Fucking other men's wives, especially Asian women, is my passion. Usually my fuck sessions are without a husband's consent or knowledge. Seducing women is what makes me feel alive. This time a husband asked me to do his wife. He worked in my office as a temp for a few months and we talked of my penchant for Asian women. A few weeks after he left he called and asked if I would meet him and his wife at a bar downtown. He said he wanted me to meet his wife.

When I arrived, I saw him with Linda, a very nice looking, demure woman who is 34 years old and with whom I work with in the office. Linda is a petite Indonesian, with light skin, black hair, and deep brown eyes.  I hadn’t known they were married.  She seemed shy and nervous and didn't talk much even though we are good friends at work.  I didn’t know that she was sexually attracted to me and this got me excited as I am attracted to her.  Most of the time, she just looked at the tabletop. Occasionally, when she thought I wasn't looking, she would sneak a quick peek at me.

He explained that their sex life had been boring until they had fantasized about a threesome. Until a few days earlier, they had left it as just a bedtime arouser. She agreed that the idea was erotic and they were ready to take it to the next level. He explained that this was just a get acquainted meeting to see if the chemistry was there. She has a hot little body and those high, round tits always make my mouth water and her wide hips are just right for holding as you fuck.  I am always trying to see down her top at work as those round tits make me hard. 

I love to check her out and yesterday when she stood in front of me, those wide hips wrapped in tight jeans and snug up against her pussy had me horny as hell. He told me that they had made love while fantasizing that it was me fucking her and that she had cum harder than she ever had before; she blushed profusely as he spoke and she was squirming in her seat.

As the evening ended, I walked them to their car. She seemed a million miles away until I opened her door. Uttering a little moan, she grabbed me and gave me a hot-as-hell open-mouthed kiss, grinding her pussy on my thigh. I responded by grabbing her ass and marveling at how soft and squeezable it was. I could feel her heart, pounding like a trip hammer on my chest. Her hand grabbed my hard cock through my slacks; she moaned as we French kissed, but kept squeezing and stroking my hardness.  I reached up with my right hand and grabbed a tit through her polo shirt and bra.  Fuck, she had nice soft tits and they filled my hand. 

Slipping my hand under her shirt my fingers slid across her silky skin and onto her bra covered breast.  Linda was moaning and gasping as we played there in the parking lot.  Her hand kept stroking me as I edged my fingers into the bra cup; caressing the mound as my hand cupped her breast.  Under the bra cup my fingers found her hard nipple; she trembled as I ran my fingertip across her hard nipple.  She was humping my leg as I caressed her nipple and when I started pinching her nipple she moaned and trembled in an orgasm. 

As I held her there in the parking lot her husband sat in the driver’s seat watching.  I whispered into her ear that I have wanted to see her breasts since the first day I met her.  Linda moaned a bit and trembled as I continued telling her that I was going to touch and see what I had been trying to see for so long.

Pulling her top up I exposed her bra encased breasts; finally I was getting to see what I have been trying to get a peek of for so long. 

I lifted her bra over her breasts exposing her hard brown nipples on alabaster breasts.  “Oh Linda,” I moaned as I leaned in and took a nipple between my lips and started tonguing the erect brown nipple.  I have wanted you since the first day.  Remember how my hand slipped when I was helping you move your PC?  It bumped into your jean covered pussy causing you to gasp.  From that moment on I have wanted you.”  Linda moaned my name as I tongued her nipple; opening my mouth I sucked in more of her breast as my tongue circled the hard nipple.  I dropped a hand to her jean covered mound and rubbed hard against her pussy.  The material was soft and I could feel her meaty pussy lips through the fabric.  Applying pressure to the top of her slit I rubbed her clit through her jeans.  Linda gasped and moaned and then cried out “Uhh, uhh, yes, John, uhh” and then as her thighs squeezed my hand cupping her pussy she shuddered in another orgasm.

“I’m going to finger your wet pussy,” I whispered in her ear. She was still trembling in the throes of orgasm when I started unbuttoning her jeans. 

Releasing the button I pulled down the zipper.  Glancing down I saw that she was wearing white cotton panties.  Not pausing, I slid my hand down the front of her panties. 

I had dreamed of this and now I was touching Linda’s pussy as I sucked her hard brown nipples.  My hand cupped the silky haired mound; her soft fleshy mound filled my hand as my fingers danced across the puffy wet lips. 

Finding her slit with my middle finger I slowly slid it back and forth over the engorged lips of her pussy; my finger smeared the wetness leaking from her slit as I teased the tight lips open with my finger. 

My finger slid between her lips and over her engorged clit as I found her tight pussy hole; I slid my finger into her pussy as I tongued her breasts and nipples.  I could feel Linda’s hairy pussy mound against the palm of my hand, my fingers were drenched in her juices as she kept trembling and spasm with mini-orgasms.  I cupped her full mound in my hand, held her as I played with her pussy there in the parking lot.

