"No I'm all set go ahead and I'll wait for you here and call the barn and make sure the horses are all ready for us. So go on and I'll be here when you get back." Michael trotted through the living room and bounded up the stairs two and three steps at a time. Trent went back to make sure they had everything they needed although he knew Andy would check the basket three or four times before actually packing it. He had to laugh at himself and thought how many times he had watched Andy and Joshua pack any kind of basket for them. Didn't matter what the occasion was or who packed it, they would make everything first. Then they would lay everything out on the counter and go over a checklist they had made for themselves so they wouldn't forget anything. After packing it they would put the checklist in so who ever opened the basket would know what each basket had in it. Since there was usually about a dozen people or more every time they went anywhere that a basket of food was called for. Trent could hear Michael yelling something and went out into the living room to hear him better.

"I'm sorry Babe couldn't hear you in the kitchen what did you want to know?"

"I was trying to ask you if you want a sweater or light jacket just in case in cools down any while we are out riding?"

"You know that's a good idea, get my jacket, the blue one from my closet would you? I think a sweater would be to warm you get warmer than you think while your riding you wouldn't think so but I do. Thanks Babe we are all set to go I'm just waiting for you."

"Be right back down with our jackets and we can screw, and no not that kind of screw get your mind out of the gutter horn dog. I can see by the look on your face what you're thinking. Knock it off it's not going to happen while we are riding a horse." He could hear Trent laughing hysterically.

"What now? What did I say this time?" It's one of the things that Trent loved about Michael sometimes his virtue was really cute because whatever he had done or said was out of his pure innocence. Trent waved at Michael to go upstairs to get the jackets.

"You're going to tell me when I get back down here Big Boy." Whatever he had said Trent was laughing at him because of it. He hated when he was stupid like that. Sometimes he just felt like he was clueless when it came to certain things in his life. He hoped that Trent didn't think he was stupid. He returned to the kitchen a few minutes later with jackets in hand.

"Now you're going to tell me what was so funny to you that you looked like you were going to piss your pants." Trent stopped what he was doing and walked over to Michael who was standing against the counter and took him in his arms. Michael put his forearms on Trent's shoulders.

"I'm not being mean and it was cute but sometimes you say things without realizing that given the conversation we were in you said that I was to knock off being a horn dog because it wasn't going to happen while we are riding a horse." Michael looked at Trent and looked perplexed for a few seconds. Trent finally saw the light bulb go off in Michael's head and his mouth flew open and was greeted with a smack up side the head.

"Why did I get that? You were the one that said it Buddy not me. It was all you."

"You know darn well that's not what I meant so don't even bother saying it was my fault you know it wasn't." By now Michael had Trent's shoulders in his hands and was shaking him.

"Michael I know it's not what you meant but you have to admit that it was funny considering what we were talking about and just the way you said it. I know you didn't mean it I really do, I know you well enough to know exactly what you meant. And it was in complete innocence that you said it in." Michael put his hands on Trent's neck and interlaced his fingers behind it.

"I should strangle while I have the chance but I won't instead I want to give you a kiss as an apology I owe you."

"That's an apology I'll take anytime Baby." Michael pulled Trent towards him and stood on his toes and lifted his head and kissed him long and hard. Trent wrapped his arms around Michael slowly walking him backwards against the fridge until he couldn't walk anymore. They were lost in their own passionate world as a flash went off several times as both of them stopped and turned to see where they were coming from.

"Busted big time you two are busted!! Yvonne stood there gleaming as she looked back in her camera to see what the pictures looked like that she just got. She was dancing in the kitchen.

"Wait until Mom sees these she is going to flip and slap you two up side the head for not behaving like an older brother should! I can't wait to see this and Mom's face at the same time, it will be priceless, and when she's done Dad is going to be playing lawn mower on you two buts. I so can't wait until they get home. I wouldn't make any plans for this evening I don't think you'll be going anywhere." Randy just rolled his eyes and looked at Yvonne like she was crazy.

"I didn't see anything bro so don't ask me and I'm not looking I don't care what you two are up two when no one was supposed to be here anyway. We just happen to come home earlier than expected." Randy leaned towards his brother and whispered in his ear.

"If Dad or Mom says anything you might want to mention that you thought no one was going to be here in this house because Yvonne and I got home earlier than we should have. If we didn't come home early you wouldn't have gotten busted by the queen of mean!" With a knowing glance the brothers quietly laughed with each another.

"I'm headed to watch a movie you guys want to join me or are you going out somewhere?"

"Mikey and I are going riding, you want come with us?"

"Thanks but no thanks I just want to chill and kick back for a while. Be sure you're home for supper I heard Mom say something to Andy about supper I'm just not sure what it was they were talking about I just know it involved supper plans."

"Okay later Randy we'll be back in time don't worry I'm not taking him to far he's a virgin rider!" Trent bumped Randy's arm laughing about what he said.

"Trent Nicholas Sanders you ass in now in twice as much shit as it was earlier. Don't even think it isn't. I don't know when you think you'll be getting anything in the near future!" Michael stood upright with his hands on both hips almost glaring at Trent.

"Wow bro, someone's in trouble and I think now would be a good time for me to say see you later have a really nice ride." Both of them snickered and Michael crossed the distance between him and Trent in about two strides and smacked him on the back on the head.

"Son of a bitch that hurt Michael, what was that for?"

"Do you want another one for asking a stupid question on top of the one I just gave you for being a smartass two seconds ago?"

"No, no I'm good I'll stop promise." Trent raised his hands slightly mocking resignation over his behavior and comments.

"I knew I liked Michael I like seeing him being on the receiving end of a good head slap anytime you want to plant one him go ahead. Just tell him that's for Randy and all the times you piss him off." Randy glanced and watched Michael look directly at Trent with raised eyebrows.

"What have you been doing to him Trent? He's younger and smaller than you I better not hear you're smacking your younger brother around. I will hurt you and shut you off just for general principles!" Trent looked dejected and slowly held out his hand to Michael reaching for his. Michael didn't hurry to give his up just yet. After a few more seconds he finally did. Trent pulled Michael into his chest and turned him around so they were both facing Randy.

"If he bothers you anymore Randy just let me know, he'll get a head shot for sure and I won't give him any warning."

"Thanks Michael well guys I'm going and you two better get going so you two have time to waste and enjoy yourselves out there. Make sure you take your jackets it's getting cooler and by the time you get back it might be slightly chillier by then." Randy trotted off to watch a movie or two for the afternoon and Yvonne had gone to her room to await Mom and Dad's arrival so she could show them proof of them not behaving. She loved her brother but she loved busting his chops even more and just couldn't help herself sometimes when opportunity presented itself.

"Come on Mikey let's go outside. Grab the basket in the fridge I'll grab the jackets and I want to take some cold soda's out to the guys for doing everything for us today I always try to be nice to them in the barn for all they do. Usually I'll call before I go riding and ask them if they want anything to eat from the kitchen. I'll just grab them something they don't care what it is those guys will eat anything you bring them and they're happy to get it." They gathered everything up and headed for the barn and walked inside.

"Hello guys, we want to thank you for getting the horses ready and taking care of Danny this morning when we finished. We promise not to be gone to long I know you guys want to get the hell out of here as soon as you can and I don't blame you. Michael and I didn't go to work today or yesterday. And I need to introduce you all I totally forget because I was thinking I did it this morning and I didn't. My bad."

"He's being his usual self don't mind him I'm trying to teach him some manners." The three workers laughed at Michael. Trent made quick work of the social greetings.

"Listen Buddy, okay all kidding aside, guys this is Michael Evans he's going to be staying at the house for right now we're not sure for how long, but whenever he's here if you would please be your usual kind selves and take care of him. He's just learned to walk on the horse this morning so make sure he gets Danny for awhile." Michael began shaking hands as Trent made the necessary introductions.

"This is Kevin Cranston, Jeff White and last but not least Calvin Marks. If you have any problems talk to Calvin the barn and stables are his responsibility so he's the one that makes sure everything runs smoothly in this place. And he does, he does a really nice job of taking care of the horses."

"Thank you Trent I appreciate the compliment."

"It's nice to meet all of you and I thank you also for taking care of us today it means a lot to both of us."

"See Kevin I told he was a hot one." The three workers laughed at Trent's comment and Michael blushed a really deep red. Tilting his downwards hoping not to be noticed.

"Come on Mikey don't hide now you're really even cuter when you blush that much." Michael shook his head slightly and bashfully looked at Kevin. Michael noticed right away that he was being checked out and his gut told him that something wasn't right but couldn't put his finger on it.

"All right guys thanks again and we are out of here." Trent took Michael by the hand and headed towards the outdoors each one grabbing the reins of their horses. Trent looked all over Danny and he couldn't put his finger on it but something wasn't right when he looked and moved with the horse. He just chalked it up to that little bit of apprehensive that was alive and still kicking inside his head. He just shook it off and kept going with Trent.

"They're beautiful Trent they just still seem so big to me. Are you sure I'm getting Danny again for the newest wuss around?" Trent laughed and hugged Michael by wrapping his arms all the way around his waist, leaning into his ear he began talking softly.

"I promise to make sure you are safe Michael Wayne Evans, I would feel miserable if anything happened to you while I had you out riding knowing that it was my idea to begin with. Remember I want us to have our own horses some day you won't go near one if you get hurt soon after learning how to ride. I'm going to make sure your doing really good before you get on anything faster than Danny for awhile."

The pair of them finally started off and were soon surrounded by pine trees of various heights and color. The smell of pine was pungent as the horses navigated their way through the trees. It was intoxicating to their senses. Michael was lost in sensory overload of sights sounds and smells. He wanted this to last forever. At that moment Michael knew that riding horses would be something he would want to do for as long as he could. He laughed at himself considering his stance on horses just twenty-four hours ago what a difference a day makes.

"Want to share whatever it is that your laughing about since we have been talking you must be having a funny thought running around in your head, am I wrong?"

"To answer your questions yes I'll share what's making me laugh and no you're not wrong. I was laughing at myself for how I felt about horses a day ago and then what made me laugh was I just made a decision in my head that I want to do this for the rest of my life. I can't imagine what it's like to run while on a horse. And no Trent that does not mean we are going to try that today."

"I don't want you running today any Mikey I want you to learn how to probably ride a horse when it's running. If you don't ride it the right way you'll be sorry on a few levels. One, you could get hurt two, you could hurt the boys if you're not careful, and I couldn't stand the thoughts of your boys being hurt! That's an awful thought. I don't want to even go down that road Mikey." Michael was laughing.

"Why Trent your concern for the well being of my boys as you call them is heart felt. I want you to know I think the only reason you're concerned for my boys as you call them, is someone is afraid he'll get shut off while the boys recuperate." Michael was quiet waiting for Trent for say something and then he heard a small laugh emitting from Trent.

"Humm.... that's what I thought had you worried Trent." Trent found himself mumbling wishing he hadn't said what he did.

"Okay so I'm concerned in might effect me in some way." The two of them both chuckled over the whole thing.

"Just a little Trent, really?" It was Michael's turn to laugh this time. The two fell silent as they continued on their little ride. They found themselves content with just riding and neither talking. As they cleared the woods they came upon an opening that was scattered with chunks of granite boulders and tufts of elongated greenery throughout. Deciduous and conifers skirted the entire open section of landscape spread out before them. Both stopped side by side and came to a stop. Trent reached out for Michael's hand and grabbed hold tightly. Michael had goose bumps. It would be a moment in time forever etched in his memory.

"This is amazing, absolutely breath taking Trent. The gentle landscape had small mounds of earth covered with small wildflowers on some and others were covered with nature's weeds and their colors just added to the view. The trees hadn't started to turn colors yet but Michael could imagine this place in the fall. When they turned their colors of reds and gold's it would be an artist's canvas come to life. "I want to come here again Trent in about two to three weeks when ever we see the leaves turning to their brightest colors."

"We can do that Michael I'm glad to hear you say that because I know we'll be coming by horse again. Just so you know that's my favorite time of year to come here is in the fall and after we've had a good snowfall of six or eight inches or more! You should see it when there's has been snow Buddy. All those open areas with no prints and then to go through them with the horses and make tracks all over the place is so much fun. I'll have you running with Danny by then. Trent watched Michael with compassion and partly lust when he gazed into his eye's, he decided they were the most amazing eye's you could fall into.

"I can't wait Trent I'm looking forward to it already just from you obvious passion about it. You haven't stopped since we got on the horses. I would be a real shit to at least try and find pleasure in something you love so much. I'd be missing a lot I think if I didn't try it at least. You did such a great job of getting me up on Danny and getting me to sit on him and ride him. Sorry I didn't run this morning, I know you wanted me to but I was beginning to feel like I'd hurt him if I kicked any harder."

"You're not going to hurt him, since you aren't moving you know you haven't kicked him hard enough. Look at it this way think about riders that use spurs on their boots Buddy. They aren't really sharp but they still have points on them and I'm the guy that always felt like they were hurting them. But I learned that it didn't really hurt them. So I figure sneakers or plain boots don't bother the horse as much as spurs do."

"That makes sense Trent, I didn't think of it like that. You're a good teacher when it comes to this horse business Big Boy, I'm impressed with you." Trent blushed he even felt like his neck was turning red from the compliment. He dropped his head and let his chin rest on chest.

"Hey look at me Trent, come on pick your head up, don't be so bashful when I say something to you, I mean what I say Trent I really do. I'm not just saying it you know, I really mean it. Everyone needs more compliments in their lives it helps them in one way or another, at least that's what I believe." Trent finally lifted his head to look at Michael.

"How come I got so lucky finding you? You're to nice to me Michael but don't stop I like it I really do, makes me feel good about myself when you tell me things like you just did and I appreciate it I just hope I can do the same for you."

"You do just fine Trent, just great you tell me you love me in other ways."

"Yea I always get perverted with you." Trent blushed and looked down. "But I can't help myself it's just what you do to my insides and when those get messed up it's only because of you. Then I get to thinking and well...." Trent was blushing again and Michael laughed lightly along with him.

"Let's keep going we don't want to make this an overnight thing. But on the other hand that might not be an idea one night. Maybe next summer it's getting to cold at night to enjoy it now. The best time is during the summer my brother's Peter, Stephen, Randy and I use to ride out here and camp out for the weekend, Danny was way to young. Had some of the best times camping out with my brothers Michael. I want to bring you out camping." Trent dropped his voice. "Oh yea we could spend the weekend naked."

"There you go again being perverted Trent, are you ever going to stop?" Michael couldn't help but laugh as he asked his question.

"Not when it comes to you baby, not when it comes to you. Never gonna happen."

"Horn dog." He couldn't get the smile off his face as he tried to admonish Trent again.

"Can't knock a guy for trying now can you?" Michael just laughed at him again.

They covered about a short distance when Michael requested a much needed bathroom break and perhaps it would be a good time to take a break and see what surprise Andy had packed for them.

"Good idea bud, there's a spot coming up that has a small pond that the horses will appreciate." They got to the pond and Trent got off his horse first and then helped Michael get down from his. They tied the horses and both proceeded to walk about five feet and relieve themselves of full bladders. Both laughed at one another as to who had held on the longest before admitting the need to pee. Trent took the blanket from his horse and then got the basket from Michael's horse.

With the blanket spread Trent opened the basket and began pulling out wrapped package some plates and silverware with two wine glasses. The last thing he pulled out was a bottle of wine.

"Andy is amazing he never ceases to amaze me. I only asked him to pack up a few sandwich's maybe a salad if there was any already made and fruit juice. I can guarantee that this will be way more than that after seeing all this. Let's see what he has surprised us with, what magic he has produced for us." Trent began to take things apart and unwrap them. "French Baguette Bread, that's a good start, let's see this one has goat cheese. I sense a French theme going on Buddy. Nice bunch of golden grapes and if I'm right this one will be Foie Gras, ah yes and a jar of real garlic aioli. This my friend is the food of the gods, at least the ones that actually had a palate to begin with" Trent laughed at his attempt at humor, it was lost on Michael. He was wondering what in the hell Frogah...was, that is something he would avoid politely. And that aiooo something some thing needed to be avoided perhaps.

"Trent I know what some of this is but may I ask what in hell is that??" Michael was pointing at the Foie Gras with a look of total disgust.

"That Michael is Foie Gras it's just goose liver. What's wrong with that Mikey? The taste and is to die for."

"It may be to die for I just don't think it's a good day to die Trent, really it isn't I looked on my calendar this morning and dying was not on it I would have noticed. There's usually a sticker of the Grimm Reaper right on it. Mine didn't have a sticker on it. I looked twice to make sure." Michael was leaning backwards as Trent opened the package to show Michael.

"What is that yellow stuff in there?" Michael pointed to the spots of fat that had solidified when it chilled.

"That's just some fat, think of it as butter from the goose, when mixed with the liver itself it's twice as good." Trent looked at Michael as he explained it and saw the look of horror on his face.

"Liver! Liver! You want me to eat a damn goose's liver are you serious? Do you know what they eat? What fucking planet did you wake up on this morning? Wherever it was, you weren't on earth. I can guarantee that. Michael had the most incredulous look on his face mixed with a small piece of horror and disbelief""

"Come on, would I ask you to try something that I thought was gross or something I wouldn't eat? I know how you feel I felt the same way you do, but then I tried it and it was amazing to me. I had never eaten anything that tasted like this. I'm just asking to try like a half teaspoon size bite, that's all, no big bite I promise you." Michael still looked dubious about the whole thing and leaned it to smell it.

"I'll try everything although the goose thing I'm not so sure, it just sounds kind of gross. There was still an issue in his head about the aioli. I want to see you actually it a few bites first to make sure you're not bull shitting me because I know Trent, no funny business either." Michael pointed his finger at Trent to make his point.

"All right Michael I promise you an hour's back rub if you don't like it, but if you take more than one bite you owe me an hour's back rub."

