As Justin walked back to his car after his baseball game, he pulled out his phone and sent a quick message. 'Be ready', was all it said. Only a few weeks before graduating high school, Justin felt on top of the world. His body was perfectly shaped with muscles in all the right places, and he had features that would drive all the ladies insane. He was the captain of his baseball team, and easily the most popular guy on the team. As he ran his hand through his hair he started his truck and started began to drive home. It was common knowledge that Justin never showered after his games, he was always in a hurry to leave. He told his teammates that he would go home and shower and then go to his girlfriends for a quick fuck if they had won the game that day. Justin's quick anger was always incentive to the team to do their best and win their games, otherwise Justin's insatiable desire for sex wouldn't be met after the game. As Justin began to pull up to a house not far from his, he rearranged his cock and balls and started to get excited. He walked up still in his uniform and without knocking, entered the house. Sitting on the floor in the living room was a guy Justin had known for years. After every game Justin would go over to his college friend's apartment and have the time of his life. Dominant and strong, Justin walked over to the guy sitting on the floor and loomed over him looking down. 'I won my game bitch, and I think you know what that means.' The boy groaned and sat up onto his knees, Justin still looming over with a sneer of delight. 'That's right bitch, you get to worship me the piece of shit you are, come to daddy.' Justin pulled baseball pants down and forced the boy's face into his crotch where his cock and balls were covered by a sweaty jockstrap. 'Mhmm, start kissing it bitch.' The boy began to kiss, lick, and worship Justin's amazing package, as he done so many times before. Justin grabbed him by the hair and dragged him to the bedroom and threw him onto the bed. Justin tucked his shirt behind his head, slipped his jock off, and forced the boy over the bed. 'No lube this time bitch, I worked hard at my game and I deserve to enjoy myself with your asshole.' With that said Justin forced his thick eight inches of cock into the boys dirty butthole. 'Ya bitch, take my whole cock! You're mine to do whatever the fuck I want with!' Justin pulled out to the head of his enormous cock and shoved it back into the balls. Justin bent over and whispered in the boy's ear, 'You like the feeling of my abs on your butt when I fuck the shit out of you don't you? Ya you love my cock.' Ten minutes of intense fucking continued with the boy groaning quietly asking for mercy, but Justin never wavered from his unmerciful mentality and continued on fucking the boys hole. Finally, Justin pulled out and sprawled out onto the bed. 'My cocks all dirty from fucking your hole, bitch. I need a nice cleaning with your tounge. Get to it.' The boy crawled up between Justin's lightly hairy muscular legs and started slurping at the sweaty balls. 'My gooch is all dirty from my game, make sure you clean it with your lips bitch.' The boy dropped his eyes and saw Justin's sweaty dirty gooch and asshole. As the boy bent down further to begin cleaning, Justin grabbed the back of his head and forced him into his asshole and started farting. 'Taste my shit mother fucker, yea you love the smell of my asshole.' The boy couldn't gather the strength to attempt to get away, he knew it would be futile to Justin's strength. The boy closed his eyes and continuted to let Justin fart in his face, the grotesque smell filled his nostrils. When Justin finally stopped the boy knew he had to start cleaning. He began darting his tounge in and out of Justin's gooch and asshole, cleaning it and swallowing the sweat and shit that was built up. When Justin was finally satisfied he told the boy to start licking and sucking on his toes. Without hesitation the boy got off the end of the bed, and kneeled down to start cleaning the bottom of Justin's dirty sweaty feet. 'I love having a personal bitch, always reliable.' Justin shoved his toes further into the boys mouth and used his other foot to grasp the back of the boys head, keeping it in place...




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