This is a work of fiction. So needles to say that all characters and places a fictitious.

This is a gay erotic writing so if you are offended by such reading go no further. You must be of legal age to read this in your country.

This is my first attempt to write an erotic story in English language, so be kind and constructive.

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Aftermath If I didn't know what hell was before, I know what it is now. After my father found out about my escapade in the park he went ballistic. His hot Latino friend had me waxed and than I had to suck him off. He was really nasty but it got me hot as fuck. I almost came when he did and I haven't even touched myself. And than there was my father al hot and horned up. He was on the verge of cuming. I guess I made him hot with my sluttish alter ego. And than there was my father cum in my mouth and his finger up my ass that brought me to some mayor orgasm. Hey and that is not all, than there is a small mater of a cock cage because I'm not allowed to touch myself.

After everything that happened that day I was horny as fuck. And now I'm not allowed to jerk off. How great is that. I will not ask my dad for release unless my sanity is jeopardized. I'm afraid however that I will go insane any minute now. Why must I be so stupid to get caught in all of this.

Ok I'm well aware that I made a mess out of things. That algebra teacher, that creepy janitor and my public display of my jerk off techniques, OK and there is Mark, hot as hell and nasty at the same time. Lest talk about my fucked up brain, I was humiliated and aroused at the same time. He had to say a word and I would bark at people passing by. I guess my father was right I have some thinking to do. Some deep shit thinking.

Everything that I took for granted in my life just crumbled in the dust of my actions. I had girls that adored me, I had pride of my body, I had trust of my father. All these things made me feel safe and normal. And now this shit. I reduced myself into a wanton two dollar whore for some manly cock. What does that say about me. Do I find girls attractive? I guess. Do I find the smell and the taste of cock appealing? Yes! Does a dominating male behaviour attract me? O fuck, God, why me?

I squirm in my anguish. I hate all of this and at the same time I crave my Dad, his cock. Who do I lie to. I crave just about any cock. I want to worship a man with the right attitude. I don't really care who that is. I guess I'm a slut with new toy. Damn my father will be so disappointed. How can I look in the eye of a man that I respect most and admit all of this. I can hardly do it to myself. I will not speak of this to anybody, especially not my dad.

I ache all over. I need to find some release. I can't wait any longer. OK I know I have to ask for it, that will be some major trouble I just know it.

I have to find my old man. Fuck!

Does he do it on purpose. He sits on that leader couch of his like a fucking god. He is so ripped, all muscle, all men. O god to see him in his white briefs is a torture.

"Dad can we do it please?"

"Do what Daniel?"

"Don't let me beg dad. I'm in hell here. What do I have to do to prove that I respect and love you"

"Here is your clue. It is around my neck. Do you see where it hangs?"

"I get you have to punish me dad, but have some mercy, please."

"You just don't get it do you? I have it around my neck for one sole purpose. I have your key here because it is near my heart all of the time. I do love you, I do want to help you. But I can't do it if you don't let me. Do you understand?"

I was dumbstruck. How can this be happening. He is so strong and so handsome, he is such a stud and jet he loves me so much. I'm such a disappointment, but he wants to help. "Tell me what you want me to do, dad, and I'll do it in a heartbeat, no questions asked" I cried.

As he stood up I trembled not just because of his imposing feature, but also because of want and need it awakened deep inside me. He came closer and I averted my eyes to the floor. He stopped just inches from my almost naked body and stood there. What was on his mind I could not tell, but one thing was certain, his epic cock was very hard in his briefs. I wanted to sunk to my knees and worship it, devourer it, make him feel the power of his manhood.

He raised his hands and for a moment there I was afraid we would hit me in disgust because of my evident need and I tried to move away, but before I could do it he cupped my head in his hands and looked me directly in my eyes. What I saw there stunned me, he had tears in his eyes.

"Never do this again. Never doubt yourself again. Never forget that I will love you, put you first like I always did. I would rather die than hurt you my beloved Daniel. Never forget that." he sad, "You have to trust me that I will always be there for you to catch you. Do not be afraid of me nor yourself. Can You promise me that?"

I lost it right there. I came undone in his hands in the all present musk of hiss body and I nodded. Sealing my faith I sad "dad I trust you and..." This next part was hard for me but it needed to be sad. "I Need you and I hunger for you touch and attention."

He smiled, his face softened and than he kissed me deep and passionate. He locked me in his embrace and held me. I was home at last.

"So this is what we will do," he murmured, "you will always come naked before me when you want to get your release. You do not need to say anything just come to me and seat on my right knee or kneel before me. Now we will do it this way: I will seat back on the couch and you will bring that red box from the bookshelf there. Do you understand boy?"

"Yes daddy," I instinctively replied.

I did everything as he instructed and I sat down on his right knee so I was watching him. He adjusted me so my left arm was over his shoulder and his hands had unobstructed reign over my naked hairless skin. He started petting me the moment he adjusted me.

"Bare your soul to me boy and don't leave anything out."

It was a simple order and I just couldn't stop from telling him everything. All my troubles and insecurities. All that happened with the professor, the janitor and Mark. He really did listen to me, but he never stopped to caress my pectorals and abdomen, my back and my ass cheeks, he casually massaged my anus. Sometimes I stuttered, especially as he tweaked and tormented my sensitive nipples. O my God, as he massaged my ass hole I almost lost the ability to speak. But he encouraged me to breath and to continue telling him everything. All the while he assured me, he would not let something bad happen to me, that I was hiss boy and that he would help me find my way again to be proud and happy about myself, my sexuality and my life in general. We really bonded in that time, maybe even more as ever before. And there was another thing. I was aroused beyond words, I was ready to do anything for him, for his pleasure.

"Boy you see what you do to me, I'm all hard and dripping. Bring me some release and suck me dry. Do not use your hands just your luscious mouth."

He did not need to say another word I sank to my knees and pulled his briefs down to his ankles and I knelt between his legs and I licked my lips and than made love to his cock. Cock that made me. I licked the underside of his cock and I made sure that his covered head was well cleaned of pre cum. I was in piggy heaven.

"Yeah clean your daddy with your hot tongue, wash my balls to." he urged, "yes make love to my manhood, taste what only a real man can give"

I was in a frenzy, I worshipped his cock and balls it smelt of men, sex and his special musk.

"That is enough, open up your hot mouth, open up for daddy and take my man cock deep in your throat." I did as instructed and he showed his man meat down my throat. He pushed trough my gag reflex and held in in place. "don't fight it embrace it, love it crave it. Its your man that you are swallowing. Breathe trough your nose." Eventually I relaxed enough so he could fuck my cock hungry mouth. And he did.