"Wow a whole hour? That might be a good bribe handsome." Trent opened the bottle of wine.

"Another first for me Trent I've never had wine or for that matter had alcohol at all."

"Well for the first time you will probably either love it or hate it. Reds are a little stronger than whites, this is a Merlot." He poured himself a glass and then a smaller amount in Michael's glass.

"Take a small sip, swish it around a little in your mouth and then swallow it." Michael did as Trent said and found it a little bitter to his taste but had to admit that it wasn't all that bad.

"You can put some more in my glass but don't fill it I don't want to ride and drink! I don't think my father would approve." They chuckled over the thought of drinking and riding the horses. The snack continued and finally Michael was persuaded to try the Foie Gras. After his first bite Trent was chomping at the bit to see what he thought of it.

"So what do you think, do I get a back rub or do you?" Michael replied with a question of his own.

"You said if I had two bites that I owed you a back rub for an hour, but what happens if I have three bites? Michael looked directly into Trent's eyes and before he could answer him he kissed him.

"To answer your question Michael, three bites will get me a half hour back rub followed by at least an hour of sex. Can I collect a little on that right now? I was so hoping you might be drunk enough for me to seduce you."

"You're in luck Big Boy, I've had just enough wine to soften my defenses."

"Talk about liars who's lying now?" They both laughed.

Trent leaned over and drew Michael into his chest. The air was still warm and the sun was bright with a wind blowing in from the north. Trent held Michael in his arms and began slowly rubbing his chest and throat. Michael purred under his ministrations. Trent reached under Michael's shirt and continued rubbing his chest, the smoothness of his skin excited Trent.

Trent had begun growing hair on his chest at the age of fifteen and he always admired men who had no hair on their chest. Continuing to rub and stroke Michael's body and he nestled Michael further back further into his chest. Michael took hold of Trent's hand and slowly moved it down onto his crotch, which now was straining against the fabric of his jeans. He moaned and purred even more. Trent began kissing Michael's neck and to chew on his earlobe Michael was almost whimpering as Trent turned him on even more. When Trent kissed his neck and near his ear and it drove Michael almost mental with unbridled sexual lust.

Trent pushed Michael to sit him upright and as he did Trent removed Michael's shirt and then his own. Trent stood up above Michael and looked down at him with lust and hunger in his eyes. He slowly removed his boots, his pants and finally his underwear. Trent reached out to Michael for his hands and pulled him up to his level. He leaned down and removed his sneakers and then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. He removed his pants and underpants and while still on his knee held onto Michael's legs and slowly caressed them all the way up to his hips. He looked up into Michael's eyes almost pleading and slowly engulfed Michael's cock with his mouth.

Michael gasped at the sudden warmth surrounding his cock and Trent begun to suck on it. Michael latched on and dug his fingers into Trent's shoulders to keep himself standing. Trent continued to suck on his cock and then slowly worked his way to his balls sucking one and then the other into his mouth bathing his ball sack with his saliva. Michael began to beg Trent to let him lay on the ground. Michael reached out and pulled Trent up and they wrapped themselves in each other's arms kissing and probing each other's mouth with their tongues.

Finally they lay down on the ground and Michael told Trent to lay back and enjoy what he wanted to do to him. Michael began kissing Trent on the neck licking it from his Adams apple to a point just behind his earlobe, blowing lovingly into Trent's ear, it was Trent's turn to purr and groan. Michael kissed his eyes, slowly making his way down his face until he got to his mouth where he kissed him roughly and forced his tongue into his mouth. Trent grabbed the back of Michael's head and another height of passion was ignited. Michael continued his journey of kissing and licking down his chin and onto his chest, stopping at his nipple that he lightly licked and bit down on. Trent held onto Michael's head keeping him chewing on his nipple moaning louder the longer he lingered. Michael's hands reached down caressing his stomach reaching down and took hold of Trent's cock. Trent whimpered loudly and begged for Michael to suck his cock. Michael didn't hold back and immediately engulfed Trent's hot throbbing rod.

Trent screamed out in delightful pleasure and held onto Michael's head as he began to suck him up and down, soaking Trent's cock with his saliva. His saliva pooled at the base of Trent's dick and fun down in between his legs. He moaned in pleasure and begged for Michael to chew on his balls. Michael gave into Trent's request and sucked his balls into his mouth chewing lightly at first and harder as Trent requested to be almost tortured by his lover. Trent sat up and pulled Michael to his face kissing him forcefully each only feeling the bristle of their day's growth of the hair on their faces, turning both of them on even more. Michael chin was still wet from nestling it in Trent's crotch. Trent licked off the excess.

Trent got Michael on the ground and crawled in between Michael's legs forcing him to raise up his legs and spread them apart. He wanted to put his cock in there so badly and Michael could see the desire building in Trent's eyes. Trent attacked Michael's cock again, working his mouth up and down soaking him, letting the saliva run down over his balls and down below. He got down lower just below Michael's balls and ran his tongue from the bottom of his scrotom and ever closer to the prize he so desperately sought. When the tip of his tongue grazed over Michaels hole, Michael moaned loudly and began to beg Trent to take him, he wanted Trent deep inside of him.

"Please Trent I need you to fuck me hard, I need you Trent, please baby, please. I'm begging you to do this to me Trent, please baby."

"I don't want to hurt you Michael."

"In my shirt pocket there is some lube" Trent smirked a little.

"You devil you, what where you a boy scout?"

"Just get it and put one on dammit, I need you in me Trent please."

Trent grabbed Michael's shirt and found what he was looking for and put on the lub and spread some lube on himself and then on Michael. He slowly inserted one finger in probing to find Michael's button. Michael groaned when he found it. He withdrew his one finger and then inserted two slowly rotating them to loosen Michael up since he was really a virgin to this kind of sex.

"Are you ready baby?"

"Yes Trent, please, please take me and make me yours." Michael pulled up under his knees raising his ass for Trent to get easier access to.

Trent lined up his cock with Michael's ass and slowly began to push his cock into Michael. Michael winced in pain. But told Trent to continue and not stop until he was all the way in. gently and slowly Trent began a slow rocking motion in and out until he was all the way in. Michael was moaning in pleasure.

"Harder Trent, fuck me harder, you won't hurt me now it only feels good now. Please baby, I want you to fuck me hard. Like you did to me in the shower baby."

"If that's what you want Babe, you got it. Trent began a slow pace at first and began to increase his speed pounding at Michael's hole he began to ravage him roughly and Michael begged for more. Minutes passed and Trent banged at Michael's hole lowering his head and biting on Michael's nipples as he fucked him harder.

"Oh Trent keep it up I'm going to cum you're going to make me cum baby, FUCK ME Trent, and Trent became even more brutal and Michael screamed out in orgasmic bliss as Trent continued his sexual assault on his lover. As Michael came his muscles clenched down on Trent's cock bringing him to his own orgasm high. Trent collapsed on top of Michael's chest. Michael wrapped his arms around Trent and kissed him on the top of his head.

"I love you Trent."

"And I love you Michael."

The two separated and both lay on the blanket sharing their sexual release. Trent got up first and took one of the napkins and wet it with the pond water and brought it over to clean up his lover who was drenched in his own cum and then cleaned the cum off of hairy chest.

"This is something that I will never forgot Buddy." By this time Michael had stood up and went to Trent and wrapped his arms around him.

"I want to tell you that I love you. I will always give myself willingly to you and I will remember this day for the rest of my life with great fondness and certainly with much love, thank you." Trent kissed Michael and just held him for a few moments.

"I think we should get back on our horses and take another ride, you might want to go a little slower there Buddy, but I think you'll survive." Trent gingerly patted Michael on the ass.

"I think I will to. Come on Big Boy, lets begin our journey we might want to gallop a little just go easy with me I'll hold onto the saddle if you'll hold the reins."

"I think for now will stick with the nice slow pace, maybe the next time we go riding I'll teach how to really ride and be comfortable doing it."

As with any trip the ride back seemed quicker than what it took to get there. They got to the barn and Trent took the basket down from his horse.

"Hey Michael!" Trent had a pained look on his face. "I've got to hit the bathroom will you just walk the horses in and see Calvin or whoever and tell them to please walk them and then come in the house."

"Go ahead and go are you all right?"

"Yea, just gotta go all of sudden gotta piss like a race horse damn it!" Michael just laughed at him as he walked briskly towards the house. Trent looked back making faces at Michael and giving him the finger the more Michael laughed at him.

Michael led the horses into the barn and stopped. He didn't see anyone around. Keeping the horses with him he walked towards the end of the barn and could see someone just a little off to the right as he got to the opening. Michael called out.

"Calvin we're done for now." The figure didn't move Michael guessed that Calvin didn't hear him. He raised his voice and with some more volume he called out again.

"Calvin!" This time the figure turned around and stood up. He waved and began walking up to the barn within a few footstep Michael realized that it wasn't Calvin but it was Kevin one of the other workers. Michael wasn't sure if Kevin was the one he really wanted. He didn't like the feeling he had the first time he met him.

"What can I help you with Mikey..." Michael felt like throwing up the way that Kevin had said his name.

"No..No..Nothing, thank you anyway I'm looking for Calvin to help me with the horses. Michael wanted away to get as far away from the guy as fast he as could.

"Wellll.. Calvin isn't here right now so I guess it'll have to be me that takes of them boss man Trent wouldn't be happy with me if I didn't please you now would he?" Kevin kept edging his way closer to Michael.

"No I'm good. I'll just go back into the barn and find where Calvin is or I'll call Trent to come help me." Michael tried to stand up and be firm but he knew that Kevin was be intimidating on purpose and using his power over him to corner him.

"Come on now Mikey it's not like that, we can be friends I'm sure. I know what kinds of things boys like you need. I can show you things that you would not believe you could do with someone else." Kevin leered at Michael and got just a few more steps closer to him. Close enough to almost touch him. Michael felt trapped, his stomach was in knots and he began to shake. Kevin quickly moved forward and wrapped his arms around Michael. Michael felt something sharp as Kevin came into contact with him. He wondered if he had been cut. Kevin's hands were all over him as he tried to back away from him but Kevin had a hold on him and he couldn't move.

"Get away from me." Michael wanted it to come out louder than it did.

"Doesn't sound like you want to me go away pretty boy. I bet you feel real good in bed buttercup oh yea real good in bed."

"Please leave me alone I don't want any trouble with you. Just go away and I won't say anything, just let me go please."

"Now why would I want to do that? Besides no one is coming back for awhile we have the place to ourselves for a few minutes, why don't we make the most of it?" Michael was feeling sick to his stomach all of a sudden and his head was beginning to hurt like hell. He wanted this asshole away from him. He tried pushing harder this time but couldn't find the strength he needed. He could feel his head bouncing back and forth from a headache to spinning in circles. Michael felt like passing out. Shouting momentarily interrupted his thoughts.

"KEVIN! Michael heard a voice from behind him and felt Kevin release him. He remembered dropping to the ground.

"Michael, Michael come on son, wake up, you're okay. It's me Michael it's Clay. It was Trent's father. "Come on boy wake up for me." He felt arms around him and then he was half sitting up and coming to. Waking up more a little more he soon realized that Trent's dad was sitting on the ground holding him.

"Okay Michael, your all right." Michael started sobbing and Clay just held him and rocked him back and forth. Trying to reassure him that everything was okay and that he was going to be fine. Michael could hear other voices clearer now somewhere behind him.

"What did you do to him? Someone was yelling and Michael was trying to listen the best he could.


"I didn't do anything to that kid, he made a pass at me I was trying to push him away."

What do you mean by that? Calvin didn't believe Kevin for a second. He had heard rumors about possible problems from another place he worked but never knew what they were. Now he had a good idea.

"The kid wrapped his arms around me and tried kissing me when I went to take the horses that he asked me to take care of. I was just trying to be nice and then he grabbed me and like I said he wrapped his arms around me and tried kiss..."

"Shut the fuck up Kevin. Go into the office and wait, I'll deal with in as soon as I help out and see his side of the story... and it sure as hell better match yours" Clay was pissed to the max.

"He'll just lie to save his own ass and you know it Calvin... OH why fuckin bother you won't believe me anyway." Kevin threw his hands up and walked off.

"The office Kevin and I mean NOW. Calvin walked over to where Clay was sitting on the floor holding Michael.

"How's he doing boss? Do you think we should call an ambulance?" Calvin was concerned for the boy, he felt responsible for not having been there for him. He had been here all these years with the boys growing up and had a great affection for all of them. Their friends as far as he was concerned were just as important as they were. Calvin loved having the kids around with the horses he felt it was a good way for kids to learn compassion and responsibility. All the kids had been taught to take care of the horses the right way and Calvin had been a large part of teaching them. He had built his relationships with all of them. He remembered when Trent starting coming to the stables and the fear he had of horses. He had a special fondness for Trent and treated him like he would have treated his own son if he had had one.

"Michael, are you okay? Are you okay, did he hurt you anywhere? Do you want me to call an ambulance? Michael's sobs were subsiding the more Clay held him.

"Calvin, call down to the house and get my wife on the phone. Don't alarm her just tell her that I need her in the barn for a few minutes, just tell her you think I'm working on a surprise for one of the kids, she'll come for that. And then watch for Trent I don't want him to see Michael like this he'll flip out." Calvin ran to the office and called the house. Moments later Sarah walked up to the barn.

"What is he up to Calvin, if that man doesn't stop spoiling his children I swear... Calvin ran over to her.

"It's Michael mam, I'm not sure if..." Sarah stood still.

"Where's Michael? Is he hurt?" Calvin took her by the arm and led her into the barn and she spotted Clay sitting on the floor rocking back and forth and she could hear him saying something but couldn't make it out. She hurried to his side.

"What happened Clay is he all right do we need an ambulance?"

"I don't know, he hasn't talked to me yet." Clay leaned closer to Sarah's ear. "I don't know if he got raped or not or what even happened for sure." Her eyes flashed open like lightening was going to come from them any moment. She ran around to be in front of her husband and touched Michael softly and he withdrew and hid his head.

"Michael it's all right its Sarah it's just me honey." Michael heard her voice and looked up at her with his tear stained dirty face. He was scared and she could see it in his eyes.

"Michael do you want me to call an ambulance, do you need one?" Michael shook his head no.

"Want me to call Dr. Davis?" He didn't answer at first he just kept looking at her. She reached out both arms to Michael and slowly he got up with her and wrapped his arms around her and started sobbing all over again. Whispering softly to him.

"Should I call the doctor for you?" Michael just nodded his head yes.

"Clay get Dr. Davis tell him we need him right away. The number is on my desk his card is right on top, do that and don't let Trent hear you, send him upstairs for something. I don't want him hearing this but I need to talk to him first. He'll flip Clay." Her husband nodded in agreement with her. He turned and walked out of the barn. Calvin was standing at the door and caught Clay before he left.

"Do you want me to call the police on this guy boss, I know damn well that kid didn't do anything?"

"Yes call them and before you do lock him up in the office, if he breaks anything let him that will just give the police to have something to arrest him for. Anything hanging around in the office that's personal, anything you don't want destroyed?" Calvin shook his head no.

"Good, work him over a little, verbally and rile him up so he's angry then walk out and lock the door. Give me a few minutes before you start and I'll call the police as soon as I get in the house, that will give you time to get him cranked up. Don't hit him, I don't want any marks on him that he could say Michael did." Calvin gave Clay a knowing glance and smiled.

"Don't worry boss I'll take real good care of him, I'll make sure justice is done." Clay left the barn and hurriedly trotted towards the house and Calvin turned to go into the office as he took several deep breaths, exhaling slowly and relaxing himself so he could successfully accomplish his mission. There was nothing Calvin Marks hated worse than people who preyed on other's weaknesses. Now he had a good reason to fuck with this guy's head, his smile got bigger. He entered the office with a stone faced expression.

"Mr. Cranston why don't we go over your bullshit story that you tried to feed to me a little bit ago. Give this answer some thought you low life scum bag." He could see that just that mere sentence alone was enough to get the pot boiling now he wanted to stir it. He wanted to get Kevin all wound up by the time he was done.

"What's the point of me saying anything Calvin that kids just going to lie? I could tell he didn't like me the minute I shook hands with him. Them fucking rich white kids just lie to get them out of trouble when they do something they shouldn't have." Kevin tried to make Calvin believe that Michael was the one that created the whole situation and Calvin saw right through him. He thought for a few seconds about what to say next to get Kevin that would really get his motor running.

"What's the matter Kevin did he turn you down? I bet that pissed you off a teenager turning down the big bad man." Calvin just looked into his face watching the veins pop in Kevin's forehead. The pot was starting to really to bubble up.

"What a nice looking guy like you can have anyone, I bet they just fall at your feet all those women, oh I'm sorry you can't talk to woman can you? Get to nervous and tongue-tied so you need to prey on those that you deem weaker than yourself. Because you're afraid of rejection, so to insure you don't get rejected you push people around. That about it tough guy?" His face was red and knew he was now fuming Calvin picked up his keys and walked towards the door.

"Where the fuck are you going you fucking dickhead? Fucking talk like a man Calvin, what's your fucking problem asshole?" Calvin kept walking upon reaching the door he turned towards Kevin.

"Listen sweet cheeks, why don't you wait here you and me are going have some fun since I know what you like. I'm going go find some hot women for us and bring them back here to see if you can keep that little tiny prick of yours upright when a women takes control of you." Calvin stepped out, pulled the door closed and locked it. He heard the door thump as Kevin's body made contact with it. A slew of obscenities immediately followed. Calvin was glad that the office was enclosed in wood Kevin wouldn't be able to do much in damage that couldn't be easily fixed. Kevin wouldn't be going anywhere and Calvin sat down outside the door patiently waiting for the police to arrive. Clay returned to the barn to see what Calvin had to say.

