Kye sat in the dark, alone. He was in the playroom, the very room where he had been

raped repeatedly nearly three months ago. With the windows covered, it was almost pitch black. Kye could smell the remains of sexual encounters. Even when cleaned and sanitized,

this room reeked of sex. You could feel the testosterone emanating from the walls. This room was the scene of so many fuck memories.......

A noise outside the playroom door snapped Kye back to attention. The tiny bit of light finding its way into the room was coming from under the door, and now he could see shadows passing in front of the doorway. He listened closely, but could hear nothing. Then they were gone.

Kye began again to think back to the past three months, and all of his experiences

during that time. So much had happened. He had come so far, while never leaving this house. He knew little of this property except for what he's seen out the windows. He hadn't been outside into the fresh air since the day he had been brought here. He wondered just how much of his world was still intact. He had missed the end of the fall semester, missed the football playoffs, and missed his final exams. He was sure that he

had been withdrawn by the university, and had never had the chance to register for classes

in the spring, so his college career was probably over. Oddly, none of that seemed as

important now as his bond to the men who had taken over his life.

Forty-eight fucks in forty-eight hours. It seemed that he could still feel the

horrible pain that had been forced upon his shredded asshole. Luckily, a little first

aid had kept him from getting infection, but that hadn't stopped these guys from continuing to train his pussy to take repeated fuckings. Kye had lost count of the number of times he'd been forced to take a cock in his ass. Sometimes lovingly, sometimes brutal. Fast. Slow. Deep. And even two at a time on a few occasions.

Always without any concern for him. Never giving him the chance to gain relief, to wank himself, to cum. Until last week.

It was on Wednesday. No, Tuesday, because that was Mitch's day to see the shrink.

Ever since he had considered "offing" himself down at the bridge, he'd been seeing a

psychiatrist in an attempt to find out what was fueling his depression and poor self-esteem. Kye hadn't been there that evening, but Dom, Donnie and Trey had filled him in on the details. Not directly. Kye had been present in the room when they had been discussing the events of that evening, beginning with Dom finding out he was filthy rich, thanks to Aunt Leo. Well, maybe not filthy rich, but well enough off so that he

would never need to work again. And he gathered the group, minus Kye, at Jack's restaurant to reveal to everyone how his life, and theirs, was about to be changed.

Dom had given the deed for the restaurant, free and clear, to Jack, and he'd paid off the house mortgage, which was now in the names of Mitch and Trey, while revealing that in fact, he'd spent time growing up as a child in that very house. He'd also hired Donnie as his property/investment manager. Everything seemed so unreal, yet so wonderful. And Mitch was unable to accept what he was able to process. He thought he had lost Trey to Dom, who could offer him anything while Mitch himself had nothing to

offer the man he had loved since their years in the military. So he'd run off, toward the bridge, to end his miserable life. Trey and Dom had found him and, after

unsuccessful attempts to "call him down from the edge," Trey had snapped and delivered a brutal fuck and beating to Dom. Who knows how far Trey would have gone if Mitch had not come down from the bridge to stop his friend. After a few words, they realized how stupid the entire episode had been, and all had agreed to communicate more effectively with one another.

Days later, Mitch had agreed with Trey and Donnie to seek professional help. When considering the beating Trey had given Dom, he also convinced Trey to seek help, but they both agreed that joint therapy was not in their best interest right now. Mitch and Donnie made plans to also attend counseling for couples with a therapist who specialized in same sex relationships. After their first visit, Trey and Dom joined them so that their therapist could help them all make sense of the flexible relationship to which they had all pledged themselves. Donnie had been the last to agree, but given the fact that it would allow him to pursue sex with his first love, Dom, and Dom's hunky, hung partner Trey, he had finally agreed. Knowing the fragile position that Mitch was in right now, Donnie was careful to not look too eager, nor did he allow Mitch to see how he longed to see what Trey and Dom had packed into the bulges in their tight jeans.

