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Chapter Two

Trent knocked on the door in the morning to let Michael know he was coming in. He walked in and Michael was still passed out cold sleeping soundly. Trent sat down on the side of the bed and gently shook Michael by the shoulder.

"Come on sleepy, it's time for us to get up and get ready for school." Trent bent over and kissed Michael on the forehead a few times still gently shaking him by the shoulder.

"Go away and come back when someone is here." Michael barely got his sentence out before he felt Trent's hand under the blanket, gently poking at his sides. Michael squirmed as Trent continued to gently poke. His squirming became a little wilder as Trent poked a little harder and quicker. He couldn't help but begin to giggle, the giggles turned to laughter. Exasperated Michael sat upright in the bed giving Trent an evil eye at least it was his attempt at an evil eye. From the way he slept his hair was in twenty directions and half his face had imprints of folded sheets across it. Trent thought he looked really cute this way. He poked at him again because Michael laid back down. The giggling returned.

"Okay, okay stop, or I'm going to piss in the bed Trent, now stop. All Right! I'm awake. By this time Michael was sitting back up again and looking at Trent who was only in his underwear.

"If your mother catches you like that she'll have your head, and probably mine to for not kicking you out." Michael's eyes opened wide thinking of how he would feel if Sarah caught the two of them like this. Exactly how that was he wasn't sure they weren't doing anything wrong, Trent was just waking him up after all.

"She's already downstairs having coffee and making sure all of us get out the door for school. I suggest you get a shower and I'll meet you down stairs. Bet I'll be down there before you."

"You're on smart ass, and no skipping your shower." Michael jumped from his bed and bolted for the bathroom to start the water and get ahead of Trent. Trent yelled no at him as he ran from Mikey's room making a dash for his bathroom. Trent couldn't help but be happy that Michael was going to be living in the same house with him. He was on top of the world as he stepped into the shower and began to wash his hair. Michael was rushing through his shower wondering what had transpired last night at his house between his parents. He was hoping to find something out from Mandy at lunch. He was going to call her on the way to school. See what he could find out before lunch. All the while he was thinking he was rushing to get ready and get downstairs. There was no way he was going to let Trent win this race. Trent was in the shower and thinking he needed to slow down he wanted to make sure that Michael had time to win.

Michael was out of the shower and drying off, and finishing at the sink brushing his teeth and brushing out his hair. He dashed to get his clothes on, in about two minutes Michael was dressed he looked at the bed and felt he should make it just like he did everyday but this was one day he would take advantage of his new home and let the staff do it, he had never had that pleasure. Quietly he opened his door and listened for Trent he could hear him still getting ready. He closed his door as quietly as he had opened it and took off down the hall to the steps to head for the kitchen. He ran down the stairs through the living room and jogged into the kitchen. Sarah, Danny, Randy and Yvonne were sitting at the table. All three of the kids looked at Michael first and then Sarah. Sarah didn't like the kids running in the house she was always afraid that somehow they would get hurt.

"Good morning Michael I'm glad to see you running this morning, but there will be none of that in the house, if you break a leg running, I'll have to break the other. Then there would be issues of having to take care of you with a nurse and doctors. Michael stood stone still for a few seconds and could see the twinkle and gleam in her eyes. He had been had.

"Yes mam it won't happen again, Trent bet me he'd be down here first. I couldn't let him win." Randy, Danny and Yvonne all laughed knowing their brother hated losing at little games like this. All three decided at that point that Michael would fit in just fine.

"Come on Michael sit down with us, do want coffee or want do you like?" Before Michael could answer Sarah, Andy came from the kitchen with a hot pot of coffee offering some to Michael as he sat down, Michael nodded his consent and Andy poured his coffee.

"Is there something I could make you Michael, I know you haven't had time to sit with Josh or I but once we know what you like more for breakfast we will be more prepared, but never mind that, just tell me what you want and I'll make it for you. You can have eggs, pancakes, French toast. I can have any of those ready in a few minutes, so don't worry about how long things take, most of it is already prepared just in case someone wants something different." Michael felt awkward having so many choices it was over whelming almost. He understood instantly what Trent meant about the privileges of wealth and what it means.

"He'll have French toast I know it's his favorite." It was Trent. "But he won't tell you that. So I'm saying it for him Andy. And for the first week here I'll bet it's what he'll have every morning." Michael made a mental note not to have French toast tomorrow.

"A little slow this morning Trent?" Randy and Danny asked simultaneously. Trent looked immediately at Michael.

"What bragging just because you beat me down here this morning? Bet you didn't make your bed this morning...." Trent looked devilishly at Michael, knowing he didn't have to make his bed he certainly didn't make his. Now Michael was feeling guilty and unsure of himself and what Trent had said earlier about not making the bed and the staff would do it. Sarah could see the conflict going on in Michael and seeing the look on her son's face she put two and two together quickly.

"That reminds me Trent, did you get yours made this morning. You must have forgotten to make it yesterday to." Trent became a stone statue knowing his mother was going to successfully pull the rug out from under his little joke.

"Um... No Mom I didn't, I..."

"Well there Michael, you still win the race you two were having this morning." She smiled at Michael and he knew exactly at what had just taken place and he punched Trent squarely on the shoulder. Trent winced as Michael pulled back like he was going to hit him again. Randy and Yvonne yelled in unison.

"Do it again, hit him again Michael!"

"I should, shouldn't I? Michael looked at Trent and then glanced at Randy and Yvonne tried to decide. Trent broke the silence.

"I'm sorry Mikey you win I give up. I promise not to do that again. Between the four of you I'm afraid I'll get killed if I don't give up now." Trent pulled Michael over and kissed him knowing that his bashfulness would get him flustered and not know what to do. It worked. Michael got flustered and wasn't sure what to do so he sat down and Andy came in behind them bringing their breakfast to the boys and refilled their coffee cups.

"The four of you should get moving or you'll be late for school. Am I taking you three to school or are you taking the bus today?" Sarah was now playing the matriarch role with the five of them. Randy and Yvonne both requested a ride to school and she knew that Trent would take his truck and Michael with him. Danny flip-flopped like the wind so it was down to his decision so she would know what to do.

She loved taking her children to school but she was looking forward to the day when the last three had their own cars and could drive themselves. Bringing up nine children was taking its toll, add the others like Michael that added a joyful stress for Sarah and Clay but the fact remained that some days she did tire from it. Randy and Yvonne got up and were getting their things together and Sarah got up to take them. Michael pulled Randy towards him and whispered something in his ear and Randy nodded his head and walked away.

