“Good boy. Then lets get started…” 


Chapter 1: The Trip -- Part 2

Lane couldn’t move. Not just because he was so memorized by the sight of Jake’s incredible body and monster cock, but he was tied down tight, hands and feet tied off to the four bed posts. Lane was turned on and extremely terrified at the same time. He had fantasized about this, being tied up and used as someone’s plaything, every day for as long as he could remember, but now that it was happening, he was scared.

Jake notices. He is still rubbing his big dick when he says, “I won’t do anything that you don’t want me to do. Deal?” Lane looks at him for a while, Jake just rubbing his dick through his jock. Jake continues, “If you want me to stop, at any time at all, hit all of your limbs on the posts at the same time over and over. I will untie you and kiss every inch of your body to make you feel better.”

Lane blushes. ‘I kind of love the sound of that too,’ Lane thinks. He looked questioningly at Jake.

“I’m bi, more gay than anything, and I’m dominant, but haven’t had the chance to really… play,” Jake says.

A million thoughts are running through Lane’s head, but the one that was loudest was, ‘PLEASE GIVE ME THAT DICK.’

“So, Lane, here is what is going to happen. We have the next 12 hours to do whatever we want, and I plan on taking full advantage of those 12 hours. You have a lot of great toys here, and I am going to use every single one of them on you. It’s going to be tough, but I promise you, I will not do anything you don’t want me to do.”

Lane nods. He was more excited than nervous now.

“Good boy. I have one rule. No cumming. You will not cum until I tell you that you are allowed. Is that understood?”

Lane nods again, thinking that there is no way he won’t blow as soon as Jake touches him.

“I mean it, Lane. Do not cum.” Jake slowly takes off his jock, and his cock slaps his tight stomach.

‘God, it’s even bigger than I thought,’ Lane thinks.

“If you cum, you will need to be punished,” Jake says. He is slowly stroking his massive 10 inch cock. “I, on the other hand, will be cumming many many times tonight.” He walks over to Lane’s toy bag. “Now, which to use first…”


Hello everyone… This is just the beginning of this chapter, and will finish it by next week. I’d like your feedback and suggestions on where the story should go.

Happy Jerkin’.



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