"This is a matter of disobedience and betrayal," Pyrin, the queen of Infernia shrieked. Like most of the Inferno she was outfitted in skintight body armor, which showed off her curvy body. A sword rested on her left hip and a crossbow was strapped to her back.

"Yes, indeed," Aurelia, the queen of Flora replied calmly. It was in the nature of the Flora to never overreact, even when death itself was staring them straight in the eye. Queen Aurelia was as good as naked. Only her cunt had the privilege to be covered by a leaf. Around her naked body she wore a transparent gown made of the finest silk in all the land.

"How can you be so damn calm about this?" Pyrin shrieked once more. "Who knew the princes would turn out like their fathers, such utter disappointments..."

"We both knew what we were getting ourselves into when we married those two. They only needed us for reproduction and I have made peace with that. I may not have felt the touch of a man for a long time, but I have recently discovered other ways of... pleasuring myself. And I do not mean that I do it myself nor have I drummed up a little harem of my own. But I dwelled off." Aurelia giggled. "What were we talking about again?"

"Our sons are fucking faggots, just like their fucking faggot fathers!"

This was the last straw. Aurelia looked at her fellow queen with a look that could be described as deadly. "That is enough. Whatever they are, they remain our sons and I will not allow you to speak of mine in that manner. Let me tell you that if there were no law against this I would have accepted both my husband and my son for what they are. So, let one thing be clear." She stepped to Pyrin. "Faggots or not. We are to bring those boys back... Alive."

Pyrin fell silent. She knew that Aurelia was right.

Aurelia was her calm self once more. "Now that that's out of the way," she announced calmly, "let's talk about how we will get our boys back."

"I have thought of sending my most skilled warriors after them," Pyrin said. "They have all been my son's masters. Sword-fighting, hand-to-hand combat, flame throwing..."

"Sodemy." Aurelia had calmly added this to the list. When she saw the astonished look on Pyrin's face, her lips curled into mocking smirk. "Simply stating the facts, my dear Pyrin."

Pyrin scoffed. "I doubt that those highly trained warriors are nothing but a bunch of cock-sucking, ass-fucking..."

"Faggots?" Aurelia finished for Pyrin once again. "Sad to say, but it's true. All of them have had their so-called 'cocks' up your lovely prince's bum." She poured herself a cup of tea and took a sip. She once again smirked as she saw the expression on Pyrin's face. "And I bet your precious Flario has sunk that manhood of his in some poor servant's son," she added. Pyrin's face became even more astonished. Aurelia took another sip of her tea. "This tea is delightful," she sighed.

"Doesn't matter," Pyrin replied after a brief moment of silence. "They are respected warriors and they shall bring my son back. And yours of course."

Aurelia smiled at Pyrin. "But let one thing be clear..." The smile disappeared and darkness spread across her face. "...if they touch a hair on my boy's head, it's your head that shall be hanging above my fireplace." She smiled again. "Pretty face like yours will make a fine mantel piece."

"Very well."

"But just to make sure, I will also send a group of my most trusted warriors."

"What makes you think that they haven't stuck it to your son every once in a while after a day of training him?"

"I know that they haven't touched my son. If they had..." The darkness was there once more. "I'd have their heads..."

"I gotta say, I love these pretty little mood swings you keep having. They don't creep me out at all," Pyrin said sarcastically.

Aurelia gave Pyrin a smile.

"Speaking of having someone's head," Pyrin started carefully. What she was about to say could send Aurelia in a state of vengeful evil. "It's been almost five years, Aurelia."

Aurelia cautiously studied Pyrin's face. "I know," she softly said.

"And they haven't captured him yet?" Pyrin couldn't help but feel sorry for Aurelia.

Aurelia shook her head. She turned away from Pyrin to wipe away a tear.

Pyrin sighed. It was five years ago when the young prince of Flora had been raped by an unknown man. Aurelia had sworn to have his head if he ever got caught.

"So it is decided," Aurelia announced calmly, avoiding the painful topic.

"It is decided," Pyrin agreed. She stuck out her hand for Aurelia to shake.

Aurelia gave the hand a disapproving glance. "In my kingdom a deal is sealed with a kiss."

"Oh, very well," Pyrin sighed, rolling her eyes.

Aurelia stepped to Pyrin and took her face in her hands. She moved her face to Pyrin's and ever so lightly pressed her lips against hers.

And the deal was sealed with a kiss. Literally.

This was the first time the two kingdoms had ever worked together to gain something they were both after. The group of warriors was sent out to retrieve the runaway princes. Three warriors of Infernia and three of Flora. As they left the palace grounds of the Inferno Aurelia watched as they disappeared upon the horizon.

"Will you be staying here, Aurelia?" Pyrin was standing next to the queen of Flora.

Aurelia simply scoffed and walked off. Before she left the room, she turned around. "Your lips are delightful, Pyrin." She smiled and left the room.

A blush spread across Pyrin's face.




Dahlia and Flario had been walking for almost two days now. They could both sense that the warriors sent to capture them were near. Right now they knew that the only safe thing to do was to stick together and use their poorly developed abilities to wear off the unwanted guests. They knew that once they reached the proper age of eighteen their abilities would be fully developed.

They were both seventeen now and were trained in the ancient arts of hand to hand combat, which was taught to them so they could survive the first seventeen years of their lives without relying on their god given abilities. Flario had also mastered the ways of the sword, being one of the most skilled swordsman in the land.

They were very capable of taking care of themselves, but still decided to avoid unwanted encounters with bandits and trolls. Even though they had made this resolution, the two lovers unknowingly strolled into the territory of the latter.

The trolls of Shiran were vicious little men with eight inch always fully erect cocks hanging between their legs. They ravaged every young man who dared enter their territory.

Flario had noticed that they were being watched by unseen eyes. He could almost smell the filthy little men as they were closing in on the duo. Yet he saw no reason to alarm his pretty lover. But he remained cautious.

Ever since he had seen Dahlia skipping through the many flowerbeds of Shiran on that faithful day, he knew he just had to have him. It was love at first sight. Seeing Dahlia in nothing more than an undergarment, made out of the most beautiful leaves and flowers, had brought his powerful manhood, which stood proud at a length of nine inches, to an immediate erection.

The way Dahlia's slim body had danced around that day had brought a certain feeling to life in Flario's groin and he just wanted to grab that beautiful piece of perfection and pound the life out of it. But he respected his lover too much to do this, all he could do was wonder how it would have been.

Dahlia had said that their love making should be something special brought on by love and not lust. But Flario could not help it. He was an Inferno and the Infernos were known for their rough love making, big cocks, muscular builds and excellent combat skills, while the Floras were pretty fairy-like beings, who would be more than willing to take it hard and rough from behind.

Dahlia on the other hand was the more playful, more carefree of the two. He enjoyed the beautiful scenery surrounding them and always danced around as if he had not a care in the world. He often took notes of flowers he had never seen before. He would stop every now and then and draw some kind of fluffy animal in his sketchbook.

When Flario would impatiently hurry him along, Dahlia would smile in his heart melting manner and just skip along. This would result in Flario forgetting why he was even annoyed in the first place. Dahlia knew that Flario loved him. And he made sure that Flario knew that the feeling was mutual.

Even though they had known each other for almost six months, they had never made love. Dahlia had always wondered how good a lover Flario really was. All he knew was that Flario had a beautiful nine inch dick, which arched downward when fully erect. He had pleasured that beautiful piece of art many times with his mouth, even taken it all the way to the balls, but he never had the chance of pleasuring it with his untouched virgin ass.

When he heard a twig snap, Flario immediately drew his sword. Dahlia, startled by the sudden noise, stopped with what he was doing and cautiously looked around, searching for any sign of danger. Just as they were about to announce that everything was alright, a rusty old chain wrapped itself around Dahlia's entire body, making him tumble to the ground.

"Dahlia!" Flario yelled. He started running towards his injured lover, but was held back by a group of three very short men with erect cocks hanging between their legs. One was holding the chain with which he had attacked Dahlia. The troll grinned at Flario. His teeth were all rotten and he was missing quite a few.

"Let him go," Flario demanded.

"I don't think so, young prince," the leader of the trolls grinned, "do you think we will let this beautiful piece of ass get away?"

Hearing this Flario snapped and charged.

"Come one step closer and the pretty one gets it..." The troll released Dahlia from the rusty chain. Dahlia lay in the grass on his back with his beautiful undergarment ripped from his body. His legs were then held wide open by the two other trolls, while the leader stationed his penis at Dahlia's exposed hole.

Flario immediately halted.

"Drop the sword," the head troll hissed.

When Flario refused to do so, the troll started pushing his massive piece of meat against Dahlia's hole.

Dahlia winced and tried to withhold the filthy troll from raping him.

"Drop it," the troll hissed once more.

Flario hesitantly let his sword clatter to the ground.

"Good boy," the head troll said and moved away from between Dahlia's legs. "I have reason to think that this pretty prince over here is a virgin. And I love me some virgin ass." He laughed out loud and the two others followed.

Flario could almost cry as he looked at his lover lying in the grass. Dahlia's beautiful light green skin had been scraped and bruised viciously by that nasty chain. The wounds were bleeding.

"Give him back." Flario's eyes had started to glow red and his body temperature had risen to an alarmingly high degree. An aura of flames had begun to dance around his body.

At that moment Dahlia jumped up and with a few supple movements he floored two of the trolls. Now he was binding them with thorny vines he had summoned out of the ground. "Your turn, baby," he cooed at Flario.

Flario smiled at this and attacked the remaining troll with a fireball. When it exploded there was fire everywhere. Dahlia managed to protect himself with magical barrier, which drew power from the flowers and plants around him. When the flames were gone, absorbed by Flario, Dahlia lowered his barrier and looked down at the defeated trolls, the leader being burnt to a crisp and the two others barely alive.

Flario walked to Dahlia and took him in his arms for a loving embrace. He brushed his lover lightly against his bruised cheek and kissed him passionately. Dahlia opened his mouth, offering his tongue to Flario.

Flario accepted the invitation into his lover's mouth and soon their tongues were mashing into each other, sending waves of pleasure to their cocks, which had now risen to their full lengths.

Dahlia broke off the kiss. He knelt down before Flario. He unbuttoned Flario's jeans, freeing the nine inch monster. He immediately took it into his mouth, causing Flario to hiss with pleasure. Flario grabbed a handful of Dahlia's fiery red curls and urged the head of his lover further down his curvy shaft.

It easily slid all the way into Dahlia's well-used throat and he held it there, massaging it with his experienced throat muscles.

Flario could not hold back any longer. He slowly began to fuck his lover's mouth, which only meant that the process would be hurried along. He was never able to resist Dahlia's hot mouth pleasuring his big dick. He never lasted long. He let out an animal-like growl and, holding Dahlia's head in place, he released shot after shot of his hot creamy cum down Dahlia's throat.

His whole body shuddered as he emptied his balls in his lover's throat and Dahlia did his best not to choke on the large amounts of sperm flooding his mouth. He managed to swallow all of it and not waste a single drop of that sweet cock-juice.

After he felt like he was done for the moment, Flario slid his spent penis out of Dahlia's mouth. Dahlia licked his lips. Some of Flario's seed had escaped his mouth and were desperately trying to get away from Dahlia's hungry tongue. After the escaped seed had been accounted for, Dahlia stood up and kissed Flario on the lips.

"That was amazing, baby," Flario whispered into Dahlia's ear, as he caressed the lithe body of his beautiful prince. "Like any other time."

"I try to be my best," Dahlia answered, he started planting kisses in Flario's neck, "for you I am always my best, you know that, Flario."

"That I do." Flario looked down at the grass to see that Dahlia had also cum. "I'm sorry I couldn't blow you today," he apologized.

"It's okay," Dahlia snickered, while playing with Flario's hard abs, "my hand had to do it for today. It did an amazing job by the way..."

They both laughed.

Their laughter didn't last long.

Suddenly Dahlia went limp in Flario's arms.


Flario then saw the poison dart in Dahlia's neck...

He saw the men stepping towards them...

He saw the crest of the Inferno on their skintight body armor...

And as he too was struck by a dart, he saw darkness...



When Flario came to, all seemed blurry at first. He could make out faint figures surrounding him. He managed to understand some of the words. They were talking about Dahlia and him. Now he knew who these men were. The crests he had seen before he passed out were the crests of the two kingdoms from which they had escaped. The Flora and Inferno had decided to work together in order to retrieve the runaway princes.

When two of the three men disappeared out of Flario's vision, the one left behind noticed that he was awake. He wore the crest of the Inferno. Flario recognized him. It was one of his masters. He was one of three men who had taught him the ways of various weapons, flame throwing and martial arts. He was also one of three that had had the honor of making mad animalistic love to Flario. Although, he couldn't call it making love, since it had been so rough and inhumane. But he would be lying if he said that he had not enjoyed every single minute of it.

"M-master Toda," Flario managed to say.

"Yes, my prince," master Toda replied. He was the one who had taught Flario how to use a sword. He was also the first one to have his ten inch cock up the prince's butt. What a privilege it had been to have taken the prince's cherry. "Everything will be alright. We will have you home in no time. We'll see if we can rid you of this spell that horrible Flora has cast upon you."

"Wha...? What spell?" Flario sat up. His head had cleared a bit, he saw his master clearly now. The handsome master Toda had a worried expression spread across his face. "Where is he? Where is Dahlia?" Flario asked.

"No worries, your highness," master Toda assured, "he is with his own kind now. His spell must have worn you out. I can only imagine what that perverse Flora has done with you."

These words angered Flario. No one had the right to talk about Dahlia like that. "The only thing that 'perverse Flora' has done to me is make me feel happy and loved," he spoke. He glared at his former master and stood up. That's when his head started spinning and he fell to the matrass again.

Master Toda told him not rush into anything. According to him the poison would be out of his system soon and then they could make their way back to Infernia. "Have some rest now, Flario," master Toda whispered and caressed Flario's handsome face. "If you want I could make love to you like we used to back in the day..."

Flario scoffed. "Why don't you just say that you want to fuck me and get it over with? We both know that you violently plowing my hole with your massive cock cannot be called love-making."

"And we both know that you, my beautiful prince, like it very rough," master Toda cooed and continued to caress Flario's face. He then tried to kiss him, but Flario moved away. "Playing hard to get, are we?"

"I don't want anything to do with you, Toda," Flario angrily hissed between his teeth.

It was then that the two other warriors of the Inferno entered the tent. Flario recognized Avigne (pronounced Aveen), the young and handsome man who had taught him to throw his flames in the most impressive ways known to the Inferno. He was a bit on the feminine side, wearing lots of jewelry. He had pierced ears, a pierced nose, pierced nipples and even a pierced cock-head. His long dark hair reached his sensuous hips. His cock had a length of nine inches but it wasn't really thick. He had still managed to give Flario one of the most intense ass-plowings he had ever received.

Flario also recognized master Tako, his martial arts teacher. Master Tako was a bald man of age, but he knew how to fuck a boy senseless with his massive cock. He had an impressive muscular built for a man his age and his cock was something to be feared, standing at a length of eleven inches and a girth of almost twenty centimeters. It was the biggest cock Flario had ever had inside of him.

"Is he giving you trouble, Toda?" master Tako asked, while giving Flario a disapproving look. He had always treated Flario like dirt, even when they were 'making love'. He would always choke Flario or slap him across the face while he pounded him unmercifully.

"Our prince wants to go back to his beloved Flora," Avigne cooed and caressed Flario's cheek. He giggled and slapped Flario hard across his face, sending the poor prince into a daze. "I say we have little fun and teach this naughty prince a lesson." He looked at his companions. "What do you say, boys?"

Both master Toda and master Tako smiled wickedly at this plan. "Let's do this," they both said as they took off their clothes and started pulling on their erect cocks.

"Splendid," Avgine giggled, he too had taken his clothes off and was now stroking his pierced member.

The three masters then stepped to Flario and pulled his jeans down. They helped him to another mattress that lay in a corner of the tent.

"My, my, my," Avigne giggled, looking at Flario's erect cock. "It seems the little prince likes it this way." He grabbed Flario's cock and began stroking it.

Flario moaned at the touch of his master.

"You like that don't you, boy," master Toda said, he had kneeled next to Flario's face and was now feeding him his own ten inch penis. He hissed as his cock slid into the prince's hot mouth.

