"How does that feel?"

I could feel a cold, wet towel being placed on my forehead as I began to regain

consciousness. I tried to open my eyes, but a horrific pain exploded in my head. I closed

my eyes, trying to make the pain go away. With eyes closed, I asked, "What happened?"

"You fainted, and when you fell backward, you hit your head on the window sill. I thought

I might need to call 911. You've got a big goose egg on the back of your head."

I began to remember. The voice belonged to a big, black guy. "Who are you? How did you

get in?" As I began to open my eyes to confront the man, the pain returned.

"My name is Trey. Trey Dawson. I've been trying to contact you about Kye Ramos.

Do you feel well enough to talk?"

I was trying to focus my eyes while also trying to ignore the throbbing pain. The man's

face looked kind, so I didn't feel threatened. But he hadn't told me yet how he'd gotten into

my house. My mind wandered a little as I looked at him. It was hard to put coherent thoughts

together right now. His face reminded me of a famous model, Tyson somebody. And his hands

felt good on my body as he stroked my face and arms.

"Yeah, like I'm going to throw you out? Is there any way that you're NOT going to talk to

me? How did you get in, anyway?" I repeated.

Trey looked a little sheepish as he related what had happened. He had arrived earlier in

the morning to talk to me. He saw my car in the driveway, but there was no response to his

knock on the door. He looked through a side window and saw me sitting up on the sofa, and

became worried. He looked for an open window, and found one in the spare bedroom. He crawled

in, and came to the living room to make sure I was okay. Once he was sure I was just sleeping,

he let himself out the back door, leaving it unlocked, and crawled over the backyard fence.

Then he called my phone to wake me. He wanted to give me the chance to answer the phone, and

either talk to him or invite him in. He was the one who knocked on the door. When I wouldn't

talk to him, he let himself back in, and confronted me.

"But I never heard anything. How could you do all that so quietly?"

"When you're trained by the Marines to be quiet, you get to be pretty good at finding your

way around while remaining quiet," Trey revealed.

"You're a Marine?"

"Not active duty, but once a Marine, always a Marine. Hey, we need to get you showered

before we join that party."

"What party?"

"The one we're throwing for Kye."

"Who is we? And why do I want to go to a party for.....for him? He said...." I stopped

mid-sentence, figuring that no one knew what Kye had told me.

"'We' would be Mitch and I. And I know that Kye said he never wanted to see your sorry

ass ever again, but it isn't his choice."

"But how did you know....."

"Mitch will tell you. Don't worry; you'll get the whole story. We just need to get you

showered. You stink. I guess when you hit your head, you lost control of your body functions.

I got your clothes off of you, but we really, really need to get you showered."

For the first time since waking up, I realized I was naked beneath the covers. "You

took....you undressed....."

"Yes, and I really enjoyed unwrapping that package. Probably the best thing that happened

to me today!" He winked.

"But cleaning me up?"

"Since I got out of the Marines, I've tried several jobs but the one I like the most so

far is being an orderly at the hospital, and I've had a lot of practice cleaning up people not

nearly as cute as you. Now let's get you up."

He made it sound like that was the end to our conversation, and all our efforts were now

focused on getting me on my feet. When that wasn't successful, he just scooped me up into his

arms, as if I was a feather, and headed for my shower. The leather he was wearing filled my

nostrils with a heady odor. My head was cradled against his chest, and the mixture of the

smell of sweat and leather was causing a stirring in my crotch. I didn't need THAT right now!

Trey had already placed a kitchen chair in the shower for me to sit on, so he carefully

lowered me onto it, and turned on the water to adjust the temperature. Then he totally

surprised me by beginning to undress himself, vest first. He was turned away from me, but the

sight of his broad, muscular back, holding those huge arms sent a shiver through me. My cock

began to stiffen again. He took off his boots and socks, then his chaps and jeans, and I was

shocked at the massive size of his legs and thighs. All that was left was his jock, straining

to hold onto the two large globes of his ass. That, too, fell to the floor.

Then he turned around, and I was treated to the sight of his huge, thick man meat. It

hung heavy over two large nuts, and must have been almost seven inches soft. The whole package

was held away from his body by a thick, metal cock ring. As my eyes rose over his body,

taking in the eight-pack of abs and two large slabs of pecs, I finally focused back on his

face, which was formed into a sly smile. "You like?" he said, his face breaking into a broad


The last time I had been asked that question, things didn't turn out so good, but today,

I had the feeling that things might be different.

Trey joined me in the shower, and began to soap up my body. He seemed to be having a good

time, but I couldn't imagine why. I'm just an average guy, nothing to look at, really. Maybe

he had an ulterior motive.

He shampooed my hair, which felt so very relaxing, and then moved me off the chair and

turned me around so that he could wash my back and legs while I held onto the chair. After my

legs, he worked up to the mounds of my ass, and I felt my knees go weak. He grabbed me around

my waist to steady me. Then he proceeded to wash my back and I could feel his manhood rubbing

against me, and it was stiffening. When he was done, he turned me back around and sat me back

down, and I was face to face with at least ten inches of throbbing cock.

