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Chapter Six

"Come on Michael please let's go in the house. You can see it tomorrow if you want. When it's daylight outside please babe don't do this to yourself." With his heart out on his sleeve he begged Michael not to go and look, knowing that it probably wasn't cleaned up yet and he didn't want Michael to see it. Michael stopped and looked Trent in the eyes.

"Please Michael don't. Come on let's so into the house, we'll come out tomorrow and you can look all you want." Michael caved in and his shoulders dropped down and he bent his head forward and rested it on his chest. Trent put his arm around Michael's shoulder and lead him inside and up to his bedroom and put him into bed. Trent kissed him good night and promised him he would go out with him in the morning. He shut off his light and closed the door and sat down outside Michael's room. He wanted to make sure Michael didn't try and go downstairs before he had a chance to clean everything up before Michael could see it. He waited over an hour to make sure that he would stay in his room and went to the front porch. When he got to the front porch he found Stephen still cleaning.

"Thanks Stephen, I stayed up there to make sure he was asleep before I came down here I thought you had already gone to bed."

"I could still use your help, find some more bleach, there's still marks that I'm having a hard time getting rid of. See if you can find any in the garage or anything that might work on this to clean it off. I don't want Michael to see this in the morning. It's bad enough that it happened here and he's going to have to see it every day and be reminded that it happened here. You're going to have to be extra patient with him Trent, don't push him too hard to be the Michael you want, it's going to take him a while to mentally process this. Not only did he lose his mother tonight, but he hadn't talked to her since he left home and he's going to feel guilty for not doing it, even though he had every right not to talk to her. She's wasn't fighting that hard to stand up for her son, I didn't see her or hear about her trying to reach out to him, not even on his birthday. No matter what his father thought she supposedly loved him anyway so why couldn't she have tried to get in touch with him outside of her home in some way? You're going to have to gently remind him of this somehow without offending him, he's still going to feel guilty no matter what we say or think." Stephen put down the brush he had and walked over to his brother and put his arms around him.

"This is going to suck Trent, I'm not going to lie to you or sugarcoat this. Michael is going to be deeply effected for a while and it's going to show up in your relationship in ways you might not expect. I'm just trying to tell you to be patient and remember. There's no question of him maybe talking to her tomorrow ever again and with the way they parted he's going to regret it no matter what." He just held his little brother with a hug only a big brother can give. His heart went out to Trent and wondered if he and Michael could survive this ordeal together? The whole family had protected Trent the instant he had come out to them. Perhaps there were times that the older siblings had over protected their younger brother from the realities of the world, at least as far as Stephen was thinking. The only thing he could do now was to be there for Trent and watch over him and help him get through this, just like Michael was going to have to go through it to. Trent just wasn't old enough to realize that yet but Stephen knew and it made his heart ache for him. Experience was life's greatest teacher and at the age of eighteen Trent hadn't had enough of it to realize the ramifications of Michael's lose.

The morning arrived all too soon for Trent, he didn't look forward to taking Michael outside. He jumped from his bed and ran out into the hallway to see if Michael was still asleep but his door was already opened. He made a dash for the downstairs and as he descended the stairs he could see that the front door was already standing open. As he got closer Joshua came back into the house and stopped Trent before he could get outside.

"Leave him be Trent, Michael needs some time to himself. Get your father and mother up he's going to need them this morning. Let them know that he's already outside and that the porch has been cleaned. Don't wait Trent, move do as I say, go on. Hurry Trent they need to be up for him."

Joshua physically turned Trent around and pushed him back towards the stairs he had just come down a few moments ago. Joshua knew that Michael was going to need someone much stronger than Trent to pull him back in from where he was headed mentally. Trent ran up the stairs to get his parents, Joshua was right he would need their help with Michael and learning to move forward with his life. He barely remembered running through their door and waking them up and getting them downstairs.

Michael was just standing there looking at where she had been and the scene played over in his head repeatedly. There was nothing else he could see or think of except his mother lying on the ground with a pool of blood growing ever larger and slowly running down to the first step. It was surreal to stand there and watch Michael. Racing through his mind he tried to imagine who could have done this to his mother. Kevin was the first one that came to his mind and his father came second.

Michael wondered could he really do this to his own wife? Could this whole fight bring him to this point and this drastic conclusion? What would Kevin gain from this? Is he just out to destroy me for trying to fight him off? Questions ripped through Michael's mind one after the other. He still couldn't believe that it had happened. Who was going to bury her? Would it be his father? But if he did it how could he bury her? They'd take him away and it would be up to Mandy and him to do the job. He had to call her and talk to you. He tried several times, but was unable to reach her. He reasoned that she could be at work or perhaps she had gone away for the weekend with some of the other kids from the class. Many had headed for the beaches in New Hampshire for the week following their graduation.

Clay walked up to Michael and put his arms around him.

"Come on Michael, standing here and just looking at this over and over again isn't going to change things. I'm sorry this had to happen to you on a day that was for celebrating not mourning a death. But you need to come inside and sit and maybe have some coffee and toast you need something in your stomach, come on Michael, Trent and I will join you for coffee. Come on son." Clay took Michael by the shoulders and slowly guided him back into the house, the whole time Michael seem to stay fixated on that one spot where his mother had so coldly laid the night before.

The breakfast table was quiet no one was really saying anything especially in front of Michael. No one wanted to bring up what the problem was that was glaring everyone right in the face. Michael broke the silence.

"I know this is going to sound crazy but it was Kevin. And if it wasn't Kevin then I have to assume it was my Father." Clay and Sarah had the same thought and both looked at each other unsure what of to say to him."

"Michael, how can you say that? He attacked you and I agree that would make me feel like that to, but why would he kill your mother what would that accomplish?

"He's trying to get at me because he didn't get what he really wanted that day. I just feel it in my gut that Kevin isn't going away from here just yet; he wants revenge for some reason. I don't know that I did anything to him but there's something he's fixated on in me."

"But how we would know that your mother was going to be here at that time? Her being here was a last minute thing, there's no way he could have known." Michael looked up at Trent and shook his head.

"Maybe you're right Trent; maybe I'm just saying it to lay blame on someone. That leaves one other possibility and you won't like this anymore than I do."

"I don't know who else ... your father"


"Michael your parents might be fighting, but to kill her over this whole issue do you really think he'd be capable of doing something like killing his wife?"

"I don't know I think as a career man in the military his training of doing what's right and not bring disgrace to the military in any way would perhaps prevent him from doing that. I just don't see him doing this kind of thing. But, maybe something snapped and you're right, it's the job of the police to figure out what happened and who did it Michael".

"Maybe you're right Clay maybe I'm just guessing. As far as my father being capable, I've heard more than one story growing up in the military of men beating their wives and some shooting them for less than what my father might have done it for. Don't forget he's ashamed of me and his wife acknowledging me by attending my graduation party might have sent him over the top. I don't know him anymore; I don't like what he's been like since I left my house. I don't know what he's been thinking or how he's been acting, my sister says that he's been quiet because my mother won't talk to him because of what he's done, so I don't know if that would drive him to kill or not. I told the cops everything I know and what I thought it's up to them to figure it out now, I don't know what else to do." Sarah was the protective mother instantly.

"I want you staying close to the house Michael for a few weeks just in case, I'm not saying you have to stay in the house I just want you to be careful coming and going from here, I want you leaving with Trent and coming home with him. I don't want you driving alone, if need be I'll take you to work and pick you up."

"Sarah I know you mean well, but I can't keep hiding. I won't do that; someone isn't going to run my life on fear. If they want to get me they're going to, like it or not." Trent piped up to.

"And what about me, maybe you're willing to keep running around like it's nothing, but what if something happens to you, where are you going to leave me on that thought, what I don't matter, you're just going to decide how your going to live your life screw everything else, I'm sorry Michael but that doesn't work with me. I'm not letting you out of my sight we come and go together, got it?" Trent wasn't pissed but Michael could hear the slight edge of anger in his voice mostly is was love and concern that radiated through his little speech.