Avigne had started to finger Flario's ass, preparing it for the good ass pummeling he was about to receive. He started out with one finger then he inserted a second. Flario hadn't been fucked in a while, Avigne noticed. It had been too long since the beautiful prince had had a nice cock up his butt. He was very tight, but that would be taken care of very soon.

"He's ready, Toda-boy," Avigne announced and removed his fingers from Flario's hole. "Be gentle with him," he joked.

Toda grinned and spread Flario's legs, exposing his pink hole that was twitching with anticipation. He was really craving some cock up his butt. He would never admit to it out loud, but he wanted his masters to ravish him in every way possible.

"Fuck me, master Toda," Flario panted as master Toda started to finger him.

"Trust me, baby," master Toda whispered in Flario's ear, nibbling at his lobes, "that's exactly what I intend to do." He knelt between Flario's legs, which were being held wide open by Avigne. Master Tako was watching from a distance, stroking his big cock. He could not wait to fuck the life out of his runaway pupil.

Master Toda grabbed his own cock and guided it to Flario's asshole. With one pelvic thrust he had sunk his entire manhood in the young prince's tight hole. He let out a moan as his cock was surrounded by the warmth of Flario's ass.

Flario took it like a man. He was trying to cope with the pain of the sudden intrusion. He knew that the pain would be gone soon, but it hurt really bad.

Master Toda pulled his cock out all the way and then plunged back in, causing Flario's eyes to almost pop out of their sockets.

"Oh, fuck," Flario panted.

Master Toda pulled out again then plunged back into Flario's ass, harder this time.

"Oh, fuck yeah, master," Flario moaned, throwing his head back and clawing at the sheets that covered the mattress.

"You like that, baby?" master Toda whispered into Flario's ear, nibbling at them once again.

"Yes," Flario panted, "fuck yes, master Toda..."

"Good." Master Toda took over from Avigne and took Flario's legs into his hands. He pushed them down to Flario's side. Then he started slamming his cock into Flario's ass with slow hard thrusts. With each powerful thrust Flario would let out a groan or a moan and when master Toda started to pick up speed, Flario could do nothing but whimper and moan and claw at the sheets.

"Oh... oh... oh... fuck me, master," Flario whimpered. He reached out to touch his master sweaty abs. They felt so good in his hands, hard and sweaty. Just the way he liked it. He slid his hands to his master's muscular chest and squeezed them hard as he was being fucked by the man who had taught him how to handle a sword.

Master Tako made his way over to the mattress. "Move over, Toda," he demanded, "allow me to show the boy what it feels to be plowed by a real man."

Master Toda slid his cock out of Flario's ass. He then moved away. He walked to Avigne and they started making out, exploring each other's body. Then master Toda sat down on a stool and motioned for Avigne to sit down on his still erect cock. Avigne smiled at this and did as he was told. He sat down all the way on master Toda's cock, facing him. Master Toda grabbed Avigne's ass cheeks and started pounding him hard, making Avigne moan and scream with pleasure.

"On your knees, boy," master Tako growled at Flario.

In no time Flario was on all fours in front his master's huge dick. "Please be gentle with me, master," Flario pleaded, knowing what he was getting himself into.

Master Tako simply scoffed and pushed his fat eleven incher into Flario's tight ass. He let out a soft moan as the warmth of Flario's ass welcomed his cock.

Flario stifled a moan. He knew his master didn't like it when he got noisy.

"Nice," master Tako sighed. He then grabbed Flario's hips and almost immediately started to fuck him with ravaging speed. His pelvis slammed against the boy's beautiful ass cheeks.

"P-please, master," Flario pleaded, moaning and groaning at the intense ass plowing he was receiving. "Please slow down..." That last came out nothing but a pathetic whimper.

But his master didn't listen. He grabbed Flario's throat with one hand, while still holding his hips with the other. He started squeezing Flario's throat shut, causing Flario to have trouble breathing. And master Tako continued to fuck the boy viciously.

"Don't fucking tell me what to do," he hissed as he slammed Flario's ass hard.

It started to hurt and Flario couldn't take it anymore. The mixture of pain and pleasure became too much for him. And the hand on his throat wasn't really helping with this at all. But despite this all some part of him really enjoyed this.

"M-master, you're hurting me," Flario managed to squeal through the tight grip on his throat.

Master Tako let go of Flario's throat, grabbed a handful of the prince's hair and roughly pushed his head into the mattress. "Fine," he growled. The beast of lust had taken over master Tako and he was now pounding the young prince with destructive force, slamming his huge cock deep into Flario's ass. He let out a beastly growl and slammed his monster dick into Flario's worn out ass one last time and kept it there.

He threw his head back and let out another howl. His grip on Flario's hair tightened as he started to gyrate his hips, lobbing his cock against the inside walls of Flario's hot ass, causing the prince to shudder and moan uncontrollably.

Yet another howl escaped from master Tako's throat and this time he unleashed wave after wave of hot cum deep into Flario's ass.

Flario, desperately trying to gasp for air, felt his own cock shooting wads of cum onto the sweat-soaked mattress. He hadn't even touched the thing. This was by far the most intense he had ever been fucked by anybody. Master Tako had, without a doubt, exceeded himself.

Finally Flario was released from the grip on his hair and he felt the now not so hard but still impressively large monster of a cock slide out of his ass. His master's cum came flooding out of his gaping hole. And as his hips were released, he felt his knees give way and his body fell limp to the sticky mattress, which was now soaked with sweat and cum.

Flario did his best to breathe, but had trouble with this. His hole ached and he was tired. But he had to admit that he had enjoyed the vigorous ass-fucking at some point. Master Tako hadn't been kidding when he said that the prince was going to be plowed by a real man. He was literally fucked into a stupor. He couldn't think straight.

Avigne and master Toda had been witness to this brutal fucking and had both blown their load.

"That was most entertaining, Tako-dear," Avigne chimed, while applauding his fellow master's performance. "I'm looking forward to receiving the same heavenly treatment soon." He winked at master Tako and threw him a kiss.

Master Toda simply scoffed and after throwing a disapproving glance at the worn out prince, he made his way out of the tent. "I'm going to wash myself," he announced.

The other two followed him, leaving the spent young prince all alone. As his masters left, Flario could not help but let a smirk creep across his face. That fuck felt amazing. It had been a while since a man had taken him like that. And with this in thought he fell asleep, dreaming of what had just come to pass in this tent.

A few feet away from the Inferno tent, the Flora had set up camp. Unlike the Inferno they didn't camp out in a tent. In order to really connect with nature, they preferred to sleep under the stars, a mild campfire burning in their midst.

Dahlia had been listening to the Inferno going at it in their tent. There wasn't a doubt in his mind that they had also fucked Flario. One of the voices that had been carried by the wind into his curious ears was his Flario's for sure.

Now Dahlia was lying on his mat as the moans and groans had ceased and the night was filled with a peaceful silence. He would be lying if he said he hadn't been turned on by what he had heard. If the three other Floras hadn't been with him, he would've relieved himself.

But then there were those animalistic howls at the end of it all. They had scared away his arousal. Something about those howls made him quiver with fear. No doubt that the one letting out the howls had reached his climax. There was something familiar about those orgasmic howls... He had heard them before!

"Prince Dahlia, are you okay?" one of the warriors asked. It was Rolff. He was Dahlia's self-defense teacher. He was also one of Dahlia's closest friends back in Flora. He was freakishly tall standing at length of five foot six inches. This was unusual for a Flora or any other person.

Some say that his mother had crossed with a god. He didn't possess any of the gifts that other Floras had. He couldn't grow plants with his bare hands nor did he have green skin. His ears were that of a normal human being and his hair was as dark as the night. His eyes were his most beautiful attribute, they were blue. Blue like the deep blue ocean.

He was really the black sheep of the kingdom. But what he lacked in his appearance he made up for with his skills. He possessed amazing strength, he could lift a tree trunk without breaking a sweat. He could withstand any kind of physical assault. He was an amazing swimmer, better than most Flora, who are natural born swimmers. He could run incredibly fast with those long legs of his and jump at great heights. He really was a force to be reckoned with.

But he was still the kindest person Dahlia had ever known.

"I'm fine," Dahlia answered with a smile. "And we talked about you calling me 'prince Dahlia'. It sounds so submissive."

Rolff looked uneasy. "But I am your servant, your majesty," he defended himself.

"No," Dahlia corrected him, "you are my friend. A very dear one." Dahlia looked up at the sky and studied the stars. They were twinkling brightly tonight.

"I'm sorry about the darts, prince... I mean, Dahlia," Rolff started. "It was the idea of the Inferno. They wanted to make sure that you wouldn't up a fight."

"It's okay," Dahlia assured him, "you just did what you thought was best for me."

This put Rolff at ease. He smiled at his prince and took a seat next to him. Together they looked up at the stars and tried to name the constellations.

"You see that one over there," Rolff said excitedly, pointing at one of the stars in the night sky.

Dahlia squinted his eyes and nodded.

"That's my father." Rolff fell silent.

Dahlia didn't know what to say. He knew that Rolff had never known his father, but to think that he was a star was a bit farfetched. He decided not to say anything and agreed that the star shone more brightly than the rest.

This made Rolff smile.

"Why did you run away?" Rolff had asked the question before he even knew what was happening. He immediately began apologizing but Dahlia stopped him.

"No, I owe you this much for being such a good friend."

And he told Rolff the story about the Source. The mother of all that lived and breathed. Dahlia told Rolff the tale of how she had shaped this entire world with her two bare hands. "She created us all. The humans, the Flora, the Inferno, the elves, the pixies, the fairies, the mermaids. She even created the gnomes and trolls. Her infinite wisdom created such a wonderful world, but it was threatened by hate, war and destruction.

She spent centuries, maybe even millennia trying to perfect this world. But realizing that it was a lost cause, she stopped trying and didn't interfere with what went on. She felt that it was better for her children to learn the ways of the world by themselves. There's nothing more perfect than an imperfect world.

"I've never heard this story before," Rolff said as he stretched himself out in the grass. "Please tell me more."

"Very well." And Dahlia told him about her power to dispose of the law forbidding people of the same sex to be together. She would destroy the law with the same love she used to create this world. She was the only one who could make this come to pass.

"She can really do that?" Rolff asked in disbelief.

"Yes, she can," Dahlia nodded. Then he noticed the bulge in Rolff's pants. "Are you going to take care of that, Rolff?" Dahlia asked nodding at his friend's obvious erection.

"Would you like to care of it for me?" Rolff had asked this very carefully, choosing every single word of the question with caution.

Dahlia simply smiled and pushed Rolff down on his back. Then he lay on top of him. He lightly brushed Rolff's lips with his. "If Flario can have fun with his masters, I can sure as hell have fun with mine," he whispered in Rolff's ear, sending shivers down the taller man's entire body. Dahlia made his way down to Rolff's groin and disposed of his pants with one swift movement.

Rolff had a beautiful cock. It was about ten inches when fully erect. Dahlia stroked the erect penis with his thin fingers and took it into his mouth. A moan escaped from Rolff's mouth. He lifted his legs up to his chest and offered his puckered hole to Dahlia.

Dahlia smiled and started licking at the exposed hole. He dug his tongue in there as deep as he could, causing another moan to escape from Rolff's throat. Dahlia then summoned a vine and allowed it to creep into Rolff's hole.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," Rolff moaned as the vine grazed his prostate. "Do that again." And Dahlia let the vine slide over Rolff's prostate over and over and over again. "Yes, yes, yes..."

Dahlia took Rolff's cock back into his mouth, making the tall man moan and groan with pleasure. The vine up his butt kept on massaging his prostate. It wouldn't be long before he would reach his climax.

"I'm gonna cum, Dahlia," Rolff warned. "I'm gonna... arrgghh..."

Dahlia swallowed the cock to the balls and massaged it with his throat muscles, causing Rolff to release shot after shot of hot cum down Dahlia's throat. Dahlia slid the cock out of his throat and out of his mouth and a few spurts hit him in the face.

"Your cum tastes delicious," Dahlia announced. He ordered the vine out of Rolff's ass and back into the ground. He wiped the cum off his face and licked his hands clean.

Rolff was still panting from the orgasm he had just had. "That was amazing," he panted. He pulled his pants up and looked at Dahlia. "Thank you."

Dahlia simply smiled and looked up at the sky. "Hey, where are the other two warriors my mother sent?" He noticed that they hadn't been with them for a while now.

"Oh, they went to wash themselves in the lake nearby. Wanna join them? I know I want to."

"Sure," Dahlia said and stood up.

Together they made their way to the lake to rid themselves of the dirt and sweat. When they reached the lake, right there in front of them, the two other Flora warriors were being fucked senseless by the Inferno. One of them was on all fours being fucked by a bald muscular man.

The other was sitting on the cock of a beautiful man with long hair, while another man also had his cock up the Flora warrior's hole. The poor man was moaning and groaning in pain and pleasure. Both Inferno were pounding into the man with powerful thrusts.

Then Dahlia heard that sound again. That beastly howl sent shivers down his spine and caused his entire body to quiver with fear. He looked at the bald man. The Inferno was now fucking the Flora with powerful thrusts, causing the poor man to scream in pain mixed with pleasure. Then there was another howl. The man pulled his monster of a cock out of the Flora warrior's ass and stroked it. Within seconds he was spraying the Flora warrior's back with copious amounts of cum. With every squirt of cum that came out of his cock, he would let out a howl.

The bald man turned his head to where Dahlia and Rolff were standing. Dahlia saw his face. He saw his face and the fear grew inside him. His face went pale and his knees gave way. He fell to his knees and started crying. All the memories came flooding back. That horrifying day replayed itself in his mind over and over again. He had been able to suppress this experience somehow, but now it had resurfaced.

He looked up at the man who was now walking towards him and Rolff. The other two had finished and were also making their way towards Dahlia and Rolff.

When they were standing in front of Dahlia and Rolff, master Tako, master Toda and Avigne smirked at who was standing before them. Dahlia looked into the eyes of the man who had done him wrong all these years ago. He looked into the cold disapproving eyes of master Tako and remembered everything...

He let out a frightened yell...



Five years ago...

It would be Dahlia's birthday the next day. He would be thirteen in a few short hours. His mother had planned this amazing party. They were gonna celebrate the prince's birthday in one of the many outhouses the royal family possessed.

This one was located along the shore of the Great Ocean. Although it was built on the property of the ocean kingdom, the king of Oceana, Tritan, had granted them permission to visit the home whenever they wanted.

The Flora and Oceane had always had a friendly relationship with one another. Queen Aurelia once saved Vinn, the son of Tritan, from a pack of vicious werewolves. The prince of the Oceane was taking a walk along the shore when he was attacked by three werewolves. They attempted to rape the poor prince, but luckily the royal family of Flora had been on vacation at the time. Queen Aurelia did not hesitate and sent the werewolves packing in no time. It was then that Tritan offered her his everlasting gratitude and the house along the shore.

Now the beach was decorated with various sweet-smelling flowers and gorgeous plants. A large tent had been set up and chairs and tables were arranged in the shape of circle. The best cooks of the royal palace were instructed to prepare their most exquisite dishes for the prince's birthday party, a popular band was hired in favor of the prince and a lot of family members from both mother and father's side were invited. Even the royal family of Oceana had been invited.

This was going to be a birthday the young prince Dahlia wouldn't soon forget.

The prince was innocently skipping along the shore, enjoying the smell of the ocean and the sound of waves crashing onto the beach. He would sometimes throw himself onto the ground and roll around in the sand till he was completely covered in dirt, then he would dive into the water to wash it all off. He would then crawl out of the water only to repeat his actions.

Queen Aurelia observed from inside the house and smiled. Her boy had grown up so fast. It seemed like just yesterday that she held him in her arms, rocking him to sleep while singing him a lullaby. His favorite was the one of the young prince strolling around in the meadows and being joined by hundreds of dancing fairies. Even now that he wasn't a baby anymore he still enjoyed his mother singing him this lullaby. A tear rolled down her cheek as she thought back to those days.

Dahlia had unknowingly strolled too far away from the house. He was now in a part of the beach where many young boys had disappeared. They would eventually turn up again, but they were never the same again. Doctors would examine the boys and discover that their anal canals were severely damaged. They would then come to the conclusion that the boys had been raped.

The prince didn't know of this and skipped into dangerous territory, where a possible rapist could be lurking about. He didn't see the hooded figure approaching him from behind. He couldn't defend himself when strong muscular hands grabbed him by his small shoulders. He couldn't scream when a filthy cloth was stuffed into his mouth.

