Clay was escorted from the hospital by an entourage of people; most of his children who were there to make sure he got home safely. He was improving but it was time for him to go home to recuperate further. Clay was determined not to push the issue of returning to work too soon. As were his children who had discussed it with him at great length while he was still in the hospital.

The beginning of their sophomore year kept both Michael and Trent busy as usual, they made time for each other every Saturday evening. It was their habit to get out of the house and away from the books and computers usually attending a movie or shopping at the malls. They wanted to get their Christmas shopping done as soon as they could.

As Thanksgiving week approached Trent prepared to face another surgery. He had completed all the physical therapy that they had put him through and was doing well but facing another surgery Trent became inwardly angry over having to face another surgery knowing that it would not be the last. He was tired of fighting the pain, and not being play in sports as he once had. He was beginning to gain weight from lack of physical movement. Michael sensed his angst aware of the exact reason.

"Twenty bucks for what you're thinking about at the moment and sex doesn't count you always think about that, unless you had it the night before, but even though I know your perverted mind is already thinking about the next time."

"I don't want to do this surgery, not anymore. I just want this to be over with so I can get on with my life without having to think about everything I can and can't do. I hate the limitations that these screws and rods in me are putting me through. I'm getting fat from not being able to swim, I can't play any contact sports at all, which pretty much puts everything on the list."

"I can't imagine what it's like Trent I won't lie to you. I wish you didn't have to go through anymore either, you've suffered enough from that accident. I wish I could trade places with you just so you could do the things you want. How about we go horseback riding, we haven't done that since the first time and I think it's time we do. I want to get back on Danny and learn how to run, as you promised you would teach me. Do you think you can handle horseback riding?" Trent gave Michael's suggestion some time to sink it and think about it.

"I think I could handle that Mikey, I'll need help getting up and down from the horse but maybe you're right. Maybe it's time I need to do something that I enjoy, I don't know if I can teach you to run yet, but just the time spent on the horses might be relaxing and we'll have some fun." Michael called down to the stables and asked for the horses to be ready in a half hour. Slowly they two of them made their way up to the stable and Michael help Trent get onto his horse. His feelings were unsettled but just attributed it to him being nervous after not having gotten on a horse since the last time that they had gone. Michael was a little apprehensive for Trent's sake, hoping that he'd be able to handle the ride. He decided he wouldn't push the issue of running and instead just walk to paths and enjoy themselves.

A little bit into their ride Trent decided he wanted to run the horse. To feel the wind at his face and just the freedom it gave him riding like that. It was one of the things that had made Trent fall in love with riding horses, the wind in his face when the horse was at a full run. He had been following Michael when the spirit moved him to take off. He kicked the horses side and the they took off. Michael didn't move on his horse, watching Trent run, hoping that this would bring Trent's spirits up for the day And then a panic set in that Trent could possibly get hurt.

"Trent, STOP, WAIT FOR ME! Stop running Trent, please I don't want you to get hurt."

Michael could hear Trent yelling with glee as the horse passed them and took off. He tried to kick the horse harder and the horse responded by breaking into a gallop which was enough for Michael. He remembered some of the things that Trent had told him about riding and not to just sit in the saddle but to stand a little in the stirrups so the ride would be smoother. Michael wondered if he kicked a little harder if he could catch up to Trent. He had to get Trent from running on the horse, now he was afraid he would get hurt.

With his heart pounding Michael did the unthinkable and kicked Danny harder than he ever had and Danny responded. He broke into a full run, slowly closing the distance between himself and Trent. Trent began to slow down and Michael was enthralled by the ride, never had he experienced such a rushing feeling. This was exhilarating and his blood was pumping into overdrive. He wanted to show Trent that he didn't need to be taught, that he could do it. And within a few moments he was passing Trent as he had come to a gallop to let the horse cool down from his outburst of running. But Michael wasn't paying attention to the fallen trees that lie ahead of him.

However Trent did and he kicked the horse hard, harder than he intended to, the horse broke into a full throttle run, Trent held on trying to gain on Michael. Yelling at him to get the horse to stop, Danny wasn't a jumper, he was getting too old for that. Trent screamed out Michael's name trying to get him to stop what he was doing. But Michael couldn't hear him, he was having too much fun, adrenaline was coursing through his veins blocking out anyone and anything, he saw the tree and wanted to sail over it. It loomed closer and Trent was soon within feet of Michael. He got closer screaming at Michael to stop what he was thinking of doing.

It was too late Danny was in motion and saw the tree ahead and The horses huge body left the ground. Seconds later Trent felt his horse follow suit and his body left the ground, both horses airborn jumping the fallen tree, Trent grabbed for the reins of Michael's horse and Michael looked in surprise as he saw Trent grab for them. The horses hoofs touched the ground a few seconds apart from each other, the jarring impact sent Trent forward losing his seating and hold on the horse, Michael, with no reins to hold catapulted from his saddle thrown into the air and landingt several feet away from the horses. Blackness came quick. Trent attempted to regain his hold but his left arm still didn't move and missed the reins of his horse, Danny jerked to one side and pulled Trent from his saddle and he hit the ground head first on a rock, putting him into the same darkness that Michael was in. The horses ran for a few more minutes until they finally felt spent and stopped, slowly returning to their riders who lay unconscious on the ground, breathing but not moving. The blood began to seep from Trent's arm. The screws that stuck out from his arm had been knocked hard and had opened the wounds at his elbow. Both horses stood quietly next to their riders, but neither moved.

Michael was the first to come to and he automatically searched around for Trent. He found him a few feet away, not moving and a bloody mess. Not only had his arm began to bleed but he had hit his head on a rock and half his face was covered with blood. Michael knew they were in trouble. He was glad he had his phone with him, for they were a few miles from the house. The horses had wandered off and where now no where in sight, Michael assumed they had returned to the stables. He called Randy, knowing he was at home, the last person he wanted to call was Clay or Sarah. They would be furious that the two of them had gone riding with Trent in the condition he was in.

"Randy, it's Michael, Trent and I are in trouble, we went riding and got thrown off the horses, Trent is passed out, I just came to. The horses are gone, I think maybe they may have made their way back to the barn. I need you to see if they are and come find us. I can see the pond from here but it's still not that close that's the best I can tell you as to where we are. Randy don't say anything, just get here as fast as you can, Trent is bleeding and I'm scared something is wrong with him. Hurry Randy get here as fast as you can. Please, bring some rags for Trent.."

Randy assured Michael he would get a horse saddled and be on his way within ten minutes and he knew which trail to take if the horses were on their way back on their own. He'd be there as quickly as he could.

Michael scrambled over to Trent and picked his head up and gently placed it in his lap.