"Come on Yvonne, we'll meet you in the car Mom, Michael has something to say to you." And the three teenagers walked outside. Danny had decided to take up the ride with the rest of them. Sarah turned towards Michael and he got up from the table and approached her.

"I just want to say thank you for everything and the way I have been treated here. Last night was the first time in my life that when I woke up it was with no fear and it was a welcome change and all because of what you and Clay have done for me, it truly was wonderful to wake up that way." Michael leaned forward and kissed Sarah on the cheek.

"You're more than welcome Michael and if you need someone to talk to who's older let's say. I'll be more than willing to listen and try to help without telling you what to do unless that's what you ask of me." It was her turn to lean forward and kiss Michael on the cheek. She turned and told the two of them to keep moving that the clock was ticking for them to.

"Come on Little Buddy, we got to get moving. Call your sister and see about getting your books or whatever you need."

"Yeah I will, listen I'll go out and be in the truck because I'm ready to go, it will give me a few minutes to talk to Mandy."

"Okay I'll be there in a few minutes, here take my keys and start the truck." Trent gave Michael his keys and went towards the upstairs to get his books for school. Michael turned the other way and went outside to Trent's truck, got in and got it started. He pulled out his cell phone and hit the speed dial for Mandy's cell.

"Morning Mikey, did you sleep good last night?"

"Yes I did Mandy, for the first time in I can't remember how long. How are things on the war front? I should ask first if you could talk first?"

"Yes I'm in my car. By the way I have your books I knew you left them."

"Thanks for that, I'll meet you in front of the school Trent and I are leaving here in a few minutes I'm in his truck now."

"How did Trent's parents take the news? How long are they going to let you stay?

"Well let's just say that Trent didn't tell me everything when we first met. But he comes from a very wealthy family. I had breakfast made by one of their two chefs this morning!" Michael was like a little kid telling his sister this piece of information.

"WHAT? Are you pulling my leg Michael Wayne?"

"Oh no, there are fourteen bedrooms in the house and nine bathrooms. The living room is thirty-five feet by fifty-feet sis, the house is huge, and they even have an indoor swimming pool. A stable with about twenty or so horses wait until you see this place Mandy. Trent never told me his parents have money. But never mind that what's up with Mom and Dad what are they saying?"

"I'm not sure at this point, they still aren't talking in front of me about this or anything for that matter. So I think it's because Mom is so mad at Father that they just aren't talking about anything just to make it simpler."

"You're probably right Mandy, well I have a place to stay, all the way through college if I want to stay local and go to school somewhere nearby but without a car I don't know what I would do. Unless Trent and I go to the same school but I'm not sure if Trent wants to go to college, unless something happens to change his mind."

"Well at least we can keep talking and I'll keep you updated as to what's going on between Mom and Dad. I'm glad you have a place that's safe to stay Michael, I won't have to worry, I still can't believe his parents have that much money he seemed so average and not snobby at all."

"I know Mandy, I was shocked when we pulled into the driveway and I saw the house. Well Trent is coming so we'll be leaving in about two minutes so you'll have to wait, if we get to late just leave my bag in the office and I'll pick it up there." Trent got into the truck and pulled out from the driveway and just began heading towards the school as Michael continued his conversation with his sister. He slid his hand over to Michael's leg and rested his hand there.

"Mikey, I'm just going to leave your bag at the front office this morning, I told my friend Jackie that I would meet her this morning. So I'll still meet you for lunch okay?"

"Sounds good Mandy, talk to you at lunch. I'll have Trent with me."

"That's okay, he's more than welcome you know that. I'm glad you two are okay."

"Me to Mandy and we'll see you then."

"Bye Mikey, love you, and just remember that no matter what happens with Mom and Dad."

"I know you do, I never doubted that with you. Bye Sis" Mandy hung up her phone and Michael put his away at the same time. He just looked at the window. Trent didn't say anything at first giving Michael some time to think about what ever he was thinking. They drove almost all the way to school before Michael said anything.

"I'm sorry Trent, I was just thinking. Mandy told me that my parents aren't really saying anything in front of her, actually she said they aren't talking at all, my mother is totally pissed at my father. But I still don't know where she stands with me being gay. I don't want to call her until I know how she feels Trent."

"I can understand that Michael and I don't blame you just keep remembering I'm standing beside you what ever you decide to do or not do, okay?"

"Yes I know you will." Michael picked up Trent's hand and kissed it.

"Mikey, I think we need to talk to Coach today."

"About what?" Michael's stomach began to feel like it was in a knot and wondered why Trent wanted to talk to the Coach.

"Why Trent, about what?"

"I think we need to tell him about us Michael and then he'll understand what happened the other day between us." The first thing Michael thought about was that Trent still had detention to serve. And now that they were back together if they told the Coach the truth Trent just might get out it. He wasn't sure whether to be furious with him or just agree with him and help him get out of detention since Michael had no punishment. But this would mean that the Coach will definitely know that they are gay and that they are boyfriends, he wasn't sure he was ready to face that yet.

"Do we have to Trent, what if he's not gay like you think? I mean what if you're mistaken in what you thought you saw?"

"Michael I know he kissed the man I didn't just make it up, I know what I saw." Michael was still unsure of what to do.

"Can we wait until right before we go to gym and I'll let you know then if we should tell him? I know you shouldn't be in detention for what happened I'm just hesitant to actually tell some one like the Coach. I don't mind when we meet your friends that you want to tell because they are our age, not teachers who may or may not agree with our situation. If it's really what you want to do I'm just not so sure like you."

"Mikey, if you're not ready to tell Coach this morning you just say...Trent I'm not ready and we won't tell him. End of conversation it's that simple. I love you Mikey but I will not force you ever to tell some one that you're my boyfriend or that you're gay. I would never do that to you. And if some one asked me I'd tell them I don't know they would have to ask you and then as soon as I could I would tell you that some one had asked me that question and who it was." They pulled into the parking lot and saw only a few other people coming in.

"I think we might be late Trent, we better run to make class. Just go to class, I have to stop at the office and get my books and backpack, Mandy left them there for me and I'll see you in class." Trent was a little ahead of Michael he turned and began running backwards.

"Okay boss, I'm going to take off. I love you see you in class."

