Freakin' alarm.

It's Monday and I just had my date with Gio yesterday and Alec the other day.

While I was trying to wake myself up my mind goes to my kiss with Gio last night. I wondered what will happen if he didn't break the kiss.

I will probably open my door and we walk inside with our lips never parting. While our kissing gets more intense he lifts up my shirt and I do the same to him. He throws my shirt and we slowly make our way to my room with my hands feeling every smooth part of Gio's toned body. When we get to my room he pushes me on my bed and starts kissing my stomach all the way up to my neck which he lightly nibbles on. My hands wrapped around his neck pushing him further into me. He stops kissing my neck and looks straight into my eyes. I look into his gray eyes and he kisses my lips again but with more passion. He flips me and puts me on top and starts pulling my pants down and I do the same to him revealing a tight fitting boxers with a very noticeable and beautiful bulge. I started going for it but he stopped me. He flipped me again and started pulling my boxers down while kissing each part being slowly exposed. When my steel hard dick was exposed he kissed it then when back up to my face and kissed me then went back down to my dick. He started licking the tip which made me moan loudly. He licked the length of my dick and sucked half of it. I was shocked of the pleasure his mouth was giving me. In a matter of minutes I was bucking my hips and was about to cum when Gio stopped sucking me. He went back up to my face and started kissing me again. He held my hand and guided it inside his boxers. I felt his entire dick throb in my hand. He started grinding into my hand slowly while he plays with my dick. After a few minutes of kissing he stops, stands up, lifts my legs and knelt down. I feel his warm breath in my hole then he starts rimming me. It feels so good I can't explain it. When my hole is already wet with his spit he stands up, pulls me a little closer to him and he guides his enormous cockhead into my opening. I feel my hole relax and his head pops in. I try to breathe through the pain but his dick is just too big. He sees that I'm in pain so he stops. He bends and kisses me again. I feel his tongue and my tongue dance in our connected mouth then I realize he's slowly entering me. The pain is completely gone and Gio is all the way inside me. He stops pushing his dick to let me adjust to his size and we continue to kiss. After a few minutes he starts pulling out and the pushing back in. He starts very slow and start to gain speed. Soon I'm shaking with the pleasure his dick is giving me. I was moaning loudly with every thrust he makes and each one is louder that the other. Ten minutes into the fucking I feel his dick throb, which I take as an indication that he is close to cumming. He fucks me with more enthusiasm than before and I hear him say "I'm cumming!!" He enters me one last time then he explodes inside of me. While he was cumming he was jerking me off and I was cumming with him the entire time. My cum reached places above my head, some on my neck and the last few in my stomach. Gio kisses my neck as we both try to catch our breath. While I was imagining my night with Gio I was playing with my dick, which was now spent and empty.

My alarm suddenly goes off for the second time, reminding me that I have classes to attend to. It's a good thing my morning boner's taken care off.

I head to my bathroom and shower before I went down to eat with my mother.

After eating I made my way to school, on my usual route Alec showed up and walked with me to school.

"You've been passing here a lot lately." I say to him.

"Of course. I know that you pass this way to school. That's why I've decided to go through here every day." Alec replied.

We made our way to school while talking about a lot of stuff including our date last Saturday. He told me what his mom thought of me and what I thought of her mom and a lot of other things.

When we were inside the school Gio joined us.

School went by as usual. Nothing major. We only have to do a group assignment on our trigo class. The teacher made it by groups of three so immediately Gio and Alec are my group mates. We have to pass it by Friday, so we have three days before the submission.

Tuesday comes by and it's a swimming day. We get to stay in the school swimming pool training until 6 in the afternoon. During the day we did parts of our group assignment after class we went to the pool.

During the first times I was training with Alec and Gio and the other members I was quite shy. I was always conscious of how my body looked like compared to the others and all that. Now that I'm a few weeks into training, my body has toned up a bit. The most noticeable change in body was the flat belly. I'm so happy that my belly was now flat. There was no visible beginnings of a six pack but it was now flat. Also, my arms and legs got a little bit of muscles in them. Gio and Alec also notices the changes in my body. There are times that they cop a feel of my stomach and compare it to their which makes me a little jealous. Of course I won't get six pack abs just from swimming for a few weeks.