"Talk to me Trent, please, this is all my fault, I never should have suggested this in the first place, Mom and Dad are going to kill me and you both, mostly me I think for suggesting it. Oh, come Trent, wake up. Randy's coming I already called him, he'll be here soon, he said not to worry he'd find the horses and bring them with him.

"Come on Trent wake up for me, please wake up for me. This is not the time for this. Your parents will kill me for letting this happen." Michael envisioned Clay and Sarah's reaction to this event and could only see an outcome that he had a hard time swallowing. Unless Michael came to and he could get him cleaned up before they found out. Trent's eye's fluttered open and looked blankly at Michael, saying nothing but moved back from him and starred at him trying to comprehend what was happening. Michael panicked and saw that Trent had no recognition as to who was with him.

"It's okay, you've fallen off a horse and hit your head. Tell me you know your name please, tell me you know."

Trent sat there looking at Michael unsure of what to say. He couldn't think of his name, nothing came to his mind, he had no idea who he was. Everything was blank to him at that moment, all he knew was the pain he was in and the blood that soaked his shirt and the blood that he could feel on his face..

"What did you do to me? Where am I? How did you get me here? What's wrong with my arm, how come I can't move my arm?" Question after question volleyed out of Trent's mouth without Michael being able to respond to him and he could see the panic that was beginning to show up in Trent's face, he had no idea as to who he was and now Michael was in the same panic mode that Trent was in and he knew he had to stay calm in order to keep Trent calm and not try and take off until he could get someone here to help him with Trent, he was praying that Randy would show up soon. Michael tried to explain.

"You feel off a horse and hit your head, that's why there's blood on your head, you were trying to catch me so that I wouldn't go over that tree over there." Michael pointed to the fallen tree to show Trent what he was talking about.

"Then where's the horses? How come they aren't here? I don't know you, what are you trying to do to me?" The panic was setting stronger and Trent was becoming angry and threatening towards Michael, and he began to feel scared, Michael felt that Trent would lash out at him. Trent tried getting up but winced in pain and stayed where he was.

"Please don't move your hurt, your brother Randy is on his way here to help, his, he's looking for the horses we were on and then he'll come to us. Please Trent stay still your bleeding and you've already been hurt enough. The screws in your leg have been hit and your leg is bleeding, check them to see." Trent looked at Michael not believing him but knew that the stranger was right, his leg was bleeding. He felt along his pant legs and felt some sharp objects protruding from his leg. What are these from?"

"You had an accident while we were in Jamaica, a taxi driver hit you, that was back in January. Please Trent remember for me, think hard." Trent looked at Michael and tried to run the images the stranger had talked of but nothing came to mind.

"How do I know you're telling the truth, how I know you aren't some weirdo out to hurt me. Maybe you hit me over head and then dragged me out here." Trent winced in pain as his brain flashed a horse in his mind for a mere second, causing him to double over in agony. Michael rushed to his side picking him up so that he was sitting on the ground instead of lying there. He held him in his arms as Trent groaned and tossed as he lay there unconscious again. Time passed and Michael kept watching for Randy to break through the trees with horses in tow. Finally he saw him but the horses weren't with him. Michael stood up and waved for Randy so that he could see where they were. Trent was on the ground still quiet. Randy covered the distance in no time, pushing the horse to it's maximum. He jumped from the horse and ran to Trent and Michael.

"What's wrong with him Mike?"

"He held his head and kind of yelled and then blacked out, I think he was trying to remember what happened. You didn't see the other horses?" Randy shook his head letting Michael know that he hadn't seen them on his way out here.

"We've got to get him back to the house Michael, if I get back on the house can you help me get Trent back on the horse with me?" The two tried to get Trent on the horse but he was too heavy for the two smaller boys to get him on the horse. The solution they arrived at displeased both of them. The lay Trent across the horse and began the walk back to the stable, know they had at least two miles to cover before making it back. They just hoped that Trent would stay quiet and on the horse while they walked.

"I can get him there faster Mike if I get on the horse now and rife behind him, I"ll be back to get you as soon as I can, just keep walking the same direction you're going in, and don't worry I'll find you the second I get back to this area. If you want to just sit and wait you can, it won't get dark for another few hours and I'll be back before then, but I think we need to get Trent back to the house while he's out and can't fight with me."

"Go Randy, get him back to safety, tell them he hit his head and passed out, he doesn't know who he is right now, which hopefully won't last long. He was trying to save me when Danny was attempting to jump those fallen trees which he did do with success, I think Trent felt he couldn't do it and that's why he tried stopping me from doing it. Just hurry and I'll wait here or follow the trail towards to the barn, just go and hurry Randy, I'll be waiting for your return. Maybe I'll get lucky and find the horses on the way back." Michael was doubtful he'd find the horses since Randy hadn't seen them on his way out here to rescue them. Randy mounted on to the horse and slowly began to trot away from Michael

Michael walked in silence unsure of what to think of the past events. His heart went out to Trent, knowing the trauma he had been through in Jamaica and the surgeries he faced in the days ahead. His heart went out to him in pain and uncertainty, knowing that at the moment his memory was not functioning as it should. He wondered how long it would last and would it be permanent. A simple fall and the of his love of his life was gone in a split second he had lost the man he loved so much with every fiber in his body his best friend and lover were wiped from the man's memory. Michael sat down on the ground and wept openly sure that his life as he knew it was gone, after all they had been through, a fall from a horse had taken it all away. Unless Trent remembered everything nothing would ever be the same for either of them. He decided to wait for Randy to return to tired to go on, nor did he have the desire to return and find out the truth as to what that might be at this point.

Michael decided to just stay where he was and hopefully by the time Randy returned he would tell Michael that Trent had regained his memory and everything was okay. Sitting there Michael gazed out upon the landscape remembering the first time they had come here with a great happiness in his heart. His thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of horses nearby. Michael looked up and saw Danny slowly wondering around the open field. He called to him and Danny responded by coming to the sound of Michael's voice.

"Come on boy, that's it, come here to me. Where did you run off to and leave me, where's Blaze, did he make it back to the barn? Did you come back for me knowing I was still out here waiting for someone to come and get me? How about you and I get back to the barn and see how Trent is doing by now? Michael got up on Danny and kicked him hard enough to get him to a trot and they headed for the barn. It wasn't long before they came along and found Blaze who was grazing on some grass seeming to not be in a hurry to go anywhere. Michael took him by the reins and Blaze followed along as they trotted back to the barn.

Randy had just left the barn and was five minutes from it when he came to meet up with Michael and the two horses.

"I wondered where they had gotten to when I didn't see them on the way back, come with me Michael, Trent is on the way to the hospital and we need to get there, he didn't remember things but before he passed out he said your name, there's hope. Hold on to the horse Mike, I'm going to run and the horses will follow along with me, so just hold on and hang tight we'll be back in a few minutes." True to his word Randy had Michael back at the barn within minutes, Stephen was in the car waiting for his return.