"Love you to, get moving." Trent waved and turned forward and began running full throttle. Michael thought Trent moved gracefully when he ran. He wished he looked that good when he ran that fast, if he did he might actually try out for track if he did. Michael walked into the office and got his bag and decided to get a late slip because he knew he wouldn't make it in time and then he'd just have to come back and get one and then anyone else who was late would be there. He knew he'd just save time in the long run. The first two periods were up before he realized it and each minute that passed made him feel sicker and sicker, he didn't want to disappoint Trent, he knew that Trent was probably right about Coach. He got a gut feeling about the Coach even before Trent had said anything about what had seen. The two walked from second period towards the gym.

"Have you decided what you want to do? And please I do not want to pressure you into saying something you don't want to. I don't want that to, I want you to be comfortable as I am with this, if you aren't I won't." Trent looked at Michael and just winked at him and smiled. Knowing that Trent was trying to reassure him that it would all be okay if they told the Coach.

"Okay Trent, let class get started and once it does we'll talk to him. I won't be able to hold your hand for support since we'll be in class. Just stay close as you can, I swear to god I feel like I'm going to pass out." Trent looked at Michael and Michael smiled at Trent and tried to send him a signal that it was okay. They changed into their gym uniform and headed for the outdoors they both knew that being outdoors would be ending soon the New England weather was already getting cold in the morning and at the moment they were lucky enough to be having an Indian summer. Gym class began and Trent and Michael both walked towards Coach.

The Coach watched the two approached and he could tell in Michael's walk that something was up with the two of them. Michael was almost dragging himself and yet he was firm and Trent was confident and strong he began to think that he was going to find out what caused their fight the other day.

"Coach, the other day when Michael yelled at me, it was my fault I did make him mad." Trent's confidence was faltering some, now that he was actually telling the Coach, he thought it was going to be easier than this. But the more he talked to the Coach the more he slowed down. "Anyway I said something to him in regards to a.... well I'm not exactly sure how to put this. But I...." Michael reached over and stopped him from talking he stepped forward out from behind Trent.

"What Trent is trying to say Coach is that Trent and I were having a fight over an event that happened the day before between the two of us. After it happened he ran out the door and I thought he had just used me for something. I learned later that wasn't true. And I have forgiven him for what I thought had happened. Trent and I are a couple there's no other way to say it. We're gay. I hope that you won't hate us or tell anyone about us but Trent wanted you to know the truth about what happened. Since then he's proven to me how much he does care for me. My father threw me out of the house and Trent and his parents have taken me in so that I'm not living in the street. We just wanted you to know so that you understood what happened and why. I guess why I'm saying all this is so that Trent doesn't have to keep going to detention for something that was really my fault. I did it in anger and I regret that now. I'm the one that should have gotten the detention." Michael stood a little closer to Trent and reached out his hand. Trent hesitated for a moment but he put his hand in Michaels and stepped right up next to him. The Coach just looked at the both of them for a moment and then told them to sit down if they wanted to hold hands so the rest of the guys didn't see them doing it. The two sat.

"First I want to tell you that I knew how much courage that took for you to say. And as your Coach I'm honored that you chose me to tell. As you two have trusted me I will extend the same courage and tell you that I thought you two were a couple the other day and the only reason I came to that conclusion was because I have a partner who has been with me for almost twenty five years now and I will trust your silence just as you have trusted mine about you two." The boys just looked at each other and smiled.

"I have to be honest Coach when we came into class it was me that wanted to tell you. Michael told me he thought he was going to pass out before we got to you. And he's the one that ended up telling you the whole story because I couldn't find the words when I thought I could."

"In all my years with deciding whether to tell some people or not tell them I have never found it easier or harder. Every time it's the same sickening feeling trying to figure out if you can trust some one or not and because of the subject, you just aren't sure. I hate to tell the both of you that every time you want to tell some one, especially someone's opinion you care about it's the same struggle. Perhaps as times goes by it will become a non issue. At least nowadays more people are accepting it and each year the kids get younger and younger who stand up and say hey I'm gay and it's okay. When I was your age, it was the last thing in the world that you wanted anyone to know. As far as your detention is concerned Trent I will make sure that it is taken off your record completely. If they say anything in the office I will tell them that someone had lied to me and when I find out who originally lied I will deal with it then."

"Thank you Coach from the bottom of my heart I appreciate your understanding and your shared confidence in us, we will not disappoint you in any way."

"I know that Trent or I would not have told you what I did, nor would I have let you out of detention."

"These are the keys to my office. You two have about twenty-five minutes before gym ends. You may use my personal shower to clean yourselves today, but only this one time. I know how hard it is to find time to be alone at your age. I suggest you two move quickly and quietly. I expect to find you in the changing room, cleaned, changed and ready for your next class when I walk into the changing room. Starting now." The two turned and walked quickly to their lockers and got their belongs and entered the coaches office and locked the door. Michael walked in front of Trent to the shower and turned it on to get the water hot. He turned away from the shower and began removing his uniform Trent was removing his sneakers and had already removed his top. Within minutes both boys were naked and standing in the Coaches shower.

Trent got the soap and began to wash Michael starting with his back from his neck down to the top of his ass; he slowly began washing his left arm starting at the neck and down to the end of his fingers. He moved to the other side and repeated the process on his right arm. Moving in front of Michael he had enough lather on his hands to begin under his chin and work his way right down to his genitals, he worked Michael's cock and washed his balls at the same time. Michael had taken the soap and worked his way behind Trent and began the same process that Trent had done from his neck to his ass, each arm just as Trent had done and then from under his chin down to his dick and then fondling his balls with the heavy lather in his hands. Michael gave Trent the soap and turned to face the wall putting his hands on the wall and spreading his legs apart. As if crucified to the wall, Michael stood there quietly waiting for his lover to take his body and use it for his pleasure.

"Take me Trent quickly and roughly, take me and shove your cock into my ass. I want you to show me that you are my master in life. I am yours to use. Do not waste time, we don't have a lot, fuck me until I cum."

"Before I do this Little Buddy, I need you to kiss me for a minute then I will take you as you wish and I will not be gentle as you have asked. If at any time I do hurt you, all you have to do is say stop Trent. And I will, but without those two words, I won't. Now kiss me." Michael turned and moved to Trent and began kissing him using his soap lathered hands to rub Trent's ass and finger him at the same time, roughly just as he wanted Trent to do to him. Trent moaned with pleasure as he stuck his tongue into Michael's mouth and Michael whimpered as he felt Trent fingering him at the same time.

Trent stopped and spun Michael around and pushed him to the wall placing his hands on the wall where he wanted them. He held his hips and used his leg to force Michael to spread his legs further apart.

