They picked me up off the street and threw me in a van. With my meek, tiny body I was defensiveness against the two hooded men who towered over me in muscular strength, height and size. I was completely at their mercy and they knew it. When I began crying, begging for them to release me, they only laughed at my helplessness before one of them blindfolded, gagged and tied me up.

We drove for hours. Once we got to the destination they were taking me, one of the strongmen picked me up and flung me over his sturdy shoulders and carried me with ease into what I'm guessing to be a house. They threw me roughly into a room and untied my hands before slamming the door shut.

Tearing off the blindfold and ripping the gag out of my mouth I saw that I was in fact in a dimly lit hallway. I tried the door behind me through which I was brought, but it was locked. I panic. I shouted out begging to be let free. There was only silence in response.

Footsteps came towards me from behind. Two men appeared, dressed alike: boots, tight, low-riding leather pants, black hoods with openings for their eyes, noses and lips. They were shirtless. Their huge muscles were ripped, shredded and menacing. Somehow I knew they weren't the men who brought me here. I trembled with fear as they seized me and half-carried and half-dragged me along the hallway, down a flight of stairs, and into a room.

One of them spoke to me in a heavy, frightening, disguise voice: 'Do nothing until you are told and then obey instantly. Do not speak unless you are told to.'


A heavy leather whip lashed hard against my jean-covered ass.

'Shut the FUCK UP!!!'

I remained quiet as they left the room, locking the door behind them. For half an hour I remained alone consume with terror of the unknown. I began to cry.

The two men were back along with the two men I assumed brought me here. As they approached I crawled against a wall fearing at what those hooded giants would do to me.

'You will stand up and strip off your clothes. If you are not naked in sixty seconds from the time I say go you will be whipped until you're naked. Go!'

I scrambled to get out my clothes. I got my sneakers, jeans, T-shirt off when the voice yelled, 'Time.' I am still wearing my socks. The whip crashed against my bare legs, leaving bright red marks. I cried out, but the whipping continued. At last, I managed to removed my socks, and the whip doesn't fall on my again.

'When you're dismissed, your clothes will be returned to you. You'll have no use for them until then.'

They explained to me that when they are not using or training me or allowing me to sleep, I must be on my knees with my face and shoulders pressing down on the floor using my hands to part my ass cheeks so that my hole is exposed for them at all time. It is a position I had better get used to, they said, because I will be spending several days in that position before being let go.

Two more hooded men appeared, dressed exactly like the four men before me. Already the six men were becoming interchangeable in their height, muscle frame and the aura of menace they were presenting themselves to me despite the fact some appeared to younger then others in the group. Each one of them had variations of hair draping across their tightly sculptured torso. From a fine dusting to a thick bushel. They were brimming with masculine testosterone as perspiration already began seeping from their pores thanks to the humid, sweltering air in the tightly enclosed room. But even with their chest hairs I could no longer tell one from the other, not even their ages, and I was beginning to understand that was the point. I was meant to view them as reflections of the same person. I was here to serve them sexually. To be used and trained for their collective entertainment.

However even without having the distinction at being able to see their faces I knew all of them were much older then I. Two of them appeared to be in their late twenties, perhaps older, but the others gave off signs at being in their mid to late forties. At sixteen they all dwarfed me in age and the same could be said about my size. They were all extremely tall, measuring somewhere around six-three to six-five. Each one to them seem to possess the powerful strength of men weighting somewhere between two hundred and thirty to two hundred and forty pounds. At five-four and hundred and thirty-seven pounds I was a defenseless piglet compared to these masked giants.

I was overtly intimidated by each and every one of them. I knew I was exuding pure fear in my dove-like sized brown eyes as my svelte frame body shook like a frighten leaf. But despite my terror, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by my hooded kidnappers' incredibly hot well-proportion physiques.

Each one of them were blessed with bodies magnificently muscled with superb symmetry and definition. Everything about them were terrifically cut and ripped beyond reason. Their bloated pecs, enormous shoulders, killer biceps and shredded abs, all seemed to have been chiseled from granite marble. Their tremendous muscles glistened in scary, threatening brilliance and the overall image not only frightened the shit out of me but I was also fascinatingly aroused by their sight.

While in my kneeling position, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a black boot. Almost instinctively I knew what they wanted me to do. I moved so that my lips could touch it. I let my tongue dart against the leather. I knew if I didn't do this, I would be punished. When no whip, belt, or hand struck against me, I allowed my tongue to run more freely over the boot.

