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Chapter Thirteen

The boys basked in the warmth of the Jamaican sun. They migrated from the sun to the shade, so they wouldn't get burnt. They spent their days by the pool and their evenings sitting on the beach enjoying the slight dip in temperature that occurred this time of year in Jamaica.

"Well Mikey it's been four years we've been coming here, did you ever think we'd come back here after the first time?"

"To be honest with you Trent I wasn't so sure, but I wasn't sure about a lot of things at that point in my life. I was still getting used to being out of what had been my home for almost eighteen years. Your father was trying so hard to be nice to me, which reminds me I want to get him something special while we're here, a gift for our wedding day, from us to just him, so keep your eyes open for something when we do the market, or do the shop crawl." Trent laughed at Michael's description of shopping.

"You're too much babe, you think of everything, and I can barely remember my name unless I write it down every day!" Both of them chuckled at his admittance of the numerous lists that Trent kept in order to remember all the things that he was doing.

"I have to admit Trent I've been impressed with you, between the house, school and the wedding coming up and you haven't missed a beat. I know, I know it's your lists that keep your sane. I can honestly say that I believe you now babe, I really do."

"I might take that as a compliment if you're not careful."

"Oh don't let it go to your head." Michael got up from the chair they he had been sitting on at the waterfront. It was one of the reasons Michael liked the Rock Cliffs Hotel. There was a patio that you could sit at and look into the clear waters of Jamaica. The diver instructor had told him that during the day it looked like you could reach into the water and touch the sand, and yet it was actually almost forty-five deep. The hotel had placed some lights under the water and to look at it during the night was breath taking.

As he got up he ran his fingers along Trent's forearm and up to his shoulder. Leaning down he bent over and gently kissed the side of Trent's ear, blowing slightly into it. He stood up and slowly walked up to their room. Knowing the effect it would have on his lover.

"You're the devil in a hunk's body you know that cupcake?"


"Forget the moi crap buddy boy, I know how your mind works and I like where this is going at the moment. Dare I follow you into the lion's den?" Michael could almost imagine the sparkle in Trent's eyes as he thought about what he said. Knowing how Trent got when he really sat down and could carry on a conversation about their sex life. Even though four years had passed, another four years of being together and after all they had been through, Michael felt sometimes that Trent hadn't let that last wall of defense down.

It bothered Michael to know that there was still something there, but he knew given time Trent would open up. Michael felt that a lot of it had to do with the wedding, and doing the right thing in life as far as Trent was concerned. Once Trent had asked Michael to marry him, Michael had seen a major shift in Trent, but it wasn't complete. But Michael knew how important getting married was a major stepping stone for Trent. Michael didn't think he feared it, it was just his high set of morals that Trent seem to hold himself to. Not that Michael minded, indeed he lavished in it, knowing how strongly Trent actually felt. Michael determined that Trent was his father's son.

Trent got up from his lounger and picked up his towel following Michael inside. He entered the room with his hunger already beginning to grow. From the entrance way his leaned against the door jam and watched Michael as he peeled off his bathing suit. He watched with hunger and longing, both controlling his emotions at the moment.

"Mind if I join you, or would you like the peace and quiet of a long hot shower by yourself?"

"Umm...why don't you let me get in for five minutes and get this sand washed off and then you can join me if you'd like to..." It was the slight smile that Trent melted over the most when it came to him and Michael. He had a way of cocking his head to one side a little, usually to the left and then turning up just the one corner of his mouth that morphed into a dazzling smile. But then again Trent knew that he might be a little partial on the whole issue.

"Go on then get in the shower before I can't wait five minutes from watching you too long while we stood here with you naked. Get moving hot shot!

"What and ruin the fun watching you with your tongue hanging out, now where would the fun be with me in the shower and you out here, perhaps I need a helping hand to make sure I get all the sand off of me. I can feel sand in places I didn't know existed."

"Oh, I'm sure I could find all the places you have sand buddy boy, trust me on that one. Well now that I think of it perhaps it would be better if you wash off by yourself first, that way I'm not distracted by sand, of all the things to be tempted by."

"Michael Wayne, get your ass in the shower before I throw you into it, now hurry up. I'll be in there in five and you better be clean."

"Blah, blah, blah....whatever Trent...whatever the lord high almighty desires is what he might get..." Michael used Trent's lust to make him want it even more. He looked at Trent and shook his ass towards him. He immediately jumped into the shower with Trent right behind him, grabbing him, the two of them almost falling when they jumped in. Collapsing into each other's arms they lightly chuckled at each other's clumsiness.

"Well that was graceful babe."

"Oh shut up and kiss me, I need that more than anything right now. Then I need to ask someone for a real good cleaning of my body and perhaps I could return the favor and do that for the same person, if he might be so inclined." They hugged each other, each with a handful of liquid soap and they began to kiss and wash the backs of each other, carefully washing in all the crevices that might have sand hidden in. Playfully they teased each other's anus with soaping fingers, occasionally each inserting a small tip of their finger into each other, heightening their arousal.

"You feel so good when I can wrap you in my arms and we're all soapy, you know that handsome?"

"Turns you on Mikey?" Michael grinned like a Cheshire cat, smiling as if knowing the greatest thing on earth and he was the only one. Trent walked into the stream of water cascading in the shower allowing the soap to wash away as the water continued to rinse them clean of suds.

Trent leaned down and bathed Michael's nipple in his mouth and began briskly biting it, eliciting moans from Michael as Trent kept it up. Michael wrapped his hands around Trent's head and held in next to his nipple, forcing Trent to stay where he was, Michael moved him to the other nipple once his cock started dripping precum. Trent kept on kneading the globes of Michael's ass, teasing his anus just a little from time to time.

Trent went to his knees and he kissed Michael on his lower chest and made his way down the light fuzzy hair that Michael had recently begun growing in the past year. Trent thought it looked sexy as hell on Michael and he loved bathing the virgin hair with his tongue. Trent crept further down slowly making his way to the short hair right above Michael's cock. Michael did keep it short and neat which is something Trent had gotten him to the habit of doing when he was swimming at the school and he had shown Michael how good it felt. After the first time of shaving everything off, he was convinced, but he still liked a little just for show.

Trent found what he had ultimately sought, Michael's cock which was pulsing a beautiful clear liquid from his piss slit. Trent scooped his tongue to the end of Michael's dick and took the clear liquid into his mouth and immediately engulfed his whole cock. Michael's head flew back and he moaned from the base of his throat. Trent could hear him and it turned him on even more than he already was. His rod almost ached from the stretch of his skin around his dick, it felt almost taut.