"I love you Michael, now you are my bitch." And Trent removed his thumb from Michaels' ass and replaced his cock gently at his entrance. Trent shoved his entire cock into Michaels' asshole almost lifting him off the ground when he shoved it into him. He held Michael by his wrists and began pounding him as hard as he could. Never had he imagined that he could do this to Michael but it was what he wanted and he didn't want to disappoint Michael at all. He was proud of his lover, he was the one that was weak and couldn't tell the Coach. It was Michael who stood proudly and told the Coach that he loved Trent. He wanted Michael to have what he wanted now for his bravery and fearlessness in telling the Coach. His love turned him on even more, pounding Michael harder with each thrust of his cock, and Michael kept asking for more, telling Trent that he was being so good, his master was wonderful, he would do anything for his master and Trent fucked him harder, slamming his smaller body into the wall. The hot water was cascading down right in between them. Trent began kissing Michael's neck and telling Michael that he loved him over and over. Trent could feel his balls beginning to tighten.

"I want you to cum for me bitch?" Michael whimpered and nodded his consent. Trent pulled him away from the wall and reached around and grabbed Michael's dick in his hand and began to pump his dick as he continued slamming into his hole. Michael leaned forward holding the wall for support and began to whimper and moan louder. Trent barked his command for Michael to cum and he wanted him to cum now. Michael moaned and begged Trent for him to tell him again to cum. Trent fucked Michael for all he was worth and he could feel the hot cum leaving his balls and beginning to come up through his cock and he screamed at Michael to fucking cum. Michael's cum splashed the wall as Trent unloaded and emptied his balls into Michaels ass. He felt the heat of Michaels cum as he continued to pump his cock and slowly he began to slow down both jacking off Michael and pumping his hole. Michael and Trent both dropped their heads and stood beneath the running water. Trent gently kissed Michael on the back of his neck.

"I love you Michael and I'm proud of you for standing up today when I let you down and I couldn't do it. I love you more than I thought Michael Evans. I will stay with you where ever you go, as long as I make you happy and you will have me."

"I love you to Trent more than I thought I could love another person. I'm proud to have you as my boyfriend. That was wonderful what you just did to me. I hope I can walk to our next class." They chuckled and began to separate and finish their shower. They cleaned themselves off and made sure their cum was washed down the drain. They dressed and unlocked the Coach's office and were sitting on the bench by their lockers. They kissed each other gently and held hands as they faced one another on the bench. They heard the voices growing louder as the rest of the class started coming into the locker room. They just sat there and smiled at one another until the Coach returned. Yesterday's incident was almost forgotten, they were still in the glow from their latest round of sex.

"Evans and Sanders, in my office. The boys looked at one another and followed the Coach's order. With the door open and loud enough for all to hear the Coach told them both to not repeat the argument they had the other day. If it was repeated they'd be cleaning his office again as they had done today. Both boys looked at the Coach as he winked at them.

"Now get going to your next class, I don't want to hear you were late."

"Yes sir it won't happen again." They said simultaneously and both turned and took off for the study hall and lunchroom."

"I hope my sister doesn't catch on that we just had sex, I can hardly walk straight Mr. Stud Muffin, damn that was good Trent. I never thought I'd like that but we might have to try that again."

"Can I rest for the rest of the day before I have to do it again? Mr. Sex Pot!" They laughed and made their way to meet Mandy. She was sitting at a table and had saved them seats to sit across from her and Jackie. Mandy let Michael know that it was okay to talk in front of Jackie and that she could be trusted. They left their backpacks on their seats and went to go get their lunch. They ate their lunch together and Mandy told Michael that she hadn't talked to either one of their parents since the morning when she left for school so nothing had changed on the home front at this time. Michael had decided that he was going to hear where his mother stood on the gay issue before he made contact with her directly, for now Mandy agreed to be the messenger between the two, but nothing beyond messenger and Michael agreed with her position.

Trent and Michael finished off their lunch and headed off for their last three classes of the day. They where heading home to Trent's and now Michael's house. They were deciding on what to do for the night. They both had to work tonight and Trent would go to work and let Michael take the truck to work and when he was done Michael could go back and pick him up from his job. They made it home and worked on their homework until it was time to go. It was almost midnight by the time they got home and they raided the fridge looking for something to eat. They both had a sandwich and talked for a few minutes about Friday.

"I can tell you that Jason and Emily asked what we where doing and Brock and Sue wanted to know if we wanted to go to the movies. I don't know what Jason has planned, I think he wants to know if we had plans already and they just want to hang with us. And John and Eric talked to me in English this morning and they wanted to know about getting some beer and going drinking. I already told them that I doubted that you and I would be into that. And the last option is Annie and Sarah who want to go line dancing if want to do that. Unless you want for just you and I go out for the night. And before I forget are you working on Saturday?"

"First I have to work Saturday morning early, but I'll be done by ten so I really have the whole day off I just have to work five o'clock to ten o'clock."

"You can take the truck Saturday morning to go to work, sorry Mikey but I'm not getting up that early to take you to work. Sorry Little Buddy you're on your own that morning. I'm off Saturday but I have a long day on Sunday."

"I'm off all day Sunday, but that's okay it will give me the day to stay at the house and work on homework. I'm going to have to see if Mandy can get my computer I'm going to need it to do my term papers and other homework. I've got spreadsheets to do for my business math class." The pair of them finished up and placed dirty dishes in the sink and headed upstairs to their bedrooms. Trent was staying in front and walked towards Michael's door instead of his.

"You have a five minute limit tonight Trent, I want to go to bed and get another night's sleep like last night. I slept like a rock last night."

"I'll think about it Cupcake." Trent looked at Michael while calling him the newest nickname and winked at him.

"Sorry Cupcake doesn't work find another nickname please!" Trent got to Michael's door and stopped and turned around, stopping Michael in the process.

"Before we go in Michael I'm warning you now that Dad went shopping today for you there are some things on the bed we need to deal with tonight and then you can get to bed. It will be better if we do it tonight that way we won't have to tomorrow night. And remember you're considered one of the family, which has it's privileges and it's drawbacks, please accept these things from my parents because they care about you now mostly because you are my boyfriend, secondly because you have been thrown out of your house. And they want you to be comfortable and not have to worry about anything. Okay?" Michael looked at Trent with his hands now locked across his chest looking very defensive. Trent knew that some of the things that his parents were planning on were going to make Michael uncomfortable.

