College Daze part 8

We left off with me and Desmond laying down in the bed sleeping. Then, all of a sudden I hear keys jingling and the door opened. I jumped up quickly and slid on my shorts. I am praying to God that nobody comes over on this side and opens this-

"Whoa, what the fuck?"

Curtain. Damn, shit, fuck! Motherfucking Julian, Desmond's roommate, just open this curtain. Shit! And the part I'm trying to understand is...why the fuck is Desmond still asleep?

"Nigga, getcho ass up! Shit, Julian is here and he saw us!"

"Wait what?!"

"Yeah, fool, he opened your curtains and saw us."

"But you standing in shorts."

"Look at these shorts. They are not my shorts. These are yours."

"Well he don't know nothing so chill out."

"Where the fuck is your head bruh? This dude just walked over here looked at us and said what the fuck. Now, obviously out clothes are everywhere and you naked and I'm wearing your shorts. He knows what the fuck happened."

"Fine. I will go and talk to him."

Desmond got out of be and started to walk out the curtain until I pulled him back. This dude still forgot that he was naked. I mean not only is he naked, but he got a massive hard on. Like this nigga is trippin for real.

"Here, bruh. Put these on."

"Nah, I'm good. He seen my dick before. He cool I swear."

"When did he see that?"

"Like last week when I got out the shower."

"You forgot your towel and just went on your side right?"

"Yeah...after he sucked me up."

"Wait a minute hold up. You mean to tell me Julian is on the dl too?"

"Yeah, but he is bi. He fuck girls,but suck guys up."

"That's some new shit for me."

"Yeah. I will talk to him to get everything straighten out."

"Ok, cool."

Des leaned in to give me a kiss and walked over to Julian side. I could hear them talking and laughing. Then, it got real quiet and I heard noises. It sounded like slurp noises. I went over to the other side and peaked through the cracks. It was Julian giving Des a blow job. What the fuck? This dude is suppose to like only me. There I go with the feelings, but I can't help it when I know this dude is actually in my heart. I couldn't take no more so I put on my clothes and left.

As I was making it halfway down the hall, I could hear Des calling out to me, but I ignored it because I wasn't interested. I just kept walking and headed for my car. I got in and my phone started to ring and it Lauren calling me. I answered it.

"Hey, babe, where are you?"

"On my way home. Why? What's wrong?"

"Nope. I'm good. I'm about to drive so I will call you when I get close. Ok?"

"Ok babe I love you."

"Yeah, you too."

I hung up the phone and as I begin to pull out I see Desmond. He is literally standing in the middle of the street. What the hell is he doing? I mean he is trying too hard to address what happened in the room. I stopped the car and got out. I walked over to Desmond and stare at him from my car door.

"Bruh, Des, I got to go home. Get the fuck out the middle of the street!"

"Then, talk to me."

"Ugh, why should I? You just did me dirty back there. What type of sadistic shit is that?"

"It was a seal to the deal I made."

"What let the bum ass nigga do that shit to you?"

"Chill out. Can we talk about this shit in private?"

"Nah, I will hit you up when I get a chance."


I got back in the car and Desmond stepped off to the side. I drove home and saw Lauren. She looked kind of tired in the bed so I just let her sleep. I went to take a shower and as the water rolled down my body my mind started to wonder. How the fuck did I get here? I'm not used to this lifestyle. I got a pregnant girlfriend and on top of that my family will not respect or accept the choices I've made. Whether it's straight or gay. I got out of the shower and brushed my teeth. I walked in the kitchen and grabbed a glass of water and headed back to bed. I pulled off my towel and got in bed. Oh did I ever mentioned that I sleep naked. It's more comfortable to be loose. I went to sleep and prepared for the next day.

