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"Kye" Part 15

Kye looked down at the man spread-eagled below him. Pornographic was the only word he could form in his mind as he contemplated the scene. Here he was, on his knees, straddling Mitch's hard muscular body covered in cum. The veins in Mitch's neck stood out as he tried to scream at Kye. But there was only muffled, angry screams coming from Mitch, as his mouth had been plugged by a cum coated pair of bikini briefs. Kye had to keep pressure on the briefs with a few of his fingers, as Mitch had tried to force them out with his tongue. God, his tongue was strong!

"Hey, somebody get the ball gag from the other room!" Kye shouted. No one moved. "Please?" he said. Dom smiled, and retrieved the gag.

Kye worked quickly to put the ball gag in place right over the briefs, then accepted Donnie's assistance to get it snapped behind Mitch's head. As Donnie took his place by the side of the bed, Mitch shot him an angry look. If looks could kill........

"Guys, I've always liked Mitch's hair short. You know, how it looks when he's just had it cut. Real short. I mean, that short blonde hair looks so fucking good topping that body." Kye was talking about Mitch as though he wasn't even there.

"So fucking hot, when his hair is short. do you guys think he'd look with his head shaved?" Everyone gasped. Mitch tried to scream, to no avail.

"I think we can use some of this cum in place of shaving cream." Most had already dried on Mitch's body already, but the spots with pools of man slime were still moist, so Kye scraped up as much as he could and began smearing it across Mitch's head. Mitch tried to move his head back and forth to keep Kye from being successful, but Kye grabbed his head with both hands and held it in place.

"Come on, guys. Some help here, please?"

After weighing their options, Donnie joined Kye on the bed, scraping cum off his own body and continuing Kye's efforts. Dom ran to the restroom to grab his razor blade. Almost as an afterthought, he grabbed his shaving cream, just in case they needed it to finish up the job. But as he returned to Mitch and Donnie's bedroom from the restroom, he had a brilliant idea. He made his way back to the kitchen, retrieved an aerosol can of whipped cream, and carried it to the bedroom, leaving his can of shaving cream on the dining room table.

The three men made short work of Mitch's short blonde hair, and then decided to finish the job by shaving his underarms and finishing by removing the patch of kinky blonde hair around his cock and balls. Mitch had always been careful to keep the area trimmed, but all three men agreed it looked even hotter devoid of any hair. Donnie began to lick all around Mitch's pubic area, removing cum and whipped cream. Kye dove into one armpit and Dom dove into the other one. By the time they all were done licking, Mitch had been thrashing so hard that he'd sprouted a boner, and it was leaking. Again.

Kye was still straddling Mitch's chest, and he leaned in to whisper in Mitch's ear. "You look so fucking hot! I mean, even hotter than you usually do! I am really going to enjoy this."

Mitch continued to scowl and make protesting noises, but Kye ignored that. He got up and resettled himself between Mitch's splayed legs. He began again at Mitch's pits, licking and sucking what little man stink he was still able to find there. Then he made his way down Mitch's chest, sucking and biting Mitch's hard nips. Next, he worked his way down to the luscious eight-pack of abs, licking and sucking as he went, finishing by slipping his tongue in and out of the cute navel, and then feasting on Mitch's cock and balls.

Kye licked repeatedly across the cockhead; he wrapped his tongue around the shaft; sucked and licked up and down the pulsing piece of man meat; and made sure to lap up every drop of pre-cum that bubbled up out of the steel fuckpole that he was worshipping. Donnie and Dom watched in awe, as the spread-eagled muscled man writhed in ecstasy, pulling at his tethers while Kye worked him over... Mitch had his eyes closed, as though he was willing himself to think that someone else, not Kye, was making him feel so very good. But it was all too obvious to Dom and Donnie that even if Mitch still didn't like Kye, he liked how his body was feeling right now.

