Recently, I had an sexual encounter with a friend of my friend, Jhon. Jhon was saying how huge his cock was and I said Ï didn´t believe it¨I told him I would have to see it personally. His name is Jhonny and he is from Jhon´s hometown and he came for a visit one day. Jhon and Jhonny spent the day drinking scotch and bullshiting about hometown stuff. I knew that my friend´s ass was aching to get filled by Jhonny´s cock as soon as possible and sure enough it did, but not before I had a chance to see this cock before my eyes and even had the pleasure of swallowing it to its owners astonishment.

   There are two types of big cocks ¨growers and showers¨according to another author of Gaydemon. He is right on the money in every sense of the word. It is hard for me to say which I like best, the ¨growers¨are a pleasant surprise when you start to suck there cocks expanding in one´s mouth to incredible lengths and thicknesses. I remember one guy in particular who I had started to suck off in Westchester County at a rest stop. As I started to suck his cock it kept growing and growing til it was almost impossible to suck off. Luckily, I´m a good cocksucker who can accomodate a pretty good size cock and luckily he came fast.

Jhonny is a ¨grower¨because he doesn´t show at all what he has to offer between his legs. This is why I didn´t believe my friend, Jhon. When I entered Jhon´s bedroom Johnny was totally nude waiting to fuck my friend´s hot ass. When he arrived at the house earlier in the day I had checked him out and I thought to myself Jhon was over exaggerating his friend´s endowment. What I saw was immense I would say at least 16 inches of hard flesh with a diameter of around four inches. Jhonny motioned to me to suck his cock which I proceeded to do.. First I took the head of his uncut cock within my lips to savor the already copious amount of precum perhaps from alittle help from  Jhon¨s mouth. I watched how his cock and face responded to my hot mouth as I started to swirl his huge head seeking out the slit exuding its sweet nectar. Once I got my mouth lubricated by his precum I showed him how a real cocksucker could make his member feel. I stretched my lips and started to slide my mouth down to his big shaved balls. When I reached his balls he involuntarily thrust his cock upward into my mouth. Jhon, my friend was getting his ass ready with lubricant. Jhon had told me to only suck it for a minute not wanting to miss getting his ass filled. Jhon was well aware of how fast I could empty a guy´s balls. He had seen me many times get a cock to come within a minute or so. When I sucked off his younger brother it took me less than two minutes to get my belly filled with his hot cream. 

   After savoring Jhonny´s shaft for two minutes and getting such an overwhelming response from him I withdrew my mouth to his dismay. I got up and said it was one of the biggest and thickest cocks I had ever had in my mouth, both Jhon and Jhonny laughed. I left the room so Jhon and Jhonny to do the dirty deed. I heard the moans and gasps of Jhon as this huge cock entered  his tight hole. I knew at first Jhon would take his cock laying side to side so he could get use to it. Then I knew Jhon would want tochange position to where Jhonny was fucking his raised ass with Jhon´s legs resting on Jhonny ´s shoulders. I got a huge hard just listening and imagining what Jhon´s ass was feeling as he jacked off his cock. I listened at the door as Jhon pleaded to him to shove his big cock into him so his balls banged against his ass. and to fuck him real hard. It was over within five minutes hearing Jhon having an incredible orgasm caused by Jhonny´s huge cock. Jhon always shoots a huge load when his ass is fucked by a huge cock, somtimes he allows me to suck his cock while his ass is being fucked. Hopefully in the near future he will let me see his ass fucked by Jhonny. I know one thing is certain that I will have a belly full of Jhonny´s cum in the near future since he had mentioned to Jhon that I really had a talented hot  mouth. Jhonny said he ha almost shot his load when I took his entire cock to his balls.

   After Jhonny left, Jhon was so hot that he wanted me to suck his cock so he could come again. It was an enormous load of thick cum I could only imagine the load that had come from his balls while being fucked by Jhonny. After I ate Jhon´s cum I mentioned Jhonny´s older brother and Jhon said his brother´s cock was even longer but not as thick as Jhonny´s. I joked with him saying ¨ You´ve probably had all Jhonny´s brothers´cocks filling your ass.¨He laughed and said not only all his brothers but Jhonny father´s cock also and his cousins and nephews since they all are endowed with huge cocks. I´m certain Jhon was telling the truth since he had a real talent of getting straight guys to fuck his tight ass.

I´m not really into getting my ass fucked by such huge cocks John has a nine inch cock which serves me well. I love it when he is getting his ass fucked by a huge cock while at the same time fucking my ass. It makes him fuck my ass real hard to the point he ends up  quickly filling my ass with his thick cream to his delight and mine. You can be sure when I suck off Jhonny for the first time and make him cum in my mouth that you readers will be the first to read about it. 

Update on Jhonny we went to a nature area near our house with Jhonny and his two young sons. They went bathing in the brook where the waters come down from the mountains ice cold. Jhon and I had packed a picnic lunch and while Jhon was bathing with his sons, Jhonny came up to me and said. ¨Ever since I felt your hot mouth around my cock. its all I can think about.¨He asked him if he let me suck it would I swallow his load of cream. Jhonny said  he had had many blow jobs but no one swallowed his cum since it was so big that their mouths always got tired.. I said next time when your cock is within my lips it it will be for no other reason then to empty your balls and fill my belly. I noticed he was getting a hard on just thinking about what we were talking about. Jhonny said Jhon would mouth his cock to get him real hard but he would end up fucking Jhon´s ass and ending by emptying his balls in Jhon´s ass. Who knows maybe I´ll let Jhonny fuck my ass after I feast on his cum. Just the thought of that makes my ass hurt.




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