I let go of my ass and grabbed onto the boot, licking the dust from it, working it, slurping, sucking until it glistened with my saliva. I turned my attention to the other boot. I didn't dare focus my eyes on anything but on the pair of boots I was servicing. After a long time, the person in the boots appeared to be satisfied and he moved away from me. But another pair took his place. My tongue and lips grew numbed, but I did not allow my tempo to flag. To my utter amazement I had become intoxicated by the smell of those leather boots and what I was being silently instructed to do with them. It was slowly becoming a potent aphrodisiac as my cock hardened as I eventually serviced each and ever one of those six pairs of boots.

When I was finish licking their boots clean, one of the men, grabbed my hair tightly pulling me up forcibly to rest up on my bent knees as he smashed my face against his exposed sweaty crotch. His nuts were the size of billiard balls. His cock was enormous, hard as steel, extremely long and outrageously thick.

At first I tried my best to pull around from the man's grip, for which, I was rewarded two hard and powerful slaps across my face. I whimpered soundly as tears formed in my eyes as I gave up any more resistance.

He guided my slobbering mouth along the shaft, which shot a good ten to eleven inches from the forest of black pubic hair. Burying my face in his crotch, he forced me to smell the funky stench, making me lick and suck before shoving his balls into my mouth forcing me to eat them for a while. He held my face tight as I munched and sucked down on his sweaty balls. They were so thick I could barely breathe but I continued sucking for fear at what they would do to me if I stopped.

Eventually he pulled them out and brought my lips back to the head of his cock. Slapping my face hard with it several times, he ordered me to open my mouth wide, as he inserted his giant schlong in my mouth. Slowly, he forced his cock deeper in my mouth, deeper still down my throat, until the gag reflex began. He stopped briefly before continuing his journey down my windpipes until at last the whole thing was buried in me as my face was roughly smashed in the moist bushel of his hairy crotch.

'Yeeaah...that's it...swallow it down bitch!!!'

He kept my face glued to that spot of a long time. I was choking, barely able to breathe as his large, callous hands held my head tightly. He began to fuck my face, bucking his hips roughly against my stuffed face. Slowly at first but soon he picked up his pace until he was slamming forcibly into my mouth at an alarming rate. I struggled at first against it but soon I found myself matching his groove and rhythm, still frightened, but secretly amazed I was able to deep throat this huge rope of cock down my throat.

His fellow captors by now had encircled me and from the corners of my eyes I could see them feverishly stroking themselves. Their cocks were massively thick and frightening in length. While preparing themselves they grunted and growled their encouragement to the man who was currently attacking my mouth with his killer weapon as the man increased his savagery to my mouth. The pressure was enormous...enormously arousing as I was soon hungrily accepted everything he was giving me. It was an eagerness I wasn't expecting.

I didn't know what was happening to me. The adrenaline of absolute fear was still within. The terror at what these hooded giants could do to me was still foremost in my head. I was in complete danger and I knew it. They knew it. I knew they saw the fear in my eyes. They knew exactly the power they had over me. I was completely at their mercy and all of us knew it.

But the scariest thing of all was that I was becoming bizarrely aroused by the situation.

The more they attacked and humiliated me, the more hungrily excited I became in their brutal treatment of me. My seven inch dick was hard as a rock - the hardest I've ever felt in my life. It was leaking pre-cum and the walls of my chute was becoming extremely moist.

Those twin emotions: fear and excitement was doing something to me; something that I didn't want to stop, despite knowing that I should.

Eventually the hooded kidnapper choking his cock down my throat erupted inside me howling like a dog as mountains of spunk filled my mouth, oozing and dripping from the corners of my lips. He continued pushing his cock hard in my mouth, forcing me to drink every drop of his burning semen. He pulled himself out of me with a large pop, leaving me breathing hard with my mouth gaped opened. It was opened wide enough for the next man to shove his equally bloated cock down my soaked and well-used throat. It quickly became apparent what I did for one I had to do for all.

They power-fucked my mouth relentlessly as they each banged and deep-throated their throbbing cocks down the confines of my throat. The loud, searing sounds of their heavy duty nuts slamming heavily against my cum-covered drenched chin filled the room. When one was done, another took it's place. It was an unending cycle as they continuously force fed me their thick, seedy cum. By the time they were done with me my body was soaked in sweat with buckets of their semen jammed down my throat.

When I had finish eating the last cock and drinking away the last drops of cum, I could see one of the men approaching me with clippers, soap and a straight razor. The fear that momentarily subsided in me returned and I rebelled yelling, 'No, please. NO!!' I wasn't sure what they had in store. All that I could think of was they were about to kill me.

I tried to move away, but two of them chained me to the floor. My ass felt the slash of a whip. After a few lashes, one of them told me I was about to be shave clean of body hair and that they would only stop whipping me until I beg for them to stop. They gave me many strokes before I screamed through my tears for them to stop. But strange as it seemed I was completely aroused by the beating. Each strike only hardened my cock as my blood boiled with that bizarre excitement. To my utter amazement the punishment they were giving me was making me feel hotter and was making my resistance towards them grow weaker with each slash.