Michael's knees buckled partly from the enjoyment he was getting from Trent's mouth. It was the warmth and suction that Trent had him in that was making him weak in the knees. He let go of Trent's head and grasped at his shoulders to maintaining his ability to keep upright.

Michael finally gained the strength to spread his legs apart and let Trent gain access to his balls. Trent held them in his one hand and gently rolled them from one side to the other. From moment to moment he would gently pull on Michael's ball sac and twist causing some pleasurable pain to them. Michael spread his legs further apart and the small amount of soap that was left was enough for him to lubricate his middle finger and he used that as he thrust his finger into Michael's anus. Trent found his prostate and immediately began to massage it with his finger. Trent could get Michael to produce more and more precum as he continued the massage on his love button.

Michael felt the urge at that moment to impale his ass down on Trent's finger and tried shoving the entire finger into his ass. Trent helped by pushing his hand in an upward motion as Michael came back down on it, trying to fuck Trent's hand.

"Someone's very horny tonight, isn't he?" Michael whimpered his reply with a nod of his head, lost in the sensation that was going on in front of him and the feelings he was getting from Trent's hand in back of him.

"Take me out of here and let's go to bed I can't keep this up and stay standing Trent, you're making me weak in the knees to say the least."

"As you desire babe, let's rinse off real quick and we'll dry each other off." They got their final rinse and walked out of the shower. During the day the shower was bathed in light as the sun beamed through the thick glass to keep it private. It was located facing the ocean. Although the windows were heavily tinted it still made the bathroom bright during the day. At night you could vent out the top windows and let the ocean breeze come through into the shower stall area. You could smell the salty air that hung heavily in the air.

They stretched out on the bed and wrapped themselves in each other's arms. Trent's mouth found its way towards Michael's neck. He began to kiss his throat around his Adam's apple and gently lick it in between his kisses. He traveled towards Michael's ear softly blowing warm air into his ear canal. It sent shivers up and down Michael's spine each time he blew into his ear. Turning him on again even more. Michael's fingers dug into Trent's back the more he teased him with his subtle nibbling on Michael's lower neck and shoulders. Trent bite into his shoulder and Michael cried out in the pleasurable pain he was getting from Trent's attention.

"Don't stop doing that Trent that feels so good when you bite my shoulder like that." He almost whispered the whole sentence to Trent, but it didn't matter Trent knew his lover and knew how to turn him on and what made him tick once they were in bed making love to one another.

As Trent continued his sexual ministrations to Michael he slowly got him turned over so that Michael was lying on his stomach and Trent was covering his back with kisses and small bites into his skin. His hands were busy massaging Michael getting him to relax even more. Michael was in a blissful state of sexual arousal. His cock was rock hard and leaking precum the more Trent treated him like he was.

He kissed his way from the top of his neck to the mounds of his ass. Paying close attention to kiss both mounds with his delicate kisses. Trent slowly traced his tongue around the globes of Michael's ass; slowly making his way to the prize he sought the most. Using his thumbs, he gently pried Michael's cheeks apart as they seem to protect his innocence. But Trent wanted what he wanted and nothing was going to stop him from getting it. His tongue targeted Michael's hole and as soon as it made contact Michael arched his back and brought his hips up off the bed, in two seconds he was almost in a doggy style, except his shoulders were still on the bed. He didn't trust the strength of his arms once Trent got busier with eating his hungry hole. Michael wanted him to do it so badly, he had been thinking of it a lot lately and know he would get what he wanted.

Trent dug his tongue into Michael's ass and he whimpered in delight as Trent kept it up. Michael couldn't get enough of it. He forced his hips backwards trying to get Trent closer and let his tongue get deeper into his hole. His whole body shivered with a hungry lust.

Trent reached under and in between Michael's legs. He held his penis in his hand and brought it back so that he could suck on Michael's cock for a sometime. Right away he was rewarded with the taste of Michael's precum that was leaking from his piss slit. Trent sucked it down like it was the nectar of the Gods. And to him it was just that. He let some accumulate in his mouth and then used it to coat Michael's hole with it. Trent was lost in his own lust and desire, wanting Michael that much more.

As much as he wanted to plow Michael's ass at that moment, he wanted this session to last, he thought that time was on their side and he didn't want to hurry. He slapped Michael on the ass, causing a red mark to appear. He cringed at the thought of hitting Michael that hard, it wasn't what he had intended to do.

Immediately he flipped Michael over onto his back and Trent wrapped his arms around Michael. Kissing him on the mouth and apologizing over and over again to his lover and friend.

"I'm so sorry babe....I didn't mean to hit you that hard, I just wanted to give you a love tap. I'm so sorry Michael.....please forg..."

"'s okay Trent, you didn't hurt me. I know what you meant when you did it. You wanted to slow down the love making and make it last this time. I know you too well babe, and the other thing is that you would never hurt me. I trust you Trent; you should know that by now. I know you love me, now, less talking and more sex." Both of them looked into each other's eyes and laughed quietly with each other. As if they were sharing an intimate joke with one another.

Trent went back to kissing Michael and attacking his ears with kisses and blowing gently into each one, giving Michael goose bumps in the process. He worked his way down Michael's chest and latched onto his right nipple, suckling on it as if he was a new born enjoying his mother's milk for the first time. He bit into lightly and flicked his tongue over it, back and forth and then sucking on it, soaking Michael's chest with is salvia.

He kept moving downwards and out of habit Michael spread his legs wider for Trent to have access to what he wanted. He raised his knees and Trent lingered at Michael's belly button and kissed and licked at it. It was a hot spot for Michael and it turned him on when Trent used his tongue on it. He moved closer to his goal. Michael had his head on his pillow with his eyes closed, lost in the wonderful sensations that Trent was giving him. And then he felt the warmth of Trent's mouth as he enclosed Michael's dick with his mouth.

Michael was automatically lost in pleasure. Trent's tongue slide up and over the crown of Michael's hard cock and flicked the very tip a few times. Trent was once again eating the precum that was flowing from Michael's dick. Trent felt like it was an addiction when he ate Michael's dick and was rewarded with his delicious precum. Not too salty, almost sweet to taste Trent thought it had the consistency of a thinner form of honey. He could never get enough. The only thing that was better was eating a load of his lover's cum.

Trent's head bobbed up and down on Michael's pole, soaking it in his gooey saliva. He reached up and took just the head of Michael's cock in his mouth and wrapped his fingers around the lower part of his dick and began to stroke Michael's cock while he sucked on it. Michael's brain could only register complete bliss, his hands grasped at the sheets as he pulled them from the mattress and in the process unmaking the bed.

