Jhonny was intent on getting a blowjob from start to finish. He wanted to unload his balls of cream into my willing mouth. I had no idea I was going to get an added reward of his brother´s cream also. When we were at the nature center I had mentioned that Jhon had told me that his older brother had a cock even longer than his. Jhonny said it was longer but not as thick. Jhonny said his brother had just gotten out of prison and said he was coming to Medellin to visit him. I joked with Jhonny saying when he comes to visit bring him along.

   It was a rainy afternoon, when the doorbell rang  I looked through the curtains and recognized Jhonny, he had another guy with him that I didn´t know. I opened the door and said hi. Jhonny said he had brought his brother, Luis with him since he had come to visit and had nothing better to do. I unlocked the outer gate and let them in. I asked them if they wanted a beer and they said ¨Sure¨ I went to the fridge and took out three beers and joined then in the living room. I said, ¨What were they doing in the neighborhood¨ and Jhonny said ¨he had come to get this sucked¨as he unzipped and tugged out his semi hard thick uncut cock. I looked at his cock which was growing by the second. Luis, his brother quickly follwed suit, hauling out a huge uncut cock similar to Jhonny´s. I sat back down while we finished our beers always having my eyes constantly averted to look at their huge Colombian cocks. Jhonny said to his brother¨Wait til your cock feels how hot his mouth is around your cock.¨Luis said ¨He had many guys in prison who tryed sucking him off but because he was so hung and he had always ended up fucking their asses since he could sink his cock to his balls. Slapping his balls against their buns always made him cum.  No one had been able to swallow his entire cock to his balls. He wanted to bang someones chin with his balls til he came.¨

   I moved the coffee table to the side and got on my knees and told them both to sit next to each other as I serviced their cocks together. Jhonny´s and Luis ´s cocks were fully erect by the time I took Jhonny ´s cock within my lips. Jhonny said ¨Wait a minute¨as he pulled his jeans down to his ankles. As I resumed sucking Jhonny´s immense organ, his brother watched intently as I swallowed Jhonny´s length to his heavy balls. Luis couldn´t believe it and became anxious for his turn. I could see Luis patiently waiting for his turn stroking what was a longer cock that I was presently sucking off. It wasn´t as thick but had to be two inches longer at least. I changed my position withdrawing Jhonny´s cock from my mouth and captured Luis´s cock within my lips. Luis gasped as I managed to swallow him to his hairy  balls also. Luis said¨¨No one had been able to do that¨even though he had been sucked  by some talented cocksuckers while in prison and out. 

 As I was sucking Luis he pulled his shirt off exposing a body with many tattoos. I continued to suck Luis´s cock til I tasted his precum. I wanted to make all this last so I went back to Jhonny´s cock. I swiped his precum from the huge head mixing it with his brother´s. After a few minutes I said ¨Let´s go upstairs where we would be more comfortable. I went to my toolbox and got a screwdriver  and they both sat on the bed and watched as I uncovered the gloryhole. I asked ¨if they had ever experienced a gloryhole ? Jhonny said no along with Luis. I went inside and waited finally saying ¨who wanted to be first.¨Jhonny said ´he had been saving a huge load of cum for me that he needed to empty his balls as soon as possible.¨Jhonny stood and brought his cock to the hole having alittle trouble sliding it within since it´s thickness just fit the diameter of the hole. Once fully in I started to suck his cock and began to hear the gasps and moans in unison as he member was being pleasured by my mouth. I held my lips tight around his cock, each time forcing his foreskin to expose the head of his cock emitting more slimy precum. I´m glad I chose to introduce their cocks to the private gloryhole since my lips were beginning to ache from being stretched. Each time Jhonny withdrew I cold just see past Jhonny´s heavy  balls, his brother, Luis was sitting on the bed, jacking his cock. Jhonny started to fuck the hole with more forceful thrusts banging his pendulous balls against the hole.

   All at once Jhonny shouted ´Luis I´m going to cum ¨¨Come closer and watch me feed my cum to this cocksucking faggot¨ Jhonny made one final thrust sinking his cock totally through the hole as the first blast of cum hit the back of my throat scalding it with it´s hotness. The spurts from Jhonny´s cock were tremendous flooding my mouth to overflowing. Luis was watching his brother´s ass muscles clench together each time a spurt of thick cum exited his cockslit.  Finally after what seemed an eternity of swallowing his heavy stream of cream he slowly withdrew his spent cock already shrinking.fast.¨Jhonny said¨he could believe what it felt to finally cum within someone´s mouth and know he was filling the cocksucker´s belly with his cum. 