But Kye had never intended for these actions to be the main event. He climbed to the end of the bed, and took aim on the winking, pink pucker that he found there. Dom and Donnie slid the tethers up the bed post so that Mitch's legs rose farther off the bed, giving Kye better access. Kye reached down with his mouth and ran his tongue lightly across the entrance to Mitch's fuckchute. Mitch groaned. Kye ran his tongue in circles around the pucker, getting closer to the center with each pass. Mitch groaned loader and began to wriggle his body. Kye began to poke his tongue at the opening, as though knocking to gain entrance. When Mitch's hole remained closed, Kye increased the licking and poking. Mitch began to thrash wildly, with his groans gaining in volume till they seemed again more like muffled screams. Still, entrance was denied.

Kye turned to the other two and winked. He motioned for the tube of lube, but once it was in his hands, he waited. Finally, Mitch raised his head and glanced down his body to see that Kye seemed to be waiting. Little did he know that he's just given Kye what he was waiting for. Kye now knew that he had Mitch's undivided attention. He squeezed a considerable amount of lube onto his hands, and then applied it to Mitch's ass. All slicked up, it was easy to force a finger into Mitch's ass. Mitch squealed, probably less because of pain and more likely in anger, because getting fucked by Kye was now inevitable.

After the first finger, Kye continued forcing in fingers until he had two from each hand worked up into the manpussy he so badly wanted to enter. Kye began to stretch his fingers apart, each hand going in an opposite direction, until Kye could see up inside of his future destination. He stopped, just to add one more finger from each hand into the hole to allow increased stretching. He pulled ever so slowly. He didn't want to cause pain. He only wanted Mitch to surrender his ass and allow Kye to pleasure him.

Kye added his tongue to the hole, removing two fingers to accommodate it. He licked up inside the velvety chute, and Mitch again squealed. But Dom and Donnie could see that Mitch's eyes had rolled back into his head, and his scream was strictly intense pleasure. His body writhed in pleasure, at least as much as being spread-eagled would allow. Kye continued to remove fingers, one at a time, and his tongue dove deeper. He used his tongue to massage up into Mitch's opening as far as he could go, and with each digit removed, it could reach further.

When all his fingers were removed, Kye formed his lips into an oval covering Mitch's asslips, and he began to suck as his tongue speared as deeply as possible. Mitch seemed to be on the edge of an orgasm, his cock leaking precum in spurts which cascaded down the length of his hard-as-steel cock. Kye backed off for a moment, then began all over again, sucking and spearing. Again, Mitch's groaning indicated he was close, so Kye backed off. Mitch raised his head to look down his body at Kye, but this time there was pleading in his eyes.

"Take off the ball gag," Kye ordered. Donnie jumped to it. One the gag was off, Dom pulled the soggy briefs out of Mitch's mouth. Mitch immediately began pleading.

"Fuck me! FUCK ME! Now! Stick that big cock into my pussy. Fuck me, PLEASE! I need it....I need it. Please....Kye, please. Fuck me."

"Mitch, are you sure?" Kye asked with a grin. Mitch responded by erupting into a scream, his veins in his neck bulging.

"I'm gonna fucking kick your ass if you don't fuck me, right fucking now!" And Mitch began pulling at his bound arms and legs trying to get free.

"But Mitch, you don't like me. Are you sure you want me....."

Mitch interrupted Kye with an angrier look and a louder scream, "Right fuckin' now! You, do it now! Fuck my ass, right fuckin' now! NOW!" Tears of frustration began to run down Mitch's cheeks.

"Well I'm not going to fuck you."

Mitch resumed trying to free his bonds, and he shot a look that should have pierced right through Kye. "My God, what is fucking wrong with you? Just take my ass and fuck that pussy till it's raw. I want it, NOW!

Kye guided his throbbing cock to Mitch's spasming hole, and slid in, not stopping until he had his wiry pubes scratching at Mitch's plump ass cheeks. He stretched his body up along Mitch's, until he could easily reach Mitch's ear, and he whispered, "I'm not going to fuck you, Mitch. I'm going to make love to you!" And with that, Kye began a rhythm of slow strokes designed to drive Mitch crazy. For some, Kye only pulled out a few inches, and then rocked back and forth, deep inside Mitch's hot cavern. Other times, he pulled almost all the way out, and then rocked back and forth slowly, only a few inches deep, massaging the velvety entrance just inside Mitch's ass lips. Still other times, Kye long-dicked Mitch's entire asschute, almost pulling out the head of his rammer, then sinking slowly in till he bottomed out. With each stroke, Kye brushed at Mitch's receptive prostate, and sometimes he jabbed directly into it on purpose.

