After Michael and his sister had scattered their mother's ashes, Michael began to wonder about postponing their upcoming wedding ceremony. School was pressing on his mind and he was beginning to feel overwhelmed with everything that was going on. The pressure of getting everything accomplished seemed ominous. Michael knew in his heart that he had to sit down with Trent, Clay and Sarah and explain his thought process and how he was feeling over the whole situation. He sat down at his desk before talking to Trent and wrote him a few thoughts that he hoped would reach Trent's heart. Michael had gotten a card that he could write something in instead of a card that was already written. He couldn't find any that covered postponing a wedding. He wanted to reassure Trent that this didn't mean there would be no wedding, but it just needed to be put off until the next summer. Nothing would be rushed or hurried. The mood and feeling around the house would have time to heal from every thing that had happened. Michael felt strongly that it wasn't the best time to get married and he was worried that Trent would think that there was no better time to get married. Michael thought that perhaps he should talk to Clay first and see what he had to say. It wasn't that Michael didn't want to get married, he still did, just not right then. Clay was supportive and understood Michael's thinking and told him that he would stand behind him. Sarah was disappointed, but went along with Michael's thinking. In the long run she didn't want him unhappy.

My Dearest Trent

My best friend and lover, this is for you, and I hope that you understand why I'm asking you to postpone our upcoming wedding for a year.

Ask No More

Today is all the yesterday's,

That we will share tomorrow.

Give these to me,

And of you,

I will ask no more.

With All My Love


Michael had the card and he asked Trent to come with him to his bedroom so that he could talk to him.

"This sounds serious and you look twice as intense. What's up, baby cakes?" Michael could hear the hesitation in Trent's voice, he knew Trent was worried now.

"It isn't the end of the world, Trent, don't get so rattled. We just need to sit and talk."

"It's just you never have the tone of voice you have now, and it concerns me." Trent pulled at Michael's arm as they walked up the stairs to his bedroom.

"Is everything okay? Have I done something to make you mad, Mikey?" Trent's mind was in overdrive as to what Michael might want to talk about. Trent stopped as they reached the landing on the stairs.

"You're calling off the wedding, aren't you?" Michael turned around to face Trent and he could see the tears welling up in Trent's eye's. Michael took Trent by the hand.

"Come on, Trent, we're going to talk about this, but I want you to have this card first, okay?" He handed Trent the card and he opened it immediately. The tears flowed a little harder, reading the few words that Michael had written down to him.

"Why, Little Buddy, why should we do this? Are you having second thoughts? Have I done something wrong and you're not telling me?" Trent was getting angry now. The tears had stopped and Michael could see the change in Trent's demeanor.

"That's it, something I've said or done is pissing you off and you won't tell me. You're just going to postpone the wedding. What about what I think or want. Did you stop and take that into consideration?"

"Trent, calm down. I talked to your Dad before coming to this decision, and no I didn't ..."

"You didn't what? Think? Obviously you didn't think about me, you're just thinking about you right now and not what I think or feel. Otherwise you would have come to me first and not my father." Trent brushed past Michael and dropped the card as he passed. He took long strides and in no time he was at his bedroom door. He turned and faced Michael.

"Guess I'll think without you and see what damn decision I come to. See how you like me making a decision that affects the both of us, but I won't discuss it with you. See how you will fucking feel."

Trent took a step into his bedroom and slammed the door shut. Michael heard the lock click as he got closer. He began to cry, thinking that talking to Trent was the one thing he wanted to do. He had only gone to Clay because he didn't want to sound like he was being selfish or uncaring about Trent's feelings. He went back down the hall and picked up the fallen card and went into his bedroom, holding the card to his chest. He was hurt by Trent's words and actions just moments before. Michael thought he had done everything right. Perhaps he should have gone to Trent first and expressed his thoughts, but that's exactly what he had done. He had taken Trent's feelings into account first. It was the main reason he went to Clay and asked for advice on his decision. He hadn't done anything wrong. The only thing he was guilty of was thinking the whole process through and had kept coming up with an unhappy day if they would get married at the end of the summer. Gee, get married and go to school. If they waited a year and got married in the beginning of the summer, they would have the summer to enjoy being together after being just married. They could take a real honeymoon, not a fly through hurry up we have school starting in a few days. Michael got off the bed and walked into the hall and just looked at Trent's bedroom door for a few moments. He walked over and knocked on Trent's door.

"Come on, buddy, let's talk this over. Will you let me explain why I did what I did? Will you at least let me do that? If you're still mad after that, then I don't know what I'll do or think, but I think you just have to hear me out and let me explain how I came to this decision, Trent. Please can't we talk?"

"Go away, Michael, I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now. Maybe I'll go talk to my father and see what he has to say about the whole thing. Or better yet: I'll go and talk to everyone in the family and then I'll let you know what I decide. How's that, Mikey? The way Trent said Michael's name felt like Trent was sticking a knife in his stomach.

"So be it, Trent. Be an ass, I don't give a fuck. I agonized over this before I came to you. Thinking of you mostly, this wasn't easy for me. But piss on everything, Trent, how's that? Just FUCK IT!" Michael left and returned to his room, slamming the door in the process. This time it was he who locked the door. Michael was fuming. He was pissed off at Trent's selfishness over the matter. To not even sit down and talk it over with Michael was just plain childish.

Alone with his thoughts, Michael's mind drifted to his mother's sudden and unexplained murder. It was what it was. Paint it any way you wanted, it still boiled down to plain and simple cold blooded murder. Was it random or was someone he knew capable of doing such a thing and if so who, who would have done such a hateful thing as to commit murder? Was his father capable? Would he kill his mother over him being gay? Even as Michael thought it through, it didn't make sense to kill the woman that he had been married to all those years. And yet, people have killed for less. Michael knew that his fathers' gun's had been tested and all came back negative for being fired in the recent past. Or did he just get another gun somehow; perhaps one from his work? It was possible, but as much as he hated his father at this particular time, he had a hard time believing that he would be able of doing this. And yet the Major had never inquired about her remains or had asked Mandy as to what had happened. Michael recalled asking Mandy several times if the Major had asked and not once did Mandy reply with a positive answer. Could he be that cold? Michael wasn't sure if he was or not.