"Come on, change your clothes into something comfortable and I'll be back in a few to join you and we'll take off for a little while." Trent walked out the door as he closed it he could hear Michael break down in tears. As much as it broke his heart he thought it best to just let him cry for a few minutes perhaps it would do him some good. He took his time changing and it was Michael that came to his room.

"I was beginning to wonder where you were. What did you do have a hard time deciding what to wear?"

"Ha very funny, I was thinking of maybe leaving tonight and finding a place to stay and spend some time away from here for a day or two? How about it?"

"You know what Trent that sounds great, have you packed everything?"

"Yea just go and throw enough in for two days or better yet make it three days just in case we decide to stay longer." Michael hugged Trent and squeezed him as hard as he could.

"I love you Trent I just want you to know that and I don't want you to leave me ever, promise me that."

"I promise Mikey, I wouldn't be doing the things I'm going to be doing if it wasn't for you and believing in me. I promise to never leave you, unfortunately for you, you're stuck with me for the rest of our lives."

"That's a promise I like hearing and am holding you to it mister!" The two went to Michael's room and he threw some clothes together.

"How are we going to get out of here without being held back?"

"Oh yee of little faith. My father made sure we had a way out of the upstairs should we have a fire in the house, come with me" Michael followed Trent to Randy's room and opened the closet door. He pressed the back wall of the closet and it slid back revealing a set of stairs.

"What is this?"

Oh just hush and follow me." He followed Trent down the stairs that turned a few times and when Trent opened the door they were standing on the far side of the house hidden by the stone fireplace that went up beyond the second floor.

"It's how we use to get in and out of the house when we were late coming in. The walls are built of fire resistant material that way if there ever was a fire we had a safe way out."

"That's so James Bond." Michael said and the two laughed over his remark".

"Okay now what genius? How do we get out of here without being seen? My car is parked near the front where there are a hundred cars blocking it in. Where's yours parked?"

"Mine is out on the road in front of the house. Just stay with me and we'll get out of here without being seen. Then I'll call my mother and tell her we're splitting for a few days to just let you chill."

Michael followed Trent into the wooded area just outside the fence that enclosed the yard. A few seconds later, they were getting into Trent's truck. He started the engine and pulled away. Pulling out his cell phone he called his mother.

"Mom, listen I have Michael with me and we are taking off for a day or two. He needs to be away from all of this. If the cops are still there tell them to look into Kevin and Michael's Dad. His dad would be the only one that would know that she would be there. I don't think its Kevin that was Mikey's idea. Maybe it's nothing maybe it's not. I'll stay in touch and the phone will be on if you need me or the cops wanting us to come back, but right now I'm protecting my buddy."

"Don't go too far Trent just in case the police do want to talk to Michael. Go downtown and get a room at the Four Seasons. Use your father's account that way you'll have a suite and if I have to I'll be able to send the cops there, okay?"

"All right Mom, We'll go there and stay shut in to just hide and get away, but don't tell anyone but Dad where we are, not even Mandy right now. If she calls just say that we took off but not sure as to where we went. Like I said I'm protecting Michael right now from everyone unless the police need him, but try and stall them unless you and Dad think we should come home. I just get this feeling that it's not Kevin or his father, it doesn't add up with those two, but I can't think of anyone else that would want to hurt Michael."

"It's for the police detectives to figure out Trent, don't keep talking about it in front of Michael unless he brings it up first. We love you two and be careful. Tell Michael I'm worried about him and if he needs, your Dad or me he can call us at any time. I don't care what time of the day or night it is."

"Here you tell him Mom." Michael took the phone from Trent and rolled his eyes fearing a lecture was at hand from Sarah.


"Yes mam."

"I just told Trent what to do and where to go and stay. I want you to know that if you need to talk to me or Clay you call I don't care what time of the day or night it is, I'm worried about you and Clay is very concerned. Just know that we both love you and will protect you just as much as if you were one of our own. I mean that Michael. Now go with Trent and try and relax, Clay and I know where you will be. Do you still have your pills from Dr. Davis?"

"No, I left them at the house."

"I'll drop them off tomorrow, better yet, I'll send them by currier first thing in the morning; make sure you take them to help you relax. Will you promise me to take them?"

"Yes mam I will."

"Good, then go back to Trent and you two go and relax. I'll see you soon Michael."

"I'll talk to you later Sarah and thank you." Michael handed him his cell phone.

"So are you going to tell me where we're going hot shot?"

"We are going downtown to the Four Seasons my father's company keeps a suite there. The folks will know where we are and we can charge everything to the company account so we can spoil ourselves. Mom wants us staying in."

"I don't know if I'd ever get used to this lifestyle you seem to take so easily Trent. I guess it's because I just never grew up with it and it's probably what makes the difference between you and I."

"Michael I want you to know that sometimes I feel guilty because I can live like this, knowing how some people have to struggle. And then there are other times that I'm glad I live like this. Tonight is one of them because I can take my lover with me and spoil him like I want to. So no arguments, I just want you to relax for the night I still have a small present to give you for graduation I just was waiting for the right time to give it to you Buddy."

"Trent, I didn't get you anything. I was going to take you away for a weekend before we started school in the fall."

"You can, just don't tell me where we are going and it will still be a surprise. Look at it this way Dad gave us the summer off because it's the last one we get, before we go to work for the rest of our lives. Oh yea, when we pull up to the hotel watch what happens when I tell them to park this for the Sanders Suite, watch people go into overdrive, personally I think it's funny." Before long they pulled up to the Four Seasons and Michael was in awe of its beauty and splendor."

As they got out of the car Trent directed his attention to the valet.

"We'll be staying at the Sanders Suite if you'd let them know, tell them my name is Trent Sanders." The kid's eyes popped open. "Do you have any luggage sir?

"There's two small duffel bags in the back you can have them delivered to the room if you don't mind." Trent took Michael by the hand and whispered in his ear.

"Are you ready to have some fun and watch some jaws drop?"

"Trent what are you going to do?"

"By now that kid has notified the front desk that someone is here and will be using the Sanders Suite, which is really the top floor Penthouse in case I forgot to mention it earlier."

"Yea, that part must have slipped your feeble mind." Trent couldn't help but laugh.

"Yea, feeble my ass."

"That's one thing I'm hoping to get tonight."

"You are such a horn dog Trent. Okay now lets walk in slowly hand in hand and I'll bet at least four to five people will be at the front desk to get us signed in and will ask nine hundred questions if we need anything special, the chef is still on duty if we are hungry, and blah, blah, blah.

"This might be something you are used to but not me, let me enjoy it and don't ruin it by making snide remarks about everything."

"Okay in that case I'll let you handle it all I'll just sign the book."

"I love you Trent, and thanks for getting me out of the house tonight, I needed it more than you know."

"No Michael, I know you and could see it in your face that you needed to get out of there and I knew I was the one that could accomplish that. But you can thank me later while I rip off your clothes." They laughed as the doors were opened for them and Michael really began to grasp the grandeur and opulence of the hotel. With its rich tones of gold's burgundy's and deep rich blues, the furniture style befitting King Louis VI, everything gleamed. Large bouquets of fresh flowers hung from the high ceilings and smaller arrangements sat on coffee tables one on each side of the front desk. It all smelled freshly cleaned.

"My partner and I would like to check into the Sander's suite." Trent couldn't believe what Michael had said he wanted to bust out laughing, he had never heard him say that out loud to anyone except to a few close friends that they both knew.

"Yes sir, no problem. Would you like the chef to send up anything?" Michael looked at Trent for a second.

"Honey are you hungry still or do you want to wait for breakfast?" Michael kept a complete straight face and Trent was about to double over in fits of laughter.

"That would be wonderful doll, order whatever you want and then just order me the same. We haven't eaten since the party earlier today."

"We'll have Filet Mignon, make sure they are prepared Black and Blue, Baked Potatoes with sour cream and butter served on the side. We'll have fresh Broccoli steamed with Lemon and for dessert make it a French Chocolate Mousse with Mango dusted with Cinnamon and to drink with that we'll have a bottle of Dom Perignon chilled at thirty-three degree's, not at thirty four degree's or thirty-five degree's, but thirty-three degree's. I think that will do it. A very shocked attendant stood there speechless unsure whether to ask if Michael if he wanted anything more or not. An equally shocked Trent Sanders stood next a man he no longer knew.