"Come on Michael, let's go the ambulance is probably close to being there and I want to get you there as quickly as I can, he hasn't asked for you, but he's said your name more than once, he's trying to remember, maybe seeing you will help him further. Michael jumped from the horse and ran to the car Stephen was in. They took off headed for City Hospital, with the traffic it took them almost forty minutes to reach their destination. Michael sprang from the car and headed into the emergency.

"I'm Michael Sanders, my brother Trent was just brought in from falling off a horse with a loss of memory, I need to see him as quickly as I as I can please." The nurse sitting behind the desk told him he'd have to wait.

"I'm not waiting, he's my brother and we were together when he fell, seeing me might help him jar him memory."

"I'm sorry sir, but not one is allowed back there at this time, they are examining him as we speak you will just have to wait." Michael was losing his patience and this time he knew how to fix it.

"I'll say this as nicely as I can, my father is on the Board of Directors on this hospital, if you'd like to keep working here I suggest you get me to my brother, or I'll make sure you're cleaning toilets as a job here, never mind being a snooty nurse who think she knows everything." Michael had raised his voice and even Stephen stood back a little as he released his anger on the women.

"He's in Bay Seven sir, but if they kick you out don't tell me that I didn't warn you."

"That's the last thing they'll do, or they won't be working here either!" Michael grabbed Stephen by the hand and instructed to him to come along, he wanted him there to. Stephen looked at Michael and followed along, not wanting to disagree with him at the moment.

He walked into the bay and Trent lay there quiet, looking around trying to recognize something, anything a look of panic seem to cross his face.

"Sir you can be in here, I'm trying to diagnose what has happened."

"I'm staying, try and kick me out and I'll make a call to the Board of Directors, which my father sits on and you won't work here anymore. This is my brother and we were together when it happened. He fell off a horse and hit his head, if you pulls his records you'll find that he's been through some surgeries that have left him with pins and screws in his body to hold him together. Has he asked for Michael or Mike since he's been in here?"

"Yes sir he said the name Mikey several times, but no more than that, I wasn't sure who that was."

"It's me. Do you think this will be permanent? Are you going to take any kind of X-Rays or an MRI to see if there is any swelling on his brain? That would be the worse. He got hit by a moped back in January and that's why all the pins and screws are in his body. You've got to hurry these things need to be looked at and his surgeons need to be notified immediately." Stephen stood in awe at the command that Michael had taken in the situation; he couldn't help how much Michael sounded like a doctor knowing just what needed to be done. The doctor stood and looked at Michael processing what the young man had said.

"Standing here and doing nothing is getting nothing done, we need to get this done now!" Michael almost screamed what he was saying. "If his brain is swelling in any way the pressure has to be released and the sooner the better." Again Michael screamed at the doctor who stood there unsure of what to make of this young man standing before him barking orders that as a medical doctor the kid was right.

"Get him into MRI as soon as possible, and then run a full body X-Ray from head to toe, let's go, let's make it happen!" Now he was the one yelling at the nurses that were in the room with him. Michael felt satisfied that something that was being done that was important and would produce results the quickest. Perhaps it had been all the texts and surgeries that Trent had suffered that made Michael realize what needed to be done in order to help his lover. He knew lying there picking and poking and trying to get answers that weren't coming wasn't going to help, he hit his head they needed to look at his brain and make sure there was nothing wrong. Michael broke down and Stephen caught him as he fell forward.

"Come on Mike, it's going to be okay, they'll figure it out and get him straightened out just like they fixed him up from the accident."

"That what if it's his brain that time Stephen, what if he doesn't remember me, what if he doesn't remember what we have shared and the future we have planned together? What am I going to do? I can't force myself on him and tell him that we have a past and that we have a future? If he doesn't remember Stephen, I won't know what to do. I'll be lost. Totally and utterly lost without him Stephen, he's my whole life."

"Michael don't think that way right now, this could just be a temporary thing and in a couple of days he'll be back to the old Trent that we all know and love, and especially the one that you love and the one that loves you." Michael couldn't help but feel empty and lost without Trent right now; a huge hole was ripping his chest apart inside. This is something he wasn't prepared for. Why had he suggested horseback riding? It was the dumbest thing he could have done, Trent just wasn't ready for it and Michael should have known it. Why had he been so stupid? He could have lost everything that they had built so far. Wiped out in a single moment, a stupid fall and, everything gone from Trent's mind all too quickly. Michael sat down and cried, Stephen tried to hold him to reassure him that it would be okay.

Stephen held on to him rubbing his back, trying to reassure him that this would be okay. If he could survive the accident in Jamaica, he could survive the accident now."

"Stephen I have no one to blame but me, it was my idea to go horseback riding. I just didn't think he would run like he had. But I wanted to show him I could and I kicked Danny and he took off like never before, Michael was trying to catch me so that Danny wouldn't try and jump some fallen trees that were across the path. It's my entire fault Stephen. Michael caved into Stephens chest and openly wept afraid that all he and Trent had would be gone.

"Michael, come on let's wait until the tests come back and see what the doctor's say you're not giving them a chance to do anything right now. Please, calm down for me and let's just sit here and wait until he comes back and see what the doctor really has to say, you could be beating yourself up for nothing. It seemed like hours passed before Trent was returned to his room and still he there quietly looking at the ceiling and yet not seeing it. Michael was afraid to say anything, he didn't want his worse fears solidified by Trent's inability to recognize him. He hid behind Stephen, who held Michael's hand as he approached the bed.

"Hey little brother how you feeling after falling off the horse?" There was a silence and Trent said nothing to him. The moments lingered and Michael's heart sank more and more the longer the silence went on.

"Hey little brother how's your head feeling about now, that was a nice fall you took off Blaze when you were riding with Michael." Stephen prayed that Trent would respond with some kind of acknowledgement for Michael's sake

"Do I know you?" It was the first question out of Trent's mouth?" He backed up from Stephen unsure who the man was that was talking to him.

"It's okay Trent it will come back to you, you just need some time to recuperate and heal from the fall. In a couple of days you'll be back to your old self." Stephen wasn't sure if he said it for himself or for the benefit of Michael.

"Hey sport I have someone here who's just itching to see you to make sure you're okay." Stephen pulled at Michael to come out from behind him. Trent just looked at Michael and said nothing. His eyes looked debatably at Michael, but said nothing, he searched Michael's facial feature, he tried to connect the face in his memory banks. His head exploded in pain and he screamed out holding his head by his temples. His nurses came running in, pushing Stephen and Michael aside.

