Landscaped / Manscaped 

Pt 1

The final adjustments on the irrigation system were just about finished. The crew had re-staked one of the 15 ft. palm trees that the wind had shifted. All of the punch list is now completed on this massive three week landscape install, yet I was anything but happy for this job to be over.

Not one to ever mix business with pleasure, I had it bad for this customer. It took every bit of will power not to tackle him on the spot and have my way with.

Each evening for the last few weeks Mr. Rackman would come out to look at the days accomplishments. Never demanding, always complimentary, easy going and appreciate. If all clients were this professional and easy to get along with the world would be better indeed. Not to mention his stunning good looks.

Classically square jawline, so sharp and defined you could cut butter with it. Jet black hair slicked back with just the right amount of wave in it to make it look perfect unkempt or tousled. Darker complexion, European / Latin of some mix and his deep brown eyes that looked into your soul when speaking. They sparkled like a second smile on his face.

Yep I was smitten. After 25 successful years in the landscape business, I know I have to reign in my big dick from time to time and keep it tucked in my pants. Or else. Or else the little head in the big dick could get me in serious trouble.

I am what some refer to as the ‘blue collar’ type. More ruggedly handsome I guess. Powerful build from years of digging ditches, hauling rocks, lugging trees. Aside from my addiction to the gym I love using my powerful frame and muscles to earn a living outdoors and in nature. I dusted off my work jeans and headed to let him know we were wrapping up and leaving.

‘Fuccccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkk’! I almost gasped. At least I hope I did not say what I was thinking outload. Opposite of my rugged blue collar looks and build, Mr. Rackman had always been the more preppy dresser. Not pretentious but classically comfortable and put together. But today. Oh hell no. He had to answer the door in a pair of faded perfectly fit blue jeans, white button down long sleeve shirt, unbuttoned all the way. And barefoot! Did he just step out of a Calvin Klein ad or my own wet dream?

“I. ---    Um….”   I am so caught off guard – “uh. Mr. Rackman, aghum. We are finishing up.”  I am raping his good looks with my eyes.

“Would you care to inspect the work?” I finally sputter out.

My eyes study every perfect detail of his face. Down to his hairy chest, I had never seen him shirtless before. He is immaculately manscaped with short clipped chest hair. The pattern fans out from his perfect erect tan nipples, fanning out in delicious circles until it meets in the center of the two sculpted chest muscles.   From there it runs down his flat abs in a perfect line with waves spread out on each side before disappearing behind the undone top button of his jeans.

‘Holy shit’, his top button is undone. I must be dreaming all this. But within mere split seconds I had the image of him burned deep into my memory for later when I needed to recall it. My spank bank collection.  

“Jake!” I hear my name. His voice snaps me out of my dream state.

 “Want to join me for a beer or glass of wine” he politely asks. “To celebrate such an incredible job on my garden.”

“I don’t want to intrude Mr. Rackman.” I begrudgingly turn down his offer.

“First off” he corrects me, “my name is Trevor, not Mr. Rackman and secondly I would enjoy your company it would be my pleasure. You and your crew have done an incredible job for me”.  He lifts his aviator sunglasses up from his eyes so I can tell he is intent and serious.

Did he just look me up and down? Well damn, now I have to stay and have that drink to find out.

“Let me get the guys loaded up on their way.” I glance over my shoulder as I walk away. “I nice glass of wine does sound good.” I toss back over my shoulder as I walk off.

After the guys have finished the last cleaning I help them load up and see them off back to the office. I find Mr. Rackman, Trevor, sitting on the back patio when I return. There are two glasses of white wine glistening in the late evening sun.

“Would you like to see your new and improved back yard” I gesture grandly at the very impressive garden we had created. From the new raised patio, leading around to the rear of the pool on a flagstone path, lined with bougainvillea, hibiscus and Mandeville a tropical paradise is now thriving in the city for this discerning client. The Flag stone path leads around to a pergola in the rear section of the yard. Complete with built in sitting areas a fire pit and outdoor kitchen.  Out the other side of the pergola, the path continues on around the pool entirely circling the back yard on a well laid out path to enjoy the entire landscape.

The guided tour is accompanied by praise and approval from another satisfied customer. Questions answered regarding care and maintenance, which my company offers for a weekly service I add.

We both stroll slowly, me not wanting to leave and him I assume taking in all the renewed beauty of his landscape. Plus the perfectly cut Levi’s show one very inviting ass when he is leading the way and I lag behind to catch a glimpse.

We make it around the yard inspecting the new gardens and stone work making our way back to the rear patio of his impressive residence.

“I believe this is your final payment” he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a check.

He steps closer handing the check to me, and in the same motion his free hand lands on my exposed arm squeezing a hand full of my biceps. I freeze, but subconsciously flex it as I do when any male fondles my muscles.

“And with that. We are no longer in a business transaction.”  The hand on my biceps slide up behind my neck and pulls me in forcefully. His lips meet mine in a wildly sensual kiss.

At first I am stunned, I neither kiss back, nor pull away. Shocked. Thrilled. Confused. It takes a minute before his relentless intrusion into my mouth sinks in and I kiss him back with as much gusto as he is feeding to me.

“I have been waiting to do that since the second you first showed up here to give me a bid” he pulls back just enough for us to catch our breath.

“Don’t stop now then” I smile my best smile.

“Damn” I look at him deeply.

“I am glad you did that.” I pull in again for another round of tongue wrestling with this Greek god.

The passionate kissing lasts for what must be half an hour. We are lost in deep lusted passion with no rush and zero hesitation from either of us.

We split apart and smile giggly smiles at each other.

“Do you mind if I shower. I must stink something awful” as I run my hands over his perfectly dusted hair covered pecs and flick each nipple for effect.

He shows me the way to the pool cabana, arranges a towel for me. Leans back against the tiled counter as I remove my shirt.  I slowly list the hem up reveal each section of my torso with exaggerated motion. Giving him a little taste of what yet may come.

“I have dreamed of this image for weeks.” He says as much to himself as to me. His eyes do not meet mine, instead they are glued to my hard earned muscles. Honestly I never tire of that lust filled look. It is a total turn on for me or most any gym rat.

“Would you do me a favor?” I ask. After I drop my t-shirt to the floor beside us.

“Sure” he raises an eyebrow preparing for a surprise.

My hands reach for his slender waist pull and him tightly for another kiss.

“Can you remain just like that until I can undress you” I ask between nibbles on his lips.

“Sure” He kisses me back. Relieved it was not going to be some issue.

“When you came out of the house, I must admit I damn near creamed my jeans if you couldn’t tell.” I step back and admire this incredibly handsome man before my eyes.  

“Dressed as you are, is my all-time fantasy for any good looking sexy man as yourself.  Bare feet and all.”  I run the back of my hands up his hairy abs sending shivers across his body.

“Damn Fine” I mumble before he exits and leaves me to shower.

This may have been a world record fastest shower for me, but I still made sure to come out squeaky clean, I was leaving nothing to chance for this man.



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