Dom and Donnie began to rub Mitch's sensitive tits, but Kye pushed them away. He stretched up to lick and nibble at one nip while squeezing the other, and then he switched so that he was licking or pinching the other. Dom and Donnie moved back one step from the bed. But the action was so hot, so sensuous, that they couldn't keep from stroking their own cocks.

Mitch's cock was trapped between his body and Kye's, being stroked by the friction of the bodies moving against each other, so both men realized that he would be cumming shortly. Kye sat up, grabbed Mitch's shoulders to provide leverage, and began to pull Mitch onto his cock as he began to slam his thick piece of man meat into Mitch's pussy. In only a minute, both were cumming and howling as they did.

Mitch was gasping to catch his breath as Kye leaned in to whisper, "I love you, Mitch." Mitch was trying to catch his breath, and didn't respond. Then Kye winked at the other two guys as he climbed off the bed. "Who's next?"

Dom jumped to attention. "That would be me."

"Get up here and stick your cock in Mitch's mouth. Let him get you hard."

Dom and Mitch had always enjoyed their sex time together, so Mitch knew just how to lick and nibble at Dom's cock to get it hard almost instantly. But he wasn't sure he was quite ready for Dom to fuck him. He still hadn't caught his breathe from the fuck Kye had administered.

But Trey's advice to Dom was to fuck him hard and fast, and Dom thought it would be a nice change of pace after the loving fuck Mitch had just gotten. So he climbed down, walked around to the end of the bed with his 7 inch joy stick waving as he walked, and got back onto the bed between Mitch's legs. He lined up his fuckpole, and slammed home with all 7 inches.

"Oh, fuck," choked Mitch, as though he's been slammed in the gut. Dom didn't even notice, as he had already started fucking like a madman, plunging into Mitch's manpussy as fast and hard as he could. He knew that Mitch might not cum this time, but really didn't care. He just wanted to get off into Mitch's love canal, as hard and as fast as possible. With Donnie twisting at Mitch's hard nips, and Kye resuming his licking in Mitch's pits, it might not be a long wait.

In no time, Dom could feel his nuts pulling up towards his cock, and could feel the juice within them begin to boil. Mitch reached up to grab and stroke his own cock, but only got one stroke in before he shouted, "I'm cuuuummmmmingggg... As Mitch shot a string of manmilk up to cover his face, Dom unloaded in his guts, whitewashing the insides of the hot, tight chute squeezing on his unloading cock. Mitch shot several more shots of slime onto his own chest. Dom smeared them as he slid up Mitch's chest to meet the lips of the man he'd just fucked. The kiss was short, sweet and sensuous. As their lips parted, both men's eyes sparkled as they smiled at each other. Dom whispered, "I love you."

"Me too," Mitch nodded. Then a groan erupted from Mitch's throat. Kye had gone down on Mitch's ass, and was soothing the slightly swollen asslips with his tongue. Kye only stopped to remind Donnie to go get his 11.5 inch tool ready for the next fuck, and then he returned to caress Mitch's hole with his tongue and kiss it gently with his lips.

As Mitch's lover, it didn't take Donnie long to return to a full hard-on. Just the thought of any kind of sex, or even intimacy, with Mitch made him hard. Usually it happened very quickly, and today was no exception. But today Mitch didn't want him to be in a hurry.

"Stay a minute," Mitch pleaded, with expectant eyes, and Donnie placed his huge tool back in Mitch's mouth. Mitch stretched his head up as far as he could, and took Donnie's fucktool into his throat. He could usually get most of it into his throat, but had never mastered swallowing all of his lover's cock. Donnie recognized a determined look in his lover's eyes, and began sliding just a little more of his throbbing cock into his lover's throat. But in this position, he knew he couldn't get it all in. So he pulled his cock all the way out, and he took up a new position above Mitch, kneeling across Mitch's outstretch arms.

