"Hope you like 5 cheese pizza." Gio said grabbing one large piece for himself.

"Haven't I told you, I love food with meat, cheese or garlic." I said as I got my own piece.

"Good, because we have a lot to finish." Gio said with a mouth full of pizza.

Half an hour later we finished the whole box. It's unbelievable that we finished a big box of pizza but we did.

"Man, I'm so full. And my mouth smells like cheese." I said with a chuckle.

"If you want to brush there's a new toothbrush in the sink of the room you changed in. There's also mouthwash there." Gio said.

"Oh good." I said.

"Where are we going to sleep?" I asked.

"We can sleep here." Gio said.

I made my way to the sink in "my" room and started brushing my teeth. I hear Gio doing the same in the other room. After I was done cleaning myself up I went to Gio's room and said that it was pretty late and we have school tomorrow.

"Ok, good night." Gio said revealing his pearly white teeth.

"Good night." I replied back.

I went to my room, closed the door, turned off the lights and went straight to bed. In my house, I'm already asleep at this time, but now, I don't even feel tired at all. My mind kept replaying the amazing kiss we did in the Jacuzzi. I think I'm going to give Gio a point.

I have been in bed for half an hour and sleep still doesn't come. I hear Gio open his door, I wonder where he's going. Then my door slowly opened and I see Gio wide awake as well.

"What's the matter?" I asked.

"I can't get some sleep." Gio said.

"Me too. What do you want to do?" I said.

"Can I just lay beside you?" Gio said.

"Sure." I said as I made room for him.

After Gio positioned himself we were both quiet. After a few minutes he broke the silence.

"I can't get that kiss out of my head." Gio said staring into the ceiling.

"Me too." I admitted.


Gio suddenly lifts the blankets and positions himself on top of me.

"Forgive me, I can't stop myself." Gio said as he kissed me, again. Our tongues immediately danced with each other like they have been doing it for years. His mouth taste so good. He smells so good. It was perfect.

This time our bodies were fully in touch with each other. Unlike in the Jacuzzi our whole bodies and our throbbing boners were touching. Gio was grinding himself to me and we were both moaning. If it were even possible, the kiss we are sharing now was even more intense than it was earlier. All we can hear was heavy breathing and moaning.

A few minutes into it and Gio's grinding becomes faster and harder. His hands were inside my shirt feeling and touching my chest. Both of my hands were concentrated on his soft hair.

"Oh god, I can't hold it any longer!" I said.

"Me too!" Gio said as his grinding motions became faster.

We continued to kiss passionately as we both felt the inevitable orgasm nearing.

And with one final thrust, we both had an earth shattering orgasm. We were both moaning loudly and not even caring if people can hear us.

As our orgasms came to an end, both our boxers were soaked with warm and sticky cum.

"Wow." Gio said in between breaths.

I can only smile like an idiot.

When Gio's breathing returned to normal, he sat up and placed his hand on my crotch.

"Whoa, your boxers are drenched." Gio said.

I was shocked at his actions because I'm still a little sensitive in that area.

"Well, I uh, I guess I just make more juice than the next guy." I said.

Feeling brave, I did the same and placed my hand on his crotch. He didn't even flinch.

"You're pretty wet yourself." I said.

"That's what you do to me." Gio said as he stood up.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"I was just going to get us some towels so we could get cleaned up." He replied.

"That's not a bad idea, but what are we going to do about the boxers?" I said.

"If you want we could sleep commando." Gio suggested.

"I'll just wear these then." I said referring to my wet boxers.

"Fine, I'll have the maid get new ones." Gio said as he went out the room and left me to my thoughts.

What did I just do? Oh god, we aren't even dating. (Technically we are, but you know what I mean.) Should I tell Alec what happened?

Then Gio walked in and interrupted my thoughts. He handed me a towel and new shorts and went to his own bathroom to get cleaned. I went to my own and did the same. Once I was done I went back to bed. A few minutes later Gio walked back in.

"Oh hi. About what we did earlier." I said.

"What about it? Want to do it again?" Gio said.

"No, I was just worried, should I tell Alec what happened between us?" I said.

"Was I cheating on Alec?" I added.

"Would you stop freaking out?" He said as he held both my arms.

"We did not do anything wrong, we were just making out." Gio said massaging my shoulders.

"It's just, we are not officially dating yet and..." I can't find the words to say.

"Stop, okay." Gio said putting his finger in front of my lips.