Trent was now in between Michael's legs and was feasting on his cock and balls, bathing them in his mouth and gently biting his balls. Trent grabbed his legs and pushed them forward, exposing Michael's ass even more. Trent dove back into eating Michael's ass. He began to insert his thumb into his ass and rubbed and massaged Michael's prostate, Michael was in his glory and Trent massaged his prostate over and over again.

Trent couldn't wait any longer he reached for the lube and soaked his cock with it and then he put it on his fingers and stretched out Michael's hole, getting him ready to take Trent's dick into his pulsing hole. Trent lined up his dick with Michael's ass and slowly began to enter him. Inch by inch Trent invaded Michael's hole. It was always so tight for him and he loved the warmth of his dick being in Michael. It was a feeling he couldn't get enough of, since the first time that Trent had made love to Michael he was almost a craving he couldn't fill, a scratch that he couldn't itch. But that didn't stop him from trying.

Slowly and carefully Trent kept pushing in until his cock was buried deep inside of Michael. Trent took Michael's dick in his hand and slowly stroked it as he began to thrust his dick in and out of Michael's hole. Each movement was deliberate on Trent's part, as he pushed his cock back into Michael; he slowly started at the base of Michael's dick and stroked it all the way to the tip which he lightly pinched when he reached the crown. Michael was in his glory and loved the feeling that Trent was giving him.

"Oh God Trent don't stop anything you're doing right now."

"I'm just going to take you to the edge babe and no further, I want to drive you crazy with lust so that you're begging me for it."

"Please don't do that Trent. Please don't make me beg today. I'm getting so close the way your cock is rubbing my prostate." Michael moaned with pleasure as Trent slowed down a little but he didn't stop what he was doing. Trent leaned down and wrapped his arms around Michael's shoulders and began kissing him on the mouth, their each fought for dominance with their tongues. At first neither one was willing to give in but Trent's determination and the way he was making love to Michael, Michael relented because of the sensory overload he was experiencing all because of Trent.

Their kissing stopped and Michael and Trent both took in deep breaths to regain their composure. Both felt like they almost couldn't breathe because of the amount of time that had been in each other's mouth, fighting.

"Oh man Trent, do it harder, please babe, do it harder, you've made love to me now fuck me hard and make me cum without touching my dick. Please Trent, please, I'll beg if it's what you want, just please make me cum."

Trent looked down at Michael as he continued his slow love making. He began to speed up a little and Michael was moaning with sheer sexual ecstasy. He urged Trent to push harder. Trent picked up his pace again and then to tease Michael he completely withdrew leaving Michael feeling empty and unsatisfied. He dug his fingernails into Trent's back once he was completely out.

"FUCK Trent, why did you do that I was so close?"

"I told you babe, I want to keep you on the edge until it's time to let it go. It's hard on me too because I want so much to just bury my load in that hot sweet ass of yours and believe me it won't be that much longer, but I will do just that by the time I'm done with you." Trent leaned down and kissed Michael and lined his dick back up with Michael's hole and slowly reentered Michael's tight ass. Michael relaxed as he felt his ass being filled with Trent's cock.

"Oh yeah babe, that feels so good. Please Trent, fuck me hard this time and don't stop until you cum in there and unload your wonderful cream. FUCK ME, Trent, now!"

Michael wanted it so badly, his body screamed out with desire. Trent kept up his increasing pace but wasn't going that much faster. Trent was still relishing the feeling that was in his loins, and the growing feeling that was familiar to him. His load was on the rise and he wouldn't be able to hold off that much longer. He started to increase his speed again and Michael dug into back leaving marks from his fingernails. Trent was energized by Michael's nails digging into his back and it spurred him further on and he again increased his speed. The headboard was banging against the wall, Trent was thankful there was no room on the other side of the wall, he knew for sure that if there was there would be no doubt they would be hearing what was going on.

"Harder Trent, harder." Trent felt obliged to comply with Michael's request and he began in earnest to fuck Michael harder than he was. Michael moaned with pleasure and could feel the boiling getting ready to overflow. His insides felt like they were being turned inside out, the more Trent drove in and out of his ass, each time beating on his prostate, heightening his arousal even more.

"Oh babe I want you to come for me, I want to see you spray it all over yourself, put your head up." Michael raised his head a little and Trent pulled the pillow from the side of Michael and put in under his head so that his head was now tilted up and he could look down and see his cock and Trent's body as he continued his love making. He started pounding Michael's ass, purposely hitting his prostate again and again. Michael was fast approaching his orgasm.

"So close....Trent...please don't stop.....oh God I'm going to cum babe." Trent leaned down and kissed Michael and then kissed his ear, whispering into his ear Trent told Michael.

"I'm going to say the word and when I do babe I want you to cum, can you do that?"

"Oh Trent make me cum, please just make me cum." Trent was slamming his cock into Michael and whispered once more into his ear.

"NOW Michael, CUM for me NOW!" Michael couldn't hold back any longer and his cum began traveling through his hot hard shaft. Ropes of cum shot into the air and landed on his face and then as his orgasm subsided, the ropes didn't reach as far but from his face to his crotch he was covered in cum. It was all the Trent could stand and his load exploded into Michael's ass. Trent clenched his jaw as the orgasm hit him and Michael could see the look of sheer pleasure across Trent's face.

The two of them fell into each other's arms exhausted from their lovemaking. Trent was spent and Michael was happy to have him wrapped in his arms as they caught their breath.

"That my friend was the best ever I think." Michael blushed from the comment.

"You were the one that was too hot, I can't believe how many times you brought me to the edge and then backed off so that I didn't cum. I thought my nuts were going to explode at one point. How about we crawl back into the shower and clean up and then we'll take up nap curled up with each other?" It wasn't so much a question as it was a statement. Slowly and carefully they separated themselves from each other, Michael's semen had gotten cold and sticky as they got up and made their way to the shower.

Slipping into the warm water the two of them washed each other from head to toe. Without much effort it slowly turned into another round of lovemaking. But it was Michael who took control and while still in the shower he rammed his cock into Trent and fucked Trent until he came without touching his dick. After a final rinse and from sheer exhaustion the two of them dried off and slipped into bed, cuddled up and fell to sleep. It wasn't until the next morning that the boys woke up to knocking on the door.

Michael looked at the clock and realized that the only one that could be knocking was Ricky. Without waking Trent, Michael slipped on some shorts and covered Trent up so that he wasn't lying there naked for the world to see.