"Anything else we can do for you sir?" He stood there on baited breath wondering what Michael was going to request next.

"I'd like that dinner delivered in one hour exactly and also I want a dozen yellow roses, a dozen white roses and a dozen red roses, all long stem. Tell the florist to make sure they are cut at a forty-five degree angle they will live longer that way. Deliver them with dinner. Not a second sooner or later." Trent stood in awe at the performance that Michael was delivering at the desk, as if he had done it all his life. He was convinced that Michael was reborn and in an earlier life was someone that had too much money. Even more than Trent was use too, and that saying a lot.

"Now if you have a register I can sign I'm sure you'll show us to our room" Without batting an eye the attendant slid the book to Michael and he signed it Mr. & Mr. Trent Sanders.

"Now if you would so kindly show us to our suite we'll go upstairs."

"Yes sir Mr. Sanders right away sir, if you would follow me please." Michael took Trent by the hand and followed Mr. Kiss Ass to the Pent House Elevator.

"Here's your key gentleman. Would you be requiring a wakeup call in the morning?" Trent entered the elevator leaving Michael to handle the man and answer his question.

"My dear man I hope to hell I'm still having sex tomorrow morning. However I am expecting a special package by currier I will need that delivered right away, so I guess you will have to wake me for that. Just make sure they send up a fresh pot of steaming hot coffee and some Danish to go with it. Thank you and good night." He turned and walked into the elevator and Trent pushed the button to the Penthouse. As soon as the door closed Trent leaned against the elevator wall and broke into a fit of laughter.

"I didn't know you had it in you Michael, that was a performance had I known I would have recorded, your sister will never believe you just acted like that.

"Oh Trent, I know how to play the game, I just never had the chance." I hope I didn't go overboard with the dinner and flowers?"

"You did not, I was impressed with the choice of dinner and the flowers just topped off the whole thing. I thought it was very romantic, it will be perfect when I give your gift later on. The elevator door opened and Michael just gasped at its beauty and views of the city form the large windows. David took his hand and took him to his favorite view from this room. They could clearly see the airport and the ocean from the view and all the lights were beautiful.

"If you ever want to bring me someplace that brings peace to my heart, bring me here Michael. I love this view from there. I like it more from outside. Come one let's go out. Trent opened the door and they walked out to the patio that was surrounded by statues of art and countless arrangements of flowers. Large flower, small flowers including all kinds of colors. Even at night they were beautiful and now Michael understood why Trent liked it so much.

"Come sit with me Michael." Michael went over to the lounger and sat in between Trent's legs resting his back on his chest. Trent wrapped his arms around Michael's chest and kissed the backside of his neck. Michael's head fell to the side exposing his neckline to Trent's kisses. Isn't this perfect out of here right now? Just the two of us."

"Yes Trent it is, something we haven't had in a long time, time for just us. I'm glad you thought of this." He pulled up Trent's hand and kissed it

"I wish we could just sit here for the next few weeks and let the world go by. I'm not even sure I want to go to my mother's funeral I' know that my father will be there and I don't think I can face him I blame him for this, somehow I know he's to blame. I feel it in my bones Trent, believe me when and if the truth ever comes out he'll be the one behind it."

"Michael you could be right, but you should go to her funeral. My family will go with you and protect you from him coming near you, do you hear me?"Michael nodded his head in agreement.

"I will call the entire family together and they will build a wall around you to protect you from him getting to you. Or if I have to I'll hire my father's bodyguards to protect you, either way he will not get near you. Will you go for me? I just don't want you to regret this ten years down the road from now. I want you to be able to stand there in ten years and know that you were the bigger man for showing up. Remember she came to your graduation and to the party afterwards, at least she was trying to reach out for you.

"Hold on a second." Trent dialed his phone. Mom, yes we are settled in. Listen Michael is going to the funeral for his mother but I want family support and him being guarded by the family so that his father can't get near him, he's afraid of him and frankly so am I. Call the kids and have them flown in as soon as we know when the funeral is. Just call Mandy and ask her and let her know that Michael is attending, it will make her feel better, but don't tell her any more than that. I trust Mandy, I just want Michael alone right now so he has time to think Mom. And just wait until I tell you what happened when Michael checked us in. I thought I was going to fall on the floor and pee myself. It was too funny. I wish I had a movie camera when I watched him with the front desk attendant I thought he was going to have the guy pee himself. Yea, I know Michael right, who would have thought that. Yea I'll tell you about it. Night Mom."

"Was it really necessary to tell her that about the guy at the front desk? They'll tease me forever on that one Trent."

"I know that's the point."

"And here I thought you wanted sex tonight I might have to change my mind now just for that."

"Aw, come on Buddy, you can't don't that to me I've been thinking of what's inside those clothes for the past few days and since we've been so busy and haven't been able to do anything. You wouldn't do that to a guy with blue balls would you?"

"First of all having blue balls is a crock of shit made up by some guy who was just so horny he'd say anything to get into his wife's panties, it worked and he told a few guys and before you knew it the story was out of control. Horny yes, but you don't have blue balls and squeezing them until they turn blue doesn't count sport."

"I don't have to squeeze my balls I've got something better and works everyday."

"What's that?"

"Come back over here and sit down in this chair for me." Michael sat in the chair that Trent directed. Trent pulled up the chair that was on the other side of the table; he sat himself in front of Michael. Michael could see that Trent was clearly nervous.

"Come on Big Boy what's making you so nervous all of a sudden? Is there something that you're holding back on me and haven't said anything about? Trent just kept shaking his head.

"Well then just spit it out. Do you want to hold my hand and then tell me, will that help you?" Trent looked at Michael and went to move his lips and the doorbell rang announcing their dinner.

"Fuck" was the only thing Trent could say.

"I'll get it Baby just wait here." Michael went to the door and directed the waiter out to the patio. He proceeded to set up dinner for them and open their champagne and poured them each a glass. Michael tasted it like a pro and Trent smiled wondering where he had gotten this knowledge for someone who never supposedly lived in this fashion. This knowledge came from upbringing not a class taught here or there. But that was a conversation for another time and place. For now it was time to eat and ask other questions. They were both hungrier than they thought and they devoured dinner in short order.

"Babe you can order a meal for me like that anytime. That chocolate dessert was the best I have ever eaten. And the flowers are beautiful. Now I have something for you."

Trent got up and began talking to Michael and about going away to school and not seeing each other for long periods of time. He told Michael how afraid he was of losing him to some sweet talking guy when he wasn't going to be there to protect him and chase him off. And as good looking as he was guys were going to be hitting on him and the jealous side of him just couldn't deal with it, it was eating him alive.

"Trent, you have my heart and no one else will ever have it, no matter how much sweet talking someone did I would still be saying no to them." He tried to assure Trent that no one would come between them in any way shape or form.

"What would it take to convince you that I am yours and yours alone?" Michael's back was to Trent's as he looked over the cityscape. Trent's stomach was in knots, he felt like throwing up unsure of what Michael would say to him. Well at least he was pretty sure he would say yes. Up to now they hadn't really discussed it seriously and he hoped he didn't think that he was pushing Michael. But it still took all of his strength and courage to make this next step. He walked up behind Michael and told him to close his eyes. With his eyes closed Trent put a gold chain around Michael's neck and fumbled for a minute but finally he turned the lock and secured the chain. He told Michael to told him and not to look down yet but to come with him and he took him by the hand and led him to the first mirror he could find Placing Michael in front of it, he told him to open his eye's. Michael looked in awe at the gold chain and the pendant attached to it. It was about two inches long and a half-inch wide. On the face of it was a symmetrical design with carved ivory and small pieces of garnets. The carvings set in the gold were of two snakes intertwined with each other. One snake had garnet for its eyes representing Michael's birthstone and the other snake had a reddish yellow topaz and then scattered around the two snakes were small baguettes of emerald green for blades of grass. It was beautiful. Michael looked at the reflection in the mirror and met the gaze of Trent looking at it with tears in his eyes. To actually see it on Michael took his breath away. Trent finally looked up to see Michael looking at him and blushed.