"That is it. Milk my dick with your mouth. Yeah boy, suck it good, make me cum and don't you spill a drop. When I cum I want you to keep it in your mouth."

And he did cum, 5 spurts of hot man milk. I was overwhelmed by taste and smell of it.

"Roll it in your mouth, taste it, relish in it. You will learn to crave it in this period of time that we have. Now swallow it."

I did. And I felt great, I felt alive.

"How I love the texture of your skin, so smooth. I see without obstruction the joy you get from my touch. It is not covered by hair. You are naked before me, ready for me to take you." He tormented my nipples while he sad that and I shuddered. "Don't think about your need to cum, that is secondary. Feel what I have to give you and the orgasm will eventually come like and icing on the cake, because it is given to you. You will earn it and it will be ground breaking." As he sad that I relaxed into his touch, I immersed myself in his words.

"Turn around and bend over, I want to give you something more, something you will never forget. I will do this not so much for me as for you. We will both get so much." I did as he instructed, "hold on my hairy ankles for support not yours, so you will not forget who is giving you this lesson."

How could I ever forget, he touched my hole, just circling around it with his thumb. I could not suppress my moan. "Yes, let your self go, feel the pleasure, express it however you can, be proud of it, own it." And I did and than some more. He opened the red box and he took out two items, but I could not see what. Than I felt some liquid poured on my puckered hole. And than his thumb really hit home. I got goosebumps all over, I moaned. The pleasure was intense. Than he pressed the finger in and it sank home, no displeasure just utter bliss in his words in his action. He rubbed his thumb over something in me, prostate and I started to fly. My juices started to boil at that point. I had to concentrate on the pleasure of it not to loose my mind. Than his sweet torture just got more intense. A really small and heavy vibrating toy was inserted into my hole. And I got into overload. I cried, I moaned, I cursed. I became a mindless slave to this feeling that I got in my ass. I wanted more, I wanted much more and I didn't care about labels: gay, straight, bi. Whatever this just was to good to live without. "More daddy, more, faster. O fuck I'm going to explode inside out. Fuck. Don't stop. Daddy give me more."

Than he stopped. "I'll take the cock cage of now boy, turn around." I did almost to eager but I wanted my cock free and hard and dripping, I needed to cum like yesterday.

"Lay on your back," he demanded. As I did I was already in full mast. "do not touch your cock boy or I will have to restrain you. Be a good boy and do as you are told." I was disappointed but I knew he would not let me down, I knew he would take care of me. He started fingering my hole again and I was lost in my need. "Daddy please give me more. I need more."

He lubed up his cock and he entered me slowly. As my sphincter let go and his head poked in it hurt like hell, but he urged me to relax and to breath it trough. I did and than it happened, I wanted more of his cock, I wanted to be stretched by him, I wanted to give him pleasure. And than his cock brushed my joy button and I was like a dog in heat. I needed his cock to fuck me good and hard and than all over again. "Fuck daddy pound me, fuck me. More daddy I need more. Fuck this feels good. Daddy don't stop."

"Fuck you tight hole is making love to my cock. I'm balls deep inside you and you love it. You make me proud boy. Take it like a good boy, make your daddy feel good. Make me feel like a god. So tight, so sweet." he moaned as he fucked me like a stallion. Shere power of his trust could bring me to orgasm and than he grabbed my rigid almost purple cock and he kissed me, taking possession of my mount and it happened. The most mind blowing orgasm. I convulsed under him and I swear I was not aware of my surrounding for a moment. It was like the flood gates were opened and I came and came and came. He did not stop fucking me. He did it with more power, with renewed vigour.

"That's my boy, let your spunk fly, show me your appreciation, show me your devotion." he punctuated between jams to my spasming ass hole.

"Don't stop daddy do not stop. Fuck my ass good and deep. Harder daddy." He did just that and he jearked my still hard cock.

"Turn over and kneel on the couch facing the wall" I did in anticipation of more cock, more fucking hard cock. And than he fucked me in earnest. I felt like a whore as I moaned. I did not care. I wanted more. And more I got and than some. I knew my ass would be sore but I did not care it felt so good, so right.

He leaned over me after what had to be almost an hour of hard fucking and took my cock in his hands and he jerked my still hard cock and I came again. It seemed to me that earth opened beneath me. "fuck so good. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck."

"Boy I'm breading you now, feel my seed inside you, marking you." than he pushed away and sad. "clean the mess we made" and he left to the bathroom.

I still could not believe what happened and how much I loved it. I cleaned the room and when he came back he put my cock cage back on. I was a bit disappointed, but I knew it must be so for another 4 weeks.

"I bought you two things. An enema bag and this dildo. I want you to use them regularly. Also I want you to make some modifications in your gym regime. Put special attention to your butt and pectorals. I want to see improvement till next week. And close enough is not good enough you know that by now. Do you understand?" I nodded. "As for the enema bag I want you to use it 3 times or as necessary before you come to me. The water must be totally clean as you push it out of your ass. This silicon cock is medium sized and has a cup on one side so you can attach it to a chair or bathroom tiles. I want you to use it 2 times a day for at least 15 minutes. This will give you the necessary skill to use your ass muscles so fucking will be more pleasurable for me and you. As long as you wear my cock cage this is a law. Do you understand everything?" he demanded.

"Yes daddy I understand completely." I sad.

I was a bit shocked and crestfallen. I wanted to cuddle with him after two glorious orgasms and not end it in such a way. I almost began to cry.

"Don't give me those puppy eyes of yours. It will do you no good. Excellence is achieved trough practise and discipline," he sad and I just nodded in return.

"Go about your day, boy!"

"Yes daddy," I sad took the box he gave me and went to my room.

Algebra teacher No amount of weight lifting or running could ease my mind and clear my thoughts. I made such a mistake with Daniel. Ok he did enjoy the fucking, he came two fucking times I know that. But I can't get involved with my son like this. I love him, I really do, but this was something else. He is so trusting, so responsive so sensual. I need some distance some perspective if I want to be able to help him discover himself. Fucking him was the best thing that happened to me since Marcy, but I think it may be just the biggest mistake I have ever made. I can't be his father and his lover at the same time. I have to find a way to avoid falling for him big time, but I'm afraid it is already to late.

That is one problem, but the other ones are just epic. I will have to find solution till Monday, but with current distractions are just over the top right now. But I can't let my son down. He has to come first. For the first time in in 12 hours I find some peace and some clarity. I have to objectives. First I have to bring that perverted teacher to see that he can't boss my son around in such a way. The second one is to get my son back to class. With all clarity it downed on me that some compromises will have to be made. As for the rest of the problems, well I will deal with one at the time.