"What's going on with the creep?"

"He's throwing things but at the moment he's quiet I think he's resigning himself to the fact that he's screwed at the moment. But I'm waiting for another tirade any minute now." As if on demand Kevin began again but it was short lived Calvin could tell that he was running out of steam. His emotional outbursts were taking there toll on him by the time the police arrived Kevin wouldn't be a problem Calvin was certain of that. If they didn't get there soon he'd just knock on the door and say hello to Kevin. Calvin found he was enjoying this too much but laughed anyway.

"I'm going to Sarah Calvin watch for Dr. Davis he should be here any minute. I've got Trent busy at the moment but pretty soon he's going to wonder where Michael is, try and keep him out of the barn Calvin please. It won't be easy because the minute you tell him he can't come in here he's going to know that something is wrong, Michael's been gone to long for just putting the horses away." Dr. Davis came running into the barn.

"Where is he Clay, where's Michael?"

"Come on, he's at the other end of the barn." Clay took him to Sarah and Michael. She was still holding him and just keeping him quiet.

"He won't say anything Drew he's just holding on right now and won't let go." The doctor stood for a moment and said nothing just watching Sarah and Michael. After a few moments passed he leaned down towards Michael.

"Michael will you come with me so we can talk, just you and I no one else. I'll make sure you're okay. Come on Michael come with me and we'll just talk for now." Dr. Davis reached out his hand to Michael and he looked up at the doctor unsure of what he should do. Sarah and being held made him feel safe at the moment and he wasn't sure he wanted to talk to the doctor. Michael finally broke his silence

"Where's Trent? I need Trent right now." Michael had anger in his voice something foreign to him. Drew spoke before anyone else could.

"Can we talk first Michael before you see Trent I think it would be a good idea for just a minute and then I'll take you to Trent. Or why don't we send for Trent and when he gets here you can talk to him but let's talk for just a minute." Michael was now almost in a rage and he could feel it building even more. He felt like he wanted to explode. Dr. Davis could see the change happening in Michael and now was truly concerned that this was not going well.

"Michael please talk to me, I promise just for a few minutes. I want to .."

" I want him NOW, not tomorrow, NOW not in a few minutes NOW!" Dr. Davis backed away from him and Michael clung to Sarah even harder.

"Get him Clay get Trent now, call him on the phone but get him and hurry." Sarah was the one that was taking control of the situation. Like a mother protecting her young when threatened. Clay had seen her like this with her own children and knew not to argue with her. Clay headed for the phone to call for Trent. Trying not to alarm him he called the house and told Trent to come to the barn and just that Michael wanted him. Clay walked back to his wife to let her know that Trent was coming.

Trent bolted threw the barn door with a gut feeling that something wasn't right and his mind was racing with fear that it was Michael. He stopped in his tracks when he saw his mother holding Michael and sitting on the floor with him something his mother wouldn't do unless....

"Michael.... Trent whispered his name fearing he wouldn't answer. Michael got up from her lap and went to Trent. He could see the hurt in Michael's eyes looking broken. Trent held his arms up and Michael made to his arms and collapsed. Trent wasn't expecting the sudden collapse and staggered a moment to hold him up. Trent looked to his father and Clay immediately went to his son to help him. Michael was dead weight. Trent looked at his father and the tears welled in his eyes.

"Call an ambulance and hurry." Trent screamed and carefully sat on the floor holding Michael.

"Come on buddy talk to me wake up, come on Michael wake up." Trent shook Michael back and forth.

"What happened? How did he get like this?" Trent looked at everyone standing around him looking for an answer.

"Somebody tell me, someone must know something." He wasn't screaming but Trent was frantically trying to piece this all together from the time he left Michael he had to know what happened.

"We aren't sure yet Trent. Calvin came into the barn and was walking towards the back when he saw Michael." Clay wasn't sure he if should say more or not Kevin was still here. "We don't know for sure what happened Trent we're trying to find that out. Calvin and I are working on that we've called the police but without Michael saying anything we just aren't sure son." Trent looked at his father and then his mother with despair Sarah took over to protect her son and his boyfriend.

"All of you go and watch for the ambulance, Clay make sure the front gate is open. Go. Calvin make sure they can see you so that you can direct the paramedics back here when they come. Go on. Drew just please help Clay stay out of here and leave me alone with them until the ambulance comes." Drew turned and left the second she was done talking he knew he would be of no use now but later he would be needed so he would stay and do as Sarah asked for now. Trent turned to talk to his mother.

"Mom what am I going to do? What happened in here? He was fine when I left him we were joking and laughing. I asked him to take the horses in to Calvin because I had to go to the bathroom. I shouldn't have gone, none of this would have happened it's my fault he's like this now." Trent began to cry and held Michael in his arms.

"It's not your fault Trent you did nothing wrong. Something else happened we aren't sure yet but we'll find out. We will get to the bottom of this I promise Trent."

"Come on Mikey wake up Little Buddy! He kept a hold of him and gently kept shaking him trying to get him to wake up. He was breathing okay Trent checked to make sure. But it was like someone drugged him. He was out and Trent couldn't wake him. He heard voices getting louder and heard Calvin's voice Trent turned to see him talking to policemen. He turned his attentions back to Michael. One of the policemen came over to talk to Trent.

"The ambulance is on its way I heard the dispatch before we got here, they should be here any minute. Is he awake at all? Is he breathing okay? The cop stooped down to Trent's level to talk to him.

"Do you know what happened son?"

"No sir, I left him to take the horses into the barn we had just been riding for a few hours and everything was fine when I left him. He was laughing and he was fine, he was fine." Trent's voice trailed off as he looked at Michael again. He pulled him closer to his chest and tried waking him again.

"Come on Mikey it's not funny anymore you better wake your damn ass up and get off this floor. Right now I'm not kidding anymore Michael Wayne Evans, get your ass up!" Trent couldn't help but start crying he was afraid that it wasn't good, whatever it was it wasn't good.

"Have his parents been notified?" Trent looked at his mother.

"Officer, his parents have thrown him out of the house, he's living here with us now. If they have to be reached I'll call them but I would prefer if they weren't right now they aren't overly concerned with their son's welfare or well being." Sarah knew that wasn't entirely true but she wasn't going to tell the cop that she thought he really didn't need to know. The man looked at her and nodded. Sarah thought for a moment and realized she should get in touch with Mandy to let her know they were going to the hospital. She thought about it and decided that she had better wait until maybe they knew something so that Mandy wouldn't worry. There was nothing to tell her right now anyway.

"I'm sure the ambulance will be here soon if he stops breathing call me right away. I know what to do if it becomes necessary." Trent just watched the cop as he walked away.

"Where are they it's been too long they should have been here by now Mom."

"Just hold onto him Trent and make sure he's still breathing as long as he's breathing that's a good thing."

Trent and Sarah could hear yelling at the other end of the barn. She got up to look to see if she could see anything from there. Trent begged her not to go anywhere, standing there she put her hand on his shoulder to let him know she was still there and wasn't moving. As she tried to see anything the paramedics rounded the corner and looked for to where she was, Sarah waved them to come to where she was.

"They're here Trent, the paramedics are here. Let them do their job now. Let them take Michael so they can check him out to make sure everything else is okay." Trent opened his arms as the paramedics picked Michael up and placed him on the stretcher.

"How long has been unconscious?" The paramedic looked at Trent for an answer.

"A few minutes, he was awake but wasn't talking. Sarah interrupted.

"Before my son came in here the only thing he said was that he wanted Trent and he was almost angry and it's not like him to be like he was. He's a good kid and he's had some issues at home and he's living here now. He's very quiet and reserved but this time he was angry and it was like he was going to explode if someone didn't do what he wanted like I said it just isn't like him."

"Thank you mam, do you know if he's allergic to anything? Has he taken anything we should know about? Does he do any drugs that you know of?"

"Michael as far as I know doesn't do drugs. He's been under a doctor's care and he's here somewhere, Dr. Drew Davis and he's got Michael on two things I can't remember at the moment. I'll go find him." Trent stood where he was and waited for the paramedics to take care of Michael and to go to the truck. He followed behind them as they pushed Michael out of the barn and towards the driveway where they were parked. Fire trucks and an ambulance were waiting for them to emerge from the back yard. Several firemen came to assist the paramedics get Michael into the ambulance.

"What's wrong with him why won't he wake up?" Trent was becoming more frantic the longer Michael went without waking up. He was pacing back and forth while the paramedics tried reviving Michael. The smelling salts they used weren't working. He moved his head to avoid them but he wasn't waking up. The lifted the stretcher and strapped Michael into place, in order to move him to their truck.

"What is going on? What is wrong with him?" Trent was in a frenzy worrying about what might be wrong with him and he wanted to know what set this off.

"We've got to take him to the hospital to find out what's wrong son. He's unconscious but we can't tell why without getting him to the hospital."

"I'm going with him. I'm not leaving him alone he wouldn't leave me alone for a second if anything happened to me."

"You can follow in your car but you can't..." The paramedic was cut off.

"I'm not leaving him and you aren't going to stop me." Trent looked at the paramedic directly in the eyes and didn't flinch.

"Okay kid, go on and get in but stay out of the way once we get in." Trent went over to the paramedic and turned him around so that he could look at him.

"I just want to be with him if he wakes up I don't want him by himself with a bunch of strangers he won't say anything to you if he does wake up. Whatever happened he's all ready freaked out as it is and you don't know him like I do. At least if I'm with you he might say something that would help." The paramedic softened a bit and saw the anguish in Trent's eyes.

"Okay son, just get in and scoot up to the front as much as you can. It's tight in there with the three of us as it is. I'll let you know the second he opens his eyes."

The four of them stood in the center of the barn going over what had happened. The policemen were talking to Calvin at the moment.

"All I know is that I was walking through the barn towards the back I was on my way to get Mr. Cranston when I walked outside the barn I saw the horses off to my right and I could see Michael right next to Kevin when I shouted his name he turned and the kid dropped to the ground. I ran over to him to help Michael."

"Did this Kevin try and help Michael when he was on the ground?"

"Not that I saw officer. He just kind of backed away from the whole thing while I got down and helped Michael to get up."

"Once I got him I carried him to the barn and Mr. Sanders came in and saw me, he took Michael and laid on the floor with him and tried to get him revived which he did after a few minutes but Michael wouldn't talk to anyone."

"Thank you sir and where is Kevin now?"

"He's locked in the office I tried to talk to him to try and find out what had happened and he started going off the wall trying to accuse Michael of trying to grab him and kiss him and that he was just trying to push the kid away and tell him that he wasn't interested. I don't believe him and I told him so and then he went after me I barely got out of the office. I locked the door and had Mr. Sanders call you immediately."

"Is this anything else you need from me officer I'd like to go and see what they're doing with Michael before they leave here."

"No sir, go ahead. We'll have Mr. Marks help us if we need anything after this we know where to find you, thank you Mr. Sanders." Clay shook hands with them and left quickly to catch them before they went anywhere.

"Why don't you open the door to the office Mr. Marks and we'll take care of Kevin Cranston."

"I'll give you the key officer I don't want to be near this guy when he comes out I'll be surprised if that office isn't destroyed from the noises I heard in there after I locked the door, I'm afraid of that guy to be honest with you." Calvin handed over the key and backed away and a smile crept over his face for a second. But the gleam in his eye was still there when they opened the door. Kevin wasn't expecting the police and came running out of the office with a wooden plank in his hand and was running at Calvin swinging wildly at him.

"STOP IT'S THE POLICE!" The police repeated themselves and Kevin was getting closer to Calvin and screamed at him.

"I'm going to kill you, you motherfucker and I'm going to enjoy it." Kevin never heard the police in his anger. The cops pulled their taser and fired at Kevin. His body stiffened upright and the dropped the plank of wood. A stain began to spread around his crotch and he pissed himself from the shock. He dropped to the floor like a rock. The police flipped him over and handcuffed him and removed the clips from him. He sat on the floor swearing and yelling at Calvin. The police had enough of hearing him opening his mouth.

"Keep it up and you'll get the taser again mister now shut up!" The cop raised his voice and pointed the taser at Kevin again he shut up instantly.

"He's done quite a bit of damage in there sir would you like to press charges for property damage and an attempt was made on your life by this man. We can also write him up for aggravated assault with an attempt to cause bodily harm. That should get us started and put him in jail tonight. We'll run his background and see if there's an out standing warrants on him also. We'll let you know what develops, there might be a detective come out to see you if necessary Mr. Marks if that's okay with you?"

"That's fine gentleman I had no idea he was like this." Kevin started again.

"You fucking liar Calvin you know damn well that kid is lying just trying to get me fired because he didn't like me. You know it Calvin you're lying ...."

"If you don't shut up sir you will be tased again." Kevin slumped down and shut his mouth. He knew he was screwed for now but this wasn't over he knew where the kid was now and he would just bide his time. There would come another time that the little pretty boy wouldn't have protection. He had been stupid he should have waited for another time perhaps the boy would have come to the stable alone. He knew he lost his job but he'd watch and follow him if he had to. Sooner or later he would have him. Kevin had a long memory and lots of patience when he had to be good. He knew from the past that he would have to be really good and pretend now that he just didn't know him anymore he would wait until next summer. They would graduate in June so he knew he had to be until at least June. He just had to play Mr. Sorry Ass and pretend that he just went a little crazy perhaps he would lie and say he had been on drugs that would help lessen the charges and time he would have to spend in jail.

The sirens screamed winding it's way through the city streets getting closer to the hospital. Trent couldn't take his eyes off of Michael the whole time he wanted him to wake up so bad he was praying to God that he would wake up before they got there so he could talk to him and tell him what happened.

"How much further?"

"Not much longer son we should be there in a few more minutes. Right now his vital signs are all good and he's breathing okay. I don't know what to tell you but I'm sure the doctors will figure it out Trent don't worry he's in good hands at this hospital. Just try and be patient when you go in. Remember to tell them that you're family say he's your brother and tell your parents to say that they are his parents for now until you can find out what's going on okay Trent?" Trent shook his head affirmatively to the man. Trent knew he was telling things that he really shouldn't.

"What's your name by the way?'

"Daniel Gates and my partner is Thomas Brown, he's still in training but he does a really good job. I just have to beat him over the head every now and then to make him pay attention especially when the patient is a pretty woman, then he jumps ahead of anyone." The two men laughed trying to make Trent feel better if they could. Trent had to remember and send a thank you to these guys or at least stop at the fire house and thank them when Michael was okay and up and around. Whenever that was going to be. What in the hell had happened in that short time from taking the horses in and Trent going to bathroom? Looking back he knew that the reason his father had sent him upstairs to get something out of his bedroom was just a ruse to keep him busy and out of the barn.

"I just want to thank you both for taking care of Michael, he means a lot to me. I don't want to lose him now I just found him." Thomas looked over at Trent and felt empathy for the boy he knew exactly what Trent was talking about and it made him remember a time not so long ago in his life.

"Well thank you Trent, Dan and I both appreciate your kind words its what make us want to come out here and do this job. We like helping people when they are in a terrible situation. Just keep having faith and he'll be okay. Talk to the man upstairs he always listen and helps you get through." Tom gave Trent a heart felt smile and returned to taking care of Michael. The ambulance stopped and began to back up to the Emergency Room doors.

Tom and Dan took Michael in to the ER area and pushed the stretcher into a bay. Trent followed right behind them and got into the furthest corner he could and sat down he was staying there until they told him what was wrong with Michael, he wasn't going to leave that seat. Regardless. Nurses began coming into the room and began cutting away Michael's clothing while at the same time tried waking him again. The paramedics had left and were giving details to what he assumed was the doctor. He saw them point to him and he didn't turn away he wanted to let the doctor know that he was he to stay. The one thing he knew that he wasn't saying anything unless the doctor or nurse asked him he wanted to make sure he wasn't in their way at all. The doctor came into the bay walked directly to Trent and shook his hand.

"I'm Dr. Grisales and I'm the ER doctor. The paramedics told me what that had been told is there anything that you can add to this?

"No sir I'm not sure what happened I wasn't there. I just know that I've never seen him act the way he did. Michael's doesn't get angry with anyone but he was. And not talking that's not like him at all. All I have to do is ask him what's wrong and he tells me.

"Do you know if he takes any street drugs and don't worry about telling me I just want to make sure if he does I don't want to give him something that would exacerbate the problem."

"No sir, not Michael he's dead set against that kind of thing, he did have a few sips of wine when we went horseback riding earlier in the day. All this happened right after we got back from the ride. I do know that Dr. Davis had him on two kinds of medicine but I don't remember what they were. I know one was to help him sleep better and get him to relax. His parents ..." Trent knew he had slipped and didn't want to say anything he didn't want to get thrown out of the ER.

'What about his parents son?" The doctor looked sternly at Trent who was now afraid to tell him the truth. He just didn't want to get thrown out of there.

"It's nothing sir, really I didn't mean to say anything about his parents. They have nothing to do with this." Dr. Grisales knew he was lying but wasn't going to press the issue for now he had a patient to take care of.

"Okay why don't you go outside in the waiting room and I'll....."

"I'm not leaving him when he wakes up and I'm not here for him he's going to freak and I won't do that to him. He would be here for me Dr. Grisales, I'm not leaving his side until I know he's awake and okay again." Trent looked at the doctor determined to stay but he knew he didn't want to piss off the man he could have him thrown out. Grisales looked him over and decided he had a good idea now that they weren't related and for a man so young to fight so hard to stay with his what he assumed was his boyfriend the doctor decided he could stay.

"All right young man, stay in that corner and let me work on him and let me take care of Michael. Okay?" Trent nodded his head in agreement and sat down in the chair not saying anything.

