'Good morning, Mrs. Cleaver', Eddy Haskell smiled at June Cleaver as she opens the door.

'Are Wallace and young Theodore ready for school yet?'

'They should be about ready, Eddy. Go on up to their room' Mrs. Cleaver tells him.

Eddie runs up the stairs and into the room his best friend Wally shares with his younger brother. He smiles an evil grin as he opens the door to find Wally plunging his hard cock into the mouth of the kneeling Beaver Cleaver.

'What's up, Gertrude?'� he asks. 'Teaching the squirt the finer points of fellatio?'�

'Can it, Eddy, and shut the door or I won't let you fuck him after school'�, replies Wally.

Eddy closes the door with a chuckle and sits on the bed, unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out.

Wally stands with his hands on the back of Beaver's head, his cock sliding in and out of Beaver's mouth.

'That's it, Beav. Slide your tongue over it just like that. Swallow my cock, you little bitch!'

'I'm gonna cum! Remember what I told you. Don't you dare spill a drop!' Wally's breath gets shallow, his cock pumping faster and faster into Beaver's throat.

'Unh! Swallow it Beav! Eat my cum you little faggot!'� yells Wally as he shoots load after load of hot, teen boy juice into his brother's mouth.

Pulling his cock out of Beaver's mouth, Wally pushes him towards Eddy. 'Hurry up and blow Eddy or we'll be late for school.'�

'Aw, gee Wally'�, complains Beaver. 'Do I gotta suck him too?'�

'You do if you don't want me to show Dad the pictures Eddy took of Gilbert and Richard double fucking you.'� Wally replied.

Knowing he had no choice, Beaver crawled over to Eddy Haskell and took his semi-rigid cock into his mouth.

Eddy leaned back on the bed, enjoying the feeling of Beaver's mouth engulfing his cock.

'That's it, cocksucker'�, said Eddy. 'Get a taste of a real man's dick.'�

Beaver bobbed his head up and down on Eddy's cock. His tongue and throat muscles gently massaging the shaft. Beaver wouldn't admit it to Eddy and Wally, but he secretly loved the feeling of sucking Eddy's hard cock. It was at least 10 inches hard. What a porn star he'd make with a dick like that!

He reached up and gently started to play with Eddy's balls. Eddy started thrusting his hips up and down, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into Beaver's throat.

Reaching out and grabbing Beaver's head, he shoved it down on his cock as far as it would go.

'Unh! Unh! Unh!'� moaned Eddy as he fed Beaver his load.

'You're becoming quite the little cock whore,'� he complimented Beaver as he licked Eddy's cock clean.

'Hurry up Beav, or we'll be late,'� his brother told him.

Grabbing up their books, the boys ran down the stairs to the front door.

Hearing the thundering herd, June called out 'Boys! Don't forget I'm going shopping with Mrs. Rutherford this afternoon and meeting your father for dinner out tonight.'�

'Don't worry, Mrs. Cleaver'� replied Eddy with a grin. 'Wallace and I plan to take very good care of young Theodore tonight'�.

As the boys run out the door and head to school, Beaver could only wonder what plans Eddy and Wally have for later.




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