What about Kevin Cranston. He knew he had gotten out of jail just a few weeks ago but how would he know that his mother was there or what she even looked like. Kevin had never seen her as far as Michael knew. What would have been his motive, Michael wondered. Was he trying to get at Michael by killing his mother? Were other members of what was left of his real family in danger? What about the Sanders? Michael would kill himself if Kevin went after the Sanders. Not after all they had done for him. Michael couldn't think of anyone else that would do this. Perhaps it was just random. Maybe whoever shot his mother would surface again and kill some other person. It was a terrible thought that ran through Michael's brain. It made him shudder, just thinking such thoughts, which were interrupted by the slamming of Trent's door, Michael jumped up to catch him if he was going out. Trent was halfway down the hallway when Michael caught up to him and grabbed him by the arm.

"Trent, we need to talk this out, I can't stand not talking to each other right now. I need you to listen to me at least."

"Fuck you, Michael, you've already decided what you want, you didn't talk to me first, no you talked to Dad first. Just who the fuck am I? Some third uninterested party that you'll tell after you've decided what you're going to do? No, thanks, asshole. I'll let you know what I decide after I go talk to someone else, see how you fucking like it, dip shit."

The words stung the second they left Trent's mouth and Michael wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing him cry. As much as it hurt, he was not going to cry.

"Do whatever the fuck you want, Trent; you've gone too far over this. I only asked Dad to listen to what I had to say and what my thoughts where and why I was thinking them. I wanted to make sure I was thinking this for the right reasons and that I wasn't being selfish. But since you want to play asshole, go for it. Be an asshole, Big Shot." Michael turned before Trent could say anything and went back to his room. As much as he wanted to, he didn't slam the door.

Trent stood at the top of the stairs thinking and wondering if indeed he had gone too far. Maybe he should have listened to Michael when he first came to him. He hated fighting with Michael, and this was really the second time. Although, the first wasn't really a fight, he thought to himself. Maybe he should go to his father and listen to what Michael had asked his father. If his father would even tell him. What if Michael had asked him to keep it to himself? Trent knew that, if that was the case, his father wouldn't break a trust for anything or anyone. For his father it was a principle that mattered. He had to try.

He went to his father and told him what had transpired without going into the name calling. That part was his problem. Those words he began to think he was going to have to eat. His father was forthcoming with the information that Trent sought and he began to feel like an ass for having talked to Michael the way he had. He was going to have to tell Michael that he was sorry. Trent decided to go horseback riding to think of how he was going to tell Michael what he had to say in order to make things right.

Trent was gone for two hours, but afterwards he felt better about things and he knew how he was going to apologize to his boyfriend. He really did like the way that it sounded, every time he repeated it in his head. The question now was: did he still have a chance for an apology? He certainly hoped so.

He headed right to his room to write out his apology to Michael. He wanted to slip it under the door, hoping it would get Michael to open the door. Then he could at least say it face to face.

I'm Sorry Michael,

It is only now that I begin to understand...

The warmth of your laughter,

The sadness of your tears.

It is since we first met that

I understand the meaning of trust

Or the ability to love.

It is with great sorrow

To see the pain you have suffered.

It is with greater joy

That I know someone like you

For you make my life complete

I'm sorry...

Can you find it in your heart to forgive my stupidity?

I love you Michael

Trent took his paper, folded it and placed it in an envelope. He quietly opened his door and silently crept across the hall and slid it under Michael's door, leaving a corner of the envelope visible so that he knew if Michael had taken it or not. He turned and looked back as he entered his bedroom and the envelope was gone. Michael was reading it and Trent decided to wait and see if he would open the door. Hoping he would, Trent crossed the hall and placed both hands on the doorframe and stood waiting for Michael to open the door. Time passed and he knew by now Michael was done. But the door wasn't opening. Maybe he had screwed up too much this time. What if Michael wouldn't forgive him? He had said some mean things to him. He never meant them. But the fact remained that they had been said. He dropped his arms and turned, going back into his bedroom to wait and see if Michael would come to him or not. He began to think that perhaps he should knock on Michael's door and ask for forgiveness face to face. Perhaps that would help. Trent didn't want to press his luck just yet; maybe Michael just needed some time to think about all of it.

Trent's thoughts were interrupted by the intercom; it was Joshua telling everyone in the house that dinner was ready. He jumped up and quickly went into the hallway to meet Michael. Perhaps he would talk to him on the way down and they could get this worked out before dinner. Michael's door stayed shut while Trent stood and waited. Joshua called everyone down again. Trent knocked softly on Michael's door. thinking maybe he had fallen asleep.

"You're coming down to eat dinner, Michael?" There was no answer, and Trent wasn't sure whether or not he should just open the door or not. This was new territory for Trent. Before then he was able to just walk into the bedroom because it was his brothers. Now it was Michael's and he wasn't a brother. He was Trent's boyfriend and he wasn't sure if Michael was talking to him not. He knocked again, this time a little louder, and waited. There was still no response from behind the closed door. Trent hung his head and almost silently told Michael that he was sorry. He left to go downstairs to have dinner although he was no longer hungry and didn't feel like eating. If he didn't eat something his mother would be nagging at him as to what was going on, especially since Michael wasn't coming to dinner. That wasn't going to go over very well at all. Both of his parents would be digging into whatever was going on and most likely one of them would be going to see Michael to get him to come down and eat. No matter what happened in the house, Sarah insisted that the boys ate. They needed their nourishment, she felt. But she worried more if Michael was missing from the table and wasn't at work or doing something special that kept him out. She was the first to ask when Trent rounded the corner and Michael wasn't with him.

"Where's Michael, dear?"

"He's upstairs, I don't know if he's asleep or not, he wouldn't answer the door." Sarah didn't understand why Trent didn't just open the door to make sure and then wake him up so that he could come down for supper.

"Trent, go back upstairs and wake him up. He needs to eat."

"I can't... I guess you could say we had a fight and now he's not talking to me. So I can't go upstairs and get him."

"Randy, go upstairs and check on Michael. If he's sleeping, wake him up and tell him I said he is to come to dinner, no questions."

"Yes, Mam." Randy was off like a rocket, Sarah had given him an order and he wasn't going to argue with her about it. He got to Michael's door and knocked. Like Trent he got no answer. The second knock from Randy was sure to be heard and he thought he heard Michael grumble something. He said his name and told Michael that he was coming in. Randy let himself into the room. Michael had been sleeping and was holding Trent's letter with the apology on it. Randy could tell he had been crying; his eyes were puffy and blood shot.

