Their week in Jamaica flew by and before long they were back on the plane and headed for Boston and freezing weather. After a week in the eighty degree weather neither one wanted to face snow or ice. Trent had a surgery coming up in a few days and it would be the next to last that he had to face. Michael could tell that he was uptight over the ordeal.

"Why is this one bothering you so much Trent, all the others you haven't seemed to mind at all. And after this one you only have that one small one to do and that will happen this summer and then you'll be done. Do you feel like you're back to normal almost or is it that you're worried that something's are not going to change and this has affected you more than you have let me know?"

"I don't know Michael; I just don't feel right about this one. I can't put my finger on it, there's just something that isn't sitting right in my gut."

"Well maybe you should talk to the doctor about it and see what he has to say, maybe after all you've been through with operations they are just getting to you and that's all there is to it. In the meantime, we started a conversation when we were landing in Montego Bay and I don't think we talked about it all week, we were too busy doing other things that occupied our time...but I won't bring any of that up right now." Trent turned red as he looked at Michael. The two held hands for a few minutes before saying anything.

"I know Mikey. I know what we were talking about. Children someday, was that the topic of conversation that you were talking about? I know we barely scratched the surface before we landed and got caught up in being in the islands. Okay so now we have a few hours to talk without interruption or you being a horn dog." Trent smiled and Michael turned red, proceeding to punch Trent in the leg for being a smart ass.

"How many kids do you think you want Little Buddy?" Michael looked at Trent and smiled without being bothered by the usage of the nickname he used.

"That's a terrible question to ask me Trent. With you I want a big family but I don't know if that's going to be possible, not impossible mind you. But two or three would be good as far as I'm concerned." Michael looked at Trent and asked him the same question.

"I could have a houseful Michael; just like my Dad I want lots of kids around us as we grow old together." It melted Michael's heart to hear Trent talk about having kids the way he was. He reached out and held Trent by the hand.

"How about I start looking at what's involved and what it's going to take for us to actually adopt, it's a process we might want to start now because what if it takes a few years for us to get approved and then to find a baby or two that we can adopt?"

"Actually I talked to Dad about a month ago to ask his lawyers about it and do some investigating on finding us a reputable place that won't just take our money and not produce any results, so hopefully we when we get back he's found something out or at least one or two agency's we can go to."

"That's great Trent you've been sneaky about this one, first you don't tell me what you're thinking and then you've already got your Dad working on the lawyers to help get us started. Any other surprises you aren't telling me? And don't lie to me or when I find out so help me I'll smack you into next Tuesday!"

"This is the thanks I get after doing these things for the man I love?"

"That's only going to happen if you're withholding information that you haven't told me. Are you sure you've told me everything?" Trent shook his head to deny withholding anything from him.

"All right, I'll believe you for now but if I find out different buster your ass will be mine."

"You can have my ass anytime Mikey."

"Stop it, you're incorrigible Trent Nicholas, I swear you really are.

"Maybe, but you love me anyway, don't ya?" Trent laughed at himself trying to humor Michael and get him to laugh, he succeeded at.

Before long the two went through Trent's surgery and he was back on his feet slowly but surely. Trent was grateful that the last surgery wasn't as bad as he had anticipated beforehand. The only one he had left he knew wouldn't be near as bad as any of the others, it was considered minor surgery and was just being done to fix a few scars across his back that had been left when he hit the pavement that day. He had reached an agreement with the insurance company and his first payment came in, the insurance company was given a year to pay the entire amount of two point four million dollars, his first check was for half that. Trent immediately wanted to go shopping for land that they could purchase to put a house and small barn on for horses.

"It's time for us to find a place Mikey, why don't you find a realtor that you want to deal with and let's find something we like where we can build. I don't want to be too far from my parents and I'm sure we'll find something but we might have to get further outside the city to find enough acreage to build both the house and the barn. Just let the realtor know it's what we want right up front so we don't waste time."

"No, you think?"

"Okay smart ass you know what I mean I just don't want to see you wasting your time. If you find it then I'll go look with you. But you have a better sense of seeing things that aren't there yet. I can envision the house I want to build but not the land that we can build on, so that's your job buddy boy."

"Fine Trent, I'll find a place for us to build on, how fast do you want this done?"

