'Yeah baby suck my dick!' Peter moaned. Peter was in his car getting his cock sucked by a nerd he had paid. When he was done he pulled off to meet a guy about him becoming a trucker. He pulled up at the local truck stop where he met Thor the trucker. 'I see you made it and I heard from your uncle that you wanted to be my apprentice.' Thor said. 'Thats right man.' Peter said back as he got out of his car. Thor took him to the back and then stopped to look back at Peter. 'Hey guys we got a live one here!' Thor yelled out. He knocked Peter down and then about 5 guys came out with rope and tape. Peter blacked out and when he woke up he was naked ad tied up on a bed in a cold damp warehouse. 'hey guys the bitch is up!' a big black guy yelled. Thor walked into the room and then that's when Peter realized that all of the men were naked. Thor walked over to Peter and ripped the tape from his mouth. 'What the hell is going on here Th-!' Smack! Thor smacked Peter across the face and yelled a him. 'Listen up bitch, you are only supposed to talk when spoken to. So for speaking out of term you're going to eat my ass out !' Thor explained. He climbed in the bed and spread his ass cheeks aprt. 'Doug get over here and show him how its done first.' Thor commanded. Peer looked over and assumed that the black guy who had informed the men that he was awake was Doug. Doug stuck his tongue out stuck it far up his ass. 'Yeah Doug fuck me with your tongue!' Thor moaned. After 5 minutes of ass licking, Thor made Doug drink his piss. 'Now its your turn to eat my house out, okay Peter...


Tommy Dicksuck

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