"This is a matter of disobedience and betrayal," Pyrin the queen of Infernia shrieked. Like most of the Inferno she was outfitted in skintight body armor, which showed off her curvy body. A sword rested on her left hip and crossbow was strapped to her back.

"Yes, indeed," Aurelia the queen of Flora replied calmly. It was in the nature of the Flora to never overreact, even when death itself was staring them right in the eye. Queen Aurelia was as good as naked. Only her vagina had the privilege to be covered by a leaf. Around her naked body she wore a transparent gown made of the finest silk in all the land.

"How can you be so damn calm about this?" Pyrin shrieked once more.

"We both knew what we were getting ourselves into when we married those two. They only needed us for reproduction and I have made peace with that. I may not have felt the touch of a man for a long time, but I have recently discovered other ways of… pleasuring myself. And I do not mean that I do it myself nor have I drummed up a little harem for myself. But I dwelled off." Aurelia giggled. "What were we talking about again?"

"Our sons are fucking faggots, just like their fucking faggot fathers."

This was the last straw. Aurelia looked at her fellow queen with a look that could be described as deadly. "That is enough. Whatever they are, they remain our sons and I will not allow you to speak of mine in that manner. Let me tell you that if there were no law against this I would have accepted both my husband and my son for what they are. So, let one thing be clear." She stepped to Pyrin. "Faggots or not. We are to bring those boys back... Alive."

Pyrin fell silent. She knew that Aurelia was right.

Aurelia was her calm self once more. "Now that that's out of the way," she announced calmly, "let's talk about how we will get our boys back."

"I have thought of sending my most skilled warriors after them," Pyrin said. "They have all been my son's masters. Sword-fighting, hand-to-hand combat, flame throwing..."

"Fucking other boys." Aurelia had calmly added this to the list. When she saw the astonished look on Pyrin's face, her lips curled into mocking smirk. "Simply stating the facts, my dear Pyrin."

Pyrin scoffed. "I doubt that those highly trained warriors are nothing but a bunch of cock-sucking, ass-fucking..."

"Faggots?" Aurelia finished for Pyrin once again. "Sad to say, but it's true. All of them have had their so-called 'cocks' up your lovely prince's bum." She poured herself a cup of tea and took a sip. She once again smirked as she saw the expression on Pyrin's face. "And I bet your precious Flario has sunk that manhood of his in some poor servant's son," she added. Pyrin's face became even more astonished. Aurelia took another sip of her tea. "This tea is delightful," she sighed.

"Doesn't matter," Pyrin replied after a brief moment of silence. "They are respected warriors and they shall bring my son back. And yours of course."

Aurelia smiled at Pyrin. "But let one thing be clear..." The smile disappeared and darkness spread across her face. "...if they touch a hair on my boy's head, it's your head that shall be hanging above my fireplace." She smiled again. "Pretty face like yours will make a fine mantel piece."

"Very well."

"But just to make sure, I will also send a group of my most trusted warriors."

"What makes you think that they haven't stuck it to your son every once in a while after a day of training him?"

"I know that they haven't touched my son. If they had..." The darkness was there once more. "I'd have their heads..."

"I gotta say, I love these pretty little mood swings you keep having. They don't creep me out at all," Pyrin said sarcastically.

Aurelia gave Pyrin a smile.

"Speaking of having someone’s head," Pyrin started carefully. What she was about to say could send Aurelia in a state of vengeful evil. "It’s been almost three years, Aurelia."

Aurelia cautiously studied Pyrin’s face. "I know," she softly said.

"And they haven’t captured him yet?" Pyrin couldn’t help but feel sorry for Aurelia.

Aurelia shook her head. She turned away from Pyrin to wipe away a tear.

Pyrin sighed. It was five years ago when the young prince of Flora had been raped by an unknown man. Aurelia had sworn to have his head if he ever got caught.

"So it is decided," Aurelia announced calmly, avoiding the painful topic.

"It is decided," Pyrin agreed. She stuck out her hand for Aurelia to shake.

Aurelia gave the hand a disapproving glance. "In my kingdom a deal is sealed with a kiss."

"Oh, very well," Pyrin sighed, rolling her eyes.

Aurelia stepped to Pyrin and took her face in her hands. She moved her face to Pyrin’s and ever so lightly pressed her lips against hers.

And the deal was sealed with a kiss. Literally.

This was the first time the two kingdoms had ever worked together to gain something they were both after. The group of warriors was sent out to retrieve the runaway princes. Three warriors of Infernia and three of the Flora. As they left the palace grounds of the Infernos Aurelia watched as they disappeared upon the horizon.

"Will you be staying here, Aurelia?" Pyrin was standing next to the queen of Flora.

Aurelia simply scoffed and walked off. Before she left the room, she turned around. "Your lips are delightful, Pyrin." She smiled and left the room.

A blush spread across Pyrin's face.




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