As I went to bed later I couldn't fall asleep because I did not have a solution to this new problem and not to mention my son's obvious sadness and dissatisfaction. To put it mildly I was irritated as hell.

The next two day just blurred into something I could best describe as a blob of time. So Daniel came to me late on Monday and he just knelt before me because I was doing squats with weights in my basement home gym. As he knelt there I got hard in an instant, he is such a turn on to be seen so subservient and pliable. It took all the concentration that I posses to finish the reps I had planned. My leaking hard on was not helping the situation and as he licked his lips almost got to much out of me. I ordered him to kneel there in the middle of my gym mainly because I didn't know what to do and how to react and I wanted to give him a show to adore me with his eyes. He did that beautifully.

As you know I was very conflicted about the last time with Daniel. At the same time I wanted him to worship me and to be pissed at me. All in all a big giant mess to put it shortly.

After some deliberation in my head I decided that I would just jerk him off. I did just that and than send him away. The hurt in his eyes was almost unbearable. After that I jerk off in the shower.

So to get back on track I had devised a plan that will happen today sharply at 19:00. I was surprised that all went according to plan. But hey you can't judge a book after its cover, as my dad use to say. I ordered Daniel to clean himself thoroughly and to piss just before 19:00. He had to wait in his room waiting for my order to come forth the moment I would call for him. He had to be naked. He did as instructed and at 18:55 I removed his cock cage with a warning: "no foul play, boy!" He nodded. I pinched his sensitive nipple on the way out and he gasped. His dick got semi hard. I know I'm an evil man, but I could not help myself.

I sat on the couch in my old and tight chaps and a white tank top. I know I look stunning in those. That I guess was the sole purpose of this. Mr. Karlson will be easier to control this way. I guess he is not just a molester, deep down he is also a man slut and married at that. Go figure. This will be a hot ego trip, I just know it.

Sharply at 19:00 the doorbell rang and I was already half mast. So I opened the door not bothering about the tent in my slacks. I let him in without words and he was polite and he put his shoes off at the door and continued to go inside barefoot. It was something really erotic about it.

As he came into the living room I sad to him: "So we have a deal Sam. You do as I say and you do when I say?" In a timid voice he replied "Yes Mr. Carter."

"Boy come in the living room, now!" I sad in the most authoritative voice that I could muster. Daniel came into the room and if I wasn't hard before now I was totally and utterly hard.

"So as to get things clear" I continued, "we have gathered here to settle a dispute you to seem to have," I continued like a school teacher. It was a total turn on to see them both listening and looking at me, although Mr. Karlson glanced a few times to my son in total and unbridled lust.

"Two thing were wrong from the get go." I explained, "Firstly, you Daniel should not have under any circumstances disturbed your teachers class," I punctuated.

"Yes, Dad I understand that completely. It will not happen again not in algebra class nor any place else. Disrespect is not acceptable." he sad with eyes downcast in shame. I guess the realization of his misbehaviour and the nakedness really brought forth his humiliation.

"Secondly, you Mr. Karslon, should not have abused your power in such malicious way. You have no entitlement to your students bodies. More so you are expected to protect them. The choice you gave my son was so wrong it is mind boggling. Do you understand that?" I sad looking him directly in his eyes.

"Yes, Mr. Carter. It will never happen again." he sad. "It dam well never will or I will go to authorities myself if I as much as hear a peep abut you and your abusive ways. Did I make myself clear, scum!" I jelled. "Yes, Sir!" he replied as he cast his eyes down to the floor.

"So we have an understanding?" I concluded.

"Yes, sir!" they replied in unison.

"But if we want to placate this tension between you two we will do the following. Since Both of you have done wrong to each other both of you will be naked for the duration of this lesson we try to learn here. Daniel will l lie over my knee and you Sam will administer you punishment as you described to my son a few days ago. After that I will administer your punishment in a similar manner. You both will apologize and forgive each other. After this day there will be no hard feelings between you two. You will not interact with each other unless it is strictly for academic purposes. However if anyone of you will soil my floor and furniture you will clean it with your tongues. So you have 5 minutes to prepare yourself, starting now."

As I came back from the kitchen both of them were naked with hands behind their back and waiting in front of the couch as I instructed. I was pleased that all things went so smooth. I guess both of them have some major submissive tendencies. Mr Karlson was a hunk of a man with a medium to small sized dick. But he was hairy like a bear and built like a real professional body builder. I guess some compensating for other shortcomings is not a bad thing. At least in my eyes.

"So let us begin. Boy lay over my knee with your ass sticking up for Mr. Karslon convenience." He did just that. "do not go soft on him now, Sam, because I certainly wont go soft on you." Sam got hard and his 5 inch pecker jutted towards his sculptured abdomen. As the first strike landed Daniel yelped and jumped on my knees. So I put my left thumb in his mouth and he sucked on it without me needing to explain. And with the right hand I glided firmly on his back as to alleviate the pain and to make him feel safe. The rest of the punishment he took like a champ. He sucked on my thumb like a toddler. Somewhere after the eight blow he started to cry and around fifteenth blow snot was leaking out of his nose. I know he wanted to scream but he just sucked my thumb and never in the whole ordeal he bit me. Good control Daniel I thought to myself. His ass will bruise and he wont seat right for a day or so. Sam is a mean motherfucker. He will pay in his own right. I became really agitated as the punishment progressed. One thing that did surprise me though was, that my son was totally hard the whole time.

"Now apologize, boy!"

"I'm sorry Mr. Karlson for disturbing your class. It will never happen again, Sir." he sobbed trough sobs.

I shot an angry look at Sam and he responded: "Apology excepted."

"Now kneel on the carpet there, boy." Daniel obeyed. "And watch him get his punishment"

"As for you Sam, get your sorry ass over that armrest on the couch. I will not touch you nasty abusive ass so I will use this table tennis racquet. I will hit you 20 times with it. When I hit you on your right ass cheek you are to say sorry Daniel and when I hit you on your left cheek you are to say sorry Mr. Carson. Do it loud and don't mix up anything, because I will start from the beginning." He did as he was told. I delivered his punishment swiftly and decisively. On the end he got 32 hard slaps. His ass cheeks were dark red. I was proud of myself. As he stood up I saw that he fucking came on my couch. "You sick fuck, what did I tell you before! On your knees and clean that mess, you pervert" He was obviously crying and jelling like a girl and to top it of he had to lick his spunk of the leader of my couch. Humiliation in his face and demeanour was palpable.