"Come on and just trust me and relax and just enjoy my parents generosity, my father loves sharing Michael. I know you well enough to say that if you were in my father's position you would be the same kind of person. Willing to help others less fortunate because you had the money to do it. And don't try and lie to me and tell me different Mikey, I know you better than that. You proved it today when you stepped in front of me and told Coach, as nervous as you were, once you saw me struggling, you stepped in and took over so that I wouldn't be uncomfortable, you were trying to get me to relax and stop me from struggling even though it meant that you were going to tell him yourself." Michael looked at Trent and smiled, dropping his crossed arms and pulling Trent towards him.

"Have I told you that I love you lately?" He made him bend down so he could kiss him on the forehead and stepped back. Remind me to do that as many times as you need to while your parents do these things and just remind me how I'd be doing the same because you're right, I probably would if I was in his position." Trent held out his hand and told Michael to close his eyes and to keep them shut he took Michael into the room and turned on the lights and told Michael to open his eyes. Michael stood still and was half afraid to open his eyes to see what Trent's parents had done. He caught himself before yelling out seeing the boxes on the bed.

"Holy shit Trent what didn't they buy?" Trent laughed and assured him it looked like more than it actually was. Michael looked at Trent and seriously doubted that it was as much as it looked like.

"Come on, I don't want to be here all night. Open the computer first. Michael started opening the box and realized he needed some scissors or something sharp to help get the computer out of the box. Trent handed him a bag knowing what he was looking for. Inside the bag was an assortment of things that you need to put a desk together, scissors, stapler, rubber bands, pens, makers, rulers, a small hand held financial calculator, And a slew of other things. He removed the scissors and continued to remove the computer. It was an HP TouchSmart 320-1030 Desktop computer. Sitting next to it was an HP Wireless Printer and Scanner, Copier and Fax machine all rolled into one. On top of the printer box was an Apple iPod 8GB with a 24-hour battery and radio. Trent was busy setting up Michael's computer. Michael sat on the bed speechless looking at stuff that he hadn't opened yet. He could tell that he had about ten reams of paper, a few where white but the rest were assorted colors.

"Did you know about all of this Trent?" Trent continued working trying to avoid answering Michael's question. Michael watched Trent as he purposely tried to stay focused and ignore Michael. Michael cleared his throat several times each time getting a little louder. Trent stopped what he was doing and sheepishly looked over at Michael.

"All right I won't lie to you, Dad called me during study and you were talking to someone so I told him I could talk. So he asked me what I thought you needed. I said just look at my desk and make a list of every thing on top of my desk and all the little things inside my desk. So that's what he did, I think my mother added a few things.

"Oh Trent there's so much here how am I ever going to repay them for this, I mean this exceeds anything I would expect them to do. I certainly didn't call you the other night to come live here and have your parents out spending all this money on me."

"Michael I know that, you hadn't even been to my house until that night that you called me. You called me because deep down even though you were mad at me I think you knew that I would help you anyway. If you already had known where I lived believe me I would have questioned you being thrown out and probably would have told you that you could stay a few days but then you'd have to be out. So I want you to stop worrying about this and just let them do what they love doing anyway." Michael walked over to the desk and sat on Trent's lap. He hugged him as tightly as he could, but he refused to cry so he let go and just kissed him and went back to the bed. Trent went back to work setting up the printer to the computer. As the boys worked there was a knock on the door. Michael spoke up first.

"Come on in." The door opened and Trent's parents walked into the room. It surprised Michael he really thought he wouldn't see them until the morning. At that exact moment his emotional state was still fragile having just hugged Trent and then came back to work so he wouldn't cry. But now the Sanders stood in front of him and he wanted more than anything to say thank you. Clay spoke up first.

"I'm glad to see you're busy getting yourself set up. I know you weren't expecting me to do this but you need all of these things for school and then college. And as I said before I enjoy helping people when I feel the situation calls for it, as does Sarah. I know Trent has talked to you about going clothes shopping. I know Trent knows what to get you so I'll let you and him handle it I gave him one of my company's credit card. I just want to tell you that I insist that you are not bashful and I hope that you don't keep looking at the prices, they don't concern Sarah and I so I don't want them bothering you, we do this because we have the money and it should be shared when necessary. Does this help you accepting these gifts a little easier?" Michael looked at Trent and he could see the look of distress in Michael's eyes and thought it was because he knew if he talked he was going to cry. He got up and went to Michael and held out his hand, Michael stood up and put his hand in Trent's and smiled, and swallowed hard.

"I want to thank the both of you from the bottom of my heart, I don't know how I'll ever repay you. The only thing I can say is that if the day comes and I'm as successful as you have been sir, I will do the same to repay the kindness you have shown a total stranger in your house by repeating the same to another stranger that may need help." Michael was holding Trent's hand for all he was worth. Trent squeezed Michael's hand to let him know he was doing just fine.

"If you make that promise then you will owe me nothing Michael, because I believe in the short time I've come to know you that you are a man of your word. Even at your young age, I truly believe that you mean what you say. And even though you can't see him Trent is agreeing with me. Michael turned his head to look at Trent and he was still shaking his head. That being said, there is one more big thing that we'd like to do for you and I don't want to hear an argument, Sarah and I have already agreed on this so there is no point in trying to get out of it or stop it. It's a situation of you can pick or I will pick and I'd rather see you pick out this present because it will be yours, paid in full. Trent knew what was coming and he moved directly in back of Michael and put his arms around him and held both of his hands and squeezed them at the same time.

"Not this weekend by the following weekend on Saturday I will need you to take off work and we are going car shopping. It will only be you and I, unless you really want Trent to come along but I'd prefer if we could this together and just you and I. I'll give you time to think if you can handle the day with just you and I or not. In the meantime between now and next Saturday I want you to do some online shopping and see and think about what you want. I know I can safely say that you will make a good financial decision because I know you want to be a Financial Analyst. So I'm not worried that you'll look at the coolest most expensive thing you can get. The only thing you have to pay for is your gas. Your call will be insured by my companies, all my children are still on my policies for things like cars."

Michael felt like he couldn't breath and he was sure that he was going to lose it the minute he opened his mouth. Trent could feel Michael's body slightly trembling and he very calmly took a deep breath and quietly told Michael to do the same and then he told him to just take his time. Michael leaned against Trent and took a deep breath. His eyes gave him away and Sarah took notice of Michael's discomfort. She walked slowly over to Michael and put her arms around him and gave him a motherly hug.

"Everything will be okay Michael, you'll go with Clay next week and you pick out what you decide is best for you. I have little doubt that you will make a responsible decision in this matter, as does Clay. Otherwise, we would make the decision for you. Trent made his choice as have most of our children but there's been a few that didn't get the choice. So enjoy looking for you, don't be afraid to ask questions to either one of us if you have any before next Saturday. Now enough of this money talk and tell me how you are doing other wise today? Have you talked to you sister? And did she tell you anything about your parents?"

