Keeping  it fresh: the hotel hook up

I  had already finished my work out and was hitting a steady 7 mph on the  treadmill to finish off with the cardio.  These smaller business hotels  don't have the best gyms but when you travel a lot you find ways to keep the  muscles as pumped as you can. Improvisation always helps, and this evening was  no exception, I had an incredible pump and full on sweat before I even hit  stride when the door opens and I had to do a double take - at first all I could  see was the bulging muscles straining through a blue string tank top. 

The  tank top was losing this battle. What normally would have been a baggy tank top  on a regular man was bursting at the seams trying to form around the massive  chest and huge shoulders. Road maps of veins were running all the way from his large  hands snaking up the forearms crisscrossing the softball sized biceps in  knotted cords. The fucker was cocky enough to have cut the shirt off revealing  rock hard abs. 

With  a slight nod of his head, he tosses a smile my way with a knowing grin ‘yea  enjoy the show’ sort of leer. Hell yea I thought to myself, once you reach my  age and you are built like either one of us, show off that fucking body, he  deserves to be as cocky as he wants. 

"Two  can play this game’ I think to myself as I lift the soaking wet t-shirt off my  body and toss it to the floor.  My 54 yr. old muscles are rock hard, smooth  and tanned. Beads of sweat are running down my pecs and flicking off my erect  nipples with every step I take. And yes he checks me out, of course he does,  two warriors sizing each other up.

"Fuck  yea", I hear the muscle daddy as his tank flies over his head “it is just  the two of us here".  His right hand runs across his hairy chest,  down the ridges in his abs and comes to rest on the extra-large bulge in his  gym shorts while looking me up and down. "Are you just starting or  finishing up big guy"?

I  don’t reply but my eyes rake over every inch of his body. He enjoys the once  over as much as I visually eat up every muscle on this perfect example of a  muscle man. 

His  grin in as much of a  ‘yea I know’, as it  is ‘let’s get this work out started’ mixed with a little – ‘I will give this  stud something to look at for real’.  He  grabs a pair of 35's and starts to warm up those massive biceps with curls.   Blood courses through his veins and fills up the guns to even larger  proportions. His eyes are focused on each arm and every rep as they peak and  pop into full mass. His body shifts and he is now face to face with me with his  back to the wall of mirrors behind him, he is not even trying to disguise  trying to impress me, and it is working. He has to be at 25-30 reps now and a  fine layer of sweat is forming on his brow. I do not break my pace, but neither  do I take my eyes off of those incredible mounds of muscle he is blasting right  in front of me.

 "Impressive  huh?"  He is speaking as much to himself as he is to me. 

 “Yea.  Work the peaks bud” I turn my machine off and  walk over beside the bicep exhibition going on. I reach a hand out and lay my  finger right on the mounded granite peak. “Hit the contraction at the top and  hold it” I egg him on.

 “FUCK  YEA”!  He growls from deep within his  gut. Now his entire body is as sweaty as mine but the insane pace of his reps  does not slow down. “Grab onto these pythons”.    

 I  step around behind him and reach around him with each hand to grasp the peaked  ceps while he keeps pumping out reps like a mad man possessed by his own  muscles. 

 “Squeeze  them harder” his breath is ragged as he keeps pumping out reps like a mad man  possessed by his own muscles. 

 I  wrap each hand around his guns and dig in with every ounce of strength I have,  I know what he is talking about, and I love the same thing when a man is  feeling my muscles, finger grip strength trying to dent the rock hard ceps. The  fingers never win this battle.  

 The  sound of metal clanging to the floor rattles through the small gym as he tosses  the dumbbells to the side.  He raises  both guns up into full contraction hitting a double biceps pose. The exertion  from pumping them up and now flexing has every muscle in his arms firing on all  cylinders and sweat is pouring off his body.   

 My  hands remain in full contact when he hits the pose rubbing massaging digging in  and enjoying the 18” rock hard sweaty ceps in my grasp. And I step up close  behind him so my body is pressed against his sweaty back rubbing up against  each other.  

 “Yea  Buddy” he talks and flexes like a man possessed. “Get on these big muscles”

 “I  know what I would like to ‘get’ ” as I step in close and hump my crotch into  his spandex covered ass.  My hands snake  around to his front and cup each pec while I draw him in tight.  

 With speed and agility one does not normally find on men his size and bulk, he has  one of my wrists locked up behind my back, has spun me around and his large  left bicep wrapped around my neck bending my torso back in one hell of a arm  lock / standing head lock. 