Trent didn't take his eyes off any of them as they began sticking Michael with needles and IV's, drawing blood and inserting a catheter into Michael. Trent felt bad when they did that. He couldn't imagine what that felt like and just imagined the worst when he thought it all the way through. Trent watched the clock move backwards waiting to hear something. He didn't want to disturb the doctor where ever he was he had left a while ago assuring Trent that he had to wait until test's came back and that soon they would come and get Michael so that they could get an MRI on him and if he decided he needed any other tests he would order them. He had to go out and see his parents but was afraid to leave Michael fearing he might wake up and then he wouldn't be there for him. The nurse came in to take some vital signs on Michael.

"Would you please get my parents to come back, my mother must be frantic by now not knowing what's going on with Michael." The nurse looked at Trent trying to understand why Michael's mother was not here and Trent was. Trent could see the questioning look on her face. She hadn't been here when the doctor said he could stay and he didn't want her throwing him out. He wasn't sure what to say to her to get her to just get his parents.

"Could you just call to the waiting room for Clay and Sarah? They'll come right back here and won't stay long I promise. I just want them to know what's going on please if you would? I just don't want to leave him alone right now, if he wakes up and I'm not here he will freak out, please?" It must have been the pleading voice and eyes that got her to go to the desk and called for his parents to the room he was in. Trent heard his father's voice before he saw them it felt good to hear they were coming he wasn't sure what to do anymore.

Sarah and Clay came around the corner and stopped in their tracks with all his tubes and IV's Michael looked worse off than he was. Sarah wasn't prepared for the way he looked she wasn't sure what she thought he would look like but certainly not this. She went around the bed and gave Trent a much needed hug.

"How are you holding up Trent, don't wear yourself out over this Michael is going to be fine. They will find out what's wrong with him and get him back on his feet don't you worry. This is a good hospital. What are they saying right now?"

"They're not saying anything right now. They have taken more blood than the body has I think." Both his parents were relieved to hear he still had some humor. "They have run more tests and they said he was going to be taken down to have an MRI done but no one had come to take him down and time is moving on and I just feel like that the MRI should have been done by now. I'm afraid to say anything I don't want them to tell me to leave. His father came around to his side of the bed and whispered in his ear.

"Well son I don't mind getting thrown out of here if it will mean that they get their ass in gear. If you feel it's been too long than you're probably right and I'll go see what's going on. I might be back I might not." Clay went back to the other side of the bed and patted Michael's arm for a moment.

"Come on Michael you've got to wake up your boyfriend won't rest until you are up and awake and moving again. And besides Andy already had dinner made and is pissed that you screwed it up. You're going to have to answer to him when you get back to the house. Glad I'm not in your shoes Andy will shut off your favorites for a while for messing with his schedule." Clay left and headed for the desk.

"Don't worry Trent your father will be nice, you know him he doesn't yell and scream to get things done it's just not his style and never has been which I am glad of to be honest." She smiled at her son trying to reassure him that it was going to be all right. The busyness of the ER was interrupted by Clays' demand to have something done with Michael and that he was tired of them dragging their feet to get things done. Trent and his mother looked at each other in disbelief. Trent had known what his mother had said was true his father was not a man that yelled at people. He was a negotiator a peacemaker. They listened more intently now wondering just what was going on at the desk. Trent was positive he heard the word lawsuit more than once. Several moments of silence passed and Clay returned to them.

"What happened out there Clay? I've never heard you yell at someone like that. What did they say?" He was fuming and they could both see that, no one said anything they just waited for him to do the talking.

"It seems that some how his MRI test request from the doctor got mishandled and so they just now called down to their X-Ray department to get him moved in there as soon as the next opening came open which should be about fifteen to thirty minutes." Trent was now angry at the hospital and wanted someone's ass for screwing this up.

"Who did you talk to Dad? Did you get their name because I'm going to file a complaint after this is over? If Michael weren't lying here still unconscious I would leave and go there right now and yell and scream. I know Dad you've taught me that doesn't get you anywhere but sometimes it just makes you feel better about things."

"I won't argue with that Trent but I lost my cool with that idiot of a nurse just now and I shouldn't have, it wasn't her fault. She just happened to be the one standing there. And she was very polite for the ass that I was yelling at her." Dr. Grisales turned the corner and came into the room.

"Are you Michael's parents?" No one said anything for a few seconds and Clay answered him first.

"You could say we are at the moment, what's going on with Michael? Have you found anything out yet? And why is this taking so long?" Dr. Grisales put his hand up to stop Clay from asking questions so that he could at least answer the ones he had just fired off at him.

"Before you go any further let me answer the ones you've just asked and then we can move on to the next set. First, when a patient comes in like this and can't tell us what they feel and don't feel it makes it that much harder for us to determine what exactly is wrong with him. I'm waiting for some blood work to come back it takes several hours for the tests I ordered the preliminary tests are coming back clear at the moment which I'm glad about. But the ones I want the most will not be here for at least another two hours. I learned about the MRI sir, I'm glad you questioned what was taking so long I wish you had come sooner and we would have caught earlier. Again my apologies, I get busy with other patients and I always just assume that everything I ordered for tests is being taken care of by the staff which they usually do, but sometimes we make mistakes, again my apologies." The three of them felt a little better at least they knew something and that was better than nothing at this point.

"I just ask for your patience again I will stay on top of this and make sure his tests all get completed right away or as soon as I possibly can get them arranged. Did Michael fall at anytime? And what has he eaten since say noontime."

"Michael and I went horse back riding and while we were out there we had a lunch that Andy packed for us. It was French bread with goat cheese and Foie Gras and some grapes, I think that's the only thing that Michael had and oh yea he had some wine, but just a few mouthfuls. Michael doesn't drink but he tried it. And that's all he had we were on our way back to the house for dinner when this happened."

"Did you guys eat any wild mushrooms while you were out in the woods? This is important Trent, think and make sure about this." Trent couldn't remember Michael picking up anything off the ground and he knew he didn't. He just wasn't sure about Michael they were on the blanket did he pick one sitting there and just chewed on it thinking nothing of it that it was just a mushroom? Did he even have time for that when they were on the blanket?

"I don't know for sure I don't think so Dr. Grisales but I'm not one hundred percent positive about it. If he did, it was quick and he couldn't have eaten much because he didn't even say he tried one or ask me to try one. Damn I just don't know." Trent ran his fingers threw his hair and paced the floor beating himself up for not knowing. He blamed himself for leaving Michael at the barn and running into the house. Why did he do that? Why hadn't he gone with him maybe he could have stopped him? But he wasn't sure of what had happened how could he protect him form what ever it was?

"Trent stop doing that it's not your fault. I can see it in your face that you're blaming yourself for this and there's nothing you could have done it seems. Until we find out what ever really happened there's no use in blaming yourself, I mean it Trent don't blame yourself." It was Trent's father who spoke to him and not his mother about feeling guilty and blaming himself. It was a bad habit Clay had when things would happen to the kids when they were growing up. Trent was so much like Clay and he was his father's favorite although Clay would never say that out loud or let any other of the children know. He told all of them in private that each one was in favorite and not to tell the others that he had told them that. And each one believed him and said nothing to others as they grew up. Only Trent believed he was the only one.

Michael caught their attention as he mumbled in his sleep and began talking. None of them could quite make out what he was saying. He began to move his head back and forth slowly at first but his movements became more erratic and he started kicking his legs and hitting himself near his face.

"Get someone Dad hurry! Trent tried holding Michaels hands so he wouldn't hit himself. "Help me Mom take the other side of the bed and hold onto his hand." Trent held one hand and his one leg as his mother held Michael's hand. His father returned with the nurse moving aside so he could see what Michael was doing. Clay grabbed both legs and tried gently to hold him but was forced to hold on tighter.

"Just hold him a for a minute I've got to get some restraints so he won't hurt himself. The nurse retuned with another male nurse and they started restraining Michael to the bed.

"Is that necessary? Can't you just give him some thing that will calm him down?

Trent wanted them to do that instead of putting his Michael in restraints it broke his heart to see him like this.

"Sorry Trent but we can't give him anything yet since we don't know what's wrong with him. If we give him the wrong thing it could do more harm than good. He's okay right now whatever is going on I can assure you that he's not aware of being restrained. It appears he's dreaming of something or maybe hallucinating depending if he ingested something poisonous or some kind of drug was given to him."

"Michael does not do drugs!" Trent screamed at the nurse regretting his outburst as soon as he was done saying it.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to yell at you."

"Don't' worry I have tough skin and understand why you did it, don't worry really. I didn't say he did it knowingly or willingly someone could have slipped him something Trent we just don't know at this point. I will tell you this much. The doctor is beginning to think somehow he got hold of a mushroom. It would explain this state he's in right now. I've called the doctor already to tell him that we've done this as soon as I get back to the nurses station I'll let him now that he seems to be dreaming as well." Dr. Grisales walked in the room as the nurses finished securing Michael to the bed.

"I got some more results from his blood work, the tests that I wanted the most. I was looking for toxins in his body of any kind. Seems he's showing toxins that are toxins in the Panther Mushroom. They are called Muscimol and Ibotenic Acid. This sleep he's in is normal and his thrashing around is what the native Indians called visions and used it as part of their rite of passage into manhood. This will last about twenty-four hours maybe a little longer. I would normally give him Atropine but in this case it would only make it worse."

"What other symptoms are there for this?"

"He might act like he's drunk or shows manic symptoms also he might see small objects as very large. But he will get through this and will be okay I'm going to get him a room and he'll be here for a day at least maybe two depending on how he seems. I put a call into one of the doctors that is a specialist with toxins and he'll be checking in with Michael sometime tomorrow. His name is Dr. Ted Jenkins. I can give him something that will settle him down and we can remove the restraints as long as someone is with him, if you all leave just tell the nurse because they'll have to put these back on."

"Can he get a private room doctor I want to stay with him tonight I don't want to leave him alone I still don't want him waking up and not know where he is or what's going on, he'll freak out honest he will." Dr. Grisales looked at Trent and saw the desperation in his eyes and he broke down from the look.

"I'll put in a request that the room be private." As the doctor started out the door, Clay followed him and pulled him aside.

"Dr. Grisales I want Michael in one of the private suite's upstairs on the top floor. I'll sign the paperwork for his admission but I want that boy to have the best. I don't know for sure what happened and I haven't had a chance to really talk to you. But I know there might be a chance that he was raped. Now I don't know that for sure yet it's only a guess. And maybe it's just the mushroom but if he did I want him somewhere completely safe and where they take extra care of the patient and because of the extra service they give. My son Trent doesn't know about this last development and I might totally wrong and it possibly could entirely the effect of the mushroom and it's that simple. But I want to be prepared if it's not just the mushroom."

"Come with me and we'll take care of it." Clay followed the doctor to an office behind the nurse's station.

"Alex, this is Mr. Clay Sanders he wants a suite for his son Michael Evans he's in bay eight at the moment."

"No problem please Mr. Sanders please have a seat and we'll get this set up and it won't take but five minutes and we'll have Michael up there in no time."

"Great thank you Alex."

"If I'm not mistaken Mr. Sanders but let me make sure. You are the Mr. Sanders that sits on the board are you not?" Clay just looked at Alex and nodded.

"I thought so sir. A private suite won't be a problem. Since you sit on the board there won't be a bill for this sir, one of the privileges. A way of saying thank you for your continued support for this hospital and some of the others that you sit on boards of."

"Is one of the rooms equipped to have a quest in? My son will not leave Michael's side and I don't want him to I want Trent there when Michael does wake up. Michael will freak out not knowing where he is and I don't want that he's been through enough in the past week. This boy needs some comfort and shown some support. I want him to have the best while he's here Alex. I know you said there wouldn't be a bill but I'd rather have one, I want the very best for him. Is there enough staff up there for him to get what I want?"

"Let me call upstairs Mr. Sanders and I'll make sure. Please be patient and I'll make sure." Alex picked up the phone and began asking questions to make sure Michael would be taken care of. Unable to hear the other side of the conversation Clay just listened to Alex.

"I want a private staff for Mr. Michael Evans while he's here. How long am I going to have to wait for that? I see, no but I'd like to get it done quicker. Fine he'll be up in a half hour and call me if anything needs ironing out and if there are any questions call me at this extension, yes that's right 6873 that's it. Thank you Maggie." Alex hung up the phone and gave Clay the situation.

"They will be fully ready in about thirty minutes but can take him in fifteen there will two nurses there at that time. So I'll tell the floor here to go ahead and get him ready to roll. And if there's anything you need you call me Mr. Sanders and I'll make sure you are taken care of personally. These have all my phone numbers from here to my cell and at home for board members I am on call twenty four hours a day and even more so if a family member is in one of the suites. I will be up first thing tomorrow morning to check on Michael to make sure he's doing okay and that he's comfortable. Who's going to be sitting with him again? "

"My son Trent will be the one with him."

"I'll take good care of both of them Mr. Sanders I assure you they will be well looked after and let's hope Michael's visit here is short and he's home quickly and healthy in short order."

"Thank you Alex I appreciate that. My son Trent would agree with you one hundred percent." Both men laughed as Alex guided Clay out the door and back to bay that Michael was in.

"Trent this is Alex, I just want you to know that you and Michael will be in the of the private suite's on the top floor while Michael is here. If you need anything use this card and call Alex and he'll make sure everything is taken care of for you. Believe me when I tell you that this guy will bend in half to make sure you get what you want but don't abuse the privilege son." Trent looked at his father and realized why he loved the man so much. There isn't anything he wouldn't do to make his children happy. He wondered if he would live up to his father's standards. Sometimes he thought he might be able to but more times than most he felt like he would never achieve the high standards that his father set for himself.

"Thanks Dad very much and you know I wouldn't to that you taught me better than that." Clay's chest swelled with pride as his son complimented his own father without even realizing it. He ruffled his son's hair as he did with all his son's from the time they were old enough to have a little hair on top of their heads. He still ruffled his eldest son's hair and Stephen was twenty-four now. Of course the older got the more it pissed them off but they accepted with the love with which it was intended from their father.

Ten minutes later and two orderlies came in the room and began detaching the IV's and the restraints from Michael. The doctor had given him a sedative to keep him quiet so the restraints were no longer necessary. Clay and Sarah excused themselves and told Trent they were going to get a bite to eat did he want anything while they got themselves fed.

"No, it's okay I'm not hungry just yet, why don't you just get some fruit and maybe a water for me that will be good enough for now." His mother wouldn't put up with this and Clay was waiting to see how she was going to deal with his son this time.

"Trent you need something to eat that's solid, fruit and water is not enough for you either decide on something you might want or I'll just pick out a dinner for you and you might not get something you like." Trent sighed heavily, knowing that telling his mother he wasn't hungry would only make matters worse and she would insist that she take him to get something to eat and possibly leave his father here. And Trent was not leaving his side until he woke up. Wasn't going to happen.

"So if I bring back some stuffed peppers do you want the red or green ones."

"Gross and you wouldn't bring them anyway you know I don't like them and never have you wouldn't buy something you know I wouldn't eat." Clay almost snickered at Trent's rebuttal to his mother on her choice of dinner. She looked over at him and gave him a rather threatening look and Clay knew to keep quiet at that point. Unless he wanted to help.

"Come on sport, give me your order and I'll make sure it's a small portion how's that for a compromise? Sounds lots better than stuffed pickled peppers don't you think?" Trent couldn't help but laugh at his Dad's sense of humor and knowing just when to use it on him. He knew his father was right and resigned himself into thinking of what he would like to eat for his dinner later on. He decided to have some fun with his mother and lighten the mood a little.

"Fine Mom go ahead and force feed me, pretty soon you'll be selling Foie Gras ala Trent. And I'll be looking like a fat goose on his way to the butcher shop!" His mother was trying very hard not to laugh but Trent could see that he had her where he wanted her, the serious side was to get pushed out the window, but she'll be damned he was still going to have dinner or he'll find himself in trouble when this was over.

"Trent Clay you will pick some thing to eat or I will have your father take you over his knee. Now stop it and tell you mother what you want." Trent stood before her with sloped shoulders his head tilted to one side, with the eyes of a lost puppy and hunched forward just a little. She couldn't deal with him anymore and lost it laughing at him and trying to punch him at the same time.

"You will pay Trent Sanders, you will pay. Clay make your son behave himself and tell him he is going to eat one way or the other.

"You heard your mother your going to eat one way or the other. I thought there was only one way to eat, is there something I haven't learned about when it comes to eating?" Trent started giggling and couldn't stop and he watched his father make faces behind Sarah's back where she couldn't see him.

"The two of you are horrible to me there is no stopping you two. Fine go hungry Trent later you'll be hungry and I won't be here to go get you something and then you'll be sorry." Sarah turned and slapped her husband on the head since he was bent over making fun of her.

"Thanks Dad, I needed that I feel better now." His father could always get to him when he had a problem and knew how to get it out of him and how to deal with it. It was something that always amazed Trent when he was a kid. He could never figure out how his father always seemed to know when something was wrong. He could understand it now that he was older and had come to appreciate it because there were times that Trent didn't know how to bring a problem out into the open. But that's what his dad did and he was proud of him for that ability.

"Okay Mom you win, how about you get me a salad and a sandwich maybe turkey or chicken. Not to heavy on the mayo, with just tomato and cheese to go with it that will be good and maybe some milk to drink gotta keep my slender figure this year while I get ready to graduate and maybe go to the prom with Mikey!" Trent danced around the room waving his hands in the air.

"Okay we get the point Trent we'll get what you want.

The orderlies pushed the bed into the corridor and began the short journey to the top floor of the hospital. Both wondering who was in the bed that rated the best suite in the hospital looking at Clay they both knew who ever he was he was the reason that they were taking the kid up there. One of them couldn't help but look at Trent and wondered if he was a boyfriend or what, they weren't related that's for sure not by the looks of them together. They looked liked boyfriends and the older man looked familiar but neither one could place where they had seen him. They reached the top and the doors opened to what can only be described a five star hotel entrance way. The two nurses that would take care of Michael came and took the bed from the orderlies. Another nurse came and took the paperwork from the two boys and ushered them back into the elevator. It was amazingly quiet for a hospital Clay thought.