"Boy to your room and as for you sick fucking pervert, do not ever cross my path again or this ordeal will be as mothers hug compared to what will happen." I threatened, "move your sorry asses from my sight!"

I went to the kitchen and I heard a commotion and that the doors closed and I knew that Daniel ad me were alone in the house. Fuck what a nightmare, but it had to be done.

I remembered my son's ass and its colour after the punishment. I went like on autopilot to my dresser and got out some aloevera salve I used for sunburns. I went to his room and didn't bother to knock on the door I just got in and I saw him lying on his stomach crying his eyes out. My hart tore apart. This will not do. I have to man up and do what he needed me to do. I needed to make sweet love to him, hold him, cuddle him, make him whole again. "O my sweet Daniel, let me make you feel really good." He did not say anything.

I applied copious amount of gel on his ass cheeks and he moaned and I started to gently massage it into sore behind. He moaned as I rubbed over his butt hole.

"Please daddy don't make me wait any longer, please fuck me deep. Daddy I really need you now, please daddy"

I found the dildo that I bought for him sitting on his night stand and I took it greased it and I pushed it in hist man hole. Nice and easy. The fucks and oh-s and all other moaning sounds led me to believe that he craved me more than I could fathom. Right that moment I knew, that this was beyond possible, beyond proper, beyond morality. This was about him and about my love and responsibility as a father, as a mentor that started this lesson. I pushed his dildo up his ass to the hilt. "Hold it there, don't let is slip out. And I vent around the bed and I stripped before hiss big lusty eyes and than he sucked me. Boy did he get good at sucking. I came shortly. But he did not stop to nurse my cock and I stayed hard after about 20 minutes or so I puled out and kissed him deeply and possessively. I could not help myself.

"turn over and pull your legs to your chest." The dildo started to come out of his ass and I wasn't angry I came around the bed and I knelt at hiss abused ass and I reached over and kissed him again. "Such a good boy." and kissed him again. "you make me so proud and so horny right now." As the dildo fell out I pushed my cock in there to the hilt, he gasped and moaned. We kissed the whole time. The first time he came was just after I took hold of his rigid member and he got an explosive orgasm. He really needed that. I fucked him for a long time. I made love to his smooth body, played with his nipples. He really likes that. He came three times. The whole time urging me not to stop, to fuck him harder, to make him cum. On the end I breed his manhole with my seed. As I came I didn't pull out and I just hold him.

"Please don't go now daddy I need your touch, I need your scent, I need your love." After that I broke down and we rolled over, he on top of me and I held him tight. "Sorry son, that I can't give you everything you want. I have problems of my own. We have our lives close but separate. But for now let us pretend that I'm your lover. I do love you. But you have to find your own way in love and life. Eventually you will have to move on. It will destroy me, but fathers are left with such pain. It is part of our job."

"I know. But know this, I never want to leave you. I want to be a part of your life. If I can't get more I want this that we have now from time to time. Promise me that you won't take that away from me. Please dad."

"I promise," I cried.

Eventually we fell asleep in each others arms. It was early in the morning as I woke up he was still in my arms and I had to summon all the will that I had and disentangled myself from him. As I observed his room I found his cock cage. I wanted to put it on but he was hard as rock again. I was tempted to suck him off. I was hard as a rock at the thought of that. Eventually I succumbed to the desire. I sucked him of good. His sperm was so sweat and rich in flavour that I wanted more, but that should not happen again till his punishment is over. It would not be good for him. I hope I was lucky enough that hid did not wake up this time. He was soft now and could put his cock cage back on. I removed myself to my room. I knew I had to, but my heart was falling apart because of it.

I went out running. I would do him breakfast after I come back. I could to at least that.

Friend or foe (Mark)

This just sucks. All I think these days is what I could have done differently the last couple of weeks. After our epic event in the park everything went from bad to worst. Really just how stupid can one get. And that one is me not Daniel. Fuck. Ok he attacked me, but I did far worst than he did. I sad some things I shouldn't have. And than there was the could shoulder. Literary freezing, several hundred degrees below zero cold shoulder.

At first I thought that he did this just to spite me. But than I did see real changes in Daniel. Real obvious changes. Well I did try to talk to him. Twice he answered my questions and apologies. Let's talk about ego on a sinking boat. It was going down, rapidly.

So after a few days I tried to apologize to him and he sad: "Mark I'm really sorry for the things I sad and done. But I guess I will have to live with it. As for your apology I accept it, but I can not and will not associate myself with arrogant and undisciplined bullies who care just about only themselves. And I know what I'm talking about because I'm one of them. However I'm trying to better myself. I'm trying to turn my life around and I can't do it while indulging someone who is not willing to change."

That stung, really deeply stung because I knew that he hit my spot head on. I tried to salvage something by saying: "I'm trying to give you and me another chance. I just can't change my dominant nature. I have to be in control."

"Control, Mark, is not something you have, but is something given to you. Until you get that you and me a better of far far apart," he sad in a calm voice

"What the fuck are you on about. I don't care for that fucking zen thing you try to play. We both know who is the boss here." I sad trough my teeth.

"We did that and now we are both sorry. Why would I want to do that again, tell me Mark?"

"Because you fucking want my dick up you ass bitch," I hissed.

This is not how it is supposed to be. They usually beg me for my cock and I deny. Daniel was turning the tables around. I was confused, mad and painfully hard just looking at him.

"Thanks, but no tanks," he sad with sincerity, "until you see what is wrong with this picture don't try to corner me like this again because I will rearrange your face permanently. Mark stay away or change." and than he left. I saw no malice in his eyes. What I saw I could not decipher. I knew right there that I was lost in the woods.

And than his change began. No more self absorbed Daniel, no more cocky in control shit. At first it seemed that it was an elaborate rouse to drive me insane, but the more I observed the more I realised that his charitable work was real. By the end of the week he was spending more and more time with that fucking Leon, the resident but of the joke. And Leon was grateful, for once he was a person not just a joke to someone. Even I could see that. Daniel changed also, he seemed happy most of the time. The worst thing was I knew why.

