When I arrive home from the rec center, mommy calls my name.

'Keyon Osborne, come here.'

I sit next to her on the living room couch. Immediately, I can see the look of concern in her eyes.

'Your cousin, Emmanuel, is coming to stay with us while his parents vacation in Miami,' she said.

Immediately, I wear an arrogant smile. While I love cuz, he has always reminded me of a nerd.

Not only was he a bookworm, cuz was fat like a sumo-that's why I nicknamed him Man-Man.

Because he has the combined weight of 2 men, I silently laughed.

'You haven't seen Emmanuel for a long time. He is now 17-'

I interrupted with, 'I know-I know he is older than me, but I turn 17 next year.'

'First, do not cut me off. Second, while your cousin is here, treat him respectfully,' mom warned.

'Yes ma'am.' The geek must have told mommy about my teasing-that's why she is acting so serious.


Later that night, we hear a knock at the front door.

'I'll answer it,' I said to mommy, who is in the kitchen cooking dinner.

I can't wait to see cuz. I wonder does he still wear those bottle capped glasses?

'What's up M-' air rushes from my lungs from seeing cuz. I am shocked to see that he is....thin.

'Hi Keyon,' a honey soaked masculine voice said.

I'm speechless from seeing cuz's dark slender frame hugging a black leather jacket.

I could tell that he is gay from his curly dark mohawk and bright emerald contacts.

Still, I hopelessly stare at his ROUND-CHUNKY booty strangling a pair of denim skinny jeans.

I've never stared at a guy before-I mean, I have had plenty of broads-but none as pretty as cuz.

Over dinner, he discusses being accepted into college. Unlike mommy, I am not impressed.

I mean, when did Emmanuel become smart/handsome/attractive?

While I may have a dark complexion like Emmanuel, I look nothing like him.

I have a dark pimply face, almond shaped brown eyes, skinny arms, bowlegged walk, and a square ass.

While I may not be as handsome as cuz, at least I am not a cum guzzling faggot.

When mommy leaves the table to bring in dessert, I decide to attack.

'So, Emmanuel-' I began.

Only to be interrupted by his sweet voice, 'Keyon, don't call me that. Call me Man-Man.'

'What? But I thought you hated that name.' I said in awe.

'I did when I was a child. Now, I love that name. Everyone calls me Man-Man,' he said grinning.

Dang! When I see his sexy/genuine smile, I feel completely defenseless.


Afterward, mommy goes to work as an evening caregiver in a senior citizens' home.

This leaves me to clean the dishes and prepare the guest room for Man-Man, who is taking a shower.

As I prepare the guest room for Man-Man, I accept the fact that cuz has changed.

He has grown from a fat bookworm into a soon to be college student. I admit-I'm impressed.

Maybe, that's the point of life-to change/to evolve.

On cue, Man-Man walks into the room- only wearing a red G-String.

D-A-M-N! I screamed inside from seeing his smooth black ass.

Also, he has a 6-pack stomach that has a few pieces of dark hairs with nipples the size of a quarter.

'Thanks, Keyon for being such a great host,' he sweetly said.

'Umm,' I said trying to regain composure. 'Sure cuz! No problem.'

Man-Man sits on the bed rubbing Shea Butter lotion on his dark chiseled arms/thighs.

I should stop watching him-but my ROCK hard 9' black cock has taken over my mind.

Man-Man brings his knees to the bed-he stands in a L shape on top of the bed.

Seeing Man-Man lather his sweet ass causes my 9' black cock to hungrily throb. I should leave-NOW.

Unexpectedly, Man-Man turns to me and asked, 'Hey, Keyon could you help lotion my back?'

'Ummm-' before I could say a word I hear a knock at the door.

Thank you, God. Without saying a word, I leave from the room to answer the door.

'Whas up, Malik,' I said.

'Not much, dog. How you livin?' he responded.

'I got the new Mortal Kombat video game. I figured you may want to play while your mom's at work?'

Malik has been my best friend since his parents moved next door to us. Like me, he's 16.

With him here, I know that I will remain strong against my flirtatious cuz.

I sit cross legged on the floor. Next to me sits Malik on the couch.

Our brown eyes are focused on playing the game. Neither 1 of us hears cuz walk down the stairs.

'What are you guys playing?' he asked standing next to Malik.

I am quickly annoyed by Man-Man for wearing lip gloss, a black fishnet shirt, and leather booty shorts.

To make matters worse, on his right ankle is a tat of the Playboy bunny's ears.

'What the fuck is wrong with you, bitch? Go back upstairs and change!' I ordered.