"The sooner the better Mikey, I want us living in this house when we get married so the faster we find land and get the permits and everything we need. I found an architect firm that will make up my drawings into plans that we need to build the house."

"Can I see them?" Michael was excited he didn't realize that Trent had gotten that far ahead in the planning stages. He wanted to see what Trent had drawn up. He was sure that now that he had some schooling and had seen a few things that his rough drawings had certainly gotten better.

"Come on babe, please. Just a peak at what you're planning? Don't you think I deserve to at least see some of the rough drawings?"

"I want to surprise you Mikey. You are just going to have to wait."

"That's not fair Trent, can't I have some input into this? I mean I am going to be living there to." Michael made a face like he was disappointed that Trent wasn't including him in the plans. Pouting lips or not Trent wasn't going to budge on this. He wanted Michael's input for all the details and finishing touches. He knew that Michael would be good with doing it he just wanted to have a finished product to show him before anything else was done.

"Oh, don't worry babe, you're going to have so many decisions to make when the time comes, mine is just all rough stuff, you will be included in all the details and what the finished product is going to look like. You'll hate me by the time I'm done with building this house; you're going to think that I haven't thought of anything. Once the plans are done the first time from the architect you'll start seeing it, I just want you to see it once the plans are actually done by a professional. Then you'll have a better idea on how it's going to look." Michael felt like he wasn't as sure as Trent was but he believed in him, just like he always did when his mind was in doubt.

"All right Trent, I'll take your word for it this time and we'll see what happens." He made a face again feigning disappointment over the whole thing.

"It won't do you any good making face babe, I'm not buying that for a minute and yes I still love you even though you're playing mad at me at the moment." Trent smiled at Michael knowing that it would get him going and they'd end up either wrestling or trying to tickle one another which invariably led to sex with the two of them. Trent relished the thought and jumped at Michael.

Michael ran the other way, gaining distance from Trent, Michael could still outrun Trent because of the surgeries he had been through and although Michael never said anything to him, he took advantage of that until Trent was back into shape and Michael knew that he'd be the one that would lose again. Trent was always able to outrun Michael because of his long legs and of course when he was in shape. The surgeries had taken their toll on Trent and he admittedly agreed that he had gotten soft in the time that he was unable to work out and run like he used to, he was looking forward to finally getting back to that routine but he still had some time to go before that happened.

Michael finally slowed down and let Trent catch up to him and threw his arms around Trent as he got close enough to Michael.

"You suck at losing Mikey. You give in too easy, am I that out of shape?"

"Not where it counts babe, not where it counts." Michael looked into Trent's eyes and they just locked into each other. Trent put his arm around Michael's waist and he held Michael's other hand as if they were dancing, and that's what Trent started to do, was dance. No music, no sound but they just gazed into each other's eyes and slowly waltzed around the room. Michael leaned into Trent and rested his head against his chest. Trent wrapped both arms around Michael and they continued to sway and move around the room. Trent began to sing lightly into Michael's ear, singing a song that both of them had loved and it made Michael get a lump in his chest and a knot in his throat. Why did Trent get to him so easily? He didn't care. He just loved being this way with Trent and spending the time with him that they so seldom seem to get these days.

"I just want you to know that I love you so much Michael. I don't tell you often enough what you mean to me and how much my life is complete all because of you." Trent lifted Michael's chin and barely grazed his lips but gently kissed him, first on the mouth then higher until he was kissing Michael's closed eyes. Trent could feel the moisture that was coming from them. He gently took his thumb and wiped away the few tears that had fallen.

"Don't cry babe, I just want you to know what you to know how I felt, I should tell you every day but I don't. I take for granted so many times that you just know how I feel and then I think about how much do I really tell you that, and the answer, was never enough. Trent leaned down and picked Michael up in his arms.

"Trent, you put me down this minute or you're going to hurt yourself. You haven't been at the gym enough to be picking me up. As much as I like it I don't want you hurt either. How about we sit on the couch for now and let me cuddle up in your arms? I love that more than anything with you. When you do that with me it tells me that you love me, so I know what you're saying, but there are so many little things you do for me that tell me that you love me all the time."

"Like what, I don't anything that special Michael."