He lost consciousness when a large hand struck him hard in the face...

When Dahlia gained consciousness a few minutes later he found his hands bound behind his back. His clothes had been torn from his body. He was lying on his stomach on a hard wooden floor. He writhed and tried to break free of the bonds, but this was all in vain. The cloth was still in his mouth so he couldn't scream for help.

Then he heard footsteps approaching. Someone knelt next to him.

"Is the prince awake," a deep voice whispered in his ear.

Dahlia didn't answer. He was too scared to answer. He didn't even nod.

The man chuckled and licked Dahlia's cheek where he had hit him. He stood up and started to undress. Dahlia eyes raked over the man's big muscles, his magnificent chest coated with fur-like hair, his incredibly hard abs and finally his long and thick erect penis. Dahlia's eyes grew wide with fear. He started thrashing uncontrollably and letting out muffled screams.

The man stepped to the bound prince and pulled him to his knees. He then stationed himself in front of Dahlia, his mighty cock swaying before Dahlia's eyes. The man took his cock in one hand and slapped Dahlia across the face with it. Then the cloth was removed from his mouth and was replaced by the big cock-head.

Dahlia tried to spit it out, but the man thrust his hips forward, sliding his cock deeper into the young prince's mouth. Dahlia then did something he wished he hadn't done. He bit down on the man's cock.

The man let out a groan and slapped Dahlia hard in his face, sending him tumbling to the ground again. Dahlia started crying.

"You try that again and I'll kill you," the man hissed and pulled the prince back to his knees. "Now be a good boy and suck on daddy's dick." The man was swaying his cock in front of Dahlia's lips, occasionally slapping him across the face with it.

Dahlia looked up at the man. He was bald and looked to be about fifty or something, but he had very muscular built for such an old man. The man's eyes were cold and disapproving.

Dahlia then opened his mouth and sucked on the man's giant cock-head.

The man moaned, grabbed Dahlia's head and forced it further down his cock. He forced his cock down Dahlia's virgin throat, causing the prince the gag. After a few moments the started to fuck Dahlia's mouth all the way to the balls, moaning and groaning at the sweet sensations this boy's mouth was sending through his entire body.

"You got a hot mouth, boy," the man growled, looking down on Dahlia. "I just hope your ass is just as fine." He grinned and pulled his cock out of Dahlia's throat.

The man got behind the prince and pushed Dahlia's face back into the hard wooden floor, with his butt in the air. The man knelt behind Dahlia and parted the boy's ass cheeks, exposing his untouched virgin hole. He rubbed against it with one finger. He then started tonguing it, pushing his tongue deep into the prince's ass, causing Dahlia to moan in pleasure.

"You ready for the real thing, boy," the man whispered in Dahlia's ear.

Dahlia managed to let out a weak protest, but the man ignored it, grabbed his cock with one hand, while pulling Dahlia's upper body from the floor by his bound wrists with the other and started pushing into Dahlia's virgin hole. It took some time but finally the man's cock-head popped into Dahlia's ass.

The prince let out a scream and immediately a hand covered his mouth. Tears filled his eyes and rolled down his cheeks. He began sobbing. It hurt so bad.

The man continued pushing his big cock inward, while still holding Dahlia by his wrists and covering his mouth disabling him to cry for help. In an instant he was buried to the tilt in Dahlia's tight hole. He held still for a while, allowing the prince to get used to the size of his cock.

Dahlia sobbed and cried and tried to escape this painful intrusion, but the man was at least ten times his size and had incredible strength. He could do nothing but bear with it. He would have to take it like a man.

After a few minutes the man started to slowly fuck Dahlia. But before long he was slamming his cock into the once virgin ass of the poor prince. He had no mercy, he just kept pounding the boy with his big cock, not caring that Dahlia was still a virgin not so long ago.

Dahlia didn't know what was happening. The pain was too much for him. It hurt so bad that he thought he would faint.

Suddenly the man let out a howl. He let go of Dahlia's wrists and uncovered his mouth, then he grabbed the prince's hips and really started to fuck him. He fucked him like a beast.

Dahlia screamed his lungs out.

The man had fucked him like this for at least an hour when he let out another howl, slammed his cock in hard and kept it there. Dahlia could feel the man's cum flooding his ass. He himself had cum without touching his cock. He panted and sobbed and moaned at the same time. His body shuddered as he felt the man extract his monstrous penis from his ass. He fell to the floor like pile of used dish cloths, panting and crying over what had just happened to him.

The man stood up and stroked his cock, shooting a few more gobs of sperm on the prince's small back. He looked at the gaping hole, which had started to spit out sperm mixed with blood. He grinned and smacked Dahlia on his ass. He then unbound the prince's hands. They fell limp to his sides. One would think that the boy was fucked to death.

"You were a nice fuck, boy," the man laughed, he threw the coat back over his muscular body and covered his face with the hood. "I hope to do that again soon."

Dahlia could see the man standing over him, but it was all very blurry. He could feel his eyes getting heavy... He saw the man leaving and then...


A few hours later Dahlia was found by two soldiers who were sent out by queen Aurelia when the prince hadn't come home. They watched in horror as the prince lay there, covered in cum, cuts and bruises over his entire body, dried tears on his face and of course his bleeding asshole. They covered his nasked body and carried him to the house.

The queen was furious.

"Whoever did this," she hissed between her teeth, tears rolling out of her eyes, "I will have their heads. I swear it on my poor boy's well-being, I will have their heads!"

The following days Dahlia spent in his room. Crying. What had happened to him would haunt him for the rest of his life. He spent days not talking, eating nor sleeping. When a door slammed shut he dove under the table, when somebody passed him he would flinch.

This was all too much for the queen to bear. She could not sit idly by while her son had been raped. And now she had to deal with him in his post-rape state. It broke her heart seeing her little boy like this. She couldn't picture him as a baby anymore. The baby that had loved to hear her sing the lullaby about the young prince strolling around in the meadows, being joined by hundreds of dancing fairies, was no more. Now she could only picture him as the young prince that had been brutally raped by a madman.

She called in one of her best magicians to erase this horrible experience from her son's mind. The magician warned that the effects might not be permanent and that they might resurface if the man ever decided to show his face and Dahlia just happened to be in the neighborhood. He warned that all those memories to come flooding back all at once could have catastrophic consequences on the prince's mental well-being.

"Well, then you better make sure the fucking spell is permanent," the queen yelled at him. "Should my son bring up anything about what happened to him, I will have your head!" She gave the man a cold stare and stormed out.

A few days later the young Dahlia was skipping around the gardens as jolly as ever. No one was ever to mention what had happened to him or the queen would have their heads. The news however spread like a wildfire and soon the king and queen were receiving support and sympathy from kingdoms from all over the land.

Even the Inferno showed compassion and understanding for this matter.

"No kingdom should have to go through a matter like this alone, Aurelia," queen Pyrin said.

"Whatever," queen Aurelia mumbled.

"We will help you find the one responsible."

Pyrin placed a loving hand on Aurelia's shoulder and the queen of Flora's defenses fell. She broke out in tears and sought comfort in the arms of Pyrin.



As he heard his beloved Dahlia scream, Flario's eyes shot open and he jumped up from the dirty mattress. He raced out of the tent, grabbing his sword before along the way. He did not even bother to put on some clothes. Like a leopard he ran through the trees in all his naked glory.

When he reached the lake, he saw that master Tako, master Toda and Avigne were standing in front of Dahlia and another tall man. Dahlia's arms were wrapped tightly around the tall man's waste. Dahlia was sobbing. And his face was pale. It was like he had seen a ghost. Or a monster.

"Well, well, well," master Tako chuckled, "If it ain't the pretty prince. I know you wouldn't be able stay away from all this." He motioned to his naked body. "Ya come back for more, huh?"

"Make him go away, Rolff," Dahlia whimpered softly, "make the bad man go away."

Rolff stepped in front of Dahlia. "You have no business with the prince, Tako," he calmly said.

"Step aside, giant, so that I can get me another taste of that boy's sweet bum," master Tako growled and licked his lips. He took a step forward, but a wall of fire withheld him from going any further.

Flario came dashing from behind the trees and stood next to Rolff. "Get the prince to safety, giant," he ordered.

Rolff nodded, took Dahlia in his arms and disappeared between the trees.

Flario glared at his three masters. "What did you mean when you said that you wanted another taste of Dahlia's sweet bum," he demanded from master Tako.

Master Tako laughed out loud and absorbed the fire in front of him. "I'm surprised the pretty boy hasn't told you," he said. "Looks like your so-called lover is keeping some secrets from you..."

Flario lowered his sword. Did that mean that Dahlia wasn't a virgin? Could it be that master Tako had made love to Dahlia before he did? No, it couldn't be true. Dahlia would never let a man like Tako touch him!

"Since you haven't had the privilege of knowing how it is to plunge your cock into that beautiful hole, I'll give you a heads up." Master Tako grinned. "It was heavenly. Even though he protested and tried break free from the bonds on his wrists, it was still like fucking an angel."

Flario's sword fell to the ground. "You..." Tears rolled down his cheeks as he desperately tried to hold them in. "You mean to say that you... you raped Dahlia?"

Master Tako nodded with an evil smirk.

"You forced yourself upon my Dahlia?!" An aura of flames had appeared around Flario's naked body and his eyes were glowing red. As he was about to attack master Tako, Avigne jumped forward threw a fireball at Flario.

Flario deflected the fireball and threw one of his own at Avigne, shooting his master out of the way. Flario threw another fireball at master Tako, but he ducked out of the way and rolled aside. Instead master Toda was hit.

Just as Flario was about to throw another fireball at master Tako, a thorny vine wrapped itself around the prince's body. The thorns pierced his skin and he was injected with a poison that made him drowsy. He fell to his knees and tried to focus on his attacker. It was one of the Flora warriors.

"L-let me, go," Flario slurred, but the vine's grip on his body grew even tighter. Flario let out a yell and as he did so something fell from the sky right in front of the Flora warrior. It was Rolff. As if he were a fly, Rolff grabbed the Flora warrior and threw him aside. He turned to Flario and tore the vines from the prince's body.

"Are you okay," Rolff asked.

Flario simply moaned. The poison was starting to weaken him. If he didn't get any medical attention soon, he would surely die. Rolff took Flario in his arms and carried him to a cave, where he and Dahlia had gone to hide.

Dahlia sat in a corner of the cave. He was still shuddering. His fear disappeared when he saw Rolff entering the cave with Flario in his arms. He jumped up and ran towards the two.

"What is the matter with him," he asked as the tears rolled down his cheeks.

"He's been poisoned," Rolff answered.

Dahlia knew how to deal with this. He told Rolff to lay Flario down on the ground. Then Dahlia opened Flario's mouth. He asked Rolff to hold it open for him. Dahlia took a small knife out of his pouch and cut his wrist. He then held his hand above Flario's mouth, allowing the blood to drip down his throat.

"Come on, sweetie, swallow," Dahlia told Flario.

Flario did as he was told. Then he lost consciousness.

"Is he gonna be alright," Rolff asked.

"Yes," Dahlia answered. "The blood of our people has healing qualities. He'll be fine in the morning. But for now we have to keep moving, the others may already be looking for us. Can you carry Flario for me?"

"Of course, your majesty," Rolff immediately said.

The next morning Flario woke up. He had never felt healthier than he had today. He stood up and stretched his limbs. As he did so a pleasant aroma filled his nostrils. Not far away from him he saw a tall man squatting in front of a small fire. Above the fire the man held a half roasted piece of meat.

"Good morning," Flario said.

"Good morning," Rolff replied without turning around. "I'm Rolff, a friend of Dahlia's."

"Nice to meet you, Rolff." Then he remembered the night before. He remembered what master Tako had told him. Again the tears rolled down his cheeks as he thought of those words coming out of his master's mouth.

"Where's Dahlia?" The question came out a bit hoarse. Flario cleared his throat and asked again. A bit firmer this time.

Rolff pointed at a big boulder.

Flario made his way to the boulder and behind it he found a sleeping Dahlia. His heart melted as he saw the peaceful expression on his lover's face. Flario didn't want to wake him so he lay down next to him and threw his arms around Dahlia. Dahlia's hands automatically went to Flario's face.

"Good morning, baby," Flario whispered.

"There is nothing good about this morning, Flario," Dahlia softly said, "nothing at all."

"I know, baby." He kissed Dahlia's neck. "I know."

Dahlia sat up and looked at Flario. Tears welt up in his eyes and he started sobbing. Flario pulled Dahlia into a loving embrace and held him there until he was softly whimpering like a lost puppy.

"I want my mama," Dahlia whimpered.

That is when Flario's heart broke. If only he could fulfill his lover's wishes. If only he could run back home to Flora and get queen Aurelia for Dahlia. He felt powerless. He could do nothing for Dahlia. Then he remembered that song Dahlia had taught him. The one about the young prince and the fairies. How did it go again?

"Little prince strolling in the meadows," he softly sang and he felt Dahlia calm down immediately. "Little prince of stars. Picking pretty flowers, singing to the butterflies. Birdies flutter round and round. And as the little prince climbed up a tree, a hundred fairies danced upon his head. The little prince grew happy as the fairies danced on. He danced with them until the day's end."

Dahlia had completely calmed down now. He remained in his lover's strong loving arms and enjoyed the feel of Flario's hard naked body against his. They sat like this for a few moments.

Then Flario spoke. "Do you wish to talk about it?"

Dahlia looked up at Flario and kissed him. "Yes," he answered as he broke the kiss. And he told Flario how it had all happened. How he was captured and how master Tako had penetrated his sacred area, robbing him of his precious virginity. He told Flario about how master Tako had raped him. Hard and merciless. Tearing his anal canals and coating them with his filthy cum.

Flario had silently listened to all this. "I'm sorry, Dahlia," he whispered, trying to fight back the tears, "I'm so sorry." And he broke out in tears, sobbing like he had been the victim. It hurt so much to have something like that happen to someone he loved with all his heart.

"There's nothing you could've done about it, Flario dear," Dahlia whispered as he too couldn't hold back his tears. "It's not your fault," he assured his lover, "none of it was."

Flario nodded and kissed Dahlia.

"I don't know how I could have forgotten something like that, but somehow when I saw that man again, it all came flooding back." He took a breath. "I really wanted you to be my first, Flario."

"I know, baby," Flario said and caressed Dahlia's cheek. Then he got angry. "I promise you, I will never let anything like that happen to you ever again. I will kill Tako with my own hands. I'll rip his heart out through his ass!"

"Shhhh," Dahlia shushed, "as long as I have you I don't care what you do to that man. Please, Flario, don't ever leave me," he pleaded.

"I won't, baby," Flario whispered, "I will never ever leave you."

They stayed in each other's embrace until Rolff interrupted and told them that breakfast was ready. He had specially prepared a dish of fruit and vegetables for Dahlia since he was a vegetarian. The meat was for Rolff and Flario.

After they had finished eating, they took a bath in the lake. And after that they got back on the road and continued their journey. There next stop was the Harbor. They would have to find a ship to bring them across the Great Ocean. From there on the journey to the Source would be a constant battle of life and death. Love and hate. Lust and revenge...


In the camp they had set up the night before, master Tako, master Toda and Avigne prepared to leave the campsite and continue tracking down the two princes. It was foolish of them to have let them slip through their fingers, it wouldn't happen.

"What shall we do with the two Flora," Avigne asked, winking at the Flora warrior he and master Toda had double-fucked the night before.

"They are nice pieces of ass," master Toda said.

"That they are indeed," master Tako added. "We'll take them with us. Besides what the other did with prince Flario might come in handy the next time we run into them. And I promise you, the next time they will not be so lucky..."



"Little prince strolling in the meadows. Little prince of stars. Picking pretty flowers, singing to the butterflies. Birdies flutter round and round. And as the little prince climbed up a tree, a hundred fairies danced upon his head. The little prince grew happy as the fairies danced on. He danced with them until the day's end."

The man, his face shrouded in the darkness provided by his hood, smiled wickedly as he finished the lullaby. He had been following the two princes and their friend for almost three days now. He had witnessed the prince of Infernia being fucked by his master and he saw Dahlia giving Rolff head. He had also watched as they escaped the warriors of the two kingdoms.

He smiled once again, knowing that soon he would be reunited with his beloved Dahlia.


