Keeping it  fresh part 3. I am Carson

When my  phone rings, I secretly hope it is a client. I have not had a really good  appointment in a couple of days.  Sure I  get regular calls and stay busy enough, but I am talking about an over the top  session. One where it could easily go all night and we both wake up worn out  exhausted and drained. I have been cramming for midterms and need to release  the pressure from both my big nuts and my brain. The hand full of crisp bills  doesn’t suck either. 

Yes, I am an escort and I love it. I am putting myself through  law school and were else can I make this kind of money working a few hours a  week and get laid at the same time. It pays the bills and I am very good at my  job. I am 25 years old, 6’1” tall, and 150lbs of lean sinewy muscle. Nothing to  really look at, I am very average and I know it, but my claim to fame is  swinging between my legs. Totally soft I hang well over 5 inches with an  equally impressive set of balls that are full and always loaded.  When I am hard I measure a perfect 9 inches  with veins running up the entire shaft to a fat mushroom head free of any  foreskin. My cock is so heavy that instead of pointing up at the regular 45  degree angle my cock sticks straight out with a slight bend downward. 

I normally get two types of men who reply to my ad. My ad is  very simple: “Your fantasy- My  reality ”  posted beside a picture of me standing in nothing but a tiny jock strap that is  straining to hold my huge cock without bursting open. I get the men who have a  fetish for the young twinky boy look, and then I get the power bottoms that  want to test ride my dick. Of course that is over simplifying it, there are all  types that hire me, but I can normally tell as soon as I meet them what the  night is going to hold. 

This call is no different. He sounded older, his southern  accent is sexy and confident. Business traveler. Would like some company,  possibly a massage, easier to start that way to get comfortable with each  other. Staying in a nice hotel in a good part of town. When I quoted the VIP  rate, which includes whatever he likes, he jumped on it. So a middle aged  successful horny traveler – my cock comes to life and stirs in my loose gym  shorts.  

I arrive on time dressed in very casual shorts shirt and  loafers. Even though I sell sex for a living, I am not about to embarrass  either myself or the client parading through a respectable hotel looking like  tramp.  Besides, it is not my choice of  clothes they are hiring me for, they are paying me good money to get my  clothing off and get to the goods inside the shorts.

‘Holy fuck’ I think  to myself eyeing the total muscle daddy that is greeting me at the door  standing there in nothing but a towel. ‘Don’t  let him see you sweat too early on’ trying to keep my composure and wits  about me. This could easily play out in one of two ways, and the way I want it  to happen is with me bending this stud over every piece of furniture in this  room before the evening is over.

“My name is Carson” I extend my hand but my eyes are quickly  exploring every muscle on this mature piece of meat standing in front of me. I  am pretty sure he introduces himself and while I am normally good with names I  did not hear a word he said. We seem to be roughly the same height but that is  where any similarity ends. Where I am as   smooth as silk, naturally hairless – he has a chest full of hair that he  has clipped short revealing every bulging muscle trailing down to a thicker  path disappearing into that lucky white towel wrapped around his waist.  I am lean and thin, he is bulging with  stacked muscles on top of muscles normally reserved for men half his age. My  fairer light colored skin is in total contrast to his darker olive complexion.  No two men on the planet could me more polar opposite and that in itself was a  turn on for me. 

“So big guy”, I lay both hands on his perfectly formed chest  muscles “what did you have in mind for this evening?”  I ask while massaging the firm muscles and  flicking the erect nipples under my thumbs. 

He doesn’t respond with words but his actions tell me  everything I need to know. His eyes partially close and his head rolls back  with a deep moan escaping his lips. I don’t need any further directions. I know  exactly how to handle it from here on out. ‘I  can’t wait to make this gym rat my bitch for a few hours’. God I love my  job. 

“Why don’t you unwrap your present” I tweak his nipples a  little harder with emphasis. 

‘How cute, he is so  lost already he doesn’t understand. Could this guy be any more made to order  for what I need for the evening’ my mind is in overdrive with this big horny jock about to do  anything I ask. 

“My clothes big boy” I point to my feet, “and start with my  shoes”. 

His eyes light up for the first time with a very sexy grin,  “Yes sir” barely audible from his mouth as he kneels down on both knees and  lifts my left loafer off the floor. He slowly slips the size 12 loafer off of  my foot. I would have been satisfied with him removing the shoes and undressing  me, but this guy is obviously into this as much as I am.  He lifts the shoe to his face and inhales a  deep breath totally getting off on the hot smell of leather.  ‘Oh  shit, this guy is good’ I am thinking as I watch the display of service at  my feet, He looks up at me for approval and takes another strong pull inhaling  all the way in one long extended breath. ‘I  would fuck this stud for free. He is that fucking hot.’ 

But no, he is not done yet. He starts licking. More like  devouring my feet. Licking up the bottom then covering my entire foot with his  hot wet tongue and sucking my toes. I have to place my hands on his shoulders  to keep my balance, there is no way I am interrupting what he is doing. When he  starts to suck each toe and then tries to swallow them all, I could have easily  slipped my cock out and started jacking off then and there this was getting  that good. Very few guys are into feet, and mine love the attention.