"What have you done to him? Why is screaming like this? You can't push his memory right now, you could do more harm than good, he needs to remember on his own."

"We were just talking to him about nothing in particular, when he saw Michael he started screaming and grabbed his head. That's all we did, we weren't asking him any questions or trying to ask him to remember anything."

"Were you with him when the accident happened?" The nurse was looking at Michael waiting for an answer.

"I was with him when it happened, he fell off the horse and hit his head on the rock and when he came to he didn't know who I was. We just came here to see him and hopefully he would remember me when he saw me. His face looked like he almost could place who I was but then he screamed out in pain."

"That might be a good sign, but for now you might want to leave the room and let him rest, as for the other gentlemen, he may stay since he wasn't the one that caused Mr. Trent's outburst. Michael had hoped that Steve and Walter would be there soon, they understood so much more than the two women that were currently taking care of Trent. He hadn't seen them in the upstairs level since he had been in the hospital, nor since Trent was in it, but it was hours before they would be on duty, providing they were the ones that would be on duty.

Michael left the room and sat outside Trent's room refusing to go any further in case Trent asked for him or remembered what had happened between the two of them. The time passed slowly and Stephen would come out from time to time and let Michael know what he was saying or what he was doing, trying to give him hope that Trent would be okay. Stephen still hadn't told Michael that Trent hadn't called his brother by name, but he could tell in Trent's eye's that some kind of recognition was taking place. He just wasn't sure how much yet.

Steve and Walter were there early to get their reports and Steve immediately went to talk to Michael. Knowing that Michael would need reassuring with his partner in his current state.

"Hey big boy! How are you holding up? I take it not to well since you're sitting out here. The nurse told me what happened. I can only tell you that it's a good sign that Stephen is in there and Trent hasn't reacted negatively towards him, somewhere in his mind even though he doesn't recognize him completely his mind is telling him that Stephen is okay and someone not to worry about. I know this is hard but you're just going to have to be patient Michael and just stay close by. I can't let you stay in his room but if you want to stay tonight, I'll make sure you have a place to stay okay?"

"Please Steve I don't want to leave him, if he calls for me I want to be here for him. I should have never suggested that we go horseback riding, it's entirely my fault."

"Michael he could have fallen down a step or two and did the same thing, you can't blame yourself for doing this. I'm sure Trent went along with the idea. He hasn't been able to do a lot of things that he's use to doing, he just wanted to feel normal again and going horseback riding was a way for him to feel like he was normal. That's what he misses the most right now is just a sense of normalcy in his life. Face it, you have to admit that physically he is not able to do the things he is use to and it's making him feel out of sync with himself." Stephen came out of the room and told Steve and Mike that Trent had tried to say Michael's name but all he could say was Wayne.

"I don't know if you should go in or not Michael. What do you think Steve?

"I think we should wait a little longer and see if he says Michael or your last name, but this is a good sign Michael, perhaps bits and pieces are coming back to him, just give him time Michael, stay close by.

"I'm not moving from this chair until I can't stay awake anymore. Or until he calls my name and I can hear him, just get me a blanket Steve, I'll sleep right here."

Sarah and Clay had finally arrived wanting to see Trent. Steve suggested that one person at a time go in with Stephen and not to say too much to Trent except hello and to ask how he was feeling. No questions about anything as to what he may or may not remember, let him piece it back together himself.

Sarah and Clay both went in to see Trent individually. Each exiting with the same result there was no solid recognition of either of them. Michael grew more despondent over the whole situation. Sarah and Clay stayed for a while sitting mostly with Michael who wanted more than anything to go in and see Trent, yet afraid to push Trent's memory to hard. He was trusting Stephen to let him know when it was okay for him

Peter brought Randy, Yvonne and Danny who all wanted to see Trent but were all afraid to go in and actually see him. It was Yvonne who wanted to go first but only if Michael was the one that took her in to see her brother. Michael tried to explain to her the reason he shouldn't go in, but Yvonne heard nothing insisting that Michael be the one that take her in. Stephen went and talked to Steve and Walter about the possibility of Yvonne going in with Michael. They finally agreed that another attempt with someone else familiar might help push Trent back into remembering some more things.

Holding his breath Michael walked in the room with Yvonne with her arm in his. Yvonne was her usual boisterous self, acting as though nothing was wrong at all. Trent looked surprised at first and then acted like his usual self.

"Hey sis, where have you been hiding this boyfriend I was beginning to think that you had given up on guy's." Trent laughed at himself, talking as though nothing at all had happened. Michael's heart felt like it was going to burst he was so nervous with Trent's display of affection towards his sister, at least he remembered who she was.

"I was busy out in the hall with your brothers buster. And you be nice to my friend he's been very nice to me and taking me where ever I want to go." Michael struggled with what to say or not say to Trent. He didn't want him screaming in pain again from some memory relapse of some sort.

"How are you feeling Trent?" Michael was shaking on the inside unsure of what to do. He wasn't sure if he should stay in the room or leave, he didn't want to upset him in anyway.

"I feel okay but I have one massive headache hangover feeling going on inside of my head, does that make any sense?" Trent looked questioningly at Michael and Yvonne.

"Yes big brother, it makes perfect sense. How about I tell you what happened instead of you trying to remember?" Trent agreed readily. Yvonne briefly described what had transpired and that he went horseback riding and was thrown from the horse when he tried to jump over some fallen trees.

"I do remember yelling at Blaze to stop running I didn't think that the horse would make the jump over the fallen trees. Here it turns out that I was right I don't understand why Blaze did what he did, I just remember yelling at him and then I was here." Yvonne got up and kissed her brother and then Michael.

"We're going to tell everyone that you're doing much better, but you take it easy please, for me?" Trent smiled and nodded his consent. Yvonne took Michael by the hand and headed towards the door. Michael tried to avoid making direct eye contact with Trent but was afraid to push him to hard at the same time.

"Hey buster where in the hell do you think you're going to? How long you going to be gone?" Trent laid there looking at Michael questioningly. Michael wasn't sure what to do or how to act. It was like meeting Trent all over again. He wasn't sure how much he remembered.

"Well I thought I'd go out in the hall for a few minutes and talk to Stephen, he mentioned Stephen's name because he was the one person that Trent had accepted up to this point, he didn't want to push him and thought that would be the safest way out of the room at the moment.

"Are my parents here yet?" Michael froze in his tracks once he heard Trent mention his parents.

"Yes big guy they're out in the hallway to, I'll get them in here with Stephen in just a minute they might have gone for coffee, but let me check."

"Don't take too long Mikey, we need to talk." Michael's stomach was doing somersaults by the time he hit the hallway and saw everyone looking at them as they exited Trent's room. He could see they all had questions.