"Good Morning mon!! Did you two oversleep this morning? Aren't you scheduled to go horseback riding in about forty five minutes?" The sun glistened off of the black man's shiny skin as he stood in the doorway. Michael was amazed how much Ricky could sweat, considering the heat it wasn't that bad, only in the low 80's, he just assumed that Ricky was the type that would break into a sweat just getting up to answer the door.

"We'll be right out Ricky, I have to wake Trent and we just need to get dressed and throw ourselves together, give us about ten minutes." Michael handed him some money. "Why don't you get us our coffee and some coconut bread from the guy down the street and by the time you get back we'll be ready. And buy one for yourself Ricky, since you're nice enough to go and get it for us."

Ricky grinned at Michael and tipped his captain's head towards him. Ricky liked the boys, he knew they were gay but it didn't bother him. He thought that the two of them made quite the pair. He didn't really understand how two men could go to bed together, but since they didn't bother him, it didn't bother him any. He walked away and shouted back to Michael to hurry with Trent, ten minutes wasn't that long. Michael smiled, shut the door and yelled at Trent to wake his scrawny ass up.

"What is up your ass? I know it isn't my dick, so what are you whining about babe?"

"It's called we over slept because when we fell asleep last night we didn't set the alarm. We're supposed to go horseback riding this morning and the appointment is about forty-five minutes from now and it takes almost a half hour to get there. Ricky just went for coffee, we have ten minutes to get dressed and be ready. Make sure you wear your jeans Trent."

"Who taught who how to ride my little pet?"

"So now I'm your fucking pet, is that it? Do I understand you correctly?"

"Well I didn't mean it like that, I was just kind of kidding with you Mikey, don't get your panties in a twist, it'll take me hours of ass kissing to get them untwisted." Trent chuckled to himself and the picture of Michael being in twisted underwear, he found it rather comical and thus his small chuckle transpired into laughing so hard that he couldn't stand up to get dressed. The more he laughed the madder Michael got for his behavior.

"Now listen up buddy, get your laughing ass in gear, or you will be kissing ass all day, and come tonight you won't be getting any ass. How's that sound to start with?" Trent frowned at Michael's blunt statement.

"Okay, okay, you win Babe. I'm up and getting ready." Trent got his pants on and was about to get his shirt on when he stopped and grabbed Michael and wrapped his arms around him, giving him a heartfelt morning kiss.

"Does that make it all better now?"

"You're lucky I love you so much buster brown, you know that?"

"I count my blessings everyday babe, every day."

Michael slapped Trent on the ass and told him to get moving otherwise when Ricky returned they wouldn't be ready. As if on cue there was a knock on the door.

"I'll get it babe it's just going to be Ricky coming back with coffee and coconut bread." Michael opened the door and let Ricky in telling him to sit down at the table and enjoy his coffee while the two of them finished up their last morning rituals so they'd be ready to go in a few moments.

Horseback riding had been wonderful for both of them. It was the first time in a long time that Trent was able to ride the horse at full speed and he felt like a million bucks for the first time in a long time. He began to feel like he had come full circle since the accident. It was almost a distant memory for Trent but every time they came to Jamaica Trent would dream about the accident. He didn't tell Michael because it only happened while they were in Jamaica, it never happened when they were at home.

As always their vacation ended too quickly, it did every time they came here. At least that's the way they both felt when they were leaving. As usual Ricky took them to the hotel in Montego Bay the day before they were scheduled to leave, they had to go to Julia's and have dinner. It was the one thing the two of them looked forward to when they were in Jamaica, was having dinner at Julia's.

Michael and Trent talked about nothing else but the upcoming wedding in June on their flight home. Michael had been keeping a notebook with all the details and all the things that had been done and what still needed to be done.

"You know we are actually sitting pretty well right now as far as everything is concerned. I talked to the guys that will handle the tents and they assured me that they would set them up the day before and possibly two days before, it was going to depend on a party they were handling right before ours, but he promised they would be up in time, so tell me why I have this feeling in the pit of my stomach that tells me, he's just hoping everything works out okay and he can pull it off. Do you think I should check on another company for this?"

"I don't know but if your gut doesn't sit well with this I think you should check out someone else Mikey, you don't usually feel like this after you've talked to someone. I'd pay attention to that. Why don't you call a few places and ask questions about this guy's company and see what his competitors have to say. Or call the Better Business Bureau and see if any complaints have been lodged against him in the past year or so. It can't hurt Michael and it'll make you feel better because you don't like the feeling you're getting right now from him.

"You're right Trent, I will call around and do some checking, let's see what happens when I ask him for some references, that will tell me a lot. I know how easy it is to give me a bunch of phony customers. But it can't hurt to ask."

"You see any other issues that you aren't okay with right now, or should I just ask what else do we still need to get done?"

"We still need to apply for and getting our license to give the Justice of the Peace so that he'll marry us. We'll need to get blood work done, but that's not something we have to do until school is over with, so don't worry about that. We, as in you and me need to check with Josh and see what we need to do if anything about the menu, I left it up to him and Andy because they know us the best and what things we like and what are some things we should serve so that we accommodate everyone" Trent took Michael's hand in his and just smiled at Michael.

"You know you worry way too much about everyone else, that's something else that's good for me."

"Why may I ask is it good for you?"

"Because it means I just walk behind you and tell everyone that it's all way because I don't know how to do these things." Michael blushed at Trent's acknowledgement of all his hard work that he had done on the wedding, asking Trent only when a decision needed to be made that might affect him.

"I might be good at this but you're the one who built our house, I can't wait to get back to see it, I can't imagine what's happened in a week's time."

"Don't get too excited, I purposely didn't schedule too much to be done while we were gone, I don't like things happening when I can't put my approval on it in the end. I want things done the right way Michael, after all it's our house, and I want it to be perfect for you when we move in." Trent took Michael's hand and kissed it with his eyes locked on Michael's the entire time. Michael could feel the flush of his cheeks as Trent kept looking at him.

"I think that's enough Trent, you know what you're doing and we are on a plane and there is nothing that is going to happen on a plane, don't think it, don't even open your mouth about anything Trent Nicholas!"

"Boy, you're not very trusting Mikey." Michael leaned in towards Trent so that no one else would hear what he had to say. He was almost whispering when he spoke in his ear.

"I know you, right now that sex-run brain of yours is thinking, and NO I'm not going into the bathroom with you to check something out, which is just your way of getting me alone so you can take my clothes off. I will not do it on a plane Mr. Sanders, not even for you." Michael smiled at Trent and pushed him away from himself.