The nurses pushed Michael through two massive oak doors and into his room. Trent had never seen anything like it. A few feet away from where Michael was being put Trent saw the bed he was staying in and realized that it was a regular king size bed not a hospital bed at all. Wait till Michael sees this he's going to go nuts and not believe that he's in a hospital at all. If it wasn't for the hospital equipment, the tiled floors and medicine cabinets lining the walls you would think you were in a hotel someplace.

The nurses who were friendly made Michael comfortable and treated him with such kindness Trent was impressed.

"I'm going to be Michael's charge nurse for this shift, we are here for twelve hours and then the next shift comes in. My name is Kathy and this is Denise, Walter and Steve will relieve us around seven tomorrow morning. We made up a bed for you so you have a place to sleep. If you need anything just let us know and we'll be happy to get it for you, okay?" Trent just looked at her and still couldn't believe where he was and the place they were in.

"Sure and thank you the both of you I really appreciate all you've done. Is there someplace I can just wash my face and just freshen up a little it's been a long day?"

"Come with me Trent." He followed her to the other side of the king size bed and she opened the door and Trent walked into a full bath room, fully stocked with everything you would need, razors, soaps, shampoo, towels everything.

"You're welcome to take a shower if you want everything you need is here if there is something that we missed just let me know and we'll get it." Man, this was too much Trent was use to being waited on but this was just not something you expected in a hospital. He wanted to take a shower but was afraid that Michael would wake up. They had told Trent if there was anything he needed to ask her. He walked out to where they all were working. Trent could see a desk that had several screens looking in on the patients. He was a little nervous to ask but he stepped up to Denise to ask.

"Denise I really would like a shower I'm just afraid to leave Michael by himself. He's going to freak out when he sees someplace that he doesn't know. I don't want him scared and alone. Could you just sit by his bed for five minutes while I take a really quick shower? I don't mean to interrupt your work I just don't want to leave ..."

"Its okay Trent I'd be more than happy to sit with him it's not a problem. I think it's very noble that you don't want him left alone and you're right he might wake up and be afraid not knowing where he is, I know I would be. Come on and go take your shower and you don't have to race through it. I will wait patiently for you if you want to take your time. It's not a problem. That's why we are here Trent to make sure you have everything you need or want, don't look at us just nurses look at us as concierge's and we're here to make sure anyone in this room is happy, as long as they are spending the night. Guests unfortunately are just visitors. We do have to keep things to a minimum."

"Thank you so much but I will only be a few minutes I want to be here for him when he wakes up, I don't want him freaking out on me there's no way I'm going to let that happen to Mikey, no way." Trent walked into the bathroom and quickly turned on the shower to the right temperature and quickly shed his clothes. He looked into the shower stall to make sure everything was there and more than he would ever need was there. The shower was huge. There was a chair to the side that you could move so that it was under the water and Trent moved it immediately and began washing his feet and lower legs. It made him wish his shower at home were this big. He quickly washed everything he could wash sitting down he got up and washed his cock and balls and wrapped his hand around his shaft for a minute and knew that now was not the time, Michael could all ready be awake, he finished with washing his hair and rinsed off. Jumping out he almost fell on the wet floor that would be all he would need right now was him breaking his head open. If the fall didn't kill him his mother would. Half dry he decided that it was good enough and got dressed and saw the slippers under one of the sinks. Slipping them on he exited the bathroom and looked to see if Michael had come out of sleep state, he was still sleeping Trent hung his head in anguish. He just wanted his Michael to wake up and to tell him what had happened he just wanted to know. Why had he left him alone with the horses? Maybe it was too much the first time and Michael got over whelmed. That didn't make any sense to him Michael wasn't that afraid of the horses he didn't act like he was anyway. He had acted like he enjoyed himself surely he didn't put on an act for Trent's sake Michael wouldn't do that for Trent. He was honest when he told him how afraid he was of the animal.

His parents returned with some food for him and his mother set it up for him so that he would eat. She put his dinner on the food tray and pushed it over him so that he was still seated next to Michael and within reach of his hand. He ate using his right hand and had his left hand draped over the railing of Michael's bed. Trent could almost touch it all he had to do was lean over about two or three inches.

"Why don't you guys talk to him while I eat, I tried earlier but he wouldn't listen to me he kept turning his head the other way. I don't know if he's just moving or he can actually hear me. Go on try talking to him Dad, he respects you, well he does you to Mom but right now without his father well he really listens to Dad and looks up to him. Clay felt honored by what his son had just said and it prompted him to try what he had asked.

"Hey Michael it's me Clay. I just want you to know that we're sitting here waiting for you to wake up. This is some kind of sleep you're having but I really think that it's gone on long enough and you should get your butt in gear and get up Trent is getting impatient and you know how the stick man is when his patience runs outs. Oh yea, you weren't around when we called him the stick man. It was when he was in his early teens and he looked like he was all skinny legs and skinny arms. And I'm talking skinny skinny he really did look like the stick figures you drew when you play hangman. Just thought I'd tell you that so you could get up and start teasing him with that one he'll really get wound up if you call him that. Don't worry I'll straighten him out if he tries to get you in any way, just come and tell me."

Clay patted his arm and reached up and pushed the hair out of his face it broke his heart to see Michael like this. Clay hadn't known the boy long but Michael had somehow had hit the softest spot in Clays heart. He wanted to help the boy in any way he could. The only thing he felt for Michael's father was contempt for not seeing the bright future his son had. Clay couldn't understand how the guy got to be a major considering how he treated Michael. He thought about having him investigated by one his security firms. There were several that focused on background checks. He just wouldn't be to tell Michael or Trent ever that he had done such a thing. Michael would probably hate him and Trent would never forgive him if he hurt Michael in anyway. Second thoughts kept him in check from doing anything about a background run.

His desire to help him also had beleaguered Michael in the beginning. He had jumped the gun to quickly and now he just had to wait for Michael to come to him, which he hoped he would. What ever he could get Michael to agree to he would. The two biggest things he wanted to give him was a car and to take care of his college education. With what Michael had said and the way he talked about mathematics Clay knew that he could get into MIT no sweat. The problem was convincing Michael that he could do it and that Clay would take care of it. He wouldn't tell Michael but he knew enough people to insure his acceptance at MIT.

Perhaps if he told Michael that in exchange for his college education being paid for Michael would agree to work for him when he was done for a certain amount of time. He would get paid regular salary just like he did the boys did anytime they worked for Clay during their summer breaks. At least the boys would back him up on that one. It might Michael feel like at least agreeing to work for Clay a certain amount of time Michael might fell like that time would be considered repayment. They never got special treatment and they felt that they had truly been treated with respect and had earned everything that they did. No one gave them any special help or consideration for being one of Clay Sanders son's. The same applied to his daughters. Clay didn't discriminate when it came to work, plus he wanted to have his children learn the value of a dollar before they received their trust funds that had been set up for all of them.

"Michael why don't you sit up and talk to me? You've got me worried sick. What am I going to tell your sister about this? She's going to hate me for letting something happen to you when I assured her that I would take care of you. Besides I can't stand Trent's long face any more he's been dragging himself around this bed the whole time you've been sleeping. Really if you don't wake up soon you'll never sleep tonight, you'll be up all night trying to get back to sleep. But that's you choice but I would suggest that you wake up and say hello to your boyfriend he's missing you something awful. We all miss your smiling face Michael now wake up or I'll have Clay give you a good old fashioned spanking you hear Michael Evans?" Sarah held his hand the whole time squeezing it off and on. Just like her husband this young boy had come into the house and just struck a soft spot. Sarah even more than Clay, the nurturing mother was brought out of Sarah she couldn't imagine throwing your child out the door before they were old enough or able to take care of themselves. Although she had a feeling that Michael would survive even if her and Clay hadn't been there to help him. None of the other kids had brought home someone like Michael. He was just a soft spoken kindhearted person who wouldn't think of hurting anyone and felt like the world was not such a bad place it just depended on how you looked at it as far as he was concerned. She couldn't understand how he such a wonderful outlook after what he had been through.

The two of them were tired and had to get home Danny, Randy and Yvonne were still there and Joshua had insisted he'd stay to watch them until someone got home. On the way home Sarah called Mandy.

"Mandy this is Sarah. I'm sorry to have to tell you that Michael is in the hospital from mushroom poisoning. We aren't sure how he digested them or where he would have gotten them. Trent and Michael went riding and the doctor think that perhaps while Trent and Michael were having a picnic that Michael might have picked at a mushroom while sitting on the ground and not thinking anything of it, he just picked a few pieces off and ate them. It's not a serious mushroom poisoning Mandy and in twenty four to thirty six hours he'll be fine. There are no long lasting effects. The doctor in the ER has called a specialist to see Michael tomorrow anyway. Trent is with him now and is staying with him the entire night. If you call Trent's phone he'll probably answer and he can tell you everything. I'm sorry to have to tell you this. But the bottom line is that he'll be okay. I wanted to call you earlier but I wanted some kind of answer before I did. I didn't want to alarm you and then leave you hanging."

"Oh my god I can't believe Michael would do something like that. He's not a big mushroom eater Sarah. He doesn't hate them but usually he picks them off his salad instead of asking for a salad without them. This just doesn't sound right to me. I'm glad you waited to call me. I would have been like Michael and would have worried waiting to hear from you for an answer. It was the best thing to do with me. You're right if you had called and didn't know what was happening to him I would have been out of my mind and my parents would have known something was going on. Is he at City Hospital?

"Yes he is Mandy, Clay made sure he got one of the executive suites on the top floor. If you want to go up you can. Trent is with him like I said and he's the only one there I'm sure you won't have a problem getting in to see him. He was still out when we left but I'm thinking that sometime tonight he's going to wake up the doctor said that depending on how much he ate will determine how long he sleeps. He was having some dreams and had to be restrained but they have taken them off of him and gave him a sedative instead which was working well when we left him."

"I want to thank you for taking care of him and getting him to the hospital Sarah and thank your husband for putting him in such a nice place that wasn't necessary Michael has medical insurance."

"There won't be a bill for this Mandy, Clay is a member of the board at City Hospital and he'll take care of this himself, he insisted that it be done, Michael didn't have a choice really because he was out cold. So don't blame Michael, it wasn't his idea just so you know that right now."

"That was very generous of him please tell him I thank him from the bottom of my heart for making sure Michael was getting the best care possible. Which I know he is if he's on the top floor of City Hospital. I've read several articles that were written about it and each one was glowing about how exquisite it was. I don't know how we'll ever repay you for this."

"You won't repay us, thanks is payment enough Mandy. I mean that I just want Michael to be okay, as does Clay. So why don't I get off the phone and let you go so you can go and see Michael at City. She wanted to see her brother as soon as she could she wanted to see how he looked. She would know right away as soon as she looked into his eyes. She just had to hope now that he was awake and still would be when she got there.

Trent stood next to Michael and held his hand with one hand and with the other he stroked his forehead. He was getting tired and thought maybe he should get some sleep but he wasn't getting into the bed he would just sleep in the chair.

"Come on baby wake up for me I can't sleep tonight if you don't wake up I'll have to stand here until you wake up. You don't want me to do that do you? I know you don't, you'd be mad at me for standing here and just waiting. If you were awake you'd tell me to go home and get some sleep, which isn't going to happen because I wouldn't leave anyway and you can't make me. You know why you can't me? Because you're being a wuss and just sleeping you can't even say anything or even yell at me." Trent just kept stroking Michael's forehead and holding onto his hand trying to hold on to him. He was so afraid that Michael wasn't going to wake up he didn't care what the doctor told him he just wanted this man he had fallen in love with to wake up so they could go on with their lives.

"Oh Michael please baby just wake up Mikey. Please baby don't keep doing this you're scaring me baby you really are and all I'm asking is for you to wake up and talk to me I promise not to talk if you wake up."

"Really?" Michael hadn't moved or say anything as Trent tried to figure if he had really heard him or not.

"Say it again Mikey say it again, just one more word? Trent watched Michael's face for any hint of movement even a twitch would tell him that he had really heard Michael a few seconds ago.

"Now would be good damn you!"

"It's not nice to swear at someone you idiot." Michael's words came out roughly and Trent just looked at Michael in complete shock.

"What's the matter with you bonehead? What the hell is your problem you turn wuss on me? Where the fuck are we anyway? And why am I in bed?" Mandy opened the door slowly and peeked her head into the room.

"MANDY BABY! How the HELL are you?" He wasn't slurring his words but they were extremely exaggerated. Mandy looked at her brother in surprise and then at Trent.

"It's all right Mandy the doctor said he might act like this, it's just the poison from the mushroom that's doing this he'll be all right at least he's awake now and that's an improvement from earlier." Trent walked over to Mandy and hugged her.

"I'm glad you here. I was getting worried he wasn't going to wake up but now that he's awake I have to deal with a drunk. Talk to him while I get the nurse I want her to know that he's awake." Trent left the room and Mandy walked over to Michael trying to not laugh at her brother the whole time.

"Wow Mandy what's up with the huge purse you're dragging?" Mandy looked at the small purse she had tucked under her arm and couldn't understand what he was talking about.

"So Michael I hear you ate some bad mushrooms today? What gave you that idea I thought you had better sense than to eat something that wasn't good for you? You don't even like them to begin with." She smiled at him when he looked at her and his eyes crossed trying to focus on her face. She leaned over and gave him a kiss.

"It would be nice sis if you could fucking hold still for a minute." Mandy was surprised at Michael this was certainly not that brother she knew. It was totally out of character for Michael to talk to her like that. He began to thrash around on the bed and Mandy moved back a little afraid that he would hit her from his movements. Trent and the nurse walked in the saw him almost fall from the bed. The nurse yelled at Trent to hold him down on the bed and she ran from the room. Trent made it to the bed just before Michael swung his legs over the side to get up.

"Oh no Mikey, no getting out of bed now it's time to lay back and rest some. You've had a rough day and you can't go anyway just yet." Michael tried fighting back and began swinging his arms at Trent trying to get up.

"Grab him Mandy help me keep him in bed." Mandy ran to the side and to help Trent get her brother back into the bed. They were making progress when the nurse ran back into the room with a syringe in hand.

"Just keep him still for a few seconds. I've got something to calm him down some. The nurse made a few attempts at getting the needle into the IV tube before succeeding. Once in she pushed the plunger and within a few minutes Michael's body began to give in to the drug she had given him. Mandy and Trent got him back into the bed.

"Well that was fun while it lasted." Mandy plopped down in the chair next to Michael.

"What was that all about?"

"Just the effects from the mushroom nothing major. That will end now that I've given him some Adavan he'll settle down. He might go in and out a little but he'll be all right. If he starts talking about something being huge that isn't don't be surprised. It's just one more side effect. Or he might think that something is really small. It goes back and forth. The sleeping he just woke up from is normal, then it's a stage of acting like he's drunk and as the toxins leave his body or get absorbed. And every hour that goes by the effects wear off. It's about the easiest way to explain this for you." Denise was the one who filled Mandy in and it made her feel ten times better than when she had first walked in on Michel.

"How did he get mushrooms Trent?"

"Mandy just give me one second and let me call my Mom and Dad." Mandy waved her hand for him to go ahead and she pulled out her phone to call her mother. She showed him the phone and motioned that she would be out in the hall and would be back.

"Mom hi, he woke up, yeah Mandy is here she walked in right about when he woke up. He was acting like he was really drunk and they gave him a sedative right away and now he's just going in and out of sleep. When he does wake up he still thinks he's drunk. So sleeping for him right now is a good thing. Mandy is talking to his Mom right now and her and I are just talking and making sure he stays in bed if he wakes up again. Just let Dad know and then every one at home and I'll talk to you later. I love you to Mom. Bye.

Mandy was still in the hallway Trent took the time to fix up Michael's bed and straighten his sheets and pull them up and pulled up the blanket he had on. Michael's face was looking much better it didn't look so white anymore. Mandy came back into the room and the two of them picked up on their conversation.

"I don't know Mandy, I really don't. I didn't see him picking at anything when we were sitting on the blanket. We had a packed lunch that Andy made and there was nothing that had mushrooms in it. I'm trying to think if there was anytime that I wasn't paying attention that he would have had enough time to do something like that and I just can't. I just don't know Mandy, I just don't know." Trent hung his head a little and picked up Michael's hand.

"Well you can't blame yourself Trent, you didn't do anything wrong, whatever he did or whatever happened there was nothing you could have done. We'll just have to wait until the effects wear off and see what he had to say about what happened."

The two of them talked for a while and Michael slept. He woke up a few times but quickly fell back to sleep. Trent was relieved that he was sleeping this time. He didn't like seeing Michael acting the way he had it was just something that Trent hadn't been prepared for. Mandy didn't stay long once she had seen Michael and knew her brother was going to be okay. Trent was seated in his chair next to the bed facing Michael with his hand in his. It didn't take Trent long to drift off to sleep the emotional day had taken its toll and he just couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.

"Are you still sleeping?" Michael quietly asked Trent while nudging his hand slightly. After a few moments Trent opened his eyes and looked at Michael.

"Hey baby you okay now?"

"I don't know what happened, where am I?"

"Oh Mikey I'm so glad you're sounding so much better this time. You had me scared to death there for a while. As to where you are, you're in City Hospital from what they think is you ate a poisonous mushroom. Did you?"

"I didn't eat any mushrooms Trent I don't really like them." Michael's face went still and Trent watched him for a few minutes. He could tell that he was thinking and he was just going to wait until Michael talked to him again. Michael eyes began to well up and Trent could see that he was going to cry. He got up on the bed with him and put his arms around him. In between sobs Michael tried to talk to Trent.