Dahlia was quiet most of the journey. It seemed as if he constantly had something on his mind. It was not like him to be so silent. Normally he would skip and sing. But now he didn't speak. His arm was hooked into Flario's and he seemed lost in his thoughts.

When Flario asked what was wrong, Dahlia simply smiled and said nothing. Rolff was also worried about Dahlia. No one should go through what the prince had gone through three years ago. No one deserved a fate like his.

After a few more hours of silence Rolff let out a yell. He was standing in front of a large bulletin board, which was plastered with various folders and announcements. One of the announcements read "2 miles to the Harbor", an arrow pointing in the direction. Then his eyes caught onto something else. He let another yell as he stared at two posters of Flario and Dahlia.

Flario tore his poster off the board and read: "Wanted for treason and breaking of the law. The retrieval of prince Flario du Inferno III shall be rewarded richly."

Dahlia had a puzzled look on his face as he read what stood on his poster. "Bring back my son or I shall have your head." Yep, that sounded like his mother. No reward for whoever got hold of the prince first. "So, we're wanted criminals?" he asked in disbelief.

"It appears so," Rolff answered, studying both posters thoroughly. "They have the seals of both kingdoms on them. They must have ordered these."

Flario took one last look at his poster and burned it to ashes. "We have to change our appearance. Dahlia and I, I mean."

Rolff agreed with this. He watched Flario closely, his eyes raking over the prince's naked upper body. Then he rested his vision on Flario's head. "Your hair," he said. Within seconds he had a pair of scissors in his hands.

"No," Flario protested. He ran his fingers through his hair and covered his head with his hands as if to protect the locks of brown hair. "Not my precious hair."

Rolff shrugged his shoulders, indicating that they had no choice.

Flario finally gave in and allowed Rolff to cut his shoulder-long hair a bit shorter. Flario held the cut off locks of hair in his hands and almost burst out in tears. When Rolff was finished he asked Dahlia to hand him a mirror. He held it in front of Flario.

"Not bad," Dahlia whistled. "I think I can get used to the new look." He giggled and ran a hand through Flario's hair. "It's cute."

Flario was anything but pleased, but seeing his beloved Dahlia laugh he couldn't help but crack a smile. He really didn't look that bad anyway.

"And you." Rolff pointed the scissors at Dahlia.


"Yeah, you. We have to get rid those ridiculous leaves covering your crotch."

"It's a carefully crafted undergarment, you brute," Dahlia protested.

"And that plant in your hair has got to go," Rolff continued.

"It's a wreath!"

Without warning Rolff tore the leaves off Dahlia's body and pulled the wreath out of his hair, leaving Dahlia feeling a bit naked.

"Now what?" Dahlia ranted, his face as red as a tomato.

"Now we find you some clothes," Rolff laughed and walked off into the direction the arrow pointed. "I'll be right back. You guys wait here." And with his long legs he took off.

Flario's eyes raked over Dahlia's naked body and he whistled softly. "Looking good, baby. I could get used to the new look," he joked.

This caused Dahlia to smile at his lover and he forgot why he felt embarrassed in the first place. He had been naked in front of Flario many times before, but somehow this felt different. He felt exposed. His mind wandered back to that event three years ago.

"Hey, sexy," Flario cooed while taking Dahlia into his arms, "what do you say we go behind those trees and have a little fun, huh?"

Dahlia wrestled himself out of Flario's loving arms and pushed him away. Then he stormed off and disappeared between the trees.

Flario just kinda stood there wondering what he had done wrong.

A few moments later Rolff returned with two plastic bags. "Where's Dahlia?" he asked while looking around.

"I dunno," Flario answered. He was still confused with what had happened. "He just stormed off a few moments ago."

"So you're telling me that prince Dahlia is out there all alone completely naked, while there's a raping madman on our tails?"

"I guess so," Flario said, shrugging his shoulders indifferently. Then he came to understand the meaning of Rolff's words. "Shit!" How could he have forgotten that his former masters, one of which had brutally raped Dahlia three years ago, were chasing them across the land?

"Don't worry, I'm fine," they heard Dahlia say. He came strolling out from behind the trees. "No need to get all dramatic or anything."

Flario ran to Dahlia and hugged him. "Don't ever do that again," he whispered.

"Whatever," Dahlia said and wrung himself free out of Flario's embrace. "Are those for me?" he asked Rolff. He took one of the plastic bags and peered in. "Cute," he stated and made his way behind the trees to change.

Rolff and Flario exchanged dumbfounded looks. What was that all about? First Dahlia was all smiles and sunshine and then he was tense and distant all of a sudden.

"Is everything okay between you two?" Rolff asked.

"I dunno," Flario sighed, "it's like he's a whole different person."

Before they could finish their conversation, Dahlia returned. He wore tight blue cotton trousers, which hugged his cute ass. He also wore a black sleeveless vest over a white shirt. The first few buttons of the shirt were unbuttoned, showing off his hairless chest. It was a completely different look for Dahlia. He actually looked kind of threatening in this outfit.

Rolff reached into the second bag and pulled out a pair of brown boots similar to those that Flario was wearing and handed them to Dahlia. He handed Flario a red shirt. "We can't have you going into town bare-chested," he explained.

"And why not," Flario protested, "I like being bare-chested."

Rolff threw the shirt in Flario's face. "Just wear the damn shirt!"

Flario pulled the shirt off his face and studied it. "Fine," he sighed. He slipped into the shirt. It was a sleeveless shirt and it hugged his upper body so that his muscular chest showed.

Dahlia gave his hunky lover a nod of approval.

"Cut my hair, Rolff," Dahlia suddenly said.

Both Flario and Rolff looked at the prince in disbelief. Why would he want to get rid of those pretty red curls? They were his most attractive attribute.

"Don't stare at me as if I just told you that I was in love with a woman," Dahlia snapped.

Rolff took the scissors and carefully started snipping away at the curls on Dahlia's head.

Flario watched in horror as this happened. He had always loved those fiery red curls. They were one of the reasons he had fallen in love with Dahlia.

When Rolff was finished he held the mirror in front of Dahlia. His hair may have been less in volume but the curly features were still present.

Dahlia admired himself in the mirror. "Hmmm," he hummed. "Not bad. Not bad at all. Only one thing missing." At that moment a beautiful flower grew out of the ground and Dahlia bent over to pick it. Then he stuck the flower behind his ear. "There. Perfect." He put the mirror away and sat down on the ground to slip his feet into the boots.

"Ready to go into town, boys?" Dahlia asked after he finished tying the laces. Without waiting for an answer he jumped up and marched along the road leading to the Harbor.

Rolff and Flario followed without protest.

After fifteen minutes or so the guys could hear waves crashing on the rocky shore. The loud screeching of hundreds of seagulls indicated that they were close. After a few more minutes they were rewarded with the sight of the magnificent Great Ocean. Miles and miles of crystal blue water. Beneath them in a deep valley lay the Harbor. Hundreds of sailboats and many ships had cast their anchor down there.

Dahlia took a deep breath of the fresh ocean air. As it filled his lungs many memories came flooding back. Both good and bad. He realized it had been too long since he visited the shore. It had been a precaution of his mother. Now he knew why.

Without any warning Dahlia starting running down the hill. He dove into tall grass, rolling and laughing as he did so. For a brief moment he was a child again. When he came to a stop at the foot of the hill, he looked up at the clear blue sky above him. White fluffy clouds drifted by.

Flowers started growing all around him and before long many butterflies were fluttering around his head. They landed on his face and in his hair, making him feel like the most carefree spirit in the entire world.

He heard footsteps and the spell was broken. The flowers withered and the butterflies fled as Rolff and Flario made their way down the hill.

"That looked like fun," Flario smiled.

"It was," Dahlia sighed with a contempt smile on his face, but it soon withered just like the flowers.

"Ready to go?" Flario asked.

Dahlia hesitated for a moment. "In a minute." He sat up and looked up at his hunky lover. He reached out his hand, wanting Flario to pull him to his feet.

As Flario took his hand, Dahlia pulled him to the ground and rolled on top of him. They stared into each other's eyes. Dahlia caressed Flario's face and ran his fingers through his hair. He smiled, gave Flario a quick peck on the lips and rolled off of him.

"Time to go," Dahlia announced. And he skipped through the grass.

Rolff sensed that there was some kind of tension between Dahlia and Flario. It withheld them from really being intimate with each other.

Flario stood up and followed Dahlia. His lover's behavior confused him. One moment they were lying on top of each other and staring into each other's eyes and the next it was all over.

"Rolff, I'm confused," Flario confessed.

"As am I, my friend," Rolff replied, "as am I."

As they entered the overcrowded marketplace, the smell of freshly caught fish filled their nostrils. Merchants were screaming at the top of their lungs that their fish was the best. A few feet further women were selling vegetables and fruit.

Dahlia grabbed an apple and paid for it. He took a bite and sighed with delight. The apple tasted heavenly. He offered Flario a bite, but he turned down the offer with a smile. Dahlia shrugged and continued eating his apple.

Rolff decided to do some grocery shopping. He bought bread, fruit and vegetables. He also bought eggs and a few pounds of meat.

Flario noticed that their wanted posters were plastered on every single wall. He really hoped that their disguises would work. If anyone recognized them...

"Hey, I know you!" somebody suddenly yelled out. The man pointed at Flario.

Flario just stood there, unable to move. Petrified with fear.

It seemed as if somebody had hit the mute button, the entire Harbor fell silent. All eyes were focused on Flario, Dahlia and Rolff.

"You're that guy," the man continued to yell excitedly.

"I... dunno what you're talking about," Flario said. He tried to sound indifferent. How could this man have possibly recognized them?

"You're the guy from that ship, aren't ya?"

All three let out a sigh of relief.

"Yeah, I'm that guy," Flario laughed.

The man laughed out loud and walked off.

As they strolled along the ships, they realized that they hadn't thought of something.

"Uhm, guys," Rolff started, "speaking of ships... where are we going to find one to bring us across the Great Ocean?"



"I give up," Dahlia complained. "I'm tired and I'm hungry and I wanna sit down," he whined.

Rolff an Flario let out an annoyed sigh.

They had been searching for a ship to sail them across the Great Ocean for a good two hours now, but still no luck. Either the ships were too much of a wreck or they were way to fancy. To board the fancy ships a ton of money was required and since they were in disguise, Flario and Dahlia could not make use of their royalty.

There was one ship that offered food and shelter for a reasonable price. They stood on deck and inspected the ship to see if it were safe.

"What about safety?" Rolff asked the captain.

That's when they heard a frightened yell and heavy grunting from below the deck. The captain stomped on the wooden floor and yelled for the poor woman to keep quiet. When he turned his attention to the others, they had vanished.

Now they had to listen to Dahlia's constant whining. Seriously, it was like he was a little kid again. He demonstratively sat down on the wooden surface of the pier and refused to move.

"Get off the ground, Dahlia," Flario groaned.

"No." Dahlia crossed his arms over his chest and turned his face away.

"Young man, don't make me throw you over my shoulder," Rolff threatened.

"If you touch me, I will scream," Dahlia fired back.

"Hey, hey," Flario butted in, "nobody's doing any touching here!"

And soon it was a mess overlapping shouts and complaints between the three. People stopped dead in their tracks to see what was going on.

"So, you three land-lovers looking for a ship to sail 'cross the Great Ocean?"

The three friends stopped their quarrelling and turned to the person who had spoken. The man standing in front of them was old, gray and as skinny as a bone. Seriously, the man was so skinny you could clearly see his ribs as they pressed outward against his pale skin. He had a cadaverous face, which made him look ghost-like.

"Listen, grandpa," Dahlia started.

"As a matter of fact, we are," Flario quickly said before Dahlia could ruin their chances of getting a across.

"What ya got to offer?" the man asked raising one of his white bushy eyebrows. He looked at the three young men standing in front of him.

Flario's hands caught on fire and Rolff flexed his muscles.

"So we got ourselves a flamethrower and a muscle-man." The man gave an approving nod. Then he brought his attention to Dahlia. "What can you do?" he asked him.

Dahlia refused to speak to the man.

"I get it," the man said as he nodded understandingly. "You be the pretty weakling of the crew."

Rolff and Flario stifled a laugh.

"Wha...?" Dahlia protested, a dumbfound look on his face.

"Ah, yes," the man continued, chuckling as he did so, "every traveling party must have a pretty weakling. It ain't a party without a pretty laddy." He laughed at his own joke.

Rolff and Flario laughed as well.

Dahlia's face became red with embarrassment mixed with anger.

"Come along." The man motioned for the boys to follow him. "The ship be not so far away."

Rolff was the first to follow the old man. Flario stuck out his hand to Dahlia, who was still sitting on the floor. Dahlia took the hand and Flario pulled him up and into an embrace. He held Dahlia there and looked into his eyes.

"The man is right about one thing," Flario whispered, "but wrong about the other. Yes, you are pretty, but you are not a weakling."

Flario was just about to kiss Dahlia, when he realized that they were in public. He simply smiled and gently let Dahlia go.

"Let's go." Flario stuck out his hand for Dahlia to take it.

But Dahlia ignored it and walked passed Flario, leaving him confused once again.

A few moments later they arrived at the ship. She was a beauty. Not as beautiful as the fancy ones but still very impressive.

"Behold the Naked Sword," the old man proclaimed, spreading his arms out as if to embrace the ship.

"It's beautiful," Dahlia softly said.

"She is beautiful," the old man corrected him.

Dahlia scoffed and looked the other way.

Then a tall man with long blonde hair made his way over to them. "What have we here, Mokk," he wanted to know from the old man.

"These here land-lovers wanna sail 'cross the Great Ocean with us," Mokk answered, then he whispered: "They offer us firepower and a great deal of strength." He then nodded to Dahlia. "Don't mind the pretty one, he's harmless..."

"I am not..." Dahlia couldn't finish, because Flario's hand was covering his mouth, disabling him once again from ruining their one chance to get across the Great Ocean.

The blonde man nodded. "I'm Charles al Oba," he said, holding out his hand, "captain of the Naked Sword."

"Pleasure to meet you," Rolff said, shaking Charles' hand. "I'm Rolff and these are..." He stopped abruptly and shot Flario and Dahlia a frightened look. They had no aliases! "Umm.. these are..."

"I'm Lolil," Dahlia quickly said.

"And I'm Brad," Flario said in suave voice, while shaking Charles' hand.

Rolff and Dahlia looked at him.

"What," he defended himself, "it's a cool name."

"Sure," Rolff and Dahlia both snickered.

"Nice to meet you all," Charles said, smiling at the three boys. "Come, let us board the ship. Mokk here will show you to your cabins. We'll be setting sail soon."

Mokk brought them to their cabins then took it upon himself to show them around. He introduced them to the chef and some of the other crewmembers. They were all dressed in proper sailor clothing and were all incredibly handsome.

They even passed a big black guy. His face was decorated with many scars, which made him all the more attractive. It seemed as if he didn't fit in his outfit. Rolff noticed a large bulge in the man's pants. It was like he was hiding a large banana in there.

"This is nice," Rolff whistled after tearing his eyes away from the black man, "and all we had to do was offer our services."

"Well, I offered my 'pretty face'," Dahlia grumbled.

"There's nothing wrong with that," Flario hushed him, "your blood may be the only thing that can help when one of the crewmembers gets hurt or falls victim to a fatal disease."

"Nope," Mokk grinned, "we got three docs."

"Sorry, babe," Flario apologized.

"Well, I can still..." But Dahlia was cut off by an announcement.

The Naked Sword was about to set sail.

Before long the ship sailed out of the harbor. Flario watched as the harbor grew smaller as they drifted further and further away from the mainland. Then he turned to the open sea. There he noticed a glimmer upon the horizon. As they got closer, he could make out a wall made out of many colorful lights.

"Wow," he whispered, "what's that?"

Rolff and Dahlia joined him and they too stared at the wall in awe.

"That's the border," someone next to them said. It was a young black woman wearing a beautiful white dress. She had a scar on her left cheek. Her hair was dark and braided in one long plait. "Once we cross the border, we're in international waters," she continued. "The laws of Shiran can't touch us over there."

Flario, Dahlia and Rolff shot her an astonished look. "Really?!" all three of them asked in unison.

"You never been outside of Shiran," the woman asked, a surprised look on her face.

"No." Again they had answered in unison.

"Well, you're in for a treat," the woman chuckled, "coz once we sail through those lights..." Her smile broadened, but she didn't finish. "I'm Haría*," she then said, jumping onto another topic.