"I don't know what to say Trent this is a beautiful piece of jewelry did you get a loan from your Dad for this. This thing even feels heavy. The gold alone weighs a ton. I like the way the snakes are done. I take it they represent us?" Trent nodded gently and kissed the back of Michael's neck he wanted to see it on him with nothing else on his chest or hiding behind a shirt. He was happy with the design he had worked hard coming up with this for him.

"I had it made for you Michael, I designed it and then worked with the jeweler for about a month until we got it to a point that I actually liked it and thought it was time to put it all together." Trent took his arm and put around his waist and picked up the remote put on some music and they started dancing, whispering in his ear. "Mr. Michael Wayne Evans its not an engagement ring but I've already designed it and you'd make me the happiest man in the world if you would marry me." Michael stopped and stood stunned in amazement at the chain on his neck. He threw his arms around Trent and began to cry.

"How could I say no to you? Yes Trent I'll marry you of course I'll marry you. And if getting married before we start school in the fall is what you want than it works for me. I just wish we were going to the same college our first few years of marriage. How long have you been thinking about this Trent?

"Since you got out of the hospital after you got attacked by Kevin, I've known ever since then that I wanted you to be my partner for the rest of my life. And Mom and Dad thought I made a good choice She'll be so excited to find out, she wasn't sure when I was going to ask you."

"Come on Big Boy this calls for a celebration in the bedroom don't you think so?"

"You think I'm going to say no to you Little Buddy." Michael began to undress of course Trent finally began to do the same and within minutes the two stood naked.

"Like to dance?" Michael smiled

"I thought you'd never ask sir." The two slow danced to the music playing softly in the background, their sexual excitement grew as they danced and their bodies grazed against each other, turning flaccid cocks into rock hard marble.

"What better place than out there under the stars with the skyline behind us, a moment we'll never forget Trent. I know I won't." Michael dropped to his knees and engulfed Trent's cock into his mouth. Trent grabbed Michael's hair and held his head in place as he slowly drove his cock gently in and out of Michael's mouth. His knees grew weaker the longer Michael sucked on his cock. Not being able to stand it any longer he pulled him up by his armpits and wrapped his arms around him.

"It's my turn to make you feel that good." Just as Michael had dropped to his knees Trent dropped to his and swallowed his cock as far as he could until he gagged. Attacking him a little more slowly he went back to his job and sucking his cock, soaking it, he wanted Michael inside of him tonight, he wanted to feel his love inside him. But for now he was content to run his tongue up and down his shaft sending shivers throughout his body. Michael grabbed his ass and kneaded the flesh stretching the skin around his hole making Trent that much hotter and desiring him that much more. Trent pulled away and grabbed Michael down further down on the lounge chair spreading his legs. Michael dove his face into Trent's ass like a man on a mission someone who hadn't eaten in weeks as his tongue lapped his hole. He soaked his hole with his saliva and drool

"I need you Michael I thought I wanted you in side of me but I want you now, please let me take me let me have that hot hole of yours. Please baby, I'm begging for you."

"Do it Trent make me feel like only you can, I need to feel you inside me, I want to feel your thickness inside of me, be gentle with me tonight okay? I want to remember this for the rest of my life."

"So do I Buddy so do I." Trent pushed Michael's legs opened and slowly aimed the stretching his sphincter wider and wider allowing for Trent's girth to stretch Michael open that much more. Trent's cock stroked over his love button again and again driving him to the brink of a blissful orgasmic high.

"Harder Trent, I'm so close take me over the edge Trent close so near what you do to me! Ropes of cum exploded from Michael's cock and covered his stomach and then more was replaced with Trent's as his orgasm hit and his semen mixed with Michael's covering them both with heated semen. Their spent bodies collapsed on each other spent from a glorious round of sex. Separating themselves before the semen stuck them together they got up and led each other to the shower.

The hot water cascaded over their sexually drained bodies refreshing them and recharging their sexual drives. Of course at their age a strong wind recharged their sexual thirst for each other.

The shower had two sides that allowed you to sit and be under the water. Trent sat down as Michael washed his hair and upper body. Trent began to wash Michaels lower half, not sexually just gently caressing him affectionately. Before long of silently washing each other they changed positions and continued with their gently foreplay. They washed each other for fifteen or twenty minutes before getting out and drying each another off. Both shaved and brushed their teeth and climbed into bed. Michael curled up on Trent's chest, closed his eyes smiling.

"I take it that I picked the right thing for an engagement ring?"

"You did great Trent, did your mother help you? And you better be honest because I'm going to ask her, AND she will tell me Trent. And you know it."

"Okay I had help, but not from her, I asked my oldest sister Susan, she went with me and helped me decide to do something different for you. Not only that, but her husband owns this awesome jewelry store and he helped just as much, they were the first ones to know Mom and Dad were second. Sue and Denver knew as soon as I left store and when I walked in the door mother says she wanted to see what I bought at the jewelry store. But since I couldn't show them right at that point they haven't seen yet.

"Trent Nicholas Sanders do you think your mother and father would be mad if we called them right now and I told them that I say yes to you asking me to marry you? Besides we don't have much time to plan this if we are going to do this before school."

"About that Michael, my mother has been doing a little planning just in case you said yes and it's lined up for the third weekend of August so we have time for a honeymoon before school starts. Anything else I should know about it. She picked out a few caterers and cake places so we can decide on what we want and of course the colors and invitations have to be picked out and sent out in about two weeks. Of course there's no pressure on you, Mom will help with anything you want her do as will dad. He's so excited that he's getting another son-in-law. "

" I just wish that my Mother was alive to share in my happiness. I know we hadn't talked since I was thrown out I should have called but they could have come to me to, they had my phone number and my sister checked their phones to see and even my father still had my phone number in his cell phone.

"I think her coming to your graduation party says to me that she was happy with you Michael I really do, just hang on to that memory. And you still have Mandy and you know she'll be happy to help or at least be a part of it."

"I think I'll ask Mandy to give me away and walk me down the aisle, what you do you think? I think that would be a great idea Michael and I'm sure she'd love doing it.

"I have a weird question to ask you Trent and I want you to think about this before you answer me. And I don't mean for two or three minutes, I mean a few days. But is it going to be Mr. & Mr. Michael Sanders, or Mr. & Mr. Evans or Mr. Trent Sanders and Mr. Michael Evans? Which one do you want?

"Okay I'll think about it, but you have to think about it to. Think about what you want to do, not just want I want and in three days we'll write it down on paper and throw them into a bowl and pick one out. And that's what we'll go with, how's that?"

"Sounds good. Now let's call your folks, ask for your Dad and hand me the phone, I want to tell him first he's been so good to me Trent; I want to be the one to tell him. I just had a great idea for your Dad and I'm sure he'll go along with it." Trent picked up the phone and hit home and the phone dialed. His mother picked up.

"No mom Michael needs to talk to Dad can you put him on?" Trent handed over the phone to Michael who had a huge grin on his face.

"Yes sir I'm sorry for calling late but there's something I have to ask you. Do I have to keep calling you Clay or can I call you Dad now that your son has asked to marry me? Thanks Dad now I have one other question, but hold on one second. Trent go in the bathroom and close the door I have something I want to ask your Dad and I don't want you to hear this and turn on the water and I better hear it running real quick, hurry up you're the one that woke them up." Trent begrudgingly walked into the bathroom, turned on the shower and closed the door. "Okay, so I have to ask if you'd give me away? I know I'm asking a lot from you since you've already done so much for me and given me so much..."

"Slow down son, slow down, one thing at a time. First I'd be honored to give you away Mike, second you don't mind if I call you Buddy do you? I know the nickname comes from Trent but I like it, it fits you. He told me just never say Little Buddy or I might get slugged." Both of them laughed at the shared joke, it gave Michael a feeling of belonging to the family. Something Michael hadn't felt in a very long time a true sense of family. "There's something else you and I have to sit down and have a talk about at least now that you're going to be family it will make it much easier for me and for you I think but that will wait until you and I have some alone time okay?"