"It was just a kiss, a very amazing kiss. I know we aren't officially dating as boyfriends yet, but we are kind of dating." Gio explained.

"It's not like I fucked you or something. It just happened that the kiss we shared was mind blowing." Gio added.

I calmed down a little bit.

"Okay." I said with a smile.

"Can I just tell you that what happened in there was a first for me?" Gio said.

"What? Are you telling me you, Gio the very hot guy, is a virgin?" I asked.

"You might not believe it but it's true." Gio said.

"Well, you know for me it's like the fifth time you know." I said in a sarcastic tone.

"Would you stop it? I'm being serious here." Gio said.

"I didn't even know that it was even possible to cum just from kissing." Gio added.

"I think seeing you in nothing but swimming trunks could make me cum." I replied without thinking.

I quickly covered my mouth to prevent saying any more stupid stuff.

Gio ignored my statement and positioned himself beside me. We lay silently for a few minutes then Gio silently said, "Good night! Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite." The turned his back to me. I did the same and after a few minutes sleep came.

It was still dark when I woke up. My back was still turned towards Gio but Gio was now wrapping me in a tight and warm embrace and his leg was on top of mine. His dick was positioned perfectly in the center of my ass. Just like what Alec did when I spent the night at his place. I could get used to waking up like this.

As much as I wanted to stay in this position forever, I needed to use the bathroom. So I carefully lifted Gio's arm only to rattle him from his sleep and tighten his embrace and push his hard dick into my ass more.

It's like Gio is dreaming that he's holding something important and that he's not ready to let it go yet.

I guess I have no choice but to wait for him to wake up.

A good ten minutes passed before Gio woke up. When he did, I turned to face him and see he is rubbing his eyes.

"Oh good, you're awake. I'll just go to use the bathroom." I said as I rushed to relieve my bladder.

Once I was back in the bed Gio was stretched out in the entire bed giving me only a small space to sit in.

"I hope you had a good night's rest." Gio said.

"Oh, it's definitely better than most." I replied.

Nothing like emptying your balls before sleeping. Haha.

"Good. Let's get ready for school then." Gio said.

We went to the main house back to his room where the clothes I was going to use were located. Gio went and showered first then I followed. Once I was finished showering Gio was already finished changing into his school clothes which made me a little sad but oh well, we have to get to class.

We went down and ate breakfast then left immediately for school.

School was uneventful, we had swimming practice in the afternoon which was a good. I have come to enjoy my training more and more.

Nothing much happened in school for the next few days. Gio didn't invite me to his house again but we were always together walking home. Alec was always busy rushing off to somewhere when it's dismissal time even after swimming practices Alec goes ahead to someplace unknown so I barely talk to him after school.

It is now Friday, the last day of school. Classes went by fast and it's time for swimming practice again.

On our way to the swimming pools, Gio and Alec told me that for our third date I get to pick out what we are going to do. I am the one to do the planning. Good, no more waking up in ungodly hours. Haha.

"Well, how are you going to know what my plans are?" I asked.

"Would I just walk to your house at, I don't know, 3am and start honking?" I added.

"That's why we have cellphones." Alec said sarcastically.

"Oh okay. Forget what I just said." I replied.

We went to the swimming pools and changed into our swimming clothes. The practice was normal, nothing out of the ordinary.

For my date with Gio and Alec, I decided that a nice and simple dinner would be nice. I think that that's what we haven't done. Our first dates were like climbing forests and going to carnivals. It may be a cliché but I think the first date should always be a dinner date. It should be in a nice place, somewhere relaxing. But I don't really care that it's our third date. I texted them the night after our swimming practice about my plan for our dates and they both agreed.

It's Saturday. Since Gio took me out last Saturday its Alec's turn again.

For the morning of my date with Alec, I did my homework and studied a little. When it's almost two hours before my date I took a nice long bath. Picked out nice first date-ish clothes and sprayed on a little bit of perfume. You know, it was like preparing for a first date. At exactly 7 pm Alec was at the door ringing the doorbell. My mom opened the door and let him in. I looked at my clothes one last time to see if everything was ok then went down the stairs.

"Hi." I said as I stared at Alec's face.

"Hi there, you want to get going?" Alec asked.

"Oh, uh sure." I said. I kissed my mom goodbye and then we were off.

I told Alec and Gio that it's still their job to choose where to eat. Luckily they both agreed.

The place that Alec's bringing me to was a very nice place. It was not too fancy but it has a nice homey and relaxing feel to it.