Cuz looks at me naively with his fake green eyes, 'Why? Is something wrong with how I'm dressed?'

'Yeah, Key. Chill,' Malik said while his brown eyes stare at cuz's ROUND-CHUNKY ass.

'Why don't you sit next to me, baby boy,' Malik invited.

Suddenly, the kitchen phone rings distracting me from seeing the 2 snuggling on the couch.


After I assure mommy that all is well-I return to the living room to see cuz sucking on Malik's cock.


However, both ignore my question-instead, Man-Man slobbers on my best friend's cock.

'Your cousin is just showing me his skills,' Malik said.

When Malik removes his shirt, I begin to see my best friend in a whole new way.

Until now, I've never been sexually attracted to him-yet I admire Malik's ebony football player's build.

I sensually stare at his square shaped chest, brown bedroom eyes, juicy lips and 10' uncut cock.

'Man, I never knew you got down like this,' I said in awe.

Malik shrugs his broad shoulders, 'Come on, dog. We aren't little kids. We all want to nut.'

Dang! I finally accept that life really is about change/evolution.

'Yeah, girl. DAMN! You can suck a dick! Whoo!' Malik praised about Man-Man's skills.

When I hear Malik's words, I feel jealous that pretty Man-Man is sucking my friend's dick and not me.

As his right hand plays with Malik's hairy balls, Man-Man's head bounces on his spine.

'Yeah girl, suck this black dick,' Malik whispered.

'But it's so big, Malik. I am really trying,' cuz teased.

'Open your damn mouth!' he commanded.

Malik gyrates his dick-forcing it down cuz's hot-wet mouth. Soon, his balls slap Man-Man's lips.

'Come on, Key. You just going to stand there. Don't you won't some boypussy?' Malik asked.

I can't believe that he asked me. I can't fuck my big cuz...Can I?

Answering my question, Man-Man pulls off his leather booty shorts-showing me his 8' black cock.

While keeping Malik's 10' dick in his mouth, Man-Man kneels on all fours and shakes his chunky booty.

'Damn. I think baby boy wants you to fuck him,' Malik smiled.

Man-Man bucks his hips while his wet mouth sucks on Malik's hairy nuts.

The room fills with the sound of Man-Man 'hummmiiiinnnnnggg' on Malik's ebony balls.

'AH SHIT! Your cousin is the best man,' Malik wailed.

Man-Man testifies to this truth by licking the line between Malik's balls and ass.

'Ow! Shit, I didn't even know that was my spot. Daaumn!'

As his tongue licks Malik's slit, Man-Man signals me to come closer with his left index finger.

'Seriously, Key. You gotta get some. Come on, baby. Tell your cousin you want him, too.'

With that, Man-Man removes his mouth from Malik.

Cuz lays on his back on the floor-his legs dangle in the air-he begins fingering his asshole.

'Keyon, please, fuck my asstwat. Please nut in my hole, cousin. I'll be a good bitch'


With Man-Man's legs hanging in the air-my 9 inch dick timidly enters his asstwat.

'It's so tight,' I said as my dick glides into his hole.

'Yeah, Key. A tight boypussy is the best kind,' Malik said watching us from the couch.

'Oww! Your dick is so big, cousin!' Man-Man yelled with pleasure.

I can feel my cuz's sharp fingernails pressing into my arms-that's how I know I'm doing my job.

'You like that shit, bitch? You like my dick? Then, take it bitch!'

With short griiinnnnddddiiinnngggg strokes, my 9' dick BANGS inside of cuz's asstwat.

'You always have been a bitch! Hear me! Now, you take dick like a real one,' I said.

Man-Man wraps his arms around my neck and his legs around my torso so that I can lift us up.

Standing on the floor, my balls spank against Man-Man's dark ass, 'BWAP! BWAP!'

'Shit man,' I said to Malik.

'Whas up, dog?' he asked.

'I didn't know that a guy's ass could be so wet. Man, listen to that sound.'


'Doesn't that sound like a pussy. GODDAMN!'


'Fuck his asstwat, Key. Fuck that bitch,' my best friend cheered.


'Oh! Oh! OH! It's so big! Damn! DAMN!' cuz moaned as my dick pops his coochie.


'You're a true bitch!' I said pushing my dick DEEPER inside of his asstwat.


I fuck him harder and more deeper causing his fingernails to drag in my back.


I whispered in his ear, 'You like it, baby, huh? You like a big dick in your ass?'


'Fuck my pussy, cousin. Please fuck me,' Man-Man begged.