"You got it Dad, can I talk to Sarah now"

"Sure thing Michael and take it easy while you're there you two deserve some down time you've been busting your asses at school. I know your influence over Trent is what got him to go to school. I don't want to know how you talked him into it, or maybe I shouldn't ask and just be glad he's going." Now he was being sarcastic knowing how easily Michael got flustered when sex was mentioned in the family.

"DAD! I ... I oh hell never mind, you're doing that just to get me going and I know it."

"Oh Sarah you should see what he got me I was never expecting something like this. No he didn't get me a ring but I like it better, besides he said he's already designed the rings and if they are anything like this they should be awesome. I can't wait for you to see this it's remarkable. Yes I promise I'll take the pills as soon as they get here in the morning. I'll let Dad tell you what I asked him to do so I'm going to hang up now and let Trent come out of the bathroom so he can breathe. Okay I love you to, thanks for everything Sarah."

The door opened about two seconds after Michael hung up the phone and he was drying his hair with the towel walking around bare ass. Trent began pretending to dry himself off seductively using the towel in between his legs more like riding the towel back and forth would be a better description of Trent's ability to be kinky and funny at the same time. What started, as a sexual come on to his boyfriend became more of a nude comedy act something off Broadway, way off, way, way off Broadway. Michael couldn't utter a single word to Trent because of laughing. Trent was attempting to hang a heavy terry cloth towel off the end of his hard on; they were interrupted by the ringing phone.

"I'll get it Michael, it's probably just my mother because I didn't talk to her about anything when we all just talked." Michael picked up the phone anyway.

"Hello." Michael was waving his hand at Trent to stop what he was doing signaling to him that it was his mother on the line. He held up his finger to quiet Trent down.

"Yes mam I'm listening your son was being an idiot trying to make me laugh while answering the phone. Is there a problem, should we come back now?"

"No there's no reason for you to come here now. Michael, the police were here looking for you, they haven't been able to find your father. I don't mean to break your happy mood right now but they will be back around eleven looking for you and I told them I would have you here. Dad and I will stand with you on this matter and he will have one of the companies lawyer first thing, he's already put a call in to him tonight to be here. Just make sure you two are okay? I love you Michael and I'm glad Trent has finally asked you, he's been a nervous Nelly since he got that thing. I can't wait to see it. I love you Michael and we'll see you in the morning with Trent's little butt with you. Tell him this is a family gathering tomorrow one because of the engagement, and two you're family now and now we stand together, be prepared I'm sure the rest of the clan will be here tomorrow to see what Trent got you. We've got some planning and few decisions to be made I've set up a lot of stuff so that you and Trent just have to make decisions. Between me and the rest of the girls in the family and I invited Mandy to join us but I haven told her why, just told her you said she had to come those were your orders when you left with Trent. So she doesn't know yet. I wanted you to surprise her."

"Yes mam we'll be there in time don't worry I'll make sure he's awake and his butt is in gear in plenty of time don't worry. If he doesn't get up he'll find out what a cold shower in a warm bed is like. I'll try and wake him nicely but I've lived with him long enough to know how he is getting out of bed in the morning".

They curled back up in bed and Michael just laid on Trent's chest running his fingers up and down not saying anything just listening to his best friend's heartbeat. Before long they had fallen asleep with each other. At eight thirty there was a knock on the door. Michael ran to the door and went to open it when Trent yelled at him.

"He'll get a nice view if you open that door in your current state of dress Mikey." Michael instantly realized that he was naked as the day he was born.

"Throw me a robe smarty, please." Trent threw the robe and he put it on. The package had arrived as promised from Mom and so had breakfast. Michael signed for the room service and pushed the cart into the room.

"You want some coffee sexy? Or would that be Mr. Michael Sanders?"

"Depends on what you want sweetheart you tell me what you like best. Oh yea, by dinner tonight the whole family will be there happens any time someone gets engaged in the family, expect to be treated like royalty and to receive presents form the older crowd, the young ones will be taken to the mall to get us something, it's just the way it's been. The same thing will happen when it comes time for Yvonne, Randy and Daniel.

You should cover that ass of yours so that we can eat breakfast otherwise I'll never be able to finish my breakfast."

"I haven't heard any complaints from my little sexy rabbit yet unless there's something you're not telling me." Michael jumped on the bed and directly on to Trent tickling him unmercifully.

"Stop, Stop okay you win if you don't stop Mikey I'm going to pee on the bed. Ah, how you would you'd explain that bill. I wouldn't have to because you signed the bill smarty-pants." You win this one but you better get in there and piss or so help me I'll push you in the tub and tickle until you do pee and it won't matter because it will just go down the drain."

"You are a kinky little fucker Michael, why I never knew, we might have to explore that side of you in the near future you kinky sex pervert." Michael jumped off the bed and Trent ran for the bathroom. Michael rattled on the doorknob with both hands and Trent yelled at him to stop or he wouldn't be able to pee. He tried to tell Michael he was pee shy when people tried to push him along to fast. Michael slide down the door laughing the whole way down.

"Okay Big Boy but let's get busy we have to be back at the house for the cops, they have more questions. Your Dad or should I say Dad is going to have the family there and I'm to talk to him first before talking to anyone. That especially means the cops Michael and I'm serious about this, do not piss off Dad this time, you do exactly as he tells you. And he'll get you through this or he'll have three hundred lawyers so far up the prosecutions ass they won't see you until your fifty. Just trust my Dad Mikey if he thought for one minute you have something to do with this he wouldn't care what happened to you. And you certainly wouldn't still be in the house and him taking care of you. He knows good people when he sees them and he sees that in you. When we get to the house I'm going to drop you near the James Bond door. Get in and just knock on the sliding door in case Randy is in there jerking off, he gets so pissed if we catch him doing it, even though we keep telling him that we all do it to. But I understand where he's coming from."

"I'll make sure to knock before I just bust in there."

"All right Mikey just get in the house and into your room and follow Dad's lead when he comes to get you for the cops. Listen to Dad Michael he knows what he's talking about and your one of his favorites right now I can tell."

"Trent I don't think I'm one of his favorites, I think he and I just have a good relationship"

"Call whatever you want Michael but I know my Dad better than you do and believe me when I tell you, your special to him, just enjoy it, it's not a bad thing. You haven't gotten your graduation present from him yet. I know he gave you the Rolex watch but there's something he's holding back on one and when the time is right he'll give it to you and you will under no circumstances tell him you can't accept it, it would break his heart Michael, remember that. Promise me Michael, promise you won't break Dad's heart when he gives this to you, he has given it a lot of thought and has asked all of the kids what we thought and we agreed with him. Just hug him and thank him when he gives it to you and I will love you for eternity Michael Wayne Evans. But then I'd love you for eternity even if he didn't give you this one special thing he has lined up for you. So relax for now and enjoy it soon enough he'll give you your present, cry if you want babble if you want but make sure you thank him. I don't even think he'd mind if you kissed him on the cheek when he gives it do you."

"All right Trent please don't say anything else or I'll be wondering what he could have gotten me that it makes you say some of the things that you're saying. And I'll be afraid to open any box he gives me."

"Who says it comes in a box?" Trent smirked as he looked over at Michael's face. Michael smacked him hard on the shoulder. If you going to keep that up I'm going to claim that I fell and in trying to hold on before falling I hit you and then I'll tell you how sorry I am and I make it all better." No one would believe you anyway. I'd be the saint."

"After the performance I saw last night at the Four Seasons I will be so watching you and catching you on tape just to show them."

"Me, I'll claim the whole thing was staged and that I was tricked into the whole thing, they'll still believe me more than you. May I remind you who the pro is here?" Michael walked off smirking and wiggling his butt.

"There will come a time Mr. Evans and you will show you your true colors and I'll catch it for someone else to see, and then I'll post it on the Internet a place for the world to see!"

"Yes the place for the world seeing things that get doctored and photo shopped all the time. Sorry you just can't win this one Baby."