"You make sure I eat and watch my health, without ever saying it to my face, or make me feel like you're forcing me. Sometimes when I'm in the shower you lay out my clothes for me, just because you know how much I hate picking out what to wear when we go out somewhere. Another thing you do is warm my towel in the dryer so when I get out of the shower, I have a warm towel. Do you know how much I love that? Those little things say you love me louder than any words that come out of your mouth babe." Trent just looked at Michael and smiled.

"I'd love for you to make love to me right now but more than that I just want to lay here and be held by you and smell your smell and feel your strength as you wrap your arms around me, you'll never know how much that little gesture makes me feel so loved by you. So don't ever think you don't tell me you love me enough, you say it every day in so many ways and just so you know I love you more than that." Michael smiled and leaned his forehead against Trent's and just smiled at him.

"Okay you win Michael, you get your wish, we'll just sit here and I'll hold you until you say otherwise." Michael nodded his approval and put his head on Trent's shoulder and closed his eyes, content to be the way they were just then, just sitting and holding onto one another. Time just passed as they sat there, both lost in their thoughts.

"What do you think about the adoption thing again Trent?" Michael didn't move he just talked to Trent the way they were.

"I told you I want to adopt Michael, I'm not going to change my mind now, that's not a game I'm playing, and I want kids so bad because I know you'll make a great dad. You have so much heart to give them; I just know you'll be super at it. Besides I don't think I'll be that bad, you'll be better but I'll be there to help just the same. We're in this together, not just you raising the kids while I work, I want us to work together and have the kids underfoot while we build the business, think you can deal with that?" His heart melted as Trent told Michael what he was thinking.

"Do you want to find a surrogate mother that would carry some of our sperm or would you rather just try and adopt? We'll have to pay for everything if we get a surrogate mother, with adoption it's just paying the fee's, either way it's going to cost us some serious money Trent, the more I look into it the more I realize how much is involved and how costly it can become. I don't know if there's a cheaper way out, but I don't want a cheaper way out on this, do you?" Trent shook his head letting Michael know that he felt the same way.

"Personally I think that we'd do better if we could find a surrogate mother and I want her to carry your sperms Trent, I want our kids to take after you. You have the height and the good looks, I'll teach them to be smart." Trent laughed out loud.

"I think she should carry your sperm that way they'll be smarter right off and you are the good looking one, not me Little Buddy." Michael cringed a little at the Little Buddy reference but knew that Trent meant it in a good way. He shoved Trent and tickled him in the ribs for a minute. But Trent just sat there and let it happen but he didn't let go of Michael and finally he stopped and nestled his head back onto Trent's shoulder just like he had been before the tickling had begun a few moments ago.

"Great, we can't even decide who's going to be the daddy donor. Maybe we should both donate and see what happens." Trent didn't say anything right away but Michael could see that he was thinking about what he had said.

"You know what Mikey, that's a perfect idea. I love it. Now we just have to find a woman that's willing to carry our baby for us and be willing to go through everything. I just wonder what would happen if she changes her mind at the last minute, what happens to us after we put all this money out."

"We'll just talk to a lawyer first and see what the pro's and con's are Trent, that's all we can do for now, we just have to do that. The other thing we need to start looking at and deciding on is the wedding next year, I know it's over a year away but it's going to get here sooner than you think. Just something else we need to throw into the fire, besides our third year of school on top of all those things we've just discussed."

"All right, I'll tell you what, I'll find the land and then let you know when I've narrowed it down to two or three places and then I'll take you and we'll decide together on which one you want. And I'll talk to Dad about recommending a lawyer for us to talk to about how we find out where we can find a surrogate mother so that we can have her carry our sperm. And you start talking to Mom and organizing the wedding ceremony. How's that sound? I don't want to dump everything on you like I think I was doing." Trent looked sheepishly at Michael, knowing that's exactly what he had done. He was happier with himself for taking on the looking into roles and letting Michael take over the wedding ceremony. Besides he knew Michael would make better choices than he would and he had the patience that Trent didn't see in him.