"Come on, bro, wash your face and splash some cold water on it. Mom wants you downstairs for dinner and I'm telling you now: she won't take no for an answer."

"I don't feel like eating, Randy. To be honest: I'm pissed at your brother if you didn't know that yet."

"He told Mom that you two had a fight and said he couldn't be the one to come and get you. That's why I'm here. Come on, bud, you don't have to talk to Trent. I'll sit next to him and you can sit next to Dad and that way you won't have to face Trent directly."

Michael got up and splashed some cold water on his face and then washed it good with soap and water hoping that it would clear up his eyes. He didn't want Trent to see him like this; he would know that Trent had gotten to him. He was still mad at him and yet at the same time he had already forgiven him. However, he wasn't ready to acknowledge that fact to Trent just yet.

"Go ahead, Randy, I'm coming down. Don't worry, I don't want to get you in trouble with Mom. I know she'll make you come back up. Sit next to Trent please and thank you for taking my place next to him."

"No problem, Mikey, what are little brothers for?" Randy smiled at Michael and gave him a goofy face. It worked and made Michael laugh a little. Randy felt like he had helped Michael to some degree.

Michael went down the stairs and wasn't looking forward to sitting at the table and having to look at Trent. He was still mad, even if he had forgiven him in his heart. The words that Trent had used had hurt him. And that was the part that he was having a hard time forgiving. He walked into the living room and sat next to Clay, who just looked at Michael and slightly nodded to him. Sarah looked at Michael and then gave Trent a dirty look. She could tell that Michael had been crying.

Michael ate but it wasn't much. Neither Sarah nor Clay said anything. He thought that he had eaten enough for them and that's why they didn't say one word to him about eating any more. He didn't even look at Trent but still he could tell that Trent was trying to catch his eye. Michael just looked ahead and not to the side. Trent felt the cold from where he sat and wondered how long it would be before Michael talked to him again. He couldn't stand the way it was going. He was going to confront Michael and plead with him to forgive him for the things that he had said. He had not meant any of them. They had all been said in anger and he regretted each and every one of them.

Michael left the table and Trent got up. Right as Michael turned the corner to go upstairs, Trent blocked him, he wasn't going to let him get that far. They had to talk, and Trent had to make sure that they did.

"Michael, please stop. I need to talk to you. Will you at least do that? Yell at me, say whatever you want. I'm sorry. I'm not asking for you to forgive me right now. Just accept my apology."

Michael was still mad at Trent and he replied coldly to him. "I have done that much." Michael's eyes burned right threw Trent's.

"Can we talk about it now? Or do you want to wait until tomorrow? Just tell me something, Michael. I can't go like this all night. I said I'm sorry. What else do you want from me?"

"I want you to realize how much you hurt me by the things you said earlier. That's what I want from you Trent: for you to hurt as much as you hurt me." Trent plopped down in the sofa and buried his head in his hands, ashamed of what he had done to Michael. Ashamed of himself for treating Michael as he had.Slowly he got up and went to him. Trent encircled Michael with his arms and gently hugged him. Michael didn't hug him back at first.

"I'm sorry, and I love you no matter what, Michael Wayne Evans. I never meant to hurt you. I just opened my mouth without thinking about what was coming out."

"You're right there. However, I should have come to you on this. It only concerns you and I so I'm sorry that I didn't come to you first. I was just afraid that you would think that I really didn't want to get married if I asked you to postpone it. And that's not true. It's just that my heart wouldn't be in it right now, Trent. Can you understand that? It doesn't mean I love you any less. Quite the opposite is true. I love you even more today than I did a month ago and more than I did yesterday. But if we get married say two weeks after school is out, we can go on a real honeymoon somewhere and have fun without worrying about rushing back and getting ready for school. Next year we'll be more prepared for what school may bring. Right now everything will be new and different to us. I don't think you or I want to be rushing into school not mentally prepared." Michael just watched Trent to see his reaction to what he had said.

"You're right as usual. It would be better if we waited another year and we would have more fun on our honeymoon. We could take off for a month and do some serious traveling. Maybe get a motor coach to drive around and see different things, just leave and pick the names of City's we want to visit. Once we get there we could pick a new name and then go wherever that one takes us to.


It had taken Captain Jack Barrolls seven almost eight hours to interview the Major as to his whereabouts on the night of his wife's murder. He couldn't positively place himself with an alibi. That was the first thing the Captain didn't like. Another issue that was bothering him was the fact that Frank Evans had a gun exactly like the one that the bullet came from, found at the scene of the crime. They had tested all of his guns, and none had been fired recently, but Jack couldn't shake off the feeling that Frank was hiding another gun somewhere. He just had to find it. But without cause he knew trying to get a search warrant would be next to impossible; no judge would give him one because he "felt" like there was another gun some place. He just needed another piece of evidence. Somewhere or somehow he had to find another piece to the puzzle.

And Kevin Cranston was another problem, just like Frank Evans. He lacked an alibi but had no guns that could be found. And he wasn't sure if he really had a motive. Why kill the mother? What would he gain if he was after Michael still? Jack just believed that these two people had time and motive, but he wasn't sure which one pulled the trigger. The only reason would be to hurt Michael mentally perhaps, but at this point in time Jack didn't see a connection between the two. However, that was something that was still being looked at. Jack was anxious to get the results from research as to any ties that Beatrice Evans and Kevin Cranston might have had in common. With her being involved with getting military set up in the community he wondered if somehow they had connected in that set of circumstances.

Jack had to consider a third suspect if these two could not be tied together. There was no physical evidence on either's part; not Frank and certainly not Kevin. Not having an alibi doesn't mean your guilty. But with Frank, he had plenty of motive, considering the situation with his son. There had to be a connection somewhere between the Evan's and Kevin Cranston. Why else would Kevin have attacked Michael at the Sander's? Could Frank have paid Kevin to off his wife to get at Michael because she was on her son's side about him being gay? The old man was truly pissed when questioned about his son. The kid was dead to him; he made that perfectly clear during his questioning. That still didn't make him a killer, it just gave him motive. But who else could have a motive? Who else had time? Jack drew a blank. Right now he needed to know what connection existed, if any at all. His only possible break in the case would be if indeed there was a connection. Time was on his side. That's all Jack Barrolls needed. The truth always comes out with time, one way or the other.