"Wow, I'm hurt to think you would think I'm like that, I'd never do it in a plane unless we were by ourselves, which could be arranged if you really want to." Michael looked stupefied at what Trent had just said.

"Just what is that supposed to mean Trent Nicholas?"

"I'm just saying that being alone in a plane could be arranged and we could join the mile high club." Trent had a smug look on his face knowing that he could rope Michael into this somewhere down the road. He had to smile to himself.

"I know that look Trent Sanders, never mind what you're thinking right now, it's not going to happen. No thanks it will not happen if its one mile or ten, it's not going to happen, so get that fantasy out of your head right now. I know your father has a private jet available to the family Trent, anytime we want to use it. And you know damn well that we have arranged to use it for our departure for our honeymoon. Get it out of your head otherwise you'll be grossly disappointed when the time doesn't come." Trent couldn't help hide his surprise that Michael pinned it so accurately, he was somewhat crestfallen that he wouldn't be able to join the mile high club, he was sure alone in the leer jet they'd have time to get laid while they were in the air.

"Oh my God Trent, that's exactly what you're thinking, I can tell by the look on your face! Forget it, not going to happen." Trent leaned towards Michael he wanted to have his rebuttal over the issue, he felt like he wasn't having a say in this matter. How could Michael just shut off the idea so quickly after some of the other places they've had sex?

"Oh yea, because I went into the bathroom at the hospital for you when you wanted it, remember walking out to the lady and her children? I told her she might not want to go in there before we left, I felt about six inches tall, like we had just been caught because we certainly smelled like sex walking out of there."

"But that's not a mile high in the sky when we were doing it. So stop talking because you aren't going to win this one Trent my boy, no sir, no going to happen."

"Fine, I'll stop talking I'll drop the subject, it's forgotten." Trent smiled to himself, but not enough to show Michael. He wanted Michael to believe that he would leave it alone and he would, until they were alone on the jet, wasting the time away while they traveled from Boston to San Francisco to start their honeymoon. But once they were in the air and bored.....something was bound to come up.

Landing in Boston was always a shock back to reality from being in the tropics and then returning to twenty below zero with a window chill factor that practically froze your dick off. The both of them agreed that when they got older they would have a place in Florida where they would stay the winter and avoid this kind of freezing weather. They had also agreed on the age of fifty as being the year they retired from working and then spend the rest of their lives traveling and enjoying each other's company. It was a plan that both of them felt committed to, so that all the hard work they would do for the next twenty five years would be worth it.

At the end of March Michael and Trent stood on the front porch of their home, it wasn't quite done yet but that was in the works and would be ready in less than a month. Things were on track for them with a few minor bumps. The house had gone easier than they had thought it would. Trent had prepared for the worse and was all set when the time came for contingencies. Michael was glad for Trent that it had gone the way it did, he knew that Trent had worried the whole time the house was going up. Towards the end Michael wasn't sure how Trent was getting any studying done, but his grades were holding up as were his spirits for their upcoming June wedding.

"Did you ever think we'd see this day babe?"

"Not really, there have been some bumps along the way."

"Bumps! You call them bumps Michael; I think you're underestimating the definition of the word bumps versus shit bad luck. Babe, you have been through some shit. First there was Kevin to deal with and then your father and then someone ate some stupid mushrooms along the way." Trent playfully punched Michael in the arm as he spoke his last sentence. Exaggerating the punch Michael leaned in the opposite direction, momently startling Trent, making him grasp at Michael to keep him from falling.

"Oh your face was priceless on that way Big Boy; you thought I was going to fall, like really fall. Oh, Trent I love you dearly but every now and then I can still get you."

"You think you're so funny Michael, but just remember I know where you sleep."

"Well then that makes two, but what army are you going to use to get me exactly?"

"Don't be fresh know what I mean and don't play word games with me Mr. Hot Shot. Because no matter what I know that you still love me, tell me I'm wrong, go ahead, and please tell me."

"You might have a point there Trent. You know that could be the problem all together."

"What problem?" Trent looked at Michael with a serious look on his face, showing Michael his dissolving façade of being the tough guy all the time. That was what he had fallen for, the look in those eyes.

"Relax caveman, you have nothing to worry about, I'm not going anywhere and there is no problem as you put it."

"Okay screwing with me is officially over for the day, how's that for a decision for the day?"

"I can live with that Trent. I can gladly live with it. Why don't we take a walk up to the barn and see how it's coming along and have you thought about horses and where do we get those?"

"Problem already solved, Dad is giving us Danny and Flashback, the two we originally rode the first time we went riding. Dad wants to cut down on the number of horses they're keeping in the stable. He got them mostly so we kids would be able to go horseback riding. Not all of us still do, but I know that you and I love to. Dad thought it was a good idea for us to board them here. They'll be delivered a few days after we get back from our vacation of almost six weeks. I still can't believe you let me talk you into six weeks, I never thought you'd go for it."

"It was one time I knew you really wanted to do this and we're only going this way once, the money is down some but probably by the end of the summer you'll get paid the rest of your settlement. That should set us up to get you going with the right tools, which I think you need is a new truck for the business to, shit Trent those things aren't cheap! I looked at some just to see." Trent laughed at Michael's face almost contorted from the thought of spending that much money on one truck.

"Since I was traveling fewer miles than you, we could keep my car and use your truck for the trade in to help some of the cost. Since someone would insist on driving me to school for the longest time. Even though I wasn't the one who needed driving around at that point in time."

"Guilty as charged, I wanted to make sure you were okay and that nothing happened to you."

"Like I really needed a year's worth of watching." Trent turned a deep crimson red. Michael realized at that moment how much Trent did love him he felt a flush his own cheeks turning red as well.

"Okay, okay, never mind all of that it's already past so no need to worry about it now is there?" They both ended up laughing with one another over the whole thing.

"So tell me Mikey where are we at with the wedding stuff? Anything you want me to do or check on for you?"

"Have you written your vows yet, are you going to wait until we are done school? I think that's what I'm going to do so that I have a clear head in order to do it and say what I want to say. That way I won't be worried about spending time on vows when I know I have a mound of homework to be done still."

"Sounds like a good idea to me. I was thinking the same thing and was going to ask you how you felt anyway. Only because when I thought about waiting until school was over I felt like I was waiting until the last minute, but we are done classes almost a month before the actual day, so that's enough time and you just made me feel like I'm not procrastinating."

"Trent the last thing I can accuse you of is procrastinating. You never do, you stay on top of everything, you might put off a report now and then until the last minute, but you definitely aren't in the habit of putting things off babe."