Finals came from out of nowhere it seemed to the both of them and shortly after they were off for the summer. Time was marching on for them and a few things had happened during the last half of the school year. They had found land and had closed on the deal in March. Trent had found a plot of land that was almost a hundred acres just west of Route 128 and not that far from the family. Trent had pushed hard getting the necessary permits and architect's drawings done so that they could get busy hiring a construction company that would build the house and barn according to Trent's specifications. They had broken ground on June first, Trent had planned on being the construction manager since it was his house and his plans, and the company that he hired didn't have a problem with that. Trent planned on spending the summer focusing on getting the house built and the barn done. He knew that the finishing work wouldn't be done until the end of November the way he figured everything out before they actually started, that wasn't accounting for any setbacks or stretches of bad weather that might prevent the construction company from being able to work.

They had gotten lucky during the summer and the weather had been almost cooperative for building or so it seemed to Michael and Trent both. By the end of August Trent took Michael aside and pulled the plans out for him to see and to explain to him the decisions that he needed to start making so that Trent could begin to focus on getting the inside finished. Michael had also wanted to talk to Trent because some other decisions had to be made when it came to the ceremony he was planning for them in June.

"You mean I finally get to see the plans? Why Trent Nicholas I thought I'd never get to see them!" Michael poked fun at Trent for having held out so long, but he had to admit that watching the house develop was exciting him with thoughts of what it was going to be like when the two of them actually started living together and being married. Michael's heart swelled with pride as he looked at the plans for the first time, he didn't fully understand them but he could see certain things and knew which room was which. Trent had designed a big kitchen for them and Michael thought he'd be lost in it size. Their bedroom was in the back of the house with a nice sized bathroom. Trent had included four other bedrooms besides their own room and an office that they could work out of in the house. The dining room would include a table that Trent had designed and was having built as the house was being built, it would be a piece of the house compared to being a piece of furniture bought somewhere and brought in.

"Trent, how much of this can we keep as natural wood? I want a house that feels warm and comfortable, natural wood with just a light stain can do that?"

"Anywhere you want I'll keep the wood visible and I'll put some beams across the ceiling in a few places to give a post and beam feeling. You want a country feel I take it?" Trent looked at Michael lovingly and caressed his arm as Michael continued to look over the plans before him. He smiled as Trent held his arm as he pondered all the possibilities of what they were going to do.

"What kind of kitchen do you want mister chef man?" Michael's eye's twinkled as he laughed at Trent's comment about being the chef man.

"So does that mean you aren't going to be doing any of the cooking and it's going to be up to me to keep you fed and happy? Is this your way of saying you want me barefoot and in the kitchen raising our children?" Michael looked at Trent and got excited thinking about the possibility of having children in the house. He hadn't told Trent about what he had found out from one of the lawyers in finding a surrogate mother for them. He wanted to make sure things really happened before he said anything. In searching and filling out paperwork both had donated their sperm in hopes of finding someone that would carry a baby for them to have and raise. Michael just kept praying that it was just a matter of time before it would happen. Trent had secretly been afraid that as a gay couple they would never get the chance, he was afraid to tell Michael how he felt he knew how much Michael wanted kids.

"Well, I'll help when we have company coming, does that mean anything?" He smirked as he gave Michael his answer. He slid his arm around Michael's waist as they continued to look at the plans and Trent pointed things out and then would jot things down as Michael told him how he felt about what he wanted.

"We are going to have to go and start picking out any paint colors or wall papers that you want so they are ready once the inside walls are actually up and the finishing carpenters have come in to put the finishing touches in place. Plus you need to think about all the lighting fixtures and where you want all of them and what kind you want. You need to pick out a chandelier for the dining room and you need to..."

"Whoa sunshine, how come I have to do all this? What about your input into these things, you're going to be living there to, what about what you want?"

"Because you have better taste than I do when it comes to things like this, you notice the little things when we go places and I look at how it's put together. I told you before that you were going to have a lot to do and I wasn't kidding you Mikey. Also you have to think about all the light switches and the plates that go on them for each room. Some will be basic, like in the bedrooms and office. But in other area's you'll want to pick out things that look nicer and go with the d├ęcor you want to put in place. And oh yea, furniture, you need to think about the kind of furniture you want in the house."

"Stop right there Trent Nicholas, WE will be picking out the furniture together, you aren't going to fight me on this one either buster. You can kick and scream all the way to the store, but you're going with me, I'm not doing it all by myself and end up picking out things you don't like. This is going to cost us a fortune babe, maybe we should just get a few things and then as time goes by we can add things here and there, that way we don't have to pick out everything at once."