Linda kept stroking my hard cock through my slacks.  I reached down and opened my zipper and button; Linda’s hand slipped into my pants and then into my boxers.  Wrapping her hand around my bare cock, she pulled it out as she kept stroking.

As I kept fingering her pussy I knelt down in front of Linda.  My hand was still in her panties and my finger in her wet hole; I could now see her pussy hair covering the top of her mound.  That is what I had wanted!   Now I could see what I had only dreamed of in the past.  I pulled her panties down to mid-thigh as I continued fingering her wet hole.  Linda leaned against the car, her top and bra were pulled up exposing her alabaster breasts with hard brown nipples; her jeans were around her ankles and her panties at mid-thigh as I kept fingering her pussy. 

Linda was nearly nude in the back of the restaurant parking lot; her husband was masturbating in the driver’s seat as he watched us, and I stood partially nude with my pants at my ankles and cock sticking out of my boxers.  I whispered to Linda, “Suck my cock, take it in your mouth.  I want your husband to watch you eat my cum.”  This caused Linda to tremble and moan as I put my hands on her shoulders and pushed her easily down so that she was squatting in front of my hard cock.  Linda leaned in and licked my cock head getting the dripping pre cum on her tongue.  Looking up at me I watched her lips wrap around my cock as she slid me deeper into her mouth.  Soon I felt my cock at the back of her throat as she sucked me deeply into her mouth.  It only took a couple of minutes and I was ready to cum.  Linda was sucking and licking my cock and balls as she squatted in the parking lot sucking me off in front of her husband. 

When I moaned, “I’m going to cum,” Linda quickly wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked; that did it and I grunted as the first blast coated her mouth.  I grabbed Linda’s head as I fucked her mouth, shooting wad after wad of thick cum in her mouth.  She sucked and swallowed but still my cum leaked from the corners of her mouth.  Her husband watched the entire scene and when I grabbed Linda’s head to impale her mouth on my cock he blasted off shooting cum 2 feet in the air as he watched his wife swallow my load.  I pulled back and jacked my cock quickly releasing a huge volley of cum that shot across Linda’s lips, cheeks, and in her hair.  A 2nd shot coated her lips.  I pulled Linda up and French kissed her tasting my cum on her lips.

I leaned into Linda and my cock made contact with the hair on her pussy; I pulled back and adjusted a bit and pushed forward.  This time my cock slid along the wet lips of her exposed pussy.  We both gasped as we felt our genitals rub against each other.  The head of my cock was sliding along her very wet pussy and had opened up the lips to wrap partially around the head.  I dipped down and then pushed up and my cock slid into her pussy. 

Linda trembled and came again; I could feel her hot wetness covering my cock as I made short strokes into her pussy.  Pushing her against the passenger side I pinned her against the car and pushed my cock in deeper.  As I fucked his wife Mike sat in the driver’s seat watching.  He was jacking off again as he watched me fuck his wife.  He had already cum once, but was still jacking his hard cock.  Watching his wife getting fucked had him super excited.  Seeing this I decided to bring the show a bit closer; pulling back from Linda I quickly spun her around and bent her over so that she was bent over the front seat inside the car with me behind her. 

Mike watched me flip his 34 year old wife and bend her across the passenger seat.  His semi-nude wife was getting fucked right there in front of him.  I pushed my cock back into Linda and started fucking her deeply.  I could feel the tightness of her wet pussy; I knew I was touching parts of her pussy that no man had ever gone.  Seeing the tag on her bra I leaned over to check out the size.  34B’s. Nice, just the right size for a mouth full.  Linda was moaning and whimpering as I kept fucking her; every couple of minutes she would tremble and orgasm.  Finally I couldn’t hold back; as I got closer I told Linda that I want her to turn around and swallow my cock as I wanted to cum in her mouth again. 

Linda dropped into the seat, spun around and leaned over to take my cock into her mouth.  She licked up her wet juices and my pre-cum from my cock as I pumped her mouth.  Grabbing her head I pushed in deeply and let loose with the first cum shot.  Linda moaned around my cock as she felt my cum coat her mouth.  I stroked her mouth and shot another and then more deep into her hungry mouth.  She jacked my cock as she swallowed my cum.  As she slowed down I looked down to see her lips still around my cock, my cum dribbled from her lips and ran down over her chin and onto her breasts and stomach. 

I repositioned Linda on the seat and knelt between her legs.  As I leaned in to look at her pussy closely my finger found her g-spot causing her legs to give out which thrust her pussy in my face.  My tongue shot out and licked across her wet lips and clit.  I captured her clit between my lips as I tongued it feverishly.  Linda spasm and collapsed, her whole body shook as she came, her breasts dangled in my face as she nearly fell onto me as I played with her young body.  Helping her to her feet I continued to feel her up as I helped her into the car, her pants and shirt still allowing her nearly nude body to be exposed.

Linda closed the door after her. Mike, who had been watching, still had his pants down; his lap was covered in his own cum. I watched Mike start the car and pull away.  I was looking forward to Monday morning; no longer would I have to settle for getting a sneak peek.


James Stone

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