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I'm not gonna take the time out to describe each character because that would just take to long. This is completelry from my imagination. Use obvisiulsy use yours. If you like the story feel free to add feed back...or not. I could care less. Well happy reading!

- tommyboyy257!

'Jimmy and Reese. You guys need to stay after to go over and make some new plays for next weeks jamboree.' Steven Plamer, the Lions Lacroose Team coach said. 'Assisant Coach Flaw and I will be in our offices if you need us.' he finished. The two boys left the locker room without showering and went into the resting room.

After the boys finished:

'Dude we stink man. I think we deff needa hit the showers.' Jimmy said. The two boys went to their lockers and started to strip down. They both grabbed their towels and sopas, then they both put their towels around the lower half of their bodies. 'Jimbo come here. Bring your play book with you. Reese take your shower and then go talk to Flaw.' Palmer said. Reese nodded and then headed to the showers. Jimmy grabbed his book and went into the coaches office.

The coach closed the door and locked it. Then shut the blinds. 'Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy! You're new to this team so everyone has gone through this.' coach said. He told Jiimy to stand up, Palmer then grabbed Jimmy and forced him down to his cock. 'Alrite boy now your gonna suck my dick and then your gonna take it in the ass.' Palmer demanded. He grabbed Jimmys head and unzipped his pants. He then forced his hot slimy dick in his mouth.

'Hmmm yeah boy take my cock.' coach moaned. Little did coach know Jimmy was enjoying it more than he did. ' Palmer picked up his pace and began face fucking Jimmy. Jimmy's head bobbed back and forth.

The door opened and Flaw walked in. 'What do we have here,' he began. 'You guys are starting the party without me.' 'We just started and my ass is already lubbed up for your monster dick baby.' Palmer said. Palmer kept is dick in Jimmy's mouth and made him lay on his back.. Coach kneeled and put his ass in the air while, still face fucking Jimmy. Flaw stuck his dick in Palmer's ass without a condom, and quickly started to fuck him as fast as he could. Palmer followed Flaw's pace and face fucked Jimmy even harder.

'Flaw where are you?' Reese yelled a little. He walked into Plamer's office and his eyes then almost popped out of his eye sockets......TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!


Tommy Dicksuck

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