"You're too damn smart for your own good sometimes. Good thing I love that quality about you. So are you about ready to head home. Oh and start looking at houses that you might like to live in. One of our wedding presents from the folks will be our first house. Nothing major, something small for starters but something not too far away usually within ten to fifteen miles, so we can visit and so can they."

"How about something in between our schools? We won't have to live on campus and I think we can find something still get close enough to make them happy."

"Talk to your future mother in law Buddy. She's the one that will give you a hard time if she doesn't like it."

"Face if Big Boy, Mom likes me best! And with that statement Michael broke down in tears and plopped down on the bed.

"It's okay big guy you're going to make it and you'll be okay, it's just going to take some time." Trent hugged Michael and stood up and brought him up with him. "Come on let's get out of here. I'll call down and have the car ready for us when we get down there for you. After all you're the one that's been signing for everything and I JUST can't wait to tell Dad what you spent, he's gonna have a cow! Michael couldn't see the smirk on Trent's face. He was totally white and looked like he was going to pass out. Trent couldn't stand it and burst out laughing. And Michael realized he had been had.

"Oh you asshole, you will so pay for this, if you thought my performance was good coming in, wait until you see it on the way out Trent. And of course my husband will be right by my side. The staff will be talking about it for the next two years about these two guys that spent the night in the penthouse. What do you think of those apples Trent old boy?" Trent looked pleadingly at Michael. "This will be so good, just give me time to get dressed to think of something in case I have to bolt."

"Okay I'm sorry, you'll be good going out right? Remember this is a company account and my Dad does a lot of business with them, we can't draw to much attention to ourselves at this hour of the day Michael. I'm just trying to tell you we do have limits to what we can pull off without getting our asses kicked by Dad, whether he likes you or not just remember that. Trent had a strong hold of Michael's hands, kissing them and pleading with him not to make too much of a scene." Now it was Michael's turn to laugh.

"All right Big Boy I guess we're even on this one, but it was fun while it lasted you should have seen the look on your face just then, how's that commercial goes about being priceless? That was the look you had on your face and it was priceless to say the least. Damn good thing you're cute.

Michael and Trent made their way back to the house in time to meet with the local police. It was something Michael didn't want to face. The police were aware of Michael's relationship with his parents because of the attack from Kevin Cranston. Which going through his mind kept him thinking how could he not be a suspect? His greatest answer was the number of people who were there and saw Michael going out the door a few second's after it happened. Michael was always one that worried about the smallest detail and had all his life.

Hiding his sexuality had inadvertently honed his skills of observation and to tap into a person's emotional state. There were times he was grateful but for Michael it was a double edge sword, just as he had known that Kevin had presented himself with an inability to connect with people. Trent knew something was eating at him he hadn't said two words since they had left the city. He patted the seat next to him to let Michael know he wanted him close him. He didn't move but held out his hand and interlaced his fingers with Trent's.

"We still have about a half hour ride you want to talk about it? Is it your mother you're thinking about or your sister? You haven't talked to Mandy since Friday night at the party it's not like you to go this long without talking to her. Why don't you call her and see how she is. She might need you right now even if it's only a five second conversation."

"I've thought about her all weekend Trent along with losing my mother. I feel half heartless for not crying much over her death. She was my mother and I did love her. Her biggest problem in life was with an overbearing husband who wouldn't have it any other way but his. I felt bad for her sometimes but it was her choice to stay with him and live the life that he wanted and commanded. She taught me a lot Babe mostly how to love someone. If it hadn't been for her I don't know where you and I would be. As much as she taught me to love she taught me about taking a chance and to let it happen when the right person came along. I heard her say it so many times that when it happens and you find that one person you'll know. Perhaps it was her pride that kept her marriage to my father together all these years."

He picked up Trent's hand and kissed it. He didn't move any closer to Trent instead he laid his head on his lap. Trent reached his hand down to Michael's chest and rubbed it slowly trying to bring him comfort without speaking. It was a problem for Trent to tell Michael how inept he felt discussing his insecurities with him. It also made it harder for Trent to find the right words to use that would make Michael feel better. He just didn't realize how much of an impact his words had on Michael.

Growing up Michael sought acceptance not just as a gay man but also as a man in his own right. Something he felt he lacked due to the rigidity in his life. A belief that came from his father repeatedly telling him that tears were a sign of weakness and only girls cried. It was part of that verbal abuse his father used that lashed out at him like a Australian bullwhip with its tips striking directly into his heart leaving it hurt and scared. He made a promise to himself when he thought of having a family that he would never treat a child of his in a manner that cut so deeply and knowing full well the sting of the whip left upon his heart. The tears began to fall ever so slightly and Michael buried his face in Trent's thigh, the flood gates had opened and Trent brushed the hair away from Michael's face quietly holding on to the man he loved with every fiber in his body. He wanted more than anything to take away his pain.

A few minutes away from the house Trent pulled over and got Michael to sit up and sit next to him and put his arm around him to hold him. He took the Kleenex box from the door panel and handed Michael a few at a time, taking away the ones he had soaked through trying to compose himself and to stop crying. He just sat there with his head hung low his chin sitting upon his chest and the sobs began to subside. Trent reached over and picked up Michael's chin and made him look him in the eyes.

"If you have any problems with the cops when we get to the house, just look at me and say my name that's all you have to do and I will end it right then and there. I will take you from the room and we'll go upstairs to your bedroom and I'll lock the door. And before we go in there and I forget to say this, I love you Michael Wayne Evans, you're the best Little Buddy, more importantly you're my Little Buddy. I know you don't like me using that name but that's what you are to me Michael, you're my one and only Little Buddy don't ever, ever forget that. Promise me. "

"I promise Trent more than you'll ever know how much I promise. I guess we should just go and get this done with so by tonight's dinner we'll be in better spirits than we are right now."

Trent pulled back up on the road and five minutes later was pulling up to the house. Michael looked and said nothing there were three local police cruisers, a state cop's car and two limousines.

"This is just way to many cars Trent I don't like this at all, something isn't right with this picture I just can't put my finger on it. Stay close Trent, I mean it this time, like within a foot, I want you that close. Promise me?"

"I promise Baby now come on. Hey did you take any of those pills this morning?" Michael looked away from Trent trying very hard to avoid his gaze. Trent had told him specifically to take one when they came and then another one right before they left the hotel. He hadn't done either and he knew Trent was going to be pissed and the last thing he wanted was an argument. Trent spoke before Michael could say anything he just looked up into Trent's face. His took his arm away from his shoulder and Michael immediately reached behind him to get the bag that had the pills in them.

"Damn it Michael why didn't you take them I purposely put one by your glass of juice when I reminded you and you said you wouldn't forget. I know you don't like taking them but this is a day that it might be smart so you can keep yourself calm. That's why I got it out for you this morning and put it right by your juice so you wouldn't forget." Michael wasn't showing anything no emotion, nothing just a blank stare.

"I'm sorry Trent, you're right maybe I did it intentionally I don't know I certainly didn't think that way when you reminded me and I looked right at. I'm not making any excuses for what I should have done and you're just trying to protect me. It will only take about twenty minutes to half an hour to work, well not fully but it will at least start."

"That's bullshit and you know it don't do that to me Mike I don't like getting shit shoveled at me, it's beneath you to do that." Michael could tell that Trent now was pissed and he was right which didn't give much room for Michael to say anything at the moment.

"Just sit here for a minute and don't get out. I'm going to buy you about five to ten minutes if I can. I'll take the bags in and just harness Mom by telling her you need a few minutes and she'll take care of it from there and any problems that arise she'll squash. Now give me a hug and a kiss, I want you to know I still love you but I'm not mad at you I'm just mad you didn't take the fucking pills, which I can't say I can blame you for I wouldn't want to take them either."