"Michael, I want the house done when we move in, all that money from the insurance is paying for all of this. I've been through hell dealing with the surgeries and all that recovery time, now it's going to benefit us. I want you to have the best and I want it done. Maybe the bedroom's we can add to later, but I want the rest of the house done with the furniture, wall stuff, Televisions where we want them and computers for the both of us in the office. I'm having two desks built into the office, one for you and one for me to work. I get the bigger one of course so I can spread out my work and blueprints when I'm working on them."

Michael looked back into Trent's eyes and got lost in the clarity of the amazing color he looked at. He couldn't help but feel a stirring in the pit of his stomach, and a tingling in his groin. He closed his eyes for a moment to embrace his feelings. Trent had watched Michael's eye's glaze over and shut and knew what it meant. He leaned in and kissed the side of Michael's neck. He leaned his neck back exposing more for Trent to kiss and to claim, and he did. He continued to lightly kiss and chew on Michael's neck slowly moving from the side up to his ear. He began to delicately nibble on Michael's ear exhaling slowly into his ear. Shivers ran up and down Michael's spine every time Trent blew into his ear softly.

Trent was behind Michael and he put his arm up behind him and held Trent's head in his hand as Trent's tongue drove him crazy going up and down his neck.

"We shouldn't be doing this Trent we have too...mmmm" Michael couldn't fight it Trent had wrapped his hands around the front of Michael and his hands were roaming under his shirt slowly caressing his body, Michael's defenses grew weaker the more his hands roamed. One hand found Michael's nipple and began to pinch it carefully sending little shock waves to the end of Michael's dick. His cock was straining against the fabric of his jeans fighting for release; he could feel the precum leaking into his underwear.

Trent's fingers on the other hand found their way down into Michael's pants and could feel the dampness coating Michael's cock. He reached down with the other hand and loosened Michael's belt to gain access to what he wanted most. He turned Michael around and finished opening his jeans. Trent fell to his knees and took Michael's dick into his mouth, savoring the taste that coated it. He pushed Michael's jeans down further and Michael lifted his legs so that Trent could remove his shoes and his pants. Michael's hands held Trent's head as he made love to his dick with his mouth.

"Oh god Trent, don't stop doing that, it feels so good." Trent's hands cupped Michael's ass and squeezed them tenderly as he shoved his dick further down his throat almost gagging but resisting the urge. His salvia coated Michael's cock the more he sucked on it, his hand reached up and held Michael's balls lightly turning them as he continued to suck on him. Michael reached down and pulled Trent up by his armpits. Trent held Michael in his arms as he went back to kissing his neck, slowly making his way to his chin and then to his mouth. Michael unbuttoned Trent's shirt and slipped it over his shoulders to take it off of him. He lowered his head and latched onto his nipple and sucked on it biting it from time to time exciting Trent.

Michael undid his belt and lowered his jeans and kissed his way down his stomach swirling his tongue around his belly button soaking it and then traveling further down his treasure trail until he was circling his cock with his tongue. He moved further down and sucked one of Trent's balls into his mouth biting it with some pressure and Trent groaned in painful pleasure, spreading his legs a little to give Michael more access.

He finished taking off Trent's clothes and stood up and pressed his body into against Trent's. They both held each other in their arms tongue wrestling for domination. Trent whimpered and gave into Michael wanting to fill him inside of himself.

"Oh god Michael, I want you so bad today, I've been watching you all day, and I need to feel you inside of me." Trent turned his back to Michael and let him kiss his back, Michael bite lightly into his shoulders and Trent whimpered even more than the first time. Desire was in his heart and in his soul, he wanted Michael more than anything, He bent over and spread his legs, exposing himself to Michael.

Michael leaned down and ran his tongue down Trent's crack and stopped for a second at his hole drilling his tongue into his ass. Making small circle's around it, flicking his tongue back and forth across the entrance to warmth and tightness. Michael spit on his fingers and slide two of them into Trent's ass. Trent pushed back letting Michael push his fingers further inside stretching him wider to accept Michael's cock instead of his fingers. Michael grazed his fingers over Trent's prostate causing his legs to grow weak for a few seconds.