Leon and I were real close childhood buddies. But I fucked him over a year ago. I was not sorry at the time. In my eyes he betrayed me after he fucked with Linda. He was my personal coucksucker for two years after all. It started as a bet and ended as an extortion. I demanded that he ends things with Linda, but he didn't. Than I made an ultimatum: my friendship and protection or her. He choose her. I started some mostly harmless gossip about him about him just to remind him that he lost favour with me. As it so happens Linda eventually left him and things just got worst for him after that. Things about him started to surface that I knew where not true, but I did nothing to help him. Until now he was a social pariah. Linda was nasty when she left him and for that she did pay. I made sure of that personally. Well you know Leon has a big heart but he is prone to embarrassing accidents. And the story I propagated just got a life of its own. I know I did him wrong now. And there is another thing. He will never be friends with me after the way I treated him. Not only that, Daniel will hate me even more, after he learns from Leon what I have done to him.

Let me be the first to say. Daniel got a real good and loyal friend. Let's talk about karma.

When I saw them playing basketball together I lost it. There they where two people I actually cared about and I wasn't invited nor wanted in the mix. I knew right there and than that I would let Daniel top me if that what it took to get at least some of his attention. I waited for Daniel near his home that evening. As I saw him I went to him in this macho attitude. He looked at me expectantly and that I sad: "OK you can be the boss if that's your play."

With disappointment he sad: "seriously?" and left.

And that was the second time he denied me. I didn't know what on earth was I supposed to do. Did I not just offered to take it for him. Why could he not see that I want him. Could he be that stupid and he was not stupid or did he hate me.

"Daniel" I called after him, "why do you hate me?"

"Mark I do not hate you, I do not hate what happened between us," he sad to me, "but I can't place myself at your mercy while you still hate yourself, what you are, what we are." And than he left.

is love possible (Daniel)

So much has changed in three weeks since my lesson began, as my father likes to name the punishment I have to endure. Well it is not so much punishment as it is an eye opening experience. Before this ordeal started I considered myself a str8 man a real ladies man. I had some steady girlfriends and a lot of willing girls on the side. As I think of it I guess I was never satisfied enough. That is why I could never commit. Well that is what most of them hated about me and that was the main reason they left me. Well I was devastated. Is there such a thing as love.

Well there is that and the last 3 weeks where I discovered just how much I get of on servicing men and their cocks. I discovered how much pleasure I get from anal stimulation. It is like nothing I've ever experienced before. Ok I did play with my fingers down there while masturbating, but nothing more than that. There is still some shame involved, but I like it to much to stop it altogether.

While I was forced to ask my dad for release I met several men. Most of the experiences were out of this world but as I soon learned there was so much more to sex with men than just sucking and fucking. Could this be an indication that I was bisexual or gay. Well my father mentioned that I was submissive male. This remark hurt me, caused much humiliation trough al of this and deep down I know once this is over I will try to top a guy just to negate this thesis of his.

I done a lot of things with men I were with. I sucked I got fucked and once I got sucked off twice. All of it was a trill. So as a part of my lesson I had to fuck myself with a dildo two times a day. Well I did that and much more. I guess I'm a nasty slut and I'm proud of it. I bought myself a real big dildo and used it as much as the smaller one that my father gave me. That was until last Thursday as I bought a medium sized butt plug and I rarely go anywhere without it. It is a torment but after a day or two I realised I could accommodate almost anything up my but. And that is why I'm thinking of buying a bigger one. But it will have to wait for some time now. I decided to slow down a little and think trough this transformation of mine. As it is I'm no more ashamed that I like to get fucked so much, but I'm proud I discovered something about myself and that I can perform so good for a nice hot rigid cock I come across.

As it is I have but one problem I have to solve. What to do with this new found sexuality and with men I came across. What will happen the next week on Friday when my father takes of this damned cock cage. Could I find someone of these men to spend more of my time with. That is a gigantic question in my head. So I did as many times before when I had to make a major decision. I made a list of things I like and dislike.

So my first male was Mark. That tough black mother fucker with eyes that tell a story of a tender man. He has so much unresolved issues, his al macho demeanour and than there are his past deeds with me and some other men I know, that tells me a story of trouble and heartache. Can I really trust him to have my best interest at heart. Well in his defence he did a lot of thinking and tried to make up for his deeds in the past. We talk allot these days. If I dare to say we are slowly becoming real good friends. If I was bold I would say we could be soul mates. We have so many things in common.

At first I was reluctant to talk to him but than I saw how much he suffered because of me and I gave him a chance. I must say that I don't regret it jet. He has been nothing but nice to me. If he was to leave the country right now I would be devastated and lost. I know it is only a week or so since we started to really talk and get to know each other but I do trust him on some level. And it is not just his intoxicating smell and gigantic dick in his pants, that is hard most of the time that we are alone together. It is his eyes that can not lie and his tender touches he so generously gives to me. Sometimes I wonder if he is even aware of them.

After our first encounter in the park we haven't done much sexual things apart from hugs and touches. That was until today. Today he kissed me and he swept me of my feet so to say. I would have done anything he wanted at that moment. But he sad he would wait for me to make the first move. As he saw me there standing there stunned and horned up he apologised for the kiss. I told him that he should never apologise for such a wonderful thing and that I would like to take things slow with him. I haven't told him about my cock cage problem. On one hand I'm afraid he would take it the wrong way and on the other I'm not all that comfortable talking about it.

The second one was Mr. Gonzales. That is a bull of a man. I almost dislocated my jaw while trying to suck him off. Well he is I guess the only friend my father has that is the main reason I haven't gone to him for another waxing. I rather shave all my hair in the morning, so my father would not notice my hair grows back. I sense that there is something my father must work out on his own so I do this thing for him and for me. But I would like to try his fucking ramrod of his for size again on both ends. His whole macho superiority really turns me on to no ends. His debasing words really make my juices flow for some reason.

The spanking I got form Mr. Karlson was just wrong I guess. Not that I didn't like the experience, but if it were not for my father I guess I would hate it. He had no consideration for my feelings he just wanted my ass. My father thought him a lesson he hopefully won't forget. I will be happy if I never ever see him again so close up and personal.

When I think of Bob the janitor I get sick. He is a scum but I have to service him daily. That I really hate, but I have not spoken about it with nobody. After he saw me jerking of in the park he was blackmailing me from the first day on. He threatened that he would upload a picture of me with my finger up my butt on facebook. I know it is not such a big deal but I don't want this to get public jet, so I complied. At first it was blow jobs of his mediocre stinking dick, but after a while he started fucking me like a personal slave or something. For this he will have to pay. This must stop but I have to find a way to get him off my case. It is not painful or anything but he is just disgusting and smells really bad. He thinks that I'm all hot for him and that he is a real man for fucking me in the ass, but he is so wrong. His Chinese ass will pay tenfold, that is my oath.