Before Mitch could question him, he slid his cock back into his lover's mouth. Soon it was again at the entrance to Mitch's throat, and with a little nudge, it slid in. Donnie kept applying a little pressure, and the cock continued to slide in, not stopping until Donnie was completely embedded in Mitch's mouth and throat.

Donnie looked up, all smiles, and exclaimed, "He took it all! Fuck!" Mitch began to spasm, and Donnie pulled all the way out so that Mitch could breathe. When he had caught his breath, he exclaimed, "I did it! Fuckin' A!"

"And now, to show you how much I appreciate your efforts, I'm going to give you a fuck to remember," Donnie told Mitch. Mitch was all smiles.

Donnie got to the end of the bed, and took over for Kye with rimming Mitch's ass. His tongue was not as thick as Kye's, but longer, so Mitch was treated to some 'deeper' thrills.

Donnie didn't need to lube up Mitch's tail much. It already had two loads of spunk in there, but Donnie would be pushing even deeper than the others, so he kept the lube handy as he sank his thick meaty tube of steel into the hot ass of his lover. He kept pushing in until he got to Mitch's inner sphincter. He bumped up against it, causing Mitch to groan each time he bumped it. Then Donnie pulled back a few inches, and rammed home his fuckrod, pushing through the tight sphincter and landing a few inches deeper. Mitch's mouth was open as though screaming, but no sound came out.

Donnie let his tool rest a few minutes, then began pulling out about halfway, and then slamming it back over the spasming inner sphincter to bottom out beyond it. He set up a rhythm of strokes, each time pushing through that tortured ring of muscle. Each time, Mitch howled. At first it was pain, but soon turned to pleasure.

"My god, you fucking animal, shove that big cock into my pussy. Man, it hurts so good! Rip that fucker open. Tear this slutty little pig a new hole deep inside. Oh, god! Keep pushing! I can almost taste it in my throat. Harder! Fuck me harder!"

Donnie continued steadily increasing the speed of his thrusts, and soon he and Mitch were ready to shoot. With one last hard thrust, Donnie pushed as deep as he could, and exploded into the inner reaches of Mitch's hot lovechute, while Mitch exploded once more all over his face, neck and chest. His face was contorted, as though it hurt to cum as hard as he did. But soon a beautiful smile melted through the pain, and Mitch appeared as though he was in heaven.

Donnie decided to leave his cock in Mitch's ass until it got soft, and in the meantime, he rested on Mitch's chest, lapping up Mitch's cum and then sharing it with Mitch while kissing deeply and sensuously. After a short time, Donnie realized his cock wasn't getting any softer; in fact, it seemed to be raring to go. Donnie looked into Mitch's eyes, and saw mischief. Mitch squeezed the muscles in his love chute, and Donnie's cock spasmed to life.

"Okay, cocky, you asked for it!" Donnie remarked with a smile. Mitch just laid there like the cat that ate the canary.

"Think you can top the last effort, old man? Cause if you can't, one of these other studs could take over. They've already proved themselves tonight, or rather this morning, so I'm sure if you are too old or tired......."

With that, Donnie pulled out till his cockhead was the only part still inside Mitch, and he slammed his cock home, hard. "Shut up and take it, fucker!" And Donnie began to fuck Mitch harder than ever before, like a madman. A smiling, happy madman. He pistoned in and out of the body still spread-eagled below him, setting up a savage pace. As he continued to sweat all over Mitch, a thought passed through his mind. He couldn't ever remember fucking this hard, and having it feel so good. He wondered if Mitch was enjoying it as much as he was. Hell, he knew he was!

Mitch was getting just what he wanted, but was getting fucked so hard that it looked like he couldn't catch his breath. Dom and Kye looked at each other, a little worried. Kye moved to distract Donnie a little by squatting down behind him and sliding his tongue into Donnie's hole, rimming as good as he could give. Dom began to chew on Donnie's nipples, which were still tender from earlier in the evening. Both men made Donnie lose his focus, and even led Donnie to cum sooner than he had planned, but as he slammed deep into Mitch to unload his second load into Mitch's cave, Mitch also gasped and came again, a smaller load, onto his own chest. Again, his eyes rolled back into his head, and he felt as though he would pass out. All the other men slumped onto the bed, not aware of the man standing in the doorway, clapping.