All the while, they'd kept Kye bound inside the house. Since the first day he had

arrived, he'd not been able to move around the house untethered. In the beginning, he'd

been chained or bound hand and foot, always available to provide sexual release for anyone

who wanted to fuck his ass or mouth. Kye had gotten very good at taking all 4 men deep into his throat. At 11 and one-half inches, Donnie had been the most difficult, but with time, Kye had succeeded. From the first day, he'd been forced to take them deep in his ass, and now he was a full service slut. Mitch had even raised the idea of "golden showers," and the other guys approved, as long as he was in the restroom and secured. Mitch had been working on that project ever since.

Most days. Kye serviced one or two of the guys, but on Mitch's therapy days, Kye was

always worried to see him come home. If the therapist touched some tender areas that Mitch had trouble dealing with, or an event from his past that Mitch didn't want to face, he came home angry, and that translated into brutal sex forced upon Kye. Once, Trey and Donnie had to come in and break up the session because of the ferocity of the fuck. Later, Trey needed to apply ice to Kye's ass to keep the swelling down, and Kye's rear was bruised for a week.

But during that time, Kye had learned to accept his place in the house, and to take

what was dished out in silence. He really couldn't decide if he was trying to deny his

sexual partner the pleasure of knowing how much the fucking hurt, or if he was really beginning to enjoy it, but didn't want to let on. Over time, the restraints became less numerous as Mitch and the guys realized that Kye was losing the desire to keep them away during their "fun." And as near as Kye could figure, they were right. During their last party, Kye simply had his wrists tethered together behind his back, and a simple cock strap,with a D-ring attached to the bottom, wrapped securely around his scrotum and tethered to the I-bolt screwed into the floor under the dining room table. Kye was available for fun and games, but free to move around the dining room, which made him popular with the guys sitting there. He didn't stray too far, not willing to put too much strain on his balls

that were secured in the bottom of his scrotum by the cock strap.

And then, last Tuesday. Donnie had gone with Mitch to see the shrink. Dom was gone

to town on business, and Trey had been doing yard work alone. Kye had been hoping that

rey would take him outside, and force him to work. It would be worth whatever he had to

do just to be outside again. It had been so long. But Trey had ignored all his attempts

at eye contact, and had even ignored all his whimperings. No one had ever told him he couldn't talk, but since the first day, Mitch, Trey and Dom had told what he could do, and

speaking wasn't on that list, so he only talked when conversation was directed specifically

to him, and he never talked first, only in response.

Now, Kye was waiting for Trey to come back into the house to take a break so that he

could be untethered and allowed to use the restroom. His bladder was full, and needed


Just as Kye finished that thought, Trey came striding through the door. Again, Kye whimpered. Trey noticed that he was sitting in a crouched position, trying to cross his legs.

"Toilet, Kye?" Kye smiled from ear to ear, as Trey unsnapped the cockring attached

to the tether under the dining room table, and guided him by the shoulder to the restroom.

Urination was always easier, not requiring hands to be released. When he was done, Kye

resumed his place on the floor and Trey secured the cock ring, nice and snug.

Dom came through the door, carrying bags of groceries in both arms.

"Almost dropped these when I reached for the door handle. Sure wish we had some

extra help around here," as he nodded in Kye's direction. "Good help is hard to find."

"Don't pick on Kye. He's kinda tied up right now," Trey laughed, almost choking at his own joke. Kye showed no emotion.

"Well, don't just stand there. Help me carry in the groceries."

"Did you see the old man?" Trey inquired as he followed Donnie out to the car to help.

"Yeah, Gregorson was there, and I was lucky to not run into him until I was checking

out. He doesn't like to give people shit while they are paying for their groceries. He's

always afraid customers will get pissed off and do their shopping somewhere else. So he

followed me out of the store and asked if I had found work. He told me that he'd always be willing to give me a bad reference. I just told him to go fuck his daughter. It would probably make her day." Now it was Dom's turn to chuckle.