He gives my right foot the same royal treatment. He treats  each foot as if it is a long lost lover. He tastes rub licks and makes love to  every inch of my feet with as much horny gusto as I have ever had a foot job.  When I lift him up off the floor, his cock is so hard it is throbbing, already  red and leaking a steady stream of precum that trails all the way to the floor  from a standing position. 

I reach into my pocket and hand him a bottle of my favorite  poppers. Without hesitation he inhales as happily as he did with my leather  loafers. Never taking his eyes off of me, he takes another long draw. The  effects are obvious as the strong aroma takes over his senses. His eyes glaze  over, a flush comes over his body. He is ready, and so am I. 

“Turn around” I use his shoulders to spin him half way around  with his back facing me. ‘What a  beautiful man’ I run my hands over his back and shoulders. Feeling the  powerful dense muscles and enjoying the massive stud in front of me. I trace  down the center of his spine and wedge my finger between his round slabs of ass  cheeks.

“What do you want muscle daddy” I whisper into his ear  leaning in closely.

“I want you” he replies as he lays back into my body.

“I am already here.” I inform him. “Now. Tell me what you Need” I emphasis the word need with a  firm slap of his perfect ass. 

“I need you to fuck me” he arches his back gyrating it into  my groin. 

“Good Boy” I slap the other cheek.   Now turn around.

I raise my arms over my head, if he was that great at  removing my shoes he damn sure earned removing the rest of the clothing.   He  slowly lifts the hem of the polo and slides my shirt over my head. His hands  waste no time running strong fingers over my taut muscles. What a trip. Here is  this giant of a man with a body most men would love to have, but his eyes and  hands are making love to my thin body as if I am the muscle god, and he was  hired to worship me. He cups my smaller pecs. Massaging them firmly running a  smooth thumb over my nipples and his eyes are so deep in lust it is thrilling  to be on the receiving end of the attention. His large hands palm my abs tracing  each cut ridge and brick separation as if reading my 6 pack by braille. 

His hands are shaking as he nears the top button of my  shorts. The anticipation is about to drive him up the wall. And to be honest, I  am right there with him.  I nod at his  questioning eyes. Giving my approval.  

He lowers himself to one knee and he slowly un-buttons the  shorts. He takes a deep breath and lovingly slips the zipper down one tooth at a  time until the base of my cock is exposed and my perfectly hairless crotch is  front and center with his eyes. His eyes raise up to me once again. God I love  man who knows his place and respects it. 

Instead of nodding this time with my consent, I wiggle my  slender hips and the shorts fall down my legs and my giant cock springs free  damn near hitting him in the face. 

I have heard every line in the book and seen every look of  surprise on men’s faces when I first reveal my cock, but there is something  special about the look of pure raw lust on this man’s face. Maybe I am just  that horny, or he is just so spot on my type, but our connection is electric  and the energy shooting through the both is us in undeniable. 

“Go ahead boy. It is all yours.”  I can’t wait to see what he does next.  His hands are still on my thighs and his face  is so close to my dick I can feel his breath as he inhales my scent. 

“With pleasure”. He inhales my cock all the way down to the  balls in one gulp. His head is tilting up looking into my eyes and his hands  travel up my torso to my nipples. To say the least I am impressed by his oral  talents, most men cannot take it all the way much less on the first run down  the throat. He leaves his chin pressed against my nuts and starts using his  throat muscles to contract and flex on the head of my cock buried there. 

I am past the point of playing the game now and I need to  fuck this man’s throat badly. I grab onto his massive biceps with both hands  for leverage and start sliding in and out with full strokes. The flared head  barely remains in his lips before I plunge back deep. Like the pro he is, he  opens wide laying the tongue out flat for a ramp to guide my cock deep into his  gullet. My cock is naturally at the perfect angle pointing down so there is no  better way than having a man on his knees to suck me off. And this man is damn  near close to sucking me off within five minutes of the first contact with his  mouth. 

Reacting like any Muscle man should and one that knows how to  use the body he has built, he laces both of his hands behind his head and pops  the guns up to full mass in my grasp while I continue the assault on his  tonsils. If wasn’t already close, him showing off and flexing takes me to the  edge. 

“You want it?” I ask. As I keep the pace revved up to the  max. 

He mumbles his reply around my throbbing cock, and flexes his  guns in my hands even harder. That is all it took.  I can feel the first volley of cum fire out  of the end of my cock. As my load coats his throat his gurgling moans milking  my already sensitive dick intensifying every sensation running down to my heavy  nuts. 

I was so lost in my own orgasm that  at first I did not notice the sounds.  On  the phone, he had asked if I was okay with his lover watching, but once I got a  look at Jax and his incredible body, I had   not paid any attention to see where he was lurking and watching us. But  our performance must have been okay by him too as I could hear his moans as he  shot his load as well. 

It was my turn to let out an audible gasp when I first get a  look at his lover when he steps out of the closet area.   



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