   As Jhonny withdrew his slimy cock, I caught a glimpse of Luis´s coming toward the hole. It entered leaving me little time to get ready for the second cock. I looked at it as it waited for my mouth seeming to have a life of its own bobbing up and down. I managed to capture it and slide my mouth to the hole feeling him feed the rest of his huge cock within my lips, ending with his balls against the outside of the hole. Luis started to fuck my mouth with vigor after watching his brother get serviced. Luis was a¨talker¨saying his cock had been down many throats of cocksuckers but this  was the best. He began to slam the door and motioned his brother to suck his left nipple which Jhonny´s obediently did. As I was sucking Luis ´s cock thrusting at a fever pace I could actually hear the two kissing outside ,devouring  each other´s tongues within their mouths. I could hear Luis say to his brother¨take my spit into your mouth and savor the taste.¨Jhonny received Luis´s thick spit. Luis said ¨brother when I feed half my cum to this cocksucker you´re going to take the rest. Jhonny said ¨I want to taste your hot cream,Luis.¨Luis grunted and said he it comes as his thick sperm splashed within my lips making me have to swallow quick . After four or five spurts he withdrew and as I looked through the now empty hole he was feeding the rest to the hungry mouth of his brother, Jhonny. Jhonny was jacking his hard cock off and after finished his brother´s reward he stood and pushed Luis to his knees and unloaded into his brother´s mouth. I jacked my cock off to this hot scene reveling in what was happening before my eyes. It astonished me that two straight guys had done what I could only had hoped for. Being brothers made it even hotter as my cum splashed against the inner wall, letting it run down to the floor.

   After I exited the closet all three of us sat on the bed . Jhon said´¨This will be a secret between the three of us since nobody knew that sometimes they indulged in real taboo sex between brother.¨I agreed and what happened next was even more incredible. We started to watch a soccer game until I noticed both his and Luis´s cocks were coming back to life. I asked which one felt like getting sucked off by two guys at once. I said whoever got totally hard first would be the one. Jhonny beat his brother by a minutes. Luis and I got on either side of Johnny´s hairy thighs. I took in thick cock in my mouth and brought Luis´s head with my head to join me. After treating ourselves to Jhonny´s ice cream cone of flesh he said he wanted to fuck some ass. He knew I wasn´t into getting fucked which made him even more to conquer my ass. Jhonny said he would be gentle as he started to probe my tight ass with first one finger than enterd with two. I felt him then put the thick head of his cock against my hole  and with alittle determined pressure it slipped inside. I felt him slide his entire cock pass my prostate until I was fully impaled by it. Then Luis  entered Jhonny´s ass from behind with Jhonny´s saying Luis´s cock was the only one who had had the pleasure of fucking him. 

   Jhonny said that when Luis got out of prison the first time. They both went drinking celebrating his release. After a few hours of drinking Luis said he needed some ass and asked his brother if he would be willing to help him out. Jhonny being totally a top said no way, but the liquor had made him horny and he asked Luis if would be gentle if he gave him his ass. Luis agreed and both went driving til they found a secluded spot. By this time , Jhonny was having second thoughts but Luis being his older brother was having none of this. Luis made Johnny pull down his jeans exposing his nice buns. Luis dove into them with his tongue making Jhonny squirm until he shouted¨I need your cock inside because I´m ready to cum from you eating my ass. Luis brought the head of his cock to Johnny´s hole and as he entered told his brother to take a deep breath, As Jhonny did Luis sank his 16 inch cock til his balls smacked against his brother´s ass. In the end he had Jhonny begging for his load of cream which Luis obliged him. After luis had withdrew his cock he noticed that his brother had shot his load. He swiped alittle for a taste and liked the thought he was eating his younger brother´s fresh load. 

   Luis entered his brother´s ass while Jhonny had my ass filled to the brim with his cock. I felt Luis start to fuck Jhonny´s ass until Jhonny captured the in and out motion of his brother behind. Luis started to bang his brother´s ass to the point Jhonny said he was going to unload within my tight ass. I tried to escape not wanting him to cum inside since he wasn´t using a rubber but both their weights made it impossible. I ended up with Jhonny´s cream and Jhonny ended up with a ass full of Luis´s.




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