They both turned as Donnie drove his car over the crest of the hill, and down to his

regular parking spot. Mitch, in the passenger's seat, looked like he's seen a ghost.

"What's up, buddy?" Trey asked as Mitch got out of the car. From the other side, Donnie

shook his head vigorously from side to side, and waved for Trey and Donnie to go into the

house. He moved quickly around the back of the car and grabbed Mitch under the arm, steadying him as the two approached the house.

Kye could see by the look on Trey and Dom's faces that something was up. They

gathered in the dining room, and got a chair for Mitch to sit on. Dom guided him into

the dining room, and he sat. Trey looked at Donnie, and Donnie formed his hands into a

"time-out" signal. So they all just stood there for a minute, until Mitch broke the silence.

"I think I'm done with therapy," Mitch said in a voice just above a whisper.

Trey approached the chair and got down on his hands and knees so that he could look up into Mitch's face as it hung slightly towards the floor. "What are you talking about,

Mitch? Buddy?"

Mitch didn't respond, so Donnie took the initiative. "Mitch has been making good

progress for a few weeks, but today, the therapist hit pay dirt. He found where all the

crap is coming from, and now Mitch knows what he has to do to get the monkey off his back. But it's his choice."

Dom raised an eyebrow as he now inquired, "His choice?"

Donnie looked expectantly at Mitch, but he remained on the chair, head down, eyes

partly closed, as though he had no strength. Donnie waited, then asked, "Mitch, do you want

to take it from here?" Slowly, Mitch wagged his head up and down to indicate in the affirmative, and he sat upright, looking as though he was gathering his strength. After a moment, he rose from the chair.

Mitch began speaking, to no one in particular, in a quiet voice, as tears began to

flow from his eyes. "I feel so inadequate, so unfulfilled, so lonely because at an

important time in my life, my parents turned their back on me. When they found out about

the rape in the football locker room, Dad asked if I asked for the rape, and he asked if

I was gay. Then he threw me out, and before we could heal the split, the misunderstanding,

they died. And all along, I've been blaming one person for causing that hurt that I

carried. One person caused the rift between my dad and me, and I need closure to that

episode, so I can get on with my life."

Mitch slowly walked to the dining room table. "Kye?"

No one had been aware that Kye, too, was quietly crying. He crawled out from under the dining room table, as far as his scrotal tether would reach, and curled up at Mitch's feet.

Mitch reached down, and released the tether from the D-ring. He reached under Kye's

chin and lifted it so that Kye could look into his eyes. "Get up," Mitch stated quietly.

Kye rose, and stood absolutely still in front of Mitch. Neither Kye nor anyone else

but Mitch knew what was coming next. Having known him for the longest time, Trey thought they might need to move quickly to keep Mitch from killing Kye. He motioned for Dom and Donnie to step closer.

Mitch was less than two feet away from Kye, and staring straight into his eyes. He

began to speak. "The therapist reminded me of something very similar to something that

my parents had told me when I was a lot younger. Mom said, 'Grudges only hurt the person who holds them.' My dad used to tell me the same thing in a little different way. He said,'When you hate someone, or hold a grudge, you are giving that other person control of your life. You're twisted in knots, and they not being affected. You've got to let go, not for them but for you.' The therapist said that to move on, I need to forgive you because that hate is controlling my life, and no one deserves that much power in anyone's life."

Mitch continued. "Kye, you fucked me in front of the football team, and took control

of my team. And then my parents found out, and were totally crushed. I never got the chance to make it right with them, and I've been struggling ever since. Struggling to prove myself. Struggling with relationships. Just struggling. And the therapist says I'll continue to struggle until I forgive you."

Mitch stopped talking for a moment. Tears continued to course down Kye's cheeks,

but he remained silent.

"I hated you for a long time. Part of me still hates you, but I need to move on.

