It was an average day at the tay tunnel. Kitty was doing ha usual rounds of non-sense and gettin ha shi% together. Zhe was singin along and raggedly in; walks semi-tall, pale-as-paper, wangsta brotha from another mother, all american boy universe 2009 walks in. The eyes, were ALL on him. Why not? He's cute and looked like boyfriend material, and at just the scent, of his sweaty, hard-worked body, every man in the room began griping either the couches, chairs, carpet, themselves or others. It was like heaven had dripped its specia...Well you get the idea. The first thing kitty saw was the new guys eyes...Peircing, stearn yet stoaic, cautious; sorta was like that deer-to-headlighs look(yeah you know the look)...Priceless (which also gave every man there a reason to drool). The thing that was most powerfully attractive about him is that despite walking into the cities LGBT hub; he seemed to be straight as a line.

NOTE: I wonder if he knows how gorgeous he is.



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