The following week after I agreed to Gio and Alec was difficult because I started training for swimming. Of course for Alec and Gio it was fine because they are already in shape, me on the other hand is not. So changing my routine of going home after school and watching TV to going to the pool and swimming for two hours. Even though it was only two days a week it was tiring for me. Other than the swimming for the week nothing much happened. Gio, Alec and I still hang out with each other during breaks and during classes.

The only special thing that happened was the during weekend. Alec and Gio took me on a date. They did a coin flip to decide who is going to take me out on Saturday and who on Sunday. Alec won so he gets to take me out on Saturday.

Before the dates start I decided that I'll give myself a month to decide on who I will choose. After those four weeks I have to make a decision. I'll follow mom's advice on the scoring thing make my decision based on that.

Anyways, here's my date with Alec.

My date with Alec started very early and lasted almost the whole day. He woke me up by texting me at around 4 in the morning.

He said "Wake up sleepy pants. I'll pick you up at 4:30. Wear something comfy."

I wondered why in the world would he wake me up at such an early time.

So I tried to wake myself up by taking a very cold shower which worked like magic. Since he said wear something comfy, I wore my usual shirt with a jacket with hood (it's cold) and shorts with my Vans slip on.

At exactly 4:30, Alec was honking his car outside my house. I ran downstairs and left a note in the fridge for my mom and then headed out and locked the doors.

It's only 4:30 am and it's still dark outside so I had difficulty walking towards Alec's car. While I was getting inside Alec's car I asked him where we're going. He just said that it was a surprise.

"You can sleep on the way there" Alec said.

"Nope. I can't. I took a very cold shower and now I'm awake as a bat." I said.

He started the car and then we were off. He drove for about thirty minutes into a place that I'm totally a stranger to. It was like almost a forest of some sort.

He parked the car on the side and we went out.

"Come on, let's hurry. We'll miss it!" Alec said.

"What? What will we miss?" I asked.

He ignored me and pulled me towards the forest.

I noticed he's carrying something like a big basket .

We walked into the forest in a very fast pace because Alec was almost pulling me up.

After ten minutes of walking we were at the top of a hill or something. The walk toward the hill was a good exercise.

At this point the sun is almost showing.

When we reached the top Alec took out a blanket and laid it out on to the grassy floor, which was surprisingly dry considering the cold weather.

"Come on, sit beside me!" Alec said.

I went and sat beside him.

"I want you to see this!" he said and looked towards the sun.

The view breathtaking for lack of a better word. All I can see was mountains and a lot of trees. Add in the rising sun and you have a perfect picture. The sky was sky blue mixed with colors of yellow and orange. It was truly amazing.

One point for Alec.

"This is amazing!" was all I could say to Alec.

"When I was younger, me my whole family used to come here. We always came here before the sunrise so we can it go up to the sky." he said.

"It's so beautiful. I could just stare at it forever." I said.

I looked at Alec who was staring also at the rising sun.

This is the first time I get to stare at Alec's face this near. His eyes were a very light blue with hints of dark gray. With the sun lighting he eyes they became more beautiful, his whole face actually became more beautiful. His lashes were long, like the ones girls envy. His hair was styled like the hair of the most handsome One Direction singer, Zayne Malik, though Alec's hair is dirty blonde. (Hehehe.)

After almost half an hour of staring at the view, Alec started unpacking the other contents of the basket.

Inside was an assortment of breakfast foods. There were pancakes, fruit slices, milk, cereals, orange juice, bread and jam.

"Want to eat?" he asked.

"Sure. Everything looks good!" I say.

"Well I don't know what you want so I just brought whatever we had." He said.

"You should know that with food, I like everything. Haha" joked.

We sat on the blanket and started eating. I tried every food he brought and all of them were delicious.

While we were eating we talked about a lot of things and it never got boring. I loved every second of it.