"Oh man Michael, use the real thing, I'm tired of just your fingers."

"Be patient babe... I'm going make you feel really good in a minute." Michael spread Trent's ass and went back to using his tongue to get Trent ready with sexual frenzy. It was working Trent moved his head from side to side as Michael used his tongue, moaning and shaking with excitement.

"Okay babe get ready...You're going to get it all at once, is that what you want?"

Trent whimpered his consent shaking his head vigorously with desire. Michael lubed Trent's ass and stood behind him lining up his mushroom head at Trent's entrance. He showed no mercy and rammed his rod into Trent's ass. He screamed some at the assault but held fast. As Michael bottomed out Trent threw his head back and almost begged him not to stop what he was doing, Michael gave him what he wanted.

"Oh fuck Michael, your cock feels so good inside of me. I want you to dump your load in my ass baby. Hold off as long as you can. Michael immediately began to slide his dick in and out almost taking his shaft out of Trent's ass. Keeping his mushroom head just inside of Trent's ass Michael would stand on his toes making his cock slide downwards rubbing over his prostate at the same time.

Michael kept a steady rhythm up increasing it slowly so that he could take his time fucking Trent. He wanted to make sure that when he was done Trent would positively know that he had been fucked by his boyfriend.

He began to feel the tightening in his balls and knew it wouldn't be much longer before he let go of himself and revel in the afterglow of his orgasm. He reached around and took Trent's cock in his hand and began jacking him off as he continued to fuck Trent's ass. Trent was overwhelmed with the pleasure that Michael was giving him. Every time he bottomed out he'd push Trent hard enough to push his dick into Michael's hand. Trent felt the heat in his cock build as his impending orgasm began to stir.

Michael kept it up and started biting down on Trent's back, right by his shoulders and then licking where he had just bitten. It was driving Trent over the edge.

"You're going to make me cum Michael, don't stop I want to cum." The two of them had become slick from the sweat that they had produced from their sexual interlude.

The orgasm racked his body as Michael stroked and fucked him and his ass muscles clamped down on Michael's cock pushing him over the edge and he made two hard thrusts and released his seed into Trent's ass. His body quivered as the orgasm slammed his body making hard for him to keep standing. He had to lie on Trent's back in order to keep from falling to the floor.

"Oh my god Michael, that was wonderful. I love it when you fuck me like that. Hot and hard. Michael didn't want to move at all and he stayed until his cock became soft and came out of Trent's ass. He grabbed his T-shirt and cleaned up Trent and then himself.

"I love you Trent I'm glad we had the time for that. It's been over a week since we've had time for any sex, I miss it too much to keep holding off. Now the thing is we have to talk about the ceremony and make some decisions as to what we what to do and exactly how many we're going to invite. I still want to keep it kind of small, I hope you to do."

"Yeah I don't want a large ceremony, there's no need to invite the world, just our closest friends and of course the family. I think we should be able to keep it to under sixty people unless your' parents decide they have people they want to invite which I'm sure there will be some that they want to have come and I'm okay with that, are you?"

"Yes sir I'm good with that babe." Trent watched as Michael took out his notepad for the wedding ceremony and started making notes. "I'm glad to see how organized you are that's how I know that you'll be good as my business manager, you'll make sure that I cross my T's and dot my I's." The two of them laughed from the way Trent had said it.

"Now for the hard part. What colors do you want our tuxedo's to be? Do you want black and white with just a little color on the comber bund or what?"

"Well since you brought it up I was thinking we should wear white tuxedos and have matching comber bunds. What do you think?"

"White it is, I was thinking white would be good for the month of June, dark colors are going to keep us warmer than we want. We'll be able to change soon after the ceremony or at least take off our jackets so that we don't get too hot."

"Good point I didn't even think about that at all."

"Your parents have agreed to let us do everything at their house. But if we get the house done in time I was thinking maybe we could do it at the new house. You have an opinion on this Trent?"

"I'll make sure the house is done, it would be so sweet if we could get married where we built our house. What a way to break it in. The only thing we'll have to do is lay sod all around so that everyone isn't walking on dirt and stones and I'll try to make sure the driveway is completely paved and in shape to. If we lay the sod in early May it should have taken by the time we get married. Then you'll have to decide on what kind of flowers you want planted so that I can get them into the ground by the second week of May. Are we going to do the ceremony in the beginning of June or more towards the end?"

