The black tabby cat pounced on my lap as Mom leaned against the frame of the door. "Alright Lance, have a good day. Don't forget to give the cat a bath." She called as she walked downstairs. The cat's ears perked up and he cocked his head to the side. I heard the front door slam and looked down at the cat. "Alright. She's gone."

"Finally!" He answered. His body began shifting until he was human again, laying on top of me, straddling my waist. His black hair covered his eyes as the cool grey-ness stared at me. He was wearing a pair of skin tight, black jeans and tightly hugging his chest was my "Linkin Park" shirt.

"God dammit, Blu!" I yelled at him. "How many times have I told you not to wear my clothes when you shift? It fucks up the material." He grinned at me devilishly. "It's coming off anyway." He said, beginning to lift up his shirt. "Uhm. No it's not." I stopped him. "You heard what my mom said. You need to take a bath. You got some serious B.O."

"I did take a bath!" He pouted and folded his arms. "Licking your self doesn't count. That's just another excuse to suck your own dick." He chuckled. That's what I got you for." He smiled again. "You better go find a fucking stray on the street." I folded my arms and looked away from him. He chuckled. "Aww, baby. You know you're the only one that can take me all the way to the balls." He rubbed the long bulge stretching down his right leg almost to his knee and bit his lip. "Besides, I love watching my big dick disappear into your hot mouth. Those sexy ass lips..." He grabbed me by my chin and pulled me up into a soft kiss. I could feel myself getting hard. Then the stench hit me. Sometimes it would turn me on, but this early in the morning? Not so much.

"Blu, go wash."

"But I don't wanna!" He whined. "You need to clean cause sometimes stuff gets in your hair. Like the other day you had blood in it."

"Killed a mouse." He shrugged. I jumped back, suprised. "We have mice?!" He grinned as if he had cornered one at that very moment. "Not anymore." He tried to kiss me but I turned my head. I grabbed him under his arms, forcing him to turn into an cat and dropped him outside my room door. "Come back when you're clean." I said, dropping a towel and rag on top of him. "Go on, ya little fuck!" I slammed my door shut and plopped on top of my bed. Just then, my phone started vibrating. I picked it up to see that it was Damien Weiss, my official boyfriend texting me.

" From: Dee-Baby 9:13 a.m;Morning beautiful." I smiled to myself and began texting back. I could hear Blu scratching at the door. "Is it that bitch Damien!" He yelled. He hated Damien. Whenever he came over, Damien would usually try to pet him and get scratched or bitten. "Curiosity killed the cat. The longer you put off that shower, the longer it'll be till you get any! And I'm in here jacking off!" I yelled. "Wait! Don't finish! I'ma wash!" I heard his feet pouncing down the hall and I could hear the shower cutting on. "Morning handsome :3" I texted back. I set my phone down and sat up, looking around my room. Messy as usual. I clean every day but as soon as I get home from school, Blu is rolling in a pile of filth. Stupid cat. I still remember when we first got him. It was a rainy night and he came pawing at out door. The next morning, I woke up with a sexy naked guy sleeping in my bed next to me.

My phone vibrated again. "Did you sleep well babeee?"

"No sleep is ever good if I'm without you" I smiled as my face flushed. I always got that feeling when I talked to him. Something that only occasionally happens with Blu. Yeah, Blu is kind of an ass sometimes, but he's always there when I need to talk. Even if he doesn't listen. And that dick, Lawd have mercy. Whenever I try to ignore him, all 11-inches of it keep calling me back. I've seen Damien, and he's nothing to look down on either. Nine-and-a-half-inches and thick too. Plus, Damien is more passionate, he listens to me, and he has thick muscles from three years of ROTC, football, and wrestling. And those mesmerizing greenish-gray eyes of his matched perfectly with that chocolate brown hair and juicy lips... Oh fuck, I have a hard on! My phone buzzed. "You're so adorable. Can I come to your house around 11?" He sent. "Yeah sounds perfect." I texted back and got an immediate reply. "Alright babe, see you soon. Get ready for me, cause I'm bringin movies, food, and that strawberry lube you like ;)" my cock twitched in my pants at the thought of the things we did with that lube. "Oh fuck don't be late!". I covered up my boner as Blu walked in holding a towel around his waist. His hair was dripping wet and sticking to his forehead as the fresh aroma of "AXE" body wash filled my room. "There, I'm clean. Now can I at least touch you!?" He exclaimed. My phone buzzed as Damien texted me back and Blu swiped the phone out of my hand. "Hey!"