"Yes mam, I'm feeling better today and actually had an incident today that gave me a shot of confidence in telling people I am gay. That's a first for me and it's a strange feeling. I did talk to my sister and all she knows is that my parents aren't talking in front of her but she is sure that my mother is still angry with my father and is not talking to him, at least in front of my sister. So she isn't sure. I told her to pass a message to my mother that I'm okay and where I'm at so she knows. But I'm not going to call her until I know where she stands on me being gay. Once I know that I'll know how to approach them, either together or at least my mother."

"I'm glad to hear that as I'm sure Clay is to, we are both concerned and will help you in any way we can if you feel you need us. What I should say is that if the time comes and you want to talk to your parents or your mother, you might feel better inviting them here instead of going home. This is a neutral place, sort of. And we could be here to help you if it's needed. So just keep that thought in the back of your head as this problem you're having with your parents plays out Michael. Our door is open if you need us; don't hesitate to call us at any time if you need us. Make sure Trent puts our cell phone numbers and all other important numbers in the Sanders household programmed into your cell and tomorrow morning please remind me at breakfast to get yours and I'll make sure Clay gets it to. Ask Randy, Danny and Yvonne for theirs, once you have your car you might get called as a big brother to pick them up or drop them off on occasion which I'm sure you won't mind."

"No mam it won't be a problem, I'd be more than happy to pick them up or drop them off if they call me."

"Well don't stay up too late boys, this can wait for tomorrow or Saturday." Sarah and Clay left the room and closed the door on their way out. Michael turned to Trent and looked at him unsure what to say at first. Before he could say anything he put his finger to Michael's lips to keep him quiet and he pointed at the door and pointed at his ear to indicate that his parents might be listening on the other side still. He stared laughing and Trent followed in his footsteps.

"Come on bonehead let's get some more of this away and then the rest will wait until Saturday if you want to get a little more done." Trent went back to the desk and get the installation of the printer on line and make sure that Michael was hooked up to the Internet so that come Sunday Michael would be able to either do home work or work on finding the car he wanted.

"So Michael any idea about the kind of car you're going to pick out?"

"Can we not talk about that now Trent. You already know how I feel about all this and now I have to go and buy a car. It's certainly not a position that I thought I would ever be in Trent. And to be honest, I'm not sure how to handle it Babe." Trent looked over at Michael and watched as Michael went through some of the things ripping the packages apart with a little too much force. He stopped what he was doing and went over to the bed where Michael was. He put his hands on top of Michael's and pressed down until Michael stopped.

"Stop Babe, we've done enough. We'll stop for now and just put the rest aside." Michael stood up and hugged Trent and started crying. "Come on now it's okay you're just getting too tired. Let's clean this bed off and just get ready for bed. You've been on an emotional roller coaster since your argument with your father. Well I'll tell you what after work on Saturday why don't you make sure that after work you come home and if the weather is decent I'll take you horseback riding for a nice leisurely slow ride down in the meadows, we'll have a lunch maybe take a swim in one of the ponds that are located throughout the meadow on the lowest part of our property."

"I'll make a deal with you Babe, if you want to go horseback riding on Saturday after I get out of work, then can we stay in tomorrow night and just watch a movie on the television since I have to be awake at four in the morning to get ready to go to work Saturday?"

"Deal accepted Little Buddy, now let's get this mess picked up a little and get our asses in bed I'm getting tired and I can see it in your eyes that your ass is dragging just as much as mine is and don't even try to deny it, I can see it LB. I think I like that better than saying Little Buddy. It's much easier. LB." Trent was laughing at his own sense of humor, which Michael found, amusing and began laughing with him.

"All right Trent let's go to bed I've had enough for tonight. I'm just going to clear off the bed and put everything off to the side, on the floor is fine until tomorrow when we get home from school and I'll work on it again and hopefully I'll have it all done by the time we sit down to watch a movie tomorrow night."

"Come on Mikey, give me a hug and a kiss and I'm going to bed and tomorrow morning I'm not waking you up and I will beat you sweet ass downstairs fair and square."

"You're on Big Boy, we'll see who's at the table first in the morning." Michael and Trent hugged each other and starting kissing each other a little more seriously and began to enter each others mouth using their tongues. Michael could feel Trent's erection pressing against his abdomen and he pressed against it and moaned into Trent's mouth. Trent began to lick around Michael's chin and down his neck. Trent was becoming hungry for Michael and Michael knew it.

"Stop Trent, please. Stop now we can't do this now. You know your parents might still be awake and could come back in a few minutes." Trent bent down and set his forehead on Michael's shoulder and moaned inwardly acknowledging Michael's sexual appetite was as easily ignited just as Trent's. Michael walked Trent to his door and pushed him outside of his room."

"I love you Trent but you have to go to your own room or we are going to be in trouble and this is only my second night here so let's work on sticking to the rules. If we start breaking them now we going to have a problem."

"Remind me why I love you Michael because at the moment you're being a total shit head."

"This is the thanks I get for keeping your ass and mine out of trouble, now I'm a shit head, what happen to LB? Out with your ass and go to bed I'll be at breakfast before your skinny ass is, now go on get into your own room Trent."

"Okay one more kiss then I promise I'll go."

"You get a very quick one any tricks and I swear Trent, I'll have to hurt you."

"Would that come before or after the kissing?"

"Ugh...Trent, go, go on and get your ass moving or I'm going to rape you in a minute and your parents will kill us both."

"Geez you are a shit head tonight." Trent smiled at Michael and laughed as he made his way to his own bedroom. Michael had already closed his door and was still clearing some things off his bed. He realized there was still a few bags that he didn't even look in and realized he was going to have to go through all of them to make sure he didn't miss anything. He wasn't sure how he felt with the way he was being treated a small part of him loved it but for the most part Michael felt guilty for being on the receiving end of such kindness it's something that he had never experienced growing up at least not on this scale. He wondered if he was making the right decision and then Trent's father wants to buy him a car that he doesn't have to pay for, why? Why was he so generous, was this seriously just as he says or is there another reason behind it? But why would Sarah go along with this if it weren't what it seemed? Surely Trent wouldn't mislead Michael into something that wasn't right. Everyone was so nice including the staff was too much of a good thing really a good thing? His upbringing was talking loudly inside his head. When something was too good to be true it usually was. But it wasn't just that, his gut was saying it was okay and that every thing would turn out. He just wasn't sure how. He finally got it all cleared off the bed and he crawled in. He was going to jerk off but fell asleep within minutes of closing his eyes.