"I'm not sure how much he's remembered but he asked for you two, why don't you go in and see what you get out of him. I didn't want to push him too hard, so I'm just listening to what he says sentence by sentence and then going from there. I'm just not going to push him, I'm afraid to." Sarah took Clay by the hand and headed for Trent's room.

"You all wait here, Michael come back in soon, and I'll just tell him that you went to the bathroom." Michael agreed with her and gave her a hug before she turned and went in to see son.

"Hello there Trent how's your head feeling about now?"

"Oh man Mom, I feel like I was run over by a train and then it backed up to make sure it didn't miss." The three of them laughed. Sarah felt much better hearing her son talk like his usual self but she was still unsure how much he actually remembered. Like Michael she was afraid to push him too far and risk some kind of relapse. Clay was still feeling like he was walking on thin ice with his son and was totally in unfamiliar territory, someplace he didn't like being.

"Don't look so glum Dad, I'm going to be okay I keep remembering bits and pieces of things. I remember that Michael and I were together while horseback riding, I remember yelling about something and then it goes black again until I woke up here. If I try to remember to hard it hurts my head so I stopped trying. I find it's easier if I just let it happen by itself." Clay sighed a breath of relief he was feeling much better about the outcome.

"I'm glad to hear you talk like you are yourself Trent, I'll admit you had me worried there for a little bit. The last time your mother and I came in you really didn't recognize us. I had this terrible feeling in my stomach that made me wonder what I'd do if you didn't get your memory back. I felt lost and helpless for you."

"Well don't worry Dad I'm going to be okay, shoot if I can survive Jamaica, I'll survive falling off a horse to. I just don't know why Blaze threw me off, but like I said I'm not forcing the issue, it'll happen on its own.

"Hi, I'm back" Michael walked back in the room, smiling and inwardly hoping that Trent had remembered more, he was unable to hear the whole conversation from out in the hallway.

"Hey Little Buddy, glad you're here I was beginning to wonder where you went."

"What a guy can't run to the bathroom for a few minutes?" Michael was trying to joke with Trent to see how he would respond.

"Come over here and give me a kiss I missed you and I know enough to tell you that we were horseback riding together but that's it. The rest will come back to me later if I don't try." Michael felt himself relax, he knew that he had remembered enough to understand what was going on and like Clay and Sarah it made him feel at ease.

"I'm glad you're getting back to yourself, you had me worried this time, after what happened in Jamaica and then this I was scared you lost your memory for good and wouldn't remember me at all. And then the first time you saw me you grabbed the side of your head and screamed out in pain, I was really afraid."

"HOLY shit, Danny was going to jump the trees! I thought you were going to fall off of Danny, that's why I went running after you, I was yelling at you to stop. Now I remember it. We went out riding and you were running faster than I had ever seen you run and I was positive that Danny wouldn't be able to make the trees that you were headed towards. I panicked I guess, when I thought he wouldn't make it, I wanted to get a hold of your reins so that I could stop him and you. Funny, I didn't want you falling off the horse and hitting your head and that's just what I did to myself and you were fine. Well at least you didn't fall off of and that's what I was trying to prevent in the first place." Both boys just laughed at the comic thoughts of the whole situation.

Fall moved into Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trent was going to have surgery when they returned from Jamaica as he had planned on while in school. This next surgery would be the last what Trent considered large surgery, the rest of them were more about how Trent looked and ease of movement for him. He kept referring to them as cosmetic surgeries only there was only was one that really was cosmetic And Trent wasn't sure if he was going to have that one or not.

By now Michael was use to the Christmas festivities at the Sanders household and knew what to expect during the holiday season when everyone was around. Stephen's friend Brad returned for Christmas this year, Michael was instantly hesitant about him being there and this time he let Stephen know how he felt.

"I don't know Stephen, maybe it's just me being over paranoid, especially after our first meeting. I'm not sure why I'm telling you this because he's been civil up to this point. I just have this gut feeling that isn't sitting right with me and I thought I'd better tell someone, in case, maybe I am just being paranoid after everything that's happened since that first time he and I met. That's all it probably is."

"Look Michael, maybe you're right and it's everything that's happened since you met up with him since the last time. Then again, gut feelings like that are things I happen to pay attention to. I'll just keep my ears and eyes open while he's here. I just don't like it when another person tells me something about someone I already have questions about in the back of my head."

"You mean you're getting the same gut feeling I am?"

"No, it's not like that Michael. I just have had questions in the back of my head ever since Brad was here the last time. There's something that just isn't sitting right with me when it comes to him, and I can't put my finger on it. So if two of us are getting the same gut feeling what does that say about him? Is there something? Or are you right and both of us are just thinking about the last time and it's making us leery this time?"

"And I don't want to say anything out of line or have things get uncomfortable now."

"Especially if nothing is wrong, because then we'd both feel like assholes."

"I don't know about you but the last thing I want to do is be the one that's wrong." Stephen and Michael just smiled at each other and shook their heads in agreement.

"But we'll both be watching and one thing jumps out of line with him and I'm to be looking for you to see if you think the same thing I am or not." Michael just looked at Stephen and they both started laughing, feeling like co-conspirators.

Christmas seemed different that year, perhaps it was Clay being home for the month of December, something he had never been able to do before. He had more of a hand in doing things with Sarah when it came to preparing for Christmas. Since the house was gaining space here and there and the kids were getting older, they had long ago converted one of the rooms into a craft room, and when Christmas rolled around it turned into a wrapping room for them to work in, but this year with Clay being semi-retired he had that much more time with Sarah, to get things ready for all of the kids and the grandchildren.

Christmas Day was festive and relaxed for everyone, even Brad surprised the Sanders by announcing that he would be starting work at one of the families companies. He had gotten the job without the help of Clay which was the reason it had taken him so long to begin working for them. He didn't want to get the job because someone got him in the door, he wanted the job based on his own merits, which Clay could understand and admired Brad's determination.

"If you look at the times I placed an application you'll see about every five to six months I'd apply. I didn't want to reply every two to three months and look like I was desperate, and you won't find your names as references anywhere. I'm happy to say it was me that got that job and you don't know how good that makes me feel to be able to say that to you Clay. I always felt like I was letting you down and you thought less of me because of it. But as of the second of January I'll be employed by one of the sales offices in Burlington. My territory will be the northeast and I'll be in charge of six of your sales people Clay. This way I feel like I got hired on my merits not by who I knew, that's just a bonus now that I'm your employee."

"I'm happy for you Brad, I really am. Your sales track record must be good for them to give you that job. But as you are aware I've been out of the office this whole month so I hadn't heard anything about who got the job, I just knew that it had been filled and the guy was supposed to be pretty good."

