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Chad and I were practically inseparable after our first encounter. I couldn't keep his long tone and tan ass away from me. It had been 3 days after we fucked until I could invite him over for round 2, so I was nearly ready to just tackle him naked everytime I saw him. His sexy hair and the way his big pecks punch through his tight vnecks like 2 smooth stones covered by a thin cotton layer. I couldn't stop thinking of how good it was going to be now because we know what we are doing.

"Hey, Chad wait for a sec man!"

"Oh hey man, so when are we going to get to hangout and get some more work in on our big project?" I loved when he said that because it was our code for a big dick in my ass.

"Anytime! Why don't you follow me home and hangout tonight? My parents are in New York for the weekend so it will hair be us, I hope you don't mind."

He jumped at the opportunity and followed me back to my house. We walked in and quickly threw our stuff down in the mud room before we went upstairs to get the real work done. All of a sudden I felt a big strong hand wrap around my stomach and run over my tight twink abs.. It was him. I was about to cum right then when he dropped that big thick tongue on my lips and we started just passionately making our and feeling all of each others assets.

We quickly fell up the stairs and arrived at my room.. He threw me on my bed and locked my door and then ripped his shirt off to reveal that fucking sexy body that I had been craving. He walked over and just laid on top of me and we kissed for a long time before I reached down and got him naked. He brought that fat cock and baseball sized balls up to my mouth and I got to work. After about ten minutes of downing that big far juicy dick I was ready to get fucked. I let him undress me and we began..

I was expecting him to throw me down and get right in me, but he slowly undressed me and felt me all over. He started to lick my big hard nipples and then he moved down to my abs and finally my dick. He was amazing at sucking cock and I just couldn't believe that a blowjob could feel this good. Before I knew it he had me on my stomach and was playing with his big hard love rod all over my ass. He was slapping me with it and I don't know how I didn't just cum right then. He shoved in the head and we had a long bareback fuck.

"Oh god shove that fat cock in this tight hairless ass Chad!!"

"Fuck yea lane take this dick balls deep you bitch, take it!!"

He fucked me hard and long for what seemed like half an hour. I was so happy with him in me I knew we were going to be more than fuck buddies. His sweat rolled down onto my tan skin and I felt him get ready to fire in me. He shot so much sweet fuck juice in my tight ass it made me cum without touching my fat dick.

Then we made it in the shower where we felt each other all over again and began 69'ing on my shower bench. His dick in my mouth felt heavenly I never wanted the night to end.


Big Dick Rick

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