Michael and Trent began their first year of college and Michael was immediately bogged down in work. Trent had his share, but not as much as Michael and their time has become limited, much to Trent's anxiety. He wanted time with Michael more than ever due the stress of his workload, which paled in comparison to Michael's from MIT. Michael was in his element and in his glory with everything the school had to offer. As much as he wasn't impressed with the load of work he needed to get done in a short time, it was more than he had hoped for. He immersed himself into the work and a few extra functions at the school. Finally Michael was submerged into a world he had only once imagined. Trent resented the late nights when Michael didn't come home until ten and eleven o'clock. He chose to stay at the school and work with kids that shared his passion in life. Trent slowly became tuned into his work and could see what his talent could do; he wasn't staying at the school like Michael was, but he began to see Michael's reasoning for what he did. They settled into a routine, happy for each other.

The fall semester was moving along fast for them. Lost in their work they didn't have much time for each other. By the time Thanksgiving was rolling around Trent was losing his patience and taking it out on Michael.

"I'm tired of this bullshit, Michael, you never have time for me. Am I going to see you this coming four days over vacation or are you going to be buried in fucking books?"

"First of all, Trent I don't think it's necessary for you to be like this. You and I have both been straight out since school started, this is nothing new, you know. And I didn't see you hanging around like you weren't doing anything. You were just as busy as I was and you weren't complaining then. Now that you're all caught up and sitting pretty, don't blame it on me that I don't have time for you. I'm fucking busting my ass off right now, trying to get everything done, so that we have four days to ourselves, asshole."

Michael turned and left Trent where he stood. He was pissed off of Trent's attitude. Michael was fuming and headed for the kitchen to get something to eat. He was famished. Trent was going to be done on the twenty-first of November and Michael was going to be done on the twenty-second. One more day than Trent and he was crying like a fucking baby. Michael felt like going back to Trent and smacking him upside the head.

"Hi, Josh, how's it looking for a sandwich? I'm starving and have hours of work to go and Trent is crawling up my butt. Can I beat him just for fun?"

"Come on, Michael, you know how he is when you don't pay strict attention to him. Both of you have been pretty busy. You both have time coming up. You just need to plan some time for you and him, and he'll be okay. This has been new for both of you and you've just begun to work on your bachelor's degree. Take some advice from an old man, Michael, do you mind?"

"From you, Josh? Not one bit. What do you suggest?"

"Just tell Mr. Big Britches that you'll have time for him over Thanksgiving and when the tree gets decorated. This will be your second Christmas, Michael. You'll feel a lot better about a lot of things this time and you won't be uptight like last year. Make some time for your boyfriend. Just a thought, Michael."

"That's a nice thought, Josh. I hope I can. I'm busting my ass off right now so we can have some time. Finals are coming right after Thanksgiving. The last day of classes is the twelfth of December, then finals and from the twenty-first on I won't have to be back until the fourth of February. Don't tell Michael, but for Christmas I got us tickets for our Jamaican vacation. We're leaving on the sixth of January for a whole week of just him and me."

"There's hope for you yet, you better hope that he hasn't done the same."

"I told him that possibly the last week of January we could go, but I know he starts school on the twenty-second of January. He hasn't come back with an alternative yet. If I have to, I'll tell him I already took care of vacation and it's a surprise. I don't know. I'll think of something, Josh. Right now I'm lucky I can handle that without him finding out. I told Dad to be on the watch and he's watching Trent, so hopefully I'll make it to Christmas without him finding out.

"I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, Michael. Here's a sandwich for you, what do you want to drink?"

"A huge glass of milk if you don't mind, Josh."

"As you wish, Michael. Why don't you go upstairs with this and take this to Trent, and eat your sandwiches. I know he'll eat, regardless if he's hungry or not. In the meantime you two can talk and maybe smooth things out."

"You're too good to Trent and me, Josh; you spoil us sometimes."

"It's my job and I like it, Michael. Now go and eat and talk to that dumb lummox upstairs and straighten his ass out. If he gives you a problem tell him Josh said he'd cut him off of any snacks for the next month. Go, before Clay and Sarah see you going upstairs with this, or it will be both our heads." Michael laughed and carried the tray with sandwiches and drinks for him and Trent." Michael headed up the stairs and knocked on Trent's door.

"It's not locked, you can come in." Trent had his books spread out on the bed and was busy on the computer, working on his class notes, studying for finals that would start soon after Thanksgiving. His last day of classes was the seventh of December with finals happening the week after. Michael entered his room.

"Beware of the Greek god bearing gifts, said the sheep to the wolf." Trent tried desperately to keep a straight face but as Michael entered and Trent saw the food he couldn't.

"I should kill you for interrupting my study time. But since you come bearing food, screw it. Sit down, handsome, and let me tell you a story about how sorry I am for jumping on your shit when it was my shit that was aggravating me. Forgive?"

"Only if I get a kiss from the guy I love the most in the world."

"Done." Trent got up and walked over to Michael and took the tray from Michael and sat it on the bed. Turning around he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend and just gave him a hug before kissing his neck numerous times. Michael squirmed under Trent's usage of his tongue on Michael's neck and he moaned with desire.

"Oh god, Trent, it's been so long it seems."

"It has been over a week, actually almost two, sweet cakes, and I've missed you."

"I know, Trent, and I've missed being held like you hold me. Let's eat and do some talking and let's plan to make some time over Thanksgiving weekend. I know you're out a day before me. I might take that day off, depending on what's going on, but I won't know that until that week of classes. So just hang in there and I'll let you know. If I do get it off, why don't we plan on Christmas shopping on that Saturday? I need to get things yet for Yvonne, Randy, Peter and Stephen and something for Mom and Dad."

"Any idea what you're getting the folks?"

"Hell no. Do you?"

"Hey, don't look at me. I've been buying for them way longer than you have, buddy. I'll give you a hint for them, give them a booklet of redeemable of either chores or a car detailing by yourself, things like that. Remember how much you liked the one I gave you?" Michael blushed thinking of the last coupon in his book that he had traded in. A night of hot sex was what the coupon said. Michael didn't take Trent seriously.