There is of course this sweet Cuban sweetness of Leon. Damn he is hot, he is tender, he is the best friend there is. Since I rescued him from ridicule of the local jocks and women he proved his true colours. He is sporty and so nice and good that sometimes I think I will be a downfall of his. Well he is smaller than me. He is 5,5 and has 160 lbs. He has this sexy sideburns that go halfway over his handsome jaw. His face is somewhere in between handsome and angelic. He has just the right amount of chest hair that is cropped really short. He has some hair in the middle of his abdomen and a thick bush of pubic hair. Damn my mount go dry just thinking of his manly appearance. And than there is his 9 inch uncut cock which is just the right girth and is slightly curved to the left. You may ask how I know this. Well he is the only one that know about my cock cage predicament. He is very supportive about it and he is just so attentive to me and my feelings. I had to share this with him.

He invited me home several times, I did the same. So we spent a lot of time together. He told me about how Mark had him for a personal cocksucker and how he loved and hated it at the same time. He told me about how Mark and his last girl outed him. He knew it was mostly her. He knows he is bisexual but he also knows it was wrong for other people to out him. That is a personal choice one has to make. What they did was wrong and I agree with him. I tried with reconciliation of Mark and Leon. Well at least they are civil to each other again. Mostly because they know they have to share me and my time. They talk and we play sport together, but they are both very protective of me so there is a lot of tension between them. But in all fairness Mark has tried really hard to mend the rift he created between them. And Leon is just to good of a person to hold a grudge after that. I guess soon they will learn to live with the decisions they made earlier in their lives. I really hope they could be friends again.

I guess I know what the dynamic with those two is. Leon is such a giving person and Mark is very domineering. That is what Leon Told me and I think it is true. He wanted his friendship to work so he let Mark use him in a way and Leon didn't mind it that much. Later he thought he found the right woman and he choose to be with a woman. But he was heartbroken because his friendship with Mark got so ugly and on the end terminated. So now they talk about this things openly and Mark wowed he would never abuse Leon and his giving nature. But Leon has to learn to trust him again. On that note we all have to learn to trust each other.

Well Leon knows I trust him and I know he trusts me so that is why I told him about my ordeal. He wanted to see my cock cage and was turned on immediately as we started to explore our bodies. He is really gentle and giving also when making love. Yes that is the right word. It was never just about fucking it is always about care and love we feel for one another. We are not lovers, but are very special friends, although I think it is a bit more on his part. I told him of my suspicions about this feelings we share. He denied everything. I told him I didn't want to hurt him and would never do that on purpose. He was glad about that, but sad that he would try not to hurt me. Leon is such a great person, and that is a responsibility I have to take.

I suck him of almost daily these days in our make out sessions. He really needs physical closeness as much as I do. The day before yesterday I tricked him to fuck me. It was glorious and he was so gentle and loving I cried afterwards. He didn't want to leave me alone in my room, but I told him I had some things to think trough and that I would be fine. He helped me wash myself and than he rimmed me for a long time. I thought I died and gone to haven and back. I knew that part of my heart would be always his. He left after one hour. In this time he pampered me like only a lover would and he fucked me slow and sweet for the second time. His eyes, face and affectionate actions could not lie about how much he loved me. I didn't confront him about it, but I got scared I would not be able to return those feelings in the same manner. That got me sad. And I think he knew just why. His words will stay with me for the rest of my life I guess: "Daniel, whatever you decide, whatever you do in life know this: I will never forget what we just shared."

And of course there is my troubled father. He loves me I know that, but he is afraid I will get to attached to him and he thinks he could not give me what I need. He keeps on saying that he is doing this thing with me just because he is helping me find my why trough my punishment. He is adamant he loves me and cares for me, but I must find my own lovers and he can't be my lover and father at the same time.

I know this is a lot of bullshit, but I let him think that he is in control of his body and his feelings. He fucked me 7 times these 3 weeks. But I do not let him rest. I come to him everyday sometimes twice a day and usually he just jerks me of. Most of the time he lets me suck him off. But when he fucks me I get to know just how powerful he is and just how much he cares for me. Usually I come twice or three times while he fucks me. I feel so good and vulnerable and at the same time I know that I'm safe and loved. No mater what comes in my life I know I will always open up my mouth and my ass for him. I'm just afraid that he will stop fucking me when the punishment is over.

As for me I know this: I will tempt him with my ass and mouth whenever I see him. He really gets of on pleasing me as much as he is pleasing himself. That is so hot and so fulfilling.

As I think of this I get so horny. All this men and just so little time. Do I love them? Well some more than others. Do I want to please them? Well hell yeah. Who is my favourite? That I can't answer right now because I don't know jet.

come clean son (Dad)

My son Daniel has gone trough some major changes in his life I can see that clearly. As I suspected he likes to get his ass fucked. I try to accommodate his wishes as much as I can. But I see that he wants more and I'm just not ready do give him more, he must find his own way, his own lovers. I must stay a father and occasionally a mentor.

It is hard for me to prolong this lesson I tried to learn Daniel. I know he learned it well, so I decided that I will end it today. A week ahead of schedule. When he comes for his release today I will not fuck him and tell him my plan.

When he came in the living room later that day he was magnificent. He really took to heart my wishes about training and his musculature improved some in tree weeks since his lesson began. I was so proud of him. As he approached me I stopped him in mid stride and he obeyed perfectly. That is what this lesson was all about. And I knew that I did good with him. I wasn't so sure I did everything right but the results were fantastic.

I circled him and admired his body. Wherever I touched him he shuddered, when I touched his sensitive nipples he moaned in pleasure. I tried something different today. I took off hiss cock cage immediately and I wasn't disappointed. His nice cock sprang to life just by me touching him. I showed two fingers up his ass and he gasped, but there was no resistance and some pre cum appeared at once.

"You really like you ass stretched boy, don't you"

"yes daddy you make me feel so good."

He moaned intelligibly as I finger fucked him and played with his prostate. He is such a slut I can see that clearly now. He moaned like a whore as I fucked him with 4 fingers. I did that for a long time and he was on the verge of shooting for so long. He told me so. So I took pity on him and I fucked him hard, really hard with my dick. At one point I sad to him: "Cum for me boy" and he did, and did so with cries and shudders trough his young sexy responsive body. I did not stop I fucked him for some time after that. As I was about to come I just held his cock and sad "Cum again boy" he did and I with him.

As we came down from our high. I told him my plan and he started crying and he pleaded. "Don't do this daddy, I need you still. Don't take this away from us. If cock cage is the only way you will still consider it I will wear it indefinitely. Please father we both need this."

"It doesn't mean that I don't love you if I don't fuck you. You know I do love you as a son as a human being." I tried to console him but it did no good.