"SShhh... just relax Michael and just be calm if you can. I know that I'm making so easy for you but just try and take a few deep breaths, okay? Good, nice and slow, don't try talking for a few minutes Michael. Yep that's good, easy Baby that's just what I need you to do."

"I know I remember, I remember what happened Trent, I didn't eat any mushrooms." Michael got silent and Trent leaned back to look at Michael.

"So if you didn't eat any mushroom then what did happen?" Michael grew silent again just looking at Trent. Now he wondered if what his father said was true that Kevin had possibly raped him. His heart sank to his stomach and he felt like he was going to throw up.

"Kevin did it, he tried to attack me Trent. When I was taking the horses back in the barn and went looking for Calvin. I couldn't find him and then Kevin was there and he came up to me and he was talking to me and I was feeling sick to my stomach from what he was saying and I knew what he was going do and I couldn't get away from him. He was going to rape me I think and just went he came at me and tried to hug me I felt like I got stabbed in the stomach with something sharp. No no... wait that's not right. He came up to me first and I remember feeling closed in and he was getting closer and I couldn't back up because of the wall behind me. Then as he was getting closer and just as he touched me I remember feeling the pain in my stomach and as he was talking to me more I started to feel funny." Michael looked down at his stomach and pulled the gown back from his stomach looking at where he had felt like he had been stabbed. Nothing was there that he could see. Trent's face was slowly turning red with anger. He worked at gaining composure as he looked at Michael.

"Michael I'll be right back, just sit right here okay baby, just lay back down and wait for me to come back. Do not get out of this bed there's no reason for you to move. Trent left the room and went to the nurses station.

"I need to get in touch with the Watertown police, I found out that he didn't eat any mushrooms, he remembers being attacked by someone and he says he felt like he got stabbed but there's no marks on him where he felt like he was. But there's a red area that someone needs to look closer at. Please call them and have someone come to see him. Tell them it's in regards to an incident that happened at my house. I'll write down the address down for you if you give me paper and pen. Trent wrote down the address and left the desk. He stopped and called his father before reentering the room.

"Dad, I'm sorry to wake you up but Michael didn't eat any mushrooms, he said Kevin attacked him when he took the horses back to the barn. I've already called the Watertown police well I had the nurse call for me. So I expect that someone will show up here either at some point tonight or tomorrow morning first thing. Please call me when you're in the kitchen and just check to see if the cops have shown up and if they haven't I'll put another call in to get someone in here to talk to him."

"Trent slow down, probably no detectives will come tonight not at this hour so just try and relax with Michael if you slow down and chill he'll do the same. It's one thing to tell him to relax but if you aren't, then neither is he going to buddy. Listen to your old man this time okay?" Clay pleaded with his son knowing that Michael was feeding off his energy he had to slow down. Now that Clay had been on the phone Sarah was awake wanting to know what had taken place that Michael called, she wasn't sure how much of the conversation she had missed.

"Michael has remembered what happened and Kevin tried to attack him behind the barn when he took the horses to find Calvin. That son of a bitch is going to pay for this. Trent told the nurse to call the police but I want to be at the hospital when they get there to see what's going to happen with him. Stay here and get some sleep if you can. I know you probably won't but try. I know they probably won't come until the morning but I've got to get Trent to slow down he's not helping Michael. I can hear it in his voice. I have to go play Dad with the both of them. As soon as I know something concrete I will call you."

Clay was out of bed, showered and changed within and fifteen minutes he was sitting in his car and driving towards City Hospital. He was grateful for the minimal traffic at this time of the night. In a little under twenty-five minutes Clay had parked his car and was in the elevator and on his way up to the top floor. He was hoping that maybe Trent had fallen asleep but that depended if he even tried to lay down and close his eyes and Clay doubted that.

Michael was relieved to see Clay walk through the door of his hospital room. Trent had explained to Michael how he had gotten the room he was in. He was glad for the first time that he was being taken care like he was because of Clay and being on the Board of Trustee's. He put his fingers to his lips to let Clay know to come in quietly Trent had just fallen asleep holding Michael's hand while trying to comfort him. Michael's head was still swirling so had just laid it back down on his pillow two minutes before Clay had walked in.

"He just fell asleep. He had been so wound up trying to get me to relax I finally faked being asleep just to give him time to stop, I knew if he stopped for five minutes he'd fall asleep." Michael looked at Clay and the tears welled in his eyes. Clay came around to the other side of the bed and sat down with Michael by his side. He let go of Trent's hand and took hold of Clay's but Clay wrapped him in a fatherly hug. He just gave him the time he needed and let him cry himself out. When Michael finally let go he noticed that Clay's shirt was wet from his tears. He hung his head and bashfully looked up into Clays eyes.

"I'm sorry but I think your shirt is a little wet I didn't mean to do that." Clay smiled at him and his still childlike innocence. Clay began to realize it was one of the things that endeared him to the boy. It was one of Michael's charms.

"You're going be okay Michael don't worry I promise that I'll help you get through this. Trent said that Kevin did this to you. Do you remember everything that happened? If you don't want to talk about this yet it's okay you just let me know. I'll tell you now the police are either on their way or they'll be here first thing in the morning, either way they are going to want to talk to you. You think you can handle it or should I tell them that you need a little more time? I can have the nurses keep them out of room for now if you want."

"I don't know Clay I'm still feeling all weird inside my head. One minute I'm good the next I feel like floating in cloud or being whipped around in a tornado."

"Sit here and I'll be right back" He looked at Trent and smiled. "Don't let the sleeping giant fool you he's been beside himself since this happened you know." Michael just looked at Clay and nodded his understanding. Clay left the room to go to the nurse's desk returning a few moments later to get back to Michael to see what he would tell him as to what happened at the barn with Kevin.

"I told the nurse no visitors to tell the cops that your request to see them has changed and that they'll have to come back in the morning to see you, if the doctor will let them. Now tell me what happened Michael and as hard as it may be try and not leave anything out." Michael took a deep breath and began the story again for Clay relaying all the details that he could remember. It took him almost a half hour to get through it all.

"We'll get him Michael I know he's still in jail the cops that were at the house said they would hold him at least until they had the story on you and the outcome, to be honest they didn't know if you would make it or not when we were still at the house because you had passed out at that point."

"The last thing I clearly remember is you picking me up and taking me to the barn. We sat down and you were holding me and saying something but I didn't know what it was that you were saying I couldn't make it out. Then when I came to I know Mandy was here at least I think she was and I wanted to get out of bed." He lay back down and took a deep breath and slowly exhaled.

"I'm not tired Clay but I wish Trent would get in that bed over there. See if you can talk him into it." Clay walked around to Trent and gently patted him on the back and quietly urged him to get into the bed so he could sleep better.

"Come on son, I'll sit with Michael so he's okay if he wants to talk. Get some rest Michael wants you to and so do I. I promise to wake you if Michael asks for you at any time okay?" Trent nodded and walked alongside his father as he guided him to the bed. Clay pulled back the covers and let Trent lay down and covered him up. Trent fell right back to sleep before his father turned around. He sat in the chair that Trent had been sitting in and continued to talk to Michael. The two talked off and on. Michael would dose in and out and Clay just would just let him sleep. He knew they were all tired considering everything that had happened. Clay had filled Michael in on everything that he wasn't aware of or that he couldn't remember. He told him that Kevin was being held and it made Michael feel better to know that he was locked up. But in the pit of his stomach something wasn't settled yet when he thought about Kevin for too long. There was still something that Michael didn't like about him he couldn't put his finger on it but something in his gut made him think he was bad news. There was more to Kevin that wasn't adding up right in Michael's head. That was the last thing he thought of when he drifted off to sleep again.

Trent jumped up from his sleep as one of the nurses came in to check Michael's vital signs. He wanted to see how Michael was doing the second he was clearly thinking. Clay had fallen asleep in the chair holding Michael's hand and Michael was slumped over to the side of the bed almost to the edge. He was glad that his father was taking care of Michael and had accepted him as he had. It was the one thing's that Trent had hoped would happen he wanted his father and Michael to like each other. He knew when he told his parents that he was gay that his father was disappointed although he tried very hard to show Trent he wasn't. But seeing him like this made Trent felt like his father truly had accepted him and it brought a tear to his eye. He was going to have to tell his father how much he appreciated him after this was over with. He walked over and patted him on the back.

"Hey Day you're going to have a broken back if you keep sitting in this chair like you are. Why don't we trade places and you go into the bed and I'll sit here with droopy?" Clay looked up and saw Michael leaning to the one side and looked up at Trent.

"Lets get up him straightened up some and then I'll take you up on that offer. I know we'll all be up soon anyway. He's been asleep for a while. The last time I talked to him he sounded pretty much like himself. I think that most of the poison has worn off and he'll be okay. I'm sure they will keep him another night since he's on this floor, they don't like anyone leaving here that isn't in tiptop shape. So don't get his hopes up about leaving today just want to give you a heads Trent." Clay stood up and took a step and Trent threw his arms around him hugging him tightly. Clay was surprised at the sudden hug that his son was giving him. He put his arms around Trent and hugged him back unsure for the sudden emotional burst of affection.

"I just want to say thank you Dad for everything but mostly for accepting Michael as you have. I know it's been hard for you since I told you I was gay. And you've been really good trying not to show it, but with this all happening and the way you've treated Michael I know now without any doubt in my mind that you have not only accepted me being gay, but Michael as well. Dad you just have no idea what this means to me Dad, you can't even begin to understand what it means. And before you say anything. Michael and I have been talking about going to school, well about him going to school mostly. But he wants me to sit down and show you some drawings I've been doing and about me going to school to." Clay looked at his son with a smile a mile wide.

"I don't know what Michael said to you but I know now why I like him so much. I won't ask to go into details now but we'll talk later and whatever it is if Michael thinks you're good at it I can't wait to see it. It must be really good. I do what you to know this Trent whatever you want to do after school is fine. If you want to go to college I'll be ecstatic and if you don't and want to do something else I'll help you just as much as if you were going to school. Either way it's going to be fine with me. I just want you to know that. I know you think that you have to step into my shoes when I retire but you don't. I never want any of you boys to think that you have to do that for me. It's not about what I want it's what you want for you life." It was Clay's turn to hug Trent and the two stood there embracing each other.

"Can I get one of those?" It was Michael and both of them turned and looked at him. He had color back in his face and sounded better than he had earlier with Clay. Trent let go of his father and rushed over to Michael and hugged him.

"I'm so glad you're feeling better you look better to." Trent just hugged Michael as tight as he could. He was so happy that his boyfriend was back and feeling like himself. He couldn't wait to get him out of the hospital, maybe his father was wrong and he would get out of here today sometime. If he didn't he wasn't going to leave his side until he was out of here and no one was going to stop him.

The doctors showed up to examine Michael and were happy with the results. When Michael related the story of what happened one of the doctors asked Michael to lay down flat to look at his stomach. With a magnifying glass that he retrieved from the nurse he looked closely at Michael's abdomen area. The exam lasted about five minutes. He asked the two other doctors to look closely at the same spot he had focused on. Both agreed at what they were all looking on. There was also a very small scratch barely visible but under the brighter light it could be seen more clearly.

"Michael you mentioned feeling a stabbing feeling when this man got close to you. Did you see if anything was in his hand at all? Any kind of object at all? " Michael shook his head. "I think I know how you got the poison in your system." Trent interrupted the conversation.

"Are you saying that this guy stuck Michael with a needle and put the poison in him on purpose? Why would someone do that?" Trent just looked at the doctor unsure of what to think.

"I can't say specifically what he would be doing. But with the reactions so unpredictable I can't imagine what he would be trying. Unless he thought it would just fog his memory later on making Michael forget what had happened. But if he had given him too much he could have killed him. So I'm not sure what his purpose had been. If he had used it to try and rape someone and thinking they would forget again he still took a chance of killing him."

"Maybe that was the point." Trent could see the fear in Michael's and took hold of his hand and squeezed it to let him know that he was with him. Michael used his arm to cover his eyes and bit the inside of his mouth so that he wouldn't cry.

"I think that he's going to be fine but I want to keep him another day to make sure. If you need anything Michael just let the nurse know. I've left her instructions to give you a mild sedative today whenever you feel you need it and do not hesitate please. I want you to just relax and be calm and to let you know your safe here nothing will happen to you. If you need to talk to someone I'll send someone for you. I heard that you were seeing another doctor for anxiety and possible depression. Do you know what they are and who is the doctor and I'll make sure he gets the report this morning first thing."

"I'm taking Xanax and Cymbalta and the doctor I'm talking to is Dr. Drew Davis he's in Watertown. It would be good to see him but it will probably won't be until tomorrow and I'll be home tomorrow so I'm not sure about calling him now."

"Don't get to anxious about being out of here, I want you seen and cleared by a few people Michael. I don't want you out of here until I'm happy with how you're doing. Look at staying at very quiet place or as a forced rest take your pick. I'm more aware of your situation than you think Mr. Evans. I'm a doctor remember I don't look at just one thing I look at all aspects of my patients. That includes your personal life and just because Trent didn't say anything, it told me more than he thought." Michael and Trent just looked at each other and Trent shrugged in utter bewilderment. Let's try this on for size and know that no one has said anything about this to me this is just my take from what I've seen.

"You two are gay, boyfriends at the minimum but I think it's more than that emotionally. Michael you aren't living at home, so that tells me at your age and not living at home that you're having some kind of problem with your parents. Usually, again given your age one or both of the parents threw you out or you walked out, doesn't matter either way. It's still causing emotional stress and mental stress. And then on top of all that, you get attacked that throws you into overload my friend and as your doctor I'm not letting out of here until I'm comfortable with your physical health and your mental health. You could be a few days to a week. Now, how far off am I?" It wasn't just Trent or Michael that was impressed but Clay was equally blown away.

"Yes that's about right so yes will you arrange for Dr. Davis to come and see me? I had just started seeing him before this happened and I'd like to talk to him again if I'm going to talk to anyone."

"I will call him and see that he comes to see you. I know he arrives at the hospital around ten to see his patients that are here. I'll make sure he knows you asked for him." The group of doctors left the room leaving the three of them alone. A few moments' later two cops walked into the room and introduced themselves. They stayed about a half hour asking questions and going over what had happened at the barn. By the time they left Michael was rattled and uptight. He paged for the nurse and asked her for the sedative the doctor talked about. Within fifteen minutes Michael was relaxed and feeling better again.

"I'm going to leave you two, relax and watch the television for the day since you aren't going anyway. I'm sure your mother will be coming by today at some point guys. Enjoy the surroundings and service while you're here. I hear they have great food for this floor." He leaned towards both of them to whisper to them. "Enjoy it, there won't be a bill for this, don't be rude which I know you won't but if I were in your shoes I'd eat my heart since health isn't an issue." Clay walked over to the bed and sat down next to Trent.

"I'm going to call Sarah and let her know what has gone on. I'm sure by now she's wondering just what is going on. I would listen to your doctor Michael he seem to get it all just about one hundred percent I'd say. Give me a hug and I'm going home to get some rest but I'll be back later on don't you worry. If you want anything let Sarah know because I'm sure before to long she'll be coming up with the rest of the gang. So if there's anything you want from the house let her know so she can bring it to you. Get some rest and that's not an option at this point young man that's an order from your doctor." Clay leaned in and gave him one last hug and whispered to him, he loves you and so do I you be good." He patted Michael on the back and turned from the bed and walked out of the room giving a wave turned the corner.

"He's too much Trent I like your Dad he's been so good to me I hope I never do anything that would disappoint or hurt him."

"I know what you mean Michael. I have to tell you something and I think you'll be surprised. I mentioned to him what you and I talked about those drawings I showed you."

"You did?" Michael was stunned by Trent's revelations to him.

"Trent that's wonderful what did he say."

"He told me that he wanted to see them and no matter what I decided to do after school was out he would support me just as much either way. I was a little shocked by it but it made me feel good when he told me he'd support me either way. He said if you liked my drawings that he'd probably like them to. I've got one other thing I have to tell you that happened while you two were asleep." Trent looked at Michael with a serious look on his face unsure of how to tell Michael about what he had seen. He knew it was a good thing and just didn't want to make Michael feel awkward about it afterwards.

"You look almost sad Trent what's the big deal? What's so unsettling to make you look like that?"

"When I woke up and I was coming over to your bed both of you were sleeping. And you had your hand out and Dad was holding it. You two must have fallen asleep like that."

"We had been talking and your father told me how he and your mother are glad that they have been able to help me and he was sorry for throwing all the stuff at me when I moved in within a few days of being there. He wanted me to know that everything was still available to me whenever I chose to accept them and that I wasn't under any pressure to accept any of them. No matter what happens he wants me to keep what they have given me. And that he only hopes that I will accept the other things as well. I told him that I would let you take me shopping when I am out of here and back on me feet and he was elated with the news. So now what do you want to say?"

"It made me realize that my father has truly accepted not only me being gay but he has also accepted you as my boyfriend and part of the family. You don't know how it makes me feel. I know my father said he was okay with me being gay when I told them but I also saw that he struggled with it. I know he was a little disappointed at first but I know he still loved me with all his heart even if he was struggling with it. But seeing him holding your hand confirmed to me that he had accepted you and I. I told him that afterwards and we hugged a really good hug. Better than any I've had in a long time from him."

"I'm glad you feel that way Trent I really am. I wish I had ten percent of the relationship with my father that you have with yours." Michael didn't cry but he wanted to. Trent climbed in bed with him and picked up the remote just to change Michael's currant train of thought.

"Let's see what this huge flat screen looks like in here and watch what's on. And what do you think about ordering something to eat? You want me to ask how we get food in the trashy dump?" Michael and Trent looked around the room and then each other laughing at Trent's comment.