"Thanks for saying that, sometimes I feel like I put some things off when I shouldn't be, but maybe I'm just being too hard on myself because I worry about making sure you're happy. If you aren't happy then I'm not happy and I don't like seeing you unhappy."

Michael got closer to Trent and wrapped his arms around him. He didn't know if it was possible to keep falling in love with him or not, but every day seemed that he discovered that he would find another facet to Trent that would make him love him just a little bit more. He hoped that Trent felt the same way about him when he thought of him. Michael nestled into Trent's chest and laid his head on his shoulder. They stood there silently and Michael was mesmerized by the odor he inhaled while hugging Trent that closely. It was like an aphrodisiac to him and he just couldn't get enough of it.

Trent just wrapped his arms around Michael and rested his head on Michael's. He could smell the shampoo he had used in the morning to wash his hair and Trent was enthralled by it. It was a smell that he couldn't get enough of. He wished and hoped that he would never tire of it. It meant too many things to Trent. It was the one smell that made Trent think of Michael from the first day they met in the hallway at school. He swore then that he would never forget that smell, after smelling it the first time. Time stood still for the two of them as they lost themselves of each other's loving arms.

"What do you want to do tonight? You want to go out or do you have too much homework to do Mikey?"

"Actually I have too much homework, and I'm too tired to deal with it, I could use a break to be honest with you. I know we're down to the final stretch for school and it will be over in about eight or nine weeks, whatever it is, but tonight I would like to go out. We can take a break from school work and from working on the house. We both deserve a night away from both of these things. What do you have in mind?"

"Do you honestly want to know?"

"By the tone in your voice Trent I'm not sure I want to. Am I going to regret saying okay or will be something I like?"

"Oh yea, you'll like it, and it's something we've done before or I should say it's someplace we've been before. If you trust me, just pack enough for a change of clothes for the morning, we'll be home sometime tomorrow, I know we can't take off the whole weekend, I know I have too much homework myself to take off that much time right now. And I have a test on Tuesday that I have to spend time studying for or I know I will not pass it, and I have to pass this one."

"We could just go to the movies Trent that would make me just as happy as going and hiding out somewhere for the night."

"I know we could go to the movies and come home and be just as happy, but I have something else in mind and a lot more fun than just going to the movies. You know I would be just as happy if you and I got two cups of coffee from Josh and go to the movie room and watch a movie at home and fall asleep with you, as long as I got to spend the evening with you sunshine." Michael blushed from Trent's simple comment, which he knew was the truth and straight from his heart. Michael felt a sense of warmth spread through his body as he thought of the home that Trent talked about. A home that he had been part of now since the beginning of high school, when Trent took him home to have his parents help Michael out when he had no place to go. He wasn't sure if he would ever get use to the feelings that he had for Clay and Sarah, they may have not been his parents from birth. But the way Clay treated Michael from the beginning made Michael feel not only wanted in the house, but respected and appreciated. Something he had never felt living with his real mother and father.

He thought about his mother for a moment and a tear fell from his eye. He tried to look away from Trent but it was too late, Trent had already seen the tear.

"Hey babe, what's with the tear? We've been happy all night and now this, I didn't say something I shouldn't have did I?" Trent look concerned while he looked Michael in the eyes. He was worried that he might have inadvertently said something and didn't realize it.

"No babe, it wasn't you. I was just thinking about living with you and your family and what it's been like for me since that first day and everything that's happened and I got to thinking about my mother. I guess sometimes I just get thinking about her and regret that our lives ended the way it did. I think of the months that went by that I thought she was getting messages from me from my sister and she wasn't. I should have done it myself and made sure that I was talking to her at least to know what the truth really was. Maybe she would have hated me anyway, maybe she would have been okay with me being gay, and who's to say Trent? I just know that I often wonder if it would have turned out different if I had at least attempted to talk to her instead of going through Mandy like I did. But I didn't know she wasn't really talking to my mother about me. I don't know what I ever did to her to make her act like she did and kill our mother." Michael fell silent and just laid his head back on Trent's chest.

"Don't worry about it Michael, it was never your fault. You did what you thought you had to do. You honestly thought that your sister was telling your mother the things that you were asking her to. I certainly never gave it a second thought as to whether or not she was telling your mother. You two seemed so close when I first met you so I just thought everything was on the level with her. Shows you that you weren't the only one that was wrong about Mandy and what was going on. Come on now, let's think of happier things and let's take off, we still have an early evening so we have time to go out and eat and then go where I want to take you. Sound good?"

"Sounds very good Trent and probably just what I need right now after thinking about that. I just want you to know that I owe your parents so much for everything they ever did for me. And you know I'm not talking about the money or things like that. It was your Mom and Dad just being parents to me and treating me the way they did, I don't know how I'll ever be able to thank them, especially your Dad getting me through the trial and getting me back on my feet and thinking again. The biggest thing was that your Dad believed in me almost from the beginning, without question, he just accepted me for who I was and what I believed in. No man had ever done that to me before. My father always told his peers that I wasn't the very strong type and that my brains made up for some of it. But to my face, I was pretty much useless to him." Michael rested his forehead on Trent's chest and let go of an anguished sigh from somewhere deep within him. He felt better and better telling Trent how he felt about growing up with his father, but only in bits in pieces. Michael just didn't like the spotlight being on him from something that had happened and was over with. He didn't see the point in bringing it up all the time. But piece by piece he was letting go.

"You're going to be okay Michael, don't you worry about that not now or ever, you're with me know and I'll make sure that no one will ever treat you like that again, not as long as I live and breathe babe. I mean that Michael I really do, I'll never treat you like that and I won't let anyone else do it either and if your father shows up I will do as you ask and step aside and let you handle it. But I won't leave you alone with him, and you have to promise me that you won't meet up with him away from me, will you promise me that."

"I will Trent, I promise never to go and meet him somewhere without you. And I understand why you feel that way. And besides, if I do have to meet up with him again, I want you with me to show him that you and I are still together and better than ever. I'll make sure he sees me being happy. If he even would recognize it to begin with."

"Now let's get out of here and go get some clothes for overnight and whatever else we need for the night. Otherwise we'll stand here for the next few hours just talking, let's get moving and we can keep talking but making progress at the same time."

"Are you going to tell me where we are going, we've been all over Boston, driven to Cambridge and back into Boston, soon I'm beginning to think that you're just taking me for a ride and we are going to end up back in Watertown. What the hell Trent, pretty soon I'm going to have to piss and we will need to stop. Let's just do it now and show me where you are taking me?" Trent looked at Michael and smiled at him.

