Hi guys - I uploaded "The married, straight neighbour" a while back, but felt like that story wouldn't gel. I did a complete re-write and put a lot of love into it! Enjoy and remember to comment afterwards!

Oh. My. Soul. Even after all this time, after all the stolen afternoons, nights and weekends spent getting to know him (and his body) intimately, my lover still had the ability to take my breath away. I nearly dropped the grocery parcels I just offloaded from my car, the way he got my stomach all in a knot just standing there, unexpectedly, flashing me that gorgeous smile of his. My God but he was gorgeous. I could hardly believe that he still had the ability to take my breath away. Not unlike that first time I laid eyes on his naked body, years ago.

'Well hello', I answered nonchalantly, 'what's up with the beard you're growing?' Trying to conceal (somewhat ineffectively, I thought afterward) that I found it extremely sexy and a major turn-on. 'Not much', came his reply.' Just thought I'd drop by and tell you we're back'. I knew exactly what he meant though. With him it was always easy to tell. My best friend Marey always says that men have only two emotions: they're either hungry or horny. So if you see a man without a hard-on, make him a sandwich. And I knew for a fact that Wade was way too full of shit about what he eats to expect me to make him a sandwich. Oh no. I knew damn well that what he meant to say was that he'll be jumping the fence tonight so I can polish his knob, so to speak.

'I'm glad you're back', I answered truthfully, as always trying to keep our conversations in public as platonic as possible. One wouldn't want the nosy neighbours getting any ideas, now would one? 'When did you get back?' I asked, still clutching my parcels as if my life depended upon it. I knew that if I had to put them down I'd jump his bones right there and then. In broad daylight, on my driveway. I wouldn't care about the neighbours seeing or gossiping afterwards. I would give myself to him with reckless abandon and ride that beautiful dick of his until we both cried out in pleasure. I would shoot a volley of cum so strong that I would have to spray down the driveway afterwards. So I just stood there. Clutching my bread and milk trying to get my emotions under control, looking a bit sheepish in the process. Knowing that he felt exactly the way I did. Also trying to uphold the appearance of two neighbours just conversing about one of them returning from holiday.

'Earlier, and it's good to be back', he answered.' Two weeks away from home gets a bit much. I see that I'll need to fire up the lawnmower soon'. Again, not saying what he meant to, but well understood by me. He may as well have said that two weeks away from me was more than he could take and that he would have to tear the clothes from my body soon. 'Well I can see you're busy', he said,' I'll drop by tonight and get our house keys from you, maybe crack open a cold one and I'll show you some pictures'. Meaning of course that he would need an excuse to jump the fence and crack open my ass.

And with that he turned on me, walking back to his own house. His own life, his own wife. Shouting his "Hallo's" to old Mrs. Cooper across the street who's been watching us intently the whole time. Nosy old hag. Doesn't even bother concealing that she spies on all the neighbours anymore like she used to in the beginning.

I smiled meekly in her direction and opened my front door. My emotions was playing up, one moment I was ecstatically happy that Wade was back, the next I wanted to cry about the hopelessness of the situation that I was caught in. I wanted to throw myself on the bed and work off the wood I was spotting, maybe throw the eggs I just bought against the wall one by one, maybe bang my own head against the wall. Or better yet, rip a kitchen knife from the drawer and sink it into the heart of the woman that was married to my lover. Kimber. God, how I wanted to hate her. Fucking bitch.

'Get a hold of yourself Henry!' I had to say out loud to myself. 'Kimber is actually a very nice young woman and she definitely doesn't deserve you fucking her husband, let alone you plotting to kill her off. Besides, you're the "other woman" that deserves to be killed off'. Or spanked, I thought, and could feel myself getting hard again as a smile formed around my lips remembering that time we rented a hotel room just so I could tie Wade to the bed and spank that delectable ass of his. See what I mean when I said that my emotions were on a rollercoaster ride all of their own? Oh the things that I will do to you tonight, Wade! The things that I will allow you to do to me tonight!! But first things first. Get the house cleaned up.

Throw away the empty wine bottles that's littering the place. Clean out the overflowing ashtrays. Empty the dustbin. Sweep the kitchen floor and vacuum the carpets. Do the stack of dirty dishes, throw a bundle of washing in the machine. Get rid of at least a week's worth of empty take-away packaging. Put clean sheets on the bed you'll be taken in later. In short, get the place cleaned up so your lover can see what a good little housewife you are. Thank God Marey was out of town. I do not want to know what her opinion of me would be at this moment in time. Cleaning the house for a weekend lover as if he's your husband. She's the only person apart from Wade and myself who knows that we've been fucking like rabbits. And Wade doesn't know that she knows. He would probably freak out if he knew that I've been telling her about what we get up to, that she's seen the nude pics of him that he sends me. That she's read more than one mail he sent, professing his love for me. That she thinks that he's a bastard for cheating on his wife, that she thinks he's selfish in the way he wants to stay married to Kimber but fuck me on the sly, and that she, in her own words, would like to cut his balls off. Which, of course, I would be unhappy about. What the fuck will I roll around in my mouth, I asked? Fondle when I fall asleep with him next to me? Marey usually just rolls her eyes at me and rants on about how this thing with Wade is not good for my self-esteem, how I'm just being used, how it holds me back from finding happiness.