"Trey, how long have you been standing there?" Kye asked.

"Long enough to get boned up. I'm ready for Mitch now. Unless of course, if Mitch is tired and not up to it. You look pretty ragged, buddy."

Mitch look exhausted, but his voice sounded sexy, if not yet ready. "Never....too tired.... for you, Trey. Never.....too tired. But you might just have trouble...... depositing..... your load. Pretty there......already."

"Oh, I'll get it to fit." With that, Trey began a striptease, removing all his clothes. He'd still been dressed in his work clothes, and Mitch was getting excited as Trey got naked. Mitch, as well as the other three men. But the striptease was meant for Mitch, and Trey focused on him. When Trey dropped the pants of his scrubs, and Mitch saw that he was wearing a jockstrap under them, Mitch closed his eyes and groaned through his smile. Then his cock belched a small shot of cock honey. When Mitch opened his eyes, they were full of pleading. Trey recognized the look, and he picked up speed until he was kneeling at Mitch's winking pucker. It was leaking a steady stream of cum onto the bed, and Trey took only a second to lick across the swollen asslips, then he lined up his sizeable cock and slammed it all the way home.

It didn't take Mitch long to cease his groans of pain, and he began whimpering in pleasure.Trey was looking into Mitch's eyes as he slammed his cock into his best friend's ass. Each stroke took a slightly different path, giving Mitch's prostate a battering. Mitch never lost eye contact with Trey, even as he mouthed the words, "I need to cum, buddy."

"So do I, buddy, so do I. But not quite yet." Trey reached down under Mitch to grasp his lower back, and rolled him up onto his shoulders. He looked over at Donnie, who knew exactly what to do. In just a moment, Mitch's ankles were tethered near the top of the bedposts that also held his wrist cuffs.

Well, that answered Kye's question from earlier in the evening with Dom. Apparently, this was one of Trey's favorite positions, with whomever he fucked. Kye could only hope that he would experience that with Trey sometime soon.

Trey straddled Mitch's groin, lined up the bulbous head of his cock with Mitch's swollen pucker, and slid it home. A deep groan erupted from Mitch's throat. Both men knew that neither would be able to hold out long. They had been at the point of cumming just a few minutes ago, and were soon at the edge again. Trey increased his ramming speed, being careful to put just enough pressure into each downward thrust. Although resting much of his weight onto his shoulders, Mitch was making every effort to push up to meet Trey's thrusts.

"I'm cccuuummmiiiinnnnggg!" the men screamed in unison. The volume of Trey's spunk was not contained within Mitch's ass, already full from the others, and as he finished his last few thrusts into Mitch's scalding love canal, Trey pumped a mixture of the men's juice out of the hole and down the crack of Mitch's ass.

Trey collapsed onto the bed as Dom and Donnie released first the ankle cuffs, then the wrist cuffs, from the bed posts. Trey crawled up into Mitch's arms, and Mitch, with eyes closed and mouth wide open, accepted a deep sensuous kiss from the lips that brushed his. When he opened his eyes, expecting to see Trey, he saw Kye. Kye had kissed him, but now moved to the side to allow Trey to offer his lips to Mitch. As they embraced, Kye again put his mouth near Mitch's ear and reminded him, "We all love you, Mitch! All of us."

Mitch broke into a crooked smile as Trey pulled away from the embrace. "Fuck, that was good! Anyone up for breakfast?" And a storm of pillows rained down on his head.

Breakfast was continental style that morning, so that people could eat or shower or sleep, whatever each man preferred. All knew of the importance of this evening's rendezvous between Kye and Lucy Gregerson, so rest was necessary. They couldn't afford to have anyone at less than 100%.

A phone call came late in the afternoon for Mitch. It seemed that Jack needed to go to the hospital to see his brother, the lawyer, who had been admitted just that afternoon complaining of chest pains. For all the pressure of his job, Jerry Sterling never seemed to take enough time to slow down and unwind. And no one knew it as well as Jack, unless maybe it was Jerry's partner (and secretary), Jordan. Everyone had told Jerry to slow down, and now, it seems, so was his body.