"Okay I'll tell you since we are right around the corner. We're going to the Four Seasons for the night. Back to the suite for a little getaway. Maybe a little love making with my boyfriend and best friend."

"Sooooo that's what this is all about, another one of your plots to seduce me. That was slick Trent I didn't even see it coming this time. I never gave this place a thought when you said just for overnight, I should have known better. You are a dog Trent Nicholas, what on earth am I going to do to you once we are married and living together twenty-four seven? I won't be able to keep my clothes on...I'll..."

"I wouldn't mind coming home and finding you naked. The no clothes part when I get home from work has always been one of my fantasies...." The next thing Trent felt was Michael punching him in the arm, hard.

"OH SSSHIT that hurt! When did you get those muscles? What I say, what's wrong with wanting to come and finding my sexy husband all naked? I mean it's not something you'd have to do all the time, unless you wanted to that is." Trent started laughing and again was rewarded with a hard punch to the soft muscle tissue on the outside right leg.

"Okay stop, I promise to stop and not saw anything else before I go home with a black and blue body! Geez.....what you turn into some kind of man beater with the working out you've been doing on the side? Yea, I know you've been working out without me. Guys at the gym talk you know. Seems my sexy wants to be extra buff for his wedding day."

"Who told you that?"

"So it is true you are working out on the side. I knew I could feel the muscles in your upper arms getting harder. And you've been working on your lower back as well. I can tell how much easier you're moving from the stance you walk around in. As you work out without realizing it your body posture will change, you'll walk upright more and your arms tend to stay not so close to your body because the muscles are building not only in your arms, but in your chest as well, affecting the muscles all the way around your chest."

Michael blushed and immediately began to rub Trent's arm. He had been working out trying to get in top shape for their wedding and their six week honeymoon the day following the wedding. He had wanted to impress Trent the day of although he never thought that Trent might notice. He was hoping that if he did notice that it would only be a few weeks before the wedding.

"Well I knew sooner or later you'd notice but I was hoping it was a lot later than sooner Trent. Hope you don't think I'm too vain for wanting to be like that for you on the day of our wedding. I just wanted to be looking my best on that day. I figured working out wouldn't hurt any. I have actually gained weight, no not much but some, and it's all muscle according to my instructor."

"Well I'm proud of you. I still have a ways to go before I can really go back to the routines. I hope you're not disappointed in me for being a little on the fat side. Not having been able to get back to the gym yet, it's killing me Michael, I feel awful with this weight on me."

"You look fine, I'll bet if I ask you how much you are overweight, I'll bet it's not more than twelve to fifteen pound, and I have a feeling its closer to ten pounds."

"Your right Michael, it's only twelve pounds, but to me it feels like a hundred. You know me babe, I'm used to being skinny with no extra weight and I've been careful and still gained the weight, I can't wait to get back in the gym."

"You like fine the way you are Trent, if you don't tell anyone, they won't know. I only know because I see you naked and can tell. So stop your worrying, and by then you will have lost that ten pounds and no one will be the wiser except you and I buddy! Now let's get out of the car and check in the Four Seasons, and no Trent this time I will not sign it, I don't care what you beg with, I'm not doing it." Michael laughed at the memory of the first time Trent had brought him here and him signing them in. It was a performance he wouldn't repeat for Trent. Maybe while they were on their honeymoon he'd play the game again and be as openly flamboyant as he was the first night they had checked in the Four Seasons.

They spent the night holding on to one another and just talking the night away. It was almost dawn before they crawled into bed. They had spent most of the night on the patio, wrapped in a blanket and just talking about their hopes and dreams after the wedding. The date was drawing near and both of them were getting excited the closer it got.

School ending was anticlimactic for everyone except for Trent and Michael. Their anticipation grew as the eighteenth of June drew closer for them. It was the daily topic of conversation for Michael and Trent both, along with Clay and Sarah and anyone that had anything to do with the wedding.

"We have a week left babe, you sure you're ready to do this and put up with me for the rest of our lives?"

"Trent, I've been ready since the day we met. I have no doubts or concerns. I want this to happen more than you'll ever know."

"I just wanted to make sure everything was okay and that you're not having second thoughts."

"As I said Trent, I've been ready since the first day we met, you just didn't know it." Both of them looked at each other and laughed. Both thought about that first day and how magical it had been for the both of them. But neither one could admit to that until they had been on their third trip to Jamaica. That was the time that they had shared everything with each other, there were no more secrets between them after that trip.

Only Trent was holding his breath until the moment they walked down the aisle. Trent was still pinching himself, still not believing that Michael was going to marry him he was waiting for the rug to be pulled out from under his dream of marrying the man he had fallen in love with. Could he really be this lucky that he found the man of his dreams with the first man that he met and had feelings for? It was close enough to happening that he was finally beginning to breathe a sigh of relief and his lifelong dream was coming true. Trent was bursting with emotions.

He sent Michael a dozen long stem yellow roses the Saturday before their wedding He had written a note to Michael that was included when the roses were delivered, it read,

To the Man I Love,

The time draws near for you and me to become one. I have never wanted anything in my life as much as I have wanted you. You have been rock and my foundation who discovering who I am and what I am capable of doing with my life. I'm not sure if I would have discovered that without you in my life.

I love you Michael Wayne Evans and next Saturday you'll make me the happiest man in the world.

Until then.... I love you.

It brought tears to Michael's eyes as he read the note that Trent had sent him with the flowers, he was something that he had never expected. He had gotten a gift for Trent but it was for the day they got married. Not so much that he had gotten him the gift, the gift was for the both of them and Michael just wasn't telling Trent.

Michael had heard from the lawyers in regards to their adoptions process over the past couple of months and he had kept it a secret. Three weeks ago their surrogate mother had given birth to twins, both boys and both identical. Michael guessed that since he was a twin that was the reason the women had twins as well, but Michael had seen them both and he swore they looked like Trent more than himself. Joan, the surrogate mother had promised to keep the boys until the day of the wedding, finding it hopelessly romantic that Michael wanted her to bring the boys and present them to Trent and the family as soon as the ceremony was over. It was the present that Michael wanted to give to Trent. His fatherhood. Michael had wondered how they were going to handle the last year of school with bringing up the boys. He left the birth certificates empty until they could both reach an agreement on their names. Trent already knew what he wanted but Michael wanted to be sure before he gave them their names.