Thanksgiving weekend arrived and so did the rest of the family. Michael was elated this year to see everyone and have his mind taken off of school. He was determined to spend time with the family, but mostly with Trent. Michael knew that returning to school on Monday meant that he would be straight out until finals were over. After that he'd have a month to relax and recharge his batteries. He was glad that Clay and Sarah had talked him into giving up his part time job. And Michael accepted an allowance from Clay, the same as Trent got for going to school. He felt the stress being lifted when Clay gave him his first allowance.

The family decorated the tree and it was Michael who made a deal of Trent putting the special bulb he had bought him and had had engraved. It was Trent's turn to turn red, wanting to hide from the embarrassment bestowed upon him by Stephen and the rest of the family. Shopping was a perfect time for Trent and Michael to spend some time alone, something they hadn't done in weeks. Trent hated shopping and - making matters worse - he was horny as hell.

He took Michael by the hand and entered a clothing store, feigning that he wanted to try on some pants and wanted Michael to make sure they looked right. He quickly found a pair and went to try them on. Once on he called Michael in to check the pants out. He took his hand and pulled him into the dressing room. Pulling the door shut and locking it Trent pulled Michael into his grasp and hugged him kissing his neck and running his tongue from Michael's Adams apple to his ear gently blowing warm air into his ear. He knew Michael would respond to his ministrations.

"What are you doing, Trent. Don't even think that we are doing anything in... mmm, Trent, don't. This isn't a good idea." Trent unbuckled Michael's belt and loosened his pants, pulling them down below his knees.

"Bend over, Michael. This is going to be quick. It's going to be so hot fucking your ass in here or would you rather fuck me while we are here?" Michael moaned again as Trent ran his fingers through his pubic hairs and grabbed his dick.

"What's it going to be, baby? Who's going to get fucked right now?" Trent gently and slowly stroked Michael's cock and he weakened to Trent's desires.

"Pull your pants down, Trent, and bend over. I'm going to be the one that fucks you for pulling me in here, hot, hard and fast. Get ready." Trent undid his pants and took them all the way off. Leaning on the seat he spread his legs and Michael began to lick his man cunt to get him good and wet. The saliva from Michael ran down from Trents ass and over his balls Trent moaned in ecstasy and with sexual hunger for his lover.

"Oh... Mikey, lick me good. Make me all wet and jam that fucking cock up my ass. I need you to cream inside my ass. I want your hot juice inside me while we walk around the mall. I've been so horny for you since we started shopping. I kept trying to think of a way to get you alone while we were here. Do it Michael, FUCK ME HARD, dammit."

Michael obliged Trent and lined his cock up with Trent's hole and without warning shoved his cock all the way in. Trent almost screamed but Michael took his underwear and crammed them into Trent's mouth to quiet him.

"Shut up bitch and act like a fucking man. Shut up and take this. You fucking wanted it, you fucking cry baby." Trent moaned at the verbal assault. It brought his sexual desire into overdrive. He shifted his body and slammed back into Michael as he drove himself into Trent's hole more and more. Trent whimpered with lust and desire. He loved the brutality of Michael's sexual abuse. His thrusts became harder and faster. He moaned, knowing that his cum was going to erupt any second. His last strokes in were harder than he intended and almost knocked Trent over in the process."

Michael's orgasm was mind bending and he felt like passing out from the rush. As he came, Trent reached down and with a few strokes of his dick he coated the wall with his load. Michael knelt down and licked the semen that was clinging to Trent's ass and he in turn groaned with satisfaction as Michael cleaned him up. The two finished their lovemaking and got dressed and left the store. Trent bought the pants. He told Michael that he would always think about the hot sex they had in the dressing room when he wore them.

"You'll just use that as an excuse to say that they make you horny and that you need sex every time you wear them. I know how you work, Trent Nicholas. You don't fool me anymore. You could maybe a year ago, but not anymore. Just ain't going to happen, Stretch."

"So it's Stretch now, Shrimpy?"

"I know how to hurt you and you don't want to find out how either, Big Boy."

"Oh, I'm so shaking, Short Stop."

"Keep it up, smart ass."

"We just did that. You want more of it all ready, Shorty?" Michael groaned in exasperation, stopping where he was, and looked at Trent.

"Come here." Michael looked at Trent sternly and he followed Michael's directive. Michael pointed to an imaginary spot almost directly in front of him which Trent seemed to understand where it was coming to a stand still directly on top of it. Standing there for a few seconds Michael said nothing and Trent just looked at Michael. Without warning Michael jumped slightly and smacked Trent upside the head and immediately ran from Trent laughing as he did so.

"I know where you live, Evans. You can't run that fast, pinhead. Besides, I'm your ride home, Dumbo." Michael began laughing and sat down, waiting for Trent to catch up on him. As Trent did, he reached out his hand and pulled Michael up and the two continued walking and held hands as they did so.

"You're done being a smartass now?"

"You win, I'll stop."

"I thought so."

"Love you"

"Love you to."

"You want to get something to eat, Mikey, or wait until we get home and eat tonight?"

"Let's eat at home tonight, Trent. I like eating when the family is all here. This is all still new to me and I'm enjoying it if you hadn't noticed. I hope you don't mind. I know last year was a bit overwhelming but this year is totally different and I love every minute of it."

"We can do that, Mikey. I don't mind at all. You know how I feel about my family, so anytime you want to spend time with them is okay with me."


Thanksgiving weekend went well for them and Michael had a great time enjoying the family. He was relaxed for the first time since being together with Trent. Now he understood what family really meant. It was a feeling he loved and it was something he wanted to feel for the rest of his life. He thought about his life before he met Trent and wondered if it would be possible, considering some of the things that had happened in the past.

His mother's murder lingered in his mind almost daily and he constantly wondered the possibilities as to who could have done such a thing and more importantly, why? The other thing that still bothered him was the attack by Kevin. What had caused that? Was it just random or was it connected to his mother's murder somehow? At least he didn't have the dreams anymore. He wondered if it was the pills that Dr. Davis had prescribed, the ones he was only supposed to be on for a short time but yet was still on a year later. Michael was still seeing Dr. Davis over the whole incident of leaving home, being attacked by Kevin and his mother's murder. When he thought about it, he understood why he was still seeing the Doctor. he decided that he probably would have lost it a long time ago if he wouldn't have been seeing him. He was grateful that he lived next door, with his schedule the way it was. Having to travel someplace else to see a doctor would have been a bitch.