On the end I put his cock cage back on and sad to him: "Ok boy, you have one more week of this but than it is coming of. That was the deal."

"Ok dad, but please know I need you like this to, think about me to."

"I always think about you, now will be no differently," I concluded and locked his cock cage back in place.

"So tell me son, what changed and don't try to lie to me?" I inquired.

He told me everything and for the first time he mentioned more about the janitor. I was mad but he sad he needed to take care of it on his own. I gave him two days or I would do that to for him. He asked me to wait.

This new news was hard. Something snapped in me. Not only was I defensive of my son. There was something more. I was jealous of his ass. But that will have to be addressed some other day, because today I was to mad and I wanted to break some something. And if I was not careful my son could taste the anger that was boiling in me. That would be bad, bad indeed.

what are friends for (Mark)

Something must have been terribly wrong because I have never seen Daniel like this. He was fidgeting and could not hold a conversation. I tried to talk to him but he just got distant. The more I tried the more he became distant. Than suddenly everything changed. As he would give in to me and my questions. He than told me about his punishment he has to endure because his father had seen him in the park that faithful day. That was disturbing to say the least. His father is a shit hole of muscles. He is tall and muscular, intimidating as all hell. And he had seen me with his son. If I don't ever meet him I'll be a happy man.

As he is telling me about his cock cage I get totally boned. I tell him that much. He than disrobes. O my fucking wet dreams got just a bit more vivid now. He had grown some since I last saw him naked. I hate that he is wearing his cock cage. I would much rather see my cock cage on him or better no cock cage at all. I tell him that he must put his clothes on or I will fuck him like a 3 dollar whore. He blushes and says that I can fuck him if I want to. I tell him that our first time must be special for both of us. I tell him that I want him to come just from me fucking him and he moans. Damn Daniel is really sluttish. I like that a lot.

Than he tells me about that lurking scum bag of a janitor I get so mad that I start to jell on Daniel. After I see his tears I get it that it is not his fault that scum Chinese janitor is doing this to him. I hug him and tell him that I'm sorry. I tell him, that I will take care of things and that he wont be bothered again.

He is so relived that he can hardly speak and than he kisses me and I come undone. My self control in out of the window. Tell him that. And he goes on his knees like he is worshipping me. He than removes my tracking shorts and start to make love to my cock. I feel like a king right now. I tell him he has a nice wet mouth cunt and it doesn't put him off. He sucks more. I really fuck him in the mouth and he takes me down his throat and he really milks my cock. He really know how to please a man. Fuck he is such a good cock sucker. I must get this treatment again.

I tell him that I will come soon, but he doesn't mind and I fuck him deeper and faster and he takes my milk dutifully and respectfully. As my dick softens he kisses it. I'm a king right now. I tell him to go home directly after school and that I will take care of that scum bag.

He thanks me and invites me on a bicycle trip the next day with Leon. I tell him that I will gladly come just to be near him some more. We kiss again long and hard.

After he is gone I call Ryan and Cole and tell them about this great Chinese cocksucker. I chuckle to myself as I go home. I guess we have a new and willing cocksucker in town and he has his workshop open just for us black guys. Sweet. Ryan and Cole will teach that creep some manners.

Maybe I will join them and bring that bitch down. That is exactly what I will do, nobody messes with my Daniel. I did join them. He was really compliant and guess what: he is a piss pig, that was a first for me. I guess that is why he smells so bad. He smells like stale urinals. Ok Daniel is safe for now.

clean the junk(Daniel)

I was so glad that mark wanted to wait with fucking, but I had to suck him of I saw it in his eyes. He really likes to speak nasty while his dick is hard that is certainly a plus. So I was mighty turned on when I came home but there seed to be a problem. My father was standing there in the middle of our living room angry ass all hell. I was a bit afraid what will come of it.

"On your knees boy" he sad and pointed to a spot before him. Ok that was a nice surprise, him taking the initiative that was hot. "loose your clothes, now!"

I did as I was told and in no time I was kneeling in front of my muscle god. He really pumped hard this last month and it did showed. Today he was in tight running shorts which were tented out ominously and a white thin tank top which hugged his muscular hairy torso like a second skin. He must have been pumping iron just before I came home I guess. Well the musk I smelled was one indicator and the macho testosterone driven behaviour was the second give away. I liked and craved both. My cock in the contraption I wore just got as hard as the cock cage allowed. I learned to like the feeling of tightness. It also gave me an opportunity to tune my body on giving pleasure rather than getting it. I guess some day that will come in handy.

"So did you clean the junk you created with your careless behaviour?" he demanded more than asked in concern. I just nodded.

"Speak up, boy!" he didn't let go.

"I did daddy, the janitor won't be a problem again" I answered as looked him in the eyes.

"Good" he sad as he fished his hard leaking cock out of his running shorts and he tucked it behind his hairy full balls. "now tell me boy, to whom does this sluttish mouth belong to?" he inquired while tapping his already slick cock on my lips.

I was stunned at first but I knew the answer to that, "to you daddy and your cock and the juices you choose to give."

"Yes boy, remember that. No one will enter my domain uninvited or unchecked. Do you understand boy?" he concluded.

"Yes daddy"

"Now suck and don't stop until I tell you to stop" he demanded and I obeyed.

After some good 15 minutes he sad, "on all fours and start preparing your man hole for my dick. Let me see how much do you crave that big dick of mine."

Damn I was stunned, this was something new and I liked it. Without a second thought I did just as he instructed.

I had two fingers up my but when he surprised me once again, "who is the master of that man hole, who has the sole right to plunder and seed your needy man cunt?"

"You daddy, just you," I moaned

"Good boy, remember that the next time you want to fuck around. I give permission for entry to that hole, not you, remember that or I will have to plug it permanently." he explained.

"Yes daddy" I replied truthfully. Damn Leon and Mark will be so disappointed, but hell at that moment I could not denied my father anything. Maybe he would let them fuck me if they ask nicely.

"Push for fingers up there I want my dick to be welcomed right, when I fuck you."

I moaned and obeyed. After a few moments he pushed my hands away and entered me to the hilt so forcefully that I almost lost my balance. I cried and moaned at the same time, this was just to hot. Fuck I was a mindless slave in his hands now. Damn that felt good. He claimed his dominion over me with every thrust. He fucked me good and hard and than he breaded me deep in my ass. "Remember now whose seed you are carrying, now go to the bathroom and wash yourself," he sad while pulling out of me. I cried in protest but he just left to the kitchen. So I did as I was told. After I cleaned myself I went to the kitchen to ask him for my release, but he was nowhere to be found. Fuck him and his moral hiccups. Just as he was making some progress he got conflicted again. Well nobody is perfect I guess.