The others also introduced themselves. When she heard Flario's alias, she burst out in laughing, almost rolling over the ground, tears rolling down her cheeks.

"Brad," she uttered, still laughing hysterically, "what the hell kinda name is that?!" She held her stomach and continued laughing. She gasped for breath, while saying: "Brad. That's a good one, red eyes!"

"It's a cool name," Flario shrieked.

"Yeah," Haría said, ignoring Flario and focusing her attention on Rolff. "So," she said, looking him up and down and nodding approvingly, "Rolff is it?"

Rolff nodded with a smile.

"Aren't you hunk of sexy just begging to be fucked like an underpaid prostitute," she continued, her eyes resting on Rolff's crotch. "You seem to be packing some serious meat, boy." She then looked up at him. "I look forward to seeing you in my cabin." She blew him a kiss, turned around and walked away.

Rolff just stood there, his face as red as tomato. "Wha...?"

"Underpaid prostitute," Dahlia repeated, stifling a chuckle.

"Serious meat," Flario said, trying his best not to burst in laughing.

"Not cool, guys," Rolff said and turned away.

"Look," Dahlia yelled, "we're getting closer. Isn't it beautiful?"

Not as beautiful as you, is what Flario wanted to reply, but he didn't, knowing it would only lead to one of Dahlia's silent treatments.

The ship got closer and as it passed through the border, the Naked Sword and its crew got bathed in a wave of colorful lights. None of them moved a muscle. They all just stared up at the lights.

The moment the ship crossed the border, it was as if a curse had been lifted. The properly dressed sailors were bare-chested all of sudden. They all carried swords, knives and pistols. And even though they were still attractive and even more sexy looking now, they all looked very threatening.

Tattoo's were plastered all over their well-defined muscles and handsome faces. There was no doubt that they all had at least one tattoo on their cocks. They were also heavily pierced. They had piercings in their nose, ears, nipples, eyebrows and, even though not visible, their cocks.

Flario looked around, not knowing if he should be turned on or frightened. Dahlia had the same expression on his face. Rolff on the other hand had a serious look on his face, as if he was thinking which one of these hunky sailors he was gonna take to his cabin for a little fun.

Then three of them hoisted a black flag. As the flag reached the top of the pole, the strong winds of the ocean blew it open and as it flapped in the wind, a white grinning skull was revealed.

Dahlia was the first to see it, his eyes grew wide with terror as the two black holes, where once eyes had been, stared at him from above. Then Rolff and Flario also caught sight of the flag. Flario could feel his knees grow weak. But Rolff's look grew even more serious as he looked up at the flag.

"Umm, guys," Dahlia squeaked, almost unable to speak, "is it just me or..."

Flario and Rolff didn't answer. They hoped to the Mother that it was just Dahlia. They both hoped that they had not boarded a pirate ship by mistake...



Flario tensed up as he watched the pirates going to work. His eyes darted in every direction trying to detect any form of danger. When he was sure that they were safe, he let out a sigh of relief.

"I think we're gonna be okay, guys," Rolff announced, "these men may be pirates, but we seem to be one of them. At least that's what they think." His eyes scanned the deck for possible threats, but there were none.

"But," Dahlia whispered, "they're pirates..." That last came out a pathetic squeal.

"Do you like the surprise, boys," a voice suddenly asked. They turned to see Haría standing in front. Only this time she wasn't wearing the white dress. She was wearing a black leather top, exposing her tight stomach, a pair of black leather skintight pants and a pair of knee-high boots. A sword hung from one hip and a revolver from the other.

When the boys didn't answer, she chuckled.

"You," Flario started, pointing an accusing finger at Haría, "you're a pirate... or a piratess... or whatever the female word for pirate is these days. "

"Guilty as charged," Haría said. "And point that finger at me one more time and I will cut it off so quick, you won't even be able to scream."

Flario hastily pulled his hand back. He could have easily taken her if she had challenged him to a duel, but he couldn't hit a woman, could he?

"But that'll have to wait." Her friendly smile disappeared and a mischievous smirk appeared instead. "The captain wants to speak with you."

Why would the captain want to speak with them? They were nothing but his crewmembers now, just like the rest of the other men.

They followed Haría below deck to the captain's quarters. She gently knocked on the door and a voice told her to enter. She opened the door and stepped in. Then she motioned for the others to follow her. They hesitantly entered the room.

Captain Charles al Oba sat on a throne-like chair. Next to him there was similar much smaller chair, in which a young blonde woman wearing a pink dress was seated. She was obviously pregnant since her big belly wanted to rip the dress out of its seams.

"Ah, look who we have there," Captain Charles announced. He stood up and held his arms open to the three boys standing in front of him. He had a smile on his face.

Flario, Dahlia and Rolff didn't understand.

"Don't look at me as if you don't know what I'm talking about." Captain Charles said, the smile remaining on his face. He looked at Flario and said: "Prince Flario of Infernia," then he looked at Dahlia, "and prince Dahlia of Flora." He looked at Rolff. "And that guy."

"Hey!" Rolff protested, not liking the fact that the captain hadn't taken the time to do any research on him.

Flario and Dahlia said nothing and just stared at the wooden floor. It was over. Their journey was over. Captain Charles was going to hand them over.

"What an honor to have two runaway princes on the Naked Sword," Captain Charles continued.

"What are you gonna do to us," Flario asked.

"Nothing. Why should I do anything to you?" Then he understood. "I will certainly not hand you over to your parents..."

"Are you going to keep us hostage and demand a ransom?" Dahlia asked.

"No, no. Good heavens, no." Captain Charles threw his head back and laughed out loud. "There's nothing I love more than two rebellious teenagers in love. I was the one who sent Mokk to you. If I weren't against the laws of Shiran myself, I would not have become a pirate. So it would go completely against my nature to not help you three in whatever journey you're on."

Flario, Dahlia and Rolff didn't know what to say. Should they trust this man? He had helped them and all, but was that reason enough to trust him?

"We are most grateful that you have taken us in, captain," Dahlia suddenly spoke, making a polite bow to Captain Charles, "we are forever in your debt."

"Dahlia," Flario warned in a hushed tone.

"What?" Dahlia said, holding up his hands in a helpless gesture. "He helped us, so I don't see why we cannot thank him. I may have offered my pretty face as a service to this man, but if he can get us across, I don't mind."

"Thank you, prince Dahlia," Captain Charles said, "or should I say Lolil?"

"It would be wise to keep your aliases," the young woman finally spoke, "only the three of us and Mokk know about your true identities. If the crew were to find out who you really were, they wouldn't hesitate to do horrible things to you and rape is included in there somewhere."

"Ah, I would love for you to meet my lovely sister and wife, Olivia." Captain Charles took Olivia's hand and planted a kiss on it.

"Wait, but she's pregnant," Flario noticed.

"Yes, with our 8th child," Olivia proudly announced.

Flario's mouth literally fell wide open.

"Isn't that just a tad, I dunno, incestuous?" Dahlia carefully asked.

"Oh, not at all," Captain Charles laughed, "all those rumors that people spread about Mongolic children being spawned if a brother and sister were to ever have unprotected sex are completely false. Not true at all."

"But still," Rolff said, "she's your sister..."

"Uh-huh," Captain Charles said, nodding his head, "and you are a hot piece of ass, but you don't hear me complaining about that, now do you?"

Rolff blushed. It was the second time today someone had complemented his appearance. He wasn't used to this kind of attention.

Captain Charles made his way over to Rolff and stood in front of him. He took Rolff's chin in his hand and whispered: "If you like, you could come by later tonight and fuck my friggin' eyeballs out..." He then grabbed Rolff by the groin. "You seem to be packin' some serious meat down there," he continued to whisper. He snickered. "Haría wasn't kidding." He let Rolff go and stepped back. He cleared his throat. "We could be expecting some company soon. It's one of the reasons I have summoned you to my cabin."

"What kind of company?" Flario asked.

"Enemy pirate ship," Haría answered. "It may be hard to believe but your precious kingdoms aren't the only ones at war in this world. For millennia pirates have been at each other's throats for no apparent reason. We have lost many men in this war, but loss was greater on the opposing side..."

"How so?" Rolff asked. He had recovered from the intense groping and sexual whisperings he had received from the captain.

"First chance we get... we sink their ship..." Haría grinned. "Sure some of them can swim, but tell me, how many people in existence can outswim a Volarian shark?"

"You feed the survivors to the sharks?" Dahlia asked in disbelief.

"Well, yeah," Haría answered, shrugging her shoulders, "it's no big deal really. All it takes is one carefully aimed cannonball and you have yourselves a sunken ship and one happy swarm of Volarian sharks."

"You could, I dunno, take them captive and force them to work for you?" Dahlia ticked at the side of his head with a finger.

Haría wanted to say something, but closed her mouth again. She then turned to Captain Charles, who had listened to the debate with growing curiosity.

"Yes, yes," he said, picturing the scene in front of him, "we take them captive and have Borin fuck their asses till they die of pleasure... or pain... Whichever is more likely."

"Well, that's not what I had in mind, but at least you get the idea," Dahlia said, nodding approvingly. "Funny, really, that a man with a dirty mind like yours hadn't thought of this before."

"I know," Captain Charles agreed. "I knew you had more to offer than just a pretty face."

Dahlia smiled and shrugged his shoulders.

That's when a loud alarm rang throughout the entire ship.

"Our guests have arrived," Captain Charles announced excitedly. He drew his sword. "Let's go greet them. Haría, Olivia, you gals stay here, while the men do all the hard work." He then ran out of his cabin.

Flario, Dahlia and Rolff followed him unto the deck.

There the battle had already reached its climax. It was a sea hot writhing bodies, clanging swords and deafening gunfire. There were several dead bodies on the wooden floors, many of them beheaded. Some pirates were missing limbs, but still had enough energy to fight.

Dahlia ducked out of the way as pair of pirates tumbled his way. He hid behind a bunch of stacked barrels. Flario and Rolff soon joined him.

"So, here's the plan," Flario said, "Rolff and I go out there and you, Dahlia, find whoever needs medical attention. Use your medicinal herbs instead of your blood, it may be less effective, but I don't want your blood rushing through some dirty pirate's body."

"They're actually pretty hot," Dahlia chuckled, throwing a kiss at a pirate that had fallen victim to his opponent's sword and had fallen behind the barrels. "No worries," Dahlia assured him, reaching into his pouch and pulling out a red leaf. "Chew on this and no more fighting for you, ya hear me?"

The man took the leaf in his mouth and chewed. He felt a lot better instantly. He wanted to join his comrades in battle, but Dahlia pushed him back down to the floor and motioned for the ship's doctors to bring the man below deck.

"Go, guys," Dahlia urged Flario and Rolff.

Flario and Rolff ran into the battlefield and immediately joined the battle.

Dahlia watched as his lover beat down a few of the enemy pirates with a few agile movements. Rolff shook three of them off his body, picked them up and punched all three of them unconscious with one single blow.

Dahlia offered a red leaf to any one of the pirates who belonged to the Naked Sword. But when he accidentally gave a red leaf to one of the enemy pirates, he had no choice but to lie and give the man a purple leaf, saying that it will make him even stronger. The poor fool would thank Dahlia and chew on the purple leaf, only to die of a deadly poison a few seconds later.

An enemy pirate threatened to harm him and Dahlia drew his small knife to defend himself. But before he could do anything the pirate was struck down from behind. Dahlia moved out of the way so he wouldn't be crushed by the large man.

He looked up at the one that had saved him and stared directly in the cold disapproving eyes of master Tako. The man had a wide grin on his face and it seemed as if he had an erection. A pirate of the Naked Sword appeared behind him, ready to attack, but the pirate was suddenly engulfed in flames and Dahlia watched in horror as the man burned to death.

That's when Avigne appeared next master Tako, a mischievous grin on his face. "What have we hear, Tako-dear," he chimed, "it seems that prince Flario has left his pretty lover all alone and unprotected."

Dahlia stared up at the two men and he no longer felt scared. Now he was angry. He was furious. He reached into his pouch and grabbed a handful of seeds. Then he threw them on the floor in front of master Tako and Avigne.

"Look, Avigne," master Tako laughed, "the little shit thinks he can defeat us with a bunch of seeds."

Dahlia smirked and lifted his arms in the air. At that moment the seeds burst open and hundreds of thorny vines crawled out, wrapping themselves around master Tako and Avigne, injecting them with a paralyzing toxin. Dahlia then released them and they fell to the floor, not being able to move a muscle. If only he could have done this three years ago.

In another part of the ship, Flario had stumbled upon master Toda. Immediately their swords clanged against one and other and the battle was on. Flario nimbly dodged all of his master's attacks, only getting nicked every now and then.

"I have thought you well, Flario," master Toda congratulated his pupil, "let's see if it's enough to stop me from taking you back to Infernia." And in a matter of moments, master Toda had ran Flario through with the sword.

Flario fell to the floor covering the wound with one hand and holding his sword in the other. Master Toda quickly disarmed Flario. He was just about to strike when a thorny vine wrapped itself around his body. The thorns pierced his skin, injecting the paralyzing toxin into master Toda's system. In a matter of seconds master Toda couldn't move an inch.

Flario knew that this was Dahlia's doing. He soon found that all of the other pirates from the enemy ship had been strung up by Dahlia's vines.

The Naked Sword had won!

The pirates of the Naked Sword let their swords fall to the ground and let out a roar of victory. They hugged and kissed each other and spat at the bound pirates.

Captain Charles walked over to Dahlia. "Not only is he smart and pretty," he announced, "but he is also the one who has allowed us to win this battle!" The pirates let out another roar of joy and chanted Dahlia's, or Lolil's, name.

"Tonight we shall have a victory celebration," Captain Charles announced, trying to drown out the chanting of his crew. "And Lolil hear will assist our medical staff in trying to whip my injured men back into shape."

There was another roar of chanting and then they all helped their comrades to the hospital wing below deck. There were lots of beds in the room, but they soon had to bring some stretchers in so that everyone could have a comfortable resting place. They would be sent back to their cabins after their treatment.

Dahlia handed out red leaves to anyone who wasn't in any critical condition, but those who were missing a limb or had been run through with a sword or had been shot multiple times got a drop of Dahlia's healing blood. It didn't grow any of the limbs back, but the wound was sealed and the unlucky pirate was relieved of all pain.

As for the surviving crew of the enemy ship? They were brought into one of the lower cabins of the ship where they were bound to the ceiling by their hands with leather straps. They were stripped of their clothes and oiled up with a fine-smelling lubricant. Borin, the big black pirate, stood behind the twenty captured men, his foot-long cock hanging heavy between his legs.

Among these poor unfortunate souls were master Tako, master Toda and Avigne.

"What do we do now," Avigne whimpered as he felt the black pirates hands applying the oil onto his entire body, giving a little extra attention to his asshole. "His cock is enormous..."

"We'll just have to bear with it, men," master Tako growled. "I've had a black cock up my butt before and it's not really that big of a deal. Sure, it's big and it hurts like hell at first, but once you adjust, it feels like heaven..."

Borin started rubbing the oil on master Tako's body. "I have orders to give extra attention to you three," he said in a deep voice. "But I assure ya that I will not allow you to 'adjust'..." He whispered these last words into master Tako's ear.

And soon the hard slapping of Borin's powerful abdomen against the asses of the captured pirates and the moans and groans and screams of pain and pleasure echoed throughout the entire ship...



The party was in full swing. Loud techno-beats were blasting through the speakers and everybody was enjoying themselves. The dining room had been transformed into a fantastic nightclub. All the furniture had been moved into a corner so that everyone had a place to dance and shake their moneymakers.

Some of the pirates sat by the bar and were satisfied with a massive glass of ice cold beer, while others were doing the bump and grind on the dance floor. Since Haría and Olivia were the only two females on the ship and since they were not to be touched under any circumstances, the men had to settle for each other. They just danced, grinding their bodies against one and other, sticking their tongues into each other's mouths and groping at each other's dicks.

Even the straight pirates, now drunk off their asses, allowed the gay ones to paw at their body and grope their dicks. They even exchanged an occasional kiss every now and then. Some of them even excepted an invitation to fuck a gay pirate in the ass in front of all his buddies.

Boy, was that a treat! The pirates would gather around their fucking comrades and cheer them on, urging the straight pirate to fuck the gay one harder. And when they both shot their load, the crowd grew even wilder.