Michael and Trent both felt that Thanksgiving seemed to morph into Christmas almost overnight. Both were appreciative for the break and Trent was stunned by Michael's gift; the trip to Jamaica. He was going to buy tickets right after Christmas because of the deals that got offered. He was delighted that Michael wanted to go and had made all the plans including their last night to staying in Montego Bay so that they could go to Julia's. He had even booked them back into the Rock Cliff Hotel in Negril. He had tried for the same room but the booking agent couldn't make any promises. They'd be leaving on the sixth of January.

January sixth came and they boarded the plane for their vacation to recharge their batteries and reconnect to one another after a year of hard work. They were both looking forward to it. Without telling Trent, Michael had upgraded them to first class once they had arrived at the airport, because seats were available and it only cost him fifty dollars extra. He figured Trent was worth the money and it broke down to twenty-five bucks each way. You couldn't beat it, and Trent loved being spoiled. That was one thing that Michael was positive about. The trip lasted three hours and was over before they realized it. They had been deeply in a conversation the whole time.

Upon arrival they hired a taxi to drive them to the hotel in Negril and negotiated a deal with the driver to be on hand all week for them. For the seven days they would be there they got a deal of one hundred and fifty dollars for him to be there for them all day, from before breakfast until after dinner, taking them wherever they wanted to go on the island. They also asked him to one day line up a day of them having mopeds to drive for the day so they could go off on their own. They planned to do that on Wednesday.

They got lucky and ended up with their same room that they had had the year before and also the same guy that had taken care of them. Michael told Trent it was déjà vu; Trent laughed and told Michael he was just being weird again. The two hung out for the afternoon and went to Rick's café for dinner. They enjoyed watching the guys jump from the cliff and Trent got the idea that he should do the same. Michael didn't share his eagerness and wanted to talk him out of doing it.

"Are you fucking crazy? Trent, don't do this. You could get seriously hurt. Please don't do this."

"Michael, I'll be fine. It's like diving at home on the high dive at school, just ninety feet instead of fifteen feet that's all."

"Oh, a seventy-five feet difference, that's all, no big deal really silly me thinking that was any different than being at home.."

"Come on, babe. I'll be fine, promise. I've been watching them all through dinner and I can do this. I've had nothing to drink. If I had, I wouldn't do this. But I haven't and I want to really badly. Come on, Mikey, let me do this." Trent looked pleadingly into Michael's eyes and Michael couldn't resist.

"So help me God: if you get hurt, don't worry about suffering, because I will kill you and, if I don't, your parents will. And then they'll kill me for letting you do this."

"No they won't, because they know me and know that I would have talked you into letting me do this, so don't worry about that."

"Go, but I'm not watching it or I might pass out." Trent jumped up from his seat and made it for the platform from where you jumped into the crystal clear blue water. Michael had gotten up and went to where he could watch, half turned so that he could turn quickly if he had to. He didn't know what to do. His stomach was in knots and his heart was in his throat.

Trent stood poised and watched the flow of the water as it came in and out of the small cove. He watched as others before him did, waiting for the water to be at it's lowest point. He knew that, if he would jump at that moment, the water would be at a high point when he would hit it. He bent his knees and pushed off and broke in a perfect swan dive. The seconds ticked by for Michael as he watched Trent fall gracefully threw the air, seeming to fall forever. The splash he made was nothing and time stood still for him as Trent seemed to be under there forever before resurfacing and waving at the cheering crowd. Trent soon returned and Michael threw his arms around Trent and whispered in his ear.

"That was really something, but you aren't going to do that again. The whole time you were doing it I thought I was going to have a heart attack. Do you understand, Trent Nicholas? Otherwise I'm not going to be here and you can tell me when it's over and then I'll kick your ass for doing something I told you not to do again, understood?" Trent shook his head in agreement. Michael and Trent stayed through dinner to watch the sunset. Rick's Café offered a spectacular view of it and the atmosphere was wonderful to be part of. They had missed this last year because they had come here during the day. Returning to the hotel Trent was on an emotional high having jumped the ninety feet into the water at Rick's Café. His sexual appetite was highly energized.

Without saying anything to Michael he began to disrobe quietly. Michael hadn't been looking in the beginning, but when he turned around he looked at him as he seductively continued his little show. By the time Trent was done he was hard, as was Michael who had watched with rapt attention. Without speaking and without expression Michael repeated the same procedure and removed his clothes just as Trent had done. Once done, Trent turned and headed for the bathroom and Michael followed him. No words had yet been spoken. Trent turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature. He took Michael by the hand and guided him into the shower and began to wash him. He started at his feet and worked his way up, missing nothing and cleaning everything exceptionally close, including the inside of his anus. He washed his hair and rinsed him off, making sure there was no soap on him anywhere. Still everything happened in complete silence. Trent stepped into the shower and Michael repeated the loving process just as Trent had done to him in the same order. It took everything Michael had not to fall to his knees and swallow Trent's cock and suck him to an orgasm, but he withheld the moment. Once he was done, Michael took Trent by the hand and guided him from the shower and together they dried each other off, silently. The only language they spoke was through their eyes.

Finally dried they walked into the bedroom and lay upon the bed, Trent on his back and Michael on his side with his leg draped over Trent's leg and his head on his chest. His used his hand to make small circles around his nipples and began to lightly pinch them. Trent moaned each time Michael pinched it. His mouth found the other nipple and sucked on it and Trent began to whimper and groan. Slowly Michael reached down and encircled Trent's cock with his hand, jerking it up and down, producing precum; almost instantly the clear liquid lubricated his dick and made it easier for Michael to slide his hand up and down.

His lips left Trent's nipple and worked his way down his stomach, past his treasure trail and wrapped his mouth around his cock. Involuntarily Trent's leg's drew up and out from the sheer pleasure that Michael was giving him, Michael used his free hand to push his leg down and gain access to his balls. Trent grabbed the sheets and his head flew back as Michael's nose was buried in his pubic hair swallowing his cock whole. Trent groaned in complete ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck, Michael ... that's so fucking hot."

"MMmmmm...." The vibration on his cock just made Trent that much hotter.

"Oh yea, Mikey, that feels so good when my cock is in your mouth. Oh yea, eat my fucking cock. Don't stop. Just suck my fucking cock. Yea baby, suck it." Michael was turned on even more by Trent talking to him the way he was. Michael used his saliva to drench Trent's cock; he wanted to use it as a lubricant along with his precum.