Jack had been part of the "date" plans. He's promised Dom that he himself would cook the meals for Lucy and Kye. It was the least he could do for the man who had given him the deed to the restaurant, free and clear. But now, they were one chef short. That's why the call had been made to Mitch. He'd been putting in many hours in the kitchen, being tutored by Jack, and now they needed Mitch to fill in for the other chef, Barney, who would move up to head chef.

That left Dom in a bind. Mitch had been scheduled as a bartender for tonight, and it had been his job to keep an eye on the "happy couple." As well as providing "stiff" drinks to their table to loosen Lucy up. Dom and Donnie were already known to Lucy, so they couldn't be at the restaurant without raising suspicion. Trey had no experience with tending bar, and was already busy setting up recording equipment in a recently purchased panel van, which would be used later in the evening, depending on how well the "date" went.

Dom wasn't sure if they should scrap the plan, and try to come up with another. Mitch came to the rescue when he remembered that Wayne, one of the servers that he had trained to tend bar (and had also taken to bed), might be available if he wasn't already scheduled. They'd need to contact him quickly, and bring him up to speed. This just might work, Dom thought.

Wayne was more than willing to help out. He knew of Dom and Donnie's issues with Gregerson, who ran his FoodMart Superstores with an iron fist, giving his employees only what little he had to in order to keep them working there. Gregerson had a bad reputation in town, and he seemed to not care a bit. Yes, Wayne was in!

Kye washed his clothes to keep his mind off of what he'd be doing later in the evening. The meal and the drinks, all free to him, would be a nice treat. He did not look forward to spending the evening with Lucy, then taking her home and fucking her on camera. His mind kept replaying a scenario where years from now, that tape would find its way onto YouTube and ruin his future. The only thing he could think of that might be worse would be if it didn't take that long to get onto YouTube. They needed the tape as leverage against her old man, but it was the one part of the plan that still had Kye worried.

With clean jeans and silk shirt, specifically requested by Lucy, Kye was ready to go pick up his date. Dom had purchased a black leather blazer in case it was cold, and Kye was glad to have it as he walked out the door into a nippy breeze, accompanied by a cold drizzle. The blazer, matching his curly mop of mid-length hair, made him look serious while still looking casual. Actually, as Donnie had put it when he saw Kye dressed to leave. "Holy fuck, you look.......Holy fuck!" Then Donnie gave him a good luck kiss that lasted way too long and required Kye to untangle their tongues so he could get going. Lucy expected him at 7:45PM, and he did not want to be late!

When Lucy answered the door, at precisely 7:44PM, her look said it all. As Kye stood there, waiting to be asked in, Lucy just stared, and a gasp of "holy fuck...." Was whispered under her breathe, but just loud enough for Kye to gain confidence that the plan might just work. Tastefully dressed in a soft, black, knee-length cocktail dress and a string of pearls, Lucy welcomed Kye into the house. Kye didn't need to look very far into the house to see that it had been furnished with tacky, not-really-expensive furniture and baubles. Old man Gregerson tried to be flamboyant in showing his wealth, but failed miserably.

Lucy grabbed Kye's arm and dragged him into the foyer while yelling behind her, "Daddy, my date's here." Really. A woman, almost forty, announcing to her "daddy" at the top of her lungs that her "victim" had arrived. The old man should use some of his money to get "tutoring in manners" for his daughter!

Gregerson came around the corner in his boxers and slippers. Well, Kye knew where Lucy had gotten her manners. No shirt or pants, and your manboobs, covered in long grey hairs, hanging out, when meeting a prospective partner for your daughter at the door, was no way to improve your chances of marrying off a less-than-desirable child.

Lucy seemed genuinely embarrassed by her father, so she hurried to get a sweater from the closet, and off they went. On the way to Jack's, Lucy apologized profusely for her father's behavior. Kye assured her that he understood. Besides, when someone gets to retirement age, whether they are retired or not, they should be able to be comfortable in their own home, right? Apparently, Lucy didn't think so. She had asked her father to get dressed, and she thought he had, but apparently he wasn't as interested in marrying off his daughter as he was in keeping her at home to do his laundry, clean the house, and make the meals. Kye expressed surprise that Mr. Gregerson hadn't hired servants to do those things. Lucy responded that her "fucking father" was "too cheap" to hire anyone to do the work that she could do.