"I was thinking it should be towards the end of June, that way we'll be out of school with time to spend on last minute touches before the actually ceremony takes place, you like that idea?"

"Works for me babe and the last thing is I was wondering if we could write our own words for the ceremony?"

"I think that's a wonderful idea Trent, I had given it some thought but I just hadn't brought it up to you. And I think I'm going to let Joshua and Andy hire the caterer and design the menu for us. Of course Joshua is going to make the cake so that's already taken care of and gives us one less thing to worry about. Are you sure you can have the house done and ready for this party, don't forget once September comes and we're back in school working on the house will be hard to do unless you're just going to let the contractor you hired finish the job as a project manager."

"I'll be able to handle the contractor I'm still the project manager on this job and I want to make sure things get done the way that I want them done. And by the way do you want a laundry room in the basement or on the main floor?"

"On the main floor, I don't want to be running up and down the stairs when we are doing the dirty clothes. The only thing I want in the basement is for storage stuff. Decorations for the holidays and stuff like that. And if we do have kids then we can store their stuff down there to. So have the contractor build extra wide shelving down there so that nothing is on the floor."

"Yes sir boss, anything else you want done downstairs so I can have them do it while I'm having them put the shelving in."

"And never mind with the yes sir crap, and I'm not the boss either. We're in this together Trent." Trent's eye's sparkled in the afternoon sun and Michael remembered why he had fallen in love with him. He couldn't imagine his life without Trent being in it anymore. With the wedding just slightly a year away he was honestly getting excited to take the next step and elevate their relationship which in Michael's heart consisted of getting married and hopefully having kids to go along with that relationship. Michael knew the sacrifices they would have to make, it wasn't the money, between the insurance and Trent receiving his trust fund in a few years they would be in good shape. But he knew that there time alone would surely evaporate once kids came along he was a little nervous if it happened right away but he wasn't counting on that. Who knew how long it was going to take to actually adopt children.

He had second guessed himself in the past few weeks wondering if they really would be able to adopt. But the lawyers had assured them that once a surrogate mother was involved it became a different issue. But that didn't mean it was one hundred percent guaranteed, so Michael was still wondering if it really would happen. He knew it could end up being another five to ten years before anything happened. And they were still young which Michael felt was a strike against them. Once he thought that, he would force the issue out of his head and try thinking of other things that were more positive and pleasant.

Trent hadn't said much in regards to adopting children, he wanted so badly them but was afraid if he expressed his fears and doubts Michael would get upset and he didn't like upsetting Michael for any reason. But he was just as worried as Michael was maybe even more so because he really wanted to see the kind of father that Michael would make. He had no doubt that Michael would make a good father. He was counting on Michael leading the way when it came to the kids they might have. He was unsure if he'd make a good father also, both men were afraid to express their hidden fear. Not wanting to upset the proverbial apple cart with negative thoughts as far as they were both concerned.

Trent was having second thoughts about saying anything to Michael he thought that perhaps he would be able to calm his fears, he was good at that. It was something that Trent had come to count on in the few years that they had been together. Trent watched Michael silently, watching the way he moved and just doing the things that were just everyday events, but to Trent he was captivated every time he watched him. Always impressed and envious of the grace in which Michael moved and carried himself. So many times he had marveled at Michael's physique. He wasn't a chiseled god, but in Trent's eye's he was pure perfection. He loved being able to curl up and hold Michael's body against his. The warmth of Michael's body was something that Trent always loved to feel against his skin, while they laid in bed especially, in those few moments that they found they had the time.

The two of them were content with each other and the way things were going for them. The house was beginning to get done and final decisions were being made as to some of those finishing touches that they both wanted in the house

Well guys Chapter 13 is at the editor's. It is the last chapter, I have written the ending as of 1/5/2013. I like the ending and hope all of you do to. I will say this, bring the Kleenex Box, at least I think so, I hope. I will post it as soon as it comes back from the editor, hopefully that will be this week. Thanks so much for reading my story this far!

13 will be sooner than you think, it's written and the editor has sent it back to me for posting watching and reading your emails for the Final Chapter of Mike and Trent.



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