But, you see, that's exactly where she's wrong. As much as I enjoy having Marey in my life, as much as I need her presence and friendship, just as much I need to be fucked senseless occasionally, which she obviously can't help me with. And I kind of like having Wade around for sex only. The few times that I tried holding down a steady relationship with an openly gay man, I never was very good at it. So I gave up on that long ago. To the point that when Wade came along I was so used to being my own person that I couldn't, cannot, imagine myself having to go through all of the melodrama that goes with having a steady boyfriend. But, and this is where Marey may have a point, if I'm going to be totally honest with myself, Wade and I have passed the point where we can refer to what we have as a casual fuckbuddy thing.

But what exactly do we have? I don't have all the answers, for God's sake I'm not even too sure what the questions are, but I do know one thing: I love Wade. I love being around him, I love the way he makes me feel, I love how sometimes I get spoilt rotten when I least expect it, I love how out of the blue I'll get delivered a bunch of my favourite flowers for no apparent reason, I love how I'll get a random nude pic from him in the middle of the day (asking for one of me back, of course), I absolutely love it when we're at it ferociously like two hungry animals, I adore it when we have a slow, emotional fuck early in the morning and I really like it when he tells his wife how he's quickly popping round for a beer, or to borrow a screwdriver, or to watch a game on TV, when in actual fact he's jumping the fence to rip my clothes off.

Jumping the fence. A running joke between myself and Marey because of how Wade, well, jumps the fence. When Wade and Kimber first moved in next door, both Marey and myself were flabbergasted with this man that would simply walk up to the fence and shout "Neighbour!" just to say hi, or to check on my day, or to babble on about some mindless bullshit in the neighbourhood that I really couldn't give a fuck about. Being as forward as he is, he soon started inviting himself to my patio, joining in our conversations, sharing a glass of wine or a beer. Sometimes he even brought along a six-pack. The first time he came over Marey and I were just lazing around, she with a novel, me with a crossword, when he simply took hold of the wall that separates my patio from his backyard, and jumped right across it. Afterwards we were giggling like schoolgirls about it. Did you see how the muscles in his arms and legs rippled when he grabbed hold of that wall and lunged himself over it, I asked Marey? Good God, she answered, I would definitely not mind if he jumped me like he jumped that fence! Little did we know that before the end of the summer we'd be using the term "jumping the fence" as a euphemism for Wade and myself having sex.

It was a really hot day at the height of summer and I was busy around the garden, digging up a plant here, planting another one there, dressed in a pair of comfy board shorts and no shirt, doing a lap or two in the pool when it got too hot out, when I heard the (by now familiar) "Neighbour!" at the wall. I was in the pool at the time cooling off, and looked up to see him already jumping the fence.' The wife's away, and your pool looks inviting', he offered before jumping right in. Back where I grew up we were far too reserved to gatecrash someone else's privacy like that, but trivialities like that never occur to Wade. He swam around a bit while I just stood there. Surprised as hell at how forward this man really was. This really gorgeous man, I suddenly realised. That I have never thought of the way I was starting to. This man that was ripped beyond belief. This man who had just the right sprinkling of chest hair on an otherwise near smooth body. Whose dark brown hair was reflecting the sunshine as if someone had painted a crown around his head. I was starting to grow a stiffy and being wet from the pool the board shorts weren't really going to conceal it. So I made a beeline for dry land and shouted over my shoulder that I was going inside the house to fetch him a towel.

Coming back out, I nearly choked on my own tongue the way I swallowed it when he rose from the pool like some type of Greek God, muscles rippling and with a very wet, very see-through pair of white briefs clinging to his body revealing a very substantial cock and set of low-hangers inside of it. I nearly came in my own pants. Thank God I wrapped a towel around my lower body before I came back out.' Wow', he exclaimed.' That was even better than I thought it would be. Been listening to you jumping in and out the whole morning, eventually I just took off my clothes and dove in'. As if I didn't already know that. 'You know, I keep telling Kimber we should invest in a pool ourselves', he continued while peeling the briefs off,' it's not like we don't have the space for it'. I barely heard a word of what he said as it buzzed in my head while I was trying to not openly stare at that very large member of his dangling out in the open. He casually wrung his briefs out while he spoke and only after walking past me, revealing a muscley bubble butt that I could get lost in, and hanging the briefs out to dry over the wall, did he turn back to me to take the towel that I was still holding out.

'You can let go of it now', I heard from afar, before I realised that he was standing in front of me, already holding the towel that I was still clutching, seeing me openly staring at his very naked crotch. Embarrassed beyond belief I let go of the towel, only to realise that he was also not holding onto it anymore, and watched it fall to the ground as if in slow motion. Fuck, fuck, fuck, I thought, get a hold of yourself, and bent down to pick it up. Which of course meant that I was now at eye-level with the biggest, most beautiful prick I had ever seen. I swear my mouth opened by itself as it was getting ready to suckle on that thing like it was a baby seeing a tit for the very first time, when I realised that Wade was also bending down to pick up the dropped towel. Looking me straight in the eye he asked ' Are you OK bro? ' before he picked up the towel himself and got back up. That question kind of snapped me out of my lustful trance and I stepped back. Away from that monster that I was going to grab any second. Away from that man that I suddenly realised I wanted with all of my might. That straight man that was standing in front of me, naked as the day he was born. He laughed off my uneasiness though, dried himself and jumped that fence back into his own yard, naked as he was, revealing a little brown hole that I needed to get my tongue into, sooner than later! 'See you as soon as it gets too hot in my own garden' I heard him as he disappeared behind the wall, taking the object of my lust with him.



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