After about an hour and a half of slowly eating all the food we were lying side by side on the blanket staring at the clouds. It was already bright and sunny there, and the sky was a very clear blue with nice fluffy clouds. For a moment we tried looking for clouds that have familiar shapes. Once Alec saw a cloud that looked exactly like a dick. Which made us laugh for a good five minutes.

One point for Alec. He never runs out of things to say.

I could just stay beside Alec like this forever I thought.

During the whole time I was with Alec my mood was so good. I can't describe it, I just feel so good.

When the sun was directly up at us we moved the blanket under a very shady tree and sat there just talking about random stuff again.

At 11:30 we decided to pack our stuff and get going.

"We should do this again. I love it here." I said.

"Definitely." Alec said.

"So where are we going?" I asked while we were walking down back to the car.

"Want to go to my house? My mom makes a mean apple pie." he said.

"Wow, meeting the parents on the first date." I said jokingly.

"It's not like you're meeting my parents as my official boyfriend. Besides it's my mom who's there." He said.

"Okay, you better not be lying about the pie." I said.

"I'm not kidding the pie is to die for!" he said.

We drove off to his house and another thirty minutes later we were in front of his house. His house was not small but not very big, just right. We went inside and his mother greeted me.

"Hi Jake, come in! " Mrs. Royalton (Alec's mom) said with a big smile.

We went inside and straight to Alec's room.

His room was neat, everything was organized and in order. I like it.

One point for Alec.

"What do you want to do?" He asked me.

"I don't know." I said.

"Want to play video games?" he suggested.

"Sure. But I don't know any." I said.

"I'll teach you!" he said.

And teach me he did. We played for a good two hours before we hear his mom shouting from downstairs that she made pie.

We went downstairs and I already smell the scent of pie in my nose. It filled the living room and the kitchen with the smell of pie.

We sat down on the dining table and his mom came with a steaming hot pie.

She gave each of us plates with a generous slice of pie.

It was hot, I can see the steam come out, but it smells so good I just took a bite and my tongue got burned. It was worth it. The pie was like sent from heaven.

"Oh my god. It's so good!" I said while my eyes widen with surprise.

"I told you." Alec said.

While we were eating Alec's mom came in with her plate and a slice of pie.

She started talking to me asking me questions about school and Alec. She was generally easy to talk to, she is also funny like Alec. And her eyes, they have the same color as Alec's. Now I know where Alec gets his good looks and sense of humor.

After eating and chatting with Alec's mom it's time to go home. It was around 6 in the afternoon when Alec drove me home.

"I had so much fun." I said.

"Me too." He said.

We were standing in front my house and Alec was staring straight into my light brown eyes. I started to blush.

The sun was almost setting and it gave a nice light to Alec's face. Without saying he gave me a small kiss on the lips.

One point for Alec.

"See you at school!" he said and walked away.

It's a good thing he was walking away, he can't see my very red face.

"Goodbye! Thanks for today!" I shouted to him.

I went inside and I hear my mom shout. She was so happy for me. I think she saw Alec kiss me.

I went to sleep very happy, I got a hard on remembering Alec's kiss.

So, here goes my date with Gio.

It was Sunday and I started my day with an early text with Gio.

It said, "Hey Jake! I can't wait to see you this afternoon! I'm so excited. Don't forget to bring extra clothes."

I wondered what the clothes were for, probably swimming and how can he top off what Alec did for me yesterday.

My morning was slow. I just stayed in my room and went outside for breakfast and went back to my room after.

At about 11:30 am I decided to start preparing for my date with Gio. I took a nice long shower and wore nice clothes. A nice shirt with nice pants and my Chucks. He didn't say what to wear so I just wore something better than my everyday clothes.

It's already 1 in the afternoon and Gio is on his way to my house. Exactly 1:30 he was outside my door waiting for me. When I went outside I saw his familiar nice car. He got off his car and opened the door to the other side for me to come in.