Michael kept bringing Trent to the edge of cumming but would back off at the last second, making him beg to continue. Michael continued this cycle for almost twenty minutes, driving Trent into a sexual frenzy.

"Please, Michael, let me suck your dick now. Let me have your body like you've had mine, please."

"Not yet, Trent, not yet. Pretty soon, Big Boy, pretty soon."

"Ah, Michael, I gotta have your body soon..."


He put his fingers on his lips to quiet Trent. Michael got up and straddled Trent's hips and his eyes lit up, realizing what Michael was getting ready to do.

"Oh God, Michael, yes, sit on my dick, sit on it hard and fast." Michael began to slowly glide back and forth, brushing Trent's cock along the crack of his ass. Trent could feel the heat emanating from Michael's body. It drove his sexual desire that much higher. He began to thrust his hips upwards, trying to get into Michael's man hole...

"Don't rush, Trent; it's coming, don't worry...don't worry." He groaned in mocked frustration and smiled at his lover.

"You're teasing me so much today, Michael. You're driving me crazy. You know that, don't you?"

"Uh huh."

Michael finally gave in to his own sexual needs and plunged himself down on Trent's cock, sending a sexual shockwave through his body as he hit his prostate with Trent's cock. Michael bounced up and down on it, hitting his nut again and again, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. He knew that, if he continued at his current pace, he would bring himself to an orgasm quicker than he wanted to. He stopped abruptly. Trent struggled to force his body upwards, wanting desperately to continue their love making.

"Oh shit, Michael. Why did you stop like that? I was getting so close."

"So was I, Trent. That's the reason I stopped. I didn't want to end it yet." Trent slammed his hands on the mattress in mocked exasperation, grinning at Michael with a sexual lust lingering in his stare. Slowly Michael began to rebuild his rhythm again. Trent moaned in sheer sexual pleasure as his lover drew him closer to his orgasmic bliss. Michael could feel his own orgasm coming and he quickened his pace even more. Trent was pushing his body up as Michael was coming grinding down on him. Together they were driving each other into an orgasmic high.

"Oohhhh...Mi...Mich...I'm ... cum...." Trent clenched his jaw and his eyes slammed shut. His head snapped back as wave after wave of his orgasm racked his body. His explosion caught right on Michael's prostate and triggered his own orgasm, making him slam down on Trent, unable to move and digging his hole onto Trent as his cock exploded and bounced as rope after rope of semen erupted from his slit like an uncontrolled fire hose. His cum landed on Trent's face, arm, stomach and on the bed. The two of them held their position for several minutes before being able to move at all from their sexual high.

"I love you, Michael. That was amazing."

"You were, and I love you too Trent, completely."

Michael raised himself up and lay down next to Trent. They resumed their position of Michael lying on Trent with his leg draped over his leg and his head on his shoulder. Michael began to doze almost immediately and Trent wasn't far behind him. The two of them slept soundly through the night.


Michael had risen early and remembered the vendor down the street and wondered if the man was still there. He walked to the front of the hotel and saw their taxi driver waiting for him. He smiled.

"Good morning, Ricky, how are you this morning?"

"Great mon, great. And you, sir, how are you this wonderful morning?" The sweat on his black skin glistened in the Jamaican sun like diamonds. Michael liked the man and his seemingly endless cheery disposition. They had just met at the airport on Sunday upon their arrival and yet in that short time Michael felt as if they had known him their whole lives.

"Where would you like to go dis morning, Michael?"

"Just down to the cart that sells the coffee and coconut bread. I loved it last year and I'm hoping he is still there."

"Oh yes, sir, he is, and I'll walk with you. I could use a cup myself."

"Well, come on, Ricky and I'll treat this morning. You can take the morning off. Trent and I aren't doing anything anyway."

"That would be nice of you. The wife wanted me to do some things with the little ones if I wasn't busy. I thought I'd take them to the beach today."

"Why don't you take all day and just come and get us for dinner. We'll fend for ourselves for lunch. We can find something here with the carts. That way you can spend the day with your wife and kids. And here's a tip for this week. The day is on me, so you can have fun with the kids. Michael handed Ricky forty dollars to treat his kids for the day at the beach. They got their coffee and bread and returned to the hotel. Ricky left for the day, promising to see Michael around four-thirty or five o'clock. Michael quietly entered the room and Trent was still sleeping. The sheet exposed his mid-section beautifully. Michael stood entranced by Trent's beauty. He walked over to the bed and sat down next to Trent and started talking to him in order to wake him up.

"Oh, Trent, baby, it's time to get up. Come on, Trent time to rise and shine, big boy." Michael reached down and grabbed Trent's hard on and shook it rapidly.

"And I do mean big boy." Michael began giggling. Trent groaned and bent almost in half from Michael grabbing his dick. Trent whacked Michael's hand so that he would let go.

"Let go, dammit. What are you trying to do? Break it?" Michael laughed some more.

"You think you're so damn funny, waking me up like that. I should beat the shit out of you on general principal orrr...." Trent lunged at Michael and drove his fingers into his sides tickling Michael unmercifully. Michael burst into fits of laughter until his face turned red and he begged for mercy, crying Uncle over and over.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Michael, really I am, but I just can't stop. My fingers seem to be stuck on your ribs for some reason. Michael continued laughing. Trent was now straddling Michael naked, but his urge to pee drove him to remove himself and make a dash for the bathroom. His erection forced him to use the shower to piss in, because he couldn't get it to go down enough to piss in the toilet.

Trent got dressed and they went outside and drank the coffee and ate the bread that Michael had come to love the first year they had come here. The moisture from the coconut was incredible. That mixed with the Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee produced an unforgettable flavor in Michael's mind. They decided to spend the day lounging by their room and just doing nothing. As Trent said when they were in the plan they were coming here to recharge their batteries. Running around the whole time was not recharging, that was counterproductive. And Michael had to agree with him but he was looking forward to tomorrow when they were going to rent the mopeds and just go riding and spend another day recharging their batteries as Trent put it.

Their day was spent as they had intended: lying in the sun, jumping in and out of the water and taking a break in the room so they didn't get sun burnt. They played cards while waiting to go back outside again to kill the time. Ricky showed up at four-thirty and let them know that he was ready whenever they were. Dinner was at a steak house and Trent ate his dinner and Michael swore he ate half of his too.