"Hmm? 'Good morning beautiful'? 'Babeee'? 'Strawberry lube?'" Blu looked as if he wanted to strangle Damien. "Ooh look what he just sent. 'Fuck, baby. Just thinking about last time got me all hard and dripping. I can't wait to bend you over the kitchen table again and make love to you with my rock hard cock. Tell me how much you want it'" listening to those words he sent got me especially turned on. I can't even look at the kitchen table without smiling to myself. I grabbed my phone back from Blu. I could hardly concentrate on a reply, I was so hot and bothered. "Blu, outside." I ordered. He folded his arms and stood there. I sighed. "You've forced my hand. I didn't want to do this." I opened my top drawer and pulled out a sack of catnip. His ears twitched his eyes widened, his nostrils were flaring. "You wouldn't." He mocked. I reached into the sack, pinched a bit of it out, and sprinkled it into his carrying cage. He was still for a moment. "FUCK YOU!" He shouted, turning back into a cat and jumping into his cage. I quickly locked the door behind him, picked the cage up and set it outside my room door. Finally. Peace. "Mmm fuck I want your cock so bad, I want you to fuck me hard with that thick rod you stud". I texted back. A few minutes later he replied. "Fuck yeah, that's right." I loved his dominating attitude. Such a turn on.

"You'd better not be jacking off over there. Save that hot load for me." I texted back.

"I'm trying to resist, but you've got me so fucking hard right now. See?" He replied and sent me a picture of a large, left-leaning tent in his sweatpants with a wet spot at the tip. I reached down and let my eighty-inch cock free from my pajamas and slowly stroked. "Unff. Fuck 11 get your ass over here NOW!" Fuck I couldn't contain myself. I could practically feel his thick meat sliding in and out of me with a wet "SMACK". "I wish I could babe, but I'm still on babysitting duty." He replied.

"You're not paying much attention to the bay are you?"

"He's sleeping. aww f" he replied with a half message. Well damn. Guess duty calls. But I gotta get rid of this. I got up, cock still hanging out, opened my door and opened Blu's cage. "Why the change of hear- oh." He turned into a human and stretched. He reached his hand down and started to stroke my cock for me as he sat me down on my bed. He pushed on my chest and made me lay back. I felt his warm mouth wrap around my dick and start sucking. Nice, long, slow strokes. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched him take my cock to the base and slide back up to the head, leaving my entire cock glistening. "Mm fuck yeah." I moaned. I grabbed the back of his head and held it in place as I fucked his face, moaning each time I hit the back of throat. Then, I stopped and pushed him all the way down my dick again, holding him down for a moment. As I let him back up, he came all the way off, leaving a string of spit hanging from the head of my cock to his lower lip. "Damn I love the taste of your cock" he moaned and leaned down to lick a thick drop of precum from the head. When he came back up, he looked me in the eye and used both of his hands to jack my dick with speed. There was a wet noise as it slid between his nimble fingers. "Oh fuck!" I moaned as I released stream after stream of warm cum onto his face. He licked his lips and got some of it from around his mouth. The rest he wiped off with his towel from the floor.

He crawled up and lay next to me, sliding his arm under my neck and beginning to kiss. I could taste myself on his tongue. Sweet. Blu move his arms and grabbed my hand, wrapping it around his long, stiff wood. I slowly stroked him, working the slightly older boy's length between my fingers. He stopped kissing me for a moment and looked into my eyes, nibbling his lip. "What do you wanna do to me?" I asked sensually as I leaned down and gently bit his neck a few times. "Mm. I wanna fuck you. I wanna fuck you hard. So hard you'll forget about Damien." I chuckled, but he looked serious. I moved up and nibbled his ear as I climbed on top of him. He reached underneath my mattress and found my bottle of lube. He squeezed some into his hand and stroked his dick a few times, the some for his fingers before closing the bottle and putting it back. He reached around my waist and found my waiting hole. He fingered me a few times before he found my prostate and I jumped. "Hmm. Found what I'm looking for." He grinned as he grabbed my hips and lowered me down onto his arousal till I could feel his thighs against my ass. I moaned as he rubbed against my sweet spot. Without warning, he took his own speed and started rapidly fucking me. Needless to say, I loved every minute of it. He flipped me over, burying my face in pillows, and started fucking me doggy style. "Oh shit!" I moaned into the pillows. "Hell yeah, you like that don't ya Lance!" He grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head to the side, exposing my neck. He leaned down and began to bite, kiss, and suck on it. "No, Blu, not the neck! Damien is gonna- OH GOD!" He shut me up as he shoved deep into me, his hard cock throbbing against my spot over and over again. "Who!?" He demanded in my ear. "Dami- FUCK!" I started, but he pulled all the way out and slammed into me again, hitting right on target. I felt tears come to my eyes. The pleasure was so intense. Streams of cum shot out all over my bead-spread. My body convulsed and spasmed underneath him. He quickly pulled his cock out, purple and swollen, and shot rope after rope of thick cum onto my back, neck and my hair.

That's when the doorbell rang. I grabbed my phone and checked the time. 11:09 and a text from Damien saying that he was outside. I slung my legs off the bed and attempted to walk, falling to the floor. "Damn you Blu! Come help me!"

"Sorry, I'm on break." He answered as he turned back into a cat and climbed into his carrying cage to sleep as the doorbell rang again. "You stupid CAT!"

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