"Thanks Clay that's a compliment coming from you, don't worry I won't let you down. We'll build up the northeast region under my direction, of that I'm positive."

"Well buddy that certainly is a surprise, I'm impressed, just as much as my father if not more Brad." Stephen walked over and gave Brad a hug and patted him on the back. While still in their hug Brad quietly whispered in Stephen's ear.

"I'm sorry about what happened with Michael and I when I was here two years ago, I was too embarrassed to come back last year, especially since I still hadn't landed a job with you Dad's company." Stephen just kept patting Brad on his back.

"Just let Michael know, he thinks you hate him because of that and feels like I threw you out over it and that you and I had problems over it.:"

"I'll take care of it, don't you worry, and the day isn't over." The two parted both feeling better about their relationship. Both men had felt as though their relationship had suffered over the incident that had transpired the first time that he met Michael.

"Mike, come with me please. I need to talk to you." Michael instantly looked at Stephen waiting for a signal of some kind to let him whether he should go with him or not. Stephen nodded at Michael giving him the okay to go look and Michael just went along. Michael got up from his seat next to Trent and asked him if he wanted anything since he was getting up anyway, he declined. The two of them went into the kitchen to see if Josh was still around of if he had left yet. It was still a little early Brad was hoping that Josh had made fresh coffee before he left, if he had left at this point. There was a note on the counter. It was from Josh, it read. If you're out of coffee just hit the button on the big coffee machine and it will take about fifteen minutes to make up a fresh pot. Have a nice day all of you, Josh.

"The man is great he left us all set up to make coffee, all we have to do is hit the button and fresh made coffee will be ready in fifteen minutes he says." Brad hit the button and went to get a coffee cup for himself.

"You want a cup, what about Trent?"

"Yes I'll have a cup but Trent said he was all set at the moment, he might change his mind if he knows it's fresh and Josh made it."

"Go ask him." Michael left the kitchen and poked his head into the living room, telling everyone that coffee was going to be fresh in fifteen minutes. So if you want some wait about ten minutes before you come out, I know that coffee pot is always faster than Josh says it is." Michael returned to the kitchen and pulled some coffee mugs from the cabinet in case anyone came out and didn't have coffee yet.

"Listen Michael before anyone comes piling in here I just want to apologize for our little meeting when you and I first met here. I was out of line. I was just going through a patch of frustration in trying to get hired at the company, and two weeks before Christmas I got another letter of rejection from them. I was just not myself and I was out of line as I said. I hope that we can start over and maybe take a better step forward. I'd like to try if you'll give me a chance." Michael was surprised to say the least. He wasn't prepared for Brad's admission or his apology. But something stuck in his gut and it bothered him.

"That will be fine Brad, I can understand being frustrated over something and how much it can affect your life in so many ways. I'm sure you've heard about the trial by now and how it went. So I do understand your frustration I really do. So let's just forget about it all together and pretend it never happened and we'll just go from today, I think that sounds good." Michael stepped forward and reached out his hand to shake hands with Brad, but Brad shocked him by stepping further into the handshake and leaned in to Michael and wrapped his arms around him and hugged him. The panic button in Michael was on red alert and he couldn't figure it out, everything that had just happened in the living room and then here in the kitchen said he should be feeling differently.

Brad finished his hug and stepped back from Michael and finished with a handshake. Michael wanted to talk to Stephen and the sooner the better as far as he was concerned. Stephen had given him the nod to go ahead and go with him and Michael trusted what Stephen told him, so why where the bells going off like sirens inside his head and stomach? The first chance he had he would talk to Stephen, and explain what had happened with the man. Michael trusted Stephen more than his own gut instinct at the moment and decided to not do anything, but wait. Trent and Michael stood there, side by side in the kitchen waiting for the coffee to finish perking.

"Have you heard anything from the Trent's lawyers concerning his case down in Jamaica, anything going forward or is it just wait, wait, wait?"

"Ah, no, actually it is moving forward the insurance wants to settle out of court, they don't want it to go to trial. His lawyers told him because it would cost them not only whatever they pay Trent, but his lawyers are also trying to charge them with all their fee's because they feel Trent shouldn't be having to pay any fee's. And if the company they are representing had hired a good driver this wouldn't have happened. It seems that this particular driver has been in more than one accident where a lawsuit was involved. I was surprised that the man is working for a taxi company at all the way they talked. So right now we are just waiting for them to come up with a figure."

"Sounds like Trent has a good set of lawyers working for him."

"They are nice, we both like them and actually we found them from one of Dad's lawyers, he recommended him. He's been really good about letting us know what's going on and promises to get as much as he can. Trent, I'm glad to say is not about the money, as part of the deal he wants the driver to lose his license at the same time. Trent could have lost his life he doesn't want that to happen to someone else. He feels that the next time it might be a child."

"That sounds like Trent, worried more about someone else than he is himself, one of the things that I always admired in him."

Members of the family soon began to filter into the kitchen, the ones that wanted coffee anyway. No one wanted to eat at that point, Josh had made enough more than enough and most had been picking at one thing or another all morning. Once that happened the conversation between Michael and Brad came to an end and was forgotten. The New Year's party at the house was strictly family, something that hadn't taken place in many years, the only exception was the presence of Josh and Andy who had been invited to stay and enjoy and not to work, work was for the day after New Year's Day. It was an evening filled with laughter and fond memories and a million questions to Trent about the fact that he really wanted to return to Jamaica.

"I assure you that the only reason I'm going back is that I know the driver I'll be having for the week we're there. How can I go wrong, Ricky is a good driver and values his life as much as we value ours."

"I still wish you weren't going you two, I know you're right, everything will be fine but I better not find out that you're getting on one of those machines and driving around. And no heroics on the horseback riding, if you decide to do that I know you didn't get to go last year."

The boys left for Jamaica just as they had planned arriving at Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, the same airport they had taken off from when they left with Trent hanging onto life.

"I'm glad that we're able to come back this year Trent. When we left the last time I watched you and wasn't sure about anything, I wasn't sure whether you'd even be okay the way you looked when we flew out of here. I've been thanking the man upstairs the entire flight down here."

"Well I'm almost one hundred percent back to my old self, I know I'm not there yet but another surgery or two and I'll be even better yet."

"I'll be glad when we get to that point. By the way what did the lawyer say the other day? We haven't had a chance to talk about it since you went to see him."

"They've come up with an offer which I have to decide if that's what I want or not. He said it was an okay offer but that they could do better and that I should turn it down and see what the next offer is."

"What was the offer?"

"A little over two million, then the lawyer gets his share, leaving us about one and a half million for you and I."

"This isn't about what I get Trent, this is about what you get, this is for the pain and suffering that you're going through, do you think it's enough for that? After what I've gone you see through in rehab and with surgeries I don't think it's near enough, but it's your decision to make Trent, not mine."