"I noticed that it was some place I wouldn't be got dead in, but since it's free what the hell have we got to lose we might as well stay." The continued their laughter. Two nurses walked into the room and just stopped and watched the two boys laughing as they lay in the bed. Steve was the first one to get attention from their giggling hysterical fit. Trent sat up propping himself up on one arm and without realizing left his other hand on Michael's stomach. He had unintentionally moved the gown to one side and Michael's penis was clearly visible to both of the nurses.

"Um.. Someone might want to cover up a little..." Michael looked down and a look of horror crossed his face and he quickly pulled the sheets from around his knees up to his chest in about two seconds. The red on his face matched the red of a Red Delicious Apple Walter and Steve both laughed at him finding it amusing that he was so bashful in front of them.

"Now that we've been introduced to you privately so to speak. Let's get introduced properly. I'm Steve Tatum and my other cohort in crime is Walter Knight. We are the lucky ones that get to take care of you today Mr. Evans and Mr. Sanders. If at anytime you need or want anything don't be afraid to ring the buzzer and we'll come running. Well... not so much running but we'll be here as quick as we can. I don't know if the night nurses told you anything. But we are strictly here for you, we don't take care of any other patients but you Michael. I'm sure by now you two are hungry. Since you are on no restrictions for your diet, you may order anything you want however I wouldn't suggest anything with mushrooms." Steve had a blank look on his face and pointed his finger at Michael and began laughing.

"Gottcha...." Trent and Michael looked at each other for a few seconds and started laughing, as did Walter and Steve.

"Just had to test your sense of humor after your evening of fun and folly in our lovely emergency room here at City Hospital." Trent knew he was going to like Steve he liked to keep things light. The expression on Walter's face led Michael to believe that he was the more serious of the two.

"Actually Steve Trent and I were just talking about that. I'd like to have Fr..."

"No wait, I know what he wants he wants French toast with Maple syrup and crispy bacon on the side with a large glass of milk and more butter than he should really have but I'll let him get away with it today since he's in here getting better. And just to really be nice I'll have the same thing just to see why he insists is the best breakfast in the world. I don't believe him really but I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt this time." Michael reached around and slapped Trent hard.

"Son of a bi..." Michael hit him again. "Don't even say it, we're in a hospital there's no excuse for that language in here Trent Nicholas."

"Sorry Mikey it just slipped out before I thought about it, but that hurt ya brut."

"I wanted it to hurt you big lummox."

"I can tell you're feeling better now that you can whack me like that. I won't feel bad now if I return the beating."

"You can't my body inside is still weak I only have strength back in my hands and arms and some in my legs, but the rest of me is mildly weak so you can't."

"You are so full of bull sh...manure I can't believe you."

"Okay at the moment it's time to get the vitals on our patient Trent. If you would be so kind as to leave your boyfriends bed we'll get those done and you two can go back to watching the television." Michael looked over at Trent and smiled from being called his boyfriend by someone outside of Trent's family. It was a foreign feeling to Michael but he decided he liked it. He wasn't sure if he could shout it out to the world just yet but if someone just said it like Steve just had he wasn't going to argue and say he wasn't. Telling strangers himself was another matter all in itself. He'd cross that bridge when it happened.

"The vitals are looking good Michael keep those results up and you'll be going home tomorrow, as long as the doc says okay and we know what he said this morning I read your notes so don't go getting hopeful yet sorry. In the meantime relax enjoy the day and you two lovebirds watch the television. Walter and I will be right outside at the desk if you need us."

"Thanks and do you know how long it might be before breakfast arrives? I think my stomach is finally telling me that I'm hungry and I could eat this breakfast my boyfriend so valiantly ordered for me."

"It won't be to long Michael, this floor has it's own kitchen and staff so we'll put the order in and it probably won't be any longer that fifteen to twenty minutes."

"Thank you Steve I appreciate that."

"No problem."

"Wait until they leave and I'll get you back Buddy." Michael looked at Trent trying to give him an evil eye look but it wasn't working. Steve and Walter picked up around Michael's bed and organized everything leaving nothing behind. As they left the room Trent slowly crawled back onto the bed and lay down next to Michael. Attempting to be crafty he inched his one hand closer to Michael's side as Michael became engrossed in the TV. About two inches away from his target Michael sprang up from his position and came back down on Trent surprising him and driving his fingers into each side of Trent's ribs. Trent yelled in surprise and erupted into fits of laughter as Michael continued to poke his sides, Michael was relentless and wouldn't stop. Trent begged for mercy through his laughter.

"Please..... Stop.. I can't......Mich.... Oh pleas.....Mikey.. STOP! PLEASE...." Michael finally let his boyfriend up.

"That will teach to try and take advantage of me while I was watching the boob tube. You thought I wasn't watching, you thought you where going to really tickle the shit out of me didn't you? Trent just slightly nodded his head knowing that Michael had the upper hand now.

"I should be merciless right now and tickle until you can't breath anymore!"

"That's pretty drastic don't you think?" Sarah was the one who asked the question. Michael jumped off Trent and spun around at the same time. Michael's face was beet red having been caught straddling Trent's body like he was. Thinking how his ass was probably sticking out for the world to see. He wanted to crawl into a corner and hide.

"I really don't think you'd have to go that far to get back at him Michael, but if you want some help holding him down, I'm game." Michael and Sarah laughed and looked at Trent who was trying to sit up from his lying down position. Sarah came up to Michael's side of the bed and threw her arms around Michael.

"I'm so glad to see you back to yourself you scared the daylights out of me last night Michael Wayne don't do that again do you hear me?" Sarah lovingly scolded Michael trying to make light of the whole situation. She wasn't going to ask any questions about it she figured he would come to her when he was ready to tell her anything about what had happened. For now she would keep everything on the light side and just try and make him feel better about everything. The kids were in the hallway waiting for Sarah to ask Michael if he wanted more company.

"Michael the kids are in the hall but won't come in if you don't feel like having visitors. I think they're worried about somebody." Michael was really touched that the three of them were there.

"Trent go get your brothers and sister tell them they don't have to ask to see me."

"You sure about this Michael?"

"I'm doing much better it still comes and goes but I think the worst is over at least I hope so." The three of them bounced into the room Yvonne and Randy jumped on the king sized bed and Danny sat on Michael's bed.

"How you doing Sport?" Danny just lifted his shoulders for an answer.

"I'm okay Danny really I'm feeling much better now. They think the worst is over and if I need it I can take some medicine that will keep me calmed down from the effects of the mushroom." Danny looked up and gave Michael a cautious smile. Danny thought Michael was really cool. And was glad that his possible new brother would stick around he wanted to get to know him more. Danny thought he was really smart.

Breakfast arrived soon after Sarah and the kids did and the boys ate like they hadn't eaten in weeks. Typical teenagers Sarah thought as she watched the two of them scoff down their meal.

Randy and Yvonne finally stopped bouncing on the bed and came over to see Michael. Randy was his in rare form right from the start.

"I heard your ordered Mushroom Soup for dinner any truth to the rumors Mr. Evans?" The three kids laughed thinking it was hysterical. Even Sarah had to smile over his humor.

"No I cancelled that I thought Trent and I would order a pizza with extra cheese and extra mushrooms." Randy was the one that cracked up over Michael's reply. "In fact Trent going mushroom picking today to get them. Sarah thought it was going in the wrong direction.

"All right this is enough. Michael has had enough of you three and Michael you're starting to encourage their behavior. It's time for us to go I'll come back later on today Michael if you need anything from the house call me I was going to bring your phone but I forget to ask where it was. Take a nap soon and then call me with a list of what you want Clay say you might be here a few days you want shorts or anything?"

"I'll call you with a list of a few things there won't be that much really. I'll ask about what I can wear considering how I'm hooked up. I'm going to ask about one thing being detached before any more time goes by."

The four of them hugged Michael and Trent gave his Mother one before they were all gone. She was glad to see her son be happy she hadn't seen him like this in a long time. She knew that his being gay presented him with some unique problems in life but for now he was happy and she hoped it would last with Michael, Clay and her both liked him. More importantly Trent liked him perhaps even loved him. The question was would it last for him? It wasn't long after Sarah and the kids left that Dr. Davis came to see Michael.

"How are you feeling by now Michael?"

"Much better than earlier, thanks for asking."

"Would you like to talk about what happened?"

"Ummmm.. I'm not so sure.. I don't know I've talked about it so much at this point that I'm beginning to not want to talk about it anymore."

"Would you feel better if it was just the two of us? I don't want to hurt your feelings Trent but sometimes when a thing like this happens it's easier for someone to talk one on one. I hope you understand. Trent felt like he should be there for Michael and not leave him alone when he knew talking about this was making him hurt.

"It's all right Trent, why don't you take a little walk and see if you can dig us up something to munch on while we watch TV. I'd love to have some fruit see what Steve and Walter can do for us, I'm sure they'll be able to get us something fresh fruit since we are in this room. What did your father say about being here?"

"All right but I'll be right outside the door Michael if you need me just shout for me and I'll hear you. I'll stay by the desk with Steve and Walter okay?"

"I promise to call if I need you Trent." Trent hesitantly left the room locking eyes with Michael the whole time during his departure. Dr. Davis took the time to marvel at the Mahogany wood working in the room. It's rich color and detail were impeccable. The colors that had been chosen to paint the walls accented the wood beautifully. It made have been a tiled floor but the pattern and the material they had used must have taken hours and hours of work to get it to not look cheap or cold. The pictures on the walls matched all the colors in the room. Drew thought that the paintings had been special ordered since the colors matched so perfectly. Everything was top shelf certainly some had been specially designed for the hospital, but not from a catalog that caters to hospital furniture. Each private room was different and must have cost a small fortune to build. There had been some nasty rumors circulating in the hospital when they were first built when people heard what they were being built for. At first it was for any high client that could afford to pay for it but as time elapsed it was known to be for the top members of the hospital board, department heads and those deemed worthy enough.

"Michael tell me what happened yesterday at the barn." Feeling like a tape recorder Michael repeated the events that had unfolded the day before with Kevin. Reliving again as he told it Michael felt the feeling he had in the pit of his stomach that he got every time he talked about Kevin. He tried to explain it Dr. Davis who discounted as a natural reaction to what happened and that given time the feeling would go away. But why had he felt the same thing before anything happened?" Dr. Davis attributed it to perhaps a knowing, or physic feeling some people get when they sense any danger. Some people discount it and others pay attention to it. Some like Michael didn't understand it until after an event happened and the feeling goes away.

Michael and Dr. Davis talked for almost an hour and a half and Michael did feel better when they were done. Drew suggested that Michael stay on the pills that he had prescribed and if Michael needed to talk to just call him. Dr. Davis left the room and the second he was done Trent came in the room.

"You okay? I'm going to get us something to eat, rest your head and turn on the television while I'm gone but it won't be long I know you must be hungry by now."

"I am and I'm getting tired of talking about this I can tell you that much if one more doctor comes in today and starts asking me to repeat the story I might kill him." Trent could see it in Michael's eyes that he was getting tired and he was indeed getting frustrated at the same time.

"Okay Babe let me go and get us something to eat and I'll be back I know what to get us so just hang in and rest your eyes I'll be back. Give me a kiss handsome I'll tell Steve and Walter no one comes in but me right now, okay?" Michael nodded in agreement and Trent left the room in search of something for them to eat actually he had no idea what to get them he was hungry but didn't know what for and he told Michael he had it all figured out. Shit.

He tuned back into the television and began to feel a little tired his let his eyelids drop for a few seconds while the commercials played and before the show he was watching came back on Michael drifted into a light sleep. He entered into a light sleep of dreams seeming real to him. He felt like he was running again couldn't see where but someone was behind him a dark figure weaving in and out of a wooded area. Running but not seeing looking back and seeing in front of him at the same time. He body began to sweat from the dream state he was in, his heart raced in fear of what followed him, it loomed closer and Michael ran. It was closer than he thought running wasn't enough looking down it looked like rags were twisting around his legs closing tighter unable to stretch his legs out to run. The closer the shadow got the darker it seemed to Michael unable to run he turned to put out his hands to stop. A face loomed from the darkness and Michael looked....into eyes that were hollow and empty. His eyes flew open in fear.

"Mikey, it's okay you're okay Mikey wake up buddy." Michael's eye's shot open and his breathing was ragged and hard with sweat dripping from his brow. Trent held him close trying to calm his breathing and reassure him that he was safe. Trent called for Steve or Walter and both came in asking what was wanted.

"He needs some more of that sedative he's been dreaming and now he's sweating and he's shaking. Whatever he was dreaming about wasn't too good.

"It could be traces of the mushroom still he's still in the time frame of having after effects. I'll be right back with a needle full of goodness for you Michael. It'll help you relax again." Walter stayed and waited for Steve to return a few moments later with his syringe. Before too long Michael was relaxing and felt better about his dream after Trent explained about the mushrooms being the possible explanation.

The day past quickly for the two, their nurses changed shifts and the night crept upon them quickly. Michael didn't want to sleep he was afraid of the dream he had earlier would return. It was almost midnight when Trent began to realize that Michael was avoiding going to bed.

"Don't want to sleep Buddy tell me what's bothering you?" Michael just looked at Trent and felt childish for being afraid to go to sleep because of a stupid dream. He played with his thumbs and hung his head. Trent picked up on Michael's behavior and took a guess at his uneasiness. Trent took Michaels's hands in his.

"Come on Mikey something's eating at you I can see it all over your face. I'm right here to help you if you want me to. Whatever you want to tell me you can." Trent watched carefully as he tried to figure out what was wrong with his friend.

"Don't look so serious Trent it's not a big deal I'm just not ready to go to sleep right now." Michael's temperament and attitude said differently although Trent wasn't going to say that to him right now in the state he was in Trent was afraid that he would flip out. At the same time we wanted Michael to open up so he could help him.

"Michael stop trying to bullshit me, I can see it all over your face that some things bothering you and whatever it is you don't want to go to sleep because of it." Michael knew Trent was right and he knew he should tell him but it seemed so childish to him to be afraid of a dream. Yeah just a dream that scared the shit out of him it was so real to him and still fresh in his memory.

"Come on Michael talk to me, just spit it out. Say it real fast if you have to but once you say it then you'll be able to say it again. It's all right I'm right here. Do you want another shot so you can tell me?"

"No I don't want any more of that stuff Trent it'll just make me pass out again and I don't want that right now." Trent understood the implication of what Michael had just said. He didn't want to go to sleep. Trent began to think and thought that Michael must be dreaming about being attacked again.

"Michael I'm going to ask you something and please don't be afraid to answer me and I just want you to be honest with me okay? Promise me." Michael was hesitant to say anything but knew that Trent had probably put two and two together.

"What do you want to ask me Big Boy?"

"Are you afraid to go to sleep for some reason? Are you having a nightmare about the attack that happened?" Michael just looked at Trent without saying anything and Trent knew he was right.

"Do you want me to sleep with you again? How about if I just curl up with you and we'll just lay here and you don't have to go to sleep if you don't want to. If you do and you start dreaming I'll be right here. If I think you're dreaming I'll wake you up the minute I think you are." It sounded good to Michael he wouldn't mind going to sleep he just didn't want to dream again at least not like the one he had earlier.

"Okay Trent you win maybe if you sleep with me it won't happen again." Trent picked up on what Michael said but didn't say anything he didn't want to push Michael too hard. But it made him realize that whatever Michael was dreaming about it was frightening to him of that much he was sure. What he was going to do about he wasn't sure of he didn't even know where to begin. If he mentioned it to Dr. Davis when Michael wasn't around maybe the doctor could help with it. He just didn't want to break Michael's trust that was the last thing he wanted to do.

Sleep slowly took over and Trent and he drifted off but Michael lay beside him wide awake still unwilling to let his eyelids close. Eventually he to succumbed to sleep and before long he was dreaming. The figure loomed behind again standing staring ominously with empty eyes a soulless figure. Michael watched standing still watching the silent figure remove the hood that hide his face and head. Lightening flashed illuminating the lonely figure Michael searched for with his eyes half opened, straining to see anything that told him who it was and fear ripped through his stomach like a knife cutting into his bowels sickening him. Sweat dripped from his brow the salt burning his eyes still trying to focus. The figure moved slowly towards him he turned to run, his legs wrapped in rags he struggled to reach down and remove them. Looking back it moved closer to him and the rags fell away and he ran as fast as his legs would move him. The figure seem to float above the ground closing on him he wasn't running fast enough and it was getting closer. He could see the empty sockets and the face seem to change the skin grew back and he watched in horror as the veins popped up and it's heartbeat squirted it's blackish red blood it disgusting rhythm. He was sweating and twisting to move away from the face not wanting to look into his eyes. The shadows exploded in light and the face came clear to him. He wanted to scream but his throat was to dry to......

"Michael wake up it's okay your dreaming. It's okay Mikey I'm right here baby. Come on wake up." Trent shook him again and the fog lifted from his mind as he bolted upright into a sitting position. His breathing almost none existent he felt like he had been choked the sweat dripped from his forehead. He grabbed Trent's arms and squeezed them holding on for what he felt like his life. Trent said nothing and let Michael try and focus on him to let him gain his composure.

"Calm down Michael, relax I'm right here and you're okay you were just dreaming again. Tell me what it is Mikey, tell me and maybe it will go away." Michael just looked at him his heart rate was finally slowing down making him feel better. The sweat now feeling cool on his skin as the air moved across it. He shivered from its feel. Trent moved closer and wrapped Michael in his arms. He pressed the call button for the nurse. Kathy and Denise came into the room with a syringe in hand having heard the two of them talking.

