I know this dude name jimmy use to run up in mi, 9 times hot hunk the sweet hairy ferry, i like the time when he fuck me from behind they felt fine, without a cause he came over right fast to fuck my pretty ass, i'll pass the dick was trash when he come in my ass i could feel his double blast, with the length of a cock that solid as a rock, real macho jack pumping my african black, like two dogs on the street we stuck as airlock, i might just be one of his bitches but still take fuck for his car keys and couple of his ritches, he is tall smooth and supple and thats why i enjoy sucking his stick of sweet purple, something about this man i could stan always want a rich freaky man, something a wanted but never try to be pushy, till the motherfucker start to suck ma pussy, his tongue in my track until i crash, and for that experience he has to pay me cash, for a sweet looking guy with jim carey lashes, i didnt expect him to tongue my crotches, END


Fadrian keymo

[email protected]


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