I knew what was expected. Just like Kye, I was supposed to take it and service it. I

leaned forward, and licked the end of the large, plum-shaped head, tasting the cock honey

hanging there.

Trey moved his hands to my shoulders, and pushed me back. "No, not that. That's not

what this is about. I'm here to give you pleasure."

I shook my head, not believing what I had just heard, and as I sat there, Trey knelt

down in front of me, looked deep into my eyes and slid his open lips all the way down my cock

to the root. My cock is not long, probably only seven inches, but it is thick, yet it had gone

easily all the way into his throat until his nose was buried in my pubic hair. He never broke

eye contact, and proceeded to suction my throbbing cock into his throat repeatedly. He rode up

and down my cock, twirling his tongue around its thickness, and occasionally he'd pull off and

suck both of my nuts into his mouth, bathing them with his spit. Then back on my cock. It

only took a few minutes of ecstasy, and I was groaning as I shot my man cream down his throat.

He swallowed until he had taken it all, then reached up and kissed me gently on the lips. He

helped me out of the shower, and dried me off thoroughly.

He looked at me as though he was hungry and asked, "Do you think you can cum again this


"Normally, no, but I have a feeling that you could bring out the best in me," I said with

a smile.

"Great," he shouted as he leaped for the bed, rolled over onto his back, and adamantly

stated, "Then fuck me!"

"Excuse me?" I stammered.

"Wait a minute. Dom, are you a virgin?" Trey sat up, and reached for my hand. "I'm

sorry. I didn't know. Usually Kye picks on the obvious ones, like the ones he thinks are

cruising him. But you're a virgin, a novice, aren't you?"

I must have turned crimson red, because my face felt hotter than ever before. I couldn't

even answer.

Trey pulled my face close to his, and spoke just above a whisper. "Dom, I want to be your

first. Please fuck me. I'll walk you through it, but I've gotta have you. When I was

undressing you, all I could think of was having that thick cock rammed up my shit chute. I

gotta feel it inside me. Will you do it? Please?

He almost sounded desperate. I couldn't believe he wanted me. My feelings must have

shown across my face. Trey got up off the bed, and pulled me over to the full length mirror

next to my walk-in closet.

"Dom, what do you see?"

Trey towered over me by at least 6 inches, so even though he stood behind and off to my

left side, he was a commanding sight. "I see a gorgeous black man standing next to me. And

he's got a huge, huge cock that's going to poke through my leg," I laughed.

"Seriously, what do you see?" Trey asked again. I was silent. The longer I stood there,

looking at the two of us, the closer I was getting to tears.

"Let me tell you what I see," he started. "I see a beautiful guy who's been beaten up

by the world, and he doesn't think much of himself. But he is beautiful, truly beautiful. I

see beautiful wavy dark hair surrounding a gentle face. I see love written all over that face

for anyone willing to look for it. That same face is crowned with fantastic brown eyes that

show a lot of hurt, but they also find good in almost every person they see."

"I see an unblemished upper body with just enough definition to hint at the power beneath

it. I see arms that are strong enough to hold on, but not strong enough to force anyone to do

anything they don't want to, because you're not that kind of guy. I see strong legs that take

you to the places where people need you, and you've probably helped more people than most of us

ever know in a lifetime. And you're just 37, maybe 38? And that cock? What a strong piece of

manhood. Mighty fine, mighty fine. It has a future of delivering pleasure ahead of it that

you don't even realize. It's perfect. Just long enough, just thick enough, just hard enough.

Perfect. Just perfect."

"Dom, what I see is a perfect human being, with a perfect body, and it's not going to go

unused any longer. That stops right here, right now. You have been denying yourself and

others of a great amount of happiness and pleasure. Now, are you going to fuck me, or am I

going to have to make you rape me?

I raced Trey to the bed. He had thought to bring lube, and he took pleasure in coating my

cock. He was caressing it as he smeared the lube on it, and I thought I was going to cum right

then. He handed me the tube, leaned back hugging his knees to his chest, and broke into the

sexiest smile I'd ever seen. "Cum here, big boy," he purred.

I forgot to lube up his hole, and just nudged the head of my throbbing prick into his

waiting rosebud. I pushed slowly, much too slowly for Trey, and he wrapped his legs around my

back and drew me in, until I hit bottom. He threw his head back and squealed. I thought I had

hurt him until he began to laugh, shouting, "Yes, yes, YES!"

He grunted and groaned with pleasure as he moved his ass up and down, side to side,

stirring his insides with my cock. His chute clamped down on my man tool so that it took great

effort to keep it moving. I reached up to rub both hands across his pecs, causing him to moan

when touched his nips. He reached out and pinched both of mine, causing my body to shiver in

delight. I slapped his ass hard with my left hand, then did the same with my right hand. Trey

squealed with delight. Both of us were moaning and groaning loudly, almost enthusiastically,

and it didn't take long for me to shoot for the second time today, this time for the first time

inside someone who wanted me. Then I realized that Trey was shooting too. Cum pooled all over

his stomach, abs, and pecs. How did he do that without touching himself? Did I do that to him?

And I wondered if any of the neighbors heard. Yes, we were that loud!

I didn't know much of anything about sex before today, but I guess it just cums naturally,

as did I.

.....to be continued....



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