The clippers ran over my reddish ass cheeks removing what hair that covered me. Then, carefully, a razor was used on what the clippers missed, going all the way into the crack and around the hole. My legs were clipped, too. Then I was turned over and the rest of the hair on my legs was gone along with the hair in my armpits and what little there was on my chest. My pubic hair was shaved away making my cock and scrotum appear larger. My smooth body was luridly felt by twelve strong hands - not for my pleasure - but for their's as they admired the marvelous job done by the barber. My cock was throbbing hard.

The blond hair on my head was shaved until I had a short buzz cut. Then they drenched me in what seemed like a truck load of baby oil with all their hands rubbing it thoroughly onto my body. I could only imagine what I look like. I always had a baby appearance with my tiny height, slender frame and innocent looking Bambi face. If their goal was to make me look as babyish as possible, I'm sure they succeeded. I whimpered at the humiliation. They all laughed sinisterly.

I was picked up and once again flung over the sturdy shoulders by one of the men and carried into yet another room. The room was smaller, more squared shape and brighter lit then the previous one, but still as humid as Hades as the previous room. The walls, floor, and ceiling were a stark white, and in the very center of the room, prominently located, was a large black leather sling suspended from overhead beams by strong chains from the ceiling. Half way up each chain was black leather cuffs, now open, padded on the inside.

The man carrying me stretched me out onto the leather cushion of the sling. My wrists and ankles were securely strapped in the leather cuffs, and there I was, spread-eagled helplessly in the sling. The smooth bottom edge of the sling snuggled into my buttocks just where the small of my back flared out to my butt cheeks, and the upper edge hit between my shoulder blades.

They circled around me not saying a word but looking down at me with their menacing eyes. My heart was pounding hard in my chest; I could feel my blood racing in my veins. I was overwhelmingly scared and my body visibly trembled with that emotion, but that strange sensation from before was still blending inside me along with the fear: excited curiosity. Despite my fears - or maybe because of it - I found myself curious at what my kidnappers had in store for me next.

I felt hands on my ass. A finger, soon followed by another, and then another, slid inside my hole. The long, thick fingers began caressing my prostate. Pleasure streamed through my body. I moaned and thrust back to get more, when suddenly the fingers withdrew. I sighed in frustration.

An enormous, black leather dildo was produced and quickly lubed. The plum head was exaggerated and a small trickle of nervousness ran through me as it began being pushed against my hole. There was no use at protesting as I gritted my teeth while being impaled. The deeper it went in the more screams and moans escaped my lungs while continuously being molested by the leather object. The men held me in a tight grip, their lewd, callous hands pinching and twisting my tits, rubbing roughly my stomach and lower thighs as the feeling of pleasure soon took over.

One of them had tied a black band around my neck and was softly choking me. The sensation was thrilling. Suddenly I felt a mouth on my rigid, oily cock. It was swallowed whole. As he sucked feverishly I began thrashing about the sling. My entire body began trembling with arousal as the sucking continued on my cock with the intensity of a vacuum. The dildo pushed in harder hitting my prostate over and over as I squeezed the muscles of my ass tighter around it desperately wanting it to remain buried deeply in it's place. I could feel my cock on the edge of exploding as I both whimpered and screamed.

Suddenly everything stopped. Hands were removed from my body. I was no longer being choked. The blowjob I was being given creased and the dildo left my ass with a large pop that filled the room. I stared up at six hooded faces. Their grotesquely muscular, furry bodies glistened in musky sweat. Lube was passed around as they smeared and stroked their mammoth cocks. The ceiling lights hit their coated ten and eleven inches making them shine like lethal weapons of destruction. They all possessed the girth the sizes of balled up fist. They were much thicker then the dildo they had just used moments ago on me. Their menacing eyes never once left the intimidated shares I was giving them. The more fright I exuded the more satisfyingly threatening they appeared at looking at me.

'Listen up faggot,' The man closest to my ass said to me in low growl. 'We gonna tear that little shithole of yours up! We're about fuck real good. By the time we're finish with ya, you ain't gonna be satisfied unless you got a true man's big cock stuffed up your tiny little pussy!' His speaking voice was forceful, dripping with unapologetic edge.

He shoved his enormous hardness into my tight hole that thankfully was loosened by the dildo...but just barely. I cried out in pain. He holds still. When the pain faded and an overwhelming sense of euphoria came over me, he slid the rest of his eleven inches inside me. His fingers played with my tits as I wiggled my body, impaling myself on his giant shaft. He began fucking me with heated velocity, he was hard and merciless, using full, long strokes, pulling almost all the way out of me before slamming back forcibly and recklessly. My body shook from the furious intensity as I began filling the room with my whaling and panting.