He dreamed that night and woke sweating several times. Unable to shake the recurring dream, every time he closed his eyes he would begin to dream again almost immediately picking up where he left off. The next time he woke up shouting and shaking. Trent came into the bedroom and Michael could see the light in the hallway was on.

"My mom said she heard you shouting, she woke me to come in and check on you Little Buddy. You want to sit up and talk a some or do you want me to sit here and stay with you?

"Can you stay with me, every time I fall asleep I keep going back to the same dream and it happens almost instantly."

"Let me ask Mom if it's okay Mikey, I'll be right back." Trent went out into the hall and Sarah was standing there and had been listening. She knew that he needed rest he was still stressed over the whole situation and she was concerned for his welfare, now she was being a mother for a child that was struggling with a huge problem.

"Why don't you stay with him tonight Trent? I want you two to stay home from school tomorrow. He needs to sleep in a get some sleep. If you sleep with him he might relax enough to get the rest he needs. I think the only reason he slept so well last night was sheer exhaustion. And no funny business Trent. Your friend is in need of a friend, not his boyfriend and I know you know the difference in what I'm saying." Trent looked at his mother.

"Yes mam, I do. Don't worry nothing will happen I'll just make sure he's okay and we'll sleep in tomorrow. I'll shut off his alarm so he doesn't wake up hopefully. Are you going to be home in the morning after you take Danny, Randy and Yvonne to school?"

"Yes, that will be the only time I'm gone. I want to talk to him tomorrow if I can Trent, I can tell that your fathers desire to help him is also causing him more stress and hopefully I can calm him down or I might have to talk to your father and get him to hold back on his desire to help Michael that waiting to help him might be a better plan. I think he needs to adjust to being out of his house first and then being showered with all kinds of gifts. Don't worry about taking him shopping just yet. Let him bring up the subject with your father and just play it off and see how he takes it for now Trent. But we'll talk tomorrow. Go to sleep with Michael like your brother Stephen use to with you when you were having a bad night." Trent kissed his mother on her cheek and walked back into Michael's room.

"Mom said I can stay with you, she wants us to stay home from school tomorrow and sleep in. She's worried and wants you to get some rest, she thinks you're getting over stressed."

"She might be right Trent, come on let's go to bed maybe knowing you're with me I might be able to finally get some sleep." Trent got into bed with Michael and turned off the light on the side table. Michael was facing the other way so Trent pulled him against

"Go to sleep Mikey and just remember I'm right here and I love you. If you need me just wake me up." Michael pulled Trent's arm up to his chin and held it. His whole body just melted into Trent's. His small size made it easy for Trent to wrap his body around Michaels and just hold his all over. Michael fell asleep but this time there were no more dreams. The rest of the night passed without interruption.

Sarah poked her head into the bedroom when she woke in the morning and saw the two of them in bed with Trent holding Michael. She smiled remembering the times that his older brothers would sleep with him when he had nightmares and they would be sleeping the same way. They had held Trent as if they were protecting him. And know he was doing the same thing. She realized that her son really did love Michael and she hoped it would last for them, she liked Michael whether he stayed or not, she liked the boy. She pulled the door shut and went down for breakfast and warned Joshua that the boys were sleeping in that Michael had a bad night so she was keeping them both home. She didn't want them bothered this morning make sure any of the staff that comes in to stay out of upstairs until the boys come down for breakfast.

Sarah called the school and got both of the boys excused for the day saying that she would provide a note for them on Monday. The only one she worried about was Michael she knew that he calls his sister in the morning to see how things were going and for now she didn't know how to get in touch with his sister. She called back the school and left a message for Mandy to call her as soon as possible, she asked the secretary she spoke with to tried not alarm Mandy that everything was okay but she needed to talk to her to let her know what was going on. It took about twenty-five minutes before she heard from Mandy.

"Hi Mandy, this is Trent's mother. I just wanted to call you and let you know what was going on this morning with Michael and him not being in school. I didn't want you to worry. I know you two talk first thing and I knew if you didn't hear from Michael this morning you would worry."

"Thank you for calling me to let me know I was getting worried because I hadn't heard from him and he's not answering his phone. Did something happen?"

"No, he had a bad night of sleep last night he was dreaming and I one point he was shouting and I woke up and had Trent sleep with him. So that perhaps he would sleep better. I didn't hear another sound after Trent went into his room to sleep. I have called them both out for the day so that perhaps Michael will relax some, he hasn't had a chance since it happened to really just slow down and think about it, between work and school and trying to adjust to new surroundings. I want you to know that you are welcome to come visit him here any time Mandy, you're his sister and I think you two are close by the way he talks and a visit might do him a world of good. Are you free after school today? Good why don't you come over? Do you know where we live? Well I'll have Michael call you at lunch so he can tell you how to get here, it's easy to find don't worry."

"I want to thank you for helping Michael. I don't know if he told you but Michael and I are twins and are very close. It's why we talk every morning. My father isn't being very good right now as far as I'm concerned but I still live there so I have to pretty much say nothing. And both of my parents aren't talking to each other, which means they are barely talking to me at the same time. So it will be nice to come over there after school instead of going home right away. Tell Michael that I'll wait to hear from him and thank you to taking care of Michael I know how hard he's taking this."

"Yes he is and that's why after him dreaming like he was last night I decided to keep him here and I kept Trent here as well so that he'd have someone to talk to just in case he felt like he needed someone. And I will make sure he calls you by lunchtime Mandy. And thanks for calling me back I feel better that you know what's going on, like I said I knew you two were talking first thing in the morning. Well I look forward to meeting you today after school Mandy."

"Thank you, I look forward to meeting you to mam." Both hung up and Mandy was glad that the woman had called her.

At ten o'clock Sarah was beginning to wonder if she should go up and wake them or just let them both sleep. She knew that it had been hard on the both of them in the past few days and Sarah wasn't aware of Trent running out of the house or what happened in gym class and the boys coming out to their Coach. But she knew her son and she could read children enough to know that Michael had been through a lot emotionally in the past few days. It was catching up with the both of them and she decided to let them sleep. Ten minutes later she heard their voices coming down the stairs and few seconds later two still sleepy teenagers came into view.

"I was wondering if I should let you two sleep or wake you just a few minutes ago. You both look like you want to stay in bed why did you come down?"