Kye was almost beginning to feel sorry for Lucy. Almost. As the only child of a skinflint, she had leverage to get almost anything she wanted, and even if she didn't, one day it would all be hers. Maybe old man Gregerson should be careful what he eats around the house. Lucy just might try inheriting everything sooner than expected!

Finally, they were at Jack's, and they stopped in the bar for a drink. Suddenly, Kye froze. What if Lucy doesn't drink? Neither Dom nor Donnie had mentioned drinking at all, but Kye needed her at least tipsy so they she could be easily steered to "her doom" later in the evening. Dom had gone so far as to get some generic Rohypnal from Jerry Sterling yesterday, just in case. Kye was not even aware that the drug known in some circles as "roofies" was available by prescription, but Dom had told him that Jerry, with his "type-A" personality,

sometimes needed something strong to relieve pain and allow him to sleep. Jerry had counseled

them on using it sparingly, and only if needed. And he didn't want to know what they were

using it for. It would look pretty bad if a lawyer was passing out drugs to be used for

less-than-legal purposes.

So Dom had made sure that Wayne would only use it in a drink for Lucy IF it was necessary.

Kye would clue Wayne if and when it was needed. Dom wasn't even sure if her weight would allow

the drug to have its intended effect. But they wanted to cover all their bases. So it was a

good thing that Dom had handled it yesterday, before Jerry went to the hospital.

When their table was ready, after Wayne had made them a drink at the bar, they went into

the dining room and sat down to order. Lucy slipped her hand under the table, into the lap of

the studly man who was her date. She found what she was looking for, a trouser snake, and she

gave it a squeeze. She kept her hand there through most of the meal, squeezing Kye's cock and feeling it bloat and stretch. Kye worked hard to stay calm, and he secretly wished he had

thought to sit on the other side of his date. Or even across the table!

Lucy ate a light meal of scallops and pasta, preceded by a large garden salad. And her

drinks were going straight to her head! Her speech became slurred, but that was not what Kye

was focusing on the most during dinner. As he sat with Lucy, and the alcohol had its effect,

she began to tell Kye her life story, much of it about how her father constantly degraded her both at home and in front of others. Apparently, old man Gregerson was an equal opportunity asshole. Lucy even told Kye, in the course of conversation, that he had missed her middle school graduation and her high school honors banquet because he was working at one of "those

fucking stores." Then, she slipped and started to tell Kye about an unsuccessful attempt at

suicide in her early twenties.

Kye reached over and put his hand over her arm, distracting her. When she stopped talking,

he told her, "Lucy, I think that is pretty heavy stuff for a first date. Maybe you don't

really want to tell me about that."

Lucy looked up, realized what she had done, and began to form tears in her eyes. She excused herself from the table, muttering that she'd been stupid again, and she headed for the ladies room.

As Lucy walked past the bar, Wayne shot a glance toward Kye, and all that Kye could do was

shrug. He got up and walked over to the bar, where Wayne was also busy with other customers.

Wayne told Kye that he needed to go intercept Lucy as she came out of the restroom because

there was a door to the parking lot at the end of that hallway, and even Wayne knew that Lucy

wandering off was not part of the plan.

Kye looked at Wayne and said, "Yeah, the plan. I don't think I can do that to Lucy. I

mean, we're planning to use her to get back at her old man, but he's treated her just as badly

as he treats everyone else. I feel like a shithead now that I know how the old man is. I just wish there were some other way that the old man could get his comeuppance without hurting her."

Wayne leaned over the bar and whispered, "If you don't, how are Dom and Donnie gonna take it? And Mitch and Trey? Mitch will rip you apart! Nobody fucks over Mitch's friends. I don't see that you have any other options."

Kye got up from the barstool where he had been sitting, and a look care across his face,

as though he'd thought of another way. As he moved quickly toward the restrooms, he called

back to Wayne, "Tell them to meet at you-know-who's house, as planned. I've got a plan B!"

"Plan B? Oh, fuck!" Wayne muttered under his breath. "The guys aren't going to like this!" be continued.....



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