 “I  don’t think so big guy” he is talking right into my ear with hot humid breath,  “the only way you will ever get near my rock hard glutes is if you kick my ass  and that is not about to happen” and cranks the head lock and the arm lock at  the same time for added emphasis. 

 As  surprised as I was, my instinct and years of mat work kick in I land a solid  elbow deep into the side of his abs as hard as all 235 lbs. of muscle in me  could muster.  Stunned and surprised that  I reacted as fast as he did, I have him flat on his back with one leg pinned  over his shoulder and the other leg underneath me as I lay across his torso  pinning him flat and spreading his legs in a painful splits. 

 “You  want to test that theory out back in my room”?    I swat his ass with my left hand and the echo of my palm meeting his  muscles is the only sound besides our heavy breathing. 

 “What  are we waiting on”?  He asks with  breathless words from the painful hold. 

 We  headed straight to my room. Walking down the hall we were eye to eye. Both of  us about 6.3” I knew I weighed a solid 235, him maybe a little more, but where  I am more lean and defined his bulk is massive rounder fuller and heavy.  I am 54 and I guess he is close, maybe a few  years older. And for me, that is the hottest part. Two muscle daddy bulls, none  of this young gym stuff with new bodies. We both have mature bodies with years  of experience and we are about to line it up chest to chest nut to nut for best  man takes it all.  

 We  get all the furniture piled up in one corner, and the king sized mattress laid  on the floor in the center of the room. I kick my shoes off and step out of my  shorts, I am buck naked with rock hard cock pointing right at him. 

 “I  am game for whatever stakes or rules you are”   I walk over in his direction as he follows suit and strips bare ass  barefoot and as stunning as ever with his rock hard cock now rubbing the head  of mine tip to tip.  

 “Judging  from that low blow in the gym I figured you for a no holds barred kind of guy”  both of his hands reach out for my pecs and latch on with a light claw while we  square off.  His hands feel awesome on my  solid meaty pecs. I can tell they are strong, he is massaging firmly feeling  the weight and size of the slabs of meat. 

 “Name  your stakes big guy” I return the favor adding a little more pressure to my  claw into his massive hairy pec muscles. 

 “Let’s  call it winner takes all” he cranks his grip up to match mine. “A real muscle  daddy no holds barred sex fight” With added emphasis to his last words his  strong hands clamp into my pecs with full force. I can see his forearms  explode.  My knees buckle from the sudden  pain shooting through my chest I land with one knee on the floor trying to pry  his vise like hands from my muscles. “That is, IF you are man enough”.  With one more crank and a twisting motion before  he lets the hold go. 

 My  hands instantly cover my chest massaging the pain away while I get back to my  feet and glare deep into his steel grey eyes, “You are going down fucker”.   

 As  we square off I grab for his left shoulder and right arm, his moves match mine  and we test each other’s weight, strength stability as we circle and get the  feel for our space and mattress on the floor.   He makes the first move - a fake lunge at my mid-section, I dodge the  fake but use his momentum to bend him over face first into the mat and land on  his back.  

 With  my 235 lbs. landing hard on his already dense muscle a loud ummmmphh   escapes his lungs before jerking and bucking  trying to toss me off of his body. I lock down around his neck with both arms  and use my legs to spread his feet out wide forgoing any attempt to leverage  up.  The fucker is so strong he uses his  free hands and presses up both up off the mats with me riding his back like a  plank as he is in the push up position. From here he only has to roll over and  I land on my back with him on top of me. I lose my neck lock and he grabs both  of my legs under the knees and rolls back on top of my torso. 

 Once  he has my legs locked up he spreads them out wide forcing my groin to scream as  he tests the limits of my flexibility. My hands go straight for his pits, I  lock the thumb on his pec and dig the four fingers deep into his sweaty arm pit  and claw with every ounce of strength I have with both hands. This nerve grip  does not faze his dense muscle one bit, he literally laughs and lays back  harder onto my torso and keeps my legs spread as wide as before. 

 I  have no choice with the amount of pain he is inflicting so early on in our  match, I move my hands up to both sides of his neck and lay into a choke hold.  He drops the leg spread as both hands grasp as  his neck. I use this split second to wrap one leg around his head, locking the  ankle behind my other knee and twist over landing him face first in a fig four  head scissor. 

 My  one free hand snakes between his legs and cups a handful of his big nuts and  give them a tug. I hear sounds, not words coming from his core and with each  flex of my legs around his head my hands latch onto his balls and squeeze just  as hard. Every muscle in his body is tensed and reacting to the pain. I can  hear his fists pounding on the mattress and his legs are kicking like a mule. 