"We're both hungry and I told Michael that if we still wanted something for breakfast without making Joshua do extra work we better hustle and just come down and get fed before he puts all the breakfast stuff away."

"That was considerate of you Trent to think about that, I didn't even think of that one today. How do you feel Michael, did you finally get some sleep with Trent in there with you?" Michael smiled knowing that Trent had told him how direct his mother can be sometimes.

"Yes mam I did I thank you for letting him stay with me. Once he got into bed I don't think I lasted two minutes and I was out and the dreams stopped once he was holding me." Michael turned about fifty shades of red realizing what he had said. Trent started laughing at him. Sarah told Trent to knock it off and not to pick on Michael.

"It's all right Michael, I peeked in on you two this morning very early right before I came downstairs and saw the two of you sleeping. It's how his brothers use to hold him when he would dream at night and have a hard time sleeping, usually it was Stephan but his other older brother Peter would sleep with him sometimes too and they always slept the same way you two were sleeping this morning when I looked in on you." Michael immediately realized and made a mental note that from now on there would no more nights of sleeping naked, especially if something that happened like last night and she peeks in and he has no sheets on him, he have to make sure he was wearing some old gym shorts to bed from now on.

Joshua brought out some fresh coffee for the boys told them he was making French toast and it would be ready in a few minutes. Michael wondered when Trent ordered that this morning he didn't see him go into the kitchen and Joshua didn't ask them what they wanted. Andy must have said something to Joshua between yesterday morning and this morning. He would have to make sure to thank Joshua for the breakfast.

"I talked to your sister this morning Michael and I told her why you were still here and that it was me who called you out of school. And also that you would be sure to call her at lunchtime and I invited her to come and visit you after school. So make sure you tell her how to get here."

"I'll just tell her the address she put it into her GPS, she lives by that thing since we moved here."

"Don't forget to tell her the key code for the gates other wise she won't get in. I don't know if Trent has given you the codes or not, but you should have them so in case you're not with someone who lives here when you get home."

"Okay I'll make sure to tell her and I'll put them into my cell phone note pad."

"And while we are talking about plans, after breakfast I'd like to sit and talk to you Michael. And don't panic or worry about it, it's not serious I just want to talk to you a for a little while, I just want to get to know you a little more, that's it, and please don't worry." Trent looked at Michael and raised his eyebrows at him.

"You're in the hot seat now LB."

"Trent Clay Sanders do not to that to Michael, he is in no such trouble or in any hot seat. Michael you have my full permission to smack him up side the side of his head. And I'll gladly hold him down while you hit him a few times, you get a couple because he's bigger than me and we can work as a team I figured and we can beat him up." Sarah and Michael looked at each other and laughed.

"I'm so agreeing to being a team and letting me smack him around, I'll even sit on him for you so you can have a few shots yourself." The two continued to laugh with one another and Michael started poking Trent in the sides making Trent squirm because he was just as ticklish as Michael when it came to being poked in the sides.

"Never mind what I said Michael I wasn't serious, and there will be no teams for anyone today, or ganging up and doing any beating or poking of any kind. Especially if it doesn't involve me being on the team, or the team that's doing the poking or smacking or whatever. Two against one isn't fair. I'm protesting"

"Oh my who's crying now Big Boy? Don't worry Trent I'll go easy on you but only because you took care of me last night when I couldn't sleep. Which I do appreciate by the way. I did sleep better once you were there beside me, thanks Trent, I mean it."

"I know you do LB." Sarah got up from the table and began heading for her office.

"Michael when you're done talking with your sister and you're done with your breakfast come to the office so we can talk for just a few minutes and don't let this stink starter over there make you think otherwise. There is no big deal about us talking, he can even come if he wants."

"On no way, I'm going to take a shower I'm thinking maybe we will go horse back riding later on Michael if you feel like it."

"Can I think about that Trent I've never ridden a horse before? They look huge compared to me Trent I'm just to short, I have to look up to them when you only stand there and look at them eye to eye practically."

"Don't worry Mikey I'll teach you how to ride and I'll make sure you get one of the shorter horses that is gentle and is not a runner, believe me Michael, I will make sure that nothing happens to you. I'd die if anything happens to you LB, so think about it, we can pack a snack to take with this and maybe jump into one of the ponds, just wear you swim suit when we go, just wear them under your jeans." Trent leaned over to Michael and kissed him on the forehead and his way to his neck. As he got to his ear he whispered

"Make sure you wear a jock strap, especially with your low hangers. I just want to make sure they're protected it's all I'm sayin...!" Michael blushed and held his head down in his hands.

"Your incorrigible you know that Einstein, without a doubt whatsoever, you are absolutely incorrigible!" Trent just rolled his eye upwards as if to say whatever! "I'm going to call Mandy and see if there's anything new."

"I'm going up to take a shower and get ready to go so when you decide to go horseback riding later on today."

"Your pushing it Buster Brown, you're really pushing yourself today..."

"Trent I don't know how to ride a horse, what part of the conversation are you not hearing?" Trent just laughed.

"That settles it we are going horse back riding.

"I'm going to call up to the stable and tell them to get the horses ready and I'll make sure to tell them that Michael Evans has never ridden a horse and to make sure he gets one of the gentler horses."

"You need to change Mikey, and talk to my mother before we go, so I suggest you hustle that cute ass of yours."

"Trent Clay!"

"Sorry Mom. But I can not tell a lie!" Michael pushed Trent to keep him moving.

"Just go so I can talk to your mother and I'll get ready and we'll go walking with the horses then we'll see about actually getting on one, NOW GO Trent before I slap you upside your head."

"Yes Little Buddy, whatever you say Little Buddy."

"Why do you keep calling me that? I'm obviously shorter than you are Buster Brown! Need you constantly remind me?"

"Yeah I know but I like to see the look on your face when I call you little, that and trying to stand up taller like you think that's going to help you not being called Little Buddy. Am I right Little Buddy?" Michael turned quickly and smacked Trent on the back of the head.

"Ouch, what was that for?"

"That's just a reminder to you that I may be shorter than you, but I have an amazing reach when I need to inspire you or let you know who's boss." Sarah couldn't resist making a remark.

"My I do believe mister big shot has met his keeper and perhaps maybe taller than him at the same time." The two of them laughed as Trent made his way to the stairs so that he could get ready to horseback riding.

"You wanted to talk to me mam?"

"Yes Michael, come with me into my office, this is for your ears only not the staff nor for Trent either." She looked at Michael in hopes that she was giving him some kind of comfort, some kind of reassurance.

"Sit down Michael, please."



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