The announcement is shocking and sudden. Making them simply stare at the very people that raised them: the person they called Dad (though to be fair, Alex is his biological son) and the person they called Mr Thomas (even though Bryce is his biological son).

But it is kinda ironic with how they called them due to the arrangements after Alex’s mom mysteriously disappeared. Both Alex & Bryce lived with Mr Thomas most of the time in the high end city where Mr Thomas struck gold for his work in pharmaceutics, while they saw their Dad usually at the last week of the month, where both of them (and occasionally Mr Thomas) work in his huge farm.

Despite the initially culture clash, both of them eventually grant themselves the best of both worlds, physical & mental, urban & rural, natural & artificial and so on. Equip with some of them best education money can ever buy, after this day, both of them would eventually leave both Dad & Mr Thomas to have a footprint on the history books.

Still, the announcement is shocking from Mr Thomas when having a nice dinner with them at Dad’s main ranch. Even Dad felt uncomfortable with it despite knowing what the announcement is.

 “Sure, it may seem uncomfortable to you both, but think of it like a business, where you sometimes have to humiliate yourself for the higher up, but once you become better than them with the skills you learned and honed, you could have the choice of doing the same thing to them. Whatever you do, the rewards are sweeter than the best thing you currently had, and then again and again. Still, I really hope that you enjoy it, because sex is supposed to be enjoyable for all parties.”

And now here they are, outside Dad’s (and Mr Thomas) room, the only place where both of them are forbidden to enter until now. Giving each other a reassuring glance they opened the door.


Dad & Mr Thomas are in bed of course, bare chested, muscular & inviting.

“So both of you arrive…(smile)…as your first part of the reward, why don’t you both try to drink the welcoming milk from the source. One each.”

While embracing Dad in behind licking his face, Mr Thomas caressed both of their Dad’s nipples, a swirling tender run and gives his huge breasts a good firm squeeze. An unnatural amount of milk leaks out like a fountain, and in a trance, both Alex & Bryce slowly approached Dad and his nipples, one each, they suck on the milk, a really familiar taste to them.

For them, this flavour is one of the first thing they will remember when they are in the farm, aside from childhood memories (for Alex), the huge cow farm and menial farm work. The flavour came from a glass of milk when they arrive, day, afternoon, evening and even night. While discussing about the milk in a day of physical training, both of them agree that the milk is divine in taste, and why they liked this flavour so much, the creaminess, the richness, the saltiness and how refreshing it is.

And they suck off the milk from Dad, greedily consuming the wonderful flavour from him, forgetting that how this flavour come from in the first place.

And they suck, and suck, until Dad told them to stop by tenderly touching both of their faces, pushing them off from his breasts, with his thumbs telling their lips to stay quiet, then his eyes told them to look at a direction.

They saw Mr Thomas, or more specifically his meaty ass shacking at them, invited by his well-lubed hole, telling them to engage with him.

He turned around and crawled to their bed, feeling their bodies, from the chest, to the stomach, and finally to their covered crotch, feeling them getting aroused, and slowly

Peeling off their pants, showing off their dicks, gradually getting harder and bigger to a respectable missile, ready for their mission.

“Alright, chumps, listen to me and line up…”

With the order of Mr Thomas, Alex & Bryce found themselves looking at each other bodies in full view from head to toe, the distance between their toes are the furthest, while their bones are touching each other, linking both of them together as 1 wide tower.

“Bryce, I admit that I want to do this is because I’m selfish, and I wanted both you and Alex to lose your virginity with someone you held dear, knowing the pleasure of sex with the same gender, and remembering that we are all a family.”

And that, Mr Thomas started to sit on their boners while Dad gave Alex, then Bryce a squeeze in their shoulders to assure Mr Thomas ass is going to be fine.

And how fine it was for both of them with Mr Thomas ass pleasing both of their dicks akin to riding a horse. Mr Thomas starting off feeling like he’s riding having a leisure ride, feeling their dicks in his ass as giving them a blowjob.

Then thinking himself as a show jumper, picking up speed when he had the chance while slowly aiming for a precise, safe jump where he pull himself as high as he can without his ass exiting both of their dicks, Dad made sure of that by kisses and tender hugs, all while reaching out to Alex’s or Bryce’s or both of their hands when he sees either of them are hesitating.

Finally the climax, where Mr Thomas felt like he in an emergency, riding as fast as he could to send an important letter to someone important, with Dad’s help, Mr Thomas ride as quick as he could as his stamina and energy could tell him to go, and with barking order of “Faster, ride your dicks inside more.”, he felt like he can reach the destination.

The letter is sent in time, and his ass feels full.

With Dad’s help, Mr Thomas get himself off from them, gasping for breath, hugely satisfied from what actual sex starts to feel like. Dad placed his hand on Mr Thomas bum, feeling the seeds pouring out to his hands. Before Dad instinctively offer it to him, Mr Thomas glared silently at him, and then looked at the boys, now sitting on their bed.

“Now you have been men, go to sleep in your own bed and prepare for the future. If you wouldn’t mind, you Dad still have some unfinished business with me.”



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