Trent leaned into Michael and grabbed him and rubbed his back almost roughly but with understanding. He got out and opened the back door and took the bags, Michael watched him walk around to the back of the house. Michael wondered why he hadn't gone up the stairs like Trent had originally thought of when making plans to come here this morning but it was too late for that now. He sat there and let his head lay against the head rest and was startled when there was a knock on the window

Sarah stood there looking at him and he reached for the door to open it but she was a second or two ahead of him and he missed the handle and she had the door open and grabbed him out of the seat and had her arms around him. She held him as a mother holds a child that's hurt and needs no words just an understanding hug. He sighed a heavy release from that hug knowing as a mother that he would be okay and come through this next event in his life with his head held high.

"Trent told me about you not taking your pills" Michael hung his head like a small boy about to be chastised for forgetting to do his choirs. "Don't hang your head Michael it won't do you any good."

He looked up at her and half smiled, but she could see he was holding back the tears. Not knowing how much he had or hadn't grieved since seeing him Friday night she didn't want to push him to far today. Today was a day to support him and get through the police horseshit, which is what she was calling it as her and Clay discussed this morning over coffee.

"And now as your future Mother-in-Law I want to see exactly how this piece of jewelry he created looks like." Michael had purposely worn a loose shirt that he could unbutton easily to show it off.

"OH Michael it's beautiful, much better than a ring for you guys. I like the stones and the two snakes but the grass really makes it look nice. It's not overdone or dumb looking, very classic and manly. Now the rings I have a little more of an idea on and sometime this week we are going to the jewelers and get them ordered. Never mind that there are other pressing matters at the moment. I'm going to prepare you a little for what's going on in there and why they wanted you. Dad and the lawyer will be out in a few minutes for him to meet you and decide how this is going to be handled. First Michael sit down in the truck you know this is going to be bad news, mostly you know but there are a few details you didn't or don't know about. I'm sorry about your mother honey I think she came that night in hopes of talking to you. I invited her by asking your sister for her to come I feel awful that it happened when it did."

"Do the cops know anything at this point of who might have done it? I know you said last night that he couldn't be found. Any word on him this morning?"

"Not that the cops are saying anyway. They have Kevin Cranston in custody, anyway they have him and they picked up on Friday night. He doesn't have a good very believable alibi from what I've heard but who knows."

"Have they found my father yet?" Michael wasn't sure if he cared or not where his father was. He wasn't sure that he even cared anymore.

"Not that I know of and I think that's the main reason they're here today. They want to ask you what you may or may not know. I know you don't know anything since you've been here you haven't talked to him how would you know?"

"I know they're just doing their job, so I might as well just do this and get it over with." Clay and the lawyer turned the corner from the back walk heading towards Michael and Sarah. Michael got out of the truck and hugged Clay.

"Thanks Dad for everything today." Clay patted Michael on the back.

"You just tell me when you've had enough if the cops get out of hand on you it's the other reason I brought my lawyer here." Clay let go of Michael and turned to introduce the two.

"Michael Evans this is Mr. Richard Brockton. Richard I'd like you to meet the newest member of the Sanders growing family. I have been fortunate to be gaining both another son and son-in-law come the end of August I'm sure you'll be getting an invitation to come. Trent and Michael will be exchanging theirs on the third weekend in August I believe." Richard stepped forward and shook Michael's hand.

"Nice to meet you, and congratulations to you and Trent. Since the police are waiting our arrival I'll make this brief Mike, do you mind if I call you Mike?" Michael shook his head agreeing with being called Mike.

"Ok Mike I don't see any problems here at all with the conversations I've had with Clay and Sarah this morning my understanding is that you have had no contact with your father since moving in here with the Sanders is that right?"

"Yes sir."

"Then this shouldn't take long, I'll be standing beside you the whole time or sitting whatever happens. If at any time for any reason you don't want to answer a question, just look at me. I'll take it from there in consideration of whatever is being asked. If at anytime I tell the police that my client doesn't want to discuss that unless it becomes completely necessary then that means you don't talk until I tell you to okay?" Michael liked this man he was straightforward and held no punches back.

"It's in your hands than Mr. Brockton I think I'm ready to handle this. I will say this and I'm not trying to sound like I'm trying to hide anything but I have just lost my mother and I have taken a sedative the doctor ordered me to take, if it anytime I say I want to be left alone you will insure that will happen?"

"You have my word that it will end at that point Michael, but I will tell the police that if you are needed after that you will be more than happy to make yourself available to them. How's that sound?"

"Perfect, let's go do this." The four of them walked into the house. Michael entered first and all eyes were on him. Joshua had just rounded the corner coming from the dining room. He immediately came to Michael and hugged him.

"I'm glad to see you back. You want something to eat or drink or do you want to wait?

"Just some your good coffee Josh will be good right now and thank you." Michael went into the living room and the police that were sitting all stood.

"Good morning Michael, I'm Captain Jack Barrolls from the Massachusetts State Police, this is Detective Charles Ryan and Detective Brandon McGuire from..." There were two other local policemen standing between the dining room and the kitchen. Jack Barrolls was a big man was Michael's first impression. He had to stand at least six foot six or maybe seven or eight inches tall. He was trim but his shirt was tight around the chest. He was definitely in good shape. Michael laughed at himself when he caught himself thinking that the man would make a good poster boy for the State Police. He commanded attention whether he had been gay or straight.

"Good morning and I know the detectives from earlier. They've been helpful with my problems with Kevin Cranston." As they sat down Joshua brought Michael his coffee and a Danish so he had something to munch on in case he was hungry he knew Michael would at least pick at it while sitting there and talking to all of the cops that were there. Jack Barrolls was the one to start things.

"Michael I understand that you haven't lived at home but have been staying here since the beginning of the school year? Can you tell me what happened in your own words why that is?"

"My father threw me out of my house and the Sanders took me in until things got resolved unfortunately they did not."

"Who threw you out and why?"

"My father threw me because he found out that I was gay, he's a major in the military that goes against everything he believes in and he doesn't like someone doing something he thinks they shouldn't be.And I would be an embarrassment to him if the military found out. As far as he was concerned."

"Did your father physically abuse Michael?"

"No sir, not physically."

"You said not physically did he sexually abuse you?" The question threw Michael off completely. He didn't say anything for a few minutes. He looked over at Trent who had been standing against the wall since they had come in.

"Mr. Evans, did he..."

"I heard what you said officer. Every word"

"I won't answer that question; it has nothing to do with this. Let me correct myself and tell you no he did not sexually abuse. The next question that has anything to do with sexual innuendos will end this whole question and answer period. Does that make it clear for all of you?" Trent at the moment was never so proud of Michael as he was right then. He had never seen Michael stand up to people of authority like that. Clay sat next to Michael just as pleased to see him defend himself.

"My apologies Mr. Evans if I offended you that was not my intention I assure you." Michael said nothing more waiting for them to continue so that this would end.

"Have you seen your father or heard from him in the past seventy-two hours?"

"No I have not."

"We are looking for him do you know where he might be?"

"No, you might want to check with the base he might be out on maneuvers. Other than that there's nothing else I can tell you about him. I'll be honest I'm not really concerned with his whereabouts as I'm sure you can imagine. If you have any questions about my mother I'll be happy to answer them. But questions about my father are over."

"The detective's looked at each other. Michael picked up his coffee and ate some of his Danish he was glad that Joshua had brought it to him after all. Thinking of Joshua his arm went by Michael to pour some more coffee for him and Michael looked up at him and wiggled his Danish signaling Josh for another, he smiled at him and gave Michael a nod.

"Do you have any idea who might want to do this to your mother?

"No sir I don't, my mother and I got along, I know her and my father weren't speaking to each other other very much after I was thrown out. My sister would know how much they were actually talking to each other than I would."

"We haven't talked to your sister yet, do you know where she might be?."

"It's possible that she went to the beach in Hampton or Salisbury for graduation, a lot of kids went up there after graduation. But I haven't talked to her since Friday."

"Did you invite your mother here that night?"

"No sir, it was Mom's idea." The detectives looked at each other.

"Excuse my confusion do you mean your mother called you so she could come here?"

"I'm sorry I'm just use to calling Sarah Mom since I've lived here as long as I have and since she's going to be my mother-in-law soon I just call her that sometimes." Sarah sat a little taller in her seat and smiled she felt so proud of Michael at this very moment. Not so much because of the mom thing but because he was handling himself so well. Sarah spoke up to close that line of questions.