I got up and realized my bed was wet. I thought I pissed in it but it was nut. Damn that must have been some dream I had. I knew I couldn't go to class without telling Desmond. I called him up and said

"Bruh, I had a sex dream. Damn I really don't even know if I should tell you......uhhhh I guess I won't leave you hanging or any details out. I hope you not wearing any see through pants cuz you might sprout out a boner. Well the story goes a little like this. We were talking and you said that you were horny. I said if only we could hang. You said I'm putting on pants now to come get you. I said oh snap really well let me put on some clothes. I grabbed some good underwear and shorts. You texted me and said you outside. I literally raced out my room and lock my door. Then head towards your car. You unlocked your door and smiled to see me. You took me to a house and opened the door. You closed it behind me and grabbed my ass on the way in. I turned around and smiled then you kissed me. Next thing I know we both are snatching off clothes. You put me on the bed and got in between my legs. We were grinding on each other for about 5 minutes. I think you gave me about 4 hickeys. Hahahaha. Then I climbed on top of you and started sucking on your nipples. Oh you loved when I did that. I don't think you could help yourself cuz you kept squirming and moaning. You told me to bite it and I did just that. You groan and slapped my ass. I kissed your lips and took my tongue and dragged it down your stomach. Then let it get to the tip of your dick. I licked some of the precum of your dick and played with head. I teased you just to get you mad. Hahaha. You begged me to suck it and I did that. I sucked on it like it was the best lollipop I ever had. I think you almost nutted when I did it. I sucked the head so hard that it was almost like I was trying to keep it for myself. I then started to hear you groan because you were getting close. You pushed me further down on your dick. Then you squirted your nut in my mouth. I was taken by surprise because I never took nut before. But since it was in my mouth I showed you and you was relieved. Keep in mind it was a dream. Now this time it was your time to take care of me. You told me to put me on my back and put my hands behind my head. That was only because you didn't want me to move them. You propped my legs up and you smacked my ass. It almost felt so real. Then you spread it and put your tongue in it. Damn that shit feels so good. I mean that put my eyes to the back of my head. I know for a fact I was precumming all over myself. I couldn't help but move my ass over your tongue. You laid back and I sat on your face and you tongue fucked me. Damn my hole is twitching. You grabbed my ass and lifted me up. You told me to turn around and then you grabbed a condom. You slipped it on and put on some lubed. I told you to be gentle because it's been a while since anything been in there. You put a finger in me and I moaned. I started to throw my hole on that ass. You got anxious and then you slowly put your dick in me. I groaned from the pain but you said you got me. Then after a few minutes of tussling and penetrating to get me open, it started to feel good. I let you know when I threw my ass back and you jut went to town. You started to put in some work. I think I got dickmatized for a minute but I got myself together. I tried not to moan too loud but I could because it felt so good. I just couldn't help myself. You pointed out that my ass was creaming and so wet. It didn't matter to me lol all I want was the good dick that keeps going in and out of me. We switched positions and I started to ride the dick. It was good to see your face when we fucked cuz the face were sexy. You put your fingers on my nipples and started twisting them. Then you sat up and sucked on them. I felt like we were just lost in each other fucking. It's been so long since we actually had some good good that we tried to hold on to every moment. I leaned down as you sucked my nipples and played with your ear. I knew I had you when you said shit. You started to fuck me even deeper and harder and I bounced on it. Then you rolled over and put me on my back. Then you went so deep in me and I let out a moan that let you know that it felt so good. You pumped so deep and good in me that after just 6 pumps I was cumming without touching myself. You pulled out and took the condom off. You nutted on my stomach and chest. Bruh, this dream got me all types of fucked up. I need it like right now."

"I just fucking nutted all over my breakfast."

"You what? How the hell that happened?"

"You started talking while I was standing over my breakfast and I couldn't help myself but to whip it out and bust my nut."

"Damn that's hot as fuck. Can I have some breakfast?"

"Hell yea. Get yo fat ass over here and get some of this breakfast dick."

"I'm on my way."

I hung up and put on clothes. I didn't even care about the fact I had classes or a girl or that I was mad at him yesterday. I need this dude bad. I got in my car and drove up to the school. Walked inside the building and knocked on Des door. He opened it and I walked in kissing him snatching off his clothes. This is what I need right now.



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