Seeing pure pleasure on cuz's dark face, I wonder what does it feel like to take dick.


Man-Man kneels in a doggy style position on top of the couch as my dick glides in his tight hole.

Malik kneels behind me-his tongue circling my dookie shoot.

'Oh Urh!' I cried in pleasure.

While my 9' dick drills cuz's horny hole-Malik begins to finger pop me.

'Key, your ass is so tight. You gotta relax,' he said.

'I'm tryin man,' I said.

Streams of pre-cum fall from Man-Man's 8' black cock onto the couch's cushions.

'Stop being scared, Key. Give me that ass,' Malik said.

He plunges his ebony complexion face deep inside of my ass-making me moan like a bitch.


Malik's tongue feels soooo gooood-but I'm still afraid because he has a BIG BLACK DICK.

While my 9' dick drills Man-Man's hole, he leans up on my scrawny chest-We share a tongue kiss.

'Stop being scared. If I can take your monster cock. Then, you can take Malik's,' Man-Man whispered.

I guess Man-Man is right. Maybe I should give it a try.


Like an animal, I kneel on the floor on all 4's.

Man-Man's 8' dick chokes my mouth as Malik eases his phat 10' cock into my ass.

'Remember no hands, Keyon. Just use your mouth,' Man-Man said.

I'm surprised at how good a hard dick tastes.

'You like it, cousin? You like being fucked in both holes?' Man-Man asked.

With my mouth filled with his dark pole-I nodded, 'Yes.'

I can't believe that I am taking dick like a whore-but it feels so good to submit to powerful cocks.

'Don't be scared, Keyon. Just breathe,' Man-Man advised.

The fear in my heart dissolves as the tip of Malik's dick taps on my asshole.

Feeling Malik's 10' uncircumcised dick throbbing in my ass-I start to panic.

'Remember to breathe, cousin. Just relax and keep sucking my dick,' Man-Man said.

Listening to my older cousin's words, I relax and swallow his 8' black cock.

Man-Man is right. Having a hard black cock in my mouth and in my ass does feel like paradise.

Soon, all of Malik's cock is in my tight asshole. Malik leans over so that he may kiss my neck.

When he does, I can feel his dick plunging deeper inside of me.

Ignoring the pain, I keep tongue kissing Man-Man's blunt 8' tool.

'That's right, cousin. Now you are taking dick like a good bitch,' Man-Man smiled.

Malik holds my hips so that he can turn my asshole into a dripping wet asstwat.

Man-Man uses his soft hands to squeeezzzeee my nipples.

I gag in pleasure as his dick swells in my mouth.

Shit! I want more! I want their dicks to keep giving me pleasure! I want them to fuck me like a bitch!

'Damn, Man-Man. You should see how your cousin's pretty ass bounces.'


I lay back on the couch with my legs in the air. I look like I am a porn star bitch.

Malik stands over me-pushing his 10' dick down my throat as Man-Man's 8' dick rips into my hole.

'Take that dick, cousin. Who's the bitch, now cousin. Who's the fucking bitch now?' Man-Man yelled.

His voice no longer sounds sweets-he sounds like he wants to bring me pain-and I now crave PAIN.

I wrap my legs around Man-Man allowing him to fuck me harder/deeper/longer.

'Yeah dog. You are a good dick sucker just like your cousin,' Malik said to me.

I won't rest until I am the best!

'Like givin head, dog? You can do it. Get that nut!'

With my mouth full with Malik's 10' black dick-I grunt/moan, Yeah! Give it to me.

Man-Man forces me to pay attention to him by banging his dick inside my asstwat.

'You like being fucked like a girl?'

Yes. I never knew that pleasing a dick could feel so good.

'You like being fucked by big cocks?'


'Then take my nut, bitch. Take my mawthafuckin nut in your asstwat,' Man-Man said.

Instantly, Man-Man blows his load inside my ass while Malik pulses cum down my throat.



The 3 of us lay on the couch-completely worn out.

'Hey, I didn't cum,' I lazily whimpered.

Without warning both Malik and Man-Man laugh.

Cuz kisses me on the lips-he tastes so sweet-he smiles at me.

'Keyon, the bitch's role is not to receive pleasure but to give pleasure,' he said.

'Really?' I said in shock.

Hmm. My soul feels delight from gaining this new identity.

I realize now that I will submit to dick-I want dick-I LOVE DICK.

'Man-Man,' I meekly said.

'Yes, cousin.'

'I want more.'

NEXT: Principal's Office, 'RAPE'



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