"You realize of course that later on I'm going to be hungry, because you're eating so much of my meal."

"I've only had a few bites, you're exaggerating, Little Buddy." Trent knew the minute he said the name that he shouldn't have.

"I'm sorry? What was that I just heard? And exactly in what century did you want to have sex again?" Michael looked at Trent with a straight face and disbelief swept across Trent's face as he watched Michael's facial expression. Michael remained liked a stone statue. Trent began to worry that Michael might be serious. He never had a look like he did at that moment.

"Babe, I'm sorry. It was just a slip. I didn't really mean it, honestly." He began to look like a puppy dog being punished for eating its owner's best slippers. Michael could hold back no longer and began to laugh uncontrollably.

"Oh you shithead, you're absolutely horrible sometimes. Do you know that, Michael Wayne? Honestly, sometimes you're so mean to me."

"ME, I'm mean to you??!! Sex, what is sex, I never heard of it. I think I'll become a monk starting NOW."

"Oh you're funny, haha, I'm forgetting to laugh. You're so funny." Trent reached under the table and squeezed Michael's knee. Michael jumped because he was very ticklish there. In doing so he knocked over his glass of water.

"Now look what you made me do!" Trent waved at the waiter and he came over and saw the problem and immediately returned with some napkins to clean up the spill and also with a refill of water. Michael turned twenty shades of red in the process. Under his breath he talked to Trent.

"I'm going to kill you when we get back to the room." Trent just laughed knowing that this would lead to a tickling match, which would undoubtedly lead to sex, it usually did. They walked the beach after dinner in front of the restaurant since they didn't have a beach in front of their hotel.


The morning came bright and early Michael was excited to be going on this adventure today. At least that's how he looked at it: an adventure. They'd be able to go wherever they wanted to, without someone driving them. They'd be the ones in control. Michael started poking Trent in the ribs in order to wake him up.

"Come on, Big Boy, get up. We're going on the mopeds today and I have a surprise for you." Unbeknownst to Trent, Michael had talked to Ricky and had asked where they could go and rent horses to go horseback riding. He was excited to take Trent riding on the beach. He knew it would be a new experience for Trent. He had asked him a long time ago about it. Michael wasn't sure what was more exciting: riding the moped or the surprise for Trent. Either way, they were going to have a fun day, and he wanted to get moving.

"Come on, lard ass, let's get moving!"

"LARD ASS? You have some nerve calling me that. That wasn't very nice. And you want me to go with you today? You better take that back or I'm not going anywhere with you today. You can just forget it, big boy."

"I'm sorry, Big Boy, really I am. Come on, Trent, we have to get ready. I'm excited and I just want to go, so come on, let's get moving."

"All right, I'm up. See if Ricky will get coffee for us while we get ready."

"No, we'll get the coffee on the way out and also the bread."

"Michael, you going to make me a lard ass eating that coconut bread every morning. You better have some healthy tomorrow morning."

"Oh, one week of coconut bread is not going to kill you."

"No, your rushing this morning is going to kill me."

"Blah blah blah... Now get your ass in gear and I'll send Ricky for coffee." Michael went to the door and could see Ricky by the road. He ran up and instructed Ricky what he wanted and gave him money and also gave him enough to get breakfast for himself. He waited by the roadside while Ricky drove the one hundred yards to the cart to get them all their breakfast. Ricky had known to be there early this morning because Michael had told him what he was planning for the day. Today Ricky would have another day off, the whole day.

Trent was out of the shower by the time Michael returned and was anxiously awaiting his coffee when Michael came back in the room.

"Come on, buddy, I'm dying here. I need my cup of java so I can function and thanks for sending Ricky. I appreciate it, I really do, Buddy."

"You're welcome, Big Boy. I don't mind getting it. I'm so excited about today. I have to tell you something. I can't wait to show you. I have to tell you now. I was just going to go there, but I can't wait any longer."

"What do you have up your sleeve now, Mikey?"

"We are going horseback riding on the beach today!" Trent's face lit up, making Michael realize how happy he was with the idea.

"Oh, Michael, I've never ridden a horse on the beach or in the water. This is going to be so cool. When are we going to do that?"

"I thought we would go after lunch, so I'm going to jump in the shower and get dressed quickly, so we have some time on the mopeds. Then we'll grab a quick lunch and we can rent the horses for four hours and ride up and down the beach for that time and have fun."

"Hurry up, Michael. Hurry up, you're taking too long. We should have been up hours ago. You should have told me this last night." The both of them laughed at Trent's attempt at humor. Michael hurried through his shower and got dressed. Once he was dressed the two of them were out the door and got into the taxi with Ricky, off to the moped store.

"Good morning, mon, good to see you two this morning. Ready to go riding by yourselves this morning and this afternoon? Did you bring sun block with you?"


"Not to worry. I brought you a bottle of the strongest block in the store, just in case you didn't"

"You're the best, Ricky, you're the best." Michael responded first and he elbowed Trent in the ribs so that he would also say it.

"Yes thanks, Ricky; you're the best for thinking of us."

"No problem, Mon, no problem."

Ricky took them to the store that supplied them with the mopeds and within fifteen minutes they were equipped with two mopeds of their choosing and were off and running. Michael thought they were great and Trent was glad that Michael was happy and followed along behind him. Sometimes he led the two, sometimes he followed, reminding Michael to stay on the wrong side of the road. That was the hardest thing for both of them to remember, especially when they were rounding corners. Going through any little towns they slowed down to almost a crawl, afraid of the taxi's that seemed to almost have wings and flew through. Trent was in the lead in one little town and was coming to what they called a rotary and remembered to be on the wrong side of the road and the taxi came barreling down the road. Even he was on the wrong side of the road and the fountain in the center blocked his view. As he rounded the corner, he never saw Trent. He hit him and sent him and the moped flying over the fountain. Michael watched in horror as the scene played out before him. He went to Trent and there was blood everywhere. Both legs where in positions that were unnatural. Blood covered his face. Michael fell to the ground, afraid to touch him. Trent was broken beyond belief and wasn't moving at all. Nothing moved. The world fell silent around Michael as he screamed at the top of his lungs in sheer agony and heart ache.

Michael fell to the ground screaming and crying. His world was falling to pieces. He passed out.



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