So.......I forgive you."

Kye dropped his head down and began to sob. Mitch reached his hand under Kye's chin,

and raised it to look into his eyes. "And you are free to go." Mitch reached behind Kye

and released the tether on his hands. Then he reached down and released the cock and ball

strap. Finally, Mitch circled one hand, then the other, around Kye's flaccid cock and began applying pressure softly. As he increased the pressure, he began to slowly move up and down Kye's cock, wanking him. To the guys, it looked like a slow motion hand-job.

Mitch never broke eye contact with him as Kye continued to sob. It only took a minute for

Kye to become hard as steel and then shoot a load that had been straining for release for months. He shot all over Mitch's legs, but Mitch never acknowledged the deposit.

"Your clothes are in the spare bedroom. You are free to go," Mitch said with a

measure of relief.

Trey, Donnie and Dom just stood there as Mitch turned, walked down the hallway, and

entered his bedroom, where he lay down exhausted, and fell asleep. Kye reached down to the floor, picked up the cock strap and attached it back over his scrotum. Then he

tethered himself to the I-hook under the dining room table, and curled up there.

The three men went outside to discuss just what had happened. They left the door open, and for the first time in months, nothing was stopping Kye from leaving the house, yet when Mitch arose from his sleep, he found Kye still curled up under the table.

As Mitch walked through the dining room to the kitchen, Kye's eyes followed him. Mitch grabbed a beer, walked back through the dining room, and out the door to join the

others. No sooner had he sat down and took a deep gulp from the beer can, he noticed that Kye was lying right next to him on the ground. It was chilly outside, as this was very early spring, yet Kye lay there naked, absolutely still. Mitch turned to the other men and began to discuss the day's events, other than the therapy session. After a few minutes, Mitch could feel a slight shaking coming from the chair. Actually, Kye was lying up against the chair and his shivering made the chair vibrate.

"Hey, fuckwad, I said you are free to go. Get out of my face, okay?" Mitch was close to shouting.

"No," came the quiet but firm reply.

"I forgave you. I want to move on with my life. So get the fuck outta my life." And Mitch spit into Kye's face.

Kye continued to look up at Mitch, even though Mitch had now turned his face away. "I choose to stay, if you will let me." And with that, he wiped the spittle from his face with his fingers and then stuck them into his mouth, sucking them clean.

Over the next few days, Mitch mostly ignored Kye, and the other three went about their usual business. Kye began cleaning, doing laundry, scrubbing and vacuuming floors,

and even tried a little cooking, all the while staying out of everyone's way. He let the

men eat their meals together, and ate his meals alone, after they were done. At night, he slept in the dark in the playroom. He had no idea how long the four men would let him stay. He assumed that he and Mitch would come to words, since it would be difficult for Mitch to move on in his life with Kye hanging around. Kye only knew that he would rather serve these four men than anything else he could choose to do.

Now, Kye sat in the dark in the playroom. He had been free for a week. True to his word, Mitch had not gone back to his therapy today. And after the evening meal, Dom had asked for a "meeting of the house" but indicated that Kye was not invited. "After you eat, stay in your room, and wait," Dom had told him in a serious voice. And here he was, waiting for whatever would come next. Tonight might be the night that he'd been dreading for a week now. The night when he was forced to leave this house.

Maybe Mitch had convinced Dom that Kye had to go. Maybe they were all fed up with

him. Maybe Mitch had a change of heart, and wanted to punish him again. All Kye knew was

that he couldn't hear anything. Whatever they were discussing, it was not causing any loud discussion, so they must be agreeing on something. Kye was sure he wasn't going to

like whatever the something turned out to be.

He thought he heard someone at the door, for about the tenth time tonight. Shadows

under the door moved past, then some shadows stopped at the door. The knob turned, and

Trey opened the door. Donnie was right behind him. Trey spoke.

"Kye, we have a job for you." be continued.....



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