"How do you like the place?" Alec asked.

"I love it." I said as a waiter approached us giving each of us a menu.

After we were done ordering Alec and I chatted about his brother Alvin. It turns out Jake, the guy he was caught making out with was now officially his boyfriend.

I suddenly had to ask a question.

"Have you told your parents about us?" I asked.

It took a second for Alec to answer but he said yes.

"So how did they react?" I asked.

"Well, they were shocked at first but they accepted it at the end." Alec said.

"That sounds good." I said.

"It is." Alec said.

We continued our little chit chat while we waited for our food. When the food did arrive, it smelled good and looked mouthwatering. We continued to talk as night went on. I got to know him a lot more. He told me stories about his family, stories about his experiences growing up. I told him about my own experiences when I was a child, my silly little "adventures". We would sometimes even laugh so loud people would stare at us, but we didn't care. We kept talking and didn't realize the time. It was a little over ten in the evening and the restaurant we were in was closing. We didn't want to be the reason why the waiters get to go home later than they should have so we started making plans.

"What do you want to do now?" Alec asked.

"I don't know. I'm having such a wonderful time. I don't want this to end." I said.

"I don't want this to end either." Alec said.

"But it is getting kind of late." I said.

"Tell you what, why don't we just walk to your house." Alec suggested.

"That sounds great!" I said.

Once we were outside the restaurant I felt Alec's hand under mine. Then he slowly held my hand and intertwined his fingers with mine.

"I hope you're fine with me holding your hand. It's cold tonight and I want a little human warmth." Alec said.

"Its fine, it feels good to hold your hand." I said.

With that, we started our walk home. Our conversation never died down, and if it's even possible, it got even more interesting. It was almost 11PM when we reached my house.

"So I guess this is it." Alec said looking into my eyes.

"Yeah, I guess." I said.

"I had such a great time." Alec said.

"Me too. I had an amazing time." I replied.

"I'll see you at school then." Alec said.

He hugged me goodbye then gave me a quick kiss on the lips. Which made me blush by the way. I so want him to kiss me some more.

"Good night." Alec said before walking away from my house.

"Good night." I replied back then I went inside my house.

I'll be having very nice dreams tonight, I thought as I made my way to my room. I change into my boxers and climbed into bed and not a minute after I'm comfortable in my bed I received a text message from Alec, it read "Good night Jake. I really had a great time, I hope we can have dinner together again soon." I replied that I had a great time too and that we can have dinner anytime he wants. A few minutes after sleep came and true enough my dreams were very sweet.

*next day*

I wake up a little late, but with a huge smile on my face and a little bit of dried drool. I need to wash that. Not only did I have a hot dream about certain people having a threesome, but it is also my third date with Gio. I wonder if we get to kiss like we did in his house again. Hmm, that would be really nice.

I wash my face and put on a shirt and went down to eat breakfast. My mom is already there drinking coffee and eating toast.

"Someone went home late." My mom said.

"Well I had a great time." I said.

"Just a heads up, I won't be going home tonight. I have this thing my friend invited me to. So don't wait up." My mom said.

"Okay. I think I'll throw a party here then." I joked.

"Do it and you die." My mom replied.

"Okay, okay. I won't throw a party." I said.

"That's my boy. Now finish your food so I can wash the dishes." She said.

I finished my breakfast and headed back to my room. I checked my Facebook account, nothing happening much happening there. After an hour of browsing, I decided to take a nap since I know tonight will be a long night. It was a little over one in the afternoon when I woke up. My stomach was grumbling so I decided to go downstairs and look for something to eat. I saw that my mother left a note on the fridge saying that there's spaghetti for lunch and that I could heat up and she's gone for the day. After heating up the food I made my way to the living room to watch some TV. I watched for almost three hours when I decided to clean up my plate and start preparing for my date. I spent an hour and a half making sure that the house was clean and that my room was also clean. After all that, I took a nice long and relaxing bath. After taking a bath, I went in front of my closet and spent half an hour thinking for a good polo shirt to wear. The matching pants took me as long to pick as well. After another half an hour of choosing shoes and making final touches, I made my way downstairs to wait for Gio. A few minutes later I hear Gio's car honk outside.

"Let's go, we wouldn't want to be late for the reservation." Gio said.

He went down from his car went to the other side and opened the door for me. I hugged him tightly before I went inside. The ride to the restaurant was a little short. I realized that he was taking me to the place we went to when we celebrated for being on the swim team, Log Haven. I know the food in there is crazy expensive but it is equally crazy delicious.