Dahlia was among those pirates cheering the two fucking pirates on. He had one too many shots and was now doing things he would never have done if he were sober. For example he would flirt with a few of the hunky pirates. He would rub their muscled arms and complement them on their physique. He would sometimes ask them if he could pull at their nipples rings.

The pirates were pretty hands-on too when it came to Dahlia. They would tousle his hair or dance with him on the dance floor. They would move behind him and grind their erected penises, covered by their slacks, against Dahlia's butt. They would even kiss him in the neck while doing this, giving him a hickey here and there.

Flario watched as this all came to pass. He sat at the bar, drinking the last of his beer. He was very displeased with Dahlia. The guy was acting like a slut in front of everybody, but they had agreed on an open relationship not so long ago, shortly before they left home to find the Source. But that didn't mean that he had to flirt with all these dangerous men.

Sure, a couple of them had hit on Flario, but he had turned them down, saying that he was already involved with someone and that that someone was on the ship. The disappointed pirate would look around asking: "Which one?" and Flario would point at Dahlia, who was doing a very dirty dance with a sexy pirate, and Flario would answer: "The pretty redhead."

The pirate would whistle and walk over to Dahlia and his comrade and they would dance with him together, Dahlia in the middle, one pirate in front of him and the other in the back.

Flario grew angry when he saw that Dahlia was enjoying all this attention. Enjoying the alcohol and sweaty bodies grinding against one and other. He had even smoked a joint or two. At some point Dahlia jumped on top of a table and requested the instrumental of some song.

Dahlia took the microphone that was handed to him and he began to sing.

"If you think that I'm pretty, I know that I am. If you think that I'm pretty, then tell it to the band. I've got fabulous hair and fair green skin. My baby is a flame throwing hunky man."

The pirates cheered and Dahlia stepped off the table and continued singing while making sensual movements with his hips. The rest of the song had very provocative lyrics, which only seemed to make the pirates hornier than they already were. They danced around Dahlia while he sang, making the same movements as he did. One would think that they had practiced the choreography for weeks, they were so in sync.

Haría sat down next to Flario and ordered a beer. She swung her stool around so that she was facing the show that Dahlia and the pirates were putting on.

"Look at the pretty prince dancing and singing, with a bunch of fairies dancing around him," Haría laughed. Her beer arrived and she took a sip. "You okay, Brad?"

Suddenly a smile crept up Flario's face. He remembered the lullaby. Dahlia's performance was a very dirty interpretation of it. Maybe this was Dahlia's way of expressing his feelings. He missed home. He missed his mother.

Flario sighed. "Yeah, I'm fine," he said to Haría.

Dahlia ended the song with very high operatic falsetto, which made the crowd go wild. Dahlia bowed deeply to his audience.

"Thank you," he slurred, the alcohol taking its toll on his ability to speak. He almost fell over, but he was stabilized by the men that had dance with him. "Thank you," he slurred again, this time addressing the men that stabilized him, "you're very kind..."

Rolff joined Flario and Haría. "Wasn't he amazing," he asked, "who knew that he could sing like that. And those dance moves...?" He whistled.

"Hey, hot stuff," Haría said to him.

"Hey." Rolff ordered a glass of water. He didn't like alcohol one bit.

Haría motioned for someone to come over. Borin, the big black pirate from earlier, joined the group and he too ordered a big glass of beer. He gulped it down in one pull. He gave a content sigh, burped loudly and turned to Rolff.

Rolff immediately saw the big bulge in Borin's slacks.

"Who's this hunk of sexy just begging to be fucked like an underpaid prostitute," Borin growled, while his eyes raked over Rollf's body. He licked his lips. The bulge in his pants grew even bigger.

"Seriously," Rolff mumbled, "what is it with you people and comparing me to an underpaid prostitute? It's not cool..." He trailed off as he saw that Borin bent over and kissed him.

Borin broke the kiss. "Yum," he said, licking his lips, "he's a tasty one, sis," he said to Haría.

"Borin here is my brother," Haría explained, "and he and I would like to get you out of those clothes and show you a good time..."

"But didn't he just finish fucking the life out of those captured pirates?" Rolff asked in disbelief. It couldn't be that Borin still had some fuck left in him, he must have cum a hundred times down there.

"Trust me, baby," Borin cooed, while cupping Rolff's chin, "daddy's got a lotta stamina and I would like to show ya by pumping ya full of my hot cum."

Rolff felt a rush of horny wash over him. He sucked his lip between his teeth and gave Borin a lecherous look. Millions of lustful thoughts raced through his mind. He had to admit that he lusted after both this stallion of man and his hot sister.

Suddenly his mind was shut off by his erect penis. He grabbed the back of Borin's head and pulled him for one of the wettest kisses Flario had ever witnessed in his entire life. Rolff ground his body against that of the black stallion and Borin lifted him off the ground, their lips still locked, and carried him out of the dining room slash nightclub. Haría giggled excitedly and followed them out.

Flario just sat there, a massive boner pressing against his pants, yelling for him to set it free. He rubbed his cock through the fabric of his pants and looked at Dahlia who was playing a drinking game with the pirates. He looked even more drunk now, his eyes had glazed over and he had a constant blush on his cheeks.

Flario couldn't help but smile. Dahlia seemed happy. Flario had nothing to worry about, he knew that the pirates wouldn't dare do anything funny to Dahlia ever since they saw that he was not just another pretty face.

Flario stood up and adjusted his cock.

"Taking off so early?" the bartender asked. He was busy wiping a glass he had just washed. He was cute. He was lightly muscled and barely had any tattoo's on his body. He had a cigar between his lips and he had a severely damaged eye, which only made him look sexier. The injured eye was covered by an eye patch.

"Yeah," Flario replied, "I'm tired and I'm sporting a massive boner and my boyfriend is having fun with your pirate buddies, so I'm gonna go to my cabin and have little fun all by myself." He tried to sound excited but he knew it didn't come out very convincing.

"Have fun," the bartender said and returned to his duties.

Flario had kind of hoped that the bartender would ask him to take care of his boner or something. He would have loved to fuck his cute little butt for a little while. But it seemed he would have to take care of it himself.

Just as he left the horned up space, Dahlia called out to him.

Flario turned around to see Dahlia stumbling towards him. When he reached Flario he tumbled into his arms. Flario could smell an intoxicating mixture of alcohol, pot and sex invade his nostrils.

"Hey, baby," Dahlia slurred, while caressing Flario's chest, "wanna have some fun?" He tried to kiss his lover, but Flario gently pushed him away.

"Dahlia, you're drunk, high and god knows what else," he said with a worried look on his face. "Besides, it seemed as if you were having a lot of fun out there, so why don't you go back to your new buddies and continue having fun, huh?"

"Ooh, playing hard to get, are we, baby?" Dahlia laughed. "Come on, sexy, let's go to your room and do the nasty..."

"I will not abuse your situation, Dahlia," Flario said with a stern tone in his voice. "I won't and I can't..."

"What are you talking about?" Dahlia asked while trying to steady himself against a wall. "You've been wanting to fuck my eyeballs out ever since the day we met and you're saying that you don't want to?"

Flario nodded. He had made up his mind.

"When did you become such a pussy, Flario, huh?" Dahlia scoffed.

That's when a hand struck Dahlia hard across the face. He reeled backwards with a hand on his painful cheek. Again the wall withheld him from tipping over.

"Y-you hit me," he whimpered.

"Yeah?! Well, you deserve it," Flario yelled. "I have had it with your whining, your mood swings and everything else! I have had it!"

"Please don't yell at me," Dahlia whimpered as tears welled up in his eyes.

"No! I will yell at you!" Flario grabbed at his hair as if he wanted to pull them out. Then he pointed at Dahlia and the tears rolled out of eyes. "If this is how you're gonna behave..." He paused to take a breath. "...then maybe it's better if we just broke up..."

Those last words hit Dahlia back into sobriety. He looked up at his lover and seeing the sadness in Flario's eyes, Dahlia felt guilty. He had treated Flario like dirt for the last couple of days. Even when Flario had tried to cheer him up.

"Flario, I... I-I'm sorry," Dahlia sobbed.

"You know what, Dahlia, save it," Flario said, holding his hands up, "I don't wanna hear it..." Then he turned and walked away, leaving Dahlia alone in the hallway.

Dahlia fell to his knees. He didn't know what hurt more: his painful cheek or the words Flario had just spoken. He wrapped his arms around himself and cried.


In another part of the ship Borin threw Rolff on the bed and instantly joined him. They immediately began making out, licking and sucking at each other's face. Haría watched while she undressed.

Borin took the time to peel every piece of clothing from Rolff's skin piece by piece. Every time a bit of skin was revealed, Borin would start kissing that spot, leaving behind a dark red hickey. In a matter of minutes Rolff was lying on the bed in nothing but his brown leather boots. He then took it upon himself to undress Borin in the same way that had been done to him, but since Borin was only wearing a pair slacks, the black stallion was naked in a matter of seconds.

Rolff licked his lips as he saw Borin's big black meaty cock spring free. He took it in one hand and began stroking it slowly. He looked up at Borin and smiled. Borin threw his head back and moaned when Rolff swallowed the foot-long monster all the way to the balls in one gulp.

Haría was impressed by this. "Wow," she said, "I have never seen anyone do that to my big brother's cock before. That's pretty impressive, pretty boy." She then noticed Rolff's nine inch cock and took it into her mouth immediately.

Borin pushed Rolff back on the bed and slid on top of him. Again they started making out. Wet sucking sounds filled the room. They pushed their cocks together and made grinding movements, causing them both to moan.

Haría decided not to disturb them any further and sat down on a chair. She had moved it in front of the bed. When she sat down, she spread her legs and started fingering her pussy while watching her brother and Rolff going at it like a pair of wild wolves.

"Ya ever had a black cock in yo' ass, baby," he whispered in Rolff's ear.

"No," Rolff panted trying his hardest not shoot his load, "I... haven't had any... I'm a virgin..."

Borin looked surprised. "Pretty boy like you ain't never had a cock up yo ass? Ya hearin' this, sis?" He turned his head to Haría who was still busy fingering herself.

"Shut the fuck up and fuck that tight virgin boy," she moaned. She moaned louder as she had her first orgasm of the night.

Borin flipped Rolff over onto his stomach. He then knelt between Rolff's legs. He spread Rolff's ass cheeks and started slobbering at his twitching asshole.

Rolff let out a moan as he felt Borin's tongue drive itself deep into him. Never had he felt anything like it, not even when he had that vine of Dahlia's in there.

"Gotta lube ya up real good," Borin explained when he came up for air. "I guarantee ya it's gon' hurt, but after that it's smooth sailing to heaven."

Rolff smiled at this remark. "Come on," he urged Borin, "fuck me, baby, fuck me hard." He panted hard while saying this. And when he saw Borin spit on his own cock, Rolff rolled back onto his back and spread his legs, showing his hot pink hole to the black stallion knelt between his legs.

Borin took his big black cock in his hands and guided it to Rolff's virgin hole. He pressed his cock-head against the untouched sphincter and pushed, a little gentle at first but he pressed harder a while later since Rolff's hole wouldn't give way. Rolff helped by pushing himself down.

Suddenly Borin's glans popped in and Rolff couldn't help but let out a howl. Shit, it hurt! He clinched his jaws shut and screamed under his breath. His face had become red. When he felt Borin's cock being guided deeper into his ass he couldn't help but let out another howl.

"Don't worry, baby," Borin coeed. He caressed Rolff's cheeks and wiped at the tears that had rolled out of his eyes. "It'll be over soon..." And with these words he slid the last of his big chunk of man-meat into Rolff's ass. "There, that's all of it, baby... You feel it throbbing inside ya, don't ya?"

Rolff nodded. "Fuck, it hurts," he whimpered. He closed his eyes and tried to catch his breath. He breathed in and out like a woman giving birth to a baby. It hurt like hell. It felt like someone had rammed a tree trunk up his ass.

Haría moaned loudly again, making it clear that she had cum for a second time.

After fifteen minutes or so Rolff could feel the pain fading away. Now the big cock in his ass was starting to feel kind of good. Borin noticed that Rolff had started to relax, but when he started to slide his cock out, he felt Rolff tense up again.

"Shhh, baby," Borin cooed, caressing Rolff's wet cheeks, "just relax... It's starting to feel good, huh? That big cock up yo' butt feels mighty fine, don't it?"

Rolff nodded. He moaned loudly when Borin pulled his cock all the way out, leaving only the tip of his massive cock-head in. Then Borin slid his cock back in ever so slowly, sending shockwaves of pleasure surging through Rolff's body.

"Oh, fuck, yeah," Rolff moaned. The pain was completely gone and it felt amazing. "Come on, do it again," he moaned, "please, baby, do it again..."

Borin repeated this action several times. Every time he slid his cock back in, Rolff's entire body would tremble as if he were having a seizure. After a few more times of doing this, he decided to push in a little faster. He would slide in quickly but not too quick and at the last piece of cock he would slam his pelvis against Rolff's butt cheeks.

Rolff let out a howling moan when Borin did that.

"Ya like, huh, baby," Borin growled while repeating this same action again and again.

Rolff could only nod and moan.

Soon Borin was fucking Rolff hard. He held Rolff at his ankles in his hands and moved his hips back in forth. Rolff didn't know what was happening to him. It felt so fucking good! Then Borin pushed Rolff's knees all the way down, he bent over and starting kissing and licking at Rolff's face, all this while he was still fucking him like madman.

Haría enjoyed every bit of what was happening in front of her and soon she reached her third climax.

"Fuck me, Borin," Rolff begged, "fuck me like an underpaid prostitute..." The last part had come without Rolff knowing. He just wanted this big black stallion in him for all of eternity.

Borin laughed and did as he was told. With destructive power he began pounding Rolff's ass. Rolff grabbed the back of Borin's thick neck and pulled him in for a slobbering kiss. He moaned into Borin's mouth and at some point he was just screaming with pleasure. He threw his head back on the bed and screamed his lungs out.

Suddenly Borin began to pound Rollf in fast short strokes. He was about to cum. He let out a low growl and came like waterfall inside of Rolff's ass. He shot squirt after squirt of his thick man juice into Rolff's ass.

Rolff moaned as he felt Borin's cum flood his insides. He reached around to grab Borin's hard ass cheeks and pulled the black man deeper into him. A few more squirts were released and Borin was done for the moment.

Borin then pulled his cock out. It plopped out Rolff's worn out ass and lay on the bed, now only semi-hard but still impressively large. Borin panted and smacked Rolff on his ass.

"Ready for round two," Borin grinned at Rolff. "This time we'll let Haría join the fun..."

Rolff simply nodded. The exploding stars were floating all around his head.

In just seconds Borin was hard again. He lay down his back and told Rolff to sit down on his dick while his asshole was still wide open and slicked up with cum. Rolff did as he was told and sat down all the way on Borin's dick facing the foot of the bed where Haría stood.

"God, it's so deep," Rolff gasped.

Immediately Borin started fucking him. Rolff threw his head back and moaned as he felt that massive cock plowing him deep.

"Hold up, bro," Haría said and crawled onto the bed. Borin stopped fucking Rolff and held still. Haría then straddled Rolff's hips and slid his cock into her pussy. She hissed and pulled Rolff in for a kiss.

Borin started fucking Rolff again. He fucked up in Rolff's ass and Rolff automatically fucked up into Haría's wet pussy. It felt heavenly. The room was suddenly filled with slapping sounds and growls and moans of pleasure.

Borin pulled Rolff's head back and started licking at his neck while fucking him at the same time. Haría took it upon herself to tongue Rolff's Adam's apple. The double pleasure of Borin kissing his neck and Haría going to town on his throat and the double pleasure of a big black cock up his butt and his own cock plowing a hot wet pussy were all too much for Rolff. He felt that he was about cum. He felt that he was about to cum hard.

"G-guys," he moaned, barely being able to form complete sentences, "I'm... fuck, I'm gonna cum... I'm gonna fucking cum... Oooohhh..."

"Cum, baby, cum," Haría moaned in his ear while bouncing up and down on Rolff's cock. Her bouncing up and down and Borin's powerful thrusts enhanced the pleasure tenfold.

"Yeah, pretty boy," Borin growled, "cum for mommy and daddy..." To accelerate Rolff's orgasm he starting fucking even faster and harder than before. He wrapped his arms around Rolff's torso and fucked the poor guy into a stupor.