"I was the one that invited his mother. I had asked his sister Mandy to tell her mother that she was welcome to come to his and Trent's graduation party. Michael didn't know that I had done that I was hoping that it would help them talk to each other or at least open the door and give them at least a chance. I'm sorry now that I had Michael. Maybe this never would have happened.

"It's not your fault Mom; you didn't know someone would do something like this. And I'm still glad that had asked her and that she had come, at least it told me that she at least wanted to talk to me. I think maybe Mandy was telling me what was going on at home that Mom was accepting me being gay and was using this party as a way to talk and not get all emotional, my mother didn't like making scene's in public places she believed that was for at home when there was a problem."

"Did your mother work at all Michael?"

"No, she did a lot with helping with veterans and wounded soldier's, things like that and she also helped with new families."

"I don't think there's too much we can ask at the moment Michael but please let us know if you plan on leaving anytime soon."

"I'll be going on my honeymoon at the end of August I'll be here until then Captain."

"Thank you Michael, thank you all for your hospitality and I'm sure we'll be in touch. If you hear from your father please let us know where he is we definitely want to talk to him. I want you to know that he is not considered a suspect at this time. But the longer time goes by and we don't hear from him the more suspicious it makes it look for him." The crowd of police all left and everyone was quiet for a moment. Richard Brockton broke the silence.

"Michael I think you handled yourself very well, you were articulate and kept to the point and made sure they did to. If they come around while your alone, say nothing but be polite and call me directly and immediately. If they want to stay tell them they will have to wait outside until your attorney comes here. If for some ungodly reason they want to arrest you for who knows what, go peacefully and the first chance you get call me or have someone here call but call as soon as you can, the quicker I can step in, the faster I can have you out of jail. But as I said I don't see that happening I don't think they are looking at you as a suspect in this matter, so don't worry about that. And now folks, I'm going home to relax and one of grandson's has a birthday today and if Pops isn't there Pops will be what's for dinner." Trent was on Michael like a new suit.

"You surprised me, you really ran the show here today, I was truly impressed. I think you impressed the Captain did you see how big that sob was?"

"Trent Nicholas!"

"Sorry Mom, kinda of slipped out."

"Come on everybody sit down here and lets have Joshua feed us and we have a few hours before everyone shows up, just don't eat much, keep it light I know Joshua has a feast for tonight, and everyone will be here, the whole clan is coming I've checked so there will be a full house again tonight. But this will be strictly family. Michael I've tried calling Mandy all weekend but I haven't gotten a call back, have you talked to her?" Michael hadn't talked to Mandy in the past few days possibly since before the party anyway. He would try calling her after they enjoyed themselves a bit. Come to think of it she hadn't even called about her mother either. Well she must have figured that the major would be taking care of all those details. He remembered then that Mandy had mentioned something about going away for the weekend with her boyfriend. He'd wait until tomorrow to really get in touch she'd probably either call or show up by then.

"Hello there Michael are you with us?"

"I'm sorry but mind was roaming about my sister but then I remembered she did mention something about going away this weekend with her boyfriend, at least I think it was this weekend." But now Michael was getting a little worried about where his father was he may have hated the man right now but he was still his father and for the both of them to just drop out of sight especially right after his mother being killed. Maybe they both took off, Mandy went with her boyfriend and maybe his father didn't feel like dealing with anything at the moment or anyone. That was most likely what the situation was and tomorrow he'd hear from her and she would know where their father was.

As much as Sarah said that everybody would be there tonight most of them had already had arrived earlier today. Some had gone riding, some were out by the pool entertaining little ones. Trent's brothers would surely be the last ones to arrive. Stephen, Peter and Roy were always the last ones to arrive when it was a command performance. They didn't mind the three of them were very competitive and each involved with one or two sports teams or coaching young kids. Susan and Melanie were here with their kids already and their husbands Kenneth and Denver who had taken off to get a round of golf in. Danny and Yvonne and Randy were here. So the house was going to be pretty busy for the day.

Trent wanted to get away but knew his mother wasn't going to let that happen today. She had the day planned from about four o'clock on. Clay wanted to talk to Michael alone and was nervous as hell about asking him his current thoughts. Michael was hard to read sometimes and his pride was easily shaken by Clay's generosity although he had made great strides in doing better since being here and now getting married to Trent that had really pushed a lot of Michael's walls down in accepting things.

His thoughts today had actually started back about two months after Michael moved in and he had discussed it with Sarah at length and she liked the idea from the start. But he wasn't so sure that Michael would like it and now Clay thought the timing might suck since his mother had just been killed. But it had to be done he had to at least plant the seed in Michael's head.

"Michael, can I have a few minutes of your time? I'd like to talk to you about something?" Michael looked at Trent and he just shrugged his shoulders.

"Just go talk to him babe I'm sure he's just worried about you. He has been since you've been here, you know he loves you Michael, just like he loves the rest of us, he considers you as his own. He's liked my other friends that have stayed here, but you are different and you got into his heart just like you got into mine, well you know what I mean. Don't be nervous just don't talk to him and whatever he says just tell him you'll think about it whatever it is."

"You honestly don't know?" Trent picked up Michael's chin and looked him in the eyes.

"No babe I don't but I've known him my whole life but when he's like this I know he's up to something I just don't know. He was ecstatic when you finally said yes to the car. He made me promise not to tell you, but I will, he cried the night you came home with your car. It made him so happy, he feels like you've been let down in your life by people that shouldn't have. He's just trying to make you feel like you belong here whether you're my boyfriend or not. Oh hell Michael I can't do this just trust me and listen to Dad, I do know what's going on the whole family does all the kids know and they have agreed to what he wants to do. I've already said too much and if I keep talking I'll be telling you and he'll be pissed at me for saying anything I've already. I'm not going to say anything else babe but know this, my father loves you very much and feels you have been dealt a raw deal in life and that your parents have been fools not seeing what other people see in you. Promise me that you will listen and think about what he's going to say? For me?"

Trent kissed Michael and pushed him towards his father office and gently patted him on the ass as he passed by him. Michael turned and smiled at him and was suddenly scared to death as to what Clay was going to say to him. His mind was racing at one hundred miles an hour thinking of what he could possibly be thinking to have Trent saying in what he said. Michael entered his office and Clay walked behind him and closed the door Michael felt like he was going to faint he was shaking like a leaf.

"Michael Wayne stop you are shaking, I can feel it from here. I'm not going to bite your head off and I'm certainly not going to throw you out of this house. Stop your worrying."

"And just how much did big mouth tell you?" Clay and Michael were facing each other and Michael just laughed for a minute and he finally relaxed."

"That's better, now sit down and I do want to talk to you so I won't drag this out and keep you guessing because I'm sure he's said enough to make you wonder, but hasn't told you what it's about. Am I right? And remember Michael I know my son better than you do." Michael smiled and nodded his head.

"He just told before I walked in to just listen to what you have to say and think about it before I say no. And it seems whatever it is all the rest of the kids know about this and are in agreement about it and that Dad is all he told me."

"That's one of the things I've come to love about you Michael you're honest and don't pretend about anything. You know what you want and you're willing to sacrifice to get it. And I've seen you show me time again that I'm right. What else did he tell you?"

Michael looked at Clay and wondered what he had missed and then he remembered how Trent told him about his father crying over the car. He wondered whether he should say anything or not."

"This going to stay between you and I?"

"Yes Michael I promise it will stay between us, and that's something I need you to remember anything you and I ever say to each other when we are alone is between you and I, just like all my other children. And I think Trent the big mouth will tell you the same thing." Michael laughed about Trent.

"He told me about you after I brought home the car." That's all he told Clay and it was enough because Clay knew exactly what Michael meant by it.

"I'll have to remember to have him thrown in the pool by his bigger brothers. I'm getting to old to do that but they will throw him in if I tell them to and that includes you to, you'll get to help him go in and just before he goes in make sure you whisper in his ear what it's for. Just say Dad says you're a big mouth." They both laughed.



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