My mouth was quickly silence as a large cock was slapped against my face before having it brutally shoved down my throat. My face was tightly held with one hand while the other pulled at the band, subtly choking me as my mouth was fucked, matching in glutton savagery with his fellow torturer who was still banging my ass like a mad ape gone crazy.

And so the cycle began.

For several hours the hooded men altered taking turns searing my pussy ass while another intensely fucked my mouth forcing me to swallow down the milky cum from their rigid cocks. It was an unending onslaught as the clanking sounds of the chain and the animalistic grunting sounds of my torturers filled the room mixed with my whimpering sighs as I slurped at whatever cock that was presently jammed down my throat. The banging noise of thick balls slapping relentlessly against my overly stuffed rectum increased the sounds of debauchery filling the room.

Everything surrounding me was becoming a blur. All I could feel were the mammoth girth of the huge cocks filling and stretching my tiny chute and throat as I impaled from both ends. The intense pressure on my inflamed prostate was overwhelmingly scorched as they bloated cocks expanded just before exploding an avalanche of hot searing spunk in the confines of my tiny hole. My throat simultaneously was being coated with the same intense molten lava as they yanked and pulled forcibly on the leash surrounding my neck.

This act of humiliation was only increased by the vicious, nasty names of continuous insults they threw at me. By the disgusting words they used at describing me I knew I was nothing but a piece of meat to them; a whore to be used for their own gluttony. They were merciless as they used their towering brute strength against me.

Their stamina was otherworldly. Each one of my captors seem to possess the collective potency of ten men and they were raging with determination at using all that power at piston-whipping the fucking hell out of me. With my tiny, tied-up frame I was completely defenseless against them, which only seemed to add to their seedy, monstrous adrenaline.

The musky sweat from their heated bodies showered over me as they slapped, spat, and mauled at my abused flesh like caged animals attacking their helpless prey. My heart was racing. My own adrenaline was on a feverish high. Surprising I discovered myself silently begged for them. This sense of abuse had me charged with this unimaginable sense of excitement. The more they continued raping and using me, the more sluttish I became. I had lost count at how many loads of cum they dumped in me by the time they were finally finished. I sighed, whimpering in the fact they had stopped. I needed much more!

Stuffing a huge plug in my spent, cum-filled hole, they released me from the sling, and chained me in a large aluminum tub. They began using me like a toilet as they pissed on my ranked, naked body, flooding my soaked face with their urine. My body stank with cum, pee and foul, oily sweat. My cock rose above the yellowish water. I was ordered to jerk myself off which I did. It was the biggest orgasm I ever had.

They allowed me a chance to rest before telling me I had a choice. I could either leave now - naked - or be tied back up in the sling and gangfucked once again. It really wasn't much of a choice. They knew I was now completely a trained slut desperately needing to be used and abused for their sexual amusement yet again.

I gave them the answer I knew they wanted to hear: 'Please Sirs...I wanta be raped and fucked again!!' I knew I sounded like a shitty slut...and damn if it didn't make me feel good all over inside. In just a few short hours my kidnappers had completely transformed me into a total subordinate, greedy whore. I had lost all will or any form of self-respect. I an object with no thought; a human sex toilet. The more I thought on it, the hotter I got!

They strapped my drenched, raunchy body back on the leather sling. Semen from the last gang assault was still seeping out of my chute mixed with stain of pee and other bodily fluids when the first thick cock was again shoved forcibly back into my willingly spent ass. As the man did so he ripped off his hood, and for the first time, I was able to see who was fucking me.

I stared in disbelief into Dad's sneering face as he began plunging his overly large, thick eleven inches deeper in my ass fucking me at an alarmingly quick and hard pace. The other men removed their hoods, and I looked into the heated and gleeful eyes of my three uncles and my two older brothers.

'That's right boy,' Dad growled at me as he continued banging my ass. 'Like I said, by the time we're finish with ya, you're gonna be the families' well-trained little pussy!'

With startled, half blurry, amazed eyes I roamed them around my uncles and brothers as Dad pounded me fiercely. The realization at knowing I was sexually violated by the male members my own family; that I was whipped, fucked, force to drink their thick semen, used as a human toilet as they covered my body with their reeking urine, sent my adrenaline into major overdrive as I wiggled in the sling, begging and pleading high energy, for all them to fuck me as savagely as they done before, just as one of my uncles stuffed his leaky ten inch cock into my swollen eager mouth.

And for the next several days Dad and his equally aggressive brothers and his other two sons did just that.




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