One point for Gio.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"It's a surprise!" Gio said.

My weekend's full of surprises. Haha I like it.

We drove for 15 minutes and we arrive at a place I know but never went to. A carnival!

"Whoa, I've never been on a carnival before!" I exclaimed.

"It's your lucky day. We will try all the rides you want, play all the games you want and eat all the food you want." Gio said.

"I feel like a kid again!" I said.

One point for Gio.

What I wanted to try ever since I was young was the giant Ferris Wheel. I always wondered what it would feel like when I was on top. I actually don't know if I'm afraid of heights or not since I have never been to somewhere high enough.

"Let's try the Ferris Wheel first!" I said while running towards the ticket counter. We bought tickets and Gio paid for them of course. We waited in line for the Ferris wheel. When it was our time to go in, I felt so excited. We were seated side by side in a blue colored seat. After the whole wheel was filled the ride was started. During our second loop to the top the ride suddenly stopped. We were at the very top and I began to feel very nervous. I think Gio noticed it because he put his arm around me. The operator was yelling that the ride will continue after five minutes. While we were on top Gio kept his arm around my shoulders.

One point for Gio.

When the ride was running again he never removed his arm. After the ride we went down and walked around.

"So did you have fun?" He asked.

"It was really fun. Especially the part where we were stuck at the top." I said.

He smiled and said "So where do you want to go next?"

We tried a lot of the games like the one where you shoot pigs, shoot hoops through bottles, the one where you use a mallet and try to hit it as hard as you can to ring the bell. We also tried a lot of the rides there, the one where the only thing keeping you up are ropes and they spin you around, the one where they bring you up to a high place and then you suddenly drop in a lake like thing with water and they take picture of you while screaming. That's what the extra clothes are for. We ate corn dogs, cotton candy and a lot of other things. For our final ride we took the roller coaster. Twice. I just like the rush it gives me when I'm up speeding back and forth.

After riding the roller coaster we went inside a booth where they take four photos of you and print it afterwards. We did wacky poses and we had so much fun plus I get to keep the photo.

It was around 9 in the evening when we finished roaming inside the whole carnival. I never realized that we were in the carnival for eight hours. The time flew by and I didn't even notice it.

When we left he asked me what I wanted to do next.

"Want to go to a movie?" he suggested.

"Sure. What movie?" I asked.

"I heard that a scary movie is playing right now. I think it's called "The Conjuring" or something. Want to watch that?" He said.

I know myself, I get scared watching horror movies and not sleep until the next night.

But I reluctantly agreed to watch the movie with him.

We went to the movie theater, bought tickets and popcorn then we made our way inside and found a good seat at the back. The movie started and during the first part there were no scary parts, although there was a scene where the mother stands in front of the mirror and the ghost or the thing suddenly shows up in her side. That shocked me and I instinctively hid behind Gio. He put his arm around me again. I can get used to Gio wrapping his arms around me. Most of the time I spent hiding behind Gio's back and the parts that were not scary I spent covering my eyes in anticipation for a scary part.

One point for Gio.

When the movie was finished we went outside and my legs were shaking. He asked me if I was fine and I said I probably won't get any sleep tonight.

It's now about 11 in the evening.

"Well, I should probably get you home, we have school tomorrow." Gio said.

"I know, I wish we could just stay together." I said.

"It's fine, we'll see each other tomorrow." Gio said.

We went outside the movie theater and he drove me home.

When I was standing in front of my door. He was standing in front of me and at a surprisingly close distance. He looked me in the eyes and kissed me in the mouth. It was long and sensational. I can feel his body heat in mine. When he broke of the kiss my breaths became deep and long.

One point for Gio.

He just said, "Well see you tomorrow." Then he walked back to his car and drove off.

I went inside and straight into my room, surprisingly I slept like a baby. I dreamt of Gio's and my kiss. It was so hot.

Final Score:

Alec: 4 , Gio: 5


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