"I know but in the end it affects the both of us and what is going to happen in our lives. I thought it's enough to build our house and pay for the land it sits on, where ever we decide to live. I just want to make sure there's enough land to build a house and a small barn so that we can have horses on the property, okay enough to go riding on."

"Trent, are you sure that's what you want to do with that money? What about investing it? I think..." Trent put his fingers on Michael's lips to quiet him.

"If I wanted to do that I would and some of it will get invested. But a large chunk is going to pay for the house you want, well what I want to. But I want to build you a house that you want and like."

"Trent are you sure that's what you want to do, I mean I'm flattered but..."

"Mikey, I've never been more positive about anything. This is what I want to do not just for you but for us. I want this for our future, someplace we can live and raise a family." Trent looked at Michael as he spoke and let the last sentence sink in. Michael just looked at Trent and smiled.

"Raise a family? Are you sure about that? I mean Trent that's a whole new ballgame." Excitement was growing in the pit of Michael's stomach. Praying that this whole conversation was not a dream.

"You're not kidding me are you? This is not a game to play with me Trent. Oh, come on, we've got to get out of here Ricky will be waiting for us in the parking lot. He said he'll have an orange box on top of his taxi to make him easy to spot. And he said he'd try and park as close to the front as he could. And that conversation about a family is not over by a long shot Trent, this will be a major topic of discussion this week." The two walked out into the sunshine and the eighty degree humidity free weather scanning the parking lot looking for an orange box on a car. It wasn't hard to find. Ricky was parked about six rows back from the front of the parking lot.

"My friends, my dear friends, welcome back to Jamaica. I'm glad to see you walking Trent my mon, let me take your bags for you." Ricky loaded the car and put Trent and Michael in the taxi.

"Usual hotel you two or is there a new place this place?"

"The usual Ricky, even the same room as last year, I requested it and they called this week and told me that it would be available. I'm happy that we were able to get the same place the view from that room is fantastic." Ricky stopped on the way to Negril at the fresh market to get fruit for them for the first couple of days they would be there. Hoping that he would be saving them from going out to get snacks, he didn't want to have them having to go out and find their own while they were visiting. The aroma from the fresh fruit filled the taxi as they drove back. It was the reason Ricky had brought the orange box, to fill with the fruit he had planned on getting them. He remembered how much Michael had fallen in love with the fresh fruit every day. Upon arrival Ricky unloaded their bags right into their room after they got checked in, he brought in the box of fruit for them as well.

"Now I'll let you two alone and you can relax I know from talking to you last week Michael that you guys have been busy, remember you're on Jamaican time now. That means SLOW down and NO rushing around, I made the arrangements for horseback riding as you asked Michael. You're first riding time is at one o'clock on Tuesday, if that's too soon just let me know and I'll get the times changed.

"That's fine Ricky that gives us time to sleep in and then have something to eat before we go riding any way. Thanks, why don't you come back around dinner time and we'll go out to eat at one of the steaks places around here, you must know who has good steaks I'm sure."

"All right, you two get settled in and I'll be back around five thirty or six o'clock and take you to a good place." Ricky left the two alone promising his return.

"Now, Trent since I know how you are, we are going to unpack and put things away before we do anything else."

"I got some unpacking I'd like to do Mikey..."

"Trent you are not even going to think along those lines, now get over here and help me out."

"Oh, I'm going to unpack all right and the first thing I'm unpacking is you, you need to get out of those hot clothes and into something more comfortable, you know I should probably do the same thing. We'll just get out of these things and slip into some short and a t-shirt, how's that sound?"

"That sounds find, but it's only to get into shorts and a t-shirt, nothing else is going to happen at the moment Trent so get that mind of yours out of the gutter, I want to get us unpacked and settled for the week..." Trent came up behind Michael and wrapped his arms around Michael's stomach and quickly ran his tongue up the side of Michael's neck and behind his ear.

"Trent, stop that right now, I want to get this..." Trent began kissing the back of Michael's neck and gently blowing into his ear. Michael moaned and Trent knew that he was weakening. He continued his assault with his tongue on the back of Michael's neck. Michael struggled to fight with Trent trying to lean forward so that he couldn't keep kissing Michael's neck. It didn't do any good, Trent slid his arm up from holding Michael's stomach and held onto his chest, making it impossible for Michael to try and break free.

"Stop Mikey, just relax and give in, you know you want to, it's been almost a week since we've been able to do this. Its okay baby just let it happen..."

"Why do you do this when I'm trying to get something done...why can't you...just...wa..."

"Sshh...I'll make you feel good buddy...just let it happen..."

Trent felt Michael's body mold into his as he lifted the front of Michael's shirt and ran his hand up over his stomach, rubbing it lightly. He lifted higher and soon had Michael's right nipple between his thumb and forefinger, pinching it lightly and twisting it at the same time. One of Michael's weaknesses were his nipples being played with. It felt like an electric shock going off from his nipple to the front of his dick. The fabric of his pants kept his cock straining to burst out from its confines. His cock throbbed each time that Trent pinch or twisted either one of them.

Trent turned Michael around and in the process removing his shirt. He bent his head down and took Michael's nipple and sucked it into his mouth biting it gently and flicking his tongue across the tip of it. Michael's knee's weakened making it hard to concentrate on standing. His body leaned against Trent that much harder as he let himself give in under Trent's ministrations. Trent could hear the low moan that came from Michael's throat as he worked at turning Michael on even more.

Slowly he moved across the small space between them and the bed and Trent gently laid Michael down. He reached down and undid his buckle and began to tug at Michael's pants. Michael lifted his hips so that Trent could pull off his pants and his underwear. He knelt on the floor and took off Michael's shoes and socks, then finished pulling off his pants and underwear. Trent spread Michael's legs and began kissing the inside of Michael's right leg just above the knee. Michael grabbed hold of the cover on the bed, lost in his lust for his lover.

"Oh Trent up higher go higher up my leg, please..."

"Relax buddy, just relax I'll take care of you I'll make sure you feel good."

Trent scooted forward a little and began to run his tongue up the inside of Michael's leg, driving him further and further into a sexual frenzy. He continued higher slowly getting closer to Michael's crotch. As he got closer he ran his tongue up in the inside of his right leg and then lightly grazed Michael's balls barely touching but hard enough for Michael to know that he had touched them. He made his way down his left leg to his knee. Kissing it gently he began the journey back up his leg and into Michael's crotch. He stopped for a few seconds gently blowing on his balls. The area he had grazed earlier had some saliva on it and the warm gentle sent a shiver through Michael, as Trent's warm breath seem to tighten his ball sac.