While we were on our way to the pool Gio said something to me.

"Hey Jake, want to go with me to the dentist tomorrow after class?"

"Why?" I asked.

"I don't know, I just don't want to go alone." He said.

"We can eat unlimited ice cream afterwards. My treat." He continued.

"Sure." I say.

"It's not a date or anything so...." He trailed off.

"It's okay." I said.

When we arrived inside the pool we immediately changed into our swimming trunks and started to do some stretches. There were already a few people there also stretching.

One girl stood beside me and started doing stretches. I think her name is Quinn or something.

She has long brown hair, nice green eyes and a rockin' body. (Thanks to swimming. Haha)

"So which one of them is your boyfriend?" she asks.

(Gio and Alec are with the other guys so they can't hear us.)

"What?" I ask in shock.

"Don't act so innocent. They've been with you a lot lately, everyone noticed it you know." She said.

"No one is my boyfriend okay!" I said with a weird smile.

"So which one do you like?" she said.

"What?" I ask in shock, again.

Wow. This girl is already comfortable asking personal questions considering I only see her twice a week.

"Well, they're both hot you know, I'd probably be a lesbian if I don't see it." She said.

It's a good thing Don arrived and interrupted our small talk.

Don greeted all of us in the pools and started giving instructions.

"Today you will all be doing the same stroke I'm going to show you." Don said.

He went to one of the platforms and said.

"Watch me very carefully. By the end of this day I want each of you to be able to do this as well."

With a few deep breaths he dove into the water with a very small splash and he comes up the water doing something that looks so difficult. It seems to be the butterfly stroke.

I'm screwed, I thought.

Don did the same stroke for a few laps after going back up to the water.

"Does anyone of you know what style I just did?" he asked.

A boy raised his hand and immediately answered "Butterfly."

"Correct." Don said.

"Now all of you line up and try to copy what I just did." He said.

We went in a line and tried to copy what he did. He was staying in the water the whole time trying to correct our body positions and trying to show us the proper technique on how to do it. When it was my turn I feel his hands on my body. It was surprisingly soft. He was holding my back and my stomach and other parts that need correcting. He was surprisingly gentle.

From the twelve of us there he taught me the longest. He gave a lot comments on what I was doing wrong and what I should improve on. When I was finished I started practicing on my own.

By the time we finished I was tired as hell and all I wanted to do was lay down on my bed.

Don gave a few more remarks about our performance tonight. He also made the decision to extend the whole training period by an hour. So starting Friday swimming starts at 4 and ends at 7. Oh god. Torture, I thought.

We went home and the next day we had classes but no swimming.

As promised I went with Gio to the dentist. The dentist greeted him and they went inside the dentist's room and I was left alone with the other people waiting. While waiting I just played 2fuse in my phone and I beat my high score. When I got bored playing I read the magazines laying in the table. Most were about how to make money or something. I just like to look at pictures. After a period of time Gio went out with the dentist smiling. I noticed that his teeth were so perfect and so white, and obviously without braces. Instead there was a thin line of something silver in the middle of his teeth where the braces were. Gio said it's so that his teeth will stay aligned even without the braces.

"So, what did you do while waiting?"

"Not much, played games, read magazines, you know." I replied.

"You ready for ice cream? " he asked.


"You're gonna love it, they all the flavors you can imagine." He said.

We made our way to the ice cream place with his car. Gio was right, they have flavors I haven't even heard of. What we did was get small servings of flavors that I haven't tasted and got like 5 flavors each. While we were eating the conversation never stopped. We talked about swimming yesterday, school stuff and a lot of personal stuff. I didn't notice the time, but we must have talked for hours. It was actually nice. And even though this wasn't considered a date, I gave Gio a point.

It was dark when we finished talking and eating ice cream. He drove me home and then honked goodbye.

The next day went by so slow. It was now Thursday and we have one day to finish our group assignment. Which I think was not much of a group work since I was the only one doing it. During lunch, Alec invited me for dinner in their house. He said that there'll be no one there because his parents are out of town doing something.

He said that he can help me finish the assignment so of course I agreed.

"You can spend the night if you want." Alec added.