The last week flew by with last minute details being finalized and every one running here and there getting the things that were needed for the party. The tents were erected three days before the event and the guest list stood at one hundred and twenty six, a lot of the guests were people from Clay's business and some were Sarah's friends that she wanted to come. The rest were friends from school and kids that they had gone to High School with. The tuxedos were picked up two days before, they had them made at the tailor's as they would be using them on their cruise in the Greek Isle's the last week and a half of their honeymoon.

Michael wondered with the arrival of the boys if the honeymoon if their honeymoon was going to happen. What would they do with the boys if they left for six weeks? Michael honestly felt like they couldn't go but for now he wasn't making any decisions, not until he talked to Trent and he helped decide what they would do and how they would handle it. Michael was hoping that Trent would postpone the honeymoon until next year and then they would be able to take the boys with them. He could hardly look at Trent without wanting to say something, he hadn't even told Clay or Sarah the news when he had found out they were going to be parents. It was the one surprise that he would never be able to pull off again.

Saturday, June 18, 2016 came bright and early to a glorious day of sun and warmth. The past few days of pleasant New England weather had held up and Michael and Trent's wedding day if it hold true would be wonderful all day long. The two held true to tradition and kept away from each other and seeing each other all day. They both knew what the other was wearing; it was a joint decision to stay apart until the time came to say their vows, vows they had both written to each other. The moment arrived for the ceremony to take place. Clay didn't walk Michael down the aisle, but he stood next to him at the make shift alter as his best man, Stephen was Trent's best man. They both wore white and with black trim tuxedos. Michael and Trent wore a single yellow rose in their lapel of the tux.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, family and friends, we're here today to bring this union of Trent Nicholas Sanders and Michael Wayne Evans together as one.

They have both expressed an interest in writing their own vows to each other, so at this point I'll turn the proceedings over to them. Trent...

"Michael, I remember the day we bumped into each other on that first day of school. It seemed like the rest of the world stopped moving at that very moment in time. God had delivered onto me a man like no other. You took my breath away Michael Wayne Evans.

More so today than then that first day Michael. In the last few years we've been together our relationship has been tested and I believe has grown because of it. For I know I'm more in love with you today than I was yesterday and the day before that one.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm falling in love with you more and more every day. For this I am truly grateful. Because I know I'll wake up every day and find another reason to love you Michael.

Mikey, family and friends had to laugh a bit at Trent's personalization to Michael.

Walk beside me the rest of my life,

Grow old with me every day,

And cherish every moment we will spend together.

I will gladly share every worldly possession that I own with you from this day forward, what's mine is yours, we share everything equally, joy, sorrow, riches, poorness, sickness and health, laughter and our tears. Above all else I will share my love with you. The one you have shown me is my greatest gift to give you.

I love you Michael Wayne Evans and want you to be my partner for the rest of our lives. Will you share that with me?

"I will."

Michael, I believe you have something to say to Trent at this time. Michael leaned over to Clay and said something and Clay left the ceremony. Michael had asked him to go get the twins.

"It seems I've been lucky enough to wake up every day and see your smiling face since we met Trent Nicholas Sanders. " Michael is extremely nervous and is fidgeting Trent held his hand and squeezed it to try and calm him.

"I remember the first day we met, for me it seemed like my world had become a vacuum and I couldn't think of anything to say, nor could I get a thought out. If you hadn't kept talking to me that first time we met, we might not be standing here today, that's how shy I was then, and you've changed me so much, gotten me out of my shell.


As we begin this journey

I can honestly say there is no one else I'd rather be taking it with.

I look forward to many years of waking up to a smiling face at the breakfast table...

More than that, I look forward to many years of waking up to that smiling face.

More than that I look forward to sharing with rest of my life with the man that not only believes in me and who I am.

But who loves me for who I am, and just the way I am.

A man who's never asked me to change anything. Even though I constantly work on Trent Mom! Again there is a chuckle from the family and friends.

Now that I truly have the rest of my life with him, I can stop working on him.

As we walk this path in life,

Always walk beside me, not in front and not behind,

Stay on this path we've chosen and together we'll have a good life together.

Will you do that with me?

"I will"

"Before we take this ceremony any further I have a special present for my husband. In the background the children could be heard. Clay walked up the aisle with the twins, one in each arm

"Trent Nicholas Sanders I give you our two sons." Trent looked at Michael and picked him up and swirled him around. Over joyed at what he saw before him. Sarah looked at Michael and smiled knowing that he had successfully kept his secret from Trent. Trent took one of the boys and Michael took the other. Together they stood there waiting for the justice of the peace to finish his job.

By the power vested in me in the State Of Massachusetts I know pronounce your union as Mr. & Mr. Trent Sanders. Michael and Trent with full hands did the best they could in kissing each other to cement their union.

The boys walked slowly down the aisle as their friends and family tried hard to get a look at the twins. The party proceeded and it wasn't Michael and Trent who were the center of attention of their special day and they didn't care.

"Mikey have you named them yet?"

"No I have waited for you for it should be done today, you ready to pick some names?"

"Oh yeah, I already know their names."

"And what might that be?"

"Wayne Nicholas Sanders and Michael Trent Sanders"

'I'm okay with Wayne but I like Trent Michael better."

"Then so be it babe, you ready to tell everyone?"

"You do it Trent."

"EVERYONE, can I have your attention a moment. I'd like at this moment to introduce to the world, Wayne Nicholas Sanders and Trent Michael Sanders. Everyone applauded and cheered the news.

"The second part of that is that Michael and I will be postponing our honeymoon to take care of our sons, and next year we will take our trip and it will be with our sons."

There was another round of applause and cheers. Trent's brother's and sister's swarmed their new brother in law and their brother hugging them both and wanting to see Wayne and Trent. For the next few hours the party proceeded and both men hardly had a chance at seeing their sons. It wasn't until the evening drew near and guests finally began to leave that they had time to really focus on Wayne and Trent.

"You're a dog for not telling me Michael and I will get you back for this, I'm not sure how at this point, but I will get back at you. Guess we'll be moving into the house as a family and not just as being married. We have an instant family Mikey, how on earth did you keep this quiet from me? I wouldn't have been to hide it from you if I had known; I would have told you the minute they had been born. How did you not name them for that long? I couldn't name them without you being part of the decision making process Trent.

"I just knew I couldn't in all honestly name them without you being part of the process Trent, I would have felt like I let you down on something that was equally important to both of us."

"I love you Michael Wayne Sanders, and I always will, along with however many children we end up having." Trent walked over and threw his arms around Michael and hugged him as tightly as he could. Both men let the tears roll down their cheeks as they both realized how happy they were and that they now faced the world with sons of their own.



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