 “This  is fun” I torment him with a flex of a thickly muscled calve around his face  mashed into the mat. “I figured you for more a fighter than a muscle boi  jobber”. I yanked his balls to the ends of their cords along with the verbal  insults. 

 As  fun as it is to toy with him, with me lying beside his torso and only one free  hand there is not much else I can do to make him suffer, and we both know this  is not the submission pin to take him down, but merely a hold along the way. I  need to shift over and straddle his back to apply a camel if I can keep him  down long enough while I release his head from my legs and get on top before he  can make a move. 

 To  get the leverage and time I need I land one solid fist into his big bag of nuts  and make my move. I release my legs from his head and make my way to straddle  his back. I got loose from his upper torso and before I could get half way  mounted, he has flipped on his side thrown one leg over my upper body and using  the power of those massive tree trunks has me pinned flat on my back and he is  straddling my abs with both of his hands spreading my arms and pinned flat in  the classic school boy pin. 

 Aside  from the agility and speed I was equally surprised by the sadistic grin on his  face and not one bit of reaction to the nut shot I had landed on him. 

 “Classic  rookie mistake big guy” he sneers down at me. “You aint man enough to rack my  nuts”.   He slams his torso into my core  and slams me flat onto the mats. He gets back up to sitting position and scoots  forward, “but you can lick em” and places his big dick on my face and his nuts  laying on my closed mouth. I turn my head to the side with my mouth clamped closed.  

 “Aw.  Open up big guy”.  He mashes the shaved  smooth bag of nuts against my closed lips.

 “You  afraid you might like sucking on a real man’s balls” his rock hard dick is  smearing precum all over my face and forehead as he grinds his package in my  face.

 “FUCK  YOU” I spit out between closed teeth. “I am not gay” I hiss. “And I damn sure  don’t suck cock!” 

 His  laugh was as maniacal and eerie as the look of the steel grey eyes boring into me  like daggers. 

 “Poor  baby is not gay huh?”  He shakes his head  and leans down closer to my face. 

 “Then  why in the hell is your cock so fucking hard and poking me if you are not a  fag”?  He licks my lips then my face and then  over to my ear leaning in closer 

 “Don’t  worry I won’t tell anyone what a horny little cock sucker you are. Now open up  and suck my nuts before I hurt you boi”.

 I  start bucking and thrashing my lower body underneath him trying every move that  I could make up to toss this beast off on my chest. On one of the bucks upward  I feel his body lean back closer towards my legs and I fling on leg up and get  it locked around his torso. Huge mistake, I found out too late, he grabs my  kicking leg and uses his sheer strength and bends in back toward my chest and  is now pinning me down folded in half using my own body to lock me up and his  added weight to seal the hold. With my body folded in half like a taco he spins  around and sits on my face wedging my nose deep into his sweaty ass crack resting  his oversized nuts on my mouth. 

 With  my legs tossed over my shoulders, his muscled ass firmly planted on my face,  his strong arms are locked behind my knees and his legs are pinning my biceps  down over my head. I am 100% immobilized by this brute.

 “You  give”?  He asks. 

 “Fuck  off” I mumble in his ass crack. Of course the words are muffled by the smooth  rock hard muscle clamping down on my mouth and face. 

 “I  can’t hear you” He spreads my legs wider once again testing my flexibility and  my groin muscles are on fire.

 I  am having a hard time breathing. His ass has totally blocked my nasal passages  from any air, and when I open my mouth his huge balls fill my mouth.  I am feeling light headed and with no escape  I tap the mattress. 

 “Let  me up” I try speaking again into his sweaty ass. 

 “Mmmm,  that feels hot.” he moans out loud. “I can’t hear what you are saying but when  you talk that sure feels good on my hole.” 

 “I  give.” I am getting panicky. “Let me up” frantically trying to get his  attention tapping the mattress, his legs and his feet whatever my hands can  reach. I am seriously running out of air and about to pass out.

 He  raises up just enough off of my face for me to gasp for air and fill my lungs. 

 “Who  is the ‘boss”? He taunts while I breathe in deep and heavy.

 “You  going to lick my balls now?” he dangles them over my mouth. 

 “Who  the hell do you think you are?”  I am  beet red still gasping for air.

 “I  am the Muscle Daddy that just kicked your ass.” he flexes in victory. “And if  you don’t open that pretty mouth of yours and lick these balls I am going to  kick your ass again”.

 “Is  that right?” I ask with a smirk. If this guy only knew how badly I wanted to  lick his big nuts we could have saved all this struggle, but I am too damn  proud and stubborn to admit it to a total stranger. 