Once we were inside, a waiter led us to our table. The table was in a pretty secluded part of the restaurant. Not many people are there. It's good for just talking. A few minutes later the waiter comes back with a bottle of wine in a bucket full of ice and a menu. I know we are already eighteen but, wine! Aren't we too young for that? I haven't even tasted wine. Well it's time to try that out then. The waiter gave us the menu then poured some wine in the wine glasses in our table. We made our orders and the waiter left our table.

"Wine, sounds fancy." I said.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" I added.

"Only if you drink the entire bottle." Gio joked.

I sipped a little of the wine and it taste grape-y and a little bitter. It's actually not that bad, but I'm no wine expert.

"It tastes weird." I blurt out.

"But I like it!" I added.

"I'm glad you like it, because I can't drink much tonight. I'm the designated driver." Gio said.

"Good, because I want to go home in one piece." I said taking another sip of my wine.

While we were chit chatting the waiter arrived with our food. We continued to talk about things that are happening in our lives while we were enjoying the food. We talked about our most embarrassing moments, joked about stuff that happened in the past. We told stories of our childhood to each other, much like Alec and I did. There were even some private things I blurted out without even thinking but that was probably because of the wine. Not once did the conversation die down, even after dessert. We were talking with each other well into the night when I realized that I drank a lot of wine. I don't feel weird at all, I just feel warm. I don't know what that means though.

Since Gio is worrying that I drank too much and that it is my first time drinking something alcoholic, he decided to take me home. It was late anyway. Once we were in front of my house Gio, as if on cue, stood in front of me looked me in the eye and kissed me without hesitation. I almost melted into him. I kissed him back with the best of my abilities. Then he suddenly pulled away. I looked at him puzzled.

"I think someone is watching us." Gio said pointing to the window at my house.

Sure enough the curtains swayed when I turned to look at the window.

"That was embarrassing." I said.

"I should go then." Gio said.

"Bye, see you at school." I said.

When he turned back I shouted, "Wait!"

He faced me again and I pulled him into a tight hug. When I let go, I gave him a quick peck on the cheek then I turned around towards my house.

I never thought I could kiss someone like that in my entire life.

Overall it was an amazing night and the end of it was amazing as well.

*next day*

It is now Monday. I go through my usual routine of preparing for school, eating breakfast and walking to school.

In my usual route, I don't see Alec anywhere. What a downer, I thought, but I continue walking to school. I go through my classes and listen to each attentively since we have quizzes in each one. Trigonometry class was special, we were given a quiz that we get to take home and answer. It was a gift from the gods When Gio, Alec and I was finished with our classes we headed out of school.

"Crap, I forgot I need to meet with my Physics teacher after school." Alec said.

"I need to go, don't wait up." Alec said rushing back to school.

A few minutes of walking and silence Gio broke the silence.

"How nice is it that we can work on our Trig quiz at home." Gio said.

"I know right!" I said, suddenly remembering if I had my book.

"I think I forgot my book in my locker, I'll just get it real quick. You just stay put." I said half walking half running back towards school.

Once I was in the hallway (which was surprisingly empty) close to the lockers I hear kissing sounds, like two people making out. I decided not to disturb them but I was tempted to listen. When the kissing stopped, the girl said breathlessly "Why are you always hanging out with that kid anyway?"

The girl voice sounds like it belongs to the school whore.

Next comes the very big shock in my entire life. I hear Alec's voice.

"Well there's this bet that Gio and I made." He said in between kisses.

"Whoever gets Jake to fall in love with either one of us gets to be with you." Alec added in between kisses again.

My heart shattered into a million pieces and my body felt numb for a moment. Tears started clouding up my eyes. The world just went quiet.

I can't believe I'm just a stupid bet.

I'm so fuckin' stupid.

I just couldn't handle it anymore, I started running out of the hallway. Not even caring if I hit anything. Once I was outside I saw Gio's figure and he started walking towards me. I can't face him now or ever.

I just ran past him and then I hear his voice.

"Jake, what's wrong?" He asked.

I didn't even stop, I just continued running. Gio was also running behind me, like he was chasing me.

"Please tell me what's wrong!" Gio said.

I still kept running, not even knowing where I was heading. Tears still running down my face and blurring my vision. I just wanted to stay the hell away from there, from Gio and Alec.

Suddenly I hear Gio's voice shout my name from the top of his lungs.

Then I see a bright light coming towards me.


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