Trent dove into Michael's crotch and sucked one of his balls into his mouth sucking and chewing tenderly on it. He used his tongue to bath the nut, Michael reached down and put his hands on Trent's head, holding him in place. Trent went from one nut to the other, the precum was running down Michael's dick and Trent ran his tongue up the underside of his cock scooping it up and then engulfing his cock completely. Michael moaned out loud in delight. Trent crawled up onto the bed and arranged himself over Michael so that his cock was now at the entrance of Michael's mouth. He never hesitated and Michael swallowed Trent's cock, gagging and bringing tears to his eyes. But it didn't slow him down or make him stop; he continued just the same as when he first started.

Both of them got lost in giving each other pleasure as they sucked on each other's cocks. Trent slowly pressed his pelvis downward feeding Michael more of his cock. Trent put his arms under Michael legs and pulled them upwards and apart, exposing his hole for Trent to gain access to. He eased up and withdrew his cock from Michael's mouth moving slowly forward, and pulling Michael's legs further up. He bent his head down and moved Michael's balls so that he could reach his anus with his tongue. He stuck the tip of his tongue on Michael's hole and Michael wrapped his arms around Trent pressing his cock against Michael's chest and part of his stomach, he used his hands to grab Trent's ass and pull his cheeks apart, allowing him to use his finger on it. Trent wiggled his lower body as he felt Michael start to play with it.

Michael's upper chest was pressing into Trent's cock as he arched his back even more, it felt more like a hot iron pressed between them and Trent's precum began to make the surfaces of their bodies slide easily. The thought of this drove Trent crazy, knowing that he wanted to use it as lube to shove his cock into Michael's ass.

He slowly lifted himself off of Michael and gently placed kisses where ever he could make contact with his lips on Michael's body. He squirmed as Trent placed his kisses lightly here and there, each spot randomly chosen at the last moment as he tried to move slowly and carefully. Before long he was face to face with his lover and Trent lowered his face to Michael's lightly touching his lips and then forcefully he began to devour his lover with deep passionate tongue probing kisses. Michael wrapped his arms around Trent at first and then he used his legs to wrap Trent completely in his hold.

Trent moved his kisses from his mouth to Michael's neck using his tongue to wash his neck with his saliva, gently blowing warm breath on Michael sending shivers up and down Michael's back as he did so. Michael lifted his legs more trying to expose his hole for Trent to gain easy access to.

"Do it now Trent, fuck me now, I need you inside me. I need you to unload in me."

"Easy buddy, its coming don't worry, I'm going to drill you a new ass by the time I'm done with you. Is that what you want little buddy?"

"Yes Trent, you know that's what I want, more than anything, please don't make me beg, please don't do that to me."

"Is that what you want? Me, deep inside you, pounding your ass and grazing my dick over that love nut inside of you?" Trent locked eyes with Michael and time stood still for the both of them, everything moved in slow motion as Trent slide his body down reaching his arms down and hooking them behind Michael's knees, pulling them both upwards. Spreading his ass open even more, Trent's cock began to graze Michael's hole, making him shudder from the contact. Michael could feel his hole pulsing with desire.

Trent pressed himself against Michael, placing his cock over Michael's hole and rubbing his cock up and down over it. It fueled Michael's urges even more, his body screamed for relief, he needed Trent buried inside of him, hard and hot. The precum flowed freely from Trent's dick giving him the lubricant he needed to shove his dick into Michael. He reached down and lined his dick up with the entrance to Michael's tight ass. He shivered in thought of what it was going to feel like once he plunged it inside of Michael, the warmth, the tightness around his dick. It was the familiarity of each other's body that heightened their sexual desire with each other. Trent still wasn't use to it but loved the feeling anyway, it was a feeling he couldn't express to Michael with words, just with actions.

Slowly he guided his cock to the spot he wanted and held it tight as he pressed against Michael. The tightness began at the tip of his dick he felt it grow tighter as he pressed harder and harder, his cock slipped inside of Michael. Michael groaned with pleasure as Trent filled him with his cock. Both of them didn't feel like moving at first, the pleasurable feeling that they were both experiencing neither wanted to lose. The tightness around Trent's cock was immeasurable he slowly glided it backwards and before losing himself he thrust forward just as slowly. Michael's prostate felt like it was on fire as Trent traveled over it with his dick, Michael's fingernails dug into Trent's back slightly tearing the skin he raked across with them.

"Oh god Trent, do that again, like the first time. You're hitting the perfect spot in there." Michael closed his eyes and reveled in the moment of his over whelming carnality, he was totally lost in the moment. His body at that moment belonged to Trent and he knew it, Michael was limp underneath his body.

"Oh yea Michael, that's it baby just let it happen. Let me take you over the edge. Trent began to increase his tempo a was thrusting his pelvis back and forth slowly increasing his pace, Michael grabbed at the sheets pulling them towards himself as Trent took him closer and closer to an orgasmic high. Michael could swear he felt the veins on Trent's dick pulsing as it went in and out of him. It was like a hot poker to him on the inside. His balls were beginning to pull taunt against his body signaling the beginning of an orgasm he wouldn't be able to stop.

Trent felt the same in his balls as his pace was steadily increasing and his force to bottom out became stronger and unstoppable. There was no way that Trent would be able to slow down at this point his urge for release was shutting off any part of his brain that would allow to even try. The sweat was dripping off of him and landing on Michael making their bodies slid against each other. Every nerve ending in their bodies were exploding as their love making intensified. Michael used his legs to wrap them around Trent's and hold him that much more.

Their orgasms drew closer and the sexual frenzy they were in heightened even more, they were on overload when Trent's orgasm hit first his final thrust into Michael moved him across the bed almost a foot and he screamed as he felt the molten semen erupting through his cock. He unloaded into Michael, the moment pushed Michael over his limit and the ropes of cum began to spew from the end of his dick, coating the two of them in his semen. Trent collapsed on top of Michael and the time worked at getting their breathing back to a normal rhythm. Their lovemaking had lasted almost forty minutes most of which was spent with Trent inside of Michael connecting each one to the other.

Holding Trent by the back of the neck Michael lifted his head and kissed Trent, he wrapped his arms around Trent.

"I love you Trent that was wonderful. And now that it's over we have some unpacking to do, so don't think for a minute I was fooled into forgetting what we first started out to do. So in about two seconds you're going to get up and you're going to get in the shower and when you're done, I'll get one. And NO we are not conserving water by showering together, that's just another way for you to try and get me side tracked. Now you've gotten what you wanted and now I'm going to get I want and that's getting unpacked so we aren't living out of the suitcase all week. Now get your ass in gear and get in there. Michael poked Trent in the sides and he began to squirm around until he finally got away from Michael and bolted for the bathroom.



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