Rolff literally screamed as he came. His cum flooded Haría's pussy and it soon came gushing out in great volumes. He kept on cumming as Borin kept on fucking him with hard thrusts. He thought he would faint. Never had he cum like this. He never knew it was possible for a person to cum so violently. He began to feel weak and he went limp in Borin's arms, allowing the big black man to continue fucking him while his sister bounced up and down on his own cock.

A few seconds after Rolff went limp, Borin came for a second time. And Haría followed soon after. They let out howls and growls and shrieks that would send a pack of cum-hungry werewolves running for their lives.

After the simultaneous orgasm was over, they all slumped into a big lump of sweat and cum soaked bodies. All they could do was pant and pant and nothing else.

Rolff felt amazing. He couldn't feel his arms nor legs, but he felt great. His ass was numb and his cock hurt like hell from the intense ejaculation. But it was all worth it. He wondered if he would be able to sit properly the next morning...



The next morning was a cold one. The sun had already come up, but it was being overcast by dark clouds. Not one ray of sunlight could break through these thick clouds. There was no doubt that a storm would be raging soon.

The post-celebration atmosphere was all but joyous. Everybody was hung over. And for those who had been fucked the night before, well, they had a hangover and a sore asshole. The crew of the Naked Sword went about their chores in a bit of a daze. None of them could keep their focus for very long.

They would either vomit in the buckets while attempting to mop the deck or they would simply hallucinate and think that their mop was a pretty lady.

Captain Charles hadn't attended the celebration. He had been busy interrogating the captured pirates. Now he looked at his crew. They were in very bad shape. If an enemy ship were to attack them right now, they'd all perish for sure. And apart from that, there was a storm coming.

Mokk limped to the captain. "A storm be a-brewin', cap'n," he said, "shall I summon our weather witch?"

"Yes, Mokk," Captain Charles said, smiling down at his old friend, "get him out as soon as possible..." He then focused his attention on his crew.

Mokk limped below deck. Along the way he came across the cabin where Rolff, Borin and Haría had spent the night together. The room reeked of sex. He entered and woke Borin.

"Up and at 'em, black stallion," he said while poking at Borin's naked body, "time to get to work. We need to get us the weather witch."

Rolff opened his eyes, but had the greatest difficulty in doing so. He gathered all the power he had left and raised up on his elbows. He saw Haría lying at the foot of the bed. She was still naked. And Borin was lying next to him. He was also naked. Rolff reached over to squeeze Borin's hard ass cheeks.

"You gon' make me hard again, baby," Borin mumbled. He turned on his back and flashed Rolff a smile. "Daddy's gotta go to work, but I promise I'll be back for ya tonight... and tonight it's gon' be you and me and no one else..." He pulled Rolff in for a kiss, then he rolled out of bed and washed his face and mouth in bowl of water that was laid beside the bed. Then he got dressed.

"I can't wait," Rolff said, a blush crept up his face. He can't believe that this hunk of a man had taken his virginity. It had been an amazing night.

Mokk looked at Rolff who was clearly still seeing stars exploding in front of his eyes. "Ya had a good time last night, pretty boy," he asked with a smile on his face.

"Yeah," Rolff said with a smirk, "the best damn night of my life."

Mokk started poking at Haría. "Oy, missie, time to get to work. Did ya forget you have to wash lady Olvia's hair or do her nails and whatnot?"

"Yeah, yeah," Haría mumbled and rolled out of bed. "Hey, hot stuff," she greeted Rolff. She blew him a kiss and washed herself with the bowl of water. Then she got dressed. Then she left the room.

"So, tell me, how was it to fool around with Borin and Haría at the same time," Mokk wanted to know. When he didn't get an answer, he left.

Rolff simply smiled and got out of bed. He touched his sore asshole. It hurt and it was sticky with Borin's cum, as was his asscrack. He was in desperate need of a hot bath to wash the smell of sex off his body. He took a towel and went to the bathhouse.

There he filled the tub with hot water and eased in. It felt heavenly. He poured a liquid that smelt like roses into the water. And all of a sudden it felt like the water had healed his sore hole. He sighed with relief and enjoyed the rest of his bath.

Flario woke up sporting a massive morning erection. He groaned and decided to take care of it, but then Mokk came in.

"Get washed and dressed, princie," Mokk announced, "time for breakfast." He looked around. "Where be the pretty redhead?" he asked revering to Dahlia.

"I dunno," Flario mumbled as he got out of bed. He didn't feel like talking about Dahlia right now. Maybe he had been too hard on him last night. Maybe he shouldn't have yelled at him. Maybe he shouldn't have hit him. He shrugged the guilty feeling off and washed himself.

When he entered the dining room, it had been transformed back to its original state. Whoever their interior designer was, he was damn good at his job.

Flario walked to the bar and received his breakfast from the bartender.

"Brad, right?" the bartender asked.

"Uh-huh," Flario answered.

"I just gotta say, that I think you're very hot." The bartender paused and blushed. "I normally don't hit on guys who are in relationships, but you were alone last night and you seemed very depressed and you had a boner and your boyfriend was doing the bump and grind with the crew and did I mention you had a boner?"

Flario couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, you did."

The bartender sighed. "I'm Keith," he said holding out his hand.

Flario shook it. "Nice to meet you. And trust me, I wanted nothing but to take you to my room and do things to you..." He bent forward and whispered: "Dirty things..."

Keith's blush became a deeper red and he looked away. "Well, then why didn't you?"

Flario ignored the question.

"It's because of the pretty redhead, huh?" Keith understood. He had been there before. "Before I became a member of the crew on this ship I had a boyfriend too. He would love to fool around with other guys and such. And I didn't really mind since he didn't fuck them or anything, but funny enough I was the one who slipped up." He chuckled. "The guy I slept with was a pirate. My boyfriend caught us as I was getting fucked senseless. He hit me. Hard." He pointed at the eye-patch. "And then I never saw him again. Shortly after the incident I read in an ad that the Naked Sword needed a bartender so I took the job."

"Is this supposed to make me feel better?" Flario had become irritated.

"What I'm trying to say is that Lolil or whatever his name is would never cheat on you. I saw straight through the drunken haze of his eyes last night. The moment he saw you leaving the dining room slash nightclub he ran right after you." Keith put a hand on Flario's shoulder. "He loves you and you obviously love him." He removed his hand. "Well, I guess that answers my questions why you didn't wanna take me to your room and do dirty things to me."

Flario smiled again. "Thanks, Keith." Then he ate his breakfast in silence.

On deck Borin had fetched the 'weather witch'. He was a native from the mainland. He had light brown skin and dark hair. He had several colorful feathers in his hair and wore nothing but a loincloth.

"Who's this?" Dahlia asked. He sipped from his cup of coffee in a desperate attempt to survive this horrible hangover. He had cried all night long which made his head ache even more. And his throat was sore from all the sobbing.

"This here is Oki. He's a native from the mainland. His gifts have been passed on from generation to generation. He may be the only one who can protect us from the storm."

"Can he control the weather?" Dahlia asked again.

This time it was Borin who answered him. "Yes and no. He can create his very own storms, blizzards and whatnot and those are the ones he can control, but he can't control a natural storm. He can simply deflect the effect it can have on this ship, for example a giant wave."

"Fascinating." Dahlia looked the young native up and down. He had a nice built. Not as muscular as the pirates but he was a sight for sore eyes. And the loincloth didn't hide much of his flaccid penis, which looked long and meaty even though it was soft.

Oki looked up at the sky. The clouds had become darker and they had started to spew bolts of lightning. The ocean had become restless and waves began hitting against the sides of the ship, causing it to rock from side to side.

"This is my queue," Oki calmly announced. "It may be best for you and your crew to go below deck, captain. I will not be held responsible if anything were to happen to you or your men."

Captain Charles nodded. He yelled for his men to stop working and go below deck. Then he motioned for Dahlia and Borin to follow him. They hadn't been below deck for a few seconds or the sky started to spew first hundreds, then thousands, then millions of raindrops. And in a matter of time countless of raindrops fell from the sky.

Before Dahlia went below he could see Oki being lifted up into the sky by a gust of wind. His eyes had started glowing white. Suddenly a bolt of lightning shot down onto the ship, but Oki was faster and deflected the bolt with ease.

Dahlia wondered where Flario was. What happened the night before had given him many nightmares. Never had he and Flario fought. And Flario had hit him. That was a first also. But Dahlia had to admit that he had asked for it. His lewd behavior would have caused anyone to slap him across the face.

When he entered the dining room, he saw Flario sitting at the bar drinking a glass of beer. He was chatting with Keith. They laughed and Dahlia could make out that they were having a good time. He didn't want to spoil the mood, so he just left in search for Rolff.

He found Rolff in the bathhouse. Rolff was busy drying himself off. Dahlia grew red when he saw Rolff's naked body and he looked away.

"Sorry," he apologized, "I didn't know you were naked."

"No problem," Rolff said with a smile. He wound the towel around his waist. "You can look now."

Dahlia then broke out in tears. Rolff walked over to him and wondered what was wrong. And Dahlia told him what had happened the night before. Rolff took Dahlia in his arms and calmed him by rocking him back and forth.

"It's gonna be okay," he whispered.

"Really?" Dahlia sobbed.

Rolff nodded. "Now what you need to do is talk to him or... "A sly look appeared on Rolff's face.

Dahlia knew what he meant.

In the dining room a wisp of vaguely visible mist made its way through the hunky pirates of the Naked Sword and invaded the nostrils of Flario. He immediately lost interest in Keith who kept on chatting.

Flario stood up and left the dining room. He followed the wisp of mist without knowing where it would lead him. He had no control of his body whatsoever. The mist led him into a dimly lit room. The cabin smelt of flowers and a bunch of candles had been lit to give the room a romantic atmosphere.

Then his eyes fell on the bed.

The bed was decorated with various flowers, vines and leaves. And in the middle of the bed lay a vision so wondrous, so magical. The pretty face had a sly grin on its face and a flower had been fixed into the fiery red curls. The creature's green skin sparkled with beauty.

Flario couldn't believe what he was seeing. He blinked several times but that vision of beauty hadn't gone away. It was still there with that seductive grin on its face.

"Flario," Dahlia chimed, his voice sounding like a whisper tickling Flario's ear.

"H-hey," was all that Flario could manage to say.

Dahlia sat up and broke the spell.

Flario shook his head as if he had just awoken from a dream. "W-where am I?" Then he saw Dahlia sitting on the bed. He was completely naked and looked more beautiful than ever. Even though he wasn't under the spell anymore, he still couldn't believe what he was seeing.

Neither of them spoke a word. The room was silent for what felt like an eternity. It was Flario who broke the silence by taking off his clothes. When he was completely naked he climbed on top of the bed and sat in front of Dahlia. His cock had already risen to its full length.

Flario took Dahlia's face in his hands and pulled him in for passionate kiss. Flario then gently pushed Dahlia onto his back and slid on top of him. He looked his lover in the eyes. Then he kissed him again.

"I want you, Flario," Dahlia softly said, kissing Flario's strong neck, "I want you inside of me."

Flario didn't answer. He took Dahlia's legs in his hands and pushed them all the way over Dahlia's head. Flario then started lapping at Dahlia's exposed hole like hungry dog. He tongued the boy's ass deep and violently, sending waves of pleasure searing through Dahlia's body.

"Oh, God, Flario, yes!" Dahlia exclaimed, clawing at the bed sheets. Never had he felt something like this. It felt so good.

Flario continued to ravish Dahlia's hole with his tongue for some time. He then inserted a finger into Dahlia's hole. A soft whimper escaped from Dahlia's lips. Nothing that indicated that he didn't like the intrusion. Flario slowly began pushing his finger in and out of Dahlia's wet hole. He heard his beautiful lover whimper once more as he added two more fingers next to the one already in there.

"Yes, Flario," Dahlia panted.

Flario, seeing that Dahlia was now nice and loose, decided that it was time for the real deal. He knelt between Dahlia's spread legs and looked his lover in the eyes while holding his nine inch monster in both his hands.

You want this, Flario's eyes asked.

Yes, I want it, Dahlia's eyes answered.

Flario grabbed some lube from the night stand and applied a large amount onto his thick cock and in Dahlia's already loosened ass. Dahlia moaned in anticipation.

As he felt Flario the tip of Flario's cock slide inside of him, Dahlia let out a loud moan. It didn't hurt, it felt damn good. Before he knew it Flario was buried to the hilt in Dahlia's hot ass. Dahlia pulled Flario's face to his and hungrily kissed him, tonguing Flario's mouth as if it were a bowl of ice cream.

Flario broke the kiss and started fucking Dahlia. Slowly, pulling his cock all the way out and ever so slowly sliding it back in. This action caused Dahlia to moan loudly. Flario repeated this same action again and again.

He held Dahlia in his arms while sensually gyrating his hips, lobbing the insides of Dahlia with his thick uncut meat. Dahlia dug his nails in Flario's back and held on for dear life. The searing pain in his back made Flario let out a beastly growl.

Afraid that he had startled his lover Flario immediately began apologizing.

"Shut up and fuck me," Dahlia panted.

Flario didn't hesitate to obey these orders. He pulled his cock out of Dahlia's hole and flipped his lover onto his stomach. He then immediately slammed it back in. The long gentle strokes became shorter and much more aggressive thrusts. Flario dug his fingers into Dahlia's fiery red curls and let out an animalistic growl, as if some invisible force had taken over his entire body.

Dahlia clawed at the sheets, helpless to the waves of pleasure that overwhelmed him. He moaned loudly and desperately bit down on the pillow while Flario's nine inch rod was plowing into him at a rapid pace.

"Oh, yeah, baby, give it to me," Dahlia moaned, almost screaming as he tried to find something to hold on to, wildly pushing back onto Flario's ass-ripping monster. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Dahlia groaned. It felt so damned good. Too good. He wanted Flario stop, but at the same he wanted Flario to fuck him harder and harder.

Flario's grip on Dahlia's hair became firmer and so did the thrusts. He swore he could feel his red haired lover's insides being poked by the tip of his monster of a cock. Suddenly he pulled his cock out and roughly flipped Dahlia back onto his back. He entered him once again and resumed fucking Dahlia's ass, his abdomen slapping against Dahlia's balls.

Dahlia grabbed hold of his own cock and began stroking, but Flario roughly took Dahlia's six inch penis between his fingers. He rapidly began to stroke Dahlia's cock, while still fucking him hard.

"I'm gonna cum, Flario," Dahlia moaned, gagging on pleasure and pain and desperation.

"Come for me, baby," Flario growled, while resuming to fuck Dahlia, "cum for daddy."

And before long jets of hot sticky cum were flying all around the room. Just when Dahlia thought he was done, a few more jets shot out of the tip of his cock. Never had he cum like this before. He kept on cumming and cumming and Flario kept on fucking his ass. Dahlia thought he would faint if another drop of sperm was forced from his cock.

The clenching of Dahlia's sphincter ignited Flario's own orgasm. He pulled out of Dahlia's worn out ass and started jerking. He moved over to Dahlia's face and ordered him to open wide.

"Open wide, baby," Flario groaned, "here it comes... Fuck! Here it comes!!" And at that moment Flario came like an out of control fire hose, white washing Dahlia's face and flooding his green skinned lover's mouth.

Dahlia did his best to swallow, but it was too much. Soon he was spitting out gobs of Flario's cum. It was everywhere. In his hair, his eyes, his nose and of course in his mouth.

Finally Flario stopped cumming and collapsed on top of Dahlia. He panted heavily as he chewed on his lover's sweaty neck. He whispered sweet words into Dahlia's ear and also chewed on his earlobes.

Dahlia was at a loss for words. What had just happened, was like nothing he had ever experienced before. That awful encounter with Tako was all blurry to him now. Flario had literally fucked that memory out of his mind.

He caressed Flario's back and tousled his hair. He missed the shoulder-long dreads of hair that he had fallen so in love with and he made sure that Flario knew that by whispering it into his ear. Flario replied that he missed them too.

Dahlia didn't know where it came from, but somehow Flario had just enough energy to start tickling him. Dahlia was caught totally off guard by this. He let out a startled yelp, followed by an uncontrollable stream of laughter.

"Get off me, you jerk," Dahlia laughed.

Flario did as he was told and rolled off of Dahlia.

For a few moments the room was filled with a pleasant silence. The silence only those who were truly in love could experience after a good session of hot love making. Sure Dahlia wished that this was his first time, but Flario made up for that by being better than that monster of a man they called master Tako.

