I'm Phil McNally i'm 16 and I'd say I have a nice toned body not to toned when your veins stick out but I'd say nicely toned. I'm about 5'9 and my cock is 7'5 when hard so I'd say I'm set for now at least.

Jason is my bets buddy and ive known him since the beginning of hs. We r in 10th grade. Jason had a hot body well built abs and average height for his age which is also 16. He is about the same height as me.

It was a Friday afternoon when Jason called me asked me to come over so I walked to his house since he only lived a block away. So when I got there we played some xbox 360 and ate some pizza. When we got bored Jason suggested we take a dip in the pool. ' I don't have my swim trunks tho' I said ' we'll go skinny dipping our fence is built higher than the rest on purpose' He said. So we went into he pool nude the only reason we didnt get told off was because his dad was on a work trip for the week and his mom doesn't live with them.

As we stripped I noticed Jasons huge tool. I wasn't really sure of my sexuality but I did know I was getting a hard so I jumped into the pool. Instantly I felt like I was in an ice cube but my boner got soft. Once we were done swimming it was getting late and I had to get home. But Jason asked me to stay for the night so I stayed. Jason wanted me to sleep in his parents room with him so I did we had to get all the chlorine off so we decided to take a shower. I took a shower in the guest bathroom and he took one in his parents.

After I was done I went back to the room and I found Jason asleep in the bed. His dick was semi hard and it was giving me a razor the way the light shimmered of him and his nice package. I had an impulse so I went on to he bed and I grabbed his cock. Jasons cock was uncut so I pulled back his foreskin and he began to get hard. I was no satisfied with the feel of his dick so I pulled his foreskin back over his helmet cockhead and I put his cock in my mouth. I loved the taste of Jason's Monster 10'5 shaft and I loved the taste of his sweaty balls. Just then I felt hands on the back of my head I realized that Jason wasn't asleep. 'I have been wanting to do this for a long time' he said to me. Before we continued we got into a sixtniner position and Jason began to suck my rock hard shaft and I sucked his.

' Ohhhh I'm gonna cummmmm uhhhhh ohhh' I said as he drank my cum I saw a few drops on his lips and said

' Wait don't move ' I said. And I gve him a kiss and we shared that passionate moment with some tounge. I laid down on the bed stomach to the bed and Jason slapped my ass and then he stuck his tounge in my hole. ' Ohhhhh don't stop Ohhhh yessss ohhh' I said in exilleration it felt so good. 'I'm gonna pop your ass cherry' Jason said as he stuck his rod up my ass. This continued for the whole week and me and Jason used his fathers dildo we found and we went bareback we fucked all week and every weekend.




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