"Sure, I'll tell my mom." I said.

After class I went home and took clothes and made my way to Alec's house.

I remember the way to their house clearly because it was only days since I last came here.

I rang the doorbell and Gio opened their door wearing only boxer shorts.

My eyes widen in surprise and Alec noticed it.

"Come in." he said.

"I already ordered pizza, that okay?" he asked.

"It's fine. I love pizza." I said as I made my way inside.

I left my bags in the sofa and sat down.

"I'll just go get something in my room." Alec said and then went up the stairs.

Before he went up he turned on the TV.

I was left alone in their living room. I was looking around when Alec went down with his calculator and a set of papers. I also notice that he's now wearing a shirt that's a little tight. I can see the outline of his body. Hawt!

"We better finish early, I don't want this assignment to be the last thing we do before we sleep."

"Speaking of which, where will I sleep?" I asked.

"In my bed." He said nonchalantly.

I didn't say anything for a moment.

"Does that bother you?" he asked.

"Nope." I replied even though deep inside I was screaming with joy. I am "sleeping" with Alec tonight. Hahaha.

We got down into business immediately. We finished all the questions in a little over an hour.

While we were doing the assignment the pizza arrived and we wolfed down half of it immediately.

It's a good thing the swimming is extended for an hour, I thought after eating the pizza.

When we finished the assignment Alec said "It's a good thing that's over with. Now we can get to the good stuff."

"Let's go to my room." Then he pulled me up into his room.

I wonder what the good stuff could be, if it was more kissing then I'd be up for it. Haha.

When we walked into his room I see that the Xbox was already set up.

Oh, video games, great, I thought. It's not that I hate video games, I just really suck at them. My hand-eye coordination is so bad.

"We can play video games!" Alec said while grabbing a controller.

He motioned me to sit down next to him and handed me a controller.

We played for like hours and hours of games. The one game I liked the most was Tekken, I think. I beat Alec more than once in that game. Haha. The others were very hard to understand and play. Even though I can't play good enough I can see that Alec was having fun. He taught me how to play other games. Again, even though it wasn't a date gave Alec a point. It was almost 12 midnight when we finished playing.

"God, I'm so tired. Let's sleep." Alec said.

He went to the left side of his bed and he patted the other side for me to join him.

His bed was actually big, too big for someone to sleep alone in. We shared the blanket and a few minutes later we were sound asleep.

I woke up a little early and it's almost bright outside. I realized that an arm and a leg is draped over me, spooning me. It was so cozy and warm I could stay like that forever. Spooning, I like it. A point for Alec again.

I also feel something hard and so long in my lower behind. I immediately know what it is, morning wood.

It's the first time I felt someone's hard dick, well, this hardly counts as feel. But it's a first. I like it already. I also feel my morning wood in my shorts but I ignore it. I try to move my ass a little closer to Alec's wood but I think it wakes him up. I try to fake sleep so that he doesn't think I was raping him or something. While I was faking sleep I feel Alec tighten his embrace and I can feel his warmth a lot more.

Alec scores again.

After a few moments he let's go and wakes me up. I try to fake a yawn.

"Let's shower, or else we'll be late." Alec said.

I was confused at his statement, so I asked "Together? "

"If you want." He said sexily.

In the end we decided to shower separately.

Friday, the deadline of the assignment and swimming practice.

The day went by as usual. Because it the submission of the assignment, Gio and Alec went to the pool ahead of me. I made my way to Mr. Fisher's office. Outside his office I see other students waiting to pass their assignments. After a few minutes, our teacher came out of his office and started collecting papers. When I passed our assignment I made my way to the pools. When I arrived Gio and Alec have already changed into their swimming clothes. I immediately changed then I joined them.

"Since I went out with you last Saturday, Gio gets to go out with you tomorrow and I'll take you on Sunday." Alec said to me when I joined them.

Oh yeah, it's the weekend. I have two dates again tomorrow.

I wonder what they have planned for me tomorrow.

I smiled at the thought.


Hey there, I'm sorry this chapter took so long. I've just been so busy with college stuff. I'm still actually busy with a lot of requirements but I manage to write a chapter for you guys and managed to make it as long as the others.

Hope you like it!



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