"I'm sorry, Flario," Dahlia said, breaking the silence.

"Sorry? Sorry for what, baby?" Flario wanted to know.

"I feel like such an idiot. You have always been such a sweetheart to me and still I treated you like dirt for being that sweetheart. You have to admit, I was an unbearably annoying ass."

Flario chuckled. "Baby, you weren't an unbearably annoying ass. You were the pain in that ass, but that's not really the point here..."

"Shut up, you jerk," Dahlia giggled, playfully shoving Flario out of the bed and onto the floor.

Flario crawled back into bed and kissed Dahlia. "God, you're pretty when you laugh," he sighed, while gently caressing Dahlia's face.

Dahlia blushed.

Flario laughed at this. "Are you blushing? After what we just did? Why are you blushing? My God, it's adorable!"

"Oh, stop," Dahlia said. "It's just that even though you weren't my first, you still made me feel like a virgin..." The blush on Dahlia's face became a deeper red.

"Was I that good?" Flario asked, faking a surprised look.

"You know you were, you tease." Dahlia gave Flario another playful shove, but this time Flario was prepared and he immediately jumped Dahlia, pinning his pretty lover to the mattress.

"I was amazing," he whispered.

"You were," Dahlia agreed.

And they kissed.



All was quiet. The storm had blown over. Mighty rays of sunlight drilled through clouds and evaporated the remains of what was once a powerful storm. Behind those disappearing dark clouds, a blue sky revealed itself. An invisible paintbrush gently painted one of the most beautiful rainbows in the sky, promising the dawn of a better tomorrow.

"All is well, cap'n," Mokk said, while watching as the Sword's crew went to work. There first chore after a heavy storm as that of the night before, was to collect all the fresh fish and nutritious seaweed that had washed onto the ship's deck and deliver them to the ship's cook.

"Yes, my dear old friend," captain Charles agreed. He took a deep breath of fresh air, mingled with the raw smell of the fresh fish, and sighed. "The men will eat good for the next few weeks. I mean, look at all this fish! Haha! All that protein to foresee those delicious egg-sized balls with hot sticky cum for the cum-hungry to devour. Everybody wins."

Mokk smiled. It was good to see captain Charles smile. Even though the joke made no sense to Mokk, a smile on captain Charles' face was a rare sight. Priceless, even. Mokk knew that the captain had no reason to smile, seeing the events that had occurred all those years ago.

"The Pucker!"

Hearing that name being shouted from the crow's nest sent shivers down captain Charles al Oba's spine. Fear took over him and a strange excitement sent blood rushing to his flaccid penis. As he peered through his spyglass, he could see the horror of the nine seas. The nightmare of every captain owning a vessel as magnificent as the Naked Sword. One of the many manifestations of the devil himself...

* * *

The Pink Pucker. The most feared of all pirate ships known to man. Don't let her scarcely dressed crew fool you. The extremely hot and well-built crew of the Pink Pucker are trained by the most skilled swordsmen, martial artists and ass-fuckers in the world and are known to apply these skills in battle. Yes, they will fuck you while fighting off your comrades at the same time. And they are damned good at it.

Their flag is made of a pink fabric and their symbol is a puckered hole, composed of eight arrows pointing outward, in the brightest of pink. Their flag symbolizes the men they had fucked and are hoping to fuck in the future. It's also a representation of the many ships the Pucker had conquered. That's what their captain said in some kind of press conference, when the local media wondered whether the Pucker was the most feared pirate ship in the world or if it was just one of many other gay pleasure vessels.

Once had the Naked Sword come across the Pink Pucker. It was seven years ago. The Sword sailed the nine seas as proudly as a ship could be. She was then owned by the al Oba clan. A family of wealthy traders, who were known for their beautiful golden hair and piercing blue eyes.

The entire family receded within the Naked Sword. Captain of the Sword back then was Sir Angus al Oba, proud father of Olivia and Charles al Oba and head of the al Oba family. It was his decision that led to the family living aboard the ship. Thinking it was a good idea, they all agreed, but little did they know it would lead to their unexpected demise.

The Pink Pucker has had her eyes on the Naked Sword for some time. For years she had shadowed the Sword's every movement. Every port the Sword cast her anchor, the Pucker was not far behind. She lurked in the dark, waiting for the right moment for the Naked Sword and the Pink Pucker to collide in the most inappropriate matter possible. No pun intended.

The Naked Sword is completely caught off guard. No one expects that a ship full of hardcore Nancy boys could conquer the mighty Sword. But the al Oba family is gravely mistaken. Before the battle has a proper way of starting, all women are brutally murdered.

The men are kept alive to satisfy the sexual needs of the Pucker. Their everlasting sexual appetite leads to most of the al Oba men (most of them straight) being fucked to death. Captain Angus al Oba endures the raping as long as he can, taking cock after cock up his butt. Drenched in cum, piss and god knows what else. Angus al Oba meets his end at the hands of Lavender, the Pucker's captain, who's mighty phallic muscle reaches a length of thirty-something centimeters. Stabbed to death by his lengthy sword. No pun intended.

Believing the al Oba family to be wiped off the face of the world, the Pucker plunders the Sword's riches (after plundering her owner's anal cavities) and sets her sails, being known from that day on as the destroyers of the al Oba clan and of course every virgin ass in the world.

Young Charles al Oba, covered in cum and reeking of piss regains consciousness. He opens his eyes to see the women of his family murdered. Throats slit or body's beheaded. And the naked body's of his uncles, cousins and even his nine year old nephew, brutally raped to death, their body's covered in dry cum and warm piss.

Charles tries his best not to vomit. His mouth tastes of cum and piss. What did those filthy Puckers do to him? Tears roll down his cheeks. He feels the cum squirting from his aching ass and his swollen cock and balls, milked of all their cum, ached as well. The pain is almost unbearable, but the young Charles manages to get up.

His head stars spinning as he tries to stand up straight. And he tumbles to ground next to the body of his father. A familiar face he will never see again. Charles sobs, screaming for help, not caring if there are still Puckers on board. He wants out of this hell.


That voice.

Charles' eyes open to stare at Olivia, his younger sister. She seems unharmed.

Apparently she had managed to hide when the Puckers stormed their ship. She could hear her mother being murdered, her aunts, cousins and nieces being killed by those raging homos. The sound of their screams will haunt her forever. She hears as the men of her family are brutally raped and fucked to death. She watches, unseen by the eyes of the Puckers, as Daniel, her young nephew, a boy of barely nine years old, is being skewered by two fat cocks at the same time, while his own was being pumped by the soft (yes, soft) hands of a third Pucker. His cries of pain and helplessness echoing throughout the ship...

Like a coward she had watched as her family was being raped and murdered. When Daniel's body goes limp in the tight grip of the Puckers' muscular arms, rippling with mouth watering muscles, she silently breaks out in sobbing.

Charles vaguely remembers what happened to him.

He is bound to a table with his bare ass in the air. Leather whips strike his bare skin hundreds, maybe thousands of times. Then hands touch him everywhere, spanking is already raw ass cheeks and fingering his tight hole. Five to six fingers plunge into his hole at the same time. Tongues flick at his puckered hole and probe deep inside of him. Sucking and chewing on his delicious cherry. At some point Charles feels a rippling arm elbow-deep in his stretched out hole, punching at his insides, making him cum unwillingly.

The man pulls his arm, covered in ass-juice and blood, out of Charles' ass hole and his comrades take turns sticking their fat cocks in Charles' gaping hole and violently fuck his virgin ass. They pay no heed to his protests. They fuck him violently and mercilessly, while whipping him with leather whips. And they enjoy his agonizing pain. It only seems to arouse them even more.

They fuck his ass for a while and after emptying their balls inside of his sore ass, they then choose to empty their full bladder also. There is piss and cum everywhere. The Puckers cheer and shout as their comrades drench the poor boy. They hold open his mouth and fill it with piss and cum and force him to swallow.

Charles can't help but choke on the vast amount of bodily fluids being shot down his throat. He gags and vomits the cum and piss back out, but it only seems to make the men hornier than ever. They plug his vomiting mouth with their thick cocks and force some more cum and piss down the poor boy's throat.

There are cocks and hands everywhere. In his mouth, in his hole, pulling on his hair, spanking his bloody ass cheeks. Again he feels a fist roughly fucking his hole. But he has lost his voice. He tries to scream, but no sound comes out. The men laugh at this. They find it amusing. It turns them on.

They're laughing, Charles thinks as tears roll down his cheek. He feels his eyes become heavy. As they close he can still feel the men raping his body. Even in his state of unconsciousness he can feel as they fist his hole and stuff up to three cocks in his mouth.

The last thing he hears before completely losing his consciousness is their laughter. Their cruel ass-raping laughter. It echoes throughout the entire the ship. It haunts his dreams.

Then it's finally over.

Charles feels nothing. No hands. No cocks. No tongues. No whips. Only pain. Cum. Piss. Blood. And more pain. Agonizing pain. His entire body aches. His ass is sore and feels as if a fire had just raged in there. His cock is swollen and hurts like hell. He is not bound to the table anymore. He is lying on the floor amongst the remains of his family...



That voice again. That sweet soothing voice.

"Charlie, are you awake?"

"O-olivia...?" Charles' voice was hoarse. His throat ached, probably from all the screaming and the cocks that had been crammed down his throat. How long had it been?

"Oh, Charlie!" Olivia embraced her brother. She thought he would never wake up. It had been three weeks since the Naked Sword had been attacked. Three weeks since the entire al Oba family was brutally murdered.

"I'm okay, Liv," Charles softly said. But he was lying. He was anything but okay. Even though his body was entirely healed of all its defects. He knew that it was Olivia's doing. All the women in the al Oba family obtain the gift of healing at some point in their life.

No, he was anything but fine. Apart from the fact that he had no one left but his sister, the traumatizing experience of being raped over and over again was something that not even the most powerful of wizards could suppress.

* * *

"Are you okay, cap'n," Mokk asked. He noticed the huge bulge in captain Charles' trousers and the horrified look on his face. "You don't look so hot."

Captain Charles al Oba didn't pay attention to his old friend. He had only thought of one thing. He had waited for this day all his life. The day he would be able to avenge the death of his family. Yes, one thought. Revenge.

"Ready the men, Mokk," captain Charles ordered, "for today may be the day we die. You make sure Olivia and Haría are safe. Allow the two princes and their friend to escape. They mustn't get involved in this for they have their own problems to face."

"But, cap'n," Mokk protested.

"Now, Mokk!"

Mokk hesitated, but obeyed the captain's orders.

Seeing the sad look on Mokk's face, Olivia broke out in tears. Never had she thought that this day would come. She thought that they were rid of those awful men. Haría wanted nothing but to join her comrades in battle, but Mokk said that it was the captain's orders for the two ladies to be safe.

"Be safe, Mokk," Olivia sobbed, "tell Charlie I love him and if he doesn't return, I will personally journey to the other side to give him the beating he deserves."

Mokk smiled. "I'll do that."

Haría took Olivia's hand and nodded for Mokk to do his thing.

The room was then filled with a blinding light.

After making sure that Olivia and Haría were safe, Mokk hastily made his way to Flario's cabin. Flario and Dahlia jumped when Mokk entered the room.

"You must leave, your majesties," Mokk said, almost shouting the words, "get your tall friend and flee the ship while you still can."

"What's going on?" Flario demanded to know.

"We are about to be attacked by the most feared of all pirate ships known to mankind, the Pink Pucker! And if you don't get the hell out of here, you will die!"

"No, we won't," Dahlia protested.

"Fine, you won't," Mokk yelled, "but you must continue your journey and fulfill your destiny. No need for you to get mixed up in all this! Now, get dressed and get off the fucking ship!"

Then Mokk left the room.

"Was it just me or did he speak without that stupid pirate accent of his," Dahlia wondered.

"Yeah." Flario had noticed it too. "So weird."

They got dressed and sprinted to Rolff's room. Rolff was reading a book about bondage sex. When Dahlia and Flario stormed in, he hastily hid it away under his pillow. A bright red spread across his face.

He was informed of what was going on and was asked not ask questions. When they got on deck, all pirates of the Naked Sword were present. Even Keith. Rolff spotted Borin and ran to him.

"You gotta go now, baby," Borin softly said.

"Will you be okay?" Rolff asked, tears welling up in his eyes.

Borin wiped the tears away. "I dunno, baby," he answered, "I may not survive this, but we'll see each other again." He took Rolff's head in his hands and pulled him in for a loving kiss.

When they broke the kiss, Rolff had trouble letting Borin go. It was hard letting go of someone who had taken your virginity. There would be no other one after Borin. They hadn't known each other for that long, but Rolff could safely say that he had fallen in love with the black stallion. He loved Borin and he didn't wanna let him go.

"Go, baby," Borin said with a warm smile, "be safe."

Eventually Flario and Dahlia had to tear Rolff away from Borin. They dragged him to captain Charles, who was standing at the helm of the Naked Sword, peering through his spyglass as the Pink Pucker came closer.

"Captain?" Dahlia carefully said.

Captain Charles called Mook to him. "It's time, my friend," he said, smiling down at his old friend.

Mokk nodded. He took his walking stick in his hand and twirled it several times. A bright light emitted from the stick and engulfed Mokk entirely. When the light dimmed down, Mokk wasn't there anymore. A naked god of a man with a massive sword in his hands (and between his legs) stood where Mokk stood not so long ago. An armor made of impenetrable metal covering his massive chest was the only clothing he wore. His long silvery white hair fluttered gracefully in the gentle breeze. And his mammoth-sized cock sprung to life, leaking large amounts of sparkling pre-cum.

Not much was said after that. The Pink Pucker was getting closer. Captain Charles gave the signal and Mokk muttered a few words. Before they knew what was happening, Flario, Dahlia and Rolff were engulfed in a bright white light.

"This light may not bring you to your destination," Mokk spoke in a heavenly voice, "but it will get you off this ship and transport you to the shore." He gave Rolff a long lingering look. As if he were trying to break straight into the young man's soul.

Rolff willingly invited Mokk inside of him and as sudden as the connection was made, it was broken, but that was all the time Mokk needed to help Rolff realize a few things. To help Rolff know who he really was.

Before a dumbfounded Rolff could speak, Mokk's penis grew even more rigid and a bolt of lightning shot from it into the sky. Rays of light rained down from above and one by one Flario, Dahlia and Rolff were transported from the Naked Sword.

When the lights disappeared, captain Charles spoke: "Men, you have served me well throughout the years, but today may be the day that some of us, if not all of us, will die. If anyone wishes not to partake in this battle, speak now and Mokk will transport you to safety..."

When no one said a word, a content smile spread across captain Charles' face. "My men, I love you all as if you were my own sons or lovers and may we meet again someday. If not in this world, then perhaps in another."

A wave of shouts and cheers rolled throughout the crew of the Sword. They were all prepared to die for captain Charles and the Sword. He had taken good care of them and they had taken good care of him (in more ways than one). It was time for them to repay him for all he had done for them.

As the Pink Pucker drew near, the crew of the Naked Sword prepared themselves for the battle of all battles... The second part in the saga of the Naked Sword violently probing the Pink Pucker... Yeah, I said it...


Somewhere in the near future...

A tall muscular man with short dark hair and a lightning-shaped scar over his left eye storms into the tent, disturbing the two men who are aggressively fucking each other's brains out. An irritated look appears on the brown-haired man's face. He pulls his curvy nine-inch cock out of the other man's hole and wipes the sweat from his forehead.

Without putting on any clothes, he stands up from between the hundreds of cushions on his king-sized bed and walks over to the giant of a man standing in the doorway, his muscles rippling with every move he makes.

"This had better be good, Rolff," the man sighs, clearly irritated by the fact that he is disturbed during his evening fuck with his personal sex slave.

"We've found it, sir," the tall man, Rolff, speaks. A hesitant smile appears on his handsome. "Flario, we've found the seed... We've found him..."

Flario stares blankly at the man standing in front of him, not really knowing what to say. Not knowing whether to be happy, sad or angry. Seeing the smile on his friend's face, Flario can't help but smile as well. His smile quickly turns into a broad grin and tears roll down his cheeks.

"Rolff, my dear friend," Flario says and places a hand on the tall man's broad shoulder, "rally the men... We're going to pick us a beautiful flower..."

~End of Chapter One~

*Note from the writer:

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