"I brought in some of the sedative if you want it Michael. I suggest you take it to calm down this dose is a little stronger so you can rest you won't dream is that what you want?" Michael looked at her unsure of what to do but Trent nodded that she should just give it to him. She reached for the IV tubing and Michael tried to block her from getting it. Trent held onto Michael not letting him reach her and he looked at Kathy urging her to hurry with the sedative. And the warmth he felt earlier came rushing back as the sedative wrapped him in its grasp slowing his heart down and letting his body unwind and the tension melt away. He drifted back into a dreamless sleep at last.

Sun burst through curtains and Trent lazily opened his eyes and looked at Michael who lay next time not moving. His breathing was slow and steady restful and calm. Trent was glad that he was sleeping peacefully. He wasn't sure if he should wake him or not but since Michael was sleeping so well he thought he would let him sleep until he woke up. Trent climbed out of the bed and went to see who was on duty at this hour. Steve and Walter had replaced the two women who had been here through the night.

"Well a sleeping beauty arises. Good morning Sunshine, how'd you sleep? Better yet how's Michael doing?" Steve was the one that addressed him with his jovial mood.

"He's sleeping good for now and once Kathy gave him his shot he did well. I'm wondering if we should just give him another shot or let him be, he didn't have a good night until the sedative she gave him kicked in." Trent hung his head and reached up to rub the back of his neck. He had slept half the night and the rest he had sat next to Michael making sure he slept without dreaming. Making sure he sat beside him just in case the dreams returned. Whatever they were he knew they were scaring Michael to death he was frustrated at his feeling of helplessness.

"Take it easy Trent." Walter was the one that tried to comfort him. "He'll get through this it just might take some time and talking to someone. You just need to be there for him when he's ready to unload whatever it is that's haunting him right now. It might he's reliving the attack or it could be just a nightmare brought on by the attack. It's common to someone that's been attacked like he was Trent. It might end soon it might take a while there's no way to tell for sure. Like I said, just be there for him when he's ready to unload whatever's bothering him. Sooner or later he'll let you know, if he doesn't the dreams might not go away."

"Gee .... That's great news Walter, anything you might to add that would make me feel a little better about the whole thing?" Walter came around from the desk and stood behind Trent and began giving him a massage near his neck and shoulders Trent stood up and let Walter work his shoulders over it felt good and made him relax some.

"Thanks Walter I appreciate that it helped a lot. I'm going to see my sleeping beauty and see how he's doing. I won't wake him and we'll let the sedative alone for now. I just hope he wakes before it wears off and he starts dreaming again." Steve looked over and Trent and smiled how sweet it was that Trent cared so much for Michael. He wondered if his partner still felt that way about him.

"Don't worry Trent I'll wake him soon to take his vitals anyway. So his sleep will be ending soon. I know he's been quiet for the past four hours so he's had a chance to catch up on some sleep he'll probably feel better when I wake him. Why don't you tell Walter what to get you two for breakfast and as soon as it gets here I'll wake him and we'll move him right into eating to keep him awake for now." Trent thought it was a good idea and gave Walter the one breakfast that he knew Michael would chow down even if he did have the same thing the morning before.

Michael was slowly coming to when Steve came to his beside to wake him. He smelled breakfast and his stomach growled demanding attention be paid to it. He rolled over towards Steve and his morning erection poked the sheet up to form a tent.

"Wow there Big Boy you gotta hit the john before I start taking your vitals" Steve grinned at Michael and looked at the sheet. Michael turned crimson red as Steve looked at the sheet tenting his morning wood. Trent had come in from talking to Walter and helping him with the breakfast tray.

"Wow Mikey I see you aren't the only one up this morning!" Now the four of them were in the room and Michael was totally mortified by the unwanted attention he was getting from everyone.

"Oh yea, like none of you ever had this problem in the morning." He sat up and crumpled the sheet in his lap hiding his hard on from the group. "If all of you would just look the other way for a minute or at least give a guy some privacy I'll empty my bursting bladder if that's okay with you three." Michael was trying to be indignant over the matter but it wasn't helping it just made the others laugh that much more. Trent handed him the urinal by his bed and pulled the curtain around his bed. Steve and Walter gave his privacy and stood behind the curtain. Trent stayed with Michael in case he needed help.

"You okay Mike or do you need help getting up?"

"Yea Trent I need help to get out of bed and to stand up. And so help me Trent if you say anything or bust my chops I will have to kill you after I get out of this place." The two looked at each other and both began to giggle over his idle threat. Trent's size would always be Michael's disadvantage in trying to beat Trent. Trent helped Michael stand up and held onto him he was still a little foggy from the sedative and standing straight was not that easy for him. He finally was able to get himself to go and filled the urinal almost to the top. He closed the lid and sat it on his side table. Trent put his arms around Michael and held him up. Michael rested his head on Trent's shoulder and wrapped his hands on Trent's.

"I just want to get out of here Trent I'm tired of being hooked up to all this I just want to go home and crawl into bed with you and make love with you. Think we can work on that today?"

"I think that sounds like a good idea baby are you sure you're up to it?"

"I've never been more sure about anything Trent. Just get me out of here and I'll prove it to you."

"I'll talk to the doctor when he comes he said you should be out of here today anyway. They really only kept you here another night to make double sure you were okay from the poison. Promise me one thing buddy."

"What's that Trent?"

"Promise me you won't scare me like that again. I can't go through that ordeal or one like it."

"I'll do my best because I don't want to go through it again either." Michael turned and curled himself up in Trent's arms. He wanted more than anything to let the dam burst and let the tears he was holding back go. But he held on and just brought his arms in between him and Trent nestling his head on his chest. Sensing his anxiety Trent rubbed his back slowly up and down trying to calm him as best as he could.

"It will be all right Michael you'll feel better when we are out of here and you're back at the house with me in your bedroom and tonight I'll sleep with you so you feel safe okay?" Michael just shook his head in agreement he couldn't say the words he wanted to or the dam would definitely let go on him. The two composed themselves and Michael got back into his bed pulling the sheets up and waited for Trent to bring his breakfast. It didn't take either one of them to polish off their meal. They both drained the coffee pot and requested more along with more fresh fruit if nothing else they both had regained their appetite's.

Their day stay ended quickly once the doctor had been in and rechecked Michael.

Michael called his sister to have her pick them up so neither had a car at the hospital. Trent called his parents to let them know that they would be home shortly. Mandy arrived within an hour of their call and was glad that her baby brother was being let out. She had worried the whole time that he had been in the hospital. They left and Michael asked Mandy how things were at home since they hadn't had a chance to talk much lately.

"It's about the same as it was Mikey, Mom and Dad are barely speaking but they are becoming more civil towards each other. I should say that Mom is easing up on the major and he's doing some big time ass kissing to get her to let up on him. But she's not going to let up that easily on Mikey not this time. Just give her time and she'll wear him down to change his mind."

"He may change his mind to please her but he won't really change Mandy. He'll never accept the way I am. I feel sorry for him sometimes but I won't come crawling back to him, he'll have to come crawling to me. He was the one that threw me out and told me not to come back so I won't. If you want to tell Mom that it's up to you, but as long as I have Trent and the support the Sanders have given me I won't be coming home anytime soon I'm sorry to say." Mandy had tears running down her face and Michael felt bad that she was stuck in the middle of every thing. But he meant what he said. They arrived at Trent's and now Michael's house.

"I can't come in Michael Mom is expecting me to take her shopping soon and I promised I would take her. I know she wants us to be together and out of the house so we can talk without Dad being around. I'll tell her what you said but I'm not going to tell her what has happened and you being in the hospital that would really send her over the edge right now."

"It's all right Mandy, just hang in there and don't worry about me I'll be fine I have Trent to take care of me and the Sanders will make sure I'm okay. I don't need Dad anymore but tell my mother I miss her but that I'm okay and soon I'll call her I'm just not ready to talk to her yet." Mandy leaned over and kissed her brother on the cheek.

"You be good Mikey I miss having you in the house but I understand why you're doing this and staying away I'd probably be doing the same thing. You take care of him Trent I'm counting on you to watch after him he needs looking after some times even if he acts like he doesn't."

"I will Mandy don't you worry I love him to much to let him get hurt. You're welcome at the house anytime Mandy. You have the key code and someone is usually here to talk to or at least knows where everyone is so don't worry about when you come." Trent patted Mandy's arm as he got out of the car. "He'll be okay Mandy I promise."

"I hope so Trent, I hope so for Michael's sake." The boys entered the house and everyone who was sitting at the table got up to welcome Michael back from the hospital. Randy, Yvonne their youngest brother Danny, Sarah and Clay. All hugged and kissed Michael insisting he sit down. Joshua came from the kitchen and asked Michael and Trent if they were hungry. He instructed them to sit down that he had everything lined up. A few minutes later Joshua brought out Michael's favorite. Michael thought that Joshua made the best French toast he had ever eaten. He stood up and hugged Joshua to get his point across. Joshua liked Michael and had felt bad when he had been taken to the hospital and he had been on pins and needles awaiting Michael's return to the house. Michael was surprised at his welcome home from the hospital it was one of the first times he could remember feeling wanted, his father had never made him feel this way.

It might as they had for breakfast but Trent and Michael both devoured all that Joshua kept putting in front of them. Finally stuffed from the French toast Michael and Trent pushed their plates away and groaned in mock pain from eating too much food. Michael thanked Joshua again for his kindness and thoughtfulness. He badgered Michael to know what he wanted for dinner because whatever it was Joshua told him he was going to make it. He told him to let Danny pick what they should have he was content with the French toast. Trent excused them and said they were going to hang out upstairs and maybe watch some television.

"Michael needs to rest the rest of the day I want him back on his feet for school tomorrow no more skipping school."

"He doesn't like missing school so it's really him that's insisting we just chill now that everything has passed and he's not in the hospital." Trent took Michael by the hand and pulled him from his chair demanding that they get moving.

"You have any homework to finish Michael? I have some but not that much so we can work on that if you want to."

"I do have some reading to do but nothing major it won't take me that long and I have some notes I want to rewrite so I understand what I'm doing in Biology. It's the one class I'm having a hard time with Trent."

"Talk to my brother Randy about Biology Mikey he's really good at it and is in High Honors I know he's only a sophomore but I'll bet he'll know what you're doing and how to help you."

"Thanks I will ask him maybe he can make me understand some of the things I'm reading about." They spent the afternoon working on their homework intertwined with conversation about school and work and what they were going to be doing over the next couple of weeks before Thanksgiving. They only had six weeks left until they had that to consider. Trent heard his parents calling on the intercom to let them know that they were taking the kids with them to do some shopping and that they would return in time for supper. Trent was glad they were leaving it would leave the two of them alone for a few hours and he had ideas how to use that time. Not saying anything he retuned to his homework and waited almost a half hour before saying or trying anything on Michael. But the more he thought about what he wanted to do the harder he got.

"I'm going to jump in the shower I could use one since the last one I had was at the hospital. I'm sure you could use one to Mr. Stinky."

"Mr. Stinky is it well like you have a lot of room to talk I was behind you walking up the stairs and oh man you were ripe that's for certain." Michael looked at Trent and laughed.

"Well Mr. Stinky how about we save water and take a shower together?"

"That sounds like you have something else in mind Big Boy."

"It might be that I do but you won't know that sure unless you come with me and find out." Trent took Michael by the hand and helped him up from the desk and walked into Michael's bathroom.

"Your shower is bigger than mine there's more room for two people in this one. Come with me said the wolf to the little lamb and I'll show you how good I can make you feel." Michael blushed at the lust in Trent's voice its huskiness gave him goose bumps.

Trent closed the door and went to the shower and turned it on testing the water to make sure it was warm for them to step into. He closed the shower door and went back to Michael and reached down and grabbed his shirt by its hem and pulled it up and over Michael's head. He put his hands around Michael's neck and pulled him into kiss him. Their tongues fighting for domination over the other one Trent's hands caressed Michael's back and sides softly and gently he stroked his back pulling Michael as close as he could to himself. Michael reached for Trent's shirt and unbuttoned his it kissing his neck as he disrobed him. Trent tilted his head back exposing his neck for Michael to kiss and run his tongue the length of it. Trent moaned feeling Michael's tongue ravaging his neck and wonder down to his nipple which he licked and lightly bit into. Sending a jolt of electricity to the end of his stiff cock. Michael unsnapped his pants and slowly peeled them from his hips he pulled them and his underwear down in one motion. His cock springing from its confines it jerked up and down with the pulsing of his heartbeat. It's head an angry purple begging for attention.

Trent pushed Michael back and removed his belt from his pants throwing it to the floor. His pants were removed quickly with Michael wanting to see Trent's cock fall from its elastic banded prison. Both naked they embraced and retuned to their dueling tongues snaking into each other's mouth. It was Michael who pulled at Trent and took him into the shower with him. He took the liquid soap and poured it over Trent's body and began to wash him. He started with his arms making a foaming lather on each he went next to his neck and lovingly rubbed down his back holding the globes of his ass in each hand letting his fingers graze over Trent's hole who moaned in pleasure and placed his hands against the wall.

"Oh Michael just stay there and tease me baby your fingers feel so good oh slide them into me just fuck me with you fingers." Michael paid attention to his lovers' request and slowly inserted his middle finger into Trent's tight hole he shuddered with the their insertion. Michael moved his fingers in and out hitting Trent's prostate in the process he couldn't help but whimper at there touch. He bowed his head in submission to Michael willing to let him take him where they stood.

"Tell me what you want baby." Michael whispered in Trent's ear while he stroked his prostate and lightly kissed his ear, running his tongue along its edges.

"You." His answer was raspy and barely above a whisper. Michael kissed his way down his neck and moved towards his back. The light kisses rippled through Trent's body turning him on even more driving his sexual appetite into a frenzied overdrive.

"Oh.... please Michael.....I need you now.....don't make me wait anymore for it. Please ....... don't make me beg....Jesus Michael I need you." Michael responded with a knowing chortle. He pressed his entire body against Trent's knowing it would heighten his sexual urge that much more. As if one cue Trent began to grind his body into Michael's silently begging for entrance into the warmth of his ass. Michael was willing to grant his desire and slowly slide his cock up and down the crevice between his soft globes. Each motion sliding over the hole his cock so desperately desired. Slowly he pressed the head of dick against the opening he sought so desperately. Pushing gently he made his entrance into the tight warmth of Trent's ass a moan escaping his throat as he plunged deeper until he cock was completely buried. Trent pulled away from Michael for a moment until his cock was almost out and he whimpered from its feel. Slowly he rocked back and forth on the head of Michael's cock teasing his entrance and then slamming against it driving it all the way in and sliding over his prostate. Trent's cock leaked pre cum from Michael's ministrations over his prostate.

"Oh Michael ..... don't stop just keep doing that.......oh man what you're doing is so good...... please don't stop." He kept whimpering the more Michael pushed in and out. His balls tightened sending signals to his brain of his impending orgasmic bliss. Michael was the cause of it and he loved his embrace. Michael's arms surrounded his chest and stomach as he held him place, lightly biting his neck alternating with his tongue running the length of his neck to his ear.

"Harder Michael I'm getting so close..... I'm need this so badly baby. Don't stop."

"Oh Trent you feel so good so hot and tight. I need this as bad as you." His hips slapped against Trent's body the harder he pumped his cock into his hole. His pace increased and just as Trent felt the need to cum Michael's brain sent his body into a faster pace. He took Trent's arm and placed them on the wall stretched out on either side of his torso Michael bit into his shoulder hard and Trent cried out. The pain was temporary as his felt his cock expand and ropes of his semen blasted against the shower wall. His body held up by Michael's grasp on his arms. His knees were weak from the strength of his orgasm. He held still as Michael drove himself into his own ecstasy and euphoric orgasm. His last few thrusts slammed into Trent's body and he held still as his body emptied his orgasmic load into Trent's hungry hole. His dropped his head on Trent's back as he waited for the orgasm high to slow down and allow him to move again.

He slowly removed himself from Trent and turned him around to draw his body into his. They hugged each other and let the hot water cascade down their sexually spent bodies. Not moving they enjoyed each other's embrace and the silence, as they loved each other without speech. Content in the silence they left the shower and dried each other off and put their clothes back on. Trent took Michael's hand and they left the bathroom in comfortable silence. Michael retuned to his computer and his notes and Trent returned to reading. They studied for the afternoon in silence knowing that words weren't necessary to let each other know how they felt for each other. It was a feeling that both enjoyed neither wanting to break its magic spell.

Kevin Cranston sat in his jail cell staring at the pockmarked wall in front of him. The drab gray walls carved with criminal history cryptically written, readable only by those that had been here before and knew how to read them. Kevin was all too familiar with their meanings. He had been here enough to know their meanings. He didn't misunderstand any of them. His perversion for these things are what drove him further into the darkness of his soul and are what made him who he had become. His dream, his loving mate hoping that he would be as well when the time came for Kevin to find him and take him to where no one would find them. Into the woods to his shack that he made for them. Hidden from them unable to be found. Giving him time to build their relationship where he could show Michael his love and admiration. So many things had to happen first.

Kevin had a hard time with holding his patience in check but this was a time that was important to do just that. He wanted to tear out Trent's heart out this time. Make him hurt, as he himself had been hurt before. He wanted Trent to feel the pain and anguish that he had. The only way for him to do that was to take Michael away from Trent when he wasn't expecting it. Snooty little prick that he was as far as Kevin was concerned. Kevin would should him what it was like it was like to have something taken away from him. He just had to formulate a plan that would work. He just had to take his time that's all there was to it, taking his time, he'd come up with something. He had plenty of time to look at and study those fucking drab gray walls with their cryptic writings Kevin began to add his own and map out his plan for Michael.

For now it was just waiting to get out of here and that wouldn't take to long they weren't holding him on anything that bad. Probably a few days and he'd be out and then he'd just have to bid his time and let thinks cool off for a little while before he planned anything else. He still wasn't sure but everything would present itself when the time came.

The one thing he had was patience, and plenty of it.



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