 “Come  on pretty boi, open wide and get this over with”. He is kneeling beside my head  on both knees stroking a very impressive cock looking down on me laid out flat  looking up at one hell of a body.  He  lifts the back of my head with his strong hand and brings my face up to the bag  of lemon sized balls dangling mere centimeters from my mouth. “That is it. I  won’t tell a soul. I promise.” He swings them closer and closer. “Besides I won  fair and square and the winner calls the shots. Your rules remember”. 

 I  open my mouth and lay my tongue out flat. The weight of his nuts on my wet  tongue is impressive. So smooth and heavy I lick them from the bottom of the  round bag up to the cock. 

 “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!” his head rolls back and his hand starts stroking his  cock.  “Your mouth is damn near as hot as  your body.” He is loving my wet hot tongue.   “Keep licking, I am already so close muscle boi”.  

 By  this time I am way past horny myself. I lock both hands around his massive  thighs and bring my mouth up to swallow both balls at one time and start to  roll them around in my mouth. I can feel them tumble and roll inside my mouth  and I can tell by the way they are trying to tug up that he must be close to  shooting.

 “Holy  shit” he exclaims.

 I  take pride in my work so I really give his nuts extra attention.  I suck harder and rumble my throat, tug them  to the end of their scrotum and suction extra hard. My fat tongue bounces them  up and down in my mouth and runs all over them in circles.

 Jacking  off with his right hand, I can see he raises his left arm up and flexes his  bicep to a massive peak at the same time I feel his nuts fight my mouth and  tighten up. 

 I  don’t even feel the first shot land. I can hear his fist slapping his cock with  a rapid fury, and his vocal grunts from deep within his gut is a loud rumble.  His nuts are trying to draw up tight, but my mouth keeps them firmly planted  and his cock keeps erupting precious load after load of cum.  I can feel it spraying on my face and I can  see it flying way past my head. He must have needed to nut badly, the volume of  his nut is very impressive and seems to last 10 or 12 large ejections.  

 The  heavy load starts to dribble out the tip of his cock and run down the shaft. I  can taste the hot cum as it puddles around my lips and seeps in coating the  inside of my mouth along with his balls.    He tastes so fucking good, I pop his nuts out of my mouth and start  licking all of the cum off of the shaft that I can reach. I lick up to the tip  and suck out every remaining drop from his sensitive cock. His body jerks and  trembles while I dig in for every drop until he is so sensitive he pushes me  off and collapses beside me on the mattress.    What an incredible sight he is.   Every muscle still pumped up from the gym and wrestling. His entire body  covered in a thick layer of sweat and his big cock still jerking and dribbling  from the explosive orgasm. 

 “Don’t  tell me you are worn out Muscle Daddy” I get to my knees beside him. The view  of his body is enough to trip my nut and I start jacking my dick.

 “I  am just getting started” I stroke my big dick, and rub my left hand up over his  massive biceps.   Being the total gym rat  he is, he instinctively flexes it for me and that is all it takes. Once I feel  the sheer size and density of his flexed gun my cock erupts like a volcano. 

 “Shoot  it boi.” the stud comes back to life egging me on. “Oh yea look at these  fucking pythons.”   He flexes and pops  his biceps for me to enjoy.  “These big  guns are so hot they made you cum didn’t they?”   He is really getting into showing off. 

 When  we both finally come down from the erotic high of ejaculating, he wraps me in  his big strong arms and pulls me close into his body.  Our kiss is as passionate as any I have ever  shared with another man. For such a big strong brute his kiss is tender deep  and passionate. This man is making my toes curl.

 “That  was fucking hot babe” he tells me between kisses.

 “I  know. When you came into gym with that cut up tank top I damn near lost it then  and there.”  I kiss him back.  

 “I  was hoping you would like that twist.” He smiles so proud of himself. “I was so  horny walking down to the gym in that tank” he chuckle. “You realize we both got  so much into the role play that we ran out of there and forgot our shirts.” He  laughs.  

 I  sit up and grab my shorts.

 “Hey  where are you going?” he asks puzzled.

 “I  don’t care about my t-shirt.”  I look  over my shoulder as I walk out the door. “But that blue tank top is going home  with us for a souvenir.”

Being  married for 18 yrs. now, our buddies always ask how we do it. The answer is  simple. Keep the sex hot and the bodies tuned up and ready for anything.  

Walking  down to retrieve Tyler’s tank top, my mind is already planning our next weekend  getaway.  I think I may just have to  order in an escort. And I know just the stud to call.



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