Fuck I will have to talk to Leon and Mark. How to explain this. I had no idea.

a bet (Leon)

I was a bit bummed when Daniel told me that Mark was also invited on our bicycle trip. I really hoped we would be alone to connect some more. The last time with Daniel was just overwhelming. I knew I needed that hunk in my life and I wasn't afraid to claim him if that was necessary.

I was well aware that there was some real chemistry between Mark and Daniel. Hell, it was expected. I would drop my pants for both of them. But Mark is not to be trusted lightly. Ok he was a good friend of mine once. But than all things went to dust. He betrayed me, he denied me respect. That stung most of all.

Because of him and that cunt I was a social pariah for a year. Thank god for Daniel. He sawed me from them and myself. That could never be repaid. I knew that. Daniel was just that good of a person and so giving. I will try not to let him down. I know I would do anything for him. Just how much of anything I wondered.

I decided than and there that I will have to talk to Mark to let him see that I will not step away for him. I have to show him I learned a lot in that dreadful year. He did not brake me, he just made me stronger. I hope this is not just a pep talk for myself. How pathetic would that be.

Well what must be done must be done. I will go to him and ask him about the terms by witch he would step down. I guess he is the enemy after all. We are in the contest for the same man. Fuck. That will be a tough fight. I knew some compromises will have to be made.

With determination I went to his place. His mother let me in and I knocked on his door. He was surprised to see me. Hell I was surprised to be there.

"Leon, good to see you in my room again, I thought you would never stop by again." Hell I surprised myself to.

Well we talked some for some time and than I told him about my intentions about Daniel. He didn't flinch and than he turned away from me.

"Leo I did you wrong, very wrong and I was selfish but do understand Daniel is special to me also."

I knew this was going to be hard, I just knew it. "So what will we do than?" I asked.

"Leo are you sure you want me to decide that?" he sad as he turned around.

"So what did you have in mind?" I asked suspiciously.

"Well we could do a bet, what do you say?" he taunted.

Well he did know me to damn well. I could not turn down a bet if I saw one. Damn. "So bring it on Mark!"

"Ok this is how it will go. I will jerk of in front of you and if you get hard you and Daniel will do exactly as I tell you to. Because Leo I still think you are hot for my cock." he sad. I tried to stop him but he wouldn't have it, "Let me finish Leo." and I shut my mouth. "But if you do not get hard I will still go to your little bicycle trip but you call the shots and I won't interfere," he concluded. "But ultimately, Leo, us much as we want to decide what is better for Daniel, on the end he will have to decide who he wants in his life and why. You know that?"

I knew right there that he was right but I could not stand down from the challenge he gave me. "So bring it on Mark and lets get naked."

We did and as soon as he started jerking off I became hard as a rock. Fuck he still has this spell over me. I wanted to suck him of right there and then. But he did not say anything and he finished. But the dom that he is he spurted all over my naked body. I almost came just from his semen touching my bare skin.

"Get dressed and live me alone. I have some business to attend. But know this. You lost and you have to suffer the consequences. But we were friends at some point so you decide if you want to go to the trip or not and I will not hold it against you, whatever you decide. Go now" he sad without malice or contempt.

I did go, but I was so fucked up right there and then that I could not think straight. So I went home and I jerked of. As I came I knew that is still wanted to worship and service his cock. Maybe I wanted more, but that is another story I guess. Fuck. I'm so fucked right now. What should I tell Daniel now, damn this will be bad.

a ghost from the past (Dad)

OK I officially have some anger management issues. That is new. As he went to the bathroom I was so ashamed of the things I did and sad dooring that faithful hour. And he didn't even protest, he just took it. Damn him and his compliance. That will be hard to correct. What should I do now. Damn I would seriously need some advice now.

I could not stay in the house any longer so I just put on my running gear and was out of the house in less than a minute. And I was running hard.

As I was running for about 15 minutes I noticed someone was following me. He was so nondescript I would have not noticed him but he was gaining on me. Damn what the hell does he want.

"Mr Carter wait please!" damn I was in the middle of nowhere. What does he want. I did stop and I was preprepared to fight him, well my anger management issue will be corrected shortly I thought to myself as a smirk came on my lips.

"Here Mr. Carter I was paid to give you this. Do not speak of me nor the letter to anybody. It is best if you burn it after you read it. I was told you know the drill." he sad and than he ran away just as quick as he came he was gone again.

I was totally shocked by his statement and the letter I held in my hands. This could mean just one thing. Trouble.

Whit shaking hand I opened the letter and it was from my brother.

Bro, First let me tell you that I'm sorry about your wife, but I could not come to the funeral because I would give you away sooner than now. You have to believe me when I say to you I shielded you from the family as long as I could. But here I am hurting you once again. I hope you will find enough compassion to forgive me some day. I promised you safety but I could not deliver.

First of let me tell you this. Much things have changed trough the years. I will tell you everything in much detail when we meet in person. But for now I will have to shorten it up to this. There has been a major change of power in our organization. And the damn Arabs have taken over. They are crafty as you know it and they want to have their way every way possible. In business and in life.

They were searching for the weakest links in all the families. And you were the weakest in ours because of the decisions we made back than. You live alone and no support can be given right now, because that would tip them off just how precious you are to me.

So not to be to long let me warn you. They will come and they will want to implement their power and dominion. As I hear they are very efficient and very persvasive. Be strong and get help from anywhere you can. I know you like to keep for yourself but please go to anybody who is reliable and at least friendly to you or you will loose and loose terribly.

Don't try to be brave and stupid, play it cool but please have a plan and be careful. That is all I can say right now.

I will try to come to your aid as soon as it is prudent. Remember my pager at the bottom and than page me when you need help. Do not delay with the call. I will come.

You still are the keeper of my heart and be sure of at least that if not anything else.

Take care.

O my good a have to get home like 5 minutes ago. My mind went in overdrive and I ran as fast as I could towards home. But I had to make it seem like it was nothing special because I knew the were watching me. Damn what a mess. What a fucking mess.

Will I be able to protect my son and everyone associated with me. Damn Alexander, I have to go meet him as soon as possible. I hope he doesn't hate me jet because I ignored him for so long. I knew full well that he would help me. But could I ask him to, but do I have the right.

As I came on the doorsteps of my home everything was quiet and dark.

"